“Religion and Politics Go Hand in Hand in Islam”

Mullah Krekar (original name: Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad) is a Kurd who moved from Iraq to Norway in 1991. We’ve been following Mr. Krekar’s antics for the past eight years, and he was mau-mauing his Norwegian hosts well before we started watching him. He’s engaged in incitement, threatened prominent people, been arrested, and sent to prison (for five years, starting in 2012, but they let him out early). He’s not a Norwegian citizen, yet the Norwegian government has managed not to chuck him out for all those years — if I recall correctly, human rights law prevents his deportation.

The mullah is kind of a Norwegian Anjem Choudary — only less of a buffoon; more serious and menacing. He got himself in trouble again the other day, thanks to the interview shown below. He’s now been arrested for praising the Charlie Hebdo terrorists. Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that Mr. Krekar “exhibited ‘extreme attitudes’ that aren’t shared by the majority of Muslims.”

Pay close attention to what he says in this interview. You’ll notice that in his explanation of Islamic theology and legal practice, he sounds exactly like Maj. Steve Coughlin, Robert Spencer, Dr. Bill Warner, and Dr. Andrew Bostom — except, of course, that Mullah Krekar is on the opposite side.

One more thing — he’s lived in Norway for twenty-four years, yet he responds to his interviewer in Arabic.

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

News articles about the recent arrest of Mullah Krekar (hat tips Fjordman and Nick):

Video transcript:

