The Consequences of Cultural Enrichment in Sweden

Tania Groth has translated two Swedish items that are suitable as emblematic bookends of life in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

First, this somber letter from a Swedish woman who has decided, along with her husband, to relocate to Budapest. From Katerina Magasin:

“We have been discussing leaving Sweden for five years and have now bought an apartment in Budapest”

August 24, 2019

I choose to publish this well-written farewell letter to Sweden. The writer has recently posted the text on her Facebook, and I want to spread her words more widely because they are nuanced, well-balanced, sad, but absolutely not hateful, that is, what one usually accuses people of being when they criticize the failing Swedish system. Indeed, many people feel a similar sadness in their hearts today, in 2019, when the situation in Sweden in many ways is becoming unbearable. “We have bought an apartment in Budapest”. So begins the post, written by Mercedes Wahlby. It sums up what many who live in Sweden today feel. I have previously published an interview with a couple who have now moved to Marbella, but believe that more of these emigrant voices are needed. Maybe they can make politicians wake up.

One can always hope.

It is not with a light heart and not without great anguish that we have made this decision. We have been discussing leaving Sweden for at least five years, back and forth. The husband who is ethnic Swedish has been the most motivating. Over the years I have tried to come up with millions of excuses to delay the decision. I have always hoped that it would eventually clear up in Sweden. But year after year I have seen that everything is only getting worse and worse, and I have little hope that this negative development can be reversed. I think it is too late, and it is possible it will not happen during my lifetime.

I can no longer live under this immense mental stress, insecurity, murder, shooting, executions, explosions, rapes and gang rapes, robberies, home burglaries, beatings, car fires, school fires, serious criminals who, after a relatively short prison stay, may again be released to move freely among us, an increasingly dismantled welfare system, lack of health care staff, teachers, elderly housing, lack of elderly care, an increasing number of poor pensioners, municipalities in principle bankrupt or in bankruptcy, all these no-go zones called something else, lack of police resources where it may take 1.5-2 hours for them to arrive at the scene of ongoing crimes if they arrive at all, the lying politicians regardless of political color and the accomplished so-called PC media, the demonization of people who think differently, the shrinking freedom of expression, the increasingly diminishing democracy, and last, but not least, the ongoing and widespread Islamization of the country. If I had wanted to live in this kind of country I would have had 53 other different countries to choose from!

I can no longer bear to hear or read daily that this is the new Sweden, and that I must learn to accept the situation. I can no longer bear to hear the police giving advice with a gradually growing list of new recommendations: lock the car doors while driving, do not go out alone in the evenings and nights, do not jog alone in the woods, do not stay in dark alleys or streets, do not wear expensive watches or gold jewellery, do not wear specific types of clothing, do not ride certain taxis or public transport alone in the evening or at nighttime, do not respond to advances, and do not look certain men in the eye so that they do not interpret it as an invitation, etc. In other words, stay within the four walls of your home! I feel like I live in a prison, that I can’t breathe freely, that I have to constantly think about and be observant of my surroundings and look over my shoulder.

I am originally a long-time French-Swedish citizen, and have been living in Sweden since 1972. I consider myself well-integrated and assimilated. My husband has said many times in connection with our discussions about, among other things, emigration, that I am more Swedish than he is. Probably he is right, because I loved the old Sweden and consider it my motherland. Sweden has given me far more than France has ever done. For the first time in my then young life, Sweden gave me happiness. I have also found two wonderful loves. I had the opportunity to get an education at an early age. I have worked hard and made a career, and have done well for myself all these years. I retired at age 67, but continued to take up assignments until the age of 69. I have repaid all my debts, including the student debts, paid high taxes and contributed more to the social contract than I have used.

For me, Sweden is more than just a country with wonderful and magnificent scenery, such as the high mountains where I stayed for three weeks in 1992, the pale red cottages with white trimmings, midsummer’s evening where you dance around the maypole and sing “the little frogs”. For me, Sweden is also the Swedish culture that our politicians, among others, deny. Sweden is the Vikings, their Asatro [pagan religion], their ravages even in my old homeland France, and more specifically Normandy, where I have my roots. Sweden is its great kings such as Wasa, Karl XII, Gustav VI Adolf, its authors as A. Strindberg, S. Lagerlöf, W. Moberg, A. Lindgren, its artists as A. Zorn, B. Liljefors. Sweden is A. Nobel, the many Swedish inventions where the list is long. Sweden is Skansen with the old cottages from bygone times where you can feel the wings of history, their crafts with, for example, glassblowing, landscape embroidery, wool and linen spinning, knotting and much more.

I have in recent years investigated an escape to a new country. For several years, France has been discounted as an alternative, nor are Spain, Italy, England, Belgium and the Netherlands attractive countries other than linguistically. Denmark has long been an opportunity, but it has its own problems, although not as serious as here in Sweden, and partly there are other reasons. Outside the EU, it is too late for us. We’re too old. There remain the Visegrad countries, and the more I hear and read negatively about these countries, the more interested I have been to investigate the content of the allegations myself. We visited Poland last year, and this year it was Hungary.

I was in Budapest for 35 days and it felt right. Among other things, I felt safe. Every day I went by bus and subway even late at night and at night. No problem. I would never dare to do that in Stockholm. I have seen a people who are friendly and helpful, who are proud of their country, their origins and their flag. In front of the Parliament there is, for example, a flagpole with the Hungarian flag, and while it is being hoisted it is honored by two soldiers.

I’m not naive. I don’t think everything in Hungary is perfect. For example, I have seen that there is poverty, that there are elderly people who are begging in streets and squares, probably because their pension is not enough. I have seen that there are addicts, and I have heard that there are problems with a certain kind of people very like those who are outside our grocery stores. I also understand that Hungary, which is under strong external pressure — not to say extortion — from the EU, will one day be forced to do what the EU wants, but then hopefully I will not be alive.

Language is a problem, but I will do my very best to learn it. I’ve already started. And I will not be a burden to my new country because I can support myself.

Old Sweden no longer exists and I cannot live in the new. I will take the old Sweden with me in my heart and never ever forget it. For the rest of my life, I will bear this sorrow and longing for my country, but also anger towards our politicians who have allowed and planned this and betrayed their people to the utmost. Soon I will return to Budapest for a real estate closing, and then I expect to have settled everything in the middle of Sweden within one year and be permanently resident in Hungary.


The second article from Samhällsnytt is disturbing, and quite graphic, so I’ve placed it below the fold:

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To Shake or Not to Shake?

Jimmie Åkesson is the leader of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), the anti-immigration party that is shunned and cordoned off by all the decent, progressive parties — which means every other political party in Sweden (with the exception of Alternativ för Sverige).

In the following interview, Mr. Åkesson discusses the decision by Foreign Minister Margot Wallström not to shake hands with the representative of the Iranian regime during his recent visit to Sweden.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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More on the Vehicular Jihad in Östersund

Last Friday I posted about a thwarted episode of vehicular jihad in the Swedish city of Östersund. The two TV news reports below contain additional details about that culture-enriching incident.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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Rocky, You’ve Met Your Match

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated a brief article from Fria Tider, and appends additional material about the fascinating legal case against the American rapper A$AP Rocky:

A$AP Rocky Case: The Afghan-Arab demands new trial against A$AP Rocky

August 19, 2019

Law & Right

The 19-year-old Afghan-Arab who was abused by rapper A$AP Rocky is demanding a new trial. He is unhappy and wants the verdict appealed, according to Expressen.

It was last Wednesday (August 14) that A$AP Rocky was convicted of assaulting the 19-year-old Afghan-Arab in Stockholm at the end of June.

The 19-year-old had demanded SEK 140,000 [$15,000] in damages, but received only SEK 12,500 [$1340].

There the story might have ended.

But now the plaintiff [read more about him] wants the verdict appealed.

According to Expressen, the Afghan-Arab is dissatisfied that the defendants “were not convicted of the violence with glass bottles to which he was exposed,” the plaintiff’s attorney Magnus Strömberg told the newspaper.

Neither the prosecutor nor A$AP Rocky’s lawyer has currently decided whether or not they will appeal.

The A$AP Rocky case:

This is completely irrelevant, and of interest only to my own very whimsical self. However…

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Greta Fights Cultural Enrichment

Update: Greta’s spelling has been corrected.

“School strike for the repatriation of foreigners”

Our Swedish correspondent LN tipped me to the photo above*. I had always thought Greta Thunberg — the Nordic Joan of Arc — was an agitator against climate change, but apparently she has become a xenophobe and adopted a new cause: Skolstrejk för hemsändandet av utlänningar, or “School strike for the repatriation of foreigners”.

A shorter slogan: Nej! Ut! = “No! Out!”

*   Yes, the photo of Greta has been digitally altered.

Jihad Attack Averted in Östersund

A “Swedish” culture-enricher was on the verge of committing vehicular jihad in Östersund, but was stopped in time, thanks to an alert motorist who spotted him and called the police.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following report from Aftonbladet has more information on the Uzbek who is suspected of planning the attack. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Östersund: Man tried to run over people

Investigated for suspected connections to Akilov

by Ebba Thorneus, Jamshid Jamshidi

A man is in custody on probable cause for plotting a terrorist crime.

The man is believed to have attempted to drive over people on Wednesday also in a crowd of people in Östersund , according to reports received by Aftonbladet.

The man is also being investigated for links to the convicted terrorist Rakhmat Akilov. He is reportedly from Uzbekistan, according to reports received by Sweden Radio EKOT.

It was on Wednesday that the man was arrested and held on probably cause, on suspicion of preparing for murder.

Witnesses described the man’s driving as out of the ordinary, and he was arrested by police after his car became stuck in a stone foundation in Östersund.

In the car, which is registered to a self-employed person in the county who is away on vacation, the police made seized various items which are reported to be relevant to the investigation.

The entrepreneur confirms that he owns the car, and that it is not reported stolen.

On Thursday morning, Säpo [the National Security Police] reported that it had taken over the case from police, and that it was classified as plotting a terror crime.

“That’s right. We have taken over the investigation and I am the preliminary investigation leader,” says Henrik Olin, a prosecutor for Säpo, to Aftonbladet.

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The A$AP Rocky Verdict in 15 Steps

As reported in yesterday’s news, the Swedish court reached a verdict in the assault case against the American rapper A$AP Rocky and his entourage, as scheduled. The defendants were convicted, but were sentenced to pay only minuscule fines. Our Swedish correspondent LN has prepared a summary report on the court proceedings.

The A$AP Rocky Verdict in 15 Steps

by LN

Summary of a completely trivial episode in Stockholm City and its consequences:

1.   By chance, two groups of people meet.
2.   Group A: Rocky, two or more companions as well as a bodyguard.
Group B: an Afghan-Arab culture-enricher and at least one companion.
3.   Group B begins to follow Group A. Probably some form of verbal communication begins.
4.   Group B is asked by Group A — perhaps only by the bodyguard — to f*** off, or go to hell.
5.   Group A continues, but Group B follows.
6.   Possibly, probably steps 4 + 5 are repeated several times — it is now a matter of persecution on the part of Group B. Gibes might have been exchanged. No form of serious scuffle or bodily contact from either group has occurred.
7.   Group A is now tired of the persecution — shoves and the like are possibly made by Group A against Group B. Some sort of mêlée arises; the bodyguard acts.
8.   Someone in Group A, (maybe) Rocky, lifts the Afghan up and throws him elegantly into the street; two Group A companions rush forward and hit the lying Afghan, who also receives one kick.
9.   The Afghan claims to the police that he was hit on the back of the head with an empty bottle; however, the bottle was missing.
10.   The Afghan’s forearm has wounds from broken glass; how these were inflicted has remained unknown.
11.   This is a case of illegal retaliation, not of adapted legal self-defense.
12.   According to Swedish law, there was no attack from Group B that could motivate self-defense by Group A as described in Step 8. The Swedish judiciary as usual is not interested in the causes, which is what happened before Step 7.
13.   The verdict is judicially 90% correct — consideration should have been taken of Steps 5 and 6, and of the Afghan’s lying, false statement, Step 9.
14.   All taken together, it should have resulted in Step 15. One month in Swedish indecent detention is punishment enough for this trifle.
15.   Benefit of the doubt should have prevailed.

For details on the verdict, see Fria Tider (and use Google translate).

More about the plaintiff.

Note. Sweden today is a kretinocratic, stupido feminist, socialist country, reminiscent of the old DDR, which does not resort to exercising anarcho-tyranny against its own indigenous population.

A Big BOOM! In Landskrona

Landskrona is a city in southern Sweden, the fifth largest in the province of Skåne. Last Wednesday a powerful IED was detonated in front of City Hall in Landskrona, doing considerable damage to the building, and also to surrounding buildings.

Below are two TV news reports about the unfortunate incident. As you can see, nothing is known about the vile perpetrator(s) of this dastardly deed. But every right-thinking Swede is certain that “New Swedes” could not possibly be responsible for the blast. Nope, it’s not possible. Not at all. Don’t even think about it.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Report #1:

Report #2:

Video transcript #1:

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Onan in the Driver’s Seat

What is it with Swedes and buses this week?

This latest story could give a whole new meaning to the word “busjacking”…

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

By the way — there’s no indication in this report of cultural enrichment. However, Muslim immigrants to Europe are notorious for this kind of behavior, so I wouldn’t bet against it.

Video transcript:

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Off the Bus

It seems we’re in the midst of a series of bus-related cultural enrichment stories from Sweden. On Tuesday there was the story about the sharia dress code being enforced on a bus in Malmö. And there’s another one coming up later today or tomorrow.

