A Mythical, Deceptive Tale by Carly Fiorina

The following article about Carly Fiorina’s speech was originally published in a slightly different form at RenewAmerica. It is reposted here with the author’s permission.

à la Fiorina

By Tabitha Korol
June 24, 2015

“There was once a civilization that was the greatest in the world.”

And so began a mythical, deceptive tale by Carly Fiorina, when she spoke in praise of Islam within a mere two weeks of their bombing of the World Trade Center. The concern is not that she was attempting to deceive others, but that she, a person who aspires to the presidency of the United States, was herself deceived regarding the true nature of Islam, and that she has never retracted her statements.

“[Islam’s] armies were made up of many nationalities… [Islam] was able to create a continental super-state… within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins,” and “the reach of this civilization’s commerce…”

As a religious leader, Mohammed converted few followers. As political and military leader, he was far more successful — torturing and beheading 700 stalwart Medinan Jews, raping and enslaving women, and conscripting the survivors for jihad (holy war). Thus he dominated different creeds and ethnic origins, replenishing his army with many nationalities, and increasing his wealth with booