You Won’t See This on Mainstream TV

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this belated report about this year’s Independence Day march in Warsaw, which took place on November 11:

Greetings from Warsaw, where another Independence Day has passed, on the 11th of this month, and with it another independence march — with this year’s highlights including an attack on an Antifa squat, the burning of a “rainbow” artwork in one of Warsaw’s main squares (described by its creator as having “no meaning” but widely seen as a symbol of the GLBT lobby), and an attack on one of the outer buildings of the Russian embassy.

The march was labeled by Western media as “far right”, by Antifa as (gasp) “fascist”, and by Polish liberal media as being “full of radical youth opposed to immigrants and Islam”. However, here is something that wasn’t reported quite as loudly — a recording of the full march (over 30 minutes long!) of the “far right”, “fascists” and “Islamophobes”.

The first photo [at the top of this post] shows a peaceful crowd at the start of the march, the second the crowd as it marched, while the last shows the burning rainbow… as the photographer put it, quite an artistic sight in itself.

Vlad Tepes has compiled excerpts from the longer video of the march:

The full 36-minute video is available here.

Transcript of the opening video titles:

0:01   The mainstream media’s message about the Independence March 2013 was quite uniform.
0:06   It was limited to the burned shed (in the Russian embassy) and rainbow,
0:11   as well as disturbances by the squat, in other words events caused by a small number of rioters.
0:15   Producers in the media did not attempt to show the peaceful crowd of many thousands,
0:19   to ask about the intentions of the participants.
0:23   Is it certain that all the people you are about to see are hooligans, bandits and criminals?

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25 thoughts on “You Won’t See This on Mainstream TV

  1. Wow. Thanks for the insight. It seems that citizens of all former Eastern Bloc republics most certainly understand from experience how contemporary MSM (mainstream media) is actually SSM (Soviet-style media) reborn.

    Too bad we in the (former) West are still divided on perceiving this reality.

  2. Why GLBT? they’re no threat except to insecure people, and should be our allies against Islamism which threatens them more than most of us.

    • No threat? You’re certainly not paying attention to what’s happening in the American school system. Nor have you read the ravings of lunatics attempting to “destroy gender.” They are not on the fringe anymore. They are absolutely in charge of academia. Transgender thinking is now leading people to raise boys as girls if they exhibit the slightest odd notion or make any passing remark to “wanting to be a girl.” This extends to giving children (as young as 8) drugs to mess up their puberty, so the sex-change operation will go easier when they’re 18. Furthermore, NAMBLA has been hiding under the gay parade float for decades now, and they’re crawling into the psychiatric profession with the phrase that we need to “demystify pedophilia.” There is no perversion that the LGBT community won’t accept.

      My enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend.

      I’m not going to fight to keep America from becoming another Afghanistan only to have it become Sodom instead.

      Where does this absurd notion come from that we have only one opponent to worry about?

      • The very core of Cultural Marxism is to harness GLBT as a centrifugal political force, combining with Muslims, “people of color,” feminists, the fat, the ugly, the embittered underachievers and the true-blue commies in order to pull down and destroy “bourgeois” society. That a commenter on this website seems unaware that GLBT and Islam have been on the same political side, stroked receptively by the same political elite, and how bizarre and telling it is, is surprising.

        • That’s always been one of the most bizarre twists of the PC/MC quandary – LGBT and Islam being on the same political side. Now, Muslims are allowed and encouraged to deceive non-Muslims, but watching LGBT vigorously paving the way for islamization (and thus setting up their own death-trap) never ceases to amaze me. Soon they will kiss their precious rainbow goodbye across the whole Europe and when the religious police starts beating them up on the streets, I bet they’ll first want these Polish “thugs” for neighbors.

        • Mark H somehow lives in a half-awake state where he can see through the propaganda in the word “Islamophobia,” but completely buys into the propaganda in the word “homophobia.”

          • RKae- Regarding your first comment, I was not aware of this state of affairs in the US, and of course do not condone such awful stupidity. I know of no evidence however that homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to be paedophiles; if some of either group are propagandising (and we do have a few here in the UK) then of course these disgusting people should not be tolerated.

            However, given that a phobia is an irrational fear, I believe the expression “homophobia” is apposite in some circumstances. I have two dear friends, a gay couple in your own state of Pennsylvania, who come to London for the theatre (yes, I know it’s a cliche), have been together for over thirty years, and wouldn’t hurt a fly (except with wit). Anyone who finds them threatening probably protests too much.

