Oppression Instead of Admission, Part IV

Note: This post was originally published on February 23, and was “sticky” for several days. Scroll down for Part 2 of “The Betrayal Papers”, “Whitewash at the White Mosque”, “The Slandering of Shahina Siddiqui”, “How Many Muslims Live in Germany?”, a video of Fatima Houda-Pépin discussing Islam in Quebec, a video interview with Christian Zeitz about the ominous significance of Austria’s new Islam Law, and also last night’s news feed.

This is the fourth essay in a series by Takuan Seiyo. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893

Oppression Instead of Admission
Part IV

by Takuan Seiyo

The final gambit (continued)

As soon as Part III of this work went to print, asserting in its penultimate paragraph that the worse things are the more the Rulers mash the throttle pedal of the runaway train, they upped the ante, again.

The Guardian informed that Great Britain worries about too few Muslims in its army and aims to bolster their recruitment. The smiling portrait therein of British Defence Secretary John Reid, with his senior military advisor, Imam Asim Hafiz, should forever hang in the corridors of Whitehall right along the scowling portrait of Mr. Reid’s predecessor, Winston Churchill, and his military advisors.

As to Hafiz, he asserted that diversity is “one of the UK’s strengths” and “the values of the armed forces” are fully compatible with the values of Islam. But, gentle reader, before one hatches bad feelings toward Imam Asim, recall, as per the antecedent chapter in this work, what the fabled American general William Casey said on the same subject, and what a Battalion Commander in the even more fabled 101st Airborne Division wrote.

Consider that even as The Mirror acknowledges “ONE MILLION” (their emphasis) British children victims of sex abuse gangs and a Labour MP cries useless tears over this without acknowledging her party’s direct culpability, they refuse to identify who these “grooming” gangs are.

Should Muslims be blamed for putting to work demolition tools handed to them, wrapped in festive ribbons, by smiling Whites-in-charge?

So let’s repeat the question: Why Are They Doing It?

These are intelligent, educated, Christian-in-varying-degrees (yes, even the atheists are) beneficiaries of the best that the highest, i.e. Western, civilization this world has ever seen could offer, and often born in the most privileged social strata. Why are they sawing off the branch on which they and their descendants are perched — moreover, a branch that has taken well over six thousand years to sprout and grow through fire, drought, hail, ice and locust?

I often use sardonic terms to describe these people, usually taken from camp sci-fi films of the ’50s-’60s or from the medical dictionary of psychopathology and brain diseases. Some milder critical pundits do that too, e.g. PJ Media’s “Obama Now Meets the Colloquial Definition of Insanity.” But Obama is, for sure, far from insane; he knows exactly what he is doing and is clever and resourceful in doing it. And I use such mocking terms only as shorthand, standing for a much more complex phenomenon.

They, whom I call on occasion THEY — like in They Came from Beyond Space (Embassy Pictures, 1967) — are really only the Loons in the Club of Loons, Crooks and Traitors ruling the West, with major assistance from innumerable indentured servant drones — perhaps two thirds of the West’s total population of one billion plus.

They Came from Beyond Space, but our Loons came from Harvard and Oxford

There are two main kinds of Loons. Both fit Robert Frost’s definition of a liberal as someone too broad-minded to take his own side in a fight — but there are differences. Real Loons are of the Left; they answer to all the main definitions of insanity in their perpetual quest to improve the world despite constantly repeated evidence that they are destroying it. Socialist and Green politicians are a prize specimen, as are, disproportionately, Jews, Scandinavians, women, artists, lawyers, journalists, teachers, academics, and the gullible young.

Then there are Loons of the Right (and Center) who are really not Loons but Fools. The Fool pathology is ravaging the ranks of almost all Christian denominations, as they have conflated their religion with the agenda of the Swedish Socialist Justice Party (or other such). George W. Bush is iconic in this category.

There are three main kinds of Crooks. There are the major Money Crooks, e.g. the Globalists, banksters, money-debasing central banks, financial manipulators, all the legislators and regulators they have bought, and the corporate CEO’s smashing the economic base of their nations because they can shave 47 cents-per-unit by making it, shoddier, in China.

Then there are the major rank-and-power crooks, e.g. the colonels and generals and chief bureaucrats and other powerful opportunists mouthing and enforcing evil stupidities even though they know better.

The third kind are the little rank-and-file opportunists whose fraud is committed daily against truth, goodness, decency, honor, God (or the laws of Cosmic Homeostasis, or Karma, if you prefer). They were as widely cheering on Hitler in 1937 as they were on Obama in 2007. In the United States, they celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Black History Month, and volunteer for the corporate seminar on diversity and unconscious white privilege in exchange for a chance of future promotion. They are an eternal contamination of the human species: the play-along-get-along universal archetype of human baseness.

Traitors come in only one flavor, but it has been cleverly buried under the dusty files of the Cold War. Talking about traitors who run defense for Islam, or offense for the Mexican Reconquista, or aid foreign enemies by pushing the Migra circus or insane race-gender-sexual orientation policies will just bring on one the vengeful wrath of the Top Head of the nation one is trying to save from the consequences of treason.

There are even various combinations of Loon, Crook and Traitor, and one may have some fun speculating to which double or triple category to assign most serving politicians and even lesser members of the ruling elite, e.g. professors in “Middle Eastern Studies” chairs endowed by Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

All those categories go back thousands of years. The openers of the gates of Troy were Loons — religious loons. Those who opened the back door to Constantinople in 1453 were Traitors. The Bible, Old and New, is crammed with diatribes against the evils that major Crooks do: kings and princes, Temple priests, moneychangers, Pharisees. And Western literature: from Balzac to Dickens to Dostoyevsky to Tom Wolfe, is filled with the lesser Crooks.

What’s different now is that never before has the ruling elite had such a huge following of Useful Idiot Loons below: the compassionate weepers for the failed peoples of the world, the immigration-forever “environmentalists” and the hockey-stick global warmists, the “equity” hounds, the “we are all human” tautologiststs, the mea-culpists over whitey’s (and only whitey’s) shortcomings, the followers of Black hip hop culture, Mursi lip and ear fashions and Maori body markings, the antifascist fascists, the many millions of teachers and lawyers and journalists certain that their ceaseless repairing of the world will repair it, the American Whites who voted for The One We Have Been Waiting For, or the Europeans who welcomed him with a Nobel Peace Prize and hosannas for a new Messiah.

They are the main quantitative force of THEY, the most damaging, by far, and it’s too late to do anything about it, for just the intensive phase of their brainwashing has now been going on for three generations. By now, they are born with atrophied reality receptors — quite like the North Koreans, apart from the cultural differences.

To recycle the words of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, the Left has changed the perception of reality to such an extent that, despite an abundance of information, few are able to perceive it. The “undeclared, total war” is still here, but people are even more in denial now, when the war is waged upon them from the inside by cool, hipster dudes than they were when the original Marxism still had its red teeth and claws manifest in the Soviet Union and its KGB.

We are concerned here with the paramount pathology of the West, and it’s in its white people. The 150 million or so of racial/religious “minorities” are a major part of the destroying juggernaut, but we shall largely skirt that here because they are not Loons. To the contrary, they shrewdly pursue their interests, in full sync with the Laws of Reality.

Whether Black in Chicago or Salafi “Asian” in London or secular Moroccan hoodlum in Antwerp, they can now grab whatever they want: welfare loot, political power, cushy jobs stripped of any competence requirement. They can even commandeer whitey’s entire culture including his basic foodstuffs — e.g. no more pork sausages or cross buns to school children in Blighty — religion (in the U.S. here, in Germany here), language, even the entire political system. All that only because of White Loons who support them, and the major Crooks/Traitors who grow money and political power from that thing, and the minor Crooks who pretend not to see in order not to risk even lightly scratching a sacred cow.

Black Girl Scouts in Oakland, California have refashioned themselves into “Radical Brownies” spreading the message of whitey-looting “Social Justice,” but there is no countermovement of white Girls Scouts promoting Justice by exposing the NeoMarxist fraud of “Social Justice.”

The U.S. Congress has a “Black Caucus” but no white one, and the Black Caucus is warning B. Netanyahu, “Don’t disrespect our president.” Their president no longer even hides that he shares the same plan as his consanguine Bertha Lewis, chief commissarette of the black-subversive organization Acorn, who instructed “Young Democratic Socialists” in 2010: “Immigration is the next big battle. Immigration, immigration, immigration. And the reason this is so important is, [snip] We’re getting ready to be a majority, minority country.”.

Nor does Obama hide that via a “Net Neutrality” plan such thoughts as expressed here will be squashed without the public relations inconvenience of deploying more Orwellian means — for now.

So here is the first answer to “Why are they doing it”:

Because they can. Finally, the white descendants of the founders/builders of the country — any Western country — are so demoralized, decadent, brainwashed, ignorant and stupid, that they can.

Yes, We Can.

[Screenshot (via Wikipedia) from the music video “Yes We Can,” quoting Obama, produced by Obama consanguine booster will.i.am and released as part of the giant Obama-idolatry media festival with major white Useful Idiot participation prior to the 2008 US Presidential election.]

For the major Money Crooks, it’s like what Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince said in 2007 about his bankster behemoth’s continued funding of leveraged buy-outs despite the perilous sub-prime meltdown: “As long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance.”

They think they have little to fear, and are probably right.

They have their citadel cities: primarily New York, London, San Francisco-Silicone Valley, and all the money in the world to pay police twice what police can earn elsewhere. They can lavish all kind of jizya and baksheesh on the feral minorities who live off them as the urban sparrow feeds off horse droppings.

They have their private armies, anyway; the billionaire Michael Bloomberg, funding nationwide efforts to disarm Americans, reportedly took his entire police bodyguard detail and put them on his private payroll, after leaving office as mayor of New York.

They know that paper money is toast and a time will come when the piper demands his terrible fee. So they compete for condo space in New York and London: a condo in New York recently sold for $100 million, and for what a broom closet fetches in some parts of London one can buy a good chunk of Wyoming.

