Preventing White Genocide

Paul Weston speaks about the demographic threat facing the British and European peoples, and broaches the hard choices — the awful, horrible choices — that lie ahead:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here.

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41 thoughts on “Preventing White Genocide

  1. If we compare Paul Weston and Nigel Farage (and their parties), we again see that the sovereign just wants to be ‘cheated’. While I’m not saying (even if it admittedly sounds like it) that Nigel Farage and UKIP are a cheat, I would definitely prefer Paul Weston and Liberty GB over them. But he does not have that kind of appeal the masses yearn for, the kind of appeal Nigel Farage gives them. Too bad. How can this problem be solved…

    • Farage is packaging UKIP to be acceptable to the British
      Establishment, which is the only way to make headway
      when faced with the uphill task of getting the vital oxygen
      of good publicity. Weston, although 100 percent right in
      all he says, is NOT shmoosing the powers that be. Britain
      is a nation that has already undergone ‘ state capture ‘ by
      the financial elites. The only glimmer of hope to escape
      this black hole is either through a party like UKIP or to
      start a revolution. Nether course of action offers good odds.

      • Correct. The Corportists have their considerable influence tied up in making sure a large pool of cheap foreign labor exists and grows. They give not the slightest damn for the natives.

      • Weston before Farage, of course… But better Farage than the establishment LibLabCon. Because at least Farage is taking us in the right direction, he is setting the ball in motion. A movement against the EU is inevitably a movement against the EU/left inspired Islamic takeover.

  2. The Parliament has already taking measures to save the day regarding the demographic catastrophe about to descend upon the native inhabitants: It has removed consumation as an essential characteristic of marriage and extended marriage to allow same sex couples to enter into an arrangement whereby they agree to stay together to protect the next generation of native children they produce. That’s the spirit.

  3. White English culture has to go: it is too irreverent, too disrespectful of authority, too boisterous to sit easily with the fake pieties of Islam, which, willy-nilly, will inundate England and the rest of Europe.

    “The English and their untimely fears
    Have gone where Saturn keeps the years.”

  4. Interesting that some of the loudest political voices against white EU immigration (white demographic replenishment) into the UK are immigrant stock from the Third World. The immigration debate in the UK at present has been hijacked into one of indigenous EU immigration bad, alien commonwealth immigration good.

    The anti-white European structure of the anti-EU debate is both deliberately and inadvertently programming British white self-loathing to the point that non-white immigration into the UK strangely becomes the asymmetrical political antidote.

    Generally the hostility towards white Europeans in the UK is tangible, on the UK socio-political scale the score is beneath Third World enricher.

      • Perhaps he has over-emphasised the Romanian/
        Bulgarian issue. What he should have said is that
        the EU continuously expands allowing much greater numbers into soft Western Europe, and
        presaging the entry of Turkey in 2015. THAT would be too much, to allow an almost totally
        Moslem country of 80 million agricultural
        peasants full access to the EU. Then we would
        certainly expect a couple of million settling in
        Greater London and the Greater Manchester area
        within two years. Then only the blind or the
        utterly insane would deny that there was a problem.

    • joile rouge ,thats an interesting angle it always seems permissible in the media to attack our European neighbours,but the talkjng heads always avoid attacking non European immigrants ,no matter what atrocity is commited (and it is usually third world immigrants who are culpable).
      We live in an Orwellian world of double think were racism is permitted against people of similar racial backgrounds ,but strictly forbidden against truly foriegn groups the afro asian settlement for example .The Emma west case for example.

  5. As someone not completely “white”, I have a little advice.

    First, take a good, hard look at all the people encouraging self-loathing of being white and tell them to [depart hence and never return]. Since it’s Thanksgiving in America, I think I should remind every white person that their ancestors exported the Gospel of Christ (my religion), the ideas of rule of law and consensual government, a helathy spirit of self-criticism nurtured by both the Prophets of Israel and Greek philosophers, and by exploration and discovery created the integrated world in which we live.

    In high school, I was taught that the Puritans were just fire-and-brimstone fanatics, full of hypocrisy and evil racists. I grew up, studied on my own, and found that Jonathan Edwards, their great divine whom I had been taught to despise, was not just a slave holder (in the days when a lot of Christian white Americans were under indenture, too), but also believed that the destiny of the “Negroes and Indians” was to be peers of the Christian white people. I see this vision coming to pass, and welcome it. If only my all-white teachers had possessed a modicum of amour propre, I and my peers might have developed a healthy historical consciousness a whole lot earlier!

    Yes, you do need to stop the Islamicization of Europe. But your enemy isn’t the swarthy skin tone–it’s a state of mind and a belief system! Yes, we in the USA have a problem with black and hispanic gangs–and in the high school where I teach, I could probably easily round up at random a dozen young black people who are also appalled by the knockout game and the “white girl bleed a lot” attitude; and I could just as easily round up two dozen Hispanic kids who are either assimilated to majority culture or want to be.

    And, if you’re all that worried about the dilution of your phenotype, just go ahead and breed. If they had a public burning of the effigy of Margaret Sanger, I’d attend.

