Giorgia on my Mind

“Here you go!”

Below is an encomium written by a Dane to Giorgia Meloni, the next prime minister of Italy, whose recent electoral success has caused alarm in Brussels and all the other nests of Western globalists.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Snaphanen:

Giorgia Meloni is the winner of the election

by Bitten-Kirsti Nielsen

I had been eagerly awaiting the results of the Italian elections. Would Meloni win to the delight of the Italian patriots, but to the great annoyance of Brussels, where Ursula von der Leyen has for some time threatened the Italian voters with sanctions if they voted — as they have now done?

Yesterday [Monday Sept. 26] morning Corriere della Sera published the final results for the three winning parties, which together received 44.06%, with 26.12% for the Fratelli d’Italia, 8.90% for the Lega and 8.27% for Forza Italia. This gave the centre-right coalition an absolute majority in both chambers. This is a victory not only for Italy, but also for all Europeans, who can hope for a return to a Europe of nations.

The leader of the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), Giorgia Meloni, will thus be in charge of forming the new government under President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, writes Il Giornale. “La Meloni”, as Italians call her with the definite article in front of her name, is a beautiful gesture to a “lady”. Dear Italians… you make me smile.

The rise of Islam in Europe is the main theme of the Fratelli d’Italia national party and the new coalition that wants to fight mass immigration and the Islamisation of Europe. It is now a question of defending the family, Christian roots, Italian identity and the conservative values that the globalists prefer to ignore.

In a speech in Rome in 2019, Meloni’s message to Muslims was as follows:

“If you feel offended by the crucifix, don’t live in Italy. The world is big and full of Islamic countries where you will not find crosses, because Christians are persecuted and churches are razed in these countries… Europe must not be turned into a Muslim continent”. Her programme is also strongly inspired by the Frenchman Eric Zemmour.

Meloni speaks clearly, because there must be no compromise with Islam, and together with [Matteo] Salvini she proposes to close the ports to NGOs that want to land ships with immigrants on the Italian coast.

And if Brussels was once able to block Salvini’s path with the help of Merkel, Macron and Conte, that is not the case this time. Because the Italians have spoken and Meloni has won the election, so the mother of democracy, Ursula von der Leyen, can do nothing. Respect for the people must come first.

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The Day Women Burn Their Uniforms en Masse, Islam Collapses

Many thanks to LN for translating this op-ed from Snaphanen:

How Islam is broken down

by Lars Hedegaard

Alleged feminists agitate for female cover-up as a right for women. Just as slaves have the right to wear shackles.

Unrest continues in Iran, where residents fed up with clerical rule are defying the regime’s bullets, tear gas and arrests. The demand is for the Islamic Republic to end.

The regime has responded by intensifying violent repression. Dozens of protesters have been killed and the government has shut down the internet to prevent the protests from spreading. But they have spread to dozens of cities, including the capital Tehran.

In the town of Osvanieh in Iran’s north-west, gun battles have broken out between the mainly Kurdish population and the regime’s repressive apparatus, and many women have taken the opportunity to burn their hijabs, the Islamic headgear that the clerical regime forces all women to wear.

In the West it can be difficult to understand why Islamic rulers place such importance on women’s attire. In this country [Denmark], there are even left-wing opinion leaders and alleged feminists who advocate female headgear as a right for women. Just as slaves have the right to wear chains.

Where does Islam’s sick preoccupation with women’s clothing come from? To understand this, we need to go back to the origins of Islamic ideology and society, which arose in Arab tribal societies of 1,400 years ago.

That is why Muslim women in the West are not allowed to meet infidel men

Such a society is characterised by constant fighting between tribes or clans over land, camels and other resources. Weak clans fall to strong clans, and the clan that cannot gather enough warriors is doomed. Therefore, it is important for the clan leader to control the women so that they are not conquered by hostile neighbouring tribes and do not enrich them with their male offspring — i.e. more warriors.

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Batik Witches Rule!

In Sweden, the phrase “batik witch” (batikhäxa) is a colloquial term for a progressive woman involved in refugees-welcome activism. I presume “batik” refers to a clothing style favored by such women.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

“Grumpy batik witch” convicts Katerina Janouch of defamation

September 22, 2022

Immigration critic profiler and children’s book author, Katerina Janouch was convicted today for gross defamation of a teacher who she accused of forcing pupils to profess Islam.