Wyoming will prove to be the better buy. The Crooks know it already, except Wyoming has too many “bitter clingers” with their guns and Bibles, so the princes of the leveraged buyout and Quantitative Easing prefer to site their hideaways in places they own already, like Connecticut or Martha’s Vineyard, or where gently smiling natives roam among banana trees, say Aruba or Chiang Mai. A fleet of Gulfstreams, helicopters and yachts is a corollary investment, as a hasty exit may be called for.

All that, and art. Although it was the Qatari tyrant — unlike the West’s “democratic” kind, he takes care of his people — who recently forked over $300 million for a Paul Gauguin painting, it was New York bankster Leon Black who bought Edvard Munch’s The Scream, in 2012, for $120 million.

Clever investment that, too, After all, when the demos they have rigged elects a sharia government in Amsterdam, or their feral dependents in New York fill 5th Avenue with chants of “Burn, whitey, burn,” some important museums are going to experience, shall we say, incidents. Which only means that the remaining part of the West’s cultural patrimony that’s in the Crooks’ vaults will skyrocket in value.

They never lose.

And what about the genus of Rank-and-Power Crook/Traitors, so thick on the ground in capital cities like Washington and London? Why, they own the generals, the MRAPs, the drones and the bombs; what, whom do they have to fear?

Those white racist heteronormative males who dumped the tea or signed the Declaration of Independence are sooo dead now, snowed under by the best legal minds Harvard’s endowment fund could assembly-line produce. Meanwhile, power is sweet, the perks from the involuntary taxpayers and the voluntary Money Crooks irresistible, the music is playing; how can one give up the dance?

And yet they are afraid, all of them; very afraid. And that’s the second answer.

They are doubling up on the malfeasance, to buy time. They are kicking the can down the street so that it may explode on someone else’s watch: maybe in two years, maybe in forty. They don’t care that by failing to stop the lies, the theft of capital financial and social, they are multiplying the force of the future explosion. The only thing that counts is “Après moi, le déluge”.

How nice that by opening the Migra floodgates — anything will do, whether Somalis in rowboats across the Mediterranean or Michoacáns in inner tubes across the Rio Grande — they are electing themselves a new people. A people that will be properly grateful and yearning for a firm guiding hand. Or not — but Crooks and Traitors are wired to gamble on no future consequences to their outsize gratifications.

And, they are doubling up on the Oppression, to prevent the subjects of all that malfeasance from rising against it or even discussing it.

Lastly, the Loons. They are doing it because they are not of a sound mind: reality does not exist for them. They will continue pushing on in their fanatical secular religion, heedless of Jeremiah’s (NIV, 13:23) rhetorical question “Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its spots?” Nor will they be able, ever, to absorb Jeremiah’s answer: “Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil.”

The Admission Speech

All of them: the leadership of all Western political, business and cultural institutions, should have faced the people a long time ago, and said:

We are sorry; we have made huge, catastrophic errors. We owe you the most contrite apology.

Immigration or even residence of Muslims in the West should never have been allowed. The World of Islam has waged war on us for 1400 years. It stopped only after we crushed it militarily in 1683 and continued pummeling it aggressively for another 130 years until it reverted to its other natural state, lassitude,

We woke Islam from its slumber by our current policy of invading them over there and importing them over here. Once here, they could witness how degenerate and stupid we have become, and resolved to renew their eternal campaign to subdue and convert us.

And over there, we foolishly meddled to betray and remove friendly dictators who were essential for maintaining stability. We wrecked and delivered into the hands of the most fanatic strains of Islam, successively: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria.

We armed Al Qaeda and ISIS. We naturalized as our citizens their sub-medieval soldiers.

We told you that you have to fight and die and lose limbs over there, or else you will have to fight them over here. But only those we continue importing from there, by the millions, can hurt us over here.

And when you won the fight over there, with bravery, honor and sacrifice, we court-martialed you and stripped you of your medals.

We generated millions of Muslim refugees there whom we were bound by our “European” and “American” values to bring over here, further destabilizing our societies.

Relocating millions of Blacks from Africa and from the Caribbean to the Euro peoples’ lands was not that wise, either. Enoch Powell — a far greater, more accomplished and honorable man than any of us — warned us in 1968, but we drowned him in shrieks and catcalls.

Shape-shifting Equal Opportunity for America’s Blacks into Equal Outcomes was even worse. We have turned as decent a merit-based system as humans, in their imperfection, have been able to construct, into a grotesque coconut plantation, ruled by truculent incompetents or graft-happy tribals, watered by trillions in misspent taxpayer and corporate dollars.

We may never be able to recover from the decline that this has brought on us.

Importing one fifth of Mexico’s population — at least 13.5 million legal immigrants and perhaps as many as 12 million of the probably 20 million illegals — was good for them and bad for you, even if the inner circle profited. Persecuting Jason Richwine for having stated the obvious truth that this will lower the collective IQ and competitiveness of the United States was sordid.

Hiding from you that the history of the New World is the history of the struggle between the Anglo and the Hispanic, pretending we could not foresee that what we secured from Mexico in 1848 in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo will revert, thanks to us, as a future Republica del Norte — that too was despicable.

Diversity kills.

We have debased your culture, stolen your children’s’ childhood, stolen your boys’ manhood and turned your daughters into empty souls and sluts.

We subjected millions of your daughters to rape and “grooming” by barbarians we imported even though we knew they were barbarians.

We were ringing the alarm on your low birth rate, while pushing gay and transgender on you and your children — lying through our teeth too that Heather could have two daddies.

We gave you female Ministers of Defense, female combat Marines, black female admirals, fat female Heads of Homeland Security, five-foot female lesbian Heads of Police. Your enemies abroad did no such thing to their peoples.

We spied on you and called you names and locked you in a steel cage of a million stupid laws, and burglarized your store of social capital, and treated you with contempt — while lying brazenly that you are “the people,” living in a free democracy.

We debased your savings and your pensions so that we could continue giving lavish perks to those demographic imports, and save centimillionaire Ponzis from the consequences of their own greed.

You voted against the European Union, so we forced you to vote again, until your vote was “acceptable.”

We joined Greece and Germany in the same financial system, as though a crab and a goat could be hitched to the same wagon.

We turned Europe into a “soft power” and then tried to encircle and humiliate Russia with the help of Ukrainian Nazis and a CIA coup d’état. How clever was that?

We believed everything that Stalin told us and New York Times reporters confirmed.

We believed that China was a benign, backward dust land that would be grateful for our support. We gave it everything: trillions in cash, technology, industrial know-how, military and space expertise. We educated China’s engineers, nuclear scientists and clever hackers of top-secret intranets. We destroyed our industrial base and shipped your jobs to China. We will soon be pizza deliverymen and wood choppers for Chinese colonists in America’s lebensraum, under watchful Chinese space stations.

We trained the Muslim scientists who built Islam’s nuclear weapons. We paid in gold for every agreement for “peaceful-only” use of nuclear technology in North Korea or Iran. We wrote a check for another quarter billion after every Palestinian promise of peace.

We should have read Wáng Jìngzé’s Book of Qi and its 36 Stratagems, extant since the 6th century. Instead, we nodded our heads in approval as a succession of Communist Party chairmen in China or Kims in North Korea spun tales of clever deception.

We should have read Abu-Hanifa on hiyal — out there since the eight century. We should have read Al-Bukhari on taqiyyah — out there since the ninth. Instead, we read Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter.

We should have read Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Aristotle, Cicero and Marcus Aurelius more, and Marcuse, Alinsky, Foucault, Obama and Susan Rice less.

We now fear for our own grandchildren. What we have engineered bears such striking parallels to the fall of Rome and its incipient Dark Ages that we can no longer pretend it’s business as usual.

We are still the smartest, most educated people among you. But we declare our iniquity; we are the most corrupt among you. And we are not the wisest but the stupidest.

Accordingly, we propose that each one of our countries convene an emergency Althing, resurrecting one of our oldest traditions. This special convention shall gather the 1000 wisest men and women in the country, known to be so by their writings, teachings, business, science, civic or military leadership. They will propose a list of cures for our various ailments, and you will vote on those in a national plebiscite.

All whose past acts and utterances reflect the toxic ideas that have brought us to this dire state shall be automatically disqualified either from shaping the solutions or from voting on them.

Disqualified also will be all members of factions that have been tearing us apart or pleading for other people’s money: racial, gender and sexual orientation factions, special interest or immigrant lobbies, NGOs and labor unions.

We too are disqualified. But if you give us a chance, if you work with us, we will atone by dedicating our lives to implementing what your wisest have advised and you approved.

We realize that there are legal obstacles to what we are proposing. But we have made mockery of your laws already, and travesty of your Constitutions. We have exempted us from them, too.

Forgive us. And let’s get to work, to undo the damage.

The Third Act

There was only one Saul who turned Paul.

No major Nazi ever apologized for the crimes of the Nazis. No major Communist ever apologized for the crimes of the Communists. At most, it’s an “acknowledgment,” like Russia’s 70 years-too-late admission of the Katyn massacre, or an apology that’s too late and invalid, like those by heads of state of the Federal German Republic, speaking for an entity different from the Nazi one that had committed the crimes.

It’s unlikely, therefore, that our ruling elite will see the light or admit to its culpability.

How does it end, then? What’s in the third act; what’s in the dénouement?

Well, for one, I am not the Cosmic Playwright; only Loons think they are. But I have followed his on-and-off-Broadway productions from the last 3500 years, and based on that I can attempt to deduce some common principles of his tradecraft.

First, there is little doubt that there is something very nasty, cataclysmic, in our future. Everyone knows that, except the Loons. That’s why the major Crooks and Traitors are dancing ever faster, bidding for real estate and major art works, stockpiling fascist laws and regulations, frangible bullets and client voters imported from all corners of the globe, holding Potemkin conferences and amping up the invective against “right-wing extremists” and “racists.”

More and more oppression is in the cards, not an admission.

Even in a quantifiable field such as economics, it’s impossible to predict the future reliably. The Top Head has engineered such a mess that half of the honest financial brains say we’ll go by inflation, and the other half say that we’ll go by deflation. Morgan Stanley has warned that the world, in its finances, is “revisiting the ghosts of the 1930s” — but it dare not say in what other ways the world is revisiting the 1930s.

