The Varieties of Islamic Experience in Quebec

In this panel discussion from Quebec television, an ex-Muslim and former Canadian legislator named Fatima Houda-Pépin discusses the many-faceted nature of Islamic radicalism in Quebec.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   The government quickly intervened in the case
0:05   of Hamza Chaoui by stating it was unacceptable.
0:09   Well, I can tell you there are dozens of them.
0:13   Dozens and dozens of Hamza Chaouis in Québec.
0:17   In schools, in mosques, and in
0:22   university associations, in halkas,
0:26   in private groups, there are many of them.
0:32   There are no regulations. A mosque can be
0:36   registered as a mosque, a community center, a makassar Islam,
0:40   so many designations, and we have no framework
0:44   in place. The Minister stated that
0:48   hateful discourse can’t be countered.
0:52   It’s false. The government and
0:56   parliamentarians have the power to legislate.
0:60   If we want to live together in harmony,
1:04   we must not allow, in the name of religion,
1:08   dissemination of hate towards unbelievers or
1:12   towards other religions.
1:25   If the government wants to act,
1:29   it can set guidelines, legislative ones of course,
1:33   and also through regulations.
1:37   First and foremost, we must define the issue,
1:41   and act accordingly.
1:45   Finally, I would say we cannot always
1:49   offload the problem to the boroughs.
1:53   The individual can move to another borough and
1:56   the problem remains. We must resolve
2:00   this issue in a clear and precise manner
2:04   in respect of all citizens.