Oppression Instead of Admission

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In his latest essay, Takuan Seiyo notes the many ways in which the bill is now coming due all across the West for mass Muslim immigration. He also details recent examples of denial and repression against anyone who dares to identify the cause of what is happening.

Vincent van Gogh, ‘Prisoners Exercising’, 1890

Oppression Instead of Admission

by Takuan Seiyo

A recent headline informed that TSA Considers All-Out Ban Of Carry-On Bags After Latest Terror Threat. That reminded me how and why I gave up my comfortable life and turned instead to the solitary, unrewarded labor of writing pro bono for samizdat publications shut out of the wider sheeple’s ken by the flock’s herders and shearers.

It was in the mid-2000s. My longtime home country, California, to which I had contributed much as a taxpayer, employer, educator, buyer of homes and planter of trees, had been pulled from under my feet by the usual postmodern wrecking crew. I had expatriated to Japan.

I like Japan and its culture, but I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life there. So I started flying across the Pacific periodically, in search of a future home in my country.

My first recon destination was Denver. What I experienced on that trip and on subsequent ones to other American cities was so shocking that words and paragraphs started pouring out of me. Not so much to change the course of this runaway train — I am not that naive — but to leave information for future archeologists puzzled over the piles of rubble where a great civilization once flourished.

That first flight from Tokyo placed me in a long line of Americans shuffling shoeless and beltless in silence under the watchful stares of uniformed state functionaries barking orders at the silent, snaking file of cowed, conquered people. As they moved along, the herded subjects were discarding their clothing here, nail files and pen knives there, watches and coins yet elsewhere, having that last drink of water before that too was taken away from them, in order to then step virtually naked into a contraption that showered them with a stream of particles.

To one born where I was born — an easy day’s hike to Auschwitz — whose own mother had been processed in a similar if more sinister manner before boarding a cattle car to a labor/death camp (she escaped en route), the analogy could not go unnoticed.

And now they want to ban carry-on luggage too. Your laptop, your valuables, your necessities for that 20-hour flight to Melbourne. What a windfall to TSA security minders, over 400 of whom were fired between 2003 and 2013 for theft from check-in — by law, unlocked — baggage, and even that just “the tip of an iceberg” of the larceny.

Things have progressed in other ways too, in the manner in which progressive Western countries now like to make progress. You go now to transact any business in a U.S. Government office, you’ll get the full airport security treatment. Soon, all manner of cops driving around in unmarked “mobile backscatter radiation x-rays” vans will be able to zap you inside your car and under your clothes, giving them the same prurient thrill currently available only to TSA employees at airports. But even that will soon give way to progress, as a private company, Q-Tel, working with the US Department of Homeland Security, has developed a “molecular level” (and of course clothes-penetrating) scanner that will “instantly know everything about your body, clothes, and luggage” from 50 meters (164′) away — including what you ate for breakfast and how your hormones are doing this morning.

They have facial recognition embedded now in electronic billboards, cameras on every lamppost — over thirty million already — chips on supermarket shelves that record what merchandise you look at. The FBI’s Next Generation Identification system can now identify people just by looking at their faces, with all that data streaming from tens of millions electronic spy eyes and chips, and soon remote identification by iris scans, palm prints, voice analysis, DNA signature and even walking stride will be possible as well. There is Trapwire, exposed through Julian Assange’s Wikileaks, that sieves all this raw surveillance data for patterns of “suspicious activity.” And now there are “pre-crime surveillance cameras” too, thanks to BRS Labs, that we should all be grateful to know, identify criminal activity before it happens.

And that’s not counting the drones. There are about 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States, increasingly employing surveillance drones. There is a whole alphabet soup of federal law enforcement agencies, and who knows what fleets of drones and other devices they too deploy. And that’s not talking about the dedicated spying agencies such as NSA and the whole large domestic and global U.S. government spying program revealed by Edward Snowden.

Such spying includes access to all electronic communications of anyone — no court-order required and no Constitution consulted. Snowden revealed among other things, and it was verified by the Washington Post, that 90% of individuals monitored by the NSA are ordinary, innocent Americans. According to a lawsuit [pdf] by several former NSA employees, “The NSA has the capability to do individualized searches, similar to Google, for particular electronic communications in real time through such criteria as

target addresses, locations, countries and phone numbers, as well as watch-listed names, keywords, and phrases in email.” It can also seize and store “most electronic communications passing through its U.S. intercept centers.”

All for your own security, tovarisch. And there is a giant training regimen going on to get you used to the idea that your constitutional rights, your privacy, even your privates, are not your own but your benevolent, caring government’s as represented by its stalwart thirty million or so employees (federal, state and local, and growing on steroids).

Talk back to a TSA person, you will be detained. Visit some websites critical of NWO, Empire, Migra, Muslimization and fiat paper money, but extolling self-sufficiency, freedom, the Constitution and the natural right of a people to its territory, and you are a strong candidate for the “No-fly” list without a prior notice, due process or recourse. Visit a prepper website, and the FBI will insert a cookie in your electronic rectum. Run your phone’s video on an arresting cop, and he will smash you and your camera and you will not find a sympathetic judge. Search on Google for a rice cooker and a backpack — implements used by the Musloid-immigrant Boston bombers — and within hours your door will explode and your dog be shot dead by armored gummint ninjas with machine guns and stun grenades.

Ostensibly, all of that cattle treatment in airports and the freest country in the world turned into Orwell’s Oceania was to protect Americans from “terrorists.” TSA was created because on September 11, 2001 some jihadi Muslim retards took advantage of the even more retarded non-discriminative mindset of the country they hated. Ever since, and before too, practically all foiled or executed acts of terror have been by Muslims.

There are so very few exceptions to the “All terrorists are Muslim” rule that they are worth listing, as curiosities. One kind is White communists like Bill Ayers in the United States and Joschka Fischer and Danny the Red in Europe. They are themselves VIPs now at the apex of the Establishment: either friends and collaborators of the President of the United States or major, adored politicians themselves. The other White kind are mental cases like Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik, who see Leviathan’s weight crushing their peoples and for some twisted reason elect to kill innocents in reprisal. Then there are racist psycho Blacks like John Allen Muhammad or Ismaaiyl Brinsley, seeing “racism” everywhere and murdering whitey for that.

But all those existed before 9/11 too, conspicuously in the 19th century, and America and Great Britain were not fascist-leaning police states then. It’s Muslim immigration and Muslim residence in the West that changed all that, quantitatively and qualitatively.

And we must, say the commanders of this compound and their kapos, the sheeple-herders of every former nation state and home to a European-origin people, keep importing Muslims, and other indigestible brown and black tax eaters, because… because… we must!

The more we import them, the greater the number of the curious lupines of distinctly Islamic gait and the stronger the fractious forces smashing Western nations’ social capital, government budget, culture, history and tradition to smithereens. Commensurately growing are the size and intrusiveness of every Western government, the extent of its totalitarian-style control imposed on the victims of its pet imported population, and persecution of autochthon dissidents averse to being de facto evicted from their ancestors’ home country.

The mind reels when reading such stuff, for it appears that we are regressing to dark, feudal, fanatical times when church-and-castle held everyone in an iron grip, while most of us believe we are creating a better, freer, more “just” future.

And there is no escaping it. In Australia recently, the long-time criminal Islamic activist Man Haron Monis hoisted the ISIS flag, held up 17 people and murdered two in a Sydney café. All the elements of the infectious bovine spongiform encephalitis spores that the sheeple’s herders spray onto the flock were there: from “nothing to do with Islam,” to “lone wolf and “lunatic,” to media accounts and pictures focusing on the shock and dismay of other “Australian” Muslims and their fear of “backlash.”

What wasn’t there was a serious public discussion why Monis had been admitted to Australia in the first place, or why any other Muslim was, for that matter. After all, even law-abiding Muslims fundamentally deplete the social capital of a formerly unicultural, Christian-origin country such as Australia (Yes, I know, the aboriginals — but this is an advanced course not designed to cure basic ignorance of comparative history and anthropology). Besides, Muslims have large and forever-expanding extended families that they like to import from one hellhole or another: Balochistan, Fafan, Saada — stab the map of Dar al-Islam with your finger at random, you’ll find one.

Nor was there a serious public debate whether Australia’s draconian gun prohibition laws have contributed to this Muz Mayhem, and will to future ones. After all, Monis wielded a pump-action shotgun in a country where even outback ranchers aren’t allowed to have one.

A single senator did argue that gun prohibition turned Australia into a nation of victims, but only to elicit the usual Progressive clucking, “Parties reject pro-gun Senator David Leyonhjelm’s call for more Australians to carry guns”.

Australia passed its gun control laws on a groundswell of feelings, in 1996, after a psycho shot up some 58 people in Tasmania. Feelings are the bane of the femino-progressive West now, substituting for facts and reason. As is always the case with mass firearms confiscations, in Australia too, the only sole achievement was to punish the law-abiding, leaving only the criminals and “lone wolves” armed (with illegal guns).

France is already choking. 10% of its population (per official stats, but there is more) are feral Muslims imported from Africa; Marseilles has been permanently transformed into a backward region of Morocco; native Frenchmen are mowed down by imported Muslims’ cars, bullets or blades seemingly every other day; 1000 cars of Frenchmen are torched every year for a Muslim celebration of Christmas; and 750 areas with over 4 million “Frenchmen” are officially designated as “Zones urbaines sensibles” i.e. zones where no real Frenchman, if he is sensible (that’s my esoteric translation, the weasel French word means “sensitive”), ought to set foot, or else it’s his limbs or life.

And still, the fanatical socialist Francois Hollande can deliver an impassioned speech in mid-December hailing the benefits of immigration to his country and unloading on the “scaremongers and prophets of doom, “who dream of a smaller, spiteful, retreating France that is no longer France” He follows suit with a New Year speech setting a “fight against racism and anti-Semitism” and a battle against staunch conservatism and “dangerous” populist movements his national cause for 2015.

As though the “scaremongers” and “dangerous populist movements” were not the thin line opposing dangerous Muslims’ racism and antisemitism. As though native white Frenchmen have less right to their own territory where their ancestors lived already in the Iron Age, than the Abron or Dyula have to their homelands in West Africa.

Hardly a week after Sydney, the same occurred in France, without guns. That was Reality, asserting that what kills people is Islam (and black or imported narco-brown dysfunction in the United States), not guns. In Dijon, a “man” screaming Allahu Akbar drove his car into a crowd and injured 13. In Nantes, a “man” screaming Allahu Akbar drove his car into a crowd, injuring 11. In Joue-les-Tours, a “French convert” screaming Allahu Akbar attacked three policemen with a knife.

And the same sick syndrome: pronouncements by the politicians and the clucking classes were all about “mental illness”/ “lone wolf”/ “no connection” [between the three attacks]. Islam was specifically excluded from consideration.

A few weeks later, three imported Muslim “Frenchmen” burst into the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, open fire with automatic AK-47s, kill 12 and injure 8, then get away, screaming Allahu Akbar. French police officers who arrive on the scene are unarmed and have to flee. The clucking class (e.g. Piers Morgan) remains strangely silent about this obvious failure of France’s highly restrictive gun laws. Such proscriptive laws obviously cannot restrain Allah’s soldiers; they acquire military-grade weapons on the flourishing black market.

Alain Juppé — Mayor of Bordeaux, former Prime Minister and a possible future President — goes on television that very morning of January 7th, saying, “Islamophobia is a mortal peril. It’s a danger of war. We cannot allow ourselves to develop that detestable movement.”

As if to prove how detestable Islamophobia is, within 48 hours two more gifts of Muslim Africa to France kill another policeman in Paris, and the male of them, armed with two AK-47s, shoots up and takes over a kosher supermarket, resulting in the death of four hostages. In Montrogue, an unarmed police woman is shot with an automatic firearm and killed, and a street sweeper is injured. Two “suspects” are later arrested and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warns against “jumping to conclusions.” In Nîmes, an “automobile driver” rams a police car and is shot for his trouble. In Carcassonne, a French soldier in uniform — they still wear them in France, unlike in the Netherlands — is assaulted by an “imbalanced” man armed with a machete, tear gas bomb— and Allahu Akbar.

French intelligence services are busy 24/7 foiling terror plots by “Frenchmen,” the vomitable Hollande is begging to buy off Muslims with an official jizya that he calls “tackling inequality”, but it’s obvious that the situation in France is out of control, as it is in the rest of Western Europe. It’s equally obvious that the situation will continue deteriorating — after all, demography is destiny — and that the ruling elites will continue every possible lie and means of suppression available to them, to prevent the flock from any effective counteraction.

It’s no wonder that on January 15, a French journalist, Laurent Obertone, will publish a book entitled La France, Big Brother, subtitled (in translation) “The lie is the truth.” French Amazon.com synopsizes: “Who is Big Brother? The peak of the pyramid. The government. The administration. The media. The experts. The ideologues. Intellectual orthodoxy. The screens. An organization that assumed all the appearances of a free and democratic society.”

To which I might add: multiply all that times every single Western country, plus all international organizations of any kind.

The madness and the pertinent social controls have burrowed deep also into the flesh of what used to be the sanest, best-managed country of the West, Switzerland. One who has seen the brown and black loiterers at a Swiss Railway station, or who reads between the lines of crime reports, soon realizes that this once-great country has done itself in, in the manner of its neighbors.

After research into the effect of imported barbarian tax-eaters and lawbreakers on Switzerland in 2007, I wrote:

“Last year, there were 639 rapes in Switzerland. 309 of the 489 identified perpetrators, i.e. over 63%, were foreigners. 198 homicides were committed in Switzerland in 2006. Of the 226 identified perpetrators, 51% were foreigners. There were 9272 assaults with bodily damage and 8568 identified assailants. Almost 50% of the assailants were Swiss residents of foreign extraction. All these and statistics on kidnappings, theft, burglary etc — all the specialty of foreigners — may be gleaned in the 2006 Statistical Report on Crime, issued by the Swiss Federal Police. [snip]

It is common knowledge here that Albanians and other European Muslims commit crimes far out of proportion to their numbers [snip]. The names one reads in drug and smuggling arrest reports are usually Balkan-Muslim or Turkish. [snip]

The Federal Department of Justice and Police ordered a study of delinquency and nationality that found in 2001 a criminal conviction rate about 12 times higher among asylum seekers (4%), and twice as high (0.6%) among other resident foreigners, compared to Swiss citizens (0.3%). Given the enormous share of crime by Third World asylum seekers, one would think that a wide consensus existed to shut down this and other immigration-related gates to dystopia. But Switzerland is as PC-bound and multiculti handicapped, as confused about its identity, as the rest of the West is.”

And the Swiss keep packing them in. According to Eurostat, between 1.1.2014 and 30.9.214 Switzerland took in 2220 refugees per million inhabitants, second only to Sweden. At the same time, Swiss jails are so overloaded — and as I showed above, the majority of the inmates are the same people that the Swiss ruling elite keeps inviting in large numbers — that the country is now seeking to export its prison inmates to France and Germany.

Germany, waking up after decades of treasonous demographic malpractice by its establishment, is marching under PEGIDA banners (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) in Dresden, Berlin, Cologne, Kassel, Hamburg and Munich. But a powerful counterattack has been mounted by what I call SWORIL (Swells Who Ride in Limousines).

Frau Merkel diagnosed that the will of the people was moot when clashing with the fancies of SWORIL. It’s done easily these days: you just call PEGIDA “right-wing extremism, hostility towards foreigners and anti-Semitism” — the very words Merkel used — or “nationalists and racists, who are fanning people’s fears and want to divide society” — the magic mantra of a leader of the Social Democratic party, Thomas Oppermann.

Both Cologne’s famous cathedral and Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate switched off their lights to protest against the anti-Muslim rallies. The head of the confederation of German employers opined that Germany’s image is being damaged by an anti-foreigner movement, and that “Germany needed immigration to sustain its job market and social system, given that its population is aging.” He refrained from elaborating further whether Germany needed immigration of sub-90 IQ, fanatical followers of a 7th century desert brigand to sustain its job market and social system…

If only Merkel and Oppermann and the German anti-PEGIDA demonstrators were that insightful in 1935, when the time was right and proper… If only Cologne Cathedral’s Cardinal Schulte switched off the lights in 1936, instead of staging a fawning reception for Hitler as “The Liberator of Rhineland.” If only German factories enticed foreign immigrants to power the industry of the Third Reich, instead of forcing millions of Slav slaves to work nonstop on a bowl of potato peel water a day, under whip and cudgel, until they died…

How grotesque, to be a German counterpolar idiot to the German idiots of the other pole — the one of the 1930s-40s. How stupid to destroy your country by toppling it into an abyss this way, just because your grandfather toppled it into an abyss that way…

But there must be even larger forces abroad, and who knows to whose orders the political and cultural SWORILs march. The hysteria, the bold-faced, desperate lying, the besmirching and persecution of resisters, the packing into every Euro peoples’ land of more imported voters for the Corporatist-Socialist-Feminist Multiculti Oligarchy, though they be also soldiers for the Caliphate — all that bespeaks of cataclysmic forces roiling the ruling class under its cultivated surface.

One of the agitprop tools of the European Union opined: “Anti-Islam protests ‘tearing apart’ German society — the inverse of the obvious truth that Islam is tearing Germany apart. Geert Wilders, who alone among major political leaders has been warning that Islam tears all of Europe apart, is now to stand trial for “insulting a group of people based on race and incitement to discrimination and hatred,” after similar legal chicanery against him failed in 2011.

Brigitte Bardot, who merely challenged Muslim treatment of our furry friends, has been hauled to court by the French nouveau Vichy permanent regime and punished five times, over eight years. Fjordman gets out of line with his critique of Eurabia’s insane captains, they remove the shoelaces from Anders Breivik and tie them onto Fjordman, with much media fanfare in Quislingland.

European president Jean-Claude Juncker warned “established political parties,” i.e. those that do not challenge the accepted lies, not to imitate “populists” parties — i.e. those that timidly challenge some of the lies, particularly about the wonders of Immigration and Islam. Should mainstream parties like Christian Democrats become “populist,” warned Monsieur Juncker, European countries would become “ungovernable”.

Oy vey, what will all those Europeans do, if they are not “governed”!

But this portends a deeper tragedy. The French and other European ruling elites lie to their state serfs and repress dissent to save their own sinecures, their perverted schemes. They wish to evade accountability for the greatest malfeasance ever inflicted on a people since Stalin and Hitler, to kick the time bomb downstreet so that it explode not in their own times. But the United States was always there since its inception: liberty’s last, best hope, as the inspiration of Europe’ liberty and, for the past 100 years, its guarantor.

No more. The same cabal of progressive politicians, self-dealing bureaucrats in giant Leviathan structures, postmodern-Marxist academics, labor socialists, financial criminals, mega-crooks, emotive airhead celebrities, feminists, self-haters, and their large, immigrant clientele has transformed America just as it has Europe. Should Eurabia become “ungovernable,” the U.S. Multiculti Marines will be landing in Normandy to help not the wrecked, conquered people but to protect their “governors” and their pet Muslim minority from the horrific consequences of the former’s madness and the latter’s barbarism. United States’ “majority minority” population will be cheering them on.

These are the times that try men’s souls.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For links to his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

155 thoughts on “Oppression Instead of Admission

    • It’s designed to give the press two things.

      1. The right for Snarky Editors to rile up Muslims who are, unfortunately, French Citizens. The results are inevitable.

      2. Obfuscate about Free Speech to cover for Democidal race replacement levels of Migration from Africa. Michel Houlebecq castigated, Brigit Bardot jailed for pointing out that Muzzies are cruel to animals, Gerard Depardieu lampooned for objecting about his taxes being spent on Algerians. Hebdo wanted to ban Front National too, which is pretty funny considering the charade we are seeing in the march.

    • Very few of the destroyers are evil people. Most of them have good intentions. The rally is a way to affirm their good intentions.

      However, we all know what the road to hell is paved with…

      • Yes, and while the Good People With The Good Intentions were marching in Paris, Boko Haram could massacre In Peace whole villages in Nigeria, this January Anno Domini 2015.

        While at the same time, in Paris, muslim President in Niger, neighboring country to Nigeria, can tell The West – and All The Good People – that we, “Jews, Christians, muslims believe in the same god”.

      • Intentions are something I scraped off my boots on the way in the door.

        People must be judged by their actions. NOTHING ELSE. Good people don’t stay willingly ignorant. To do so is cowardice. Cowards and idiots are worse than traitors. We never feel guilty holding knowing traitors to account. But we feel sorry for idiots and cowards so they are never punished and hence they never learn. The slickest of traitors know this and pretend to be dumb. They are often very convincing. We can no longer afford to get this wrong.

  1. Thank you Mr Seyio for summing that up for me. The Marine barrack room where only Spanish is spoken and English is ignored until absolutely necessary. The lone “ol’ white” in the corner being “tolerant”. The Muslim Marine who could, would and does go off on the infidel Marine – because he believes he should. Some of the labels have changed but even more so than ever we are the Balkans and importing more so.

    • Something is totally wrong when the European Peoples are accepting their leaders to extend the Balkans to all of Europe!

      The EU is non-democratic. At the same time the politicians like parrots, are repeating the words “Democracy, democratic” all day long.

  2. This is one of the best posts I have read. We must keep trying to spread the message. They can’t put us all in jail….can they?

    Until the French, the Euro politicians and the MSM accept that islam is the problem and there is only one islam, such marches are meaningless. I stand with Douglas Murray on this.

    • Obviously the march is designed to increase the Anarcho-tyranny we see. The US MSM just spent August-December creating a black Intafada based on lies about Darren Wilson’s motives for shooting Mike Brown.

      The press lie. They also reserve the right to rile up Muslims, get Patriots fired or jailed and generally nation wreck.

      The march is stupid and designed to dupe the gullible.

  3. TS

    Regarding your observations on gun control in Australia, the consequences were much worse than you described and much worse than described in the link you provided. From the link:

    “With new Prime Minister John Howard in the lead, Australia passed the National Firearms Agreement, banning all semiautomatic rifles and semiautomatic and pump-action shotguns and imposing a more restrictive licensing system on other firearms. The government also launched a forced buyback scheme to remove thousands of firearms from private hands. Between Oct. 1, 1996, and Sept. 30, 1997, the government purchased and destroyed more than 631,000 of the banned guns at a cost of $500 million.”

    Regarding the “buyback scheme” there were two superb examples of the “Law of unintended consequences”: the first was that gun owners were obliged to register their ownership of guns. Corrupt civil servants then sold that registry data base to criminals who then had a virtual street directory of homes to rob which had automatic and semi-automatic guns in them. Thus transferring possession of such guns directly from law abiding citizens to criminal gangs.

    The second was that those 631,000 guns were not all destroyed. Again corrupt public servants were bribed (sums of money that would tempt otherwise lifelong honest people) by criminals to record the guns as destroyed and then give them to the criminals. With serial numbers erased of course.

    The net result of John Howard’s rare public policy blunder ( he was otherwise an excellent Prime Minister) was the mass transfer of guns from the law abiding individual to the organised criminal. And the de-arming of the general populace.

    Some, illustrating the characteristic Australian love of personal independence and disdain for silly government decisions, illegally ignored the buyback scheme and retained their guns. I know of only two.

    • Thanks for this inside view… I am going to be pilloried for this but I bet that in Australia, UK etc. all these gun confiscation laws and many other destructive ones (Migra, asylum, those poor Muslim refugees, welfare etc) are passed because women give them their massive support. Therefore, does the road to salvation go in some way through modifying universal franchise laws? Just thinking… This would be a bigger revolution than anything on the counterjihad front…

      • Nah, too easy, Takuan. Disenfranchising women would set us back too far because it would make an easy target – and make us uncomfortably like Islam for my taste.

        Instead, what I *think* will happen is a change in what constitutes a buy-in to enfranchisement. It would have to be based on some as-yet-to-be-determined level of participation in our commonweal. It can’t just be monetarily-based, or education. It would have to be an effortful participation, one which would prove a person’s bona fides beyond question.

        No, I don’t know the particulars of that standard but it it far too late to suggest gender, even as the concept of gender is fragmenting faster than the verities of religion once did.

        It would also have to include a list of things one had NOT done, in order to cover all the bases.

        • I realize the problem with the idea I raised. It’s like the problem with pathological antisemites who heap calumnies on all Jews just because the majority of Jews are not on our side, and a minority of them is even among the heaviest guns against us. But a different minority of them is among the best people we have. How do you contain the bad ones and welcome the good ones? I am not quite sure; the same with women.

          For one, if I had another 40-50 years to live, to finish all my writing projects, I’d attempt to write a play revolving around the idea of anti-Lysistrata. “Lysistrata,” as you know, is a comedy by Aristophanes depicting the women of Greece banding together and saying to their men, “No more sex as long as you keep fighting this stupid (Peloponesian) war.”

          Well, I’d like to see Western men banding together and saying to their women, “No more sex until you wake up, stop voting for Obama and Blair, leaning for the socialist multiculti state etc.” But Western men, too, are too far gone for that…

          • There may be more hope for the men – the young men – than we know. A lot of them have given up on women and are pursuing other interests. As one of them said, mean girls aren’t worth the effort.

            In what may be a connected bit of news, here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains a LARGE Benedictine monastery is being built. I’m told they are going to have vineyards.

            Why in this area? Because the one in the midwest is full and they need more room for new postulants. The extremes of a perverted “feminism” are driving men into solitude. I can see why; just never thought I’d see it in the Bible Belt. Makes you wonder if when the dark times come, monasteries will again be a refuge…

          • Takuan

            Why not write as if you would live for another hundred years!

            Any good idea you may have, please, make the sketches already, and whatever you wouldn’t have time to finish, make sure someone trusted finish, as a relay.

            Your thoughts are exclusively valuable, not only to us today, but also for tomorrow and to those who will read them in a hundred years and more!
            Thanks for sharing with us, Takuan!

          • Somehow I do not believe that refusing sex would positively impact the way they make choices. You would end up making your wimmin feel even more compelled to draw as many immigrants as possible to fill – ahem, ahem – the gap … 🙂

          • Not sure how this can be placed solely, or even mostly, on the shoulders of women. At least in northern California, where I’ve lived all too long (married a Bay Area native; error!), I’ve been earnestly engaged in political discussion many times on BART and in other non-personal, public venues by young MEN telling me how absolutely vital it is to welcome *everyone* who wants to come to this country, to this country.

            Dear Lord. How many lifeboats do we have? How many young men and even older men (in their 40s, 50s, and beyond) subscribe to this “let everyone come” philosophy? ==> The answer, in northern California at least, is “most of them.”

            Information like that available on GoV is needed. I myself just found GoV the other day, when I read comments on the Washington Post re. Charlie Hebdo by a commenter named “GatesofVenice.”

            Keep it going, and let’s go forward–not backwards–with human rights.

        • Dymphna, anyone might think you’d been reading Heinlein!

          The problem with conscription, as military professionals would say, is that it lowers the standard of recruits, making the organisation less effective. Rather like “positive discrimination”, quotas etc.

          • It sounds like a number of you here should sign on to Ann Coulter’s campaign to disenfranchise women !

            She calculates that the US would pretty well have had the GOP in power constantly if women hadnt had their vote (consistently for the “caring” Dems)

            It’s true that progressive statist “take care of everyone” policies attract women and like-minded wimp/minority-loving men(The minorities who are the object of their affection tend to keep their boots on the necks of “their” women)

            I believe the Official Feminist elites (small but powerful) have very little support from ordinary women as it’s obvious, even to the uneducated that they are pushing hard-left thought policing that is manages to be both ridiculous and oppressive at the same time.

            Thats why Official Feminists wring their hands over the fact that many young women won’t call themselves feminists!

            Think of Margaret Thatcher ! Puts the lie to the cliches about women politcians being necessarily more “caring & consultative” in their governing style.

      • I don’t think disenfranchisement of females is the answer. For many years I had a female employee who was 11 years older than myself and who had not completed high school (due to being needed by her father to help work the farm and the prevailing social expectation of her era that girls didn’t need an education). Due to her broad Australian accent alone she would be instantly dismissed as an ignorant prole by the feminists of the MSM with their degrees in Journalism, Communications or Political Science: I can’t keep up with the silly degrees they keep inventing. I once met a “Doctor [x]” whose doctorate was in “Hospitality and Tourism Management” – I struggled to keep a straight face.

        My formally uneducated employee was a motherlode, no pun intended, of common sense and also had unerringly accurate insights into people, especially women. At crucial times in my life I followed her advice to my great advantage. A very crafty professional opponent of mine once tried to hoodwink her into handing over some documents he wasn’t entitled to: 99% of people would have been suckered in by his very sophisticated gambit. His first reaction, he took his failure on the chin, was to call me and tell me: “That’s a good girl you’ve got there! [she was 56]”. His second reaction was to try to, repeatedly, steal her away from me with the offer of lots more money. She preferred the location and amenities of my office. And figured that he was a dishonest scumbag and for that reason she wouldn’t want to work for him anyway. I suspect there are lots of women, of her vintage at least, out there.

        On the other hand every spokesperson for the “Asylum Seekers Support Group” or whatever bleeding heart, do-gooder organization around seems to be a female. An earnest, impassioned “estro-twit”; to borrow one of your expressions. My preliminary explanation for this phenomenon is that the Western education system for the past 30 years has pushed people who are basically dumb into and through universities. Armed with and validated by the possession of degrees, they not only have no notion of their own stupidity, they imagine themselves ineffably superior to anybody that doesn’t have a university degree. Thus we now have a vast cohort of women who driven by feelings instead of reason, in public positions. And a cohort of similar men: just take a gander at the bloke who runs “Hope not Hate” in Britain: a absolute prize estro-twit despite the fact he doesn’t have any estrogen!

