The Political Prosecution of Ingrid Carlqvist

Ingrid Carlqvist is a Swedish nationalist who opposes mass immigration and the Islamization of Sweden. Because of her outspokenness on these issues, and because she and another activist had aired a popular podcast, Ms. Carlqvist was prosecuted under an obscure media law — one that no one else has been charged under. She was eventually convicted and fined, but she avoided a prison term due to her lack of a criminal record.

Last week Vlad Tepes interviewed Ingrid Carlqvist just before her trial, and then again yesterday after her sentencing.

Video #1: Before court appearance:

Video #2: After sentencing:

Movie Theaters Refuse to Show the Finns Party’s Election Video

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from the Swedish dissident outlet Samhällsnytt:

April 2, 2019

Finland is two weeks away from election day and “The True Finns”, the country’s equivalent of SD (Sverigedemokraterna, Sweden Democrats), have released a longer election film that has been very successful. The video was watched over a quarter of a million times within its first week, which is a lot for Finland’s population size.

Now, however, the international cinema chain AMC has stopped showing the election film of the immigration-critical party “The True Finns” in Finland, which Fria Tider was the first to report on.

According to “Finnkino”, which is owned by AMC, the decision to stop the showing is because they “stand up for tolerance, freedom of speech and democracy, and do not accept racism or discrimination,” according to their Twitter.

This censorship now faces tough criticism, as it is happening when there are only two weeks until the election, where support for “The True Finns” also seems to be increasing.

[The video is in English; Finnish dialogue is subtitled in English.]

It (the film) is about how the Finns have finally had enough of the corrupt establishment and are hitting back at the rulers. The film also highlights problems with immigration and the insecurity for women that has arisen in its wake.

The problems created by the establishment mean that the Finnish people’s “energy” creates a monster that forces the rulers to change.

At the end of the film, however, the party leader Jussi Halla-aho notes that of course there is no angry monster:

“As you know, there is no angry monster that will come and save anyone. The old parties will not change their direction. If you want change, you have to vote for change,” he concludes at the end of the movie.

Sweden is Being Islamized Through the Food Jihad

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Katerina Magasin:

How Sweden is Islamized through food jihad. Halal-marked food is sneaked onto consumers.

Halal food has come to Swedish food stores without consumers’ being aware of this. Halal markings are made with very small symbols in Arabic that Swedes cannot read. The question is: Where is the possibility to choose or not choose products when they are sneaked in this way? There can be both ideological and religious reasons for not wanting to buy halal, since Islam is a religion which includes a political system, laws (sharia) and belief in Allah as god. Food jihad, which means Islamization through food, is a strategy used and involves taking over the food so that it becomes Islamic for all inhabitants of the country. The goal is to introduce sharia law, and halal is one of the sharia laws. As the first Swedish newspaper to do so, Katerina Magasin now writes about the phenomenon, which is part of the ongoing Islamization of Sweden. Read Ulrika Stigsson’s expose.

In many Swedish stores halal food is sold without customers’ being aware that they are buying these products with Islamic marking. I decide to go and visit some of our most common grocery stores, ICA, COOP and Hemkop. I find halal labels on the popular Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Frosties, K-Special and other varieties under the Kellogg brand covering several shelves.

The halal marking is tiny and must be photographed and enlarged to be able to read the Arabic.

I ask the staff at the various stores if they have halal food and they all answer, “No” or “I don’t believe so.” In addition, I find Thai products such as noodles, fish sauce and soy that are also halal certified. COOP has its frozen chicken X-tra and Hemköp/Willys Chicken Eldorado, which is halal.

The Asian food businesses, originating in Thailand have almost exclusively halal-marked products. For many years I have been interested in Thai cooking, and I am a big customer of Asian stores. Now I choose the Vietnamese noodles because I don’t want have halal. That Thailand is 95% Buddhist and only 3.7% Muslim the halal question becomes more interesting. How can a small minority influence and completely dominate the vast majority?

What is halal and why does it end in our goods in Swedish stores? In Islam there are sharia laws and halal is part of sharia. It includes rules that apply to all food and not only meat. Most Swedes associate halal with halal slaughter, and don’t know that it includes much more. Even shampoo, soap and detergents should also be halal if everything is to be right.

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“We Muslims Stand Here to Confirm and Insist on Our Identity”

Last Friday the Islamic supremacist group Hizb ut-Tahrir gathered in a public square in Copenhagen to communally raise their fundaments and hold a rally, waving the white flag of jihad. Danish citizens collected at the periphery of the event, waving Danish flags and trying to drown out the HuT speakers. Most likely the native Danes understood only the “Allahu Akhbar” in the speeches — everyone knows that phrase by now. However, with the help of an Arabic translator, we can fill in some of the rest of what was said by the HuT speakers.

A note on the white flag of jihad: There are several types of flags flown during jihad. The oldest one is probably al-raya, an example of which was flown by the Islamic State. Two versions of the standard shahada flag are used, one with white text on a black background, and the other its exact negative. The first is the banner carried by mujahideen during their military operations, while the second (kalma, black-on-white, the one seen in the video) is used by an administrative state under sharia governance. In other words, Hizb ut-Tahrir are declaring that the patch of ground they inhabit in Copenhagen has been claimed for the Ummah, and is subject to Islamic law.

Many thanks to Ibn Al-Malek for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Sweden Democrats Are Losing Their Leper Status

Gates of Vienna has been in the SD’s corner for many years. It is heartening indeed to see them rise, both at home and in the EU Parliament. These people have paid in blood and tears for their slow but sure progress.

Maybe they ought to replace their flower with the image of a tortoise…I’ll see if the Baron has one to hand.

Bringing the Jihad Back Home

The two videos below discuss the surge of predatory and violent crime that has hit Sweden since the mujahideen of the Islamic State started returning “home”.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the ISIS recidivists who are returning to Sweden from Syria:

The second video has more on the cultural enrichment that ISIS returnees are bringing to Sweden, plus a report on a culture-enriching crime in Katrineholm:

Video transcript #1:

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Brad Johnson on the Christchurch Massacre

In the following interview, the retired CIA station chief Brad Johnson talks about some of the background to the recent massacre in New Zealand, material that is not being discussed in the media.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading this video:

Brenton Tarrant’s “manifesto” has been largely scrubbed from major media sites and social media, although I’m sure it’s available on plenty of dissident websites. I’ve uploaded a copy here, in case anyone wants to read it.

I’ve only just started looking at it myself, but the similarities between the slaughter in Christchurch and the massacres by Anders Behring Breivik are remarkable. The main difference is that Mr. Breivik killed Young Socialists, while Mr. Tarrant killed Muslims.

Like the Breivik case, Brenton Tarrant’s ideology (such as it is) was designed to harm specific target groups. The Butcher of Utøya brought down a firestorm upon the Counterjihad — with the exception of Fjordman, his targets seemed to be mainly Counterjihad people in the USA.

Similarly, the Butcher of Christchurch seemed to be aiming at the anti-immigration movement in general, and more specifically the opponents of Islam in the Balkans.

I tend to be paranoid, and the Breivik affair intensified that trait. At the time I thought Anders Breivik must surely have had a “handler”. In the eight years since then I have observed that there is no limit to the depravity, ruthlessness, immorality, and evil of the Permanent Government, a.k.a. the Deep State.

That’s why this little piece of the Tarrant manifesto made my spider sense tingle (the conceit being that he is interviewing himself):

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The Recidivists of the Islamic State

A recent study by Swedish TV shows that a third of “Swedish” Islamic State fighters who returned “home” have engaged in criminal activities upon their repatriation. I, for one, am totally shocked that ISIS mujahideen would ever commit violent crimes — such an outcome simply never occurred to me.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

One out of three ISIS returnees commits crimes in Sweden

March 14, 2019

Approximately every third returning Islamic State terrorist has been involved in a crime since returning to Sweden, an investigation done by SVT [Sveriges Television, public broadcaster] News shows.

About 150 ISIS terrorists who traveled to Syria and Iraq have returned to Sweden and similar additional number may try to return.

SVT has succeeded in charting 41 of those who have already returned.

About one third of these, 13 men, have been convicted of or are suspected of committing crimes after returning.

These include among others lynchings (murders) in Vivalla and Orebro last summer, when a large group of immigrants attacked a man and a when 31-year-old so-called “returnee” finally killed the person with scissors.

The 31-year-old is believed to have returned wounded from Syria.

