Oppression Instead of Admission, Part III

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This is the third essay in a series by Takuan Seiyo. Previously: Part 1, Part 2.


Oppression Instead of Admission
Part III

by Takuan Seiyo

The monster that ate its middle

When Liberal State was young, I thought it was in the image of the mythical serpent Ouroboros, whose head consumes its tail. But as soon as the acceleration of state propaganda, oppression and printing of fiat paper money started, I understood that my analogy was wrong.

Ouroboros is a model of feudal society, or early industrial society in Dickensian hues. The top consumes the bottom. But in the Liberal-Oppressive State, the head and the tail join forces to consume the middle. It’s a two-headed monster: one head at each end. The ancients had that one in their lore too: the Amphisbaena.


The Top Head is composed of the mega-billionaires, CEOs of major corporations, a small pool of “electable” (i.e. liberal) politicians, the mandarins at the top of government’s bureaucracy, labor unions bosses, lawyers and academics. The Tail Head is the failed, lower-IQ minorities, most nonwhite or white and intensely ethnocentric and therefore corrosive “Hispanic” immigrants (e.g. this one) and even their American-born, rich and famous descendants. All that is forever expanded by the Top Head’s obsession with race, immigration, the psychotically truculent identity freaks, and all other feeders at the government’s trough. Included in the latter are about 21 million (civilians alone) government employees — most of them unionized and fighting to perpetuate the racket that feeds them.

If you have to ask who the middle is, you are the amateur sitting to a game of poker with pros and not knowing who the mark is at the table. You are.

“In Greek mythology, the Amphisbaena was a dangerous dragon-like beast that lived in the Libyan desert,” informs Beastpedia. “It fed off ants, human corpses and other prey of opportunity.” Indeed, the Top Head of the Liberal-Oppressive State is doing all it can to consume the ants in the middle, whether directly or in a joint effort with the other dragonhead.

It seems that the elected and appointed functionaries of the Liberal-Oppressive State, the 1% that holds half the global wealth, and their groomed poodles in the media, academe, public education and jurisprudence, convinced themselves that they make a good fit with the Tail Head, including its millions of feral or at least whitey-hating Blacks, well over 1.5 million violent criminals in more than 33,000 gangs — two thirds of them willfully imported immigrants or their children — from Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, China, Vietnam and other countries. And these children look like this, at least in the MS-13 gang, to which an uncountable number of “Dreamers” has been added in the past year thanks to B.H. Obama’s untiring effort to elect himself a new people via open borders (Statistics based on data and extrapolation from 2011 FBI National Gang Threat Assessment). Europe has its own landscape of demographic sabotage and unimaginable, intentional destruction of its human landscape, human capital, culture, and future prospects.

The unofficial logo of Obamerica

The Top Head keeps jabbering in language of high-morality, altruism, do-goodism, “European values,” “America’s shining city on the hill,” democracy, shared sacrifice, justice, peace and “equity” (camouflaged Marxism if ever there was one). This is repeated 24/7 in 500 cable and satellite channels, magazines and webzines and movies and fiction, news, entertainment or talking heads on TV, in schools and universities. Even the United States Navy is now sold to the public as “A global force for good.” But underneath it all, Lenin’s old maxim rules: Kto, Kogo, or “Who, Whom.”

Residents of some of the most energy-consuming manors on Earth fly to Davos on private jets to scheme under megawatt crystal chandeliers how to enforce on the serfs a global wealth redistribution scheme on the pretext of “global warming.” They — putatively “our” side, the U.S. Republican Congressional leadership — drafted a “Border Security” Bill that spends $10 billion, removes the existing border fence, and deports no illegals. Mega-capitalists disclose that the Saul Alinsky acolyte of Libyan Al-Qaeda fame, Hillary Clinton, will see a flow of funds to her presidential campaign described as “astounding, intimidating floodgates.” And the most powerful NeoMarxist organization in the United States, The Center for American Progress, revealed under pressure that its main funders in 2014 were the cream of capitalist America: Wall Street (Goldman, Bank of America, Citi, Blackstone, George Soros foundations), tech (Apple, Google, Microsoft, the Gateses), iconic mega-corporations (Walmart, Time Warner, Visa, Pepsi etc.), foreign interests (Israel, Japan, Nordic Council of Ministers, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates), the three most “progressive”/multiculti saboteur labor federations (one of local government employees AFSCME, and two of teachers: NEA and AFT), plus the usual far-left foundations bearing famous capitalist names: Ford, MacArthur, Sloan, Rockefeller etc.

It’s not in vain that the most powerful American politician, B.H. Obama, was a “community organizer” teaching the subversive methods of the Socialist-Gramscian tactician, Saul Alinsky. The second most powerful, Hillary Clinton, was an adoring Alinsky groupie. The cream of the crop of Europe’s political leaders: from Hollande and Valls in France to Merkel and Cohn-Bendit in Germany, to most any currently serving or retired Swedish or Norwegian prime minister, to the power apex of the European Commission, e.g. Jacques Delors, the architect of Europe’s Liberal-Oppressive State, and more recently José Manuel Barroso and Jean-Claude Juncker — all these people, were, are, Socialists or even camouflaged Communists and Maoists. They have forgotten more about the communist “anything goes” prescriptions for attaining and keeping power than the governed serfs will ever learn.

Symbol of Socialist International: Take this Poisoned Rose, or Else it’s the Mailed Fist

We don’t have the space here to analyze in detail how willful economic destruction of the middle class parallels the demographic one. Or how the cultural destruction does. But let’s just say that if your job was shipped to China or outsourced to a “temporary working visa” Indian, and the value of your savings and retirement pension is plunging because the Top Head has printed so much money to cover the losses of the Top Head (i.e. its banksters), and your health care is both worse and more expensive because the Top Head has poached it for the benefit of the Tail Head, and your taxes have risen for the same reason, and your only daughter has just come home with a large hoop in her nose, a new Afghan boyfriend and, at last, a $10-per-hour job at the local marijuana dispensary, and you can’t find parking for your car anymore because the Top Head’s planners are implementing Agenda 21 through forced “urban density” and drastic decrease of parking space, and Somali “refugee youths” are cavorting in a “hotel” one block away that your Congress mandated so that Chinese mafiosi get their green cards by investing $500,000 each in this EB-5 scam, you don’t have much spirit or energy left to think what else is being done to you and what it all means.

