Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Or so the Gruniad delightedly reports – but I’m not going to give them a link for their tediously predictable smear. This “far-right extremist, blah blah” has been silenced yet again by the vast extremist left-wing machine. So for those whose MSM tunnel vision leaves them unable to see reality, enh. Make yourselves comfortable in Plato’s Cave.

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So TR has to build a workaround yet again. Do these monoliths-in-a-bubble think they rule everything? If they really were in charge, Hillary would be in the White House now.

Any predictions about the future are difficult at this point, but one thing is for sure: Tommy/Stephen won’t be silenced on this side of life’s curtain. He and Trump share some commonalities, including the ability to rise from the ashes again and again. A genetic Resurrection feature.

In addition to the demo yesterday (links from commenters are invited and welcome), Tommy has that three-part series on YouTube. I’m slowly making my way through it, still on Part One.

You can pick up Parts the Second and Third further down on the sidebar.

I’d wanted to get more background on this series, but when The Totalitarians struck, it seemed best to go with what I have in the queue.

Any Brits who can fill in the blanks, any who were at that demo (yesterday? Sunday?), please chime in.

Though Tommy is younger than we are, he’s had the same puncture points, the same epiphanies as we have. He mentions a few in the first section – 9/11 (I would include 7/7 in London which had a huge impact on me), the horror of Beslan, Lee Rigby, etc., ad nauseam.

6 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

    • Matt Bracken.

      Perhaps you should resort to the strategy used by Soviet citizens: Write the opposite of what you mean (if you like, a little over the top so any intelligent reader will take your meaning) and post the video along with that, under a title like “Deplorable TR lies about pristine BBC”.

      See if they leave it alone then.

    • The condemning of anyone who speaks or spreads the truth of what is actually taking place can be understood once you read what the Protocols of Zion say. Soon, any freedom of speech will be against the law. The NWO, made up by a group of Elitists, have followed this plan in the world take over. Most recently the Pope & the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar have signed a historic declaration of fraternity in which “GOD ” is used to simultaneously identify Allah and the God of Christianity as one. None of what is happening is new, it has been planned and worked on since the late 1700’s. Meticulous planning, subversion, mind programming with the school children, trade agreements, softening of some laws while hardening of others, all done to create to chaos that we face today. Soon it will come to pass that those of us who do not conform will be systematically eliminated. After all, what is needed by the NWO thought police is compliant sheeple who robotically follow the program, all others will somehow be destroyed. Even the Queen is complicit in this program.

      • All the way back to the 1700s, eh? I am piqued by your grand scheme. Wonder how the American Rebellion fit into that all-encompassing idea?? Oh wait: those clever EofZ chaps trump everything, don’t they?

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