He is now suspected of murder and has admitted that he hit the victim in the head, but not to kill him. The returning ISIS terrorist is believed to have slashed the victim seven times in the face. The background was a deal between rival criminals.

“I have saved people. I should get an award,” the 31-year-old said under questioning, according to Expressen. ISIS returnees have also been convicted of, among other things, drug offenses, thefts, receiving stolen goods, fraud, felony extortion, felony assault and money laundering.

Twelve of the returnees studied are women, but none of them have been convicted of anything.

The Soldiers of Odin Plan to Sting Culture-Enriching Rapists in Finland

The following video — which has now been deleted from the platforms where it was originally posted — is an announcement by the Finnish chapter of the Soldiers of Odin that they have arranged to lure would-be child-rapists from the migrant community by setting up social media profiles for people who pretend to be little girls.

The Soldiers of Odin is a Nordic nationalist movement that was founded after the Great Migration Crisis began back in 2015. Among its Swedish and Finnish leadership are actual neo-Nazis — not what the media characterize as “neo-Nazis”, not ordinary people like me who happen to be nationalists opposing mass immigration, but members or associates of movements that long to return to the good ol’ days of Aryan Supremacy during the Third Reich.

Our posting of this video constitutes neither support nor condemnation for what the Soldiers of Odin are doing. It is a simple fact, a data point about what is happening now in Europe: an inevitable reaction to the treasonous behavior of European political leaders. As Vlad points out in his intro, by failing do deal with the crisis of Islamic encroachment in any meaningful way, the EU authorities have cleared the stage for those who actually intend to take action. Not nice action. Not just talking, but nasty, ruthless, violent action.

This is a taste of Europe’s coming civil war.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a report from InfoWars about this new initiative by the Soldiers of Odin:

Finnish Vigilante Group Targeting Foreign “Sex Tourists”

Group allegedly creating fake social media accounts to lure pedophiles, rapists

The vigilantes’ recent video, in which they claimed Finland to be overrun by “sex tourists” has arrived amidst a grooming gang scandal which has implicated immigrants and asylum-seekers from the Middle East.

The Finnish police and the National Prosecutor General’s Office are investigating whether the new Soldiers of Odin video, in which they declare a hunt for rapists and pedophiles, constitutes hate speech and instigation to violence, the Finnish daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet reported.

In the video, which is provided with English and Arabic subtitles, the group claims that it has made false profiles in social media, posing as young girls. With the help of the profiles, the group seeks to reveal men in search of sexual contact with young girls on the web.

The video, which has since been deleted from both Facebook and Vimeo, shows a group of masked men armed with bats and chains march onwards to the camera amid winter darkness, accompanied by heavy metal music.

The speaker of the group then claims Finland has been invaded by “sex tourists”. As the authorities “do nothing”, he claims, the people themselves have to protect their children. The Soldiers of Odin also claimed that half of the sexual propositions to underage girls came from Arabs. However, the group stressed that the hunt is open for “domestic pedophiles and rapists of all colors.”

“We guarantee you that a date with us will be memorable. And hey, don’t worry, we won’t call the police”, the masked man said in the video, which at the time of writing is still available on Soldiers of Odin founder Mika Ranta’s page on the Russian social network Vkontakte.

According to criminal commissioner Pekka Hätönen, the new video by the Soldiers of Odin can be classified as an instigation to hatred toward ethnic groups. However, for further action, he must first contact the National Prosecutor’s Office, which is responsible for targeting hate speech on the internet.

Video transcript:

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Most Violent Crimes in Oslo Are Committed by Culture-Enrichers

The crime statistics given in the following article are no surprise to anyone who has been following the general trends in the major cities of Western Europe. Norway is unusual, however, in that it is willing to collect and make public the ethnicity of perpetrators — France and Sweden, for example, don’t allow such forms of data collection.

What was dismaying in the article was the fact that a third of the population of Oslo is now made up of people with a “migration background”. Norway has put the brakes on immigration in the last few years, yet it seems that the capital city is rapidly approaching London, Brussels, and Paris in its level of cultural enrichment.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this piece from Norway’s commercial TV channel TV 2:

Immigrants behind three out of four violent crimes

TV 2 has gone through all the verdicts in which a person was convicted of serious bodily injury and gross bodily harm in Oslo, from the beginning of 2018 until today.