    • I know of people who do not share the European racial identity or “phenotype,” but who nonetheless understand the West well enough to understand, in turn, what would be lost if the West were not to prevail against Islam and the Orient.
      I agree with the statement above. The U.S. is a pluralistic country, but we must understand that pluralism and diversity must be protected from the replacement ideology of Islam, an ideology that seeks to destroy everything not itself.

    • You’ve missed the point of Weston’s speech. White people are on the historical cusp of vanishing within their own homelands! Slightly more than mere ideology at this point!

  6. The analog between Mao’s cultural revolution, the silence that enveloped it and facilitated it at the same time, and the repression of Western history and culture, particularly in terms of its growth in the the ancient and medieval eras in our own time strikes me powerfully.
    The cultural revolution was a genocidal event from which China may never recover.
    Here we are, approximately 40 to 50 years later, and it’s our culture that sees the muzzle of the gun.

  7. “Race” is meaningless since it is never chosen*.

    But the use of Race is always intriguing to examine.

    The race-baiting machinery of Obama and his cabal of crisis-makers is tediously predictable as it churns out ready-made “racist” demons to order.

    But, as transparently cynical as this is, it is still a very effective tool- because of the racially-poisoned groundwork and sowing of resentment laid down in the popular Mind, a Consciousness equally soured by the “class” theorizings of the globalist/socialist grievance-mongering movement.

    Grievance is their God.

    This “post-national” globalist mindset is purportedly “beyond” things like Race (e.g.: Obama was to be the first “post-racial” president, even as he shamelessly and nakedly race-baited his way into office) , but it shows itself as an inherently weak Ideology since it must constantly fall back on racially-charged attacks as its weapon of convenience for maintaining intimidation and control.

    Only a dismissal of “Race” as a serious component of the Human Struggle solves this double- bind.

    It disarms the race-mongers and frees the argument from the paralysis of s dangerous dogmas like the Marxist and Islamic and Globalist.

    Those groups or “Races” trying to destroy the “White” Race are hypocritically also trying to preserve and empower and strengthen their own Race.

    So their trumpeted concern for “racial equality” is their Big Lie.

    They are for their own “Race”~ in dominance. (Even the curious “Race” of “Muslims” …whom Islamophobes are called “racist” for opposing.)

    Preserving one’s own [successful] genotype (call it “Race”) and Culture is simple common sense. For survival.

    If one’s Culture is liberty-loving and the Laws it developed defend the individual, it has earned our allegiance and needs to be fought for against the creeping despotism of all totalitarian groups.

    And the hell with phony cries about “Race” from racially-motivated frauds.


    * When we can choose our Race before birth, then such a trait will have meaning beyond a Machiavellian tool to manipulate the naive. And gain power over suckers by playing a superficial as an essential.

    • Race most certainly does have meaning. It is a reality however much one wishes it were not so. Could Congolese Africans ever have put a man on the moon or split the atom? I find your beliefs dangerous to what remains of our civilization. Contrary to your view that all people are creatures of equality, nature has seen fit to make us all different, each after our own kind, living in our own nations. What you believe is a new way of thinking, a way that seeks to destroy our differences and our nations.

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  9. He really, really needs to stop mixing up two issues: growth of a problematic ideology (islam) with a reduction in the caucasian population. Yes, there is a strong overlap, but one of our main points, surely, is that islam is NOT a race. I don’t care how much melanin my future neighbours have – actually more melanin will be good: it protects against skin cancer. I do, very much, care about islam imposing its rules on me.

    • Yes, and when your race is on the brink of vanishing ideology means NOTHING at that point.

      Interesting how so many seem to be threatened by Mr. Weston’s speech. They cannot counter his facts nevertheless are made uncomfortable by the subject matter.

    • Ideology is a function of race. Islam is a function of Muslims – not the other way round.

      • Muslims are not a ‘race’. You just said something like “Christianity is a function of Christians – not the other way round”. Meaningless.

        • Which came first, Christianity or Christians? Islam or Muslims?

          I agree Islam isn’t a race, but it is predominantly/overwhelmingly a ‘religion’ of third world peoples. Islam articulates the spirit of third world peoples, Christianity articulates the spirit of western peoples. How can it be any other way?

          • Islam is an ideology or ‘rules for living ‘. Those born into it do not see
            it like a heavy cloak that is to be worn forever, it is all they know and
            they adapt to it just as a thalidomide
            child feels normal (ish ) with hands but no arms. Of course to us who have seen Islam stripped of the BS, it is clearly a death cult, with no saving graces whatsoever.

  10. Mr. Weston is a brave man to publicly speak out on such a subject.

    I’ll only add that the demographic destruction of whites and by extension Western Civilization is also driven perhaps even more by insane corporate green greed and their general hate towards white society.

    Today the leaders in leading this charge of open borders are Silicon Valley moguls like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates; Business tycoons like the Koch Brothers, Soros, Sheldon Adelson all promoting the demographic destruction of the West.