But that’s what it means: the two-headed monster, gobbling the ants, from both sides.

The Full Spectrum is fuller than you think

We saw in Part 1 how Muslim depredations in America have given the Liberal-Oppressive State an excuse to ratchet up to once-imaginable levels its spying on and plain intimidation of its legitimate non-Muslim citizenry. But that’s just a part of a pattern showing an increasing corralling and marking for State-inflicted persecution and gross violence against autochthons who show dissent to the radical remodel plans that their betters have in store for them.

The military is obviously the most lethal oppressive tool that the Liberal-Oppressive State has at its disposal. And increasingly, the military identifies “hate,” “terror” and “civil unrest” in the peaceful, rightful, Constitution-venerating, Christian (in one way or another) owners of the country, and avoids by all means identifying the actual perpetrators: Muslim jihadis, black and other minorities’ gangs and psychotic lone wolves, “Hispanic” narco gangs and so on.

And so we have U.S. Army top general George Casey expressing the bizarre notion that to harm ‘diversity’ would be a greater tragedy than the “Allahu Akbar” murder by U.S. Army major Nidal Hassan — religion, ethnic origin, jihadi background unmentionable — of 13 US soldiers plus the wounding of over 30.

Below, but still high enough, we have a battalion commander at the famed 101 Airborne Division who sent an indoctrination email to his subordinates, identifying American “domestic hate groups” that “do not share our Army Values.” Those include Evangelical Christians, GLBT opponents, New World Order opponents, anti-immigration activists, and resisters to jihad, Islamization and sharia.

This is not an exception, but the rule in Obamerica. The blogger, author, awakened American and former Washington DC attorney, Michael Schneider, has compiled a sourced list of 72 types of Americans (pretty much all but “Progressives”) that are described as “potential terrorists” (here).

You will search in vain for names of the groups from which terror, murder and other gross violent crime actually emanate. The public threat is identified as those who “talk about individual liberties,” “fear gun-confiscation,” are “right-wing extremist,” anti-Muslim, anti-Immigrant, anti-Gay, “concerned about illegal immigration,” libertarians critical of government and taxes, Evangelical Christians and other such.

At Fort Hood, the very site where the second-generation Palestinian Muslim immigrant Nidal Hassan committed his “extremist” indiscretion in 2009, four years later soldiers were being taught that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation that was “tearing the country apart”.

In July 2012, Small Wars Journal published “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future” by Colonel (US Army, ret.) Kevin Benson and (Assoc. Professor of History) Jennifer Weber. Col. Benson has had a distinguished military career, and is currently an instructor at US Army’s University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies. And this is what he instructs:

“In May 2016 an extremist militia motivated by the goals of the “tea party” movement takes over the government of Darlington, South Carolina, occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council, and placing the mayor under house arrest. Activists remove the chief of police and either disarm local police and county sheriff departments or discourage them from interfering. In truth, this is hardly necessary. Many law enforcement officials already are sympathetic to the tea party’s agenda [snip]. The leaders of the group [snip] invoke the Declaration of Independence and argue that the current form of the federal government is not deriving its “just powers from the consent of the governed” but is actually “destructive to these ends.” Therefore, they say, the people can alter or abolish the existing government and replace it with another that, in the words of the Declaration, “shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

It’s a clear identification of the enemy that the U.S. military should prepare to fight: you. You, extremist tea-bagger Islamophobic racist homophobe tax-stingy Christian whitey — and the United States Declaration of Independence.

The rest of the paper is just a list of “Full Spectrum Operations” designed to bring you to heel. If this is different from what the Soviet Army’s role was in its conquered territories behind the Iron Curtain, I’d like to know how.

Propaganda poster of the pre-1980s communist regime in Poland, with a Soviet soldier and a caption stating that he stands on guard of Poland’s peace. The difference between then and Western reality now is that no one believed the commie propaganda.

But that is just the beginning. There are “more than 900,000” cops are in the United States; no one knows for sure. That pertains to the aggregate of 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies, excluding dozes of federal agencies that have their own law enforcement arms. In 2008 there were 120,000 armed federal police, but there are many more now.

Paramilitary storm troops multiply at various government agencies at a dizzying rate under what Cato Institute has called “The Security Pretext”. That includes even innocuous-seeming federal Labor and Education departments, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (i.e. “weather forecasts”).

All that increasingly resembles an occupying army, dressed in fatigues or in SWAT black and armed as though for an assault on Fallujah.

American police have been militarized with combat armaments that were used in the Iraq war. Armored assault vehicles, combat helicopters, grenade launchers, full-auto combat rifles, machine guns and more. And that’s not including exotic law-enforcement-only weapons such as drum-fed automatic shotguns, rifles that shoot around corners, “smart” bullets that track the moving target, drones and blimps as platforms not only for snooping but also for killing, “speech-jammer” guns, acoustic weapons (think Walls of Jericho), “Mobility-denial” projectiles and much more.

All are being purchased with the serf population’s tax dollars — or, by police departments selling the serfs’ confiscated assets — no crime need be proven. This is a major, direct violation of the Due Process clause of the American Constitution — that by now inconvenient piece of parchment that every American policeman is sworn to support, obey and defend. As do the Constitution-mocking President, all members of Congress, and military officers, with slight variations in the wording but no variation in the contempt that the ruling elite have for that founding document.

Even that is not the full measure of it, according to John Whitehead:

“Just as we witnessed neighborhood cops being transformed into soldier cops, we’re about to see them shapeshift once again, this time into robocops, complete with robotic exoskeletons, super-vision contact lenses, computer-linked visors, and mind-reading helmets. Just as military equipment created for the battlefield has been deployed on American soil against American citizens, we’re about to see military technology employed here at home in a manner sure to annihilate what’s left of our privacy and Fourth Amendment rights.”

Whitehead, a constitutional law and human rights lawyer, the founder of the Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, calls what America has become since 2001, ‘Fascism with a Smile.’

And if you think it’s for your security, think again.

Asked why Spokane County’s Sheriff Department needed MRAPs, a sheriff’s deputy answered, “We’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition. They have weapons here locally.” Spokane County’s Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich called the reporting of this by Infowars “hatemongering” and “misleading.”