The article below describes an incident in which a municipal bus in Stockholm was transformed into a makeshift mosque during prayer time, and no infidels were allowed to enter.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Samnytt:

Driver Held Muslim Prayer in SL Bus – Refused to Let Woman Board

August 5, 2019

Another picture that shows how a public transport bus is transformed into a Muslim prayer room has been widely disseminated. Just prior to departure, a female traveler in Stockholm discovered that the bus driver inside the bus was conducting the Muslim prayer together with two younger boys. When the woman, who felt herself to be unsafe in the dark outside the bus, knocked to be allowed in, the driver refused to let her in.

Last week, Samnytt (Social News) picked up a picture showing a driver conducting Muslim prayer on a packed prayer rug on one of Malmo’s city buses. Social News spoke with the communications chief at Malmö’s bus operation, Nobina, who didn’t want to give straight information about whether the action is in accordance with regulations.

On Friday evening, around 10 pm, a similar situation occurred in Stockholm. When a woman was traveling on a bus belonging to Greater Stockholm’s Local Traffic (SL) from Värmdö towards Slussen in the inner city, she discovered that the driver was engaged in Muslim prayer in the bus.

Samnytt has spoken with the female (Malmö) traveler. She prefers to remain anonymous because of a perceived threat from the driver, but wants to share the course of events on the bus.

She says that there was only a minute left until the bus was supposed to leave, but that despite this, no driver appeared in the lighted bus. As the woman looked further into the bus, however, she discovered how the driver and two younger boys were lying down on the seats and praying.

“Let me stand out in the dark”

The woman explains to Samnytt that she felt herself unsafe and wished to be allowed on the bus so as not to risk being exposed to any danger out in the dark or miss the departure. But when she knocked to call the driver’s attention, he chose to ignore her appeal.

“I was completely shocked that the driver let me stand out in the dark while he kept praying in there with his two children who were seven to ten years old.”

Driver chased and photographed the woman

Later, after the woman was finally allowed to get on the bus, the driver appeared irritated and aggressive that the woman had disturbed him, which he made clear was something he could not accept. The woman then called an acquaintance who had driven her earlier to the bus stop. A dispute occurred afterward between the driver and the two persons.

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Swebb TV is Back on the Air

As I reported on Monday, the Swedish dissident YouTube channel Swebb TV was abruptly and without warning pulled by YouTube. The channel was very popular, rivaling the state broadcaster in its number of viewers, so its removal caused a commotion.

Today YouTube restored Swebb TV, once again without any notice. YouTube never explains; it doesn’t have to explain, because it is part of Google the Almighty. So we don’t know whether the public outrage over Swebb TV’s deletion caused YouTube to change its mind.

Our Swedish correspondent LN sends this translation of an announcement posted on Facebook:

Dear Swebb TV viewers,

Today we are pleased to note that YouTube has decided to reactivate our account and that the channel has now restarted!

We believe that this is a consequence of your and all alternative channels’ commitment not to allow this form of abuse.

Therefore, we would like to thank you again for the support and the consideration we have received during these past few days.

The break has shown how vulnerable we are, and how important it is to explore alternative solutions, where we are not in the hands of different interests. Therefore the work to find alternatives will continue.

A positive aspect in this context is that we have received so much evidence of how important this work is, and our goal now is to scale it up further.

Thanks again for your support!


Mikael and the Swebb TV team

No Skin in the Bus Game

The weather was hot (by Swedish standards) a couple of weeks ago in the city of Malmö in Skåne. A winsome young lady named Amanda, who is featured in the two videos below, was thus dressed in comfortable clothing when she boarded a municipal bus. Much to her surprise, she was told by the driver that she was not allowed on the bus dressed that way, because she was showing too much skin.

Amanda was outraged, and complained to the transportation authority. In due course the contractor that provides bus service for the city apologized, and the offending driver was sacked.

There’s nary a word in these reports about ethnicity, but considering how culturally enriched Malmö is — I believe migrants and their descendants now make up more than 50% of the population — I wouldn’t bet against the driver being an adherent of the Religion of Peace.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is the initial news report on the incident:

The second video reports on the dismissal of the bus driver:

Video transcript #1:

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A Swede Keeps Silent — Or Gets Silenced

Earlier this month a popular Swedish YouTube channel called Swebb TV was abruptly and without warning shut down by YouTube.

Swebb TV was not a wild-eyed, wacko place — it featured sober discussion and well-reasoned arguments. However, it was critical of mass immigration as well as the “climate change” lunacy exemplified by Greta Thunberg, and that was enough to attract the scowls of the Powers That Be.