There are some major political leaders now who have their heart in the right place: Marine Le Pen with respect to the sabotage of her country’s soul, Geert Wilders relative to the Islamic contagion, Rand Paul — the doctor who fights economic-financial syphilis.

There is a chance that if any of the three gets elected as the top political executive, he will start unpeeling not only the putrid layer that’s his “specialty” but go on to the other ones in the rotten-to-the core onion. Maybe that will inspire other countries too. But this is a possibility, not a probability.

For one, democracy is dead, contrary bleatings of the keepers of American Empire, Inc. notwithstanding. When the demos has been as adulterated, corrupted, brainwashed and dumbed-down as the Western peoples have been, what remains of democracy is the “cracy” — like in kakistocracy, i.e. rule by a clique of the looniest, most corrupt and most treasonous, which is what we have now.

We have finally arrived at the end of democracy’s natural life span, when everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else. They elect only those who promise to fulfill that desire or whose other lies are the most saccharine.

Hoping that democratic elections will stop the runaway train is not realistic.

On the periphery of the West, the Hungarians have an uncontaminated leader in Victor Orban, and, since Vaclav Havel the Czechs have proved adept at electing leaders who speak the truth about the diseases consuming the West.

Will salvation come from the East, as it did in 1683? Again, it’s just a small possibility.

There is a chance of some deus ex machina that will pop up to fix the mess that men make. It’s not a coincidence that Hollywood keeps cranking out megabudget films about extraterrestrials that land in Washington or hover above New York in spinning discs. Or about some cataclysmic natural disasters that are a secular version of the biblical Apocalypse.

The only difference is that instead of the Day of Judgment and Jesus’ second coming, whitey repents for his sins and joins the Third World: for instance, in The Day After Tomorrow (2004) the U.S. is frozen and destroyed by “global warming” [sic]. Surviving Americans flee to Mexico, the refugees are received with open arms, and they who were blind — morally, of course — now see.

I am not making this up.

Since we are trying to use our brains here, let’s discount deus ex machina. What remains?

No matter what happens, it’s likely that the Crooks and all but the most egregious Traitors will survive and thrive. They usually do. When the side they were defrauding or betraying wins, there is usually a “round table” to prevent “bloodshed.” Important Crooks and Traitors than don jerseys with the other team’s colors, assume positions of power again, and the show goes on.

It’s the Loons who suffer. The gnostic edifice (hat tip, Eric Voegelin) that they have built, brick by brick, over generations, caves in on them at the end. And so, I can see in my crystal ball Socialist Feminists as veiled breeding machines for their erstwhile Muslim comrades, and GLBT folks facing the full impact of their present allies’ sharia.

European Jews are already running for their lives from their fondest fantasy of multi-racial, multi-religious Europe — and those who remain still reject the only political movement that could check the expansion of the Jews’ persecutors. And Zionist American Jews have put in the White House — with nurturing, counsel, money and votes — the biggest enemy Israel has ever had in their country. They too are on their way to becoming the uncoolest minority — victims of the “diversity” that they have so tenderly nourished.

The repeated plot ingredient in Cosmic Playwright’s stage plays is that times of extreme Yin are followed by times of extreme Yang — and vice versa.

The meekest, most Yin period in the history of European Christianity was unfolding just as Rome had reached the peak of cruel, decadent Yang.

The opulent, Byzantine-mystical decadence of the Romanovs gave way to cold-eyed commissars in black leather coats, surviving on vodka and pickles.

The extreme Yin dissipation of the Weimar Republic was buried under a tidal wave of virile “Aryans” in SS uniforms, smashing Europe under their hobnailed boots and singing Sieg Heil Victoria.

Docile Scandinavian males bowing now to Somali or female testosterone [sic] were once the Special Forces of Byzantium, despoilers of Britannia and Scotland, impregnators of Ukraine and Russia. As late as the 17th century, Sweden alone, with a total population of one million, could field and train an army that conquered half of Europe. Now those soldiers wear hair nets and salute female superior officers.

For that reason, one who has studied the thinking of the Orient sees a future scenario based on the Tao principle that the bigger the front, the bigger the back. The bigger the (-) insanity the bigger the (+) insanity that follows.

Initially, quiet Angle dhimmis under the watchful eyes of their Pakistani Scotland Yard will be serving halal root beer to throngs of thirsty Muslim colonizers streaming out of mosques gold-plated with British taxpayers’ money. Progressive Normans will be jousting in faux medieval armor for the benefit of Chinese tourists, and ninth-generation American WASPs will be running the Mexican flag up the pole at the Alamo in Davey Crockett costumes.

But all that will whoosh into its antipolar extreme. Maybe, already, a man has been born with a magnetic personality, ascetic habits, burning eyes and a gift of speech that came directly from Mephistopheles. Second coming, of the antipolar kind. I once described the conditions for such an event even in the looniest of the Loonlands: Sweden (“The sitting goose and the arrow,” here).


Ultimately, even that ultimate scenario will turn, as the wheel of man’s stupidity turns. And maybe that turning will signify that, at last, a Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and Lafayette were born somewhere in the same year, and the age of deformed midgets is no more…

Nebuchadnezzar, by William Blake (1805, Tate impression, detail)

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For links to his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

104 thoughts on “Oppression Instead of Admission, Part IV

  1. Why are the elites doing what they are doing, with respect to the Mohammedan expropriation of the West? Maybe there is something to be learned from the circumstances that occurred near the end of the Roman Empire.

    I see a similarity between the how the Romans dealt with the Christians and how our elites are dealing with the Mohammedans. Christianity took center stage in the 4th Century AD when Constantine made it the official religion of the empire. This was the nadir or culmination, depending on perspective, of centuries of attempts by the Roman rulers to persecute Christians into conforming with religious inclusion. Foreign gods could be added to the pantheon, but all were required to pay homage to the gods, yours and the theirs. Unfortunately for the Romans’ obsession with inclusion, the Christians recognized such acts as sinful and refused to participate. They were exclusively monotheists. The Romans were offended and took action to encourage compliance: persecutions, executions, crucifixions. Unfortunately for the perplexed Romans, the punishments did not work. They actually had the opposite effect: the persecuted and executed Christians were admired by their coreligionists and were revered as martyrs. The Romans used all the tools in their toolbox and their effort failed.
    Today, the Mohammedans are upsetting the applecart of prevailing dogmas, one of which is inclusiveness. However, they are an exclusive lot harboring the goal of domination over their host. In response, our wise leaders are using all the tools that are available in their box: increase their importation; shower them with the fruits of the land; and coddle them. These tools are supposed to make the intolerant invaders become inclusive and fully integrated. However, the tools are not working. The Mohammedans are as intolerant as ever. But our elites can only conceive of the current tools being used. Maybe after all the tools are spent in futility, like the Romans, the elites will make Mohammedanism the official religion.
    Note that not all the Romans were in agreement with Constantine. Many resented losing their pagan religion. It was only a few years after Constantine that Julian the apostate reverted to his ancestral pagan religion.

    • Islam is within the West as a distraction to the real agenda by the Traitor Class, but make no mistake, it is also here to conquer whatever remains of the West. Christianity became embedded within Rome and Roman client states due to the many Jews who were already living in those areas and who were converting. Christianity is not imbued with an all conquering tenet, but to co-exist within the status quo while tolerating other belief systems. It was the Romans who took offence at their gods not being recognized while the Christians were happy to ignore them. Islam has a god that does not recognize any other god except Allah to the point of destroying all other belief systems, and unlike the Christians, there is no tolerance for anything but Islam.

      Now the shoe is on the other foot and the Traitor Class and its useful idiots find themselves bending over backwards to placate Islam and its voracious appetite for everything non-Islamic.

      Every useful idiot has God given common sense that they tend to suppress deliberately because of three basic human conditions they choose to not overcome. 1@2, fear and cowardice of a more aggressive belief system than what they have been raised to believe in. And 3, which then leads them to becoming aiders and abettors to Islam and just another member of the Traitor Class.

      • Very well said. The cowards among us deserve every thing coming their way, it’s bad they’re dragging the rest of us along in their deluded rush to appease everyone, especially in such huge numbers.

    • Re: “Maybe after all the tools are spent in futility, like the Romans, the elites will make Mohammedanism the official religion.”

      It is rumored that many of the elites and even some members of the royal family and nobility in Great Britain have already converted to Islam. They can read the tea leaves as well as anybody. Although those rumors can’t be fully-substantiated, such an occurrence would explain much of their behavior in recent years and decades. That, and some strategically-placed and very rich bribes from the billionaires in the Middle East.

  2. What a pessimistic article! Dear Lord it is worse than my essays but I always leave room for hope. Dear Mr Seiyo don’t let the Urban Useful Idiots fool you. The British populace is fully aware…….And will eventually do something about is all. They are not braindead like the so called “Professional Classes” of cowardly Metroblurbs full of brown excrement. Read the comments in the Media Reader’s remarks. All increasing hostile to the elite and Moslem pretensions. The pitchforks are out and being honed…

    For the first time in many years I have hope. Thousands of Stasi Met Coppers will not be able to withstand an angry populace- with all the hate laws they can muster- they’ll run for their lives.

    It will happen and soon. Ukraine is the key and US meddling. They’ll get a war alright and a nasty one but it won’t be with Russia.

    People I know from all walks of life are awake and bloody angry…..

  3. At 3:30 am I made a very wise decision. Instead of going to sleep, I read this very fine piece. Congratulations…

  4. Above all else, we should accept that all of the so-called democracies are, in reality, elective dictatorships.

    Before that happens, people like Takuan Seiyo will also need to accept that, for example, America’s “Founding Fathers” were a bunch of frauds who very carefully devised a constitution that guaranteed that the commoner would have no useful political power.

    I cannot see TS ever accepting such an unpleasant reality. He admires and venerates the founders far, far too much.