    The fact is, it couldn’t have happened without the corporate movers and shakers wanting it as well. It wasn’t enough for them to dismantle and off-shore industries of Britain and the U.S. to Asia and in effect gut our nations of what made them what they were. So the corporations began to import endless numbers of foreign workers under the excuse that there weren’t enough native workers for the jobs they wanted done. So in came the foreign workers replacing our engineers, technicians and scientists to maids and butchers and everything in between.

    Now our borders are so open we welcome in criminals and terrorists of all sorts. One could say we are very PC/MC as to the sort of criminal/terrorists we let in.

    And we are paying a terrible price even now. Mexican drug cartels now operate in the U.S. Along with GB, we’ve become a base for jihadis to operate from, ethnic gang members now make up the bulk of our ever growing prison population.

    Very sad indeed.

  11. Ask how much white privilege is acceptable in an Antifa-activist. Ask whether the Antifa can trust members, especially recruits, with white privilege. Given the fact that the Antifa actively protects young Muslims who target Jews with beatings, Jews in particular cannot be trusted as recruits or members.

  12. Trolls are posting comments here to make this site look genuinely racist. We should be completely opposed to the idea that concern about islam is racist. Why should any of us care what colour future generations are? If you really, really want more caucasian people, just start a family with another caucasian and produce some more pale/pink and easily burned and wrinkled people. Melanin is useful and beautiful.

    Don’t mix ideology up with ethnicity – it’s unscientific, it’s racist and it means that we will lose all the support we should be working for: that of people of ALL ethnicities who are concerned about islam. You know, brown and black people all around the world who are being killed and oppressed in the name of islam.

    Having said that: no government should have allowed large numbers of immigrants into any country without the indigenous population agreeing. That’s not about ethnicity but about people really owning their country.

    • Don’t you think, that “pale/pink and easily burned and wrinkled people” is a bit “racist” itself? Actually, quite a bit … Higher level of melanin has its downsides as well, for example higher proneness to schizophrenia. If we needed more, we would have more. Europeans are phenotypically well adjusted to their ecological niche, just as “coloured” people to theirs.

      Though, you are absolutely right about Islam being a terrible treat we all should fight against.

      • Being a pale/pink increasingly wrinkled person, I am unfortunately very aware of the disadvantages of ‘white’ skin. Many of my caucasian friends are battling with melanomas. My asian and black friends look great for longer and are more protected against melanoma. So no, it’s not ‘racist’ to be aware of those issues. But sure, high melanin levels are not helpful in a cold climate where maximum vitamin D is needed.

        • I know that your ‘melanin is beautiful and useful’ was just a figure of speech, but do not forget that racism is a tricky notion. Since it is a belief that some races are inferior – and you obviously identify race with skin colour – stating that higher level of melanin is somehow superior, you have ipso facto expressed belief in inferiority of whites. Silly, right? 😀 Since usefulness of melanin is relative, its purported greatness lies merely within subjective sense of beauty, one does not have to share. I am sure, that Ottoman sultans buying Cricassian maidens for their harems didn’t …

          Islamization is definitely the most poisonous fruit of multiculturalism, but not the only one. Ethnic replacement is another and it is intangible to expect a healthy nation not to care, so maybe ‘race’ should not be brought up along the way, but purely for marketing reasons. After all, Europeans are rotten enough to give up their character, but not enough to forgo liberties, that sharia state will certainly abolish.

          • Actually, I know there are differing and poorly defined ideas of what ‘race’ is. One can easily deny that there is any such thing. I just think melanin is a useful sun protection.

            Replacing any indigenous population against its will, ‘race’ irrelevant, is unacceptable.

          • The thing is that an indigenous population can be fooled into thinking that it should be ‘replaced’. If a nation wants to kill itself, others should send it on a nationwide therapy.

            As for ‘race’ and its definitions. Well, “there are only atoms and vacuum, all the rest is just a opinion”. Each notion is in fact sort of agreement; the right question to ask is whether this notion is of any avail to us – in other words, whether it reflects some part of reality. I don’t think that humans as beings subject to evolution are exception to developmental differentiation. It is highly improbable for all the humans living for long millennia in different conditions to produce the very same set of parameters, not to mention that cultural and socioeconomic differences must have had immense impact on their genetic load. Of course, it wouldn’t be wise to call lactose tolerant people anything else but a lactose tolerant population, but if that lactose tolerance coincides with quite a few other features and these people happen to share ancestry, then the term ‘race’ isn’t that useless anymore. If we cannot call it subspecies, we surely could call it subspecies in statu nascendi. Dislike for it is irrational.

      • So ethnicity may be valid regarding scientifically proven health issues. But ‘race’ should be totally irrelevant when we are discussing concerns about islam.

    • Actually, if you don’t care about skin color, non-Muslim men using Muslim women for breeding (and of course staying non-Muslim) would be a great way to weaken Islam.

      • They are fully aware of that: thus the sharia restrictions on muslim women marrying infidels.

  13. Define racism.

    I’m not a troll. Merely saying it as I see it. And as I see it, race plays its part in how people are. The problem is that western societies force/coerce/brainwash/browbeat people into acting as though this obvious truth didn’t exist – and then we wonder why nothing works. Another example of the schizophrenia inherent in multiculturalism.

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