Now, a MRAP is a 20-ton Mine Resistant Ambush Protected infantry assault vehicle. What has it got to do with Spokane County? That place is 90% White. Only 1.93% of its residents are Blacks — and that’s the most crime and crowd mayhem-prone segment of America’s population. Immigrants number only in the thousands; nearly half are, uncharacteristically, European. The rest are mostly from the high-IQ, law-abiding peoples of East Asia. The number of Muslims — the community from which terrorism and extreme social centrifugalism arise, is negligible. Homicide statistics are accordingly enviable, compared to any other, more “vibrant” area (statement based on author’s analysis of FBI 2012 national crime report).

So why the MRAPs? In an unguarded moment, that which is normally discussed behind closed doors came out: it’s the “constitutionalists.” Which is the same segment that so worried Concord, NH, Police Chief that in August 2013 he demanded an armored vehicle from Homeland Security. And a 2009 Missouri State police training document (reproduced here) presented the small Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties, their supporters and candidates as “extremist groups.”

The original “right wing extremists”

There is no mention of Islam, Koran, Jihad, Muslims, Muslim terrorism, immigration as the feeder of terrorism and foreign espionage — in any of those documents, seminars, verbal utterances, formal speeches, court affidavits or press releases. A particularly thick, soundproof baffle hovers over the Obama/Holder Department of Racial Justice. Instead, what that giant, mailed fist seems to prepare for is what occupying armies, including Hitler’s, liked to call “Pacification Operations” — pacification of a conquered people. After all, how effective can Bushbama’s election of a new electorate be, unless the old one be at least tamped down, hard.

Other than hunting down “Constitutionalists,” all that law enforcement firepower serves, well, to enforce the law. And the more laws we have the more enforcement is necessary, capiche?

No one knows how many laws exist in the United States or what they all are. By April 2014, the US Federal Tax Code alone spread on 73,954 pages. In 2014, the Code of Federal Regulations had reached 165,000 pages (up from 54,00 in 1970). No one knows how many of those regulations entail criminal penalties. Just in the 15 days prior to Christmas, the Obama regime rushed through 1200 new regulations. And 40,000 new state laws took effect in 2014 alone.

Ask how many federal crimes are in the United States Code and you’ll get as many answers as answerers — but the number is close to 5,000. All of which means that anyone may be found in violation of some law or regulation, at any time. How convenient, for the “management” of dissent and as punishment for deviation from NeoMarxist orthodoxy.

Harvey Silverglate, lawyer, civil liberties advocate, and author of Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent” asserts that the Federal Government routinely exploits the vagueness of many laws by identifying targets for judicial oppression and then uses its nearly-unlimited power to selectively charge them with crimes that they don’t even know exist. “The federal criminal justice system has become a crude conviction machine,” he writes in his book, “instead of an engine of truth and justice.”

Of course, once charged, it’s immaterial whether you’ll be found innocent at the end. The punishment — financial ruin — is wrapped in the process, regardless of its outcome.

“Constitution? I’ll show you constitution, you kulak swine.”

The federales’ raid on Gibson Guitar Corp. in August 2011 is a good example of Fascism with a Smile. A platoon of 30 SWAT-like cops from Homeland Security and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [sic] kicked down Gibson’s door, served a sealed warrant that Gibson was not allowed to read then or now, seized and hauled away half-a million-dollars in tropical wood on the pretext — not supported by evidence then or now — that Gibson had broken foreign [sic] law in its import of the wood, and threatened the famed guitar maker with a federal offense and jail term it would incur each time it touched any of the guitars left in the plant.

To this day, no formal charges have been filed, no evidence presented. To regain its lease on business life, Gibson had to pay a $250,000 “settlement,” a $50,000 baksheesh to environmentalist groups, and suffer over $2 million in legal fees and the cost of being shut down for some period after the raid.

It later transpired that the only probable motive for this state mugging was that Gibson’s CEO Henry Juszkiewicz had supported Republican candidates, plus Gibson is in a “right-to work” state, Tennessee, and such freedom, like other freedoms, fills the commissars-in-charge with apoplectic rage. Apposite also are the recent shenanigans of IRS: the agency with unlimited power to destroy lives of those unable to provide a minute paper trail of their income or expenses. IRS “lost” tens of thousand of emails, including 28 months’ worth of its Obama-warrior boss, Lois Lerner, not coincidentally related to its targeted persecution of Tea Party-affiliated organizations.

To drive the spike in really deep, the U.S, justice system, including the U.S. Supreme Court in its recent 8-1 ruling in Heien v. State of North Carolina, gives all that paramilitary “law enforcement” machine a near-license to trample on Constitutional rights, abuse, manhandle and kill, scot free.

In case after case, judges cite “Qualified Immunity” and “Reasonable Mistake” to justify a ninja squad exploding your front door, treating you to a flash-bang grenade, shooting your dogs, shattering your arm and your wife’s jaw, slamming the whole household unto the floor and keeping it there, manacled, until it transpires that they were really after the forbidden thoughts of your “right-wing extremist” neighbor across the street.

Samizdat works to expose those outrages, e.g. here but that reaches a small number of readers; the rest of the low-information, brainwashed citizenry is unable to understand any of it, let alone act effectively.

The people resemble a large column of ants on a suburban kitchen floor, being sprayed with whatever aerosols are at hand. The industrious creatures stagger about in confusion, not quite dead but with their tiny receptors clogged by a directed mist from above: hair spray, deodorant, all purpose ecological cleaner, anything at hand — in this instance “racism,” “bigotry,” “intolerance,” “nativism,” “Islamophobia,” “country of immigrants” (or “European values” in Europe), “homophobia,” “compassion,” “justice,” “equity,” “sustainability,” “global warming” and so on.

Under that vaporous cloud, it’s impossible to look at any American social issue truthfully anymore, including discriminating when lethal or aggressive police tactics are proper, and when they are an evil crying out for justice or thuggery on behalf of a fascist Leviathan.

Hysterical demonstrations erupted at the end of 2014, mostly by Blacks but with a large participation of white Useful Idiots, after two police killings that happened to be of blacks but had nothing to do with racism. “Black Lives Matter,” the demonstrators’ posters read, and the R word spread like an angry plague from coast to coast, though it had nothing to do with reality.