A total of 140 people have been sentenced in the past year.

Among the verdicts we find people who have carried out stabbings, beatings and abuse.

We also find victims who have suffered lifelong injuries, deep cuts and cranial fractures. It has been revealed that in one third of the verdicts either a knife, glass or bottle was used.

More than two out of three are immigrants

There is a large majority of men among the convicted. The convictions furthermore show that immigrants are over-represented.

TV 2’s investigation shows that of the 140 perpetrators, 70% were of immigrant background.

In other words, more than two out of three violent incidents in Oslo were carried out by immigrants. This is despite the fact that, according to Statistics Norway, immigrants make up 33 per cent of Oslo’s population.

An immigrant is classified as a person who has immigrated to Norway, or who was born in Norway, but who has a mother and father who were both born abroad.

Not surprised

Although the figure seems high, the violence researcher Ragnhild Bjørnebekk is not surprised. She believes that one of the reasons is that many come from cultures where violence is more prevalent.

“They are more vulnerable; they have experienced more trauma. Some of them come from violent cultures, and they bring it with them. And then some of them are not Norwegian citizens, who come from other countries and only stay here for a few months,” says Bjørnebekk.

The parliamentary representative and Oslo citizen Himanshu Gulati (FRP) points the finger at Oslo City Council, and believes that City Councilor Raymond Johansen and the City Council’s immigration policy are to blame for the high proportion of immigrants among the convicted.

“He must understand that the policy he advances has real-life consequences. If you want to maintain high immigration to Oslo, then it will not become easier to handle the problems we are now seeing.”

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The Muezzin Will Not Be Silenced in Karlskrona

The Sweden Democrats of Karlskrona tried to stop the Islamic call to prayer from being ululated in their town, but they failed.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Sveriges Radio:

SD (Sweden Democrats) voted down— Yes to continued call to prayer in Karlskrona

January 31, 2019

After a long and intense debate in the General Council, the motion of the Sweden Democrats to forbid religious calls in public space in Karlskrona was voted down.

The Islamic Cultural Association in Karlskrona may continue their calls to prayer from their mosque in Kungsmarken during the Friday prayer.

The mosque in Karlskrona now has all the permits that are required from the police and municipality.

But the Sweden Democrats want to change the local order charter, and suggested in a motion that “no religious call can be made in public space.” The Sweden Democrats maintain that religious freedom also means a right to avoid hearing religious messages, such as a call to prayer.

“One should not impose on anyone,” says Robert Andersson (SD).

Several members argued that that the question of religious freedom cannot be settled by changing a local charter.

“I think that the trade-offs and limits of religious freedom belong to the Parliament. We can’t have one religious freedom in Karlskrona and another somewhere else,” says Börje Dovstad (L).

The motion was voted down with a tally of 39-29. Five members were absent, and two abstained from voting.

How each individual member voted in the vote will not be made public until next week. However, according to the chairman of the council, Gunilla Ekelöf, nobody deviated from their respective party lines.

“M, KD and SD (parties) voted for the motion. And SW, C, L, MP and V voted against,” says Gunilla Ekelöf.

Greta Thunberg, the Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

A Swedish teenager named Greta Thunberg has gained international fame by starting the “school strike” movement to stop “climate change”. She even spoke at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos.

I suppose you could say she’s the Ahmed the Clock Boy of the environmental movement — a photogenic kid guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of Progressives who get all mush-brained about the Puir Wee Bairns.

Nash Montana, who translated the material below, sends these extra details on Greta Thunberg:

Who is this girl, who is supposedly 16 years old but looks and talks like she’s four? She who is now being hyped up as the spokesperson for thousands of school-ditching kids? She is the product of her parents and of an eco-communist media world that has almost destroyed her early on in life in order to use her:

“Greta Thunberg was born to the Opera singer Malena Ernman and the actor Svante Thunberg. According to her own statements when she was 8 years old she became interested in climate change and she engaged in environmental protectionism by keeping the lights off in her house. Later she decided not to fly anymore. At age 11 she became depressive and started to self-harm and quit eating due to her anxiety about the climate. She then was diagnosed with the Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism. Later she engaged herself publicly against climate change.”

