Rapists Set Free; Victim Dies of Meningitis

A 15-year-old girl was raped by two culture-enrichers in the Austrian city of Tulln. Her assailants were eventually acquitted.

Now the victim has died of meningitis. Her illness and death are unrelated to the gang-rape — or are they?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

After rape ordeal in Tulln: Sandra is dead!

What this girl had to go through cannot be put into words: Two asylum seekers raped the then-15-year-old in Tulln; DNA traces were found and secured; all violence was documented. Expert witnesses deemed the victim’s side of the story to be completely plausible — yet still the two asylum seekers were acquitted. Due to doubts. What is left is a host of questions. Sandra will never see the answers to them: She is now dead.

On Saturday afternoon Sandra (name changed) was complaining of severe headaches. She was taken to the hospital and was unable to function anymore. The 17-year-old succumbed to a particularly severe case of meningitis the same day.

The outcome of the trial had caused the country severe shock

She never really felt comfortable in her female body; she was attracted to other girls/women. On that fateful day of April 25 2017, she was on her way home from the train station in Tulln. An Afghan and a Somali — both 18 years old at the time and living in a nearby asylum seeker home — followed her, then pulled her down and raped her.

DNA traces were secured from the girl’s entire body. And the girl recognized her assailants at the police station. They were brought into court — and the outcome of this trial last March caused a nationwide shock. The accused rapists were acquitted.

[Photo of asylum seeker containers where the two men were living at the Tulln fairgrounds]

Acquittal due to doubts

Yes, they had “fun” with Sandra, the duo made no bones about it. There supposedly was marijuana that the girl had brought with her, and the “joint consumption location” had been determined by her. Acquittal due to doubts! The accused walked away free. Deportation was ordered, and the Afghan was compensated with more than €6300. Whether the two men still live in Austria is not known.

“After the acquittal, Sandra became depressed”, says the lawyer Ewald Stadler. She couldn’t function in daily life without the help of medication.

Afterword from the translator:

I looked up whether and how you can get meningitis through sexual intercourse or bodily fluid swapping. I read that while meningitis is definitely not a sexually transmitted disease, syphilis is and there is a disease called syphilitic meningitis, which is syphilis left untreated. So, yes, you can indirectly be infected with meningitis through sexual intercourse.

Many people have syphilis for years without noticeable symptoms. Because of this, it’s often left untreated. If it’s left untreated, syphilitic meningitis can quickly progress and cause death, within days.

I’d have to have more information on Sandra’s life between the rape and her death, to find out if she was sick, if she was diagnosed with syphilis, etc.; nothing is to be found. But I think it’s entirely plausible that this is what happened.

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  1. European courts are under pressure to produce lenient sentences to prevent further public anger against immigration.

    The determination of the EU leadership to ensure the continuation of their immigration plans and to battle public resistance cannot be overstated.

    • This leniency was also part of government policy in New France (Quebec) as the loyalty of the local Indigenous people was required to help form a bulwark against English advancement. That is, that criminal actions of some of the Indigenous folk were deliberately given light sentences to appease them.

      Public anger and outcry against this policy was either ignored or dealt with harshly.

      The public be damned, apparently.

  2. It bugs me that her father just let this go…
    As for the afterword, I would assume she was tested for STDs and treated acordingly. However, due to her mental state following the attack I would suspect she took far less care of herself and hence became more vulnerable to infections.
    An old classmate of mine died of meningitis, left behind a small child back then, the infection is sudden and can cause death within hours. My classmate was completely healthy otherwise, still died within three days or so. And if I remember correctly, young adults are particularly vulnerable to it, for what reason ever.
    So I would say it had nothing to do with syphilis, but it had everything to do with the trauma caused from the migrant attack.

    • Sandra had body dismorphic issues. I find it absolutely feasable that not only did she not get tested for syphilis, it is Germany after all and not the USA, but that her depression and medication she took for those issues masked everything underneath.
      It’s entirely too bad we will never know…

  3. “the Afghan was compensated with more than €6300.”

    The Austrian authorities paid the man more for raping a minor than he would have been able to earn by years of honest work in his own country. That’s why they flock to Europe. The realm of milk, honey and a generous salary for the “fun” of violating virgins.

    Poor little girl. Abused by the army of darkness and then spat in the face by the judge and jury. No wonder she lost the will to live in such a hideous world.

  4. If that were my daughter or any of my nieces, I know that my response would make ole Vlad”The Impaler” Tepesh blush with envy.

    • I suspect the invaders have a knack of finding victims from families that wont fight back. I suspect revenge though would be a lot more difficult to achieve than the movies suggest.

      • DanielK, This ain’t my first rodeo where doing very nasty things are concerned, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children taught me extremely well, especially with the various deployments to very nasty places can attest too. The OGA agency I worked for also expanded upon what the military instilled in me, so I am more than competent and skilled to deal with 3rd world invaders who think they can get away with it with impunity, they would be horrifically surprised to find that some people will just not roll over without extreme repercussions. As for people not fighting back, those days are coming to an end, in Italy, many places in Germany and Austria and especially Eastern Europe, these 3rd world invaders dare not go and the police turn a very blind eye or take care of it themselves. Make no mistake, these incidents cannot continue without massive retaliation sooner or later.

  5. The meningitis could be linked to the rape through several mechanisms. She may have acquired HIV from the rapists and the bacterium causing the meningitis could be a harmless commensual organism in the normal population.

    The meningitis could be due to Treponema pallidim as manifested in secondary syphilis. This is less likely than

    Neisseria meningitidis, the commonest cause of meningitis in adults and most children except the very young ones less than about 4. The problem here is that this bug is not exactly an STD and she could have acquired it from anyone thru nasal microdroplets.

    It’s possible I suppose that gonorrhea could have been acquired during the rape and was a particularly virulent strain that finally resulted in meningitis.

    And several types of herpes can also be acquired by rape and can cause meningitis.

    Then we know that stress in general leads to an increased number of infectious diseases probably because it screws up the immune mechanism in so many ways….like chronic increases in cortisol production.

  6. Long ago I abandoned whatever residual pity I had OR even hopes that European (along with pretty much all) Muslims ever will realize how their own tolerance of radicalization amongst themselves, automatically and oppositely radicalizes their victims … at least, those determined to survive.

    Since Islam’s own internal process of ideologically sanctioned radicalization implicitly programs Muslims to unquestioningly accept or actively participate in terrorism (on pain of death). Thus is jihadism—in the same way it guarantees an equal-to-or-greater degree of reciprocal violence—merely a self-fulfilling prophecy of apocalyptic destruction, with only scope and scale in dispute.

    Why the ummah dupes itself with these delusions of adequacy, much less such ridiculously flamboyant proclamations of invincibility, is indicative of two things:

    1.) Islam purposefully, if not mandatorily, operates on a two tier basis. To wit —

    • Dar al Islam versus Dar al Harb
    • Armstrong versus Headstrong*
    • Believers versus Infidels
    • Ummah versus Dhimmi
    • Halal versus Haram†
    • Zakat versus Jizya
    • Life versus Death
    • Us versus Them

    * As in – Neil Armstrong’s moon walk versus Islam’s walk the plank
    All of which is now deemed “Islamophobic”

    … and, perhaps, most famously —

    Mohammad versus Mountain

    This last item best epitomizes Islam’s endemic self-deception. Too often, its most outward sign is projection of internal weakness or faulty judgement upon the most convenient shibboleth. It is “us versus them” taken through the looking glass, in what has become an indelible hallmark of Islam.

    There is no meaningful show of recognition whatever—not by the MSM, any governments, nor the ummah—least of all from Muslims, as to how incredibly dangerous their game plan is. This goes on, even as they far more dangerously con everyone else into looking for a peaceful (i.e., nonexistent) way out of this deadly cul-de-sac.

    2.) There exists within Islam a clinically assessable predisposition to mass suicide. It is the direct byproduct of a lethal synergy between fatalism (e.g., inshallah), and fatality—shown in how violence is so preferred as to remain a blanket solution. This most vividly manifests in the way that Muslim killers happily include themselves among their dead.

    This ironclad belief in predestination assures Muslims of Islam’s triumphalist domination even as it mandates all others to respond with irreversible retaliation. The sort of disproportionate response that can pose an existential threat to countless millions.

    And still the muezzins yodel on.

  7. The deal sounds somewhat like the case of the Central Park jogger. Five black teens were convicted of the rape and near-murder of a female who had the bad sense to jog alone in Central Park around 9 pm.

    The DNA evidence was inconclusive (the attack occurred in 1989, before good procedures for DNA collection had been established) but there was copious evidence, mainly the physical evidence of the attackers’ clothes and their own statements. Nevertheless, about 13 years later, the rapists were released and awarded $41 million in compensatory damages. The city district attorney announced the action and did not allow any review of the evidence when he made a motion for vacating the conviction.

    The question is, why is there a rush by officials to release and exonerate on technicalities, people against whom the evidence is overwhelming?


    In the case of the Austrian rape, I can think of three possible explanations:

    1) actual political pressures exerted by a corrupt government anxious to hide any evidence of disastrous decision-making;

    2)a genuine ideological bent by sheltered, leftist judges which views any outsider as being morally superior to a native (Austrian, in this case).

    3) the natural deterioration of a long-past-mature civilization, where procedural details take precedence over an overall ability to achieve justice. In other words, any procedural problem or misstep invalidates a long, careful preparation, resulting in gross injustice for victims.

    • For good or bad, the viciousness and brutality of the Central Park wilders is all part of a longstanding and not uncommon behavioral pattern that gave rise to Jim Crow Sundown Laws.

      Should America become engulfed in another civil war, look for all suburbs of major urban cores to enact similar municipal codes.

      How tragic that Morgenthau is no longer around to be propped up on the barricades so he could enjoy all the good loving his pets would most assuredly lavish upon him.

      If his grave isn’t desecrated, it’s a miracle. His malfeasance is the stuff of Christmas lists.

      • The same situation was reflected in the apartheid of South Africa, where blacks were kept in their own areas. Going by Simon Roche, of Sudlanders, the rigid apartheid codes were instituted by the British-controlled government, subsequent to the conquest of the South African states during the Boer War. Prior to the British takeover, the apartheid was informal, and not nearly so rigid.

        The paradox was, that the South African police adopted their methods to the population, and achieved a security in the black areas that was shattered by the black nationalists, who enjoyed burning to death blacks who were insufficiently enthusiastic about revolution.

        The last time I visited Chicago, there were two marches by blacks on the same day: one march was to protest the number of crimes suffered by blacks in Chicago (mainly by other blacks); the other march was to press the Chicago police to adopt even more stringent regulations limiting police ability to deal with criminals.

        One pretty pervasive characteristic of low-intelligence populations is an inability to connect cause and effect, or actions and consequences.

        One curious case is that of Alexandria Cortez, who seems on the whole to be quite intelligent, but has no concept of cause and effect and no knowledge whatsoever of government or economics. I blame her school, the University of Boston, previously a highly-rated college. Allowing students to graduate who are intelligent, but abysmally ignorant, is the poorest advertisement a school can endure.

        • “One pretty pervasive characteristic of low-intelligence populations is an inability to connect cause and effect, or actions and consequences. ”

          This was a very common part of life among the mentally handicapped people I worked with.

    • John, look at it this way, we are all in this together whether anyone likes it or not. What is happening to Western Europe is happening to us in the US and Canada and one way or another we will be each others mutual aid society when the fun and reindeer games begin.

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