        • I wish I had thought to add your last sentence: “a cohort of similar men”. Those metrosexual yukky male models. I doubt they’d do anything as un-self-involved as voting though. The ugliest, most twisted piece of email we got after Breivik came from a Swedish academic male. Uber-creepy.

          Come to think of it, if I were Queen, Obama and Mrs. O wouldn’t have the vote either.

          • Scandinavian men seem to be especially afflicted by this disease. Followed by Germans, Dutch, Brits and (to my deep shame) Irish. I have never met a Scandinavian man who didn’t spout PC-MC nonsense -except a local, Arne, who has lived in Oz for over 50 years. Apparently he escaped infection.

            I recently met a young Swede whose jaw dropped when I told him the Sweden Democrats were Sweden’s only hope from ruination. That I could name Kent Ekeroth, Mona Sahlin and the town where the Swedish Finance Minister lived (and knew of Olaf Palme) got his attention. He was from Malmo (born and bred – to an obviously wealthy family as they were financing his post-graduate studies in Singapore) and asserted to me that he “would” walk through Rosengaard at night without any fear – it was all right wing media exaggeration. I asked him: would he send/approve of his (very attractive) Swedish girlfriend walking into Rosengaard at night alone? He paused momentarily before defiantly affirming that he would. Gotta maintain the fiction. Her eyes, however, at hearing his response, told a different story.

            In Oz we have compulsory voting.

          • Well, that indeed is some refreshing candor.
            But as to the female franchise, I tend to agree with those who would deny the franchise to women.
            For every wise, discerning, and capably conservative woman out there, may I estimate that there are 50 not so blessed of virtue.
            The very fact that women are “equal” in making political decisions is the reason that men have subordinated themselves to female opinion. We women should be rocking the cradle in our efforts to rule the world, and should be making strong, wise, virtuous, and capable sons to take on their responsibilities of confronting a very evil world.

            Women are simply not up to the task of confronting it.
            They will always, or nearly so, temporize and emote.
            And if given the chance, they will not meet the challenges of growing in wisdom, a prerequisite for submission to male headship, but will throw off male authority when the state promises her what her husband should be providing (sustenance and protection).

            I can say what I like about women, because I am one.

        • Reminds me of the single young female ‘child psychologist’ pushing her no smacking campaign on a TV program I once watched (I no longer watch TV) who became quite flustered when asked by the interviewer did she have children.

          Pretentious twits!

      • I agree with you here but I think it’s more possible that a small world elite are directing the west’s capitulation and using women’s natural sympathies to aid them. I just wish we could identify them so we could [intemperate proposals redacted]

          • As if to sum-up our discussion of this theme, a friend sent me an article from the Polish press today, here: http://warszawa.gazeta.pl/warszawa/1,34889,17239021,Buduja_na_Pradze_wielokulturowy_DOM__Kazdy_moze_pomoc.html

            The title says: “They are building the Multicultural House in (a district of Warsaw.” )Forget the rest of the text, look at the photo. Those innocent female faces, one aglow with the excitement of doing sooo- much good. And in the back, a metrosexual male, born well past commie times, clearly a water carrier for the beatific carriers of do-good progestrone…

            This phenomenon transcends all culture, ethnicity and even race barriers. It might be for good among the Muslims, to restrain their savagery, but of course their idea is to squash women completely. It would have done good to restrain men in Viking times, or to prevent WWI — but in our time, among the Yin-infused whitey, ’tis the picture of the toxin itself….

            Again, we find ithard to comprehend and accept ideas such as this, because we think linearly, and this is a circular concept.

    • Julius you may recall that prior to that massacre – and I have my thoughts on who actually did it – there was open slather on any type of weapon that could be procured in a gun store and via the mail service for at least four decades that I know of.

      Of those firearms handed in to police stations across the country at that time never did I receive semi-auto or full auto firearms to be destroyed and none of the police I served with, to the best of my knowledge, received that type of firearm during that amnesty. Generally, the majority of those firearms handed in were of single shot, rusted relics of a bygone era with few exceptions.

      Going on the supposition that mail order firearms became a hot ticket issue during the 60s,70s,80s and into the 1990s in purchasing full auto or semi-auto firearms from the U.S. and other arms manufacturing countries from around the world, it has been estimated that between three million and four million of those arms were purchased.

      So you may wish to ask, where are they now?

      I know of more than two Aussies who did not fall for that political ploy!

    • Sorry to disagree but the assertions of corruption in the gun buyback with weapons being diverted by public servants is simply wrong. I know it to be incorrect, particularly in the State of Victoria, where indeed gun owners were required to register their guns and as you assert all auto and semi auto weapons were confiscated and destroyed under the buy back scheme. This scheme also provided an amnesty for unlicenced and souvenirs, many from the first and second world wars that had been in the family since that time.

      Therefore there was no register of auto and semi weapons for criminals to window shop and all registry entries were for only licensed legally acquired weapons from that date. The logic of recording weapons simply does not provide a record of unregistered weapons. During the buyback there were only a very few number of weapons that were not destroyed and they were carefully cataloged, made safe by armourers and their distribution recorded. They went to Museums, Returned Services organisations and the like for display .

      Although I agree with your premise that it was a mistake by the Howard Government it most certainly did not provide a corrupt mechanism to arm criminals. They were already armed and to this day continue to import their weapons of choice with impunity.

      It would indeed be interesting to track down where and how the weapons of the French terrorists the Australian Terrorist were acquired. As I understand it the French have similar strict firearms laws to Australia but nevertheless the terrorist in each case acquired weapons. In the Australian case it was not a result of the gun buy back this issue simply detracts from the primary focus of who is the enemy and what the resolution should be.

      An armed citizenry is unlikely in Australia and IMHO is not a solution and is also inimical to the present Australian cultural norms. It should be remembered that no government has been elected since Howard promising rearmament and there are now far more weapon legally registered in society, they are simply not assault or automatics.

      • mumbles, you miss the point that has been raised here. There were just over 650,000 long and short firearms handed in to police stations over a two year period (from memory) following the Port Arthur Massacre. Although I still booked in the odd handed in antique which passed as a firearm until 2002.

        At no time were firearms confiscated during that period which was proclaimed an amnesty period for firearms holders. All firearms accounted for in that above number were voluntarily handed in by the owners who in most cases, received monetary compensation for doing so.

        There is an estimated two to three million firearms still unaccounted for out there somewhere within Australia that the government did not get its hand on and only the owners of those firearms know where they are kept.

        And the Muslims who shoot up south western Sydney on a daily basis do so with hand guns, not semi-auto long arms that missed being handed in. So much for banned weaponry eh?

        I could testify in a court of law that firearm registries around the country are compromised by criminal/Muslim public servants who give out info on mainly rural properties and the type and number of firearms held on those properties. It is blatant in it scope and I cannot understand on the ready evidence available, why it is still continuing. For reference; look up the Shooters and Fishers Party site that also has an article on this problem.

        If you are Australian then you sell your countrymen short because when the chips are down and the country is in dire straits, as is rapidly approaching, an armed citizenry when called upon will always do its duty given the right leadership!

      • Let us examine your two statements:

        “the assertions of corruption in the gun buyback with weapons being diverted by public servants is simply wrong. I know it to be incorrect, particularly in the State of Victoria, where indeed gun owners were required to register their guns and as you assert all auto and semi auto weapons were confiscated and destroyed [sic] under the buy back scheme.”


        “Therefore there was no register of auto and semi weapons for criminals to window shop and all registry entries were for only licensed legally acquired weapons from that date. The logic of recording weapons simply does not provide a record of unregistered weapons.”

        Are you unable to detect the contradiction? When the automatic and semi-automatic guns were handed in, do you imagine that no records were kept of them? That they just piled up in storerooms at police stations uncounted and were then trucked off to wrecking shops with no records of the process? “How many automatic and semi-automatic guns were handed in this week/month?” asks the commander of a police station. “Dunno, 5 maybe 22” comes the collective reply of the subordinate officers. “Good work, carry on!” the commander replies.

        “I know it to be incorrect, particularly in the State of Victoria”

        How on earth could you possibly “know” this? Did you personally monitor every prosecution investigation and/or criminal trial in Victoria concerning the corruption in the buyback scheme? How could you assert something is true or false “particularly in [one of multiple states of a federal nation]”? It is either true or it is false. Like being pregnant.

        Did you prosecute or defend any public servant involved in the corrupt activity that I asserted took place? No. Did you defend any criminals who, as your client, explained to you that they obtained their gun from stealing it from a farmhouse in say, Wee Waa in New South Wales, the location of which they learned from a criminal associate who had obtained knowledge of its existence by bribing a public servant for the database? No.

        Without considering any of the points in the preceding paragraph, one can learn of the corruption in the buyback scheme, the non-destruction of firearms recorded as being destroyed by simply doing an Internet search of the news reports. Ironically I first learned of it from a whistleblower public servant speaking of his personal experience in … Victoria.

        I rarely get indignant, but when someone uses the words “I know” in contradiction, I make an exception. You and I both know that in the southern hemisphere the sun rises in the east, moves across the northern sky (below the Tropic of Capricorn on all days, above it, not in high summer) and sets in the west. Beyond phenomena like that we know very little with any certitude. Get the point about knowledge?

    • They did indeed and one would suppose the whole world should know that by now, yet directly after the Utøya massacre almost all journalists (of course) well known authors, heads of state and others who should have known better dismissed Breivik as a madman, despite clinical findings showing him to be eminently sane.

      All those otherwise learned people saw only the trees and not the forest–many even said stupidly there was no connection to islam, despite the inescapable fact it was all and only about the flooding of Norway with third world Islamic trash.

      This is not to absolve Breivik, he did a terrible thing slaughtering 69 teenagers; but the world’s eyes are closed to the fact that Jens Stoltenberg and other Arbeiderparti traitors before him had done and were doing a much worse thing; knowingly ruining their own enlightened, beautiful country.

      Breivik loves his country, he obviously hated what was (and still is) happening to it despite the fact Norwegians have finally (reluctantly) voted in a right wing coalition. The only Nordic country to show such sense.

    • Well in his “diary” he claimed to hang with some of the gangs but that was just Breivik the Braggart as far as I know.

      All God’s Evils Ain’t a Muslim.

      • No indeed, worse than muslims are those who enable them–the traitors in our countries.

        BTW, I am going to assume you are aware of the fact, curiously omitted by most media outlets at the time, that the participants at the Utøya Youth Camp were all budding leftists, and the camp was run by Arbeiderpartiet, to groom future leftist politicians.

        When I lived in Norway in the ’50’s AP was an excellent party and ran the country very well, but were totally lost when confronting the hundreds of thousands of semi-literate trash they themselves were pulling into the country at the behest of the EU and the UN.

        • Yes, we’re well aware of the Leftist “youths” on Utøya, some of whom were not so young but all of whom were in training for future leadership and all of whom enthusiastically supported Hamas. Some of them sneaked away on boats, leaving younger ones to their fate. Those are the real quislings.

          Norway was the only Western country to lend moral support and materiel to a known terrorist organization.

          Part of the reason for Breivik’s hatred of these people was his stepfather’s sneering reminders that ABB would never ever be allowed into the ranks of the future leaders.

          He’d planned to shoot the PM during her visit but got the dates confused. His confusion was no doubt due to his high steroid consumption – probably supplied by his original handlers, those “embassy personnel” in Oslo who fled after Wikileaks caused a meltdown. They left ABB to the tender mercies of Norway’s security police but I doubt the latter cared much about this fellow playing war game videos in his basement. Whether they actually had a file on his purchase of huge amounts of fertilizer in Poland or his so-called jihad training is unknown. Our CIA, Christians in Action, do tend to leave messes when they abandon ship.

          Norway wasn’t acting at the behest of the UN or EU when it “pulled in” the “semi-literate trash” you describe. Norway was acting in its own self-interest; this offering of asylum to third world immigrants served Norway’s strong belief in its own innate moral superiority. As the old saying goes, “you grow to become whatever it is you need to believe”.

          The meting out of ‘justice’ to ABB was a circus. A chilling combination of the old Soviet show trials and modern Norwegian noblesse oblige, that piece of theatre starred enough clowns to populate Ringling Bros in its heyday. Who knew oil wealth could so completely skew Norway’s moral compass?…kinda reminds me of those sad tales about the bad end awaiting people who win the lottery.

          • A Real Quisling

            One cannot blame anyone for their family’s actions before they were even born themselves.

            Breivik’s defence lawyer Geir Lippestad recently did, however, find that one of this relatives, Johan Andreas Lippestad was a minister under Vidkun Quisling, and also the organiser of Quisling’s party.

            These are facts, and help to fill in more of the bigger picture.

          • Might not agree on everything, but I’m glad we’re on the same side of the fence.

            I certainly agree about the ‘circus’, but another word also comes to mind when I think of that trial–hypocrisy.

            My ‘better half’ (of 55 years) is from Helgeland, goes back most years, and I’ve seen her come back in tears over what is happening to her country, we hope the ‘girls’, Solberg and Jensen can begin to right the wrongs, but we both think violence will come, and not just to Norway.
            We both love Gates of Vienna, by the way!

          • Dymphna,

            There is a man in Western Australia, an electrician by trade, who has TWICE won the state lottery. $20 million in one win, something similar in the other. This was last century when $40 million was worth a lot more than it is now. Ten years later he was living in poverty in what Americans call a trailer park. An acquaintance of mine, of below average intelligence, remarked: “Why didn’t he just stick half of it in a term deposit [ie a”CD” earning low bank interest rates] and blow the rest on …?”. Couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

          • Here’s an interesting statistical breakdown of what people did with their money:


            My guess is that people who win an amount which is about 25% of their annual income have the least disruption in their lives. But the determining factor is probably the individual’s satisfaction with his or her life BEFORE the win because that’s not going to change much – at least it won’t unless the *biggest* fear was a lack of steady secure income. For some people that’s a characterological problem based on fear of survival. It was more common among those who lived through the Depression in the 1930s.

            Here’s an interesting stat:

            Probability that new family wealth will be gone by the third generation: 90 %, from the list here:

            I can say with authority as a member of the third generation that all I got from inherited wealth was the fumes and the monogrammed flatware.

            Our culture is based on money. The sooner one sorts out his or her relationship with it, the better off (in all ways) one will be. The real quote from Scripture is “love of money is the root of evil” – i.e., greed and envy can getcha is a mess o’ trouble. Not to mention putting a mortal dent in your karma.

            An old country woman we know won a sizable chunk of lottery money. Her first order of business was to buy and have installed a fine front door on her trailer.