In the first killing, a police officer in Ferguson shot and killed Michael Brown: a 300-pound notorious black criminal offender and hoodlum who assaulted the officer and tried to take away his gun. By any reasonable criterion, the policeman’s actions were provoked and justified.

The second killing — of Eric Garner in New York — also had nothing to do with race. It was a brutal enforcement of a totalitarian law of the corrupt State of New York that is jealously monopolizing the gold mint of taxing tobacco and is willing to send police goons to manhandle a schlemiel who was making a few dollars a day selling single cigarettes to passersby.

Black lives matter, but what about police lives?

But all such fine distinctions are beyond the corralled white sheeple. They stagger in the mist of purposefully-supplied misinformation, false memes, manipulated concepts, faked history, smoke and mirrors. Their ruling nomenklatura, if Democrat, promote the forces of destruction, and, if Republican, support the side that screams the loudest or pays the most.

Meanwhile, the intensely racist, ethnocentric African and Latin American minorities mask their inordinately high contributions to crime, welfare mooching, cultural degeneration and general Third-worldiness by loud accusations of white racism. Muslims follow that successful tactic, executing or aiding and abetting terror from within, and sabotaging via Islam and sharia propagation. If cowing by charges of “Islamophobia” doesn’t work, they use stupid whitey’s “progressive” laws against whitey.

It cannot be overemphasized that all that is happening all across the once-Christian West, with but superficial differences. We focused here on the United States, because a work listing all the depredations of the Liberal-Oppressive State, in every Western country, would be thicker than War and Peace.

As to the differences, it appears, for instance, that the kinetic overhang of violence over the American population is much greater than the one over Europeans and Australians. But that is only because all efforts to disarm Americans have failed, and the efforts to disarm the others succeeded. Besides, I’d like to see figures on how many penalty-carrying laws and regulations have been heaped by the European Commission on top of those that each member state already has on its books. And how many times demonstrators against the Islamization of Europe have been battered and drowned in the spit and din of crazed Antifa janissaries, with police standing by with a smirk.

Manuel Valls’s announcement of “strong new measures to combat the rise of Islamic extremism” — including the spending of €425 million that France doesn’t have, hiring of sixty imams that France needs like the plague, and “creating” 2,800 “jobs” that are a further burden on the exhausted French taxpayer, portends the arrival of a SWAT occupation army for Europe as well.

The final gambit

Every new act of Muslim terrorism or Black crowd criminality, or Hispanic narco-savagery or Chinese immigrant espionage, brings a tightening of the mailed fist choking the Euro-origin majority of Americans, her erstwhile owners. It’s more SWAT, more surveillance, more abolition of privacy and due process, more trampling on the Constitution. And more hiring of Muslims for sensitive security jobs, more pandering to Blacks, more opening of the Mexican border, more hiring of Chinese engineers and scientists in cutting-edge fields, more recruiting of women for police, fire and military combat jobs after the nth time they proved inadequate for such jobs.

State operatives whose direct responsibility is to protect the people against this multifarious avalanche increasingly concentrate on accelerating the avalanche while boosting intimidation and control of the victim population.

Ultimately, one must ask: Why are they doing it?

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For links to his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

65 thoughts on “Oppression Instead of Admission, Part III

  1. According to liberal wanks the U.S. Constitution is a radical document and needs to be rewritten to include animals,illegal aliens,and same sex marrage

  2. Takuan, you have obviously spent much time in researching and putting this great effort together. A BIG WELL DONE from me!

    Have you been able to research how modern fascism, communism, national socialism has been able to come about through financial means, i.e. the wealthy of the world who have conspired to take us all back to serfdom and slavery?

    • Nemesis–

      One of the reasons I like the Acton Institute is that it is founded on principles that recognize, accept and try to work around the inherent flaw in all human beings…that is, we operate on the assumption of scarcity – i.e., “I have to get mine while there is still enough, and MINE is never enough…but you have too much”.

      I wish a Christian economist would do a thesis on the parables in the Gospels that are based on money – i.e., the ways Christ demonstrates His understanding of this “not enough/never enough” aspect of the human condition. We have ‘outgrown’ the wording of the concept of Original Sin but not the reality behind it. We need a newer vocabulary to express timeless truths. Every age does.

      Don’t you think the modern “isms” you delineated all base their philosophy on envy/greed? Many of the wealthy didn’t start out that way but once they get to be King of the Money Hill, it seems as though this fortuitous ability to accumulate wealth is supposed to translate into some kind of wisdom. In real life, great wealth is an obstacle to seeing clearly unless you had 20-20 vision to start with.

      Coincidentally Islam is the most materialistic of the utopian, supremacist world views. In that world view, the more wealth you have the more powerful you are, and this power is simply Allah’s recognition of “virtue”.

      • All so true Dymphna; ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ is one of the most profound adages to be found in the Bible. I watched a program on the Collective’s ABC in which that bastion of lies titled its program; ‘money is the root of all evil’ disregarding the most important aspect of the whole adage in its collective endeavour to sideline a simple truth while exploiting its sabotage for its own ends.

        My inquiry to Takuan was meant to be of a more general expose as to how just a tiny percentage of all the humanity on this planet who hold the most wealth are able to bring about what they have thus so far done.

      • I ran across this quote from Samuel Johnson today in a V.D. Hanson article:

        “With respect to original sin, the inquiry is not necessary, for whatever is the cause of human corruption, men are evidently and confessedly so corrupt, that all the laws of heaven and earth are insufficient to restrain them from crime.”

        It’s in Boswell here.

    • This is off topic, but I believe important enough to warrant a mention.

      There will be a demonstration of civil disobedience on Saturday, Feb 7, at the Washington State House (WA) by Constitutionalists and those opposed to gun control. Many are going willing to be arrested for their participation and will also be carrying firearms. None will be prepared to back down from their peaceful protest.

      Good luck to them all and may God bless!

    • I diferentiate who “they ” are. I call them collectively, The Club of Loons, Crooks and Traitors, plus there is their large indentured servant class. They do it for different ends and by different means, with considerable synergy and cross-pollination. More in Part 4.

