Dorks of the Ring

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about a new “ring of peace” scheduled to take place next Saturday in Oslo.

The translator includes this prefatory note:

You have by now no doubt heard about the “Ring of Peace”, the taqiyya stunt that took place last Saturday in front of the Jewish Synagogue in Oslo, where two feathers somehow were able to morph into a dozen chickens. That is, a dozen or so Muslims holding hands in a show of “solidarity “with the Jewish congregation were reported by various media outlets as 1300 Muslims forming a ring around the synagogue.

Well, what do you know? When you thought things could not possibly get any weirder, all of a sudden they do.

After reading this article from NRK (Norwegian State Broadcaster), we now know that another “peace initiative” will go ahead next weekend, this time in front of one of the biggest mosques in the country.

The funny thing is, the mosque in question — Central Jamaat Ahle Sunnat — was in the media headlines just a few years back when, lo and behold, the imam and chairman of said Mosque lambasted the “scheming” Jews for running the media and giving Muslims a bad name, plus of course controlling pretty much everything else that goes on in this world.

So this is the mosque, and these are the views that the organizers of this “peace ring” want to protect against “hatred, vile accusations, and Islamophobia” spread by those nasty Norwegians that keep welcoming them into the country with open arms and bowed heads, and who keep contributing financially for the upkeep and running of their mosques, not to mention substantial and very generous welfare contributions for the mosques’ members.

Maybe we should rename the event and call it “Dorks of the Ring” because the organizers clearly have their heads firmly embedded in Middle Earth.

You know what I think this self-promotion trend by the chic do-gooders, because that’s basically what it is, is really going to take off and pop up all over the world. I’m sure that soon we’ll see members of the Westboro Baptist Church form a peace ring in front of the headquarters of the Gay and Lesbian Swingers society in NYC, and the Alabama branch of the Ku Klux Klan will probably form a peace ring in front of the headquarters of the Black Panthers in San Francisco, in order to generate some much-needed positive PR, and I’m sure the media will write glowing reports about the benign and altruistic nature of their endeavours.

The translated article from NRK:

A Ring of peace around Oslo mosque

A week after a ring of peace was formed in front of the Jewish synagogue in Oslo; another similar event is due to take place in front of one of the mosques in the capital next Saturday afternoon.

So far, more than 300 people have signed up for the event, according to TV2 [Norwegian TV station].

“We are a group of fellow human beings, who on account of the increased fear and polarization in society, are going to highlight that we do not view Muslims as a threat, but rather as an enrichment for Norwegian society,” the organizers write on their official Facebook page.

The event has been given the name “The Solidarity Ring for Muslims” and is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday at 16.30 in front of the mosque, Central Jamaat Ahle Sunnat in Motzfeldtsgate [Motzfeldts Street].

In a Facebook post the organizers; Solveig Staal, Kristian Flem, Johanna Engen and Gitte Michelle write that Muslims are a vulnerable minority in Norway.

“As ethnic Norwegians, we do not accept all the hatred [about Muslims — translator] that is being disseminated in our name. In this time of fear and polarization, we feel that it is more important than ever to stand together in a show of solidarity. We believe in, and we are going to highlight the willingness of humans to live together in peace and to respect each other regardless of religion, ethnicity and identity,” the organizers write.

Last Saturday an estimated 1,300 people showed up and formed a peace ring in front of the Jewish synagogue in Oslo.

11 thoughts on “Dorks of the Ring

    • If western Traitor Class rotten brains were normal they would appreciate Fjorman and respectable people like him. But how could Fjordman be treasured if values – over the last 60 years– have been reversed and turned on their heads? You need normal, not cynical, not bigoted, not abject, not cad, not roguish, not mean, not grovelling, not subservient, not muslim worshiper, not jelly-fish-hearted, mill-blooded, who tyrannizes his own people and kisses jihadi rear, …. that’s the type who appreciates Fjordmans.

      Why it is so difficult to tell and recognize truth in the west and appreciate those who state it?
      Why in “democracies” telling lies is the norm? Why if someone is truthful does not get elected? Why the Opposition Party does not hesitate to fabricate any lie to undermine any act or law enacted by the Ruling Party.? Getting elected is the aim at the expense of the nation’s security.
      How, when a Ruling Party enacts a an anti-Terrorism Law, the Opposition Party shamelessly and without qualms, and with a full mouth says that “enacting this type of Law is Islamophobia. He says that without consequences. He she has authority, too. Just like Lucifer.

      • There are at least, two plausible solutions:
        1. Rational, country-loving, indigenous people vote for non-traitor politicians like Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Paul Weston, and Bobby Jindal (if he is nominated as a Presidential candidate in 2016.

        2. Indigenous people revolt against tyrannical governments. First by peaceful protests (happening now) and then by physical revolution if all other means have failed.

      • Indeed. Lucifer.Let us never forget who Communist Saul Alinsky dedicated his evil book ” Rules for Radicals” to (at the beginning for all to read ) ” to the first rebel…

  1. Maybe march around it 7 times and shout and blow trumpets. Maybe the walls will fall like Jericho’s

  2. One of the organizers tried to file a criminal complaint to the Norwegian police over alleged Israeli murders in Gaza last year. Another organizer applauded the Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei’s call for the destruction of Israel last year writing: “Finally someone who goes in to help!!”. Definitely dorky, but malicious ones at that.

  3. Kind of would remind you of all the rediculous stuff liberals do for World Peace like lighting candles and setting them down rivers,meditating on mountians,eating special diets or just doing funny things

    • Yes and no, Spurwing; such actions are very similar to prayer, which some people I admire and respect claim makes a difference, even if I’m not convinced.

    • And the numerous silly things the left do are always fake and have no meaning.Like ” Je suis Charlie” ? I laughed at that ridiculous spectacle including the marching Angel Merkel. In her New Years speech she had viciously accused PEGIDA as Nazi’s !
      The whole thing was hilarious , people with pens and candles and the whole absurd puppet show. And as I predicted, nothing changed. In fact in France it got worse An Algerian-French artist had to remove her painting from a Paris museum of a woman in high heels on a prayer mat and a film about a Muslim becoming a Christian was cancelled all over France, billboards torn down etc. However, a film about a Christian converting to Islam was allowed. This is Je suis Charlie ? More like Je suis hypocrite .

  4. Like all western countries, Norway too has it’s share of naïve, leftist loonies, in this case almost certainly supporters of Arbeiderpartiet.

    One thing that bothers me is the insistence of several who comment here on GoV of lumping Norway in with Sweden and Denmark as though they are all equally ‘loony left’. Are there still people who are unaware Norwegians alone among the Nordic countries woke up and turfed out the lefties?

    OK, that still leaves Norwegians with the unenviable reputation of being the most anti-Semitic country in Eurabia, something which still baffles me, but politically, at least to me, Norway is streets ahead of it’s neighbours.

  5. Only 300 people signed up for the “ring of peace” around the mosque? There may be hope for Sweden yet.

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