  4. Wow. What a perfect and precise piece of prose.

    Should be read by every man on Earth.

  5. How long,before ” je suis Charlie ” is declared insult of a group of people…..?

  6. ” Search on Google for a rice cooker and a backpack — implements used by the Musloid-immigrant Boston bombers — and within hours your door will explode and your dog be shot dead by armored gummint ninjas with machine guns and stun grenades.”
    Man this is some strong stuff you’re smoking, I want some too.
    Anyway, what was that? I am not sure if I could follow even if I was able to read it till the very end. And mind you I do know my way around some pretty confusing technical stuff.
    So may be a little nice summary for [persons of reduced intellect] like me?

    • I, too, am not sure you could follow this essay if you read it to the end.

      Here’s a summary: The blindness of the Western Treason Class to the civilization-destroying consequences of admitting Muslims into Western societies and tolerating their naughtiness is clearly a form of insanity.

      • Nah, this could be written in a two or three sentences and would be comprehensible. Now what are the rest of the words are there for?
        Because really, being quick to state things like quoted above, just makes me think the guy is on dope.

  7. That was a powerful piece indeed and my own thinking is very much in line with yours, in 2009 I had to walk away from the reality and just immerse myself in a hobby, because I felt that rationality had gone out of the window not just from what is laughably called our governments, but many of the people that are its victims. I was so filled with anguish that I had to step back.

    The situation has not changed, on French BFM TV the line is being pushed that this has nothing to do with Islam, and I have that same feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had before, despair, is there no one who can show the verses in the Qu’ran saying killing those that slander the prophet, nor the verses that make Jews their number one target. For a brief moment I saw a wonderful interview with the companion of Charb which shone some light, but again the media reported her as blaming France when in fact she said that it was those that called him an Islamophobic have the same blood on their hands as those that shot him. I bet she will never see another political job again and she was an Arab too, a wonderful beautiful person.

    I like many here know of the Al Queda plan for open war in 2016, the truth is that people will only wake up when that is on them and even then I expect them to deny it and get mowed down like cattle, personally I don’t care about those sheep any more, they deserve it.

    As for the march, I saw some people who had placards on the marches that took place on Saturday in various cities which had the cartoons and they sort of get it, however the majority of them will say I am charlie and then with the other breath say how terrible those islamophobics are, they are sheep and have my contempt, most of them will be marching and congratulating themselves for their marching on behalf of freedom of expression, nah, they are not marching for that, they now support the status quo of their Socialist government, they even down value the unnecessary sacrifice that charb made. Its telling that not a single French media outlet published the cartoons, which is why I called it unnecessary because if the rest of the French media had published those cartoons when Charlie Hebdo did then they would have not been left alone to face Islamic killers.

    So their senseless wail that it is not Islam has been ruined slightly by the fact that a German newspaper that published the pictures in Hamburg had its offices fire-bombed.

    And to cap it all, the leaders that will go to the march will be in an armoured bus, there will be 5500 police on duty to guard the march, is that against Islamophobia or is that against Islamic terror, but not a single one of the sheep will make that connection.

    So to reply about that march, its has turned into a circus to support the current suicidal policies of the west and though there will be people marching who get it, many like me will say no, as had my wife, my son and my daughter, all see it as being now hollow and empty.

    • I watched a little bit he numbers and in spite of my belief that it is largely hollow the support of many of these people, it is impressive and does have a message, of course we know it will have no impact on those that really matter, those that see Mohammed as the perfect man…

      One has to just look at Charb’s family attacking his companion as never being with him as an example because she was outspoken about the issue, that is why it is hollow.

      I was amazed at Benjamin Netanyahu being left so exposed in the street when waiting to board a bus, that set my teeth on edge and I could see that he and his security detail were nervous.

      Anyway in spite of it being taken over as support for the current suicidal policies it is still an impressive statement of rejection of Islamic violence even if most people don’t understand that.

      • This is just a typical march of the the smug middle and upper classes along with your typical Lefty hack. All it does it make them feel good about themselves while accomplishing nothing. All thunder and no lightening as they used to call it.

        In a week, it will all be forgotten by most and people will go back to sleep like so many sheep.

        The hard core Muzzies will look at it and laugh. Because they see it for what it is, empty posturing. Instead they see that their fellow jihadis had done – paralyze and strike fear into a entire nation with the acts of 3 of their kind.

        • Bet “The Composers” are very happy about the performance of both the Orchestra and the Public in Paris this Sunday!

        • Agree with you totally. Last night one of my sons and I saw a photograph of a local “Je Suis Charlie” demonstration in what is regarded as a “right wing tabloid” (which was placed in the shop for customers’ perusal while they wait to be served). The photograph had a head-scarfed Muslim woman placed front and centre holding her sign aloft. We chuckled over it. My son remarked scornfully: “Could they get any more obvious?”

      • “I had to walk away from the reality and just immerse myself in a hobby”

        You are, most likely, not alone! I think a lot of us feel that way.

    • Your post has reminded me of a march that was held in Sydney about a decade back with the aim of highlighting Aboriginal Australians and the perceived discrimination against them. It was called ‘March for Reconciliation’ or some such airy fairy title to it, but I do remember that many thousands of ‘concerned’ Australians marched over the Harbour Bridge in solidarity with the ’cause’.

      That kind of thing seems to attract a certain type of mentality, a seeming to do good mentality that has the thinker who aspires to that type of ‘seeming’ marching all over the place for this and for that cause that never really attains much in the way of results while the marcher simply goes onto other ’causes’ that gets their immediate attention, and so it continues on.

      One particular marcher on that day was a young mother who on returning home after the march and feeling good about herself found her next door neighbor had a for sale sign in his front yard. As they were good friends she enquired how long had the sign been in his front yard as she has not noticed it previously.

      He said. “Well, I put it here this morning as requested by the Real Estate agent as a public courtesy because I have already sold the house.”

      Oh said she. “Who to?”

      He replied, “To a nice Aboriginal family, they should be moving in about four weeks from now.”

      With that she smiled slightly and went on into her own house. Around two weeks later the neighbor spotted a for sale sign in the young mothers yard!

      While this story is anecdotal only to the article as posted on this thread it is also a good indicator of how some people perceive life to be – that is seeming to do good rather than actually personally partaking and accomplishing some real results with devoted actions rather than token thoughts.

      That young mother who marched in recognition of what she presumed to be a legitimate grievance and by her action upon finding out that representatives of those she actually marched for were about to become her new neighbors is nothing more than a hypocrite and a coward who held preconceived biases about her new neighbors she had yet to meet.

      That is the same kind of thinking that one could find predominant amongst all those ‘seeming to do good marchers’ in Sydney, Paris or wherever the seeming to do good overtakes them which makes them as citizens completely unreliable to the real cause for which we need real and not fake patriots.

      • I’m afraid the same is likely true of all, or most,politicians.
        Here in the UK the the perjorative is “the Westminster bubble”. Westminster of course is the location of the Houses of Parliament When not there they live in the better parts of London or in leafy suburbs or in the country (most have 2 residences and 1 of those is paid for by the taxpayer).
        Certain journalists similarly have lives protected from the realities that the majority face. Politicians and journalists alike refuse to acknowledge, at least publicly, that problems exist .
        Our Labour Party -the champagne socialists -plan to reduce the voting age to 16 if and when they next achieve power. That ignores the fact that most 16 year olds are too immature and are not interested, or have knowledge of, politics. One group though will almost certainly be voting and virtually forced to do so by their muslim families.

        • The Collective (Labor/Democrats) has always been the ‘leader’ in ‘progressive’ action for which we are now paying for in the eventual loss of our Western civilization if that kind of ‘progression’ is not halted and slowly reversed.

          UKIP looks to upset the apple cart this year at your general election. I will keep my fingers crossed that British Labour does not do too well and look forward to the day when the Traitor Class in all our lands are finally brought to justice.

    • Jeanette Bougrab, Charb’s partner, also has said that she does not know of any “moderate islam”.

    • Charb’s companion is named Jeanette Bougrab. She’s a well-educated attorney who has held two minor ministry positions in the French government and is active in a moderate conservative party. They were together for three years but were, in the words of a news source I read (and have forgotten specifically which one) the other day, “discreet.” He was, according to her, a communist and she a conservative, but they were both “fierce secularists.”

      Those of us in the U.S. who value church-mosque vs. state separation need to get and stay busy on that front. The First Amendment isn’t only addressed to freedom of speech and expression; it guarantees separation of church and state, something that pro-Islam governmental provisions consistently violate.

  8. I think it is reasonable that Germany which murdered 6 million Jews and caused the refugeeism of 5 million Jews, should take in all those Muslims and fight them on her own soil. It is Germany by its murderous pact with the Muslims to annihilate the Jewry of Europe – who had been there since Roman times, 6 centuries before the Gothic invasion of Europe – which is responsible for the present crisis of PC [bovine effluvia]. Germany which carried on the Olympics even after the murder of Israeli-Jewish athletes in 1972, for dead jews dont count. It is France which collaborated big-time with the Germans to annihilate its jewish minority which must now lend its one hundred percent support for the Jewish State in its fight to survive Jihad, but instead votes for Jihad-within-Judea in the UN. France now pays the price for supporting Jihadism in all its forms, especially the Judeo-cidal form. Turns out sacrificing the Jews to the Jihadi Molech was insufficient to mollify its voracious appetite for human flesh.

    • No we are not all Israelis. Even in the wake of the Hebdo Massacre.

      The Muslim population ought to be expelled. It’s not complicated.

    • I’m guessing you’re Jewish, juval, so much as I may hope I’m empathetic, I can’t quite feel the Holocaust as you do.

      Nevertheless, your apparent hatred towards the Germans and French, many of whom put their lives in danger to protect Jews and other innocents, and virtually none of whom now living is responsible for the horrors of the Nazi era anyway, gets us nowhere.

    • And this is why the “counter-jihad”-movement will always come to naught.

    • You’re off by a number of years, sir, in considering the most proximate cause of this mess. It was France which began the fashioning of Europe into Eurabia. Each culture has its fatal flaw, its hamartia, which leads to eternal sorrow. For France (De Gaulle is the embodiment) the arrogance in needing to be the first among equals drove it to make deals with the Arabs for oil.

      See Bat Ye’or’s analysis:


      Germany’s motive was different; with a large manufacturing base it made a calculated guess re Turkish immigrant workers – with a plan NEVER to permit citizenship – and is now living out one kind of Immigration Nightmare.

      England and France have another version: some socialist idealism in which they had an obligation to their former colonies to allow them to “come home” and trash the place. (I know parents like that.) The Netherlands are similar.

      I agree with you that the children now have to sleep in the bed their grandparents made, but blaming current Europeans for the unspeakable harrowing in the 20th century serves no one well, least of all Jews, and certainly it does not serve Truth, which ought to be one of our main goals in this abominably deceitful time.

      Not that there isn’t a strong strain of antisemitism in Europe; that virus wouldn’t be nearly so large were it not for the Muslim immigrants’ driving of the hatred. Some historians have made a plausible case for Arabs’ ancient hatred of Jews as the ultimate source of most antisemitism. See Emmet Scott on our sidebar.

      We have to work together. When grievance drives the conversation, Reason leaves the room. I hear this angry sentiment frequently from some American blacks who have made of their own grievance a raison d’être; it ends up diminishing their lives and improves nothing.

      BTW, the present crisis of political correctness started with the ideas of Karl Marx. Jews were/are over-represented among his cheering section but that doesn’t make all Jews guilty of the atrocities committed by the Soviet Union. Nor is France the worst. Norway’s blatant OFFICIAL support of Palestine and Hamas with money and materiel is unique in the West when it comes to outright support of terrorism.

      • I gratefully defer to your more broad understanding of the various motivations propelling individual European states to trade their own peoples for “others.”
        As I have not yet completed my reading of “Eurabia,” I don’t know if your overview of other European countries’ motivations for treason will be addressed.
        At any rate, your comments here are important pieces of the puzzle.

      • Reconstruction of The French People
        Commie French politician Jean-Luc Melenchon

        “We are experiencing a time of reconstruction of the French people.”

        In this process there is a major problem, he thinks, namely Marine Le Pen. She simply stands in the way of this reconstruction.

        “Maybe we should examine how to use the prisons,” he thinks, in the interview with Le Monde

        Maybe we should even examine why the Mali Jihadi was in the Hyper Kosher in Paris, and not in prison, as he had been released early, from his five years sentence.

        The Afro minister responsible for that early release, had some nice words for the police just after the Charlie attack, en passant:
        – You’re precious!

    • Yuval, I know Dutch Holocaust survivors who could not bring themselves to ever be around people speaking German again. I respect their personal aversion, I don’t agree that today’s Germans should be held responsible and the nation should be perpetually excoriated.

      Only 37% of Germans voted for Hitler’s Nazi Party in the last free Weimar election and they did so in circumstances of extreme economic hardship. Spend some time in a German winter and try to imagine what it was like to be unemployed in 1932: unable to afford to heat your home and feed yourself and your family. And there was this guy, Adolf Hitler, promising he could change it all. More than one German Jew, alive in the 1930’s, has gone on record stating that if they hadn’t been Jewish they too would have probably voted for Hitler.

      The youngest German alive today who freely voted for Adolf Hitler would be 99 years old. It is high time to stop demonizing the German nation. Germany has, since 1945, made assiduous efforts to atone for its terrible crimes against Jewry. The voluntary financial reparations Germany made to Israel in the early 1960’s were critical to Israel’s ability to economically sustain itself – contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t the USA that helped Israel in that era. The Eisenhower administration was deeply hostile to Israel and the Kennedy administration tepid.

      The Jewish population of Germany has, in demographic terms, flourished in recent decades by Germany offering asylum to any person from the ex-Soviet Union with a remotely Jewish heritage. Germany is, by far, the safest and most secure place to be a Jew in Europe today.

      Israel’s defensive capabilities have been recently and significantly improved by the Dolphin class submarine – designed, built and sold to Israel by Germany. The Dolphin was purpose-built to extend Israel’s strategic military capabilities. If and when Iran’s genocidal threats against Israel become backed up by the possession of nuclear weapons, it will be Dolphin-launched missiles that will remove that threat. There are logistical difficulties with the Israeli air force undertaking the task due to the distances involved. The Dolphin submarines have solved that problem.

      • I agree: there is a time for letting go.

        Coming from an area in the U.S. where our Civil War is still referred to (by some) as “The Recent Unpleasantness” I know well how long-lived are traumatic events. Sherman’s march through Georgia is still evident in places.

        But one finds the Yankees’ moral superiority tedious at best, especially given that history is passing by the large urban areas. I feel safer in the rural South than I do in the urban North.

        See Ecclesiastes 3 for the reminders.