    The American constitution was an inspiration for many Latin American constitutions, with uniformly disastrous results. All ended up, at various times, as no better than horribly corrupt elective monarchies, the ongoing Venezuelan farce being but the latest example.

    What would be a preferable method for selecting genuine people’s representatives would be a type of jury democracy, selected by lot, who would possess absolute power (for a brief period) over the activities and career only of the elected politicians, and over those government bureaucrats who act outside the law or abuse their power.

    Until a suitable system is developed there is no point in praying for a coup d’état by a latter day Cromwell to sweep away the current groups of political cultists who control every elective dictatorship on this planet. They stay in power for a while then create a new elective dictatorship constitution with a few meaningless extra safeguards (think: ‘Chile’) and the farce involving the striving for power by organized political cultist lunatics repeats itself along almost exactly the same lines.

    It helps to clarify things if one develops the habit of describing the so-called democracies accurately.

    Elective dictatorship works for me, but perhaps a jury democracy is not everyone’s cup of tea, possibly because the common person is thought by many political cultists to be totally brainless, but then most people have not had my experience of two to three hundred committee meetings, in every capacity, involving every type of person from professionals to gardeners.

    • Re: Democracy
      You are right about the dictatorship angle. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers was in grafting the structures of a republic onto democracy. But even they could not foresee that provisions against tyranny by the majority could not handle the current plague of tyranny by the minority.

      Good, 100-page book by two Dutch libertarians: “Beyond Democracy; Why democracy does not lead to solidarity, prosperity and liberty but to social conflict, runaway spending and a tyrannical government.”

      Re: Founding Fathers
      You are much too harsh and unrealistic by describing them as “frauds.” They were — miraculously compared to our age — deeply aware of the inherent faults in man and in groups of men (e.g. factions), where an additional layer of dysfunction comes into play.

      The American Constitution’s provision of taking the vote for US Senators from the hands of the demos and placing it in state legislators was a stroke of genius precisely because of its intent to take some electoral power from the hands of the easily manipulable hoi polloi and placing it in a class that could be assumed to be smarter and better informed. Recall that it was American “Progressives” who tore down that “elitist” barrier in the 17th Amendment.

      I have this note in my files; not sure if those are my words or someone else’s:

      “Democracy has always been susceptible to manipulation of the simpletons, electoral fraud, and throwing money stolen from the future to buy votes in the present. The ’76 generation was different, for the great majority was raised with Protestant values of thrift, modesty and personal sovereignty. Even though there were profligate spenders and profiteers among the Founding Fathers, James Madison’s words ring the chimes of that age: “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

      Lastly, you commit the “progressive” error of equating and downplaying the differences between cultures. The Anglo version of democracy is an organic creature with deep and ancient roots. That it didn’t work in Latin America proves something about the Hispanic culture, not about Anglo democracy.

      BTW, it was Poland that was the 2nd country to adopt an “American” constitution. It didn’t work there either, as the nobility — the only people with political power then and there — would not accept limits on its privileges and prerogatives. Compare that to George Washington who voluntarily renounced any kind of power and privilege that he could have possibly wanted.

  5. So let’s repeat the question: Why Are They Doing It?

    Well, let’s look at the situation in the UK. If both chairmen of the British Conservative party were Muslims from Iranian backgrounds and money flowed into Tory coffers from the extremely powerful lobby-group Conservative Friends of Iran, the answer would be obvious: because a hostile group was in control of British politics. But both chairmen of the Conservative party are in fact red-headed Presbyterians from Scottish backgrounds and money flows into Tory coffers from Conservative Friends of Scotland. So it really is puzzling, isn’t it?

    Hamish MacLeod — Tory chairman #1

    Andrew MacAlister — Tory chairman #2

    Conservative Friends of Scotland

    • “Why Are They Doing It?”

      Oil is going to run out. The elite require a totally submissive Demos by the time that happens.

      Islam will give them this. Provided they use islamic justifications for their exercises in brutal tyranny, a muslim Demos/Ummah will accept it.

      • Joe-

        I believe that you are precisely right in your belief that the elite see Islam as a they can use to produce the submissive Demos they require for their globalist vision.

  6. To the following list of the Left Loon category you identify:

    “Socialist and Green politicians are a prize specimen [of the Left Loon category], as are, disproportionately, Jews, Scandinavians, women, artists, lawyers, journalists, teachers, academics, and the gullible young.”

    one should add gays or rather the homosexualists, who are not necessarily homosexual. The “feminist-multiculturalist-homosexualist Project” has had white, heterosexual males, ie the Patriarchy, in its sights since the late 60’s. And it has enjoyed astounding success. Breathtaking success in my relatively short lifetime. The reason for that success is not the inherent worthiness of the ideas propagated but found deeper into your essay:

    “The third kind [of Crook] are the little rank-and-file opportunists whose fraud is committed daily against truth, goodness, decency, honor, God (or the laws of Cosmic Homeostasis, or Karma, if you prefer).”

    There is of course an overlap between the Left Loons and Crook segment 3. I spent several years in the civil service a couple of decades ago and the above kind of Crook were the only ones who prospered. They were willing to go along publicly with the imposed parameters of correct thinking, stand by or join in as the heretics were marginalized or outcast and participate in groupthink dishonesty. Every so often the conscience of even one of these would drive them to make a tiny bleat of protest over blatantly distorted hiring and promotional practices and their career would stall for years. The diligent and decent, overwhelmingly overlapping, did not prosper.

    Given what I have witnessed in the private sector over the past two decades (where a good proportion of fees are earned from public sector clients) this rot has extended outside the public sector, academia and journalism. Apparently even to the military forces of Western nations.

    Perhaps you are right about where some degree of salvation may come from: there are some very encouraging signs from the satellite countries of the former Soviet bloc, notably the Czech Republic and Estonia. One can be certain that neither of those, nor Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania or Poland, will go the way of Sweden or Norway. Finland looks wobbly, but I suspect the Finns will wise up soon.

    BTW I do very much appreciate this pithy gem from your linked essay from TBJ:

    “In Great Britain, miracles of Loon transfiguration cast rough and stupid socialist women in comedic parts as Cabinet Ministers and ethnocentric Pakistani Muslims in the robes of Peers of the Realm.”

    I need not name the “rough and stupid socialist women” as Britons know them well enough. I cannot help but put myself in the place of an 80 year old English-born person as they gaze in awe and disgust upon the antics of Baroness Warsi and, the convicted criminal, Lord Ahmed. And wonder: how on earth did this happen in and to the England they knew 1940-1970? I’d always thought that the wholly hereditary House of Lords was a “bad” anachronism that needed replacement by an elected upper chamber of Parliament. Now Britain has the worst of both worlds: unelected appointees who almost exclusively owe their peerages to … anything but honest public service and the doing of good works.

    The state of Britain must be heartbreaking to those who endured the rationing and privation of the war and immediate post-war years (I believe that rationing finally ended on the last categories of consumer goods in the early 50’s) especially those who lost a parent or a sibling in the war.

    • Re: Warsi and Ahmed

      Consistent with my default mode of finding fault with our own and dealing with it as an avenue of containing the depredations of “the other,” I must say that my favorite in this category is Home Secretary Jacqui Smith — she who renamed Muslim terrorism “anti-Islamic activity,” and described fanatical “Asian”-Muslim terrorists as “criminals whose victims come from all walks of life, communities and religions.” It rounds out the portrait deliciously that (if I recall) she took tax deductions on her sister’s home and on her husband’s porn-for-pay hotel charges.

      While I don’t know anything about the fiscal integrity of Smith’s “Conservative” replacement, Theresa May, she seems to be just as dim in her upstairs compartment as Smith was, e.g. per http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/dec/14/may-students-no-water-cannon and http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023932/London-riots-2011-Theresa-May-rules-tough-action-vigilantes-defend-shops.html#ixzz1UaJRArvM

      • And there I was thinking you were writing of Harriet Harman aka “Harperson” and Catherine Ashton! Completely forgot about Jacqui Smith – never trust anyone with a weird spelling of a traditional name – the one who banned Geert Wilders at Lord Ahmed’s urging/blackmail. I’m sure she was the second home MP expenses diddler with hubby’s porn habit also paid for by the taxpayer.

        • The old hippies are still putting their copy machine girls into positions of power as payment for sex.

  7. Postscript: The following from your linked TBJ article of 2010 (!) also deserves meritorious mention and perhaps should have been included in the main essay:

    “An even greater problem is that the destroyers and looters have been in sole purview of culture and education for so long that hardly any under-50 Whites remain who have retained their own mind and its link to their uniquely magnificent Western heritage.”

    The Gramscian project here has been ultra-successful. My young teenaged daughter came home from high school today having received 99% in a Geography quiz whereby one had to name 100 countries on a world map without any text (she missed Moldova). The girl sitting next to her got 30% and the second highest mark was 63%. She informed me with disgust that “we are taught that Australia has two hundred Aboriginal tribes, but we learn nothing about any countries other than China, the USA and Germany”.

    Not much hope that the virtues of Western civilisation are going to be taught to children when the History texts they are fed are written by Howard Zinn and, wait for it, Oliver Stone.

    • Julius, I would suggest there is a ‘social antidote’ to that ‘educational’ problem that is quite rampant throughout the ‘education’ system, and that is the increasing attendance of the public, especially the younger folk, who are turning up at ANZAC DAY ceremonies every year.

      The rate of attendees has been steadily increasing since the 1980s.

      While our education standards have been slipping away and Church attendances dwindling, ANZAC DAY stands out as a beacon of an Australian tradition that no other Western country can match.

      So we may not be able to name 100 countries or make 2+2=4, but by God we know where we came from and precisely who we are. And going on what passes for nationalism or patriotism today, that growing ANZAC tradition goes against all the odds.

      • Yes, I recall in the 90’s the pundits predicted that ANZAC Day attendance would drop away as the last of the 1914-1918 Diggers died off. Attendances not only stabilized, but kept on rising though; not inexplicable as people crave a genuine form of patriotic expression. As I have written before ANZAC Day has become Australia’s de facto national day, with Australia Day a booze-soaked meaningless public holiday.