          • Mark:

            Did you just do that? “Protests too much.” Really? You put up THAT comment? The old “You must secretly be gay” theory. Utterly, utterly childish. So if people have beliefs, they should raise their hand and complain… but then, if the fight looks too tough, they should mumble, “Sorry I brought it up,” and just go away? Wouldn’t want to “protest too much!”

            And then the old “I know nice gay people” remark. Well, guess what: I know nice gay people. Plenty. I work in theatre, they’re everywhere and mostly nice. I also know nice racists. I know nice 9/11 truthers. I know nice communists. Hell, my best friend is a communist! He’s nice, but he’s out of his mind. So what does “nice” have to do with it?

            I know nice Muslims. That doesn’t mean I want them taking over my country! Same thing for homosexuals.

            And those perfectly nice homosexuals? Get together with them after the show, get a couple of drinks in them, and they’ll commonly talk about “raping Christians to death.” I’m not kidding. I’ve heard the scariest stuff imaginable. (And some of it unimaginable.)

            The fact of the matter is: gay culture is fraught with pedophilia; their literature is full of it (of course it’s all stories of “helping young gay people come out,” etc.) And gays will not stand up against pedophiles. AS A GROUP (regardless of anecdotal “I know nice gay people” tales) they give pedophiles a pass.

            The stats are: one underage girl is molested for every 11 straight men, whereas 3 boys are molested for every 1 homosexual man. (I believe those stats come from Judith Reisman.)

            Then there’s the stat that the average straight man has 8 sexual partners in a lifetime, whereas the average homosexual man has partners numbering in the hundreds. Homosexuality is linked to compulsion and risk-taking.

            As for their pals the transgenders: that’s complete insanity, and mainstreaming insanity in the culture never ends well. And there is no gay person on earth who will say, “Please accept me, but not the transgenders.” It’s a package deal.

      • Drugs for 8 year-olds now? I never suspected they’d go that far! And add to this having sex education, including about masturbation, for 5 year-olds (recommended by the World Health Organisation). The WHO is a body of the UN. And we all know which body of “57 states” is the most powerful in the UN (clue – it’s not the “57 states of America”, as Obama once implied existed)… so, a question – would this other 57 states – the Islamic ones in the OIC – agree for THEIR 4 year-olds to undergo such “sex education” lessons? And if not – why no fuss from THEM, about this being implemented on a worldwide scale? Is it because the Islamists know, that such grand ideas are meant for Western consumption ONLY – and if such “education” should result in any “identity crisis” for youngsters unsure of their sexuality, or “sexual identity”, could the Islamists possibly see such situations (when occuring for Westerners) as being beneficial for the “Religion of Peace” in the long term? (whose followers still adhere to the family values that the Western gender warriors see as so terribly old-fashioned).

        All of which begs the question… when you write “My enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend.”… Are we sure that the GLBT warriors are really Islam’s enemy? Or could they perhaps be doing them a very useful service??

        • Of course Islam’s relationship to homosexuality is fraught with the same hypocrisy, a cognitive dissonance, really, as is its attitude to various other “Abrahamic religions'” values. On the one hand it’s stoning of homos in Saudi Arabia and street mugging in Amsterdam, but on the other hand it’s institutionalized homo pedophilia in all Islamic cultures overtly until recent times and in Afghanistan (and probably at least a dozen other Muslim countries) to this day. And covertly it probably still exists everywhere where Islam thrives. Attitude to heterosexual sex and other Islamic proscriptions is similarly incomprehensible, what with all those rags swathing Muslim women, female circumcision, the shame-and-honor culture, but then Pakistan being the biggest consumer of Web porno in the world, and practically every Gulf youth reaching a Western country putting his white frock and head towel and abstinence away and painting the town red like there is no tomorrow.

          • But are the Pakistanis watching Muslim women in the web porno? I’ll wager that they, and the Gulf youth, while painting the town red will want their OWN sisters and daughters to remain “safely” inside a burqa… hypocrisy? That would depend on their end objectives. If for them, sex is a method of enjoyment or finding their true “other half”, then their attitude would indeed be hypocritical. However, if it’s just a means towards “domination” over people, or “conquest” over an enemy, then to my mind it seems their approach may be quite consistent.

        • “…whose followers still adhere to the family values that the Western gender warriors see as so terribly old-fashioned…”

          Please avoid falling into the trap of believing and perpetuating Islamic propaganda. The false narrative is that Islam practices conservative family values in contrast to the lascivious corrupt capitalist immoral pornographic Western values.

          Both Muslims AND the homosexual/LGBT counterculture well know from practical experience that the reality is that Islam is the MOST homosexual and pedophile religion ever invented – with a complete dearth of positive (i.e., Christian) family values.