  9. Great article Takuan, as Diana West wrote:
    “Insecurity, vulnerability, aching loss, numbing shock – these are the poison fruits of terrorism in a world where anyone who submits to an airport body search or even looks over his shoulder boarding a train has assumed, however briefly, the status of a victim.”

    • My fervent gratitude to whatever cosmic force prevents me from flying. My last trip in 2004 convinced me I never ever wanted to be in an airline terminal again.

      Kudos to those who are willing to fly.

  10. I agree with everything you say. However, history teaches us that we are on a human carrousel. There is no utopia. Humans are forever flawed. The stupidity of thought among humans is to say the least, breathtaking. There is no FREE country or people it is what we dream it to be. If there is a God, I only hope he can sort it out. Chaos is with us till the end of time.

    • People ask me sometimes why I won’t finish the massive works I published in installements; particularly “The Bee and the Lamb” that saw 11 chapters at GoV and 3-4 still in my head. The main reason is that I don’t see any way for this civilization to get out the drawning bog, except if it start learning what’s worth learning from the 105+ mean IQ, Buddhism influenced peoples, particularly old Japan, China and Korea. That would have to entail, first of all, a 2nd Reformation of our religion, and one spread across all of its denominations. So I say to myself, who am I to start a 2nd Reformation; don’t I have enough troubles in my life?

      This is what it’s about: we have a linear view of life, of Reality, of Earth and the Universe, inherited directly from the Bible and its practice first among the Jews and as of the last 2000 years, by Christians as well, including in this the New Testament that has so much of the old one in it. God created all those things in a weeks’ work, then rested, and we have been progressing ever since along a Biblical line–including very much modern-day atheist-socialist Progressives as well.

      Things are getting “better and better all the time.” The Prog Libtard is convinced that we have been making great strides toward justice, fairness, equality and peace; we’ll soon be there, ” a kind of “evolved” Nirvanae. For the pious Christian the road to great Epiphany is also linear, though it has a big dimple in it first. Soon enough Apocalypse will be upon us, Jesus will come back, we’ll be judged, the bad ones will go to hell but the rest of us will have it really good, and forever.

      The Oriental, the Hindu as well, doesn’t see it that way. Humanity, the world, everything around us is strung on a wheel. What’s up today will be down tomorrow. If you internalize that notion you realize that “progress” works for awhile: we ascend. But then the law of diminishing returns and ultimately hugely negative ones, kicks in. Ww are not ascending toward a future plateau but descending to the bottom as the wheel revolves.

      All of this is embedded in our history — you are right to note that. History — unmanipulated one– ought to be added with the 3Rs as a basic requirement for citizens in a democracy. From this would proceed the truly conservative notion that you don’t mess with what we have, except on the margin.

      What we see now is the consequnces of actions by people who were convinced, still are, that they were doing the right thing, improving everything, “repairing the world” — but they have been destroying.
      If we understood that, “Progress” would have stopped around 1961 and gone into a bit of reverse, so that we remain in wholesome balance — what the Oriental knows as the Tao….

      • Takuan, don’t be too hard on the “Prog Libtards”; they are the heirs of the Enlightenment, which led to good things like universal suffrage, (partial) secularisation of the public sphere, the (also partial) abolition of slavery, and emancipation of women.

        Sometimes people don’t know when to stop, but this isn’t confined to those on the “left”.

      • Use of terms like “Prog Libtard” renders the user liable to being conceptualized as less than s/he would like to be:

        –less authoritative
        –less reliable
        –less morally superior

        I’ve always considered myself a “left-ish Liberal.” As I learned more about political terminology and its history, I thought of myself as a left-leaning libertarian. At this point, without having changed very many (two? three?) of my political viewpoints due to living longer on our planet, I see that I’m probably a Classical Liberal.

        As soon as I first saw the term “progressive” used as a noun rather than simply an adjective, maybe 15 to 20 years ago, I tried to discern the difference (from a northern California point of reference) between a “progressive” political stance and the general “leftist” political stance prevailing in NorCal. With continued examination–and amidst the continued polarization of politics in our country–I finally realized that “progressive” was indeed its own kind of critter and recoiled from it instinctively.

        I would love to return to teaching school, but even in math, political correctness rules, and I’m not sure I can get through the required interviews. Being disabled in unconventional ways (i.e., I don’t use a wheelchair) has DQ’d me from other jobs which are “equal opportunity,” so I don’t think my chances are good. “Progressive” policies seem to have narrowed the definition of “disability” as well as many other things….

        • Regarding your suspicions about the wisdom of those who use soubriquets like “libtard” I agree with your summation. The same goes for all the ugliness in names like Obummer and Moochelle. Some of them are clever the first time they’re used, but after that they begin to be tedious. I do use BHO in Twitter because it’s shorter.

          Name-calling isn’t amusing, it’s polarizing. It diminishes the speaker more than it does the object of his scorn. But that’s a hard thing for some to learn.

          • I take exception. If someone writes a piece that’s nothing but name calling, you are right. But if someone writes a piethe article is comprehensive, researched and documented with respect to the liberal-progressive syndrome, using a pejorative word a couple of times in 3000 -4,000 words renders the piece less valid only in the minds of those who cannot make fine distinctions, and I don’t care for those anyway.

            Furthermore, I have provided ample reasoning on these pages, before, at least twice, why calling a liberal, or progressive “retarded” or insane is LITERALLY true and correct by all clinical and even colloquial definitions of insanity.

  11. In November 1948, when I was four years old, my father made graphic demonstration of the personal handgun’s value against crime: Hearing a noise in the dark of the morning when there should have been silence, he — at that time on crutches with postwar polio after having been mustered out as a (Mustang) Captain — took a war-trophy P-08 Luger, and hirpled out of the bedroom to do what a man must do. He gut-shot but did not kill the (White) burglar. When the Police came to haul the burglar, they made no move toward arresting my father, nor confiscating the Luger.

    This is the same father who, when I was still younger, amused himself in his bedriddenness by making games of those drills (Drill does not need to kill, Professor Ayers.) prerequisite to teaching reading by phonics. Thanks to him, I could read when I was halfway past my third birthday. And I read voraciously, obnivorously, with a dictionary at my side.

    By the time I was six, I could recite the nomenclature and functional sequence of the P-08 Luger, and demonstrate that I knew whereof I spoke.

    The very first adult science-fiction novel I ever read, was A. E. vanVogt’s The Weapon Shops of Isher. My fascination with that book was so intense that my father read the book, and talked it out thoroughly with me. After deconstructing the fantastic elements of the story, what remained was an absolute bell-ringer of a verbal defense of the Commoner’s (that is us, individual by individual) Right of Arms. That was the hook whereon my father inveigned me into reading the Constitution. When I discovered that Second Amendment, prior indifference turned to the beginning of fierce love for this country.

    VanVogt’s words, “The Right to buy Weapons is the Right to be free.” are still true. The personal handgun is the lawful person’s first line of defense against interpersonal criminal aggression.

    But are there still Mustang Officers in the Services?

    How many householders who shot burglars flagrante delicto would today find themselves in deep kettles of hot soup, or defendants in a civil suit?

    Is all social change “progressive?”

  12. Only kind people have access to this blog!
    – – – – – –
    The Charlie Hebdo Massacre Shows How Exceedingly Vulnerable Our Society Is To Islamic Terror

    Bill Clinton And The Pedophile: The Sex Scandal That Could Destroy Hillary’s Presidential Ambitions

    The Zombiefication Of America


    – – – – – – – –
    Why do you not write about New Sweden which is now governed
    by use of Machtergreifungsedikt a la Adolf H.?

    • Sorry, wrong word!

      Not ‘kind’ but ‘nice’.
      – – – – – – – – – –



      – – – – – – – – –


      This is footage of the Charlie Hebdo shootings which has been restricted or taken down from a number of websites. As you will see it contains no blood, or graphic violence. It does however punch a major hole in the official story.

  13. Re: Australia, gun laws: ban on semi-automatics in 1996. You refer to a “psycho” killing people in 1996. This was the Port Arthur/Broken Arrow cafe massacre, allegedly done by Martin Bryant. Please do some Internet research. It will show you all the nuts and bolts evidence that this was a false flag aimed at Shock and Awe to enact rapid new law, think Patriot Act 2001. There is too much evidence to even summarise here. The apparent patsy Bryant is in jail for life but was never put on trial.
    Think Lee Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray.

    • It was a ‘professional hit’ Wombat, with all the indicators of a false flag. Bryant by his own psychiatrist’s assessment did not have the mental capacity to do what he is alleged to have done. And who was, ‘Jaimie’?

      • What you, mates, are disclosing here is an earth-shaking villainy for the ages. yet even I, who follow world news and have a special folder in my mind for news of world-disarmament of whitey by white SWORILs who, naturally, have, armed bodyguards, did not know it. Obviously, the international MSM, with all their investigative talent, did not have interest in a story that goes again their bias.

        Symmetricaly, you may not know that there is no doubt who is behind the Gunwalker villainy in which the US Department of Justice encouraged and aided the smuggling of semi-auto firearms to Mexico’s narco-cartels. The idea was — and that’s America’s supreme law-enforcement agency — that those firearms would be used in the commission of heinous narco-gangster crimes in the U.S. That would prod the sheeple –again, I must say, women’s maternal instinct or whatever is prime in this — to rise and demand ever-tightening restrictions on the possession of firearms (by law-abiding citizens).

        • I, a woman myself, cannot understand women’s overwhelming support for gun restricting or gun banning laws. Being physically so much weaker than men, women are obviously more vulnerable and, as a result, so much more than men in need of guns for protection. It does not make sense to someone trying to apply logic here. This is simply more proof that logical, unemotional, analytical thinking is not one of women’s genetically determined qualities. We, overall, do not seems to see a bigger picture, or want to see what is far down the road or behind that hill in front of us, as men do. We are better at seeing small details close around us. It is an advantage for certain purposes, but does not make us women (with exceptions, of course) good leaders or defense ministers or voters. And even though today’s education system and popular culture inflict devastating damage on both men and women, men are overall still able to resist it a little better than women.

        • Fast and Furious has never been aired publicly by the dying media as they rely on life support systems offered to them by the Traitor Class. Benghazi was ‘killed’ off by the same dying media who could care less for the truth or the future of their own country. They live for the now and anyone who upsets their accustomed lifestyle by rocking the boat are given short shrift through dirt raking or other nefarious means.

          The CIA initiated a program to compromise the media and bring it under its control soon after coming into existence in 1947 – and just a few months after that notorious crash north of Roswell N.M. – coincidence? The CIA’s operational code and intelligence gathering is based on the Nazi’s secret intelligence service, the Abwehr, and was initially run in conjunction with a bunch of Nazi’s, including the head of the Abwehr, Reinhard Gehlen. One needs to ask today of the CIA, what is their specialty? One obvious answer I believe, is perpetual war and drug running because there is money to be made from it!

          And money in political elite circles means power.

          So if one can take that info on board it becomes pretty obvious as to why Kennedy, who hated secrecy, began to have ‘problems’ with the CIA upon coming to office and why the outgoing President Eisenhower would warn about the runaway ‘military industrial complex’ that was at that time beginning to run away from any government control or accountability.

          In my own mind, and after researching the many inconsistencies about the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania in 1996, I have no doubt that it was a clandestine military style operation put in place by the CIA to reduce gun ownership across Australia.

          As you suggest Takuan, women did play a prominent role in the anti-gun campaign that saw foolish men in positions of power cave into their emotive pleas. And all this occurred just 80 years after the Battle of Broken Hill (NSW) that can be considered the first Islamic Terrorist attack on Australian soil in which two Turks fired on a train load of Labor Day picknickers killing 7 and wounding 16. And it took the armed citizenry of Broken Hill and under the control of the local police to root out and to kill those two Turks.

          So is it any wonder why the World’s elite Hell bent on making this world ‘safer’ would, through their ‘intelligence services’, wish to disarm a citizenry just as Hell bent on protecting itself from its unidentified enemies?

          • N,

            My 2009 piece at GoV about gun crime committed by Third-World foreigners, Muslim and not so, imported to our counteirs by our elites and for whose crimes the rulers punish us with further firearms and other restrictions will ring a bell with you, particularly this quote:

            “On October 21, 2002, Huan Yun Xiang, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monash_University_shooting a Chinese student at Australia’s Monash University, jumped on his classroom desk, screaming, “You never understand me,” and opened fire at his fellow students in an econometrics class. Armed with five handguns, Xiang killed two students and seriously wounded another five, before he was subdued. Xiang was an ugly, repulsive man with limited English skills. For the crimes of a foreigner from a country where citizens have no access to either guns or liberty, the citizens of Victoria, Australia, were punished with a further tightening of Australia’s already super restrictive gun laws.

            This was the second time I documented this phenomenon; the first one, titled “The Glock and the Dork” was in 2007 at a conservative webzine that would lose all of its archives. It survived only because someone poached it and reposted here:


          • Nemesis, the CIA is a bureaucratic organization that hires people with various skills and backgrounds to systematically collect and analyze information from human and technical sources. It has other capabilities as well, but that’s basically all they do. They are very careful to stay out of matters that are handled by the FBI and not to use certain people as agents.

            One thing you can take to the bank, however, is that the CIA has no interest in disarming Australians. None. They would not orchestrate the killings of innocents anywhere. They are my fellow Americans.

            Now the DOJ Office of Civil Rights . . . . Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t turn my back on those jerques for one second.

          • Colonel, I would strongly suggest that you take up a study of what the CIA and those other alphabet soup agencies are capable of getting up to. There are many ‘exposes’ in book form or on the internet that can help you out with fact based information.

            I can understand your wish to defend your fellow countrymen from adverse allegations but there is more than one aspect to the CIA that a good researcher will soon uncover and that become obvious as that research is carried on.

            For instance; the CIA was responsible for the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan – if you can’t believe that the darker side of the CIA did not know what they were giving life to back in the mid 1980s while clandestinely supplying the Mujahideen with sophisticated weaponry to use against Russian gunships then your understanding of what drives the power hungry is lacking.

            and; the 1990 Gulf war was being planned in 1977.

            While you defend the CIA, which BTW, is a compartmentalized organization that is almost impossible to breach, you stick the knife into the DOJ because it has been blatant about its own agenda – you don’t believe the CIA, NSA, NRO and the other ‘phantom’ agencies also have their own agenda as well as their secrets to keep?

            Who ‘controls’ your government today?

            Who funds the ‘black budget’ that Donald Rumsfeld got all coy about in 2000? How is it that an area called Area 51, which is hundreds of acres in size and under the direct control of the Air Force is considered off limits to anyone without authorization and backed up by the use of deadly force – and this is in your country? What goes on there that is considered so secret that inquisitive people who venture there can be shot if they breach the outer perimeter?

            You don’t find that disturbing?

          • Thank you Takuan. I had forgotten about that ‘mad chinaman’ and his actions at one of our hallowed halls of learning.

            The muzzies are currently shooting up suburbs around south western Sydney using mainly ‘imported’ Glocks or firearms stolen from police stations and vehicles. This kind of Muslim ‘interaction’ with the people of the Host nation has been going on for over a decade and at least two ‘innocent’ bystanders have been killed and many wounded.

            Yet the government and the police the government now controls seem to be ineffective in dealing with this criminal behaviour. Is it by design or by stupidity brought on by MC/PC?

            I guess the only reason that ‘tougher’ gun laws have not been enacted – due to all those shootings -against the law abiding is due to the law abiding now having their own influence in state parliaments via their own political party which gives short shrift to any hint of toughening up gun laws or making the purchasing of ammo more difficult than it already is.

    • My father was a member of the National Party (Conservative) at the time of the big rally and John Howard wearing a flak jacket. He was told by another NP member that JH said before fronting the crowd; “there won’t be a gun in Australia after this” My partner and I went to the funeral of the Mikacs as she was a close friend to Walter and Nannette. My partner agrees that it’s not the average law-abiding Australian that’s the problem and taking away their semi-autos wasn’t going to stop violence, in fact the number of knife crimes went right up!

  14. Japan is thankfully content to be Japanese, though “rightist” Tokyo Governor Ishihara has gone on record, I believe, to say Japan must accept more immigrants, in part because the massively indebted state needs taxpayers; he did not put it quite that directly or honestly. Japan is almost an island of sanity in one way, yet it’s demographics are indebtedness are insane.

    Where can one escape the multicultural insanity yet remain in an economically advanced and largely free country? Japan will implode. If you are involved in its education system, you know multicultism seeps in there, too. Perhaps South Korea or Taiwan?

    Nowhere in the West, it seems. Perhaps Latin America? Yet its lands have their own troubles.

  15. In order to have a racially equal society, Multicult whatnot, you need a surveillance state. You need to jail Brigit Bardot and misrepresent Gerard Depardieu’s reasons for abandoning France (why should he pay for Muslims on welfare Hebdo eh?) or exclude Le Pen and propose banning Front National. Free Speech as promoted by Nick Cohen or Francois Hollande or Cameron is just freedom for Editors to rile up Muslims and destroy Patroits.

  16. The V Van Gogh painting says it all we are truly running in circles, accomplishing nothing but more misery, despair, and hopelessness. We are prisoners of our own false prophets ( the politically Correct culturally marxist political class) who promise to ‘protect’ us from harm and lead us into a perfect Utopian society.

  17. I have not yet finished reading this extraordinary article, but if it is true, I would expect to see Mr. Seiyo in prison before the end of the month. Barring that, we would have to say that his emotions have gotten the best of him for the moment, though I believe every word he has said about potential for being under constant observation.

    That being said, I have what I believe to be a solution of sorts to the problem of irritated Muslims in our midst. I firmly believe that Islam, the religion, gives its adherents permissions to do things that the general societies do not. In particular, bourgeois society includes the necessity of reciprocity, while Islam does not have that tradition. We must agree that the principle of diverse opinion permission should not be compromised, that is, free speech. Only its limitations should follow the national borders of various countries. All people who believe in the overthrow of a country should be asked to leave. Since there can never be a law that applies to only one group, I can envision white racists scrambling to find a country that would absorb them, as well as Muslim adherents to the Caliphate, anarchists, and government bureaucrats that oppress ordinary citizens. This group of future expatriates could also include chronic criminals, politicians on the take, and psychopaths who have actualized their talents for misdeeds.

    The underlying principle here is the converse of the famous “No justice, No peace!” I believe that from a psychological perspective it is far truer to say, “No peace, No Justice!” A more diverse society that includes people that wish to destroy that society is simply too diverse. The Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russians used mass re-education camps. It is far more humane to simply help those who cannot adjust to moderation to leave. We can even pay them to leave. Indeed, these people will become a favored group if we start them off with some dollars overseas. As peace returns to the streets of the United States and Western European countries, these people may wish to return. A simple loyalty oath and a contract to be peaceful, whatever that means, would suffice.

    This strange approach is more humane than the Gulag we are creating to serve the privileged classes, be they pompous Muslims, Communists, or Capitalists. I can even envision exiling those who decide who to exile someone so no one gets too uppity. Let us simply extend the principle of “home” to country. If a guest overstays his welcome, the home owner simply asks him to leave. If a child, under the influence of testosterone, becomes a threat to the home owner, the authorities help the child to live elsewhere. If times are tough, those who won’t help maintain the home may need to leave. We make exceptions for those who have handicaps, those who cannot help momentarily, those who cannot help because society is not rich enough to provide them with work, and those who we love too much to abort. This is such a superior system to prisons and over-controlled policing that I think we should give it a try. Let us call the system “Exile.”

    • The early sovereigns in England seemed to have a well-developed sensitivity to treason but moderns approach this concept as though it were an unexploded V2 rocket in their basement.

      Medieval Britain had the concept of the outlaw which we simply don’t have. It was harsher than your solution of exile, though I’m down with that, of course.

      The criminal law should reflect concepts related to outlawry. A criminal’s previous convictions for burglary or felony assault, for example, should constitute an affirmative defense against any charge that the citizen killed or wounded the criminal. As it is now, the balance is hugely in favor of the criminal and even a cool-headed homeowner or motorist with a gun needs to have psychic power to predict the reaction of a prosecutor to an act that both intimidates other criminals and rids us of ones in the vicinity. Similarly, he or she needs to be able to divine the intentions of a group of “youth” approaching on the sidewalk.

      Guess right, now! Or your life might be forever changed.

      Similarly, we respect the “curtilage” for purposes of the search and seizure law. That’s the area immediately around one’s home which is to be treated as if it were one’s home, hence, entitled to greater protection from state intrusion. The space around one’s person could be treated the same way so that, with advance warning, those who afterwards advance upon a citizen on the street would not have a civil claim and the citizen would have no criminal liability.

      We also need to think of innovations in treatment of prisoners. Joe Arpaio’s boloney sandwich/tent living regimen has all kinds of possibilities. Incarceration need not entail the crushing expense that it does now for the taxpayer.

      Brighter lights (outside the existing law schools) could think of other innovations.

      • The reason that moderns’ concept of treason registers low on the ladder of concerns is that through public school indoctrination and media propaganda (movies, news, etc.) they have been taught to — at the very least– feel guilty about their homeland’s history, or worse, to despise it.
        Additionally, what treason can there be when equality and multiculturalism are drummed into their heads day in and day out? Other countries, cultures, and civilizations, and their ways are to be PREFERRED! So, what is treason? Treason becomes a virtue, because treason deals a death blow to the hated civilization from which you were birthed.
        It’s all very Marxist and subversive, isn’t it?
        Hate your own so that you will disavow your very essence and welcome the “other.”

        • It’s a monstrous inversion. You’re exactly right.

          In the U.S. the border is wide open and citizenship is a worthless commodity. Illegals can’t yet get a passport but they are beginning to get other documents that are, in effect, a limitless visa.

          Voting by foreigners is officially prescribed proscribed it’s allowed de facto behind the smokescreen of “black voter suppression” that billows when ballot integrity measures are undertaken.

          This sickness, this loathing of one’s own kind, can only be corrected by catastrophe.

    • Alas, a” simple loyalty oath and a contract to be peaceful,” does not suffice for muslims, who have taqiyya, authorized deception. The Times Square would-be mass murderer, Faisal Shahzad, was a naturalized American citizen. The judge reminded him that he had sworn the Oath of Alllegiance. He said:
      “I sweared, but I did not mean it”.
      Remember also U.S. citizen Samir Khan:
      “’I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be one.”
      Islam is incompatible with democracy.

  18. The recent Jihadi atrocity in Paris in which Charlie Hebdos staff were murdered in cold blood demonstrates very clearly that Europe, whether it likes to admit it or not, is about to enter a period of protracted violent conflict which will probably progress into civil war. The coming conflict may see the emerging and increasingly confident forces of Islam, aligned with the traitorous forces of the extreme left, pitted against a weak and traitorous liberal elite which would undoubtedly cravenly submit to the Sharia imposing barbarians that are now well established ‘fifth columnists’ throughout all of Europe. The collapse of European civilisation may now be only a few short decades away and the future that European children may inherit would be unlike that of previous generations. If there is any consolation here it is only in the fact the traitorous people responsible for all this will be the first to lose their heads and I for one will take great delight in this.

    Drastic situations often require drastic measures and unless we act soon it will be too late to save Europe from its impending Islamisation.. It is, therefore, imperative that all Muslim immigration is stopped immediately; no more Muslims in Europe! Continued Muslim immigration means an increasingly rapid Muslim demographic and with their higher birth-rates the continued rapid pace of Islamisation will continue. This will inevitably create more Muslim ghettos and increasing levels of segregation. Within these segregated ghettos aspects of Sharia law will be implemented and increasing numbers of young Muslims will become radicalised. Perceptions of grievance and a growing hostility against the host society will lead to more violent attacks against the native populations of Europe. The Jihadis are confident that they will capture Europe and impose Sharia on its populations; they know the political classes of Europe are weak and ready to bow to Allah; we must not, therefore, allow their numbers to increase through further immigration. The ultimate priority is the safety and security of our people; nothing else matters.

    Preventing further Muslim immigration however is not enough; significant numbers of Muslims should be repatriated to their ancestral homelands as their birth-rates are, in themselves, sufficient to increase the Muslim population to dangerous levels which threaten the peace and security of the native populations of Europe. These Muslims must also be repatriated because Islam is incompatible with Western Civilisation; Islam is culturally incompatible with the cultures of Europe and represents a blot on our European cultural landscape.

    A process of de-Islamisation in Europe must coincide with mass repatriation. All Mosque construction must be halted and all funding of Islamic cultural centres stopped. No tax payer’s money must be spent on any Islamic organisations as this is a form of Jyzia and our people are not Dhimmis. Muslims must not hold any positions of authority in any European governments and certainly not in any security related departments; these positions should only be for European people. All politically correct organisations that promote Islam must have their funding stopped. All halal slaughter must cease immediately and under no circumstances must our children be fed halal in schools. We are not barbarians! The teaching of Islam in our schools must cease immediately. Our children and young people must not be subjected to Cultural Marxist indoctrination about Islam; it is not a religion of peace it is a vile death cult with a long and bloody history. We must not allow our children to be lied to. The process of mass repatriation along with the de-Islamisation of Europe is the only way to preserve European civilisation and prevent white genocide.

    Once the Muslim problem has been solved we must then turn our attention to the ‘liberal elites’ who have imposed this multicultural nightmare on our people; we know who they are and they will be held to account. The imposition of multiculturalism and mass immigration is nothing but a heinous crime against the peoples and civilisations of Europe. The policy of race replacement is genocide against the peoples of Europe and genocide is a crime that must receive the harshest of punishments. The Cultural Marxists in the higher institutions of education must be crushed and replaced by patriotic historians and academics that will not use their ‘Ivory Tower’ existence to demoralise our young people by telling them that their race is bad and responsible for historic crimes that they must feel guilty for. Our people need to regain a sense of European and national pride; need to feel proud of their history and heritage and have strong patriotic feelings again. Once the enemies of European civilisation have been defeated we must ensure that the vile self-loathing reptiles of the Left never have the opportunity to spread the cancer of Cultural Marxism again.

      • Very straight into the heart of the current situation we find ourselves in. The only thing I would disagree with in regards to all you’ve stated here, is that the Muslim problem must be solved before turning on the “liberal elites”. I don’t believe, and this is just my opinion, that we can have any hope to take on the Muslim problem, until we first crush the Traitor Class and give them the choice of being with us in the final push to defend freedom and civility…or we turn on them first as the real “enemy within”. Islam is right up in our faces with their intentions. As they have been for 1400 years. It’s the “progressives” that walk among us that have the good fortune to have been born in a free country, yet choose for whatever unfathomable reason,to sympathize with the scum of the earth…they are world enemy number one. They cannot be reasoned with. Even though some of them, sadly, are friends and family members, we will eventually have to let them play out their twisted fantasy…and please God let this not happen…take them out the same as the enemy.

    • Your comment is in alignment with the ideas of one of our astute correspondents, El Ingles. For that matter they’re all astute, but El Ingles wrote carefully and fearlessly for Gates of Vienna a few years back on this subject; his themes revolved around a deep concern for Europe’s future. In particular his essays, “Surrender, Genocide, or What”
      became the source of much consternation among some of our now-former conservative co-conspirators. These fair weather friends fairly freaked over El Ingles’ fortune-telling forays into the future for Europe should the EU fail to find** alternatives to its suicidal immigration policies.

      You don’t say so explicitly, but I presume your comment is descriptive rather than normative. However I fear your words are written in vain; our culture is now so depraved and dumbed down by the incursions of p.c/m.c. viruses (Merci, Marx) to the point that nightmare thinking now goes on outside the confines of sleep. Terrified people can no longer differentiate between descriptive and normative speech. For them the faculty of Reason has been so occluded by chronic fear that to describe a possible horror is to recommend it, to push for it as the only behavior possible from among many choices.

      This all-too-prevalent intellectual disability* displayed by our former friends is a principal reason for Gates of Vienna being considered ‘edgy’ – to put it kindly. More bluntly, we are often thought of as fatally contaminated untouchables because we allow a range of opinion here. Not even a particularly wide range, but enough so that liberals think we are racist demagogues – a compliment considering the source of that ruling, me thinks. More troubling are the “conservatives” who dismiss us as intolerably lax when it comes to the sin of contamination by association with questionable people. These putative Right Wingers have thoroughly bought into the Leftist proposition that one can lose standing and credibility if one associates with whomever they deign beyond the pale. Thus the shocking treatment of John “Pop Culture is Filth” Derbyshire. Conservatives can indeed hit below the belt with the best of the Left.

      Why is that bad? Because conservative talking heads claim to possess a higher standard of behavior for themselves than reality demonstrates. Their treatment of Mr. Derbyshire is just one of their many shabby hypocrisies. They have proved beyond dispute that all will march together; any deviation is a betrayal and will be punished by the usual schoolyard methods: shoving, shunning, shaming and blaming – just as Hillary Clinton demanded the Left behave. Which makes the Right in this country merely a twin of the Left but with nicer slogans.

      Their particularly brutal treatment of Diana West finally and publicly laid bare the rotted-out foundation of modern “Conservatism”. Her mentors warned her that any attempt to dismantle the received wisdom regarding FDR-and-his-cronies before during and after World War II would not be welcomed by her erstwhile colleagues. But not even those mentors could not have predicted the depth of American conservatism’s capitulation to soviet-style thinking as demonstrated in their attempted evisceration of Diana West for daring to think outside their designated boxes.

      Europe is economically and spiritually bankrupt, living on fumes. America is not far behind.