The translated article from Apollo News:

A student’s look at Greta Thunberg: How the climate-changers have instrumentalized a girl

The 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg has become the symbol of a young person who doesn’t want to be cheated out of her future. But she is a sick child who is being instrumentalized by the green elites in a perverse way.

The figurehead of climate change, at least according to the media, is Greta Thunberg. The by now 16-year-old Swedish girl has for weeks been in the spotlight. With her campaign “school strike for the climate” she has (supposedly) inspired millions of students and encouraged them, to demonstrate for “better climate politics”. Young people are fighting for a political issue: We here at the LJB do the same. But nonetheless I have to exercise criticism here, especially now, as I just became of legal age, that I am a young adult.

To pull off a political movement as a student is quite a lot of work. We experience this every day. For me, each week is a new balancing act, to write for Apollo while at the same time be prepared for final exams and other school requirements. But I get it all done — and mind you, without my just walking out of school on a Friday. Maybe I could organize that: School strike for Liberty. [He writes “Freiheit”, freedom, but I think in this case he means “liberty”… but it could be debated, I guess. —translator]

No doubt most people who emulate Greta and go to demonstrate believe the message they are representing. And I certainly don’t want to open that can of worms about climate change, because for that I have neither time nor space. Let’s just say it this way: A lot what so-called “climate activists say” can be thoroughly doubted. And still the narrative of the impending climate apocalypse is being pushed through the mainstream media as if there’s literally no tomorrow. Should we therefore blame these kids when they believe this stuff? If at all, then only conditionally.

Great Thunberg was born in the year 2003. The student has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and “selective mutism”, which is a psychological condition in which patients suddenly stop speaking. At age 8, according to her own statements, she began to be interested in climate change. This led her into a full-blown depression at 11 years old, including refusal to eat.

Let’s be honest here: a girl that because of a political position develops full-blown depression at 11 years old is not really suitable to be the mouthpiece for such a campaign. A girl like that needs help. Meanwhile she is advocating for very radical positions: “For me most things are black or white,” Thunberg wrote in The Guardian (which is a classical example of a borderline disorder). In plain text: Completely and utterly, or not at all. And for Greta, the choice is clear: Completely and utterly. So capitalism has to fall as a consequence. She calls for a boycott of Black Friday and demands basic changes in consumption and lifestyle. As is more often than not the case, anti-capitalism and “environmental protection” again go hand in hand. We do not know whether she was co-opted by the political Left or whether she is just used much more as a poster child.

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Meet the New Government — Same as the Old Government

Four months ago a general election was held in Sweden. The major parties lost ground, and Sverigedemokraterna — the Sweden Democrats — posted big gains.

For four months the larger parties met and discussed and negotiated with only one purpose in mind: to keep the Sweden Democrats out of any coalition government. Any combination of parties would have been acceptable, as long as Sverigedemokraterna was not included. That’s because SD opposes mass immigration and Islamization, which is considered an absolutely unacceptable and forbidden political position in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Two days ago a deal was finally struck, and a government was formed: a coalition of the Social Democrats with the Greens. That’s exactly the same as the previous government that was formed in 2014. The only difference is that the two parties fared so poorly in the election that the new government is a minority one — 116 seats out of 349 in parliament, slightly less than one-third of the total.

It’s one of the weakest minority governments in Swedish history, but at least it doesn’t have any of those evil Nazi WAYCIST Sweden Democrats in it!

The video below shows the first speech given in parliament by Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, after the new government was installed. Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Twilight of Sweden

The two videos below illustrate different aspects of the migrant-embracing zeitgeist in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

The first shows various functionaries in the educational establishment talking about the increased level of violence and intimidation in Swedish schools. Well… at least they’re talking about it, even if they never ever mention cultural enrichment as a factor. One administrator acknowledges the increase, but thinks it’s possible that members of the public have simply become more alert and are reporting more of the problems.

So it goes in Sweden.

Many thanks to Kronanse Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Margot Wallström is Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister for the current Swedish government. In the following clip she is speaking about Islam in parliament in early January 2019.

Compare and contrast her laudatory statements about the Religion of Peace with the footage Vlad has appended to the video, which was recorded a year previously. In it you see Muslim demonstrators marching past the Israeli embassy in Sweden while chanting their hatred of the Jews — and also “Long live Margot Wallström!”

The translation and subtitling in the second part of this video were not done in-house, so I can’t credit them:

Video transcript #1:

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