00:00   For someone who burns the Koran, the punishment, according to Islam, is death, is that correct?
00:06   If you burn the Koran, which is an insult, then the answer is clearly yes.
00:10   You sat in prison for threatening [?] and the Prime Minister, now one of the [?] says that you have threatened him again. Is that correct?
00:22   No that is not correct. He can go the way of the courts and try to prove that.
00:29   But that man who has burned the Koran, would it be right that he loses his life even though he lives in Norway?
00:38   I know absolutely that he has committed a criminal offense where the punishment is death.
00:44   The responsibility for carrying out the punishment is on the Ummah, our Muslim brotherhood (Ummah).
00:50   Regardless if he lives in Norway, or if he is Barack Obama. I am not myself threatening the person. I am telling you what is stated in the law.
00:57   I have told you what is in the Koran and in the Hadith. I have not pointed at one specific person and said “You we must kill.”
01:03   One of those who burned a Koran is afraid because somebody who listens to you might want to kill him.
01:15   Because you have said that that is the punishment according to the Koran, isn’t there the risk that somebody would listen to you?
01:23   He must fear the Somalis, the Indonesians, the Africans, the Chechens —
01:26   anybody who follows the Koran.
01:30   He doesn’t have to be afraid of me, but will have to fear —
01:37   the crime he has committed and fear that his punishment will be executed.
01:41   Doesn’t that mean that you, with your religious interpretations, as a matter of fact…
01:45   sentence him to death, even if you won’t personally do the deed then somebody else will do it?
01:54   Not only those who listen to me.
01:58   Anybody who knows of this punishment can kill him. Anybody.
02:02   We will defend our religion with our own blood.
02:06   Our only limits are limits of blood, limits made of explosives.
02:10   Those who insult our religion must know that one of us will die.
02:14   Those who insult our religion and our honour must understand —
02:18   that this is a matter of life and death.
02:24   But would you be satisfied if this man gets killed?
02:30   Yes, I would send a gift to the person who kills him. Why wouldn’t I be happy about that?
02:36   Does that mean that you are happy about the attack on Charlie Hebdo
02:44   in France and also the attack against Lars Vilks in Denmark?
02:50   I know little about the attack in Denmark. But of course I am happy about what happened in France.
02:56   Those who attacked Charlie Hebdo, how would you describe them?
03:05   They were defending their honor, they were defending their holiness.
03:09   Those who attacked Charlie Hebdo in France, were they heroes?
03:13   Yes, of course. They were Jihadists.
03:17   Would you wish to also find heroes like that in Norway?
03:23   No, I don’t hope for that.
03:25   Not because I live in Norway, but because France deserves it.
03:30   But if the Scandinavians also go down the same path as France, then they would deserve it.
03:36   If, for example an artist draws a Muhammad cartoon in Norway, for the first time, that is, the first one to make it,
03:46   would it then be all right for an Islamist to find that person and blow himself up to kill the cartoonist?
03:59   It is not I who gives permission to do this.
04:03   But the cartoonist would have become an infidel warrior whom it is then permitted to kill.
04:08   Still, explosives must not be used as it could also then kill innocents.
04:14   But if he is alone then that is OK?
04:18   Wipe him out, wipe him out.
04:21   Because he has stepped on our dignity, our principles and our belief, he will have to die.
04:26   Those who do not respect 30% of the earth’s population (Muslims) —
04:31   have no right to live.
04:32   But there are also Norwegian newspapers and TV stations
04:36   amongst others, who have published some of these cartoons!
04:44   It is the first action that matters.
04:49   For example, when Jyllands-Posten published
04:55   those despicable cartoons in 2005 in Denmark, then those are the ones that count.
04:59   Later 13 other countries who also published the drawings to lessen the pressure on Denmark.
05:06   This is also not the right thing to do —
05:10   but still it is the first action that deserves a reaction.
05:14   We live in an open time. Those who mock our religion have to know —
05:19   that we are not like the Jews — who keep silent and bow down before international “drawing-terror”
05:25   No. We will die for our religion and we live for our religion.
05:29   Nothing is more holy than our religion.
05:33   Those who insult our religion must know that we will meet them with our bombs.
05:37   There will be no indulgence, no understanding —
05:42   or negotiations in this case.
05:46   We do not live for the sake of our own lives, we do not live for our wives. We live only for our religion.
05:50   Is it good that Norwegian Islamic youth travel abroad to strengthen both their belief
06:01   but also to learn fighting skills in order to fight for Islam?
06:06   Youth, girls and boys who take off to do Jihad —
06:11   should carefully consider
06:17   and study the fighting, and the area he is going to and what he wishes to accomplish there.
06:31   Then he should go. And if he goes he should not regret it.
06:36   If he comes back after six months then he would be looked upon with suspicion —
06:41   even if he just went down to be a street sweeper.
06:44   Those who leave to do Jihad must not return but have to stay.
06:47   If he comes back, there will be lots of trouble and difficulties for Muslims and international intelligence will scrutinize him.
06:54   And the pressure on the Muslims here will increase. I don’t support that.
07:06   The war that right now is happening in Syria and Iraq, is it important?
07:12   Yes, of course it is important. What is happening in Syria is right.
07:18   The people want to remove the old regime which has done criminal things nobody had ever done before.
07:23   The West stood silent and watched while their consciences were either dead or on vacation.
07:29   So the only real thing for Syria is Jihad, despite what the West might think.
07:35   How important is the establishment of a Caliphate with a Caliph that is of Muhammad’s own family?
07:45   This is an important point which I do no think the West fully understands.
07:52   Some politicians understand but they do not really wish to understand.
07:57   And that is that Islam is not like Christianity. Our Islam is a political movement.
08:05   The Bible is not the same as the Koran.
08:08   The Koran has 500 verses about politics and ruling, about its Sharia laws and its justice system.
08:17   You don’t find that in the Bible.
08:21   There is a big difference; therefore we cannot in Islam separate —
08:26   politics on the one side and religion on the other.
08:29   Religion and politics go hand in hand in Islam.
08:33   So, the establishment of a Caliphate is both a legal and a religious event.
08:41   From the deepest part of our religion.
08:45   What is happening in Syria where Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed
08:48   the establishment of a Caliphate, a regime the West fears.
08:54   Two important points about al-Baghdadi:
08:58   Firstly, Obama and all who are with him fear the Caliphate —
09:04   because we Muslims support it, right from Indonesia to Morocco —
09:08   from Chechnya to South Africa if we think he is the rightful Caliph.
09:13   Because that would mean that the old borders are wiped out.
09:16   This Sykes-Picot-line that we do not acknowledge.
09:22   Are you ready to swear allegiance to the Caliph?
09:28   I am not yet ready. This is because I don’t know him and the Caliphate well enough.
09:34   Which rules they follow. In our religious books there are seven conditions for a Caliphate.
09:40   But if I recognize him as the Caliph
09:45   then yes, I would swear allegiance to him in front of the Norwegian parliament —
09:47   and I would endure and accept all sorts of reactions from the rest of the world.
09:52   Do you think that this Caliphate or another Caliphate will take over dominion of the world?
10:05   Not the whole world.
10:07   But I think that within the next 20 years we will again have our Caliphate.
10:12   And it will play a big role in the International community.
10:16   I mean that our Islamic community (Ummah) has reached 70%
10:22   We need then only 30%, and in my opinion we will reach this within 20-25 years.
10:29   God willing, then we will have our own Islamic state —
10:32   which everybody will have to swear allegiance to whether the West likes it or not.

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14 thoughts on ““Religion and Politics Go Hand in Hand in Islam”

  1. You may call me “tense” (Aussie euphemism for “stupid”), but the KURDS, aren’t they the “good guys” over there?

  2. Of course all sorts of non-Muslims will be quick to point out that “not all Muslims” are like this guy, yada yada, but aside from Zhudi Jasser will any other Muslims denounce this mullah?

    As usual the silence is deafening. I’m tired of hearing the “not all Muslims” line from non-muslims. Either Dr Jasser is the only one saying it or nobody else ever gets on TV.

    • I am so often tempted to respond to this mantra: “not all Muslims…” with, “You are right, some Muslims are worse”.

  3. Western leaders, particularly Obama, continue to tell us “This has nothing to do with Islam” even when Moslem ‘leaders’ explain that it has everything to do with Islam. Should we believe our lying leaders or what we see to be true?

  4. 05:14 We live in an open time. Those who mock our religion have to know —
    05:19 that we are not like the Jews — who keep silent and bow down before international “drawing-terror”
    05:25 No. We will die for our religion and we live for our religion.
    05:29 Nothing is more holy than our religion.
    05:33 Those who insult our religion must know that we will meet them with our bombs.
    05:37 There will be no indulgence, no understanding —
    05:42 or negotiations in this case.

    Upshot: Jews are not violent as accused (Islam says, “Shame on them.”), Muslims have a zero-sum ideology that delivers death to those who don’t comply.

    As the imam says, no one has to follow him, Islam guides the path, which is a path intertwined with politics and religion and backstopped by the indulgence of “holy” violence.

    That we have Muslim immigration at all is to serve our heads on a platter unless WE change our behaviour in our own lands because … Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

  5. A caliphate all the radicals can bugger off to. Great idea – just don’t sell them any weapons and don’t ever let them go nuclear. Oh, and give any remaining Christians, Jews and other religions (and atheists) asylum.

  6. This demonic creature ought to be out on a slow boat to Turkey with a bunch of swine on board.

    The fact that the Norwegian authorities tolerate this foul creature is indicative of the terminal stupidity of those in power. That he openly preaches terror and death to those who oppose or criticize Islam makes him manifestly unfit to live in the West. Yet they do nothing.

    Though I suspect if a native Norwegian who espoused similar views towards Muzzies, there would a arrest followed by a massive PR effort by the state to vilify said suspect and all those associated with him.

  7. These people are lunatics and have to be trated as such. The deepr you scratch the more the lunacy becomes apparent. A muslim under stress is a timebomb.

  8. I guess all the comments are from non-Muzzies who would like to bag all of us up with this character. A lot of what he said is common in all small minded intolerant people of any religion but the tendency lately is quite prevalent across muslim countries – either you believe me, or youre going to hell and if you insult me, ill send you to hell myself. What I dont understand is why people like him who are such hardcore believers stay in the West… they are hypocrites in my opinion who are worthless low lifes that should be thrown out of their host countries. IF you are going accept someone at least take in someone who will be grateful for the help you extend not these morons who want to chop your head off

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