  3. According to this article the stage has already been set and the curtain is ready to rise on the last act, which is chronicled in the Book of Revelation. As for the “Christian” church, read the second portion of the Third Chapter of Revelation to hear what Christ really thinks of much of what ‘passes’ for Christianity.
    As for Islam, its doctrine and holy book are based upon at least two, if not three, heretical Christian cults that filled the Middle East from Lebanon to Persia and south to Arabia and even Africa during the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Centuries. The New Testament Gospels were compressed into one publication called the “Diatessaron” and was about as error-filled as could be. (Thanks Dymphna for recommending the book. I read it, all 800 pages of. Quite the eye-opener).
    If the Book of Mormon was a fanciful re-translation of the Bible, then the Qur’an is the Book of Mormon on steroids. What the books and their devotees have in common, along with the rest of the world, is the misconception that you can be good enough on your own strength. That, of course, is patently false, but the powers-that-be have found this myth to be much more useful in their enslavement of the planet’s masses than anything else they have tried.
    However, it all goes back to the Garden of Eden when Satan asked Eve, “Hath God said?” That questioning of God’s Word as spoken then and recorded for us now has been the font of every evil that has beset humanity. Islam says, “Oh people of the Book, say not three!” We Christians don’t, for the Lord our God is One. But according to the Nestorians and Monophysites, God was three. So Mohamet was taught falsely and the doctrinal error is now being visited upon us who believe the Truth.
    All this begs the question as to the entity that is the source, inspiration, and strength behind all this that makes our lives miserable. The source is quite likely the same entity that challenged God to His Word to begin with.
    Batten the hatches me hearties, we be in for a blow!

  4. “Ultimately, one must ask: Why are they doing it?” – TS.

    ‘You’ve been discovering some of the destroyer in yourself, Ender. Well, so have I. Peter didn’t have a monopoly on that, whatever the testers thought. And Peter has some of the builder in him. He isn’t kind, but he doesn’t break every good thing he sees anymore . Once you realize that power will always end up with the sort of people who crave it, I think that there are worse people who could have it than Peter.’

    Card, Orson Scott (2011-09-22). Ender’s Game: Ender Series, book 1 (The Ender Quartet series) (p. 241). Little, Brown Book Group. Kindle Edition.

      • @Jason,

        I appreciate your effort to illuminate us, but you are 100% wrong, and by being so you do great harm to your own, the White people.

        First, you invert cause and effect. Yes, there are some genetic, cultural and even psychological differences between Jews and Gentiles. But it’s the Gentiles who brought Jews to Europe, not vice versa — and in chains at that, after destroying their country (read Philip Johnson’s “History of the Jews” for more).

        Second, once in Europe, from the time of Constantine until 1945 –that’s roughly 1600 years– it’s the Gentiles who persecuted Jews, not vice versa –murderously too, at times approaching genocide.

        Your side is fond of talking about the Jewish Bolsheviks and what they have done to the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. True, they did horrible things. But what you people don’t talk about is what Czarist Russia had done earlier to the Jews, and why it had been so egregious that a feeling of hate and desire for vengeance is the only possible response that any normal human could have.

        Third, so many lies proliferate on your side that it discredits any legitimate complaints that might be made about Jews as a group. At the National Vanguard/National Alliance website, for instance, you’ll find a large portrait of Lavrenti P. Beria inside a Star of David, within the category “The Jewish Holocaust against Gentiles.” The related copy conforms to this risible idiocy. There isn’t any doubt, however, that Beria, like Stalin, was a Georgian son of Georgian Christian parents.

        It’s this wrong-headed, willful ignorance of your kind, coupled to wholesale Jew-hate, that gives all of us on the unfaked Right a bad name and a plausible pretext for Big Brother’s special interest.

        Fourth, if you confined your criticism to the negative effect that modern-day Jewish attitudes and political-cultural activities have on our societies, at least you’d be on solid ground. But here, too, the low-brain hatred interferes and mucks things up.

        You’ll find in my other comments here that I see the top echelon of our internal oppressors as a Club of Loons, Crooks and Traitors. Your side, slavishly under the spell of Professor (obligatory, like “Dr.” for MLK) Kevin McDonald, assigns the Jewish group to the category of Traitors — eternal traitors at that. But one with both knowledge of the subject and a mind clear of psychogenic disorders sees that, with few exceptions, Jews, as a group, belong to the category of Loons — the same one shared by mainstream Protestant denominations, Scandinavians and over 50% of women.

        That is a major difference, calling for different defensive tactics. What you people do is practically a blood libel, pushing Jews into more fear of white Christian society and more association with our enemies: Socialists, Muslim etc. But the one weapon effective against Loons and able to separate some of them from their craziness is ridicule.

        All you’d need to do is talk about Zionist Jews who vote, finance and advise the biggest enemy of Israel that ever resided in the White House. Or Jewish European “diversity” hounds and enthusiastic supporters of “immigration”, who now have to run for their lives from the consequences of their own doing. And so on: there are further examples. But you’d rather talk about the genetic core that compels Süss the Jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jud_S%c3%bc%c3%9f_(1940_film)#mediaviewer/File:Jud_S%C3%BC%C3%9F.jpeg to sacrifice Christian babies to his lust for crushing whitey….

        • Interesting point about the ideological kinship of Jews and Scandinavians, many of whom are nevertheless willing to throw Jews to the wolves in hopes that the wolves will be appreciative.

          I can “understand” Muslim Jew-hatred in view of the way it’s fed to Muslims from early childhood in the guise of sacred truth. But when non-Muslims harbor such a distorted view of the Jewish people in history — so distorted that they’ll often favor genocidally aggressive Muslims over Jews — it looks more like a mental illness.

        • @Takuan

          Let’s take a look at your argument, shall we?

          “First, you invert cause and effect.” — I’m not sure how “I” inverted anything. I made no statement about how the Jewish people ended up in Europe nor did I make any argument that they did so maliciously. I posted a link to a book written by a Zionist political philosopher. Had you read the book (I did give a PDF link, so it was well within your means to do so), you would recognize that he made many of the same accusations against the European people that you have in your response. I left those accusations uncommented upon. Each of us as independent thinkers must judge these accusations as we see fit. Yet, you accuse me of willful ignorance while making it plain to all that you failed to inspect the contents of the link I provided and reacted solely to what you assumed it would contain. Interesting.