          It is said that 100% Muslim Saudi Arabia is more openly gay than San Francisco – with men holding hands and kissing on the lips in the street. All that you need to do is look at the pictures of President Bush holding hands with and kissing the Saudi prince to see a tangible illustration of the ultimate homosexual agenda. Christian President Bush was more concerned to openly adopt the Islamic homosexual behaviors of the Saudi prince than the Saudi price was concerned to show heterosexual behaviors.

          People confuse Islamic persecution of romantic love with the persecution of homosexuality and LGBT behavior.

          The example of the ideal Muslim man Mohammed shows us that it is irrelevant to Islam if a man is a heterosexual, bisexual, polygamist, rapist, pedophile, homosexual, or LGBT practitioner. Rather, it is relevant to Islam that a man be ‘discreet’ about his sexual habits – and marry the women picked by his father. It is also relevant to Islam that women remain compliant non-sexual menial beings – living to reproduce as many Muslim men as possible and service their needs.

          Past and present Muslims practice the following Islamic family values:

          Muslims [do horrible things to young girls; details redacted].

          Muslims take young boys as ‘dancing boys’ dressed in feminine clothes and make-up (LGBT-like behavior) – and victims of [details redacted] said warlords who are acting out many centuries of established man-boy-love ‘tradition’ celebrated in Persian poetry.

          Muslims force young girls (and men) into arranged loveless marriages – where the girls are often abjectly beaten by multiple family members.

          Muslims force people to marry their relatives so genetic defects are passed to innocent children at astronomical rates – and then blame the mothers for the handicaps – and then exploit handicapped children by recruiting them as suicide bombers.

          Muslims force wives and children to accept multiple other wives and children into a marriage.

          Muslims force mothers to cede control of their boys to a ‘Lord of the Flies’ type of male ethos – where the boys are subjected to [details redacted].

          Muslims sell young girls into repeated ‘temporary’ marriages to and divorces from older foreign Muslims (i.e., forced child prostitution labeled as marriage).

          Muslims force a raped woman, girl, or boy (for boys are deemed to be girls until they grow facial hair) to produce four male Islamic witnesses to the act – or be convicted of fornication or adultery with the attendant death sentence by stoning or other means.

      • RKae: When you say the gay/trans alliance is a package deal, you show that you aren’t aware that trans is hugely controversial in the so-called “LGBT” coalition. I’ll share a link with you all, so you can see just how little agreement there is on this subject.

        The above leads to a group of trans-critical blogs. Some bloggers are detransitioned trans, some are radical feminists, some lesbian, etc. What they all have in common is that they are all pushing back against the trans narrative and are against giving drugs to underage children, allowing men in women’s restrooms, and all the rest.

        I hope everyone on this blog will look at this material. I hope this new knowledge will strengthen the anti-jihad coalition, which currently has the handicap of believing that “LGBT” is some kind of monolith that includes all non-straight people, and that all non-straight people have the same political beliefs. Taking a strong position on a subject on which you are misinformed actually makes you (us) weak.

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  4. “Then there’s the stat that the average straight man has 8 sexual partners in a lifetime” All my (many) gay friends are in solid, very long-term, loving relationships. So the above stat might apply to a certain age group or, more likely, be so old that it pertains to a time when gay people couldn’t openly live in a loving, long-term relationship precisely because of the kind of attitudes I’m seeing here.

    • People only tell each other what they want each other to know….

      You really have ZERO idea how many sexual partners that your (many [wow that’s a great sample size for us to ponder!]) gay friends have had or are still having.

  5. At any rate, this is not about “gay people.” Many homos in the olden days were pillars of Western history and culture; i’ll cite just Cole Porter and Noel Coward on the male side and Viriginia Wolf and (the still living) Florence King on the female side. However, those have been distinguished people whose sexual proclivities were just a part of who they were, and not the most important one.

    Postmodern homosexuality is different. It’s a major core of identity politics and a major component of the syndrome of resentment (what Kierkegaard and after him Nietzsche called “ressentiment”). It’s homoism-as-politics that I personally object to, not to deviate sexual practices among consenting adults that once were and ought to be as discreet as those among heterosexuals. I belive that this is the attitude of most conservative opponents of the GLBT lobby.

    • “Many homos in the olden days were pillars of Western history and culture….”

      Over the course of time, LGBT is LGBT. LGBT ultimately always tries to get a hold of the hearts, minds, and bodies of the children of a society….