      [*Okay, okay, I’ll be forthright: “intellectual disability” is more accurately termed fearful ignorance. As in, “run from what you don’t understand”. I blame government schools, including the private ones.]
      [**I couldn’t resist the alliteration; words fell into place like dominoes]

    • I agree with what you say and we are going to see a increase of attacks against European and Jewish interests by Muslims.

      Think about it, France just had a massive march that was
      “about nothing” as Robert Spencer put it. No talk of shutting down of Jihadists or expelling them, no nothing, just emptiness. The Jihadis are going to see this as a victory, that the French elite are scared of them(they are) and clueless. And will start making plans for more attacks in the coming months, since the French authorities are clearly more angry at Le Pen than the Jihadis.

      • European press reports that Frau Merkel is to march this week with German Mussulmans in an “anti-PEGIDA” demonstration in support of freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom this and freedom that. How is it possible to be a Doctor in Chemistry, daughter of a pastor, victim of Communism, and be that venal and stupid at the same time?

        • Evidently it is. To the fifth column it sends a clear message. Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting. What will it be like WWI or WW2 or something completely new?

          • Both World Wars included clearly defined ‘enemies’ this next Global War will not have clearly defined enemies, at least by world war standards of the past, unless you wish to include Russia and China as aggressors as according to the collective controlled MSM and the Traitor Class, most of the fighting will be done in your own country by those who KNOW who their real enemy is.

        • A good question. I really do not know. Her pedigree is however marred by the fact that her Pastor father voluntarily migrated to the GDR and thus sacrificed his children’s freedom to be raised instead under a horrible regime. Congenital mental defect?

      • >> a massive march that was “about nothing” as Robert Spencer put it <<

        Much like the Washington, D.C. rallies of Glenn Beck, though God bless him for doing many other great things.

  19. Garet Garrett in The Revolution Was, his book about the coming of the the New Deal and the immense revolution that it effected, observed:

    “To the revolutionary mind the American vista must have been almost as incredible as Genghis Khan’s first view of China — so rich, so soft, so unaware.

    No politically adult people could ever have been so little conscious of revolution. There was here no revolutionary tradition, as in Europe, but in place of it the strongest tradition of subject government that had ever been evolved — that is, government subject to the will of the people, not its people but the people. Why should anyone fear government?”

    He also observed:

    “But the revolutionary historian will go much further. Writing at some distance in time he will be much less impressed by the fact that it (what FDR referred to as “this tremendous readjustment of our national life”) was peacefully accomplished than by the marvelous technique of bringing it to pass not only within the form but within the word, so that people were all the while fixed in the delusion that they were talking about the same things because they were using the same words. Opposite and violently hostile ideas were represented by the same word signs. This was the American people’s first experience with dialectic according to Marx and Lenin.

    “Until it was too late, few understood one like Julius C. Smith, of the American Bar Association, saying,

    ‘Is there any labor leader, any businessman, any lawyer or any other citizen of America so blind that he cannot see that this country is drifting at an accelerated pace into administrative absolutism similar to that which prevailed in the governments of antiquity, the governments of the Middle Ages, and in the great totalitarian governments of today? Make no mistake about it. Even as Mussolini and Hitler rose to absolute power under the forms of law … so may administrative absolutism be fastened upon this country within the Constitution and within the forms of law.'”

    To which one can only respond, “Some ‘readjustment!'”

    Even the presence of a revolutionary tradition in Europe did not do much to alert Europeans, however, as the totalitarian E.U. has effortlessly taken hold under the guise of taming “nationalism” when the hideous curse of 20th-century Europe had been not nationalism but totalitarian governments, which is to say ultra-left governments. It has to be one of the great historical ironies that Angela Merkel, a former official of the Stalinist GDR, now sports “democratic” principles and warns Germans of nefarious populists and those who want to divide society. Importing millions of glaringly incompatible Muslims to German would seem to the casual observer to have some slight potential for “dividing society” but, no, it is “populists” who are the dagger poised over the heart of domestic tranquility. Populists! Ever the enemies of civil society. Scum, scum, scum.

    It’s exactly what Mr. Seiyo has described. Within the outward forms of Western representative government there has sprung to life a totalitarian reality where one of the bedrock principles of liberty – freedom of speech – is criminalized and brave men and women able to see and willing to speak the most childishly obvious truths about the irreconcilable incompatibility between Islam and Christian civilization are prosecuted with the full force of the state. Patriots are hounded and financially crippled by patently dishonest officials whose purpose is to cripple them financially and even deprive them of their reputations, livelihoods and their liberties.

    Treasonous Western officials speak of decency and imply that all dissent is from the harmonious and inevitable “glop society” formed by mixing a useless people with a desert bandit mentality with people who produced the wonders of Western society. The idea is that mixing grass clippings and Kobe beefsteak will result in a kind of ambrosia, a mixture satisfying to all. I’m being very civil here. Officials speak of decency but inflict the grossest indecency on their own people. Those who complain of grass clippings in their food are stigmatized and, in some cases, attacked by their own.

    Who is tearing apart whose society?

    Seiyo posits a familiar congeries of possible causes, all of which do serve to achieve the deplorable results we see all about us. Each separate cause aids and abets the overall result but still the question is, Why can the adherents of each one not willingly and knowingly stop short of fouling their own nest?

    One thought that occurs to me is that in the modern West adrift there is no longer any customary or common sense check on even the most absurd thoughts. Western thinking is simply unmoored. There is no idea that is too absurd to sprout, take root, and flower into a magnificent tree.

    Admit primitives into civilized society? Celebrate intestinal intercourse? Develop 57 terms to describe some angstrom shift in sexual “identity”? Abort such large numbers of babies that your nation goes into demographic decline? Spend trillions of dollars that the state can get only by borrowing from foreigners? Denigrate the warrior? Teach anti-gun hysteria? Subsidize bastardy, criminality, and black rejectionism? Turn the MSM into a sewer of lies and hostility to the ancestors? Do away with national borders and cheapen citizenship by putting passports in cereal boxes? Surgically implant ball bearings under the skin of your forehead? Tattoo your body like a primitive? Encourage women to treat men, marriage, and family as impediments to their autonomy and career? Worship judges who debase the Constitution? Strive to ensure that the citizen has no defense against crime?

    Why, but of course. That and three bags full. Carry on.

    The reality is that no idea that materializes in any idiot’s head encounters any obstacle to its growth and survival. Literally almost anything is permissible and neither the state nor society at large represents any kind of a moderating force. The state even labors to increase the Muslim presence in the West, so far is it from exercising any kind of a moderating or limiting influence when pathological ideas occur.

    The ubiquity of this “anything is permissible” mindset is what makes the counter jihad (and other traditional self-defense efforts) so like an exercise in punching a giant pillow.

    Seiyo reels at the absurdity of the modern state. Along those lines there is this passage from John T. Flynn’s The Lattimore Story. The full story of the most incredible conspiracy of our time (1953), p. i:

    “Asked to tell why he wrote this book, John T . Flynn replied : ‘As the weird story of Owen Lattimore unfolded itself in official documents and sworn testimony, I noted that it had one flaw. It was unbelievable. In a Dumas novel of intrigue at the court of Louis XV, it might be accepted. But in America – the America of the 1950s – it seemed fantastically out of place and utterly incredible. Much has been written about it, but now all the evidence is available. Few have the time or means of sifting the immense folios of testimony and incriminating documents, which were dramatically unearthed in an old barn, as might be done in a screen thriller.

    ‘I have therefore tried to fit together in this small volume all the characters, episodes, intrigues and confessions buried in 14 large volumes of testimony and documents, out of which emerges the curious story of a conspiracy involving over four dozen writers, journalists, educators and high-ranking government officials – almost all Americans – to force the American State Department to betray China and Korea into the hands of the Communists. Unbelievable as this strange enterprise may seem, the proofs are now all here – not assumptions and suspicions and tortured deductions, but proofs. That is why I have written this book.'”

    Similarly, what we are witnessing now is simply unbelievable. No possible exercise of rational thought is sufficient to explain why Americans, in particular, have been willing to countenance the absolute evisceration of our magnificent Constitution, the substitution of an idiotic socialist, crony capitalist, bankster economy for our free markets, the infiltration of our institutions by vile communists behind a phalanx of cartoonish lies, and now the arrival in massive numbers of third-worlders and Muslim primitives for no rational purpose.

    The scented-hanky brigades of the United States to a tattooed, moisturized, and earringed person faint dead away at the notion that blacks were once relegated to drinking from separate water fountains but become positively giddy at letting in masses of Muslims who, when they inevitably become the majority in this land, will require them to step off the sidewalk when a Muslim man approaches. Now that’s special kind of irony.

    Flynn didn’t have a clue about the meaning of “unbelievable.”

        • Col Bunny, I’ll confine myself to one criticism: connecting abortion, a decision made (not always lightly or for bad reasons) by individuals, with a desire to further the demographic decline of the West, is ludicrous.

          • Mark —

            Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of modern feminism, publicly advocated birth control as a means to reduce the population of negroes, the feeble-minded, and other “unfit” types of people. Abortion was illegal at the time, so I doubt she advocated it publicly for those purposes, but I’m sure she would have if it had been legal.

            She was an unabashed eugenicist, as were many others in those days. She admired Hitler for his eugenic policies.

          • But it follows then that some decisions to abort are taken lightly or for bad reasons.

            Be that as it may, my language was, “Abort such large numbers of babies that your nation goes into demographic decline?”

            I did not state or imply that individual decisions to abort are taken with the purpose of effecting Western demographic decline. My point is that the cumulative effect of millions of individual abortion decisions is contributing to that decline which, in the context of the absurd reality of having a fast-breeding, hostile, unassimilable Muslim population here and everywhere, should be of grave concern.

            But isn’t.

          • Au contraire. Abortion is a method of birth control now. You need to talk to some young women who are at five and counting.

  20. @Matthew Roberts
    If we start doing all the right things as nicely itemized by Matthew above–how can we not agree?–we have to realize that this will begin civil wars and probably larger. The right medicine is aggresive and it has to be. This evokes more Islamic pushback. This stimulates more corrective measures from us, and vice versa, et al, back and forth. We thus act within a playing field bordered by metaphorical mirrors at each goal post. Delicate measured restraint of this anger is not possible on either side (with imperfect animals like us that make mistakes.) And this reverberating energy finally bursts forth as a war. See pre-WWII Japan and its petroleum problems with the US in the ’30’s.

    We need to be shrewd. We need different leadership.

  21. absolutely fantastic mental excercise here tonite.
    dymphna certainly has written powerfully ..
    love all of t.s. writings. they have an imagery rhythm
    that is a dynamic. always my pleasure to
    read the articles & the comments here at GoV ..

  22. According to his own website, Larry Pickering, retired journalist (in his case a real one) and cartoonist who came out of his retirement recently due to what is going on in the world and has been critical of Islam ever since, was informed last night by one of our security agencies that he has been placed on ‘protective surveillance’.

    Je suis Charlie? No not him!

  23. Wasn’t aware

    “I had to meet islam in order to
    measure the dangerwhich is threatening French thinking today. (One can but) state to what extent France is about to become muslim.”

    Claude Levi-Strauss (1908 -2009)
    French philosopher

    “Submission” (2015), by Michel Houellebecq, talks about the same problem, indicating a fully converted France by 2022, with a muslim president.
    “Soumission”, original title, was published on the same day as the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris.

  24. Is it true that the March on France ended in front of a Mosque? Why not in front of Notre Dame? The French are really willing to die (by killing their identity as Christians)

    • In a sense the Western elites are so steeped in political correctness, that it would be more of a surprise if it didn’t end in front of a mosque or one wasn’t passed en route. I don’t know the answer to your question, as to whether it did or not though.

  25. The muscitizens and their eudumped offspring may well be having a really good laugh at all the shenanigans in reponse to their latest atrocities. Obama of the Muslim dreams absence leaves no doubt about the veracity of his statements on Islam and Muslims.

  26. The real test of whether “Je suis Charlie” will be the future behaviour of the authorities.

    In the UK, for example, I would expect to see no future action against Paul Weston, or anyone else, for publicly pointing out the threatening passages in the Qu’ran, nor prosecutions of those who publicly deface copies, childish as that is.

      • Because it’s attacking a symbol rather than engaging with its followers and, especially, their PC enablers. It enrages people to no purpose, reinforcing their self-image as victims.

        • The Qu’ran is not just a symbol. It is the word of Allah through his prophet Mohammed, peace not be upon him, and has everything to do with how the Muslim lives day by day. One does not need to damage a Qu’ran to enrage its believers – surely you are aware of that aspect to Islam?

          You cannot ‘engage’ with those who follow to the letter the Qu’ran because the Muslim true believer is not open to any dialogue that would set him apart from his course of trying to convert you, or at least have you on the back foot so that he can use kitman and taqiyya to convince you of his ‘peaceful’ purpose. And you can’t use logic against fanatics whose very existence is to convert, kill or subjugate you to dhimmi status as required by their book.

          You seem to believe that the self-identified Muslim thinks and behaves as you do – that would be a mistake on your part.

  27. That was a pretty powerful article – it feels like he nailed it in a lot of ways.

    One thing that’s missing (seems like it’s always missing…) is the answer to the question that I always have, which is why? Why do the “ruling elite”, the “Corporatist-Socialist-Feminist Multiculti Oligarchy” so strongly support mass Muslim immigration, and so strongly deny it’s deleterious effects? The “ruling elite” and the “Corporatist Oligarchy” have always been ruthlessly pragmatic in pursuing goals of self interest. How does a pro-Muslim agenda further their goals?

    As to the Feminist part of “Corporatist-Socialist-Feminist Multiculti Oligarchy”, it makes no sense. There is no equal pay, no ERA, no NOW, no women’s rights, and an ever-shrinking right for woman to even control their own bodies. The “ruling elite” is antithetical to feminism. And with regard to “Corporatist-Socialist”, it’s a complete oxymoron. If our corporate masters are antithetical to feminism, it pales in comparison to their rabidly fanatical opposition to Socialism. It’s utterly absurd! Things like this make me question the rationality of the writer and the validity of his arguments, despite the evident truth of much of them.

    • “Corporatist” is an ambiguous concept to me but seems accurately to convey the idea that large corporations, esp. those that operate in the global economy (100%?), have floated free of the nations of their origin and no longer have any attachment to or allegiance to the people of those nations.

      You seem to think that corporatists have some kind of hostility to socialism. More accurately, they are strongly in favor of heavy regulation of their competition, legislation that benefits themselves, and anything that vaguely resembles crony capitalism or state capitalism. Corporatists exhibit no allegiance to free markets with untrammeled competition. They love and benefit from state controls and they contribute generously to politicians who maintain and expand them.

      Can you not disagree with a writer without questioning his rationality? How is it so obvious that your view of the meaning of “Corporatist-Socialist” is the correct one?