The Swedish government has been putting pressure on Google and other tech giants to suppress “hate” on their sites. As far as anyone can determine, “hate” means any commentary that is critical of the government, and especially of its immigration policies.

Swebb TV had recently become very popular, with a viewership that rivaled that of state TV programs. From the government’s point of view, the situation had become intolerable: Swebb TV had to go. So apparently it gave another sharp nudge to YouTube, and the video heresies of Swebb TV were duly yanked from the web.

The channel says that it has copies of the video files for all its programming, and will re-establish them on a different platform.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has collected and translated material about the suppression of Swebb TV. The following article was written by Ingrid Carlqvist for “Ingrid and Maria”:

Swebb TV shut down by YouTube

A few hours ago, YouTube users discovered that the popular alternative channel Swebb TV had disappeared from YouTube.

“We haven’t received a single warning. I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot with this,” says Mikael Willgert, who runs Swebb TV.

Mikael Willgert spent all of Friday at Stockholm District Court where he watched the trial of A$AP Rocky and his two co-defendants. When it was over, he discovered several messages on his phone that his incredibly popular YouTube channel had been deleted.

When Ingrid and Maria reach Willgert, he is in good spirits. He has not yet reached home and therefore has not read the emails that may have come from YouTube, but says firmly that he never received any warnings about “offensive” content.

“Not a single one! But the channel has become increasingly popular lately. We have received over a million views and 200,000 viewing hours a month. In total, we have had 340,000 unique viewers in the last 90 days,” says Willgert.

“I am pretty sure that the real problem is not that we have committed a ‘hate crime’, but that we criticize the international interests that have a great impact on our politicians. We have reached out to a large audience, and it is probably this that got someone to respond. We have obviously put our finger on some sore points.”

Has a certificate of release

Swebb TV has a proof of publication and therefore has constitutional protection in accordance with the Freedom of Pressure Regulation and the Statement of Freedom of Expression. But since YouTube is an American company, they can disregard Swedish law. And the chance that the Swedish government would protest against this violation of our constitution can be said to be minimal.

Mikael Willgert says that all Swebb TV’s videos are stored on different hard drives so that if they are not entered on YouTube again, the videos will be uploaded elsewhere.

“I think YouTube is making a big mistake here. This opens it up for their competitors and creates new opportunities for them. Sure, it will be extra work for us to upload all our programs on another channel, but of course we will.”

The second article was published by Fria Tider:

YouTube personality: “We live in a dictatorship”

We now live in a dictatorship. This is according to YouTube personality Lennart Matikainen after the independent TV channel Swebb TV was shut down by YouTube.

It was yesterday that Google-owned YouTube shut down the major alternative TV channel Swebb TV due to alleged “hate speech”.

This is as a result of push last year by the Bonnier Group and Stefan Löfven’s government for the online giants to start censoring so-called “hatred”, which has in practice turned out to be criticism of the establishment’s mass immigration and climate alarmism.

Swebb TV did not publish incitement against ethnic groups or other illegalities, but rather skilled and academic criticism of immigration and climate hysteria. The channel is one of the most important media projects in Sweden and had hundreds of thousands of views of its videos.

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Is A$AP Rocky About to Get Sprung?

There are more interesting developments in the case of the rapper A$AP Rocky, whose incarceration in Sweden so outraged his fans that one of them was arrested for threatening to firebomb the Swedish embassy in Washington.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this brief article from Fria Tider (hat tip LN):

“Brand New Evidence” could free A$AP Rocky

LAW & ORDER. There is new and conclusive evidence in the case of A$AP Rocky, says one of his lawyers, according to SVT [Swedish state TV].

Tomorrow the high-court trial will begin against the rapper A$AP Rocky, who was charged with assault by an Afghan immigrant in Stockholm on June 30.

The prosecutor believes he will get a conviction, otherwise he would not have prosecuted.

But now there is allegedly new evidence in the case.

“This is completely new evidence that should exonerate my client,” says the lawyer Martin Persson, who represents one of the artist’s friends to SVT.

It’s not only new evidence, but also “conclusive evidence”. But exactly what it is, Persson does not want to say. However, according to the lawyer, the incident began with an attack by the other party, whereupon A$AP Rocky’s gang used their right to self defense.

The new evidence will be presented tomorrow.

If A$AP Rocky is released, it would make Sweden a mockery all over the world, as the case has become internationally recognized by US President Donald Trump, among others. In addition, Sweden could pay many millions in damages to the artist, since the deprivation of liberty destroyed his tour.