The Slandering of Shahina Siddiqui

Shahina Siddiqui is the founder and Executive Director of the innocuous-sounding Islamic Social
Services Association (ISSA), which is based in Winnipeg. Originally from Pakistan, she is now a well-known Muslim civil-rights activist in Canada.

The following video (an excerpt from a hearing in the Canadian Senate) features an exchange between Senator Lynn Beyak and Shahina Siddiqui. You’ll hear Ms. Siddiqui go into high dudgeon over public assertions that she is associated with terrorists, which she describes as “slander” and “defamation”. However, a quick internet search reveals that she is on the board of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, which was formerly called CAIR-Canada. As we all know, CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Trial, and served as a fundraising arm for Hamas. If that is not “associating with terrorists”, then what is?

Fortunately, Sen. Beyak remained unflappable as she addressed some well-placed remarks to Ms. Siddiqui.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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2 thoughts on “The Slandering of Shahina Siddiqui

  1. Why oh why did that white Leftist* idiot in North Carolina, Hicks (?), have to shoot 3 Muslim students over a dispute over a parking spot outside his and their apartment building?

    Now we’ve got Shahina Siddiqui citing it as an example of how the media is biased against Muslims by not calling Hicks’ actions “atheist terrorism” whilst calling ISIS “Muslim terrorism”.

    Memo to Shahina Siddiqui: Hicks shot those three students as the culmination of a long running dispute over a parking space, that is why it isn’t called “terrorism” by anybody but CAIR opportunistic deceivers like you.

    And she’s the second Muslim I’ve seen invoke Hicks’ actions to stress that terrorism is perpetrated by all groups and thereby seek to obscure or blunt the obvious.

    *On his Facebook page he “likes” the Southern Poverty Law Centre an institution which makes the ACLU seem mildly to the left of centre.

  2. Canadians have always been a generous, welcoming nation to many different cultures. A lot of us find Siddiqui’s accusatory remarks offensive. Which Muslims does she want us to embrace – Shiites, Sunis, Sufis or the 155 offshoot sects and the many brotherhoods and movements associated with these groups? Canadians are confused and it is possible Muslim youths are also confused. Teens of any culture need to belong to a peer group. If Muslim young people are taught that Canadians are infidels and that our culture is evil and are therefore are dissuaded from assimilation, what is left for them but internet propaganda? Siddiqui seems to imply that Canadians are driving youths to jihad by not ’embracing’ them. No. Their families have to allow them to assimilate, wear weird clothes and rebel a bit. They will grow out of this stage like other Canadian kids and become more enlightened Muslims and true Canadian citizens. Blanket inflammatory remarks against Canadians with no suggested solutions will only fuel youth dissatisfaction.

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