    • Your first paragraph has a ready reply, for it was already in the article:

      “The French and other European ruling elites lie to their state serfs and repress dissent to save their own sinecures, their perverted schemes. They wish to evade accountability for the greatest malfeasance ever inflicted on a people since Stalin and Hitler, to kick the time bomb downstreet so that it explode not in their own times.”

      In other words, they pile on, multiply their malfeasance, including a continuous importation of Muslims, in an attempt to overwhelm and subdue the people. The people include the current active opposition, which is relatively small, and the future one, which will be enormous. But even “enormous” opposition will be moot in Europe when feral Muslims are 20% of the population of long-emasculated Europeans, or when “minorities” are more than 50% of the American population as soon as 2022. Hence this is a race for time, an undeclared war waged by the postmodern upper class against the lower classes that are too dumb, somnolent, brainwashed and decadent to realize that they have such a foe…

      An alternative would have been to come to a dead stop, survey the scene now, apologize to the people for the horrific malpractice perpetrated against them for 50 years, and commence an immediate reversal of all those policies and of the entire mindset too. That’s not going to happen; hence the title, “Oppression instead of Admission.” I’ll elaborate more in Part 2, unless the vagaries of life of a samizdat writer intervene…

      As to your second paragraph, alas I cannot answer, as it wouldt ake to omuch space and time. But its obviously clear if you remember that feminists are invariably progressive socialists as well…

      • “feminists are invariably progressive socialists as well”?!

        Excuse me, but that is factually incorrect. Even if you had been unaware of the Association of Libertarian Feminists (http://www.alf.org/about.php), one of whose principles is that “government is women’s enemy,” there are many of us who believe that women are deserving of full rights under the law, not sex-based protectionism.

        Thank you.

        • And thank you. It’s important to show exceptions to stereotypes, and its incumbent on those who conceptualize the stereotypes, to take such under consideration. Still, I have some points to make:

          1. In any Gaussian distribution, quoting the Sigma +3 outlier does not invalidate what may be said about the mean and the majority.

          2. I was already aware that exceptions to the stereotype exist, having had a close, long and memorable relationship with a feminist who was also a far-right maven from Texas, where they mint them. Nevertheless, I had to deploy a generalization without refinement, only because this is not an article about feminism and it’s simply not possible to get into the finer points of tangential subjects.

          3. Stereotypes, if tweaked by men (and women) of knowledge and no psychotic bias, are correct, and our running away from them — uniquely among all cultures, is a lead-heavy hobble that prevents us from any chance of a quick and correct apprehension of Reality.

          • Perhaps a slight change in your original phrasing, e.g., “the vast majority of feminists are…” or “all too many feminists are…” would simultaneously paint with a broad brush *and* give support to those of us who are not lovers of Big Gov.

            Stereotypes can be useful when writing to limits (e.g., “you have 10 minutes to write X” or “you may write no more than 250 words on X”), but when analyzing a situation and implicitly calling on readers for support, please don’t fence out those of us who would likely be supporters of many of your recommendations.


          • Reply to Cynthia 3:27

            You are completely misreading my writing. First, I am not appealing to readers for support. I am offering them insight that they may use, if they so wish, to help themselves.

            Second, my line about feminists was not in the article, over which I pored for a long time, weighing every word, but in a quickly scribbled comment.

            Three, if you are hung up on your identity as a woman or as a feminist, I don’t care for your support anyway. The identity disease is the very essence of the virus with which Cultural Marxism has infected us. Ditto “conservative” homosexuals for whom their sexual identity is an obsession way ahead of their concerns for their people, culture or civilization, Blacks who are black first, Americans second, Jews with their “Jewish values” in precedence over American values, and so on.

            The blogger Chris Hernandez recently posted something that syncs perfectly with this theme; I’ll tweak it slightly [in square brackets]:

            “If your psyche is so fragile you fall apart when someone inadvertently reminds you of “trauma”[or “insults” your core identity concept], especially if that trauma [or core identity concept] consisted of you overreacting to a self-interpreted racial [or gender] slur, you need therapy. You belong on a psychiatrist’s couch, not in college [or a public forum] dictating what the rest of society can’t do, say or think. Get your own head right before you start trying to run other people’s lives [or redact their expressions]. If you expect everyone around you to cater to your neurosis, forever, you’re what I’d call a “failure at life”. And you’re doomed to perpetual disappointment.”

  28. “The Muslim mind is rusty. It has done nothing the last thousand years.”
    Gamal Al Banna (90)

    “A thousand years ago the innovation ended.
    What does it mean? It means that you act without thinking.
    Muslims have become like monkeys, only imitating others.
    I once said: Thank God, we are walking on two legs! We could have crawled on all fours…”

    This is The Project
    “Europe will be a muslim continent. They are quite convinced about this.”
    “Within 40-50 years the European countries will be islamic.”

    “It is an act of war against all European countries”

    Excellent documentary
    on the Muslim Brotherhood, well worth re-watching. It could as well have been made today. It visits Paris, Voltaire’s city, as well as Cairo, and Yemen.

    One person in this documentary explains the importance of Freedom, and how Freedom of Expression is the Basic freedom for all other freedoms to exist.

  29. Reading the essay and the vast majority of the comments (except, for example, that of “Hell Awaits”), I feel like Sergeant Maj. Joe Roberts (Sean Connery) at the tragically devolved end of The Hill, as he tries, in exasperated vain, to make clear to two of his fellow prisoners that their beating of the sadistic Staff Sgt. Williams (Ian Hendry) is going needlessly too far.

  30. GREAT POST ! An impassioned and convincing polemic.

    I hear the speeches from PEGIDA could do with improvements: with a little tweaking this would be great speech for them.

    Is there anyone who could courier a similar text to the PEGIDA leadership ???

    The speech needs modification for PEGIDA . You cannot talk of black and brown people without being subject to cries of “racism!” and the piece is every bit as powerful without those sections. PEGIDA can’t afford it and I think have to be very careful in what they say. They need to make even the trained multiculturalist population feel they can endorse & join them. Their numbers & moderation (when audited by the press) is crucial to their impact & the success of a popular anti-jihad political project.

    The majority of the population are trained multiculturalists. It is the only religion apart from the Green one taught in schools throughout the west.

    Deprogramming (teaching) needs to start from where the students are !

  31. GREAT POST ! An impassioned and convincing polemic.

    It deserves a wider audience.

    I hear the speeches from PEGIDA could do with improvements: with a little tweaking this would be great speech for them.

    Is there anyone who could courier a similar text to the PEGIDA leadership for their consideration ???

    The speech needs modification for PEGIDA . You cannot talk of black and brown people without being subject to cries of “racism!” and the piece is every bit as powerful without those sections. PEGIDA can’t afford it and I think have to be very careful in what they say. They need to make even the trained multiculturalist population feel they can endorse & join them. Their numbers & moderation (when audited by the press) is crucial to their impact & the success of a popular anti-jihad political project.

    The majority of the population are trained multiculturalists. It is the only religion apart from the Green one taught in schools throughout the west.

    Deprogramming (teaching) needs to start from where the students are !

    • Grace,

      Unfortunately, while the main problem in Europe is Islam and Muslims, if one purports to present an honest analysis of the state of the States, concentrating on Islam would be a lie — for black and brown is the rulers’ weapon of choice against the erstwhile population of America. And all of those: Muslim, black and brown, are merely symptoms of the same disease, infecting all home countries of the Euro peoples, including the US, Canada and the Antipodes. Isn’t that something salient and notable?

      It is, moreover, so easy to shut down the “racism”-mongers, at least face-to-face (MSM will not give it space). Two hints were embedded in the article: the first, in the subtitle of Laurent Obertone’s book: “The lie is the truth”; the second, in the phrase, “As though native white Frenchmen have less right to their own territory where their ancestors lived already in the Iron Age, than the Abron or Dyula have to their homelands in West Africa.”

      Diversity is beautiful, as is multiculturalism. That’s why there should be many diverse countries and cultures, like the richnes of earth’s flora and fauna that ought to be preserved. Just what, then, is our ruling oligarchies’ compulsion to eliminate the diversity of the Euro peoples’ countries and cultures, and those alone?

      They do it brazenly by packing black and brown people and Muslims into our countries — all of them of vastly different cultures, values and norms of behavior — and then forestalling our resistance in many ways, one of which is to call such resistance “racism.” It’s evil, pitifully transparent, and we should not let them get away with it just because of those Bolshevik-style word games and other repressive means they employ.

      Moreover, think about it: who bothered to be an Islamophobe in the 50s? Where was there any “hate speech” against Islam or Muslims then, or angry sentiments against Migra in the U.S.? I myself spent considerabkle time in several Middle Eastern, three African and one eastern Asian Muslim country; ditto Mexico and other Latino and African countries. Not a single bad thought crossed my mind in all those experiences.

      Yes, they were very different, thery were not like me at all, I’d not want to be one of them or to live there under any circumstances– but that was their native habitat not mine; it was exciting to witness it and it was not my business to criticize it.

      It’s our ruling elites who opened this Pandora’s box of all time, in which we live now, by importing tens of millions of those people to our countries and continuing to pack them in at feverish pace. This should be spoken of.

      • You say “It is, moreover, so easy to shut down the “racism”-mongers, at least face-to-face (MSM will not give it space). ”

        There’s the rub. The push is for a mass movement where the trained multiculturalist population can feel they can join because it is a critique of behaviour not race/ethnicity. Many reasonable people will not feel they can support the latter – at least at present.

        And the MSM mob will hold aloft such words triumphantly like pieces of your scalp!

        It may be reasonable to defend indigenous rights to country but it is not yet broadly acceptable. It is wonderful to see PEGIDA & the popularity of Geert Wilder’s party.

        It really is one step at a time in present state of social ideology. For PEGIDA in mainstream Europe, if not yourself in a space like this.

        It has to be said that more and more ordinary people are coming to share the views expressed here. It is heartening to me that many of my soft left friends are having to let go of their denial.

        Go well, Takuan Seiyo.

      • Takuan,

        I live in the Antipodes, in our “multicultural” society.
        The population of muslims is relatively low compared to Europe although their behaviour makes them alarming to the non-muslims of all other groups. A recent influx of African men is having a similar impact, but numbers are relatively small.

        In general, non-European immigrants here have been from South-East and Eastern Asia. Buddhists & a few Hindus, not Muslims. There are a literally only a couple of Vietnamese crime enclaves but most of the Asian population spread around the suburbs and live together well with others as neighbours. The second generation has integrated well, been focused on educational and professional achievement. They have contributed and intermarried. Many of us Anglos have thai, vietnamese, chinese, korean or phillipino relatives and friends. Most non-Anglo migrants have clearly come to join us not to rule us and rapidly become patriotic Aussies.

        My local corner shopkeeper, of Thai background has often, in our chats warned me about the danger of Muslims – as if I, as an anglo australian, could take his warning to Australians to our rulers!

        In short, although I don’t support the concept ( a multi-racial-Anglo Australian single culture is my preference) “multiculturalism” has worked well here with the exception of one group of migrants – the same people who cause trouble and disorder everywhere else.

        • Grace, multiculturalism has generally been a failure. One only need to look at who populates the military (90% white) and the police (90% white) to realize that MC and its fascist enforcer, political correctness, that promotes the other cultures above the nation state has the effect of generally alleviating the other cultures in applying their civic duties to; a; defend this country and b; to police it.

          We are in effect a multi-racial country that allows all cultures except the host culture their general run of things and excludes white Australians from the same human rights laws that ‘safeguards’ the other non-Australian cultures.

          As a white Australian, try taking being discriminated against by an employer from another culture to the anti-discrimination board and see how far you get.

          We were once an homogenous nation, but have become a country that is now populated by tribes who have varying patriotic feelings toward the host culture as reflected in the low numbers of participants from those cultures as represented within our military and police.

          Although it certainly has not lessened their numbers in government bureaucracies.

          We are in effect a divided country brought about through ‘diversity’ as the driving component within Multiculturalism – we can argue all day of whether MC is a good thing or a bad thing, but I believe the results of nearly half a century of allowing this country to become ‘diversified’ and that is now tearing us apart is truly self-evident. If Muslims had been required to take an oath of allegiance and Islamic schools and Mosques had been made verboten, many of them would have given away their stupid beliefs and would have become true Aussies.

          We used to use the term, New Australian, for the newly arrived immigrant up until MC/PC was put into place during the late 1970s. That term is now considered to be ‘racist’ why? Because we then demanded that all new comers assimilate into the Host nation which then maintains the homogenous nation’s progress. What was so wrong about that program?

          Look around you and observe how whole suburbs are other countries in miniature that uphold the practises of the old country. Do you believe that really benefits this country’s survival as the Australia we once had?

        • Grace,

          One of the advantages of “racism” — i.e. race realism as expounded by intelligent, informed, psychologically whole people, is that it allows one not only to devalue others, but to praise them as well. For lack of space I’ll iterate here only high-IQ immigrant groups — IQ higher on the average than our own populations’: the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and some clusters of Northern Indians. To trim it further, I’ll discuss only the Chinese, who are a major and ever growing feedline of immigrants to Australia.

          Hard-working, smart, disciplined, law-abiding — there are exceptions, but I can only operate with stereotypes here, and they are true. Is such an immigrant group good for Australia? Before you answer, consider:

          1. The Chinese are among the most ethnocentric people in the world. Not only do they form a separate culture in Australia, but PR China’s relative proximity allows them to maintain relations with people and institutions in that country that may not necessarily be in Australia’s best interest. In the United States, hardly a month goes by without an espionage trial of a Chinese-American who utilized his (and recently, her) privileged access to restricted and often highly secret information in order to share it with someone in China. At a lower level, Chinese in the U.S. are often implicated in schemes to steal restricted tech components like chips or sophisticated dual-use machinery, in order to export them illegally to China for a fat profit.

          2. Even if the preceding point did not exist, the Chinese in Australia increasingly assume commanding positions in Australia’s government, jurisprudence, business, academia etc. They do so mainly because their ability to defer gratification, discipline and ambition are so high that they can out-study, out-work, out-stay most any Australian (or White, generically) to score better in school, university, bar and medical exams, etc. Australia actually experiences a problem opposite to that of the United States: its immigration elevates the level of IQ and achievement in the country, whereas Migra as practiced in the U.S. lowers them. Still, if you close your eyes and think 50 years forward, does it feel good to be a legacy Australian and be ruled by a largely-Chinese elite?

          3. Being non-white, ethnocentric and from a collectivist tradition and current political system, the Chinese support cutural-Marxist, anti-White politicians and are frequently (in the U.S. at least) on the vanguard of anti-White, anti-freedom lawfare, particularly through their over-representation in the legal profession. Is that good for Australia? For you and yours?

          None of this means that such an outstanding “race,” if you will, should be proscribed from immigration to Australia or any other country. But pulling the ostrich head out of the sand entails certain restrictions and qualifications, and a quota, for better protection of the national interest.

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