          “Second, once in Europe, from the time of Constantine until 1945 –that’s roughly 1600 years– it’s the Gentiles who persecuted Jews, not vice versa –murderously too, at times approaching genocide.” — Aside from justifying the current state of affairs in which Western culture is being destroyed on the anvil of mass migration and political correctness, your argument serves no purpose. We can argue the relative merits of who hurt whom and who deserves to have their culture and genetics wiped from the planet all day long. I doubt we’d ever come to an agreement. Here again, your argument mirrors the argument of the book I linked to. Had you bothered to investigate the link before reacting emotionally, you would have realized that. On this point, let me turn the question to you: at what point will Europeans have “paid the price” for their ancestor’s sins? Where is the end point? Is it only at the point of complete negation and utter destruction? Where do you, personally, draw that line and say, “OK, they’ve been punished enough.”

          “Third, so many lies proliferate on your side that it discredits any legitimate complaints that might be made about Jews as a group.”

          Hmm. Is there some single, monolithic side that I must be a part of simply because I draw attention to what Zionist writers have said in their own words? What side is that? Is this a sly way to discredit me by comparing me to Nazis? Enough with the either/or thinking and the name-calling. You are using the same tactic that the elite are using to silence and discredit everyone who disagrees with them by lumping them in with Nazis and Fascists. Why would you do that after complaining so loudly when they do it? Hypocritical, isn’t it?

          “Fourth, if you confined your criticism to the negative effect that modern-day Jewish attitudes and political-cultural activities have on our societies, at least you’d be on solid ground.” — Really? This is an incredible argument. You actually just said that citing a source and letting him speak for himself is “low-brained hatred” and that listing off a litany of Jewish ills upon society would be more scholarly. Wow.

          What you suggest is that the techniques of rhetoric are superior than the techniques of scholarly research for eliciting truth. I have no doubt that you believe this. Your entire response is nothing but emotion-laden rhetoric and distraction. This is not the Western tradition. The Western tradition investigates every angle, questions every assumption, sifts the wheat from the chaff and above all, operates by reason, not emotion. Yet, you would have us outright ignore what Jewish people have to say for themselves. Why is that?

          I mentioned before that there are others.
          Let’s look at some modern examples, shall we?

          Barbara Spectre in 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFE0qAiofMQ

          Joel Stein writing for the totally Nazi publication(sarc) LA TIMES in 2008: http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/19/opinion/oe-stein19

          Yuri Slezkine won the National Jewish Book Award for this bestseller in 2006. http://www.amazon.com/The-Jewish-Century-Yuri-Slezkine/dp/0691127603

          These are all in their own words. I’ll leave interpretations to individuals.

          Oh. And Takuan, this time can you be bothered to actually READ the material before trying to libel me?

          • Yes, Jason, there is much blood libel of Christians these days. I note that we are so erased that my iPhone omits to provide a word fill option for the word Christian until I hit the 8th letter and have literally finished spelling the word.

          • Jason, you are inured to the same vice that I acccuse the Prog-Libs of: outlyism. You cite outlying bad seeds to validate your false bad perception of the majority of the ethnic group you don’t like — and they cite outlying decent, contributive outlying minory individuals to validate their false good perception of the ethnic grups they like.

            From the point of view of logic, reality, useful apprehension of the world and plan of action, your perception is as harmful and useless as theirs is. Likewise, it’s immutable; there is no changing it for it’s akin to religious faith. Permit me therefore to bow out of this conversation, now.

          • And yet, racial and religious Jews provide the majority of individual funding to the Democratic Party which is actively working to subvert the vote of the indigenous Christian majority. These Jews are NOT outliers.

          • So, let’s take out the key words that cause comment erasure.

            TS, it is unjust of you to make assumptions about my qualifications to comment. As you know, that is called an ad hominem attack.

            The fact is that it is important WHAT the foundational AND modern writers of a religion say is the basis of their philosophy. We see that with Islam, but it is true of other non-Christian religions, too.

            The treachery of one group does NOT negate the treachery of another.

          • Thanks, Baron. I wanted you to clarify because, in his response to me, TS had conflagrated the ideas of rich Christians not donating to Christian-conservative causes and rich Christians not donating to GoV.

            I wanted TS to understand that Christian-conservative is an inaccurate label to apply to GoV – although the views of the Baron and Dymphna may – or may not – fall under that label.

      • Jason

        Gates, Buffett, Koch brothers, Slim and most of the movers and shakers among the globalist crowd at Davos are non-Jews. And they all work towards the destruction of Western Civilization in one form or another either through selfishness or sheer stupidity powered by failed ideologies.

        Look at Obama, Cameron, Hollande and Merkel, they are all busy throwing the Jews under the bus in their respective countries while genuflecting to Islam. Admittedly a lot of these liberal Jews still support these horrible people but are now paying a price for it. They are fleeing countries where they have lived for millennia.

        • As they flee, do they remotely care about the Christians they leave behind to suffer from anti-Christian policies?!

          • Hi Egghead, Re your comment about your iPhone above: until you enter the ninth letter, “Christianity” is a valid alternative to “Christian”. Not everything is a conspiracy.

          • Hi Egghead,

            Re your apparent iPhone problem, until the ninth letter, “Christianity” would be a valid alternative to “Christian”. Not everything is a conspiracy.

          • Ch until Christ gives Christmas. Christi until Christia gives Christia and Christias but NO Christian or Christianity to be found. But, athe gives two variants of atheists and atheism.

          • Egghead,

            I can provide, off the cuff, x300 times the number of reasons why Jews–as a group –are not on our side than Jason adduced here or that you possibly can. So don’t waste your time trying to enlighten me on that subject.

            Instead, go to any city or exurb major denomination church, read the bulletin board. Repeat it at least 50 churches in at least 10 cities, as I have done. And then let me know, honestly, whether there is a significant difference between what the majority of Jews support and vote for, and what te Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians and even Catholics do.

            Yes, the last time I checked, and that was some years ago, nine of the ten biggest donors to the Dems were Jewish. But, it only indicates that Jews are more generous then Gentiles. Pray tell me the names of Christian billionaires –and there are many more and richer Gentiles in this category than there are Jews — tell me the names of them who donate generously to genuine Christian-conservative causes. Know any rich Christian, for instance, who supports GoV?