      When you let the LGBT community run a society, you get Sodom and Gomorrah OR the Greek system of man-boy ‘love’ OR the Persian system of man-boy ‘love’ OR the Turkish system of janissaries OR any modern Muslim countries’ madrassa systems which are merely euphemisms for state-sanctioned homosexual pedophilia (oftentimes preceded by the literal kidnapping of boys for that purpose).

      In Shakespeare’s England, the head of the boy’s theater was allowed to kidnap boys off of the street and press them into service for the theater! I feel certain in my bones that this was simply another case of man-boy ‘love’ recruitment….

      When the modern LGBT community has sex during public parades and teaches ‘fisting’ techniques to public school children, things are headed in the wrong direction again….

  6. Wow! I’m genuinely flattered that so many posters responded to my comment- free debate is always good (and I’m not being ironic, as I know my American friends don’t do irony, or you might have come up with, say, Frasier or The Simpsons…)

    Anyway, without being patronising, I seriously doubt that many of the Polish demonstrators were aware of (or cared about) some of the nastier aspects of the ag

  7. Dymphna/ Baron: sorry, I must have inadvertently hit the wrong key, and I really hate to waste your time. Last sentence should have continued: the agenda of some gay/TG people.

    A joke I heard a long time ago goes: “What do gay men do on the second date?” -“What second date?”. “What do lesbians do on the second date?” -“Book the removal van”. This is actually a comment on the supposed (general, but by no means universal) attitude of men and women to sex.

    Egghead’s comment is grossly offensive to my friends, and the many straight/gay male/female couples on the planet who don’t play away; I’m 65, slight, and mainly peaceable, but if he cares to repeat his remarks to me in person I’ll gladly risk a black eye in their honour.

    • Dymphna/ Baron: sorry, I must have inadvertently hit the wrong key, and I really hate to waste your time. Last sentence should have continued: the agenda of some gay/TG people.

      A joke I heard a long time ago goes: “What do gay men do on the second date?” -“What second date?”. “What do lesbians do on the second date?” -“Book the removal van”. This is actually a comment on the supposed (general, but by no means universal) attitude of men and women to sex.

      Egghead’s comment is grossly offensive to my friends, and the many straight/gay male/female couples on the planet who don’t play away; I’m 65, slight, and mainly peaceable, but if he cares to repeat his remarks to me in person I’ll gladly risk a black eye in their honour.

      • Ps I’m well aware of, and supportive of, the concerns of this website, or I wouldn’t be here. But… cousin marriage (esp. in Pakistan and their expat communities) is tribal, not religious, and FGM and even forced marriage are NOT unique to Islam, and we weaken our case by appearing to attribute these evils exclusively to the “Religion of Peace”.

        • I cry “Foul!” because your assertions are highly debatable:

          1. Cousin marriage: Pakistan is mainly Muslim, and Sharia Law condones cousin marriage based on the example of Mohammed himself. Other than your personal opinion, how do you know that cousin marriage is a tribal problem rather than an Islamic mandate?

          2. Forced Genital Mutilation (FGM): Saudi Arabia has paid the United Nations, et al, a lot of money for a lot of years to spread the propaganda that FGM is an African problem rather than an Islamic mandate. The reality is that the people who practice FGM are Muslim – or their neighbors.

          “There is no mention of FGM in the Bible or Quran.[102] Although its origins are pre-Islamic, it became associated with Islam because of that religion’s focus on female modesty and chastity, and is found only within or near Muslim communities.[103] It is praised in several hadith (sayings attributed to Muhammad) as noble but not required, along with advice that the milder forms are kinder to women.”

          3. Forced marriage: Islam is unique in that Islam labels child prostitution as marriage – facilitated by the labeling of temporary marriage as marriage. Some ‘marriages’ last only a few hours – enough for the consummation with the child – and then the marriage is dissolved. Despite Muslim propaganda, both Sunni and Shia participate in temporary marriage with rich Sunni exploiting poor Shia. What other religion labels child prostitution as marriage?

          Despite my explanation above, the point is NOT whether FGM, cousin marriage, and forced marriage are unique to Islam. The point is that Westerners might mistakenly perpetuate the idea that Islam is a conservative ‘family values’ religion whereas the reality is that the theology of Islam mandates, condones, and rewards highly immoral and dis-functional behaviors.

          • Sorry Egghead, I got carried away earlier, but I was very offended.

            You are of course correct that these abuses are worst in Islamic societies. I believe the assertion that Pakistani cousin marriage is about tribalism- and keeping wealth in the family- was in a BBC radio programme, and we know they are not as reliable as they should be.

            Pat Condell had a great tweet on 29th November: “At 70%, Pakistan world leader in 1st cousin marriage. High sixes all round!”

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