“This Generation Will Be the One That Conquers Rome”

The following propaganda video was recently released by the Islamic State. YouTube quickly pulled the original, but Vlad saved a copy so that ritamalik could translate it and he could subtitle it. We’ve uploaded the final product to LiveLeak so that it will be more likely to be available for a while. It merits close scrutiny by anyone who wants to understand the Koranic and scriptural basis of the Islamic State.

News of a video about the training camp for ISIS “cubs” made the headlines a couple of days ago, but not many people were able to watch it before it disappeared from the Web. Some countries are in the process of criminalizing the possession of videos produced by the Islamic State, even the non-violent ones (I’m not sure whether any laws have actually been passed). But what better way is there to understand the threat doctrine of the enemy than to view the propaganda he releases to his own people?

Given the times we live in, Vlad has added a warning to the beginning of this video in hopes that it will allow it have a somewhat longer shelf life in the New, Improved Internet Age than if it were simply an unannotated copy of the original.

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I found this video more disturbing than those that depict mass executions, beheadings, snipers, bloody surf, and all the other grisly forms of violence so lovingly chronicled by the Islamic State. This is a celebration of a form of violence that is inflicted on the hearts and minds of children.

Some of these boys are very young, and probably can’t remember much of their life before the Syrian “civil war” began four years ago. If it hadn’t been for the “Arab Spring” and the jihad against Bashar Assad — brought to you courtesy of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and EU Inc. — these kids might have been able to have a more or less normal childhood and grow up to lead more or less normal lives. Normal by Syrian standards, that is: rough, backward, and sometimes brutal, but nowhere near as brutal as the rule of the Islamic State, which has become the new normal in large swaths of Syria and Iraq.

What you’ll notice in this footage is the Koranic basis for violent jihad that these boys are taught and recite into the microphone for the camera. They are repeating standard verses from the Koran and authentic hadith from Bukhari and Muslim. In other words, this is not a version of Islam that has been “twisted” or “perverted” by “violent extremists”. These are the core teachings of the Islamic faith and Islamic law that have been accepted as mainstream in Islam for more than a thousand years.

The sayings and slogans you’ll hear in this video are indistinguishable from those uttered by “moderates” of the Muslim Brotherhood such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Many thanks to ritamalik for the translation and the annotations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

There is an additional aspect to the scenes in this video which may be even more disturbing. This is a sensitive topic, so I’m placing further discussion of it below the jump, for readers who would prefer to skip it.

Certain Islamic countries — notably the Arab states, Persia, and Afghanistan — have a long-standing tradition of culturally-tolerated (and even -approved) pederasty, known as bacha bazi, or dancing boys. Women are secluded and unavailable to large numbers of men, leaving them with no natural sexual outlet. Young well-favored boys are thus kept as catamites by grown men and used in ways which are best left undescribed (see “Islam’s Nancy Boys”, here, here, and here).

Islam accommodated itself to this depraved institution by devising elaborate rules about which practices are haram and which are halal. Which person acts as the “passive” partner, whether the catamite has pubic hair, and so on — factors such as these determine whether an act is perfectly OK with Allah, or whether it is an abomination requiring that the perpetrator be hanged or thrown down from a height.

There’s no reason to think that these mujahideen of the Islamic State have forsaken the bacha bazi culture just because they have returned to the canonical interpretations of their faith. The institution is, after all, sanctioned by Allah, who promises shahids who die killing infidels that they will be waited upon in Paradise by young boys “as fresh as pearls”.

The position of teacher in the Junior Jihadi Academy must be a coveted one indeed, available only to the most senior or well-connected mujahideen of the Islamic State.

Video transcript:

1:26   (Teacher shouts): “Our Path, our path!”… (Junior Jihadis answer): “Jihad, Jihad!!”
1:37   (Teacher shouts): “Takbir!”
1:41   (Junior Jihadis shout): Allahu Akbar! (Allah is greater!)
1:45   (Teacher): “In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful,
1:48   praise belongs to the Lord of the worlds,
1:50   and prayers and peace be to the one who was chosen as a mercy to mankind,
1:54   Muhammad the son of Abdullah, and to his family and followers all.
1:58   Here in “Farouq Institute for little ones (cubs)” you can find children of Ansar (The helpers or allies)
2:02   and Muhajirun (the immigrants) (This is referring to early Islamic history. The Ansar were the Muslims who were natives of Medina and the Muhajirun were the Muslims who migrated from Mecca) from the country of Levant and elsewhere.
2:12   Allah the most exalted has gathered us here to learn This Religion.
2:17   and in this place, with the permission of Allah, the most exalted, we are preparing a generation
2:21   on the basis of The Book (Quran) and the Sunnah (The tradition of the prophet),
2:25   with the permission of Allah, the most exalted.
2:28   We teach them the pillars of The Religion, the most important of which is Tawheed (Islamic unitarian monotheism)
2:34   And also in this place they will study the pinnacle of Islam, which is Jihad in the way of Allah,
2:38   the most exalted.
2:46   This institute consists of sections;
2:52   there is a first level and a second level,
2:56   and praise be to Allah, the vast majority of these have finished the first level,
3:01   the duration of which was about four months.
3:08   And some of them have memorised four parts of The Quran (Quran is divided into 6 parts)
3:13   and some three parts and some most of that.
3:18   And praise belongs to Allah, the most exalted, and the credit is all his!
3:23   Also they will learn the foundations of their Religion, like Tawheed and the meaning of
3:28   ”Wala va Albaraa” (Loyalty and Disavowal),
3:33   and also they learn the doctrine of Jihad,
3:36   such as what are the rulings on homes and what is the command of “guarding” according to Allah,
3:40   most exalted and what is command of “guarding” according to His Messenger (PBUH),
3:45   and what are the different kinds of Jihad, and what are its rules,
3:50   also they will memorise the Hadiths which extol the virtues of Jihad.
3:53   May Allah, most exalted, make them in the days to come face the Kuffar in the front lines,
4:04   and in this place, with the permission of Allah, the most exalted, they will learn the true meaning
4:09   of “Wala wa Albaraa”(Loyalty and Disavowal),
4:13   which is getting closer to their faith by learning to love and hate for the sake of Allah, the most exalted.
4:23   And with the permission of Allah, the most exalted, in a few years or even less than that,
4:28   this generation will reconquer Al Aqsa (Dome of the Rock), with the permission of Allah, the most exalted,
4:34   this generation will be the one that conquers Rome, with the permission of Allah, the most exalted.
4:43   And this generation who will become the foundation of the Islamic State.
4:52   And with the permission of Allah, the most exalted, they will become the instrument
4:56   of the spreading of the Religion of Allah, the most exalted,
4:59   which will fight all the nations of Kufr and apostasy.
5:02   And I ask Allah, the most exalted, to use us, and God forbid, not replace us,
5:07   exalted is He, and your reward from Allah is good! …
5:12   (Teacher): Show us what you have memorised from The Book of Allah!
5:17   (Junior Jihadi): I take refuge to Allah from the accursed Satan!
5:22   In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful!
5:28   (Here he recites Quran 8:1 halfway through): ”They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the bounties [of war]. Say, ‘The [decision concerning] bounties is for Allah and the Messenger. So fear Allah and amend that which is between you and obey Allah and His Messenger, if you should be believers…’“
5:52   (Here the video starts showing the boys performing “ablution” or “Wodu” which is the Islamic ritual washing before the prayer and other “holy” acts.)
6:09   (Now they stand behind their teacher to pray.)
6:40   (Teacher): “Abu Khaled, when a Muslim is takes his enemy in battle what choices does he have and why?”
6:46   (J.J. No. 1): “When a Muslim takes his enemy in battle the commander will give him four choices.
6:52   First amongst them is to kill him, since The most Exalted has said in general to kill the Mushrikun.
6:56   (associators, polytheists)
6:59   And the prophet (PBUH) had killed the male members of Banu Quraizah tribe.
7:04   Then to take him as a slave, or also as it is written in the “Two Sahihs” (the two most respected “Sahih” Hadith collections, Bukhari and Muslim) that: ”Aisha had a slave-girl from the tribe of Bani Tamim, and the Prophet said to ‘Aisha, ‘Manumit her as she is a descendant of Ishmael (the Prophet)’.” (Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 46, Number 719)…
7:15   Or give him away to someone for free, as the prophet (PBUH) bestowed one to Abi Ezzat Al Jamari…
7:19   (the rest is unclear since the video cuts his comments short)
7:24   (Teacher): God rewards you well!
7:26   (Teacher): Abu Abdul Hakim? What is recantation in Islam?
7:30   (J.J. No. 2): Who ever does not repudiate the Shirk (association) of Mushrikun (the associators)
7:35   he is complicit in their Kufr and his religion is Kufr…. (unclear)… And they are considered Kuffar!….
7:40   (J.J. No. 3 is quite unclear…)
8:00   (Teacher): The difference between the “Greater Shirk” and the “Lesser Shirk”?
8:03   (J.J. No. 4): Eh… Eh….The Greater Shirk makes you leave the Religion of Allah, but the Smaller Shirk
8:06   will not make you exit the Religion of Allah!
8:09   (unclear)…
8:12   The Greater Shirk will condemn you to eternal Hell, but with the Smaller Shirk, you will be out after cleansing!
8:18   (unclear)…
8:22   The Greater Shirk will not be forgiven except by repentance, but the Smaller Shirk will be forgiven, Insh’allah.
8:49   The Media Office of the State of Raqqa, the month of Jamadi Al Awla of the year 1436 of Hijra Calendar (February 2015)