“Of course, I was convicted in the Uppsala PK court,” Janouch commented after the conviction.

Katerina Janouch wrote a blog post in March 2020 about an assignment that pupils received in the third grade at a school in Tierp.

A parent had contacted Janouch about the way schoolchildren were forced to write texts from a Muslim perspective and, among other things, describe how they pray to Allah and visit the mosque.

“9-year-old forced to confess to Islam,” read the headline of Katerina Janouch’s post, in which the school and teacher were named.

“I myself am so mad I am boiling. How can they do this? We are Christians and my child should not be forcibly Islamized in school teaching,” said the mother of one of the children that Janouch wrote about.

The district court finds that Katerina Janouch — who has a large number of followers on social media — by posting the teacher’s name, is guilty of gross defamation. She is sentenced to a suspended sentence and fifty daily fines of 150 kronor [$14]. She must also pay damages of 50,000 kronor [$4,500] to the teacher.

On Twitter, Janouch comments on the verdict and reports that it will be appealed.

“Of course, I was convicted in the Uppsala PK-Court by a grumpy batik witch who has no problem with the Islamization and humiliation of small children. The teacher wants 50,000 in “damages”. An appeal to the appellate court, for sure!”, she writes and continues:

“I expected to be convicted, since the judiciary is a wreck, and we already have sharia law in which it is forbidden to criticize Islam and its apologists.”

Convicted of Exposing Islam?

The following article about the travesty of “justice” inflicted upon my Danish friend Steen was written by Peder Jensen, better known as Fjordman.

Earlier this month Steen was convicted in a Danish court and given a four-month prison sentence (suspended) for writing about and linking to a video of the murder of two young Scandinavian women by mujahideen in Morocco in 2018. He simply described what happened and linked to a site that had posted the murderers’ video of the atrocity, and that was enough to bring down the wrath of the Danish legal system upon himself.

Before I get to Fjordman’s account of what happened, I’d just like to say a few words about my association with Steen. I got to know him online in early 2007, and stayed with him at his flat in Copenhagen later that year when I attended the first of a series of Counterjihad conferences in Europe. He and I became good friends, and he is one of the finest people I know. (As it happens, that event in Copenhagen was the first time that Fjordman and Steen met, but that’s another story.)

Back then Steen, Fjordman, and I all wrote pseudonymously. Nowadays all three of us are public — how times have changed!

Steen took over the small blog Dansk-Svensk in 2004 and turned it into Snaphanen, retaining the combined focus on Danish and Swedish affairs. He was neither a blogger nor a writer by trade, but a professional photographer. Nevertheless, by patient work as an editor and collator, he made Snaphanen into the largest blog in Denmark.

In July of 2011, after the massacre committed by Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo and on the island of Utøya, like so many of us Steen was exposed to the glare of the media klieg lights by his site’s association with Fjordman. Under the same circumstances, numerous other Counterjihad activists fled and hid in the shadows in the face of all the vicious publicity, shutting down their sites and retiring from activism.

But not Steen. He remained defiant. He kept Snaphanen open and active, saying to those who would bring him down, in effect: “Here I am. Come and get me.”

Seven years later the Powers That Be at last managed to find a way to get him. The case against him is ludicrous. It’s buffoonery. The Danish government ought to be ashamed of itself.

Somebody should market lapel buttons featuring the slogan (in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English): “We are all Steen now!”

Many thanks to LN for translating this Danish-language article from Snaphanen:

Convicted of exposing Islam?

by Fjordman
February 24, 2022

Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen met a beastly death in the Atlas Mountains. Back home in Denmark and Norway the media and authorities did not want people to know about it.

For many years the Danish writer and photographer Steen Raaschou has run the website On September 20 2022 he was sentenced by the District Court of Copenhagen to four months’ imprisonment, suspended, for writing in December of 2018 about the murders of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland in Morocco, and for linking to a video that showed the atrocities.

The trial has taken several years. Early on the morning of May 8 2019, Raaschou had his private residence searched by at least five police officers. They confiscated his computer equipment and handcuffed him as if he had been a dangerous terrorist. Raaschou was by then a pensioner and had no criminal record.