            Do you know who Rupert Murdoch’s latest dearest pal is? Valerie Jarrett. Or, do you know who and what orgs have handled Obama’s Dream Children for Obama? Worth looking into.

            Don’t waste time trying to pry under what I state; you are just displaying your own warps. When you have thought something out, really carefully, and gathered the evidence for it, and sat in meditation for 5 hours reviewing all that in your quiet mind, and then pour it through a silver sieve to eliminate the dross of your subjective prejudices or personal shortcomings, and then you voice it, your contribution will be more useful.

          • Well, as often happens, I just wrote a detailed reply only to have the powers that be erase it.

          • Oh, and those powers that be are MUCH higher up than the Folks at GoV. Only my comments about ONE group are erased. Someone wants to save GoV the time from ‘whimsically reacting’ my comments.

          • TS, One more item of note: GoV is most certainly NOT a Christian site. Rather, GoV is a secular site that features the occasional reference to Christianity. Perhaps the Baron would be willing to clarify for you here or via email. To summarize, any overtly Christian material is less likely to be accepted here in fears that atheists and other non-Christians will be ‘offended.’

          • There is no need for me to “clarify” anything. Dymphna and I are Christians (assuming one considers ECUSA a “Christian” sect), and we sometimes post Christian-themed essays.

            Egghead wrote me a few weeks ago with a Christian essay that I found inappropriate for our site, and was unwilling to post. Here’s what I told her at the time:

            “We’re Christians, but Christianity is obviously not the primary focus of our website — we have to work with a lot of atheists, agnostics, Jews, Buddhists, etc. in the struggle against Islam. I do a little bit of Christian material when I post Bach’s music and so on, especially on major feast days, but other than that we retain a mostly secular perspective.”

            I’m not sure what else I could add to make it any clearer.

          • TS, Your claim that ‘Jews are more generous than gentiles’ as regards to political donations is an ‘interesting’ claim that you need to examine in your conscience.

            First, generosity with an expectation of return is NOT true charity; it is a deferred business deal. It is clear from crony capitalism that generous ‘donors’ to the Democrat Party are more than repaid with sweetheart deals reimbursed with taxpayer monies.

          • Second, a solid core of Christians are very educated about Islam and interested in the counter jihad movement and financially generous to Christian media.

            On TV, the 700 Club has been discussing Islam for years. On radio, American Family Radio has also been discussing Islam for years. On the Internet, AFR discusses Islam at oneness ow.com along with other issues of interest to Christians.

            As we saw with the recent Duke Univ situation, it was the very Christian Franklin Graham who used the media and the power of the purse to achieve the goal of the counter jihad to stop the public Muslim call to prayer every Friday – for now….

        • So, let’s take out the key words that cause comment erasure.

          TS, it is unjust of you to make assumptions about my qualifications to comment. As you know, that is called an ad hominem attack.

          The fact is that it is important WHAT the foundational AND modern writers of a religion say is the basis of their philosophy. We see that with Islam, but it is true of other non-Christian religions, too.

          The treachery of one group does NOT negate the treachery of another.

          • Egghead, I removed one comment by you that was a duplicate of the preceding one. Other than that, I have deleted NOTHING that you wrote, nor have I redacted anything.

          • Egghead,

            I make no assumptions about you at all; I make strict inferences from words that you have strung together. I’ve written a monograph on the difference between inference and attribution that’s in the Library of Congress; trust me on these things.

            As the management of GoV has found out repeatedly, when the JQ creeps out in readers’ comments, it’s impossible to contain. If I’ve addressed it briefly here it’s only because such silly, misinformed and misinforming comments as have been posted here about the JQ clog up the collective IQ of the readers while, in the main text, I have labored mightily to respect that high IQ .

            Ayway, ars longa vita brevis, so I have to bid you adieu, now. Believe and write as you will; I’ll leave it to the editors to deal with it.

          • At this point, the editors are seriously considering a complete embargo on further additions to this topic on this particular comment thread.

  5. Today my 14 year p;d kid came home from school. His teacher told him: The PVV are the nazi’s. I hate them even more then i hate IS.

    So. What do i do? I can write a complaint to the board of that school. To bad this teacher is the second in command at that school.

    Do i go out and look for another school? And find the same vicious radical left ideology in another teacher?

    My kid was laughing. “My teacher is an asshole!” he said proudly.

    But i think its about time we teach this [nether orifice] teacher a lesson he wont forget. This teacher is afraid of islam. It’s about time he starts to be afraid about me and my actions..

      • This kind of behaviour is common practise in the Dutch “educational” system. Teachers with PVV symphaties are fired.

        So thats not an option, Nemesis

        • What that teacher did was blatant political propaganda. So, no one complains about teachers who put their personal political views out there in the classroom, or is that now also common practice?

          Seems your child values your input and is able to discern good from bad instruction, and I guess you would ‘correct’ much of what now passes for ‘education’ when you become aware of it when conversing with him.

          Teaching in this country (Australia) to my knowledge, has yet to reach that level of indoctrination, but I have no doubt it will soon come to pass.

          • Well Nemesis. Your remarks are correct. My fellow countrymen have a long history when it comes to identifying threats to the territorial integrity of the Dutch nation.

            And when we are wrong about our assumptions..?We can always depend on American blood to make up for our mistakes

            For those who dont know the style figure “sarcasme”..i am being sarcastic about my fellow NSB-ers.

            Sorry Takuan. This seems off topic but in a sense it is not. It has everything to do with yet another perfect trilogy by your “divine” hand.

    • Yes, Dutch Patriot, that is exactly right. They need to begin to fear us. Maybe that’s what it will take to wake them up so that they can see who the real enemy is.

    • Is it really permissible for a Dutch teacher to push political agendas in the classroom? When I went to school in Britain, teachers never betrayed their political allegiances; I think they were required to be neutral. Surely it is the same in the Netherlands, and this jerk was a maverick?

      • The notion of political neutrality in the classroom seems almost quaint by now. If it’s at all required in American classrooms, the rule is often flouted.

        When challenged on it, leftists will insist that they’re never being “political”; they’re merely teaching truth and virtue. But among themselves, they can be quite open about their intention of using the classroom to advance a “progressive” agenda. And even then, they might say it isn’t “politics” but a moral imperative.