16 thoughts on ““This Generation Will Be the One That Conquers Rome”

  1. As a middle age mother, i totally agree with the Baron’s observations & opinions about the ISIS recruiting, training and sexual exploitation of “cubs” & nancy dancing boys. Sickening & dispicable actions. Yet the mainsteam media and Western governments supress the truth of this outrageous Muslim practice, sanctioned by Allah & “The Prophet”.

    Meanwhile it’s reported this week that the first publicized ISIS beheading was done by a Londoner they call Jihad Johnnie.

    Here in America, the lone wolf shootings are typically done by disgruntled, peer bullied and/or mentally deranged young white males of non-specific, religious ideologies. Whereas Islam is a political ideology hiding behind religious teachings & beliefs.

    Gangs are created in similar ways minus religiousity. First generations are usually appreciative of government housing & welfare benefits. Second & subsequent generations become disgruntled and violent because they fail to integrate properly and ill equipped to speak & act in a professional, dignified manner. Who wants to hire someone who speaks ebonics with saggy pants? Or one wearing a black, misogynistic “halloween costume” in the workplace?

    • Well, most of the school yard shootings have so far been carried out by young white males, but as you just neglected to say, by far the most shootings in America today are carried out by young black Americans, and very often in the name of islam.

      • You forget Chicago, St. Louis, L.A., etc. Young black men shoot other young black men on the way to the top of the local drug-dealing hierarchy. These boyz don’t go to Harvard. They only leave the ‘hood in a coffin. More killings in Chicago during U.S. time in Iraq than soldiers were being killed in that sandbox.

        One more issue Obama failed to address or even attempt to ameliorate.

      • Peter35….I live near Oakland, CA …one of the most violent, black populated cities in Anerica. Young men full of testosterone killing each other over gang related turf wars & drugs, not Islam! The menace of Islam is concentrated in Europe & Dearborn Michigan and spreading like a fast growing weed and virus. Europe will be conqurred first, by the womb, unless imigration is halted and/or significantly reduced!

        • it isn’t just immigration which needs to be reduced. Given that 27% of muslims in the UK have sympathy with the Charlie Hebdo killers then we already have a major problem. Those 27% are likely to be mainly those of military age.
          I cannot but conclude that only the measures undertaken by the Spanish in the 15th century will help. All the “initiatives” to stop radicalisation have failed and it is high time that our politicians acknowledged that and acted.

          • That is very alarming that almost one third (27%) of British Muslims sympathize with the Charlie Hebo killers. Psychologists and historians often state that younger people are guided by their emotions. And the ones who make it to middle, older age decide with their minds (logic) if educated.
            Right now, there are peaceful protests from “far right” groups in Europe, numbering up to 25,000 in Dresden who want to preserve their culture, language, and borders (indigenous populations). Revolution whether physical, political, or both is the next logical step to protect Western democracies.

  2. Pretty nauseating, Baron. So is the indoctrination of these young minds; less viscerally violent than the beheadings, but it is another form of child abuse.

