Behold, A Green Horse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows up again, this time in a new essay by Tabitha Korol. That makes twice in one day — I don’t know if that exceeds our AOC tolerance levels or not…

Behold, A Green Horse

by Tabitha Korol

“Behold, a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” — Revelation 6:8

The original New Deal (1933-’36) was a series of programs, public works projects, financial reforms and regulations enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, designed to rescue the US from the Great Depression. The artfully-named Green New Deal, proposed by the Democrat-socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), is a series of drastic changes designed to divert the US from the path of improvement and greatness set by President Donald J. Trump, and propagate Obama’s disastrous and divisive policies.

President Trump’s focus on energy has been removing the Obama era’s burdensome energy regulations so that we are now experiencing an unprecedented boom in domestic oil production and energy independence. We are exporting more oil than importing for the first time in 75 years. Trump has been so successful, in fact, that Obama has tried to assume the credit in the hope of salvaging his eight years of failure. The unscientific, childish Ocasio-Cortez endorses the climate change hoax, blaming every winter storm and summer hot spell on corporate America and on cattle with normal gastrointestinal activity. As clearly clarified by Paul Driessen on cfact, “AOC wants to lead the world in economic suicide, environmental degradation, plummeting living standards, shorter life spans and societal upheaval.”

Her desire to raze, rebuild, and refurbish every building with — allegedly — non-polluting solar or wind-power equipment, would create an insurmountable debt. Considering the revelation that she is supported by anti-American, globalist and Nazi-sympathizer, George Soros, it may be that she hopes to erase all remnants of our national history, a common aspiration for every tyrannical regime that has not the ability to improve on what others have achieved. Alexandria has described herself in divisive intersectional terms, as a Puerto Rican descendant of African slaves, indigenous people, and Spanish colonizers. She does not call herself an American, and seems to have no affinity for the welfare of our country and our fellow Americans.

It is not uncommon for a conquering power to burn (or replace) books and destroy historic sites and monuments of a conquered people, and to erase their essential cultural knowledge and evidence of existence. Today we have leftist instructors who have stopped teaching America’s history and Antifa groups and students tearing down our memorial statues, recalling the disposal of artifacts under the Temple Mount, the ruination of the Buddhas of Bamyan, and the damage done to Christopher Columbus’ images. Every edifice has an architectural style and history that, serving as a memorial to the earlier generations and an inspiration to succeeding ones, we have the duty to protect. But under the ruse of energy replacement, O-C would demolish all and replace with communist-style, regulated, mean living quarters — if, indeed, she would rebuild anything at all.

Her plan could well be more sinister.

Her program calls for the complete cessation of all methods of transportation that rely on fossil fuels, leaving many millions of people jobless in manufacture, warehousing, sales, and product shipments, thereby returning us to the backwardness of previous centuries. Without air travel, international business becomes virtually impossible. Without shipping, we could not manufacture or trade with the world. Without trucks, we would have few internal shipments, including food stuffs. Without cars, our ability to travel within our own country would come to a standstill, save by bicycle, among the most vulnerable in road accidents in China. O-C proposes a high-speed rail, such as the disastrous Fast Train project in California, where the cost overruns are setting a world record — harebrained or intentionally meant for financial collapse.

Following O-C’s destruction of cattle, junior Senator Cory Booker (D) would impose his vegan food choices on the rest of the country. Therefore, in addition to losing cows (beef, milk and all dairy products, and foods that require those ingredients), he opposes chicken and eggs with a misplaced sense of morality, since he clearly does not consider the health and welfare of his fellow citizens. Neither is he concerned about the inevitable burgeoning prices for other foods that must replace what had been our necessities.

With O-C’s destruction of the transportation, beef and dairy industries, and Booker’s destruction of the poultry industry, and the various feeds grown for their animals, the number of unemployed would reach an insuperable level. The burden of feeding the populace would fall on low-wage, labor-intensive grain, vegetable and fruit growers, and be subject to the variations of climate and weather.

Despite our current all-time low employment achieved under Trump, the better-educated and highly-skilled might not be employable if O-C’s madness were implemented. She assures that everyone would be an employee of the government, just as Pharaoh’s monarchy employed its slave labor. O-C’s proposed 70- to 90-percent tax rate might also be reasoned as the citizens’ paying themselves. Our country would become a Welfare State.

Elizabeth Harrington, in The Washington Free Beacon, assures us that each federal (or monarchical) job comes with:

  • a salary (befitting what lifestyle?)
  • paid vacation (to go where and how?)
  • retirement benefits (at what age, amount, and nature and extent of services?)
  • adequate housing for all (surely not the equal of the elites’ mansions), and
  • access to nature (the land overrun with wild fruit, weeds and garbage, now a food source in Venezuela, and queuing up to obtain necessities with the hope that there will be enough for those strong enough to endure the wait. Bernie Sanders thinks bread lines are a good thing.)
  • healthy food (barely adequate or generous? Without the master’s obligation to feed the worker, we would be heading toward the starvation of Stalin’s peasants, or Hitler’s untermenschen, or Pol Pot’s agrarian workforce.)

Again displaying her intersectionality biases, in case life is not utopian, her plan calls for “reparations for all but white men.”

A review of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) indicates that Russians rate their housing at 4.8, compared to the US at 8.7; their income at 0.9, compared to the US at 10.0; and their life satisfaction at 4.2, compared to the US at 7.8. I cannot help but wonder, with some trepidation, where O-C’s Green New Deal would place us.

Roosevelt’s Works Projects Administration (WPA) employed millions of unskilled people for construction of public buildings and roads — a storm of great activity and inventiveness. By grim contrast, O-C’s administration would engage low-skill and unskilled laborers to systematically raze our architectural achievements — edifices designed with the charm of Baroque, Colonial, Neoclassical styles, and more — and replace them with a depressing energy-efficient sameness in every town and city. The streets would have to be an unimaginable grid of steel tracks to support the massive public transportation system, and a blight of charging stations everywhere for State-approved electric vehicles.

As a set design of the bleakest futuristic Science Fiction films spring to mind, we are being herded to the ever-closer socialist dream of a controlled society, where individual choice is disallowed by the State, and our lives lead unwaveringly to a predetermined destination.

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11 thoughts on “Behold, A Green Horse

    • Putting the color of skin aside, Erik, O-C is a duly elected representative. She ran her campaign and received a majority vote. How she got elected is still being debated. Is O-C a semi-literate child? Yes. Is O-C a leftist tool? Yes. Is O-C the latest bright, new shiny object to fascinate a corrupt mainstream media? Of course. She is what she is because nobody wants to talk about a $22 trillion national debt, or a broke Social Security, or unaffordable healthcare, or invasions of migrant caravans that will break the social welfare. Much too dry. Ocasio-Cortez is a diversion. Nothing more. It’s been proven that liberals, or leftists like Ocasio-Cortez, are a minority in the U.S. So where’s the rest of us? We’re slowly and methodically preparing for a deciding battle at the gates. Wherever that might be.

      • “Ocasio-Cortez is a diversion”

        Good point. I suppose her entire demeanour which is quite theatrical and entertaining helps to give the Left the pleasure they get from her. An entertaining diversion. Once again, socialism is placing the focus on those things which appeal to the immaturity of youth to make the young people excited and outraged.

  1. Utterly bonkers-why should she be listened to or in fact considered sane? It is just incomprehensible that such a person should be allowed to prescribe anything other than in the privacy of her own establishment-As an Englishman with a 1000 + yrs of history in my family traceable-I’m quite fearful that we may have someone as equally deficient, moronic, ludicrous, self-seeking and yes very dangerous hiding in amongst our folds of Multiculturalism-so cleverly promoted by the felonious European Union.

  2. Just like with the leftist Islamophiles who lie about Islam’s evilness in order to push it on the West and undermine it, there is a sinister conspiracy centered in the U.N. with tentacles in the U.S. (NASA, NOAA, academia) to lie about the climate in order to push a Marxist takeover of the world and destroy capitalism. They finally gave the game away with the announcement of the Green New Deal, which was eagerly backed by a long string of Democrat candidates for president. The lie involves framing CO2 as an existential enemy (dragon in the sky) and hijacking the economy to pay themselves to slay it to avoid a claimed Armageddon.

    Too bad for them, I and other science experts have proved that CO2 can’t warm the Earth’s surface, because only the Sun does that. It only helps cool the surface. If they were right you wouldn’t need a blanket outdoors at night because the CO2 would keep you warm all by itself. Winters wouldn’t see record cold and record snowstorms, but winters would be warm and snow would disappear. Being hoaxers, they never abandon their CO2 hoax, they just spin endless lies to explain the phenomena away, just like the geocentric scientists used to do before Copernicus overthrew them.

    Here’s my essay that devastates the CO2 greenhouse warming theory forever. If you want to fight the dragon armed instead of naked and defenseless, take the time to absorb it and spread it to fight global Marxism under the watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) disguise.

    BTW, Gates of Vienna is listed in my cool list of Islam Watcher Sites:

  3. Excellent- another supporter that appears to coincide with your summation was Dr Patrick Moore, ex Greenpeace.

    It is therefore correct, indeed verging on compulsory in the scientific tradition, to be sceptical of those who express certainty that “the science is settled” and “the debate is over”.

    But there is certainty beyond any doubt that CO2 is the building block for all life on Earth and that without its presence in the global atmosphere at a sufficient concentration this would be a dead planet. Yet today our children and our publics are taught that CO2 is a toxic pollutant that will destroy life and bring civilization to its knees.

    • Too much CO2, like too much C2H5OH, is bad for you.

      It is simply disingenuous to conclude that because CO2 is a “building block” of life, that it’s increase in the atmosphere is of no consequence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      • IIRC the Vostok core samples show that increases in CO2 lagged several hundred years behind increases in other ‘green house’ gases and increases in global temperatures.

        It is believed that CO2 may have had a minor role in causing futher increases in temperature due to some sort of feedback system but that CO2 in of itself was not a factor in the initial increases in temperatures.

  4. Climate change is not a hoax, and anthropogenic sources are a major, if possibly not the driving, force behind it.

    Conservatives need to get their heads out of … dark places.

    • Much damage to your cause has been wrought by the fraud uncovered in the data and in the paid-for biases of some of the climate scientists.

      Also, climate models are not to be viewed as empirical evidence, only as several possible outcomes.

      Conservatives are just that: conservative. We are conservative with granting support to any cause and when that cause has so many unanswered questions and many differing interpretations of data, we are not given to grant unquestioning support.

      Provide solid solutions to these issues and perhaps we luddites will listen to you. Until then [redacted].

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