Beware the Collective!

Below is another video showing recent events in Venezuela. FouseSquawk, who translated the clip for subtitles, sends this background information:

The video was taken in the town of San Felipe, state of Yaracuy. The governor, Julio Leon, is mentioned in the video by name. Colectivos are gangs of armed vigilantes who support the government.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Here they come, the “Collective”, who are terrifying everybody. Look at it.
00:05   Look at it, so you can see they have nothing to do with the revolution, these imbeciles.
00:11   Today, 23 February. —Here they are.
00:15   Look at that! With arms. Look at that — with arms. It’s all a lie.
00:19   Terrifying the citizens, who are…
00:26   San Felipe, State of Yaracuy… —Here it is.
00:29   That is who is defending the Revolution. Look at that filth —Julio Leon.
00:33   How “beautiful” — with their faces covered like wretches.
00:36   What a huge disgrace. —There they are; look at them. Look at them.
00:42   Armed to the teeth. And they are defending from what, I don’t know.
00:46   Heads of… bad word. Wretched.
00:51   Look, look, look, look. With pipes.
00:58   I imagine that they are paid by the dirty governor here in Yaracuy.

One thought on “Beware the Collective!

  1. So the Univision anchor got detained temporarily in Caracas during the festivities because Maduro didn’t like his questions in an interview, but according to Ramos, what really set him off was when he was shown a video of teenagers eating from the contents of a garbage truck. Ramos said that he hadn’t been looking to take a video like that, he just happened upon the scene. The fact that over three hundred Venezuelan soldiers, practically all lower ranks, did defect to Colombia during the attempted delivery, does confirm that the control of the military is from the top down. The SS-like groups such as those shown above are the more dangerous for the dissenters.

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