        • Re the above ‘ANZAC DAY–my little native country also contributed, not just Oz, so it would be nice if you’d refer to Anzac day as ‘Australasian’, not just ‘Australian’.

          • No disrespect intended Peter35. But I was referring to the upsurge of ANZAC DAY attendance in Oz. I have no info on whether the Kiwis have also embraced this day as a national patriotic day like we have here.

            Besides, ANZAC contains its own reference to our cousins across the ditch.

        • I slight disagreement with your assessment of Australia Day – a day that has never really gelled with the Australian public until now.

          You may recall the so called ‘Cronulla Riot’ of December, 2005, when hundreds of our young folk vented their displeasure onto some young men of ‘Middle Eastern’ appearance, and who were driven by the lack of concern from authorities for what young Lebanese Muslim men were doing, and had been doing for years to native Australians at beaches up and down the east coast and the
          beating up of two Lifeguards at one of the beaches by several of our ‘cultural enrichers’ a few days prior to that ‘riot’ considered as being the last straw?

          You may also recall that prior to Australia Day coming around (Jan 26, 2006) several Harbour side councils issued warnings to people intent on attending a picnic around the Harbour not to display Australian Flags as they were likely to offend the ‘cultural enrichers’, who in all probability, would not have been in those locations anyway on that day.

          Such is the stupidity and cowardice of the Traitor Class!

          Can you recall the literally thousands of Australian Flags displayed on that day, displayed and waved about out of Patriotism and obvious contempt for the council warnings?

          Have you not noticed the increasing number of Australian Flags that are now flown from every conceivable location on Australia Day now?

          • Yes, the 2005 Cronulla “Riots” did bring about a shift insofar as the wearing of Australian flags (and flag-motifed bikinis and boardshorts) on Australia Day goes, which is a positive development.

            What I noticed with pleasure the last time I attended the Martin Place Dawn Service (I usually attend my local suburban Dawn Service) was the very large number of Chinese Australians present: parents and children. They weren’t there in the 70’s.

            I have never seen a burka, a niqab or a hijab at any Anzac Day dawn service. And I’ve been looking for them.

    • ‘An even greater problem is that the destroyers and looters have been in sole purview of culture and education for so long that hardly any under-50 Whites remain who have retained their own mind and its link to their uniquely magnificent Western heritage.”
      This may be true BUT – here in the american South we still remember, and we teach our children about our great Western/European heritage, and about the liberty we once had and shall have again. We have known defeat at the hands of the so called elite – NEVER AGAIN. This time it will come home to their cities as well. The big northern cities filled with welfare cases – you know the types- this is their power base(or hive.) They have to feed these leeches and provide for them. What if – theoretically – [intemperate recommendations redacted]. Let the hive destroy their masters. Let them do the work for us. The so called elite will not be able to control their own cities, so they wont have time to come for us. We will already be there coming for them and they will flee into the night. One more thing – did I mention we are already armed to the teeth and teaching/taught our women and children how to shoot? We are waiting – but patience is not passive, it is active concentrated strength. We are thought to be irrelevant.
      When you look at the history of insurgencies, there is some watershed moment, some metamorphosis, where relevancy is gained. Before they were relevant, they were irrelevant, but waiting. Waiting doesn’t sound like much sometimes, but I’ll close with a quote.
      “Beware the fury of a patient man. ” John Dryden
      Thank you for the series – greatly enjoyed it.

  8. as an israelite it is mortifying to see jews (rightly) listed first on the roll call of “real loons.” i wish i knew how to persuade my coreligionists to get off the train while they still can. let more writers speak frankly of the masochistic, un-american jewish support for leftism. perhaps it will get their attention.

    • You probably need to start to educate your fellow citizens into realizing that Nazism is not of the Right as is pushed by today’s collective academia and media, but of the Left, the very same people they uphold!

      • I’ve just read Chil Rajchman’s “Treblinka: a Survivor’s Memoir”. Grim indeed, and the Ukrainian guards rival the Germans for sadism.

        The author says that among the SS men “there were some who had come from the working class, former members of the Communist Party”.

        • The movie, Escape from Sobibor, a Nazi death camp on the Polish Border has Ukrainian guards dealing out much of the ‘punishment’ toward the inmates.

          Nazism/Communism = almost two sides of the same coin.

    • There is a ray of hope: Jewish Britons once overwhelmingly supported the Labour Party, but I have read recently that they now overwhelmingly vote Conservative.

      There were many factors, I suspect that Margaret Thatcher having four Jewish cabinet ministers broke the notion that the Tories were not a place for Jews. Also Thatcher was the protege of the (Jewish) Keith Joseph.

      The same dynamic is in very slow progress in Australia.

      I’ll be long dead, I suspect, before the American Jewish community give up on their unwavering and breathtakingly high support (85%!) for the Democratic Party.

  9. I can only offer my sincere gratitude and thanks to Takuan Seiyo for his insightful essays. I am an 80 yr. old who looks about himself with utter dismay as the culture that I was conceived in, born, and raised committing suicide before my very eyes. It has become depressingly apparent to me, that no one is present who can halt this runaway train. I am surrounded by even blood relatives who have become willing adherents to the predominant narrative that is being driven by every major institution in this country.
    I have the extra burden of seeing the profession that I worked in for 40 yrs. emasculated and essentially destroyed. ( I am a retired physician.)
    I realize with the help of Mr. Seiyo, that this disaster that I am living through has now gone beyond recovery. As we use to comment in medicine when confronted with a terminally ill patient: “He is circling the drain!” So is this culture!
    With the new changes proposed for the internet by the FCC, I fear that the essays from this writer and others, as well as Gates of Vienna will be eradicated. So I once again give my sincere thanks and gratitude to all!!!

    • Ditto from me, also an appalled physician. HOW did we let this disaster happen, and where are my physician colleagues in efforts to rescue our sorry nation? When I retired, my department had 140 faculty members, and I was the only overt and publicly acknowledged Republican. There were no members who were avowed Conservatives or Tea Party members. A few members were to the right on some issues but kept safely in their self-imposed closet. I have deep and wide contempt for all who have brought this about. The hardest part of the 2012 election was the need to recognize the debased quality of my fellow citizens.

      • Laura, if there were no right or left paradigm that tends to galvanize political ideals into one camp or the other, there would only be the right way of doing things while those of the Left would be forced to curtail their obsessive need to control everything around them or be considered criminals.

        It is the political divide, that permits under the guise of political legitimacy for the Left, the dismantling of what has been proven to work while allowing them to insist on introducing those things that do not work based on feel good or just plain malfeasance and treacherous undermining.

        There must be a better system of government than allowing two political parties the keys to the nations wealth and wellbeing.

      • All of my medico friends (friendships which began three decades ago) are of the centre-left, though some occasionally show signs of rational thought. A radiologist friend and I once passed a woman in “Black Mobile Object” (Trade Mark Reg’d) outfit and he remarked “I find that offensive”, but he knew he was safe with me expressing such views.

        Once I met a psychiatrist, in 2009 I recall, who for some reason I mentioned the name Mark Steyn to. I think it was safe apolitical reference I had made. I was stunned when he quietly told me that he had bought six copies of “America Alone” to give to friends and family members for Christmas. We conversed in low voices like members of the White Rose in Nazi Germany. What a pleasant evening that was.

        The bizarre thing is that medicos and lawyers, as self-employed (mostly) professionals, have much more to lose than many other occupational groups in a Leftist statist economy.

  10. I am now seventy years old, but from when I was a young child I was taught that each and every privilege carried with it a corresponding and countervailing responsibility or suite of responsibilities. As such it is my heresy to believe that Rule is a privilege, and chief among the responsibilities thereof is loyalty downward from above to those over whom one rules.

    And, yes, I believe that the Body Politic of the United States is circling the drain.

    • The commenter, Ahem, above, does not understand that the Founders had just such a sense of reciprocal obligation.

      Without ascribing the following view to him, I think it is the leftists who are without that view of reciprocal obligation. Political dominance is a license to dictate to “the masses” what is good for them. The avuncular G.B. Shaw had this to say on that, though it was an unintentional insight he was providing:

      “Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.”

      Shaw assumed he would be one of the “discoverers,” needless to say.

  11. Very smart, insightful guy, with fantastic powers of perception. Perhaps correct in his analysis. The British are waking though – as the good Bishop has already said. Our establishment class have been smart enough to historically keep the majority under control, as exemplified by their control of firearms. The British once awaken are mindlessly bloodthirsty and psychopathic in their fury, quite prepared to die fighting.

    • One of the lessons of the last century is that civilian disarmament is the harbinger of indecent designs on the peoples’ liberty.

      If the idea of armed resistance to the State is mostly fanciful at this time, it is still true that the personal handgun is the lawful person’s first line of defense against interpersonal criminal aggression.

  12. A brilliant well thought out essay to what ails the West in the 21st Century – the supposed enlightened century.

    And a graphic picture of a pessimistic nightmare that awaits those of us who are not awake and realizing what is now going on.

    Well done!

  13. “Real Loons are of the Left; they answer to all the main definitions of insanity in their perpetual quest to improve the world despite constantly repeated evidence that they are destroying it.” – TS.

    “One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals – justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution.”

    Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (p. 237). Random House. Kindle Edition.

  14. To place this essay in the context of unfolding events, it’s useful to connect the dots between these mainly-American news items from a single day, Feb. 24, 2015. I culled these headlines mostly from Matt Drudge’s website, and added some clarifying redacting:

    Population Replacement

    Texas Governor: 20,000 ILLEGALS CROSSED IN LAST 60 DAYS…

    Muslim immigration to USA outpacing immigration from Mexico, Central America…

    Half of residents in NYC speak language other than English at home…40% now foreign-born

    Sudanese Refugees Sue Ron Howard Over Movie ‘Exploitation’

    Polio Poised for Comeback

    Leaked Obama government email: Border Patrol Told to Curtail Deportation Orders…

    Democratic politician: Amnesty Will Decide Who Controls Country…

    and still:


    Monetary malfeasance

    U.S. Federal Reserve Chairwoman: DON’T AUDIT US!



    Homeownership Hits 20-Year Low…

    Cultural malfeasance

    Rev. Graham: America ‘Morally Crumbling Within’…

    The Guardian: Young women flocking to witchcraft

    CNN: Young women flocking to ISIS

    Leviathan thriving

    17,000 federal employees made more than $200,000 last year

    Restricting Free Speech

    ‘Net Neutrality Rules’ — FUTURE OF ENTIRE INTERNET AT STAKE’

    FCC chief pressed to release Web “neutrality” rules

    Regs will make net as slow as in Europe

    New Rules give govt wider authority over television programming

    CIA looks to expand its online spying capabilities

    YAHOO exec, NSA chief clash over data privacy

    Dar al-Islam dancing pirouettes around stupid West

    ISIS abducts 90 Syrian Christians…

    Saudi Arabia condemns man to death for renouncing Islam

    European rabbis hold self-defense training


    Iran: USA Desperate…

    Russia, China, dancing pirouettes around stupid West

    Russia Parades Missile Threatening to Blow Up Obama…

    Lithuania to reinstate conscription amid fears

    Fireballs Spotted Over Western USA from a Chinese Rocket


      It is wrong to think The People don’t get it. The tidal wave election of Republicans in 2010 and 2014 was a cry from The People to STOP OBAMA and his minions. That is why this latest cave by the Republicans on amnesty is the worst of the many bad headlines at Drudge. They now have the power, control of both houses of Congress, to STOP OBAMA. And they won’t do it. The entire ruling class, both parties, is against us. That is the horror of our situation. But don’t sell us short. Don’t sell the American People, an ARMED people, short.

      • I share your sentiment, up to a point. I’d say that at most 1/3 of Americans get it, i.e. somewhat less than half of the white ones. That is better than Western Europe on similar issues and a bone large enough to stick in the craw of the gobbling monster. But the other side is moving so rapidly, with so much high power, leaders, endless money, and the Americans who get it are leaderless and have no funding to speak of. That’s the tragedy of the situation.

        • Once must think of and perhaps be like the Phoenix. As Age creeps up on me and I watch all I thought wholesome, precious and fair slip through me hands like sand, grain by ever increasing grain, I refuse to buy into the ‘total’ tragedy of the situation but realize many of us may have to fall, one way or another so perhaps something better than so many of us built can be born.

          We are an armed citizenry and there is no difference between the multi-headed snakes that lurk on the left and right, domestic, foreign or of illegal alien invaders no matter where they steal in from. Traitors of the collective, no matter their stripes will became fair game and quite quickly I might add. There is NO voting our way out of this.

          Your essays TS, are like fresh water to one who has wandered the desert far too long. I see bleakness, blood and death BUT I see far beyond this, past my lifetime more than likely. Perhaps I be foolishly optimistic which is not me nature. Excellent and so very well said.

          • Thank you, Patriot,

            I am not dispirited myself, nor aim to engender depression in the reader. To the contrary.

            I keep mentioning in my writings three great military men, whose wisdom should serve us. The first two, Sun Tzu and John Boyd were apart by a couple thousand years, but both based their wise strategic counsel on first knowing your enemy and knowing yourself, before deciding on a course of action and implementing it.

            The third one, Lewis “Chesty” Puller was (you know but readers from other countries don’t) a U.S. Marines commander, a colonel during the Korean War. He is an icon for knowing how to bear yourself when you face the situation we are facing: “We are surrounded by the enemy. They can’t get away from us now.”

        • Very true sir. But a leaderless resistance cannot be found and defeated. A pauper with a knife is still dangerous. Not singing their praise but the IRA comes to mind. The Green Book is very useful.

      • Thank you, @ricpic, for that great reminder, not to sell ourselves (the American people) short. I just hope it’s not too late; for “the American People” mostly seem to still believe that voting “R” will make a difference.
        I’m not sure they have yet realized that “D” and “R” are two sides of the same coin.

    • “Polio Poised for Comeback”. Indeed; refusal to immunise children, whether for “religious” or other reasons, endangers all.

      • Polio is still rife within the Third World Mark, it is the importation of the Third World that is bringing with it its many unchecked diseases, such as TB, and not the refusal of a tiny minority within the West to immunize their children.

      • The U.S. didn’t have a Measels or Entero virus problem until Obama opened the flood gates to a bunch of disease carrying jungle dwellers from Central America and placed them all over the country.

  15. You mention Enoch Powell in your piece T.S. he truly was a great British prime minister we never had – what a brilliant intellect.

    • Agree on intellect, but that alone is insufficient. What Powell was too is a common soldier, private, who made it to Brigadier General (if I recall). It’s only when intellect is married to an experience of combat and commanding men in combat when greatness can be born, and a sound insight into the nature of reality. Think Churchill and Patton, all the great Greeks and Romans of antiquity — and Powell, too.

      • It was one of the great regrets of Powell’s life that he never saw combat. The army realized the value of his brain, so despite his repeated requests to go into action – none was ever granted.

        • Thanks; I stand corrected. Another exemplary military man, John Boyd, whom I cite often, also had a negligible combat record. He was a fighter pilot briefly in the Korean War, then a a flight instructor and eventually had a long stint behind a desk where he was shunned by the top brass. Yet he had more insight into the tactics of combat than any of them. So perhaps it’s enough for a great brain just to spend some years in the military and experience that mode of thinking and being, as a catalyst.

        • Powell did do extensive and valuable work in army intelligence in at least two theatres. So whilst he didn’t command combat troops in battle, he wasn’t a military paper pusher in Whitehall.

          He was also appointed, as an outside applicant, a full Professor in languages at Sydney University at 23 years old or a similarly young age.

          • He wasn’t stuck in Whitehall, but he wasn’t permitted to fight at the front either in the far East or in Europe.
            He was elected a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge aged 22 and offered the chair in Greek at the University of Sydney at 25 – the youngest of his rank in the British Empire.

  16. I do have one question. What is the law regarding dhimmi killing dhimmi in Sharia? Because, no matter what happens to our countries when it comes to immigration from Islamic countries, I would like to think that the traitors will pay.

    • Dhimmi means “protected”. And the job of their overlords is to do just that. I.e. – if they get killed, to avenge their deaths. Unless they’re killed by someone adhering to the Religion of Peace – you can’t simply kill a “brother”, even in revenge… so, no easy way out 🙂

    • Those dhimmis who assist the rise of islam will be protected and given an honorific status relative to the others who will be enslaved.

      The non-muslims who helped Mohammed come to power were called the Ansar. For years now a group of us have been referring to the Useful Idiots as “the Ansar”.

      Those who do not understand the mechanism by which Mohammed came to power are helpless. This is why the elite do now want the Demos to know any of the details of the life of Mohammed. Despite muslims causing manifest problems in western countries since the 1970s, when have you ever seen TV or newspapers explain the story of Mohammed’s rise to power? I’m not even asking that they tell of his violent domination from the viewpoint of the victims (as is common with PC history these days): they will not even inform the Demos of the islamic accounts of his rise to power.

      The life of Mohammed is key. That the media will not allow this subject to be discussed is key.

    • Thanks!
      I do remember something about how after Khomeini came to power in Iran there were lots of execution of lefties who helped him take over. I may be wrong about that.

  17. I sincerely believe that leftism (They don’t use the “C” word any more) is responsible for all the trouble in the world today. Check back and you will see that I am right.

  18. Re: “As soon as Part III of this work went to print, asserting in its penultimate paragraph that the worse things are the more the Rulers mash the throttle pedal of the runaway train, they upped the ante, again” and “The Guardian informed that Great Britain worries about too few Muslims in its army and aims to bolster their recruitment.”

    Indeed, Britain’s elites have upped the ante again – and very dangerously. The United Kingdom is a nuclear power – and the Royal Navy has “boomers,” i.e., ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) of the H.M.S. Vanguard class, under its command. Each of these vessels is armed with Trident II MIRV submarine-launched ballistic missiles – each with twelve nuclear warheads. These vessels compliment the RN’s fleet of attack or hunter-killer submarines, which are capable of hunting other subs, as well as launching such formidable non-nuclear weapons as Tomahawk cruise missiles.

    It is no exaggeration to state that the modern ballistic missile submarine is the single most-formidable weapon on earth. These are the weapons that the crown and the RN plans upon entrusting to Muslims whose basic loyalties to Britain are far-from-being above reproach? Foolish does not even begin to describe such irresponsible and feckless behavior. Why, it is almost as foolhardy as allowing a de facto Muslim and Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer to become your president!

    • Why, if I did not know better, I would think that you were referring to our own Muslim-in-Chief! Yes, we are in the throes of sliding down the slippery slope aided and abetted by the Marxist and Muslims in our midst, however I hope that our armed resistance will win the day. Voting R is nothing but frustration.

  19. Well, seeing as we can all more or less see what’s going to happen a few decades down the line – maybe we can start preparing for it in some way?
    Get combat training, form self-defence groups, bury time capsules with records of our culture for someone to find, or invest in places like Wyoming. Or maybe, just maybe, it would be possible to wake the great masses from their slumber? However – their number’s getting rapidly smaller (or at least those among them, whose loyalties are not, for reasons purely of their parentage, with the “enrichers”), so that “gifted orator” that Takuan alluded to may find he’s got a dwindling fanbase.

    With time, the odds will only go down exponentially. The “Osama generation” – the kids born after 2001, who among the enrichers were disproportionately named after the most notorious bearer of that name (80% of baby boys in one region of Nigeria, I recall) are 14 years old now, and rapidly nearing adulthood. Soon they’ll be at the age when they can pick up a weapon, and move of to Raqqa – or perhaps stay to sow chaos and destruction where they are. Or they’ll be like everyone else, and decide to be cogs in the big global corporate machine, being grateful for a long-hours, mediocre-pay job that may entitle them to a small flat in outer London. The big question – will they give up on the “big fight”, when their religion is on the verge of final victory, and their potential opponents are rapidly diminishing in.number?

    Hence our best bet to do something to oppose what’s happening is NOW. In a few years, who knows if our chances wiwll be any better than the Christians of Egypt, Iraq or Syria?

  20. Ladies and Gentlemen!
    Never has your vote been so important!!!

    The so called “Elite” are a bunch of naive but highly dangerous cabals. They are also
    CRIMINALS in every sense of the word. Their continued existence in office is a
    clear and present danger to all of Humanity.They must be removed, either through
    the ballot or by other means but this situation of global ongoing wars and so called
    “Regime Change” that is now targeting Russia- a state that has over a million men
    under arms with nuclear weapons-enough to wipe out Europa and more- must be
    the line in the sand! Otherwise deaths will ensue in the billions. Russia is rightly
    defending its interests against vultures like Soros and bankers’ greed that know no bounds.
    We have but one last chance to change this situation peacefully.

    Millions have been killed in Iraq and our armed services are supplying and supporting
    ISIS with arms and military support. Two or even three RAF aircraft have already been
    shot down dropping supplies to the Islamic State-“Kalifate”. These murderous swine,
    most of whom speak English are NATO mercenaries under contract and we all know
    how wicked and cruel they have been- crucifixion, burnings, rape and God knows what!!

    Now the criminal Cameron is sending British
    troops to Ukraine too- a Nazi regime that has killed 50,000 in the recent “civil war” in which
    the Ukrainian Army deserted in droves or refused to fight so Neo Nazis were used and
    then soundly defeated by people who knew how to fight. Ukraine has been part
    of Russia for centuries and is the home of the “Rus” and Orthodox beliefs. This war
    is a travesty. Your Government is supporting the murderers of 6,000,000 Jews and 80,000,000
    lives 70 years ago. Is this what you want?

    We simply cannot allow this to happen! We MUST ACT!

    In May we have a chance
    to change the situation and rid the world of this Bubonic human plague-vermin.
    Despite the fact I was ejected from UKIP for being “Islamophobic” and I belong to
    no Party now except the Human Race and perhaps the Humour Race- for the only
    thing one can do is laugh or cry at the hysteria coming out of US and UK Governments
    now; the same hysteria that once issued from the defunct USSR that I with
    thousands of others faced off in the 1980’s in uniform and made by Russian
    Communist versions of what we have now in the likes of Criminals like Hague,
    Cameron, Nuland, “Death’s-head Mcain” and Obama- I would ask you all to vote
    UKIP or any other National Party. Anything but the fake fraudulent treasonous
    murderous scum and gangsters that currently daily steal our birthrights from us.

    I cannot underline the seriousness of our peril. It is literally Life or Death.

    I put my loyalty to my Country and civilisation above personal angst, as should you!

    I also recommend Paul Weston and Liberty GB.

    Bishop Guy Leven-Torres
    Traditional Old Catholic Church
    Windsor Diocese UK

    • Well put, and the best of British luck for you, your patriotic countrymen, and your country, come May.

      Evidence please? Mark, are you kidding??????

        • All true Mark, and so is the US Air Force under ‘misdirected’ air drops.

          It is not the Bishop who is ill-informed.

          Do you visit other internet sites that are up to speed with what is actually occurring around the world?

          • Sometimes, Nemesis; those I’ve seen tend to the ridiculously paranoid, on a par with “Jewish (or masonic, etc) conspiracies”

            If you know some sane ones, please pass it on.

          • Mark, try; infowars.com- Canada Free Press – Richard Fernandez – Servando Gonzalez – Bernard Gaynor Blog – Australian Conservative – Quantum online, for starters.

            These are just some of the reputable blogs out there, although I have to say that infowars tends to be a bit melodramatic, but the above will also have links to other reputable sites that are worth looking at.

            Happy reading.

          • I would not classify infowars as “reputable”. I know of at least one instance when Alex Jones doctored a video — stitched two pieces of footage together that were originally separate — to make it seem like something it wasn’t. Totally unacceptable.

            They’re not the only site to engage in that type of dishonesty, of course. It’s fairly routine nowadays.

            Their reports from the Bundy Ranch were invaluable, but I would still take a lot of their stuff with a grain of salt… and sometimes a whole shakerful.

          • You’ll get no disagreement from me as far as the infowars site goes – I detect an agenda there as well.

            But, at least the stories are up regardless of how factual or distorted they may be – which is left to the reader to discover.

            And that is far better than what the Collective media conspire to put out as ‘News’.

  21. Here’s a little something that might make you smile: guardian opinionage getting hammered BTL.

    One of the most highly rated comments by a long way is “If after seeing beheading videos these girls were not appalled and chose to travel to marry these murderers: then they are NOT vulnerable.

    Stop kidding yourself, and stop lying to non-muslims please.”

    If even Graudian readers are catching onto Kitman then maybe Jihad Watch, GoV, are getting the message through, either that or people are just figuring it out for themselves.

  22. Takuan, in para 18 you refer to the adoption of Mursi lip and ear fashions. Maybe they’re all the rage in Japan, but I’ve yet to see any in multi-culti and -ethnic London!

    Your swipe at African and Caribbean immigrants to Europe (para 52) takes a blunderbuss approach; many of these, like those of South Asian origin (especially Sikhs and Hindus, some of whom were genuine refugees) just want to work hard and do well for their families; not an ignoble aim.

    • Mark,

      I have seen Mursi body fashions in the United States, plenty — and worse, with my own eyes. Just enter “piercing,” “scarring,” “fashion implants,” “grafted horns” “inserting discs” and other such in you google and study the photos.

      As to Black immigrants,, the point is not whether they work hard. As a matter of act there are plenty of Muslim immigrants who work hard too, and cause no trouble. The point is that even with all that, our related social costs –both the measurable ones and the less tangible (e.g. “Social capital”) — far exceed whatever benefits we get from the presence of those immigrants.

      Immigration is supposed to benefit the receiving country. Whether it benefits the immigrants is a point only for them to consider, and of little concern to us. We don’t NEED all those immigrants, except “to rub Tories’ faces” in and to provide a servant class for the Crooks and Traitors. All those “economic” argumennts you hear are twaddle that may be deconstructed in an instant — you just need to have studied the issues impartially.

    • Mark, when was the last time you went to London? Tell me how all that diversity and cultural enrichment is really working out. I’m sure there are some notable exceptions to the rule, but overall the larger the numbers of any group of ‘importee’ the greater the ‘congregation’ will all stick together to the expense of cohesion, and the general well being of the host country.

      It’s occurring under your very nose and yet you do not see it?

      • I live in London, Nemesis. And in reply to Takuan above, I’m aware that non-EU immigrants to the UK are a net financial drain, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t contribute.

  23. Post Scriptum

    “Oppression Instead of Admission” may induce a sense of helpless resignation in the reader, but it shouldn’t. It’s true that I’ve let some 16,000 words flow to describe in just how many ways the peoples of the West have been traduced, sabotaged and sold down the river — and I haven’t offered any useful advice what to do about it.

    But that isn’t because there is nothing we can do about it. Rather, it’s because the subject is too rich, and must be treated separately. In my personal circumstances — and Gates of Vienna’s too, I believe — gingerly too, for neither is well equipped to handle the two-headed monster’s retribution. Particularly that of its Top Head, i.e. the Government-Media-Big Money-Big Law cabal.

    Some are less so constrained. Matthew Bracken, who was kind enough to post a positive comment in this string, happens to be one of the bravest resistors, and not coincidentally, for he is a former SEAL. Mr. Bracken is the author of several “imagined future” novels in which he has outlined a scenario quiet a bit more lively than what we can or should discuss here. After all, we are not former commandos, which has the added disadvantage that when we are taken away to a re-education/rehabilitation facility, former SEAL buddies won’t be trailing the takers.

    Bracken is also the author of “Dear Mr. Security Agent” (it’s on the still-not-“Neutral” Internet) that sheds vital light on the organic link that we, the traduced-and-sold ones, have with the armed enforcement professionals that the system uses to pummel us with.

    As for me, I did write a 5-part series offering my views on “what to do”: “The Art of Strategic Citizenship” that’s in the GoV retrievable archives. But there is something else, and that’s the most important thing: the inner stance, the psychological gestalt.

    There are the heroes whose words have now been repeated so often that they are like wallpaper that we no longer think about.
    Churchill: “Never, never, never give up.”
    [USMC Col.] Lewis Puller: “We are surrounded by the enemy. They can’t get away from us now.”

    But on a more basic level it’s something that our ancestors had until recently: pride, honor, the little voice inside, the compass. The ability to say “No” to the system, to pass on a career promotion that means more moral-intellectual whoredom, to say to Loon family members what we think of their madness, to stand up in a parents-teachers meeting at the local school and say what’s on our mind, paying no attention to the gasps of the audience.

    I am reading right now Clare Mulley’s comments on her book, “The Spy Who Loved: The secrets and lives of Christine Granville, Britain’s first special agent of World War II” http://the-history-girls.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/finding-truth-in-facts-and-fictions-by.html?spref=tw

    Christine Granville was really Krystyna Skarbek, a Pole. Clare Mulley writes:

    “Her father, Count Jerzy Skarbek, had brought her up with proud Skarbek family stories intertwined with patriotic Polish history. The etching above illustrated one of these stories, when the first Count Skarbek (with outstretched arm, right) refused to bow before a German Emperor (seated). Scorning the coffers of riches he was shown to try to buy his loyalty, the Count took off his own signet ring and threw it in the chest declaring ‘Let gold eat gold, we Poles trust our steel’, meaning their swords. He later helped rout the invading German mercenary forces.”

    That’s what I mean.

    • Thank you Takuan for some more sobering thought. Here we are on this site discussing the ‘problems’ as we see them or experience them, while the vast majority have yet to acknowledge that something is even wrong.

      Someone has posted a comment above that suggests while we are leaderless as this point in time, being leaderless may in fact be to our advantage. He quoted the IRA manual as a worthy accompaniment to a leaderless revolt that would be quite difficult to put down if or when the ‘problems’ ever come to that point.

      The IRA posed a very real and difficult threat to the British and their actions (IRA) were similar in nature to what Islam is now waging on the West – asymetric warfare – and the type of lethal threat that any inclined organized resistance can take up.

      So, it is no real surprise to see the Muslims/Traitor Class in charge of the White Mosque now labelling those they know will resist their impositions as ‘Right Wing Domestic Terrorists’.

      And the Traitor Class should be afraid!

      • The problem with the response of past British governments to the I.R.A. threat is the same as that of the current government to the menace of Jihadis in the U.K. – weak and spineless. The I.R.A. could have been destroyed, but our governments have always been too soft -which has been a repetitive problem here in the U.K. since WW2- they would never be as ruthless as the enemy; and were prepared, disgracefully, to tolerate the “acceptable level of violence” of most of the Republican terrorist action against Britain.
        The difference between the two, is that the I.R.A. could be, and were, bought off by Blair’s administration via concessions to Republican demands and high profile jobs in the government of Northern Ireland for I.R.A. commanders and politicians.
        That isn’t an option with regard to Muslim terrorism: they seek nothing less than to change Britain into an Islamic state. They wont cease, unless they are stopped; or they could just wait 50 or 60 years until they outnumber us Brits.

        • Patrick, if the IRA had taken up its terrorism campaign prior to WW2 I have no doubt the IRA would have ceased to exist as a disruptive force given the pushback it would have received.

          Using law and order principles to combat a vicious domestic threat that the IRA posed can never overcome the ideology that drives such an organization. The desire to see the last vestige of Britishness eradicated in a United Republic of Ireland is still uppermost on many Irish minds, it has not been extinguished, but lies dormant until the next appropriate time for it to re-surface.

          • The number of people who comprised the “active service units” of the I.R.A. was never more than 2000. They could have been eliminated. The government lacked the necessary will to do it. There were those in the military who would have done so, had they been permitted; an interesting book around this subject is “The Nemesis File” by Paul Bruce, formerly of the SAS, about his role in a squad which executed terrorists.
            In 2011 the Northern Life and Times Survey found that only 33% of the Catholics in Ulster wanted a united Ireland and 52% of them wanted it to remain part of the U.K. In addition, in Southern Ireland a third of people there wanted to revert to sterling as the currency.
            Southern Ireland is the most English place on earth apart from England itself.

          • My wife and I did a vehicle tour around the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland in 2008. What struck me about Northern Ireland as compared to the republic, was the number of incidents, particularly in pubs, where our Aussie accents were mistaken for being English.

            But it was the noticeable awareness, bordering at times on hostility, that was shown to us at some locations until my drivers license was shown and I identified myself as Australian that really disturbed us.

            Polls are one thing, but at the grass roots level things tend to be different.

          • The I.R.A. murdered 2 Australian tourists in 1990 in Holland who were eating dinner with their wives, having mistaken them for British soldiers from their accents.

      • A leaderless approach does work because the state has no head which to cut off and forces it to expend massive resources to deal with it.

        For example take two very publicized incidents: The beltway snipers(two psychopathic morons in a used car) terrorized D.C. at will until they bragged too much to the cops which allowed them figure out who they were. Or Christopher Dorner who put a state of fear in police across Los Angeles and made them do all sorts of stupid things including shooting innocent people and a neighborhood full of hot lead. Or that crazy guy back East who shot two cops and hid out in the woods for 3 months and tied up massive amounts of law enforcement personnel. Or that power station attack up in Silicon Valley which to this day remains unsolved.

        The point is our system can barely handle these sorts who put a bit of thought into their actions. It’s always been predicated on dealing with lone hot heads and gang bangers with room temperature IQ’s butchering each other, not turning their weaponry on the government.

        That said then there’s the thing all elites and cops really fear – large scale urban riots like the Rodney King Riot where they start burning down parts of the city. We barley keep our cities from erupting in flames by outright bribery of the welfare class that constitutes the bulk of people in many cities. Should the checks stop coming or the lights and water go out for more than 48 hours, the cities will go up like a tinder box.

        I remember the King Riots quite well, the police just vanished and the governor had to call in the Marines from Pendelton because the even the NG couldn’t get it’s act together in time. At it’s peak trouble makers were already cruising areas 70 miles from the center of the rioting.

        In the intervening years the demographics and politics have changed for the worse and if there is a another race riot like that, it won’t be contained. The police are too afraid now because of what happened at Ferguson with the Feds intervening on the side of the rioters. I think this time around the local authorities will simply let the rioters burn down what they want.

        • anon, what you have commented on is really to do with isolated and leaderless actions carried out by those who have acted out those actions due to their own individually perceived frustrations or criminal thinking. None of those actions you have cited has anything to do with tackling the tyrannical United States Government as it has now become by a well armed citizenry intent on taking their republic back, which at this point in time, happens to be leaderless.

          Individual ‘lone wolf’ actions may disrupt local areas, but individual actions will not hamper the agenda of the federal government. Only a well organized, armed and suitably trained citizenry en-masse or in strategically placed groups, has that ability.

  24. A most excellent analysis. Mr. Seiyo describes the ultimate political syzygy or, if you will, an absolute perfect storm of citizen indifference, normalcy bias, greed, ambition, hypocrisy, credulity, secular fanaticism, media monopoly, treason, hubris, cultural failure, ignorance, and stupidity. It is an yin catastrophe where the majority of men long ago lost contact with their inner berserker and presently have no outrage whatsoever at the theft of their honor and their homeland and the contumacy of their inferiors.

    Western countries now are almost universally driving on the steel rims of their wheels with great sheets of sparks shooting backwards, yet the Treason Class jam the accelerators hard to the floor and they grip the steering wheels with hands like a vice. Steady as she goes, boys!

    I like to think that the “one fact rule” ought to apply in human consciousness. Thus, when one reads The Gulag Archipelago it ought simply to be impossible ever again to believe that totalitarian systems can ever be founded on anything other than stupendous crime. To defend such systems — or to work assiduously to create them as in Sweden and the E.U. heedless of the wonders of representative government, free speech, and the rule of law — are similarly criminal and, more to the point, rank treason.

    No. No such intellectual process is at work in the minds of millions. It’s clear that the Crusades were insignificant events in the context of the 1,400-year record of Islamic jihad, subjugation, and slavery. It’s clear that Islamic rule guarantees intellectual failure and regression to primitive law, government, and third-world misery of every kind. It’s clear that Muslims bring nothing but surly resentment and rejection whenever they are allowed entry into Western societies. It is clear, moreover, that Muslims will never be satisfied until they have set shariah law above every Western law and otherwise changed every last detail of the civilization that has made the West the magnificent experience it has been for its citizens. But, no matter, the Treason Class rushes predictably to the fatuous ideas that Islam is one of the world’s great religions, that it has been the West whose culture is rotten and vicious, and that the importation of Islam into every Western culture is all that we have been waiting for finally to complete this weak and inadequate attempt at forming a civilization on the part of our pathetic ancestors. This rush is effected with the energy and singlemindedness of a cheetah pursuing a gazelle.

    So much for the power of ideas. Or for open minds capable of processing information that conflicts with worldview.

    Seiyo wonders if there is some exceptional leader who will be able to articulate loss, threat, and strategy to turn the current catastrophe around. Perhaps, though I rather think that that it is a symbiotic affair such that a leader among us now without an awakened people would fail. As I say endlessly, European voters forever starve the salvationist parties of oxygen and simply will not act like they have a lick of common sense. What more can Wilders and Le Pen say?

    Seiyo’s images of the great wheel of stupidity turning, the balance of yin and yang reestablishing itself, or the pendulum swinging back are probably the operative concepts. Herb Stein said “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” I hope I quote him accurately but the common sense there is clear even if I don’t. The immense productivity of free market capitalism has been harnessed to fund the poisons that afflict us but it is clear that the iron laws of arithmetic and compound interest have begun to bite with a vengeance and the fantasies of the socialist approach can no longer be financed out of the great productivity of the minority or by the printing presses.

    As some Chinese dynasties were said to lose the Mandate of Heaven when the decay had advanced too far, I can only hope that the mass of people will come to their senses after one too many “does not compute” event occurs. (See caption of the photo above of the pregnant belly for an example of such an event.) In China, the people simply withdrew their support and the dynasties collapsed even though their fierce engines of repression were intact and the people had nothing like the flood of information we have at our fingertips today.

    We can’t do nothing but we can attempt to neutralize that Crook-Loon-Traitor headlock. Ridicule will probably do the most good. The greasy, sanctimonious “Je suis Charliemanifestations in support of free speech were and are thrust into exquisite comic relief by the subsequent prosecution of the lefty Brigitte Bardot and the initiation of yet another prosecution of Geert Wilders. That is some choice stuff.

  25. Thanks foor this amplification. Your words reminded me of a headline yesterday:
    “Soros, Ford Foundation shovel $196 million to ‘net neutrality’ groups, staff to White House” http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/soros-ford-shovel-196-million-to-net-neutrality-groups-staff-to-white-house/article/2560702#. And the role of FF in this sordid tale reminded me of its erstwhile Chairman, McGeorge Bundy — a liberal idiot with “best and brightest” credentials of the exact same sort as I limned in the above piece.

    Bundy managed at once to transform the Ford Foundation into an instrument of mega-sabotage of the country he professed to love, to kill needlessly tens of thousands of American soldiers in Vietnam and to destroy any chance that the United States would pursue a rational course of action in that area. He never apologized for any of the calamities he inflicted on his country. Some useful reminder, here:

    These geographic changes heralded a shift in the nature and political direction of the Foundation’s charitable giving — changes which would reach new heights in 1966, when began his 13-year stint as the Ford Foundation’s president. A liberal Republican and onetime Cold Warrior who had served as a national security advisor to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, Bundy hailed from the coterie of foreign policy advisors and intellectuals—ironically dubbed “the best and the brightest” by journalist David Halberstam—who had initially advocated American intervention in Vietnam but who came to regret their support for the war and migrated to the left politically.[2

  26. I am rendered speechless and if any of you knew me, you’d know that is not an easy thing to do. I have been a voracious reader since early childhood and this is the most searing essay I have ever dealt with. It has been bookmarked and placed in a special file. Here it is laid bare for all those brave enough to face it.

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