        • Guys. My points is that i cant complain. The whole damn system is flooded with cultural marxisme. Complaining means: social isolation..That how these cultural marxists play.

          I am proud of my son.. He sees right through their lies. My kid knows how to lie himself straight into university and get a grade. And still destroy everything they believe. He has an attitude towards them..

          And i did not indoctrinate him. I offered him the option: radical leftists might be right..Small chance but they might be right in their global warming bs…All it takes is one volcano up in big big smoke but they might be right about co2. It is still a good thing to be nice to the environment.

          • @Dutch

            You are not off-thread at all. Every person reading this can offer similar stories from his country. It’s impossible to adduce examples of all, but having even one is useful, and illustrating the common rot so well.

            V.I. Lenin said: “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” The commies understood that so well that already 90 years ago they focused their efforts in the West on recruiting teachers, And journalists; the Communists were so clever that already then they realized how much mass media were “educating” the public.

            Your interlocutors offering advice as to what you could have done should put themselves in the skin of an American teacher –or parent –standing up in a teachers-parents meeting and delivering a rousing speech on the takeover of the educational system by “Hispanics,” Blacks, “feminists” and GLBT partisans.

            If teacher on the West Coast, his boss is likely to be a “Hispanic.” The boss of the boss (they make $150k -200k per year) is likely to be a Hispanic lesbian with a PhD in “Hispanic Studies” or “Education” — which is pretty much the same thing given that Paulo Freire http://www.pedagogyoftheoppressed.com/author/ is in the education of teachers what St. Paul is in the education of priests. BTW, same thing on the East Coast, except the school principal and the school district’s director are likely to be “Afro-American” and the indoctrination materials suitably adjusted. And if those personages are not “minorities,” they are Whites even more fanatically zealous in promoting the minorities’ agenda.

            If parent, reports of your “racist speech” at the meeting are going to trickle to your place of employment, with results including one or more of: firing, killing chances of promotion, ostracism by colleagues. If it’s a town with a plurality of “visible” minorities, you may find that your property has been vandalized, and your daughter severely bullied in school.

            For the record, in the four years of elementary education I had under the Commies, there was no Commie indoctrination of any sort (there would be some, in HS, but by then I was gone). Compare that with first-grade American children being led by their teachers in a choir of “Obama shall lead us” (there are several videos of different instances).

            BTW, as to that carbon thing, the headline in The Telegraph today is “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever .“

  6. Why?
    Power. To take complete control of EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE.

    • I think it’s more complex than that. For some it’s for more wealth no matter who or what gets crushed in the process; others are driven by bankrupt utopian ideologies and some just out of sheer spite or because they are insane.

      Add to the mix – modern Western governments. Everyone socialist to the core(yes, including the U.S.), it’s toxic for Western Civ and is undoing two millennia of progress by destroying European communities and families while at the same time supporting the growth of 3rd world families along with all forms of sexual deviancy all at the expense of those of European descent.

      I think G.K. Chesterton had it right that socialists in the end want a society modeled after a Termite colony, where the vast mass were mindless workers who toiled endlessly for a nobility of sorts.

      In some ways I see the beginnings of this in the way public education has been so altered that it’s end product is what historian Arnold Toynbee labeled “quill driving babus” or in modern terms, drones fit for cube farms or saying “do you want fries with that?”. Our schools are not designed to produce young adults equipped to do critical thinking of any sort or self-directed learning. Instead all the kids have been normed out. They all get the same watered down content along with a dose of Marxist ideology(I remember it creeping into the classrooms of the late 70’s in CA). And with Common Core on the way along with life time tracking by the government it will just get worse. The independent thinkers and malcontents will be marked, tracked and eventually dealt with in some nasty manner. Probably a combination of intensive indoctrination and mood altering drugs if the past is any indication.

  7. always extraordinary reading .
    painfully, i the cement round my psyche
    dries, but a zip thru a few T S pages, and ” ka-blamo !! ”
    soil & earth tumble down .. i return because i live here .

  8. I laugh when I hear them scream both Islamophobia! and “Homophobia!” When all is said and done, one of those “phobias” will no longer exist. Care to wager which one will be gone first?

  9. It is another superb article T.S. I am looking forward to the final one. That phrase “extreme social centrifugalism” concerning the toxic behaviour of Muslims in our societies, is a keeper. Thanks to you for posting and to GoV.

  10. Well done. I have friends that subscribe to what many would consider extreme right wing views. They were on the right path, but for some reason stopped their quest , but are still extremely angry at the the entire world without looking further. I explain to them that the oppression that is and will be used against us in greater increments will fly in on the wings of Marxist Socialism used by the so called “Liberals” as a weapon against us. It is a 100 year old war against are culture that will not go away anytime soon. Episodes like Ferguson, and the OWS riots / incursions are nothing more than a Boot Camp training the faithful in future larger actions against us, always at the beck and call of their billionaire financiers.

  11. Perhaps the societal and civilisational problems we see at the moment are no more complicated than being caused by simple human emotional weaknesses.

  12. Interesting post, Takuan, but some of the rhetoric is overdone: “…when your only daughter has just come home with a large hoop in her nose…” Is this how we know civilisation is doomed? She’ll grow out of it- I haven’t had a “Viva Zapata” moustache for decades.

  13. What a great article! My kids and their cousins attended the “best” private schools in the Eastern USA. We parents thought we were giving our offspring a great head start!
    However, they learned to be so open-minded that all reason and sanity fell out. Our 33-yr old nephew is engaged to a Nigerian-Antiguan girl. She’s bright, all right, and so is he, both Ivy League grads. They met at a Connecticut boarding school. I think his parents are in denial/mourning just now, and are trying to be good sports as the nuptial plans ramp up. You really want to wish them well, but there is something that makes you hold back. Quite literally, I feel as if he is going to the dark side because he is angry with his “white privileged” upbringing. No one ever told him why things were the way they were, so he’s quite clueless and the girl is thrilled she’s got a white guy who won’t beat her up!

    • How true your final sentiment must be for our (FUSA)current regime.

       Quite literally, I feel as if he is going to the dark side because he is angry with his “white privileged” upbringing. No one ever told him why things were the way they were, so he’s quite clueless and the girl is thrilled she’s got a white guy who won’t beat her up!

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