    • You wrote that this represents “another form of child abuse.” I ask you, By whose standards? The islamic State is merely acting according to their cultural lights, which all good multiculturalists must regard as the end of the discussion. If you think I’m being too harsh on multiculti cult, then else how would you explain the deafening silence with which the Left, and feminists, are greeting the dramatic rise (albeit from a low base) in the incidence of FGM here in the U.S.? For similar reasons I fully expect them to accept in silence the unconscionable selective abortion of girl babies that certain unnamed religious/ethnic groups are sure to practice, if they don’t already.

      • Well, by our (western) standards, SyB. You seem to want a fight, but I don’t see where we disagree.

        • I don’t see why challenging someone’s opinion should be interpreted as provoking a fight. Like your countryman Sidney Greenstreet once said in the “Maltese Falcon,” I merely seek plain speaking and clear understanding. Some time ago you made a statement that I found positively astonishing. You said that today’s Britain is a better place than post-war Britain. I have no doubt that’s true in a strictly material sense. But if one considers solely the grave threat that Britain’s muslims pose across the board, from one’s personal safety on the street up to the institutions of self-government that have been evolving for over 800 years, I believe that one is forced to conclude that not only is Britain in worse condition today than 65 years ago, but that a Great Britain firmly rooted in the Judeo-Christian and western traditions is dying. By the way, we here in the U.S., while far behind you in our stage of decline, are rapidly catching up under the unrelenting hand of a dictatorial president who evidently seeks nothing less than the destruction of our country.

          • Well Syb, not only in Britain but in the West in general, people are wealthier, longer lived, and have more equal opportunities and freedom to live as they wish than before; such lack of restraint (by our moral “betters” and other busybodies) calls for a responsible attitude, which is not always forthcoming, but the Enlightenment is only 300 years old and we’re still learning how to exercise our new liberties responsibly; hopefully we can use the best parts of the Judeo-Christian moral code as a guide, but only that. If God gave us brains and free will, we should use them to make our own decisions, otherwise we become automatons, like so many Muslims.

  3. Well. I would have killed any Hitler jugend section of the SS with a smile on my face if i would have lived in those days. But that’s me. I am a stone cold killer when it comes to ideological and/or existential struggle. There is no 40-45 shades of grey in my book. Only good or evil.

    And dont you dear pull that stupid Geneva convention on me. looney lefties… I will be the one judging you after i killed these 21th century nazi kids. Not the other way around..looney lefties.

    I think it’s best if we all prepare for some nasty stuff that lays ahead of us.

    Man o man. What madness did these multiculturalists brought upon all of us. These bastards will be so sorry when this all ends.

  4. Just think what a fighting force these boys will make once the testosterone starts flowing and they have many years worth of indoctrinated “grievances” to take revenge for. What is being imposed on them here by Islamic State is cruel and warped – child abuse to a severe degree, for their whole lives are being commandeered into the war service of Allah. Few of them will have the willpower to overcome this “radicalization” as the MSM calls it, no matter how much rehabilitation they go through.

    • The top of this summarized it all..

      “We are in a new phase of a very old war”

      Westerners are no longer familiar with the concept of “war”. They wont recognize war .Even as war is in their faces. Coming to their streets.

      The best thing you can do in a war is convincing the enemy they are not in a war. That’s exactly what our current enemy and their helpers in the West are doing. God only knowes what motivates the helpers in the West.

      In my country- the Netherlands- we once had a party called: the NSB. NSB stood for: National Socialistic movement. After the war the members of that party were trialed. On the basis of: aiding and exposing the country to a foreign and hostile ideology. It’s leaders were sentenced to the death penalty. In those terrible days the NSB only had 8% of the votes.

      In my country there is only one party that resists against that foreign and hostile ideology of our days. The leader of that party is on trial for the second time soon. Their laws..Their trials.. They are the traitors. They are the ones that help a foreign ideology. 80% of my fellow countrymen support parties that favor a foreign and hostile ideology! Hitler could not have dreamed of this kind of support.

      Europe and the vast majority of its populous has gone insane, yet again. Let them be. They are insane ever since somebody said the earth was round.

  5. Actually I’m pretty sure that goat farming is the most highly prized position given that goats are more highly preferred by these people for sexual exploitation.

    Someone should just airdrop 1000s of goats so as to distract them from raping boys and women.

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