However, the authorities wanted a harsher punishment. The prosecutor had asked for six months of unconditional imprisonment for Raaschou. But the judges decided to impose a suspended sentence, partly because of the defendant’s age and health. Steen Raaschou has been seriously ill with cancer and is still taking numerous medications on a daily basis.

I know Mr. Raaschou personally, and was present in court myself, as one of dozens of witnesses. As a non-lawyer, I immediately found the application of the law to be strange.

Raaschou was convicted by the Copenhagen District Court of violating ¶264d of the Danish Criminal Code, which prohibits the dissemination of images relating to the “private affairs” of another person and which are clearly not in the public interest.

An example of this practice is if you were to distribute or publish nude pictures of your ex-girlfriend or spouse. Such actions are intended to personally harass and humiliate another person with images that are clearly private and certainly not in the public interest.

People die every day. Some die more brutally than others. Death by murder places an extra strain on the survivors, on the family and friends of the victims. This is because serious crime is not just a private matter. The right to privacy must be balanced against the public’s right to be informed about what is happening in the world around them. People should be made aware of problems and potential threats. They have a right to demand to receive basic information about the society in which they live. Moreover, withholding truthful information may often encourage the spread of rumours, which can be both true and false.

The double murder of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland bore the stamp of an act of terrorism. The militant Muslims who committed the murders in an extremely brutal and ritualistic manner sympathised with terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State (IS).

A deadly terrorist attack against a Danish and a Norwegian citizen is of obvious and general interest to citizens of Denmark, Norway and other countries. It is quite unreasonable to treat this in the same way as the dissemination of private nude photographs.

Steen Raaschou referred to this fact on his website in December of 2018 because he felt that the mainstream media were not reporting the whole truth about what had really happened in Morocco. The media in Denmark and Norway wrote diffusely that the two women had received “injuries to their necks”. This is such a gross paraphrase of what actually happened that it is in fact a complete lie. Raaschou himself says that he wrote to inform the public of the truth. In no way was this done to cause inconvenience to the victims’ families.

The judges at the Copenhagen District Court rejected the arguments by Raaschou and his lawyer that he had used his freedom of speech to inform the public. They considered that the victims’ interests outweighed the defendant’s freedom of expression.

It was also argued that Raaschou could have reported the double murder in a different way, rather than by showing a diffused screenshot and providing a video link to another website.

The video footage of the murders was not shown to the parties in court. However, a witness who has worked for the police was called. He described parts of the video. The judges prohibited reporting the content of the video.

Everyone present in the courtroom, including members of the audience such as myself, were thus prohibited from describing what we heard mentioned in the courtroom about the video. Violation of this prohibition could, in the worst case, lead to our own prosecution.

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Sweden Turns to the Right?

Yesterday’s general election in Sweden was widely seen as a referendum on the unprecedented level of immigrant-based violence that has swept the country in the last few years. The migration-critical Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) were expected to make their best showing yet in the voting.

The new Muslim party “Nyans” seems to have siphoned off a significant number of votes from the Social Democrats. If the Right Block forms a government, it will be largely due to Nyans. The socialists have always taken the Muslim vote for granted, not seeming to realize that such arrangements are always temporary. As soon as Muslims form a large enough proportion of the population, they switch their vote to Allah.

The chart at the top of this post shows the preliminary results of the voting from sometime yesterday. I tried to find a more recent version, but was unable to track one down.

The parties shown in the chart are, from left to right:

  • Left Party (Vänsterpartiet)
  • Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna)
  • Greens (Miljöpartiet)
  • Centre Party (Centerpartiet)
  • Liberals (Liberalerna)
  • Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna)
  • Moderates (Moderaterna)
  • Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna)

As of 5:30 this morning (Swedish time), the Right Block (Liberals, Christian Democrats, Moderates, Sweden Democrats) had 175 mandates, and the Left Block (Left Party, Social Democrats, Greens, Centre Party) had 174 mandates.

Fredrik Reinfeldt: ‘I hate the Sweden Democrats’

So not only is the Right’s margin razor-thin, but the coalition will be headed by Moderaterna, the Moderates. Long-time readers will remember the way Moderaterna’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt relentlessly demonized the Sweden Democrats until he resigned in 2014, and even after that.

Nevertheless, it appears that the Sweden Democrats will be in the government for the first time, which is not a negligible result.

Some projections showed the Moderates as having more votes than Sverigedemokraterna, while others showed SD in the lead.

The final result will not be available until Wednesday (September 14).

Many thanks to LN for translating the material below. The first three translations are articles from Fria Tider:

The Sweden Democrats will be the big winner of the election

September 11, 2022

There will be a red-green election victory this year, according to SVT’s polling station survey. However, the margin is only 0.6 percent and the only clear winner is SD.

The Sweden Democrats got 20.5 percent in SVT’s poll, which is a sharp increase from the 17.5 percent election result in 2018.

The Moderates got 18.8 percent in SVT’s poll but only 16 percent in TV4’s poll from earlier in the day. In the TV4 poll, the Sweden Democrats received 21.3 percent support.

“It’s just surveys so far, but we are hopeful,” says Henrik Vinge, SD’s group leader in the Riksdag, to TV4.

At the same time, there are reports that not everyone has been able to vote and that polling stations have been closed under the noses of people who have been queuing. Foreign media write with concern about how the elections in Sweden were handled this time.

Here are the reports of tampering at the polling stations

On social media on Sunday, many have testified that there is tampering with ballots in polling stations around the country.

As usual, it is mainly the Sweden Democrats and other anti-immigration parties that are described as targets of the suspected cheating.

In a high-profile thread on Twitter, Bulletin reporter Isabelle Eriksson describes how not only SD’s but also several other parties’ ballot papers were missing when she went to vote:

Ballot papers from the re-migration party Alternative for Sweden were also reportedly hidden or turned inside out in some polling stations.

In previous elections, the ballot papers have been left completely open in the polling stations, so that everyone in the room could see which ballot papers were taken. After strong criticism from the European Commission, Sweden finally changed this and in today’s elections the ballot papers are screened. But in many polling stations, you have to carry your ballot papers from the sealed-off area to get an envelope, so that others can still see which ballot papers you have chosen.

Nyans party may have cost Social Democrats election victory

September 11, 2022

The immigrant party Nyans seems to have taken a very large number of the Social Democrats’ votes among immigrants in so-called vulnerable areas.

The pile for “other parties” has increased very sharply in the ghettos, according to the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections.

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Socialism is the Loser of History

Many thanks to LN for translating this essay by Karl-Olov Arnstberg from the Swedish blog Invandring och mörkläggning:

Sunday Chronicle: Postmodernism and truth

September 4, 2022

Of the classic questions of philosophy is how we are able to know anything about existence and being (ontology).

Does reason provide an objective view of the world? In Plato’s cave analogy, a group of people sit chained in a cave, their faces turned towards the cave’s interior. Behind them is a wall, and behind the wall burns a fire. Between the wall and the fire walk people, holding up objects above the wall. The fire casts shadows on the cave walls, and these shadows are all the prisoners in the cave can see, and they spend their time trying to make sense of this blurred reflection of existence. Many people are also familiar with the French philosopher René Descartes’ short sentence Cogito ergo sum, which means “I think, therefore I exist”. Everything can be doubted, but not that one thinks. At least that we can know that we exist.

A century on, the Enlightenment’s answer to the question of what we can know about reality is to put our faith in reason. Our senses are what tell us about reality. Those usually placed in the display window are Voltaire, Diderot and the encyclopaedists of France, but I would rather highlight three English geniuses, because it is England that will be the cradle of industrialism and therefore of our modern age. The three names are Francis Bacon as an empiricist and scientist, Isaac Newton as a physicist and mathematician, and John Locke with his writings on empiricism, reason and liberal politics.

Soon there was a counter-movement that argued that reason was not at all sufficient to understand existence and the world. Reason does not provide answers to existential questions. What about belief in God, in traditional values such as duty, sacrifice and solidarity? Moreover, reason is irreducibly subjective. People are not at all in agreement about what their minds tell them about the world. Take the Indian sutra that has spread around the world as the Buddha’s parable.

A king has brought an elephant to his palace and asks the city’s blind men to examine it. As the men feel each part of the elephant, the king asks them, one by one, to describe what an elephant is. One man has felt the elephant’s head and describes it as a pot, another has felt its ear and describes it as a basket or a sieve. One has felt the tusks and describes a coulter, and another has felt the legs and talks about tree trunks. They have all experienced the elephant in different ways and cannot agree.

I will not stray further into the catacombs of pre-modern philosophy, but what I want to say is that the truth about our existence is and remains an unsolved problem. As John Ajvide Lindqvist writes in his new novel Reality: there is no way to prove that the world was not created five seconds ago and that everything we think we remember is a fabrication put into our heads by an alien entity. There is no way to know.

The 20th century is the century of reason, and the advances are amazing; liberal politics, democracy, free markets, scientific progress and technological innovation. But industrialism also builds a class society. It gets its counter-movement in the form of communism, which believed that the contradictions of capitalism would lead to revolution. Eventually, the exploited workers would have had enough. As we all know, that was not the case. In the First World War, the proletarians chose not Marx, Lenin and socialism but nationalism. The lesson for the communists was that revolution would not come by itself. The proletariat needed the support and guidance of an intellectual elite. Such an elite was built above all by the Frankfurt School.

The First World War also led to a different and revanchist movement. Today we see communism and national socialism as two extremes — one on the left, the other on the right. Moreover, we classify Marxism as sophisticated and intellectual, while Nazism is the ideology of the rabble-rousers. However, it wasn’t really that simple in 1930s Germany. The Nazis also had an elite and a respectable academic tradition with philosophers like Schopenhauer, Herder and Nietzsche. Marx, in a corner, was also involved.

The two ideologies were siblings. For example, both Goebbels and Mussolini were socialists in their political thinking. In The Road to Serfdom (English first edition 1944), the Austrian-British economist Friedrich Hayek writes that when students, after studying on the Continent, returned to England, they were unsure whether they wanted to be Communists or Nazis. On the other hand, they were quite clear that they hated capitalism. The big difference was that National Socialism put the nation and the people first, while Communism focused on the class and the proletariat. Neither ideology had anything whatsoever in common with democracy. The Communists were committed to the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Nazis to the Aryan race, i.e. the dictatorship of the German people.

Since Germany was the great loser of the Second World War, Nazism perished as an ideology. The second sibling, as we know, survived — even though its days were numbered. The first attack came in 1956 when the Hungarian uprising was crushed, the second in 1968 with the Warsaw Pact’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. Soviet power exposed the totalitarian core of communism, in all its horror. Then, when East Germany collapsed in 1989 and the Soviet Union a few years later, the saga of communism should have been over. It should be as ideologically dead as Nazism.

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Malmö: Caught in the Culture-Enriching Crossfire

On Friday two groups of rambunctious “Swedish” “youths” in the city of Malmö got into a disagreement, and by the time their issues had been settled, one person was dead and another was severely wounded.

The badly wounded victim was a passerby who just happened to be in the shopping center when the squabble broke out, and got caught in the crossfire (it sounds like Chicago or Philadelphia to me). In the following video, Malmö Police Chief Petra Stenkula answers reporters’ questions about the violence in Malmö.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the incident from Samhällsnytt (also translated by Gary Fouse):

One of the shooting victims in Malmö was a female passerby

August 20, 2022

One of the two persons shot Friday in the middle of the Emporia Shopping Center in Malmö was a woman who was just passing by when a criminal migrant opened fire with a gun.

Criticism is now directed at the government, which maintained that the risk for third parties of being in the way of immigrant gangs’ bullets is, “very, very small,” and for the fact that deadly shootings are breaking record after record under the rule of the Social Democrats.

The woman is now being treated in the hospital for serious gunshot wounds and is likely to suffer lifelong injuries. The 31-year-old man who was also shot and later died was, like the shooter, a non-Western migrant and involved in serious criminal gang activity.

The arrested suspect is reportedly only 15 years old. He will, therefore, under the Swedish rules for reduced sentences for youth which the Social Democrats pushed through and chose to continue to maintain, be sentenced to a very short prison sentence or eventually only juvenile custody.

The sitting Social Democrat single-party government and the earlier red-green coalition, which also included the Environmental Party, have received scathing criticism for what many consider their left-liberal, lax criminal policy and lack of concern concerning armed, immigrant-related gang crime.

2022 new record year for number of shooting deaths

The number of gang shootings resulting in death during the last two years of the mandate period during which the Social Democrats have ruled the country has broken one record after the other, and 2022 is on track to be the year with the most murders and armed gang violence ever. Ever more often, these disputes also take place in public places without regard to the fact that there are a large number of people present who risk death or injury.

A number of such cases have also occurred in recent years. In Botkyrka, south of Stockholm, a girl just 12 years old was shot to death in connection with a criminal gang drive-by shooting. She was out walking the family dog. In the Stockholm suburb of Flemingsberg, even younger children were hit by bullets as they played in a sandlot, and criminal gang migrants showed up with weapons in hand.

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Talking to the Elephants

Many thanks to LN for translating this essay from Invandring och mörkläggning:

Sunday Chronicle: If you want to change people’s minds, you have to talk to their elephants

by Karl-Olov Arnstberg
August 7, 2022

The American psychologist Jonathan Haidt is one of the most interesting thinkers of our time. This year, the publisher Fri Tanke has published in Swedish his 400-page popular science study of morality: The Righteous Mind.

One question that Haidt twists and turns is how we make decisions and act. He notes that most people distinguish between reason and emotion. This goes back to the Greek philosophers. They put reason first and despised emotionally driven people. A man who controls his emotions will live a life of reason and justice and can expect to be reborn in an otherworldly heaven of eternal bliss, while the man who fails to control his emotions will be reincarnated as a woman — at least if Plato is to be believed.

Haidt likes metaphors and describes the divided mind as a rider on an elephant. He chose an elephant instead of a horse because elephants are so much bigger and smarter than horses. The rider is your reason and for most of us it seems that reason rules. Or, at least that’s the desirable thing. When we can’t think, emotions rule. Some people are good at keeping their emotions in check and making rational decisions. Others give in to their emotions and things can go either way.

In Haidt’s metaphor of thinking, the elephant is in charge, although he or she may be open to the rider’s persuasion. The rider is very small and the elephant is very big. The task of the rider is to serve the elephant. Haidt writes:

The rider is our conscious reasoning — the streams of words and images of which we are fully aware. The elephant is the other 99 percent of our mental processes — the ones that happen without our being aware of them but that actually control most of our behavior. The rider and the elephant work together, sometimes less effectively, as we stumble through life in search of meaning and coherence.

Automatic processes govern the human brain, just as they have governed animal brains for 500 million years. When humans developed the capacity for language and reasoning sometime in the last one million years, the brain did not reprogram itself to hand over the reins to a new, inexperienced driver. Rather, the rider was brought in because it added something that the elephant could use. Haidt writes:

The thinking system is not equipped to govern — it simply doesn’t have the power to make things happen — but it can be useful as an advisor. The rider is an attentive servant, always trying to predict the elephant’s next move. If the elephant leans the slightest bit to the left, as if preparing to take a step, the rider looks to the left and begins preparing to assist the elephant in its next leftward movement. The rider then loses interest in everything that is happening on the right side.

The elephant needs the rider, among other reasons, to be able to see further into the future, to see the consequences of the elephant’s actions. In this way it can help the elephant make better decisions in the present. It can learn new skills and master new techniques, which can be used to help the elephant achieve its goals and avoid disasters. And, most importantly, the rider acts as a mouthpiece for the elephant, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean he or she knows what the elephant is really thinking. The rider constructs after-the-fact explanations for everything the elephant has come up with.

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Swedes Prepare to Shiver

The Swedish government is advising its citizens to prepare to wear outdoor clothing indoors and take fewer showers next winter, because the evil Vladimir Putin has driven up the price of electricity.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Expensive winter for householders — may face an additional SEK 50,000 in electricity bills

The popularly dubbed “sosse [socialist] prices” on electricity — or “Putin prices”, according to the Socialist government — may hit homeowners’ finances brutally this winter. You should prepare for a full 50,000 kronor [$5,000] increase in your electric bill for the cold months, experts warn.

It is already clear that the month of July, despite the heat, was the most expensive ever for electricity consumers. But that’s nothing compared to what lies in store for this winter when the cold hits. Homeowners who can’t put aside an extra SEK 50,000 to pay electric companies can expect to freeze this winter, have their electricity switched off and end up in court for unpaid electricity bills.

Red-Green energy policy decisions hit hard

The premature closure of nuclear power plants, the large-scale investment in unreliable and inadequate wind power, the interconnection of the Swedish electricity grid with other countries and the introduction of enormously power-hungry IT giants that receive electricity almost free of charge have put Sweden in a serious state of crisis when it comes to the electricity supply.

Warnings have been issued that households and businesses in Sweden may have their electricity cut off at times, something previously associated only with developing countries. Electric prices have also periodically soared to levels that have wrecked the economies of many households and driven companies out of business. However, experts are now warning that prices could be even higher this winter.

No contingency if Putin cuts gas supply

Christian Holtz, an analyst at the energy consultancy Merlin & Metis, tells Dagens Industri that Swedish homeowners should expect a surcharge of SEK 50,000 on top of what they normally pay for electricity this winter, citing Putin’s announcement of a cutoff in gas supplies to the EU as a direct cause.

For Sweden, however, it is about the lack of redundancy in the electricity supply that the red-green and red governments in particular have created through an aggressive premature closure of fully functioning nuclear power plants and a totally inadequate attempt to cover the loss of electricity production with wind turbines. If the now-vanished spare capacity had been left in the system, Sweden would have been prepared for Russian sanctions today.

The situation is further aggravated by the fact that Sweden is affected by other countries’ ill-considered energy policy decisions. This is particularly true for Germany, where the [Swedish] Green Party’s counterpart, the Greens, has been even more successful than Sweden in shutting down nuclear power. The fact that the Swedish electricity market is now linked to Europe’s means that we in Sweden cannot protect our domestic electricity needs and are being dragged into the German electricity crisis, for example.

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More on Basem Mahmoud, the Malmö Imam

A “Swedish” imam named Basem Mahmoud has gotten himself into a spot of bother by quoting the Koran on the ancestry of Jews. Evidently Mr. Mahmoud has not yet internalized the directive that advises the faithful to remain stumm about such matters until the Ummah has attained full control of the Swedish polity.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Expressen:

Now the Malmö imam has been charged with incitement

August 2, 2022

Malmö imam Basem Mahmoud has been charged for incitement against an ethnic group of people [hets mot folkgrupp]. This after he had expressed anti-Semitic views on several occasions. At the same time, he loses his MKB lease [Malmö Housing Company].

“I was extremely upset that he used the site for the purpose of spreading extremist messages,” says Lars-Erik Lovden (Social Democrats), chairman of MKB.

Over two years, Imam Basem Mahmoud spread a hateful message and preached anti-Semitic views about Jews in a basement mosque in Rosengård. He maintained, among other things, that “the Western world is run by Jews,” and that Muslims who cooperate with Jews are “traitors”.

Now, two years later, he stands accused of incitement against an ethnic group. According to the indictment, Basem Mahmoud reportedly preached in Arabic that, “Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs”.

Prosecutor Magdalena Tesfai has enlisted a researcher in religious science, Simon Sorgenfrei. He believes that Basem Mahmoud refers to a line in the Koran, but that there is no direct citation he uses in his sermon.

“At the same time, we can see how the preacher ties together a wider anti-Semitic conspiracy narrative that believes that there is a conspiracy, in this case, against Muslims, between “Jews” and “the West”, Sorgenfrei writes in a text message.

The trial of Basem Mahmoud will be held in September.

Lease contract terminated — forced to leave premises

At the same time, it is clear that Basem Mahmoud has not had his lease extended by the MKB for the basement mosque in Rosengård. He is forced to leave the premises.

Malmö’s municipal counsel for the labor market and the social board, Sedat Arif (Social Democrat), praised MKB’s decision in a Facebook post.

“This type of behavior is unacceptable, and in Malmö, there is no place at all for this type of incitement against an individual group, no matter which group it concerns or where it comes from. The premises used to spread hate messages on several occasions against various groups in Malmö is terminated, and they must now leave the premises,” he writes.

The chairman of the MKB, Lars-Erik Lovden, confirms that the lease agreement was terminated on June 13, the day before Basem Mahmoud was charged.

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Pride in Islam

The following opinion piece was written by an alleged Muslim “reformer” in Sweden.

In my experience, Muslim reformers and “moderate” Muslims usually play a carefully crafted role in the Civilization Jihad. Their job is to (1) make it more difficult for the kuffar to resist Islamization by showcasing a “moderate” form of Islam, which of course has close to 0% support from their fellow believers; and (2) divert the attention of the kuffar away from Islam’s “sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

If Akbar Abdul Rasul were really what he claims to be — a reformer who wants to reinterpret Islamic scripture and convince Muslims to welcome homosexuals publicly — he would be subject to mass condemnation as a blasphemer. He would have received a death fatwa. His house would be bombed. He would be unable to walk the streets for fear of assassination.

The fact that he is still alive and proselytizing for his “reforms” shows that the Ummah understands his true mission and accepts its utility.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this op-ed from Expressen:

As an LGBTQ Muslim, I have reinterpreted the Scriptures

July 28, 2022

After Jonas Gardell raised the issue in a debate article, Islam’s relationship with LGBTQ people has been discussed.

Akbar Abdul Rasul wants to forsake the intolerance found in religious writings.


I agree with Jonas Gardell* that religious communities must reconsider how they treat LGBTQ people (7-16-22). If religion is about God, love, and rights to a dignified life, religion must also fill that function in society.

Since it can be considered that the LGBTQ movement and orthodox Islam community are completely different entities, since 2016 I have written in Swedish newspapers about the need to reform Islam and have conversations about progressive interpretations of the Holy Scriptures.

The terror attack on a gay club in Orlando in 2016 — just like that in Oslo in June — was an attack against LGBTQ people, and its purpose was to spread fear among them all over the world. For me as a homosexual Muslim, who fled to the West because of my sexual orientation, the attack caused me to reinterpret Islam’s holy texts. I concluded that we must talk about reform and forsake the intolerance that can be found in the holy Scriptures, which do not fit in our time, and use common sense as we read them from now on.

Homophobia is the norm in most Muslim circles based on my experience

After the attack in Orlando, the outside world began to speculate more and more about what Islam thinks about homosexuality. It is somewhat hard to know since Islam is made up of 1.7 billion people around the world who all practice their religion in different ways. One cannot generalize and say that all Muslims are homophobic since we are not a homogenous group. In most Muslim countries, homosexuality is illegal; in some, one risks death; and in some it is not illegal.

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“Nobody is Listening to What I’m Saying”

The following video presentation was recorded by a Swedish doctor and researcher who has encountered significant resistance to her reporting of fatal adverse reactions to the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. She has been stonewalled, vilified, and had her competency questioned.

Many thanks to Ingrid Carlqvist for translating these excerpts, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator includes this summary:

Dr. Ute Kruger is a researcher and senior physician at the regional hospital in Kalmar, Sweden. She has worked in pathology for 25 years and for 18 years with breast cancer diagnostics. Dr. Ute Kruger has studied 8,000 autopsies and is now sounding the alarm in an interview with the Norwegian Association of Doctors and Health Workers. Dr. Kruger has witnessed an explosive increase in cancer and previously never-occurring inflammations in blood vessels in patients — who died after being injected with the mRNA vaccines. She also watched carelessness with autopsies, saw deceased patients who were incorrectly registered as “unvaccinated”; her notifications to the Swedish Medicines Agency were ignored; there was denial by research colleagues, and much more.

Video transcript:

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Three Culture-Enrichers Sentenced for Their Roles in the Easter Riots

Three young “Swedes” have been sentenced for taking part in the Koran riots that erupted in Sweden during the Easter holiday in April (for more background on last spring’s riots in Sweden, see the Rasmus Paludan archives).

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “Bring These Criminals to Justice”

Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi is a German virologist and professor of microbiology. He is an ethnic Thai who was born in the USA and educated at schools in Switzerland, Egypt, and Thailand. He studied medicine at the University of Bonn. Prior to his retirement, he was a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and, from 1991 to 2012, director of the Medical Institute for Microbiology and Hygiene in Germany.

Dr. Bhakdi was interviewed recently in Sweden by Swebbtv. His remarks concerned the Wuhan Coronavirus, and especially the experimental mRNA treatment that is intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the disease. He was vehement about the evils of the “vaccine”, and criticized the Swedes and the Danes for failing to stand up against the pressure to have themselves and their children “vaccinated”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Previous posts about Sucharit Bhakdi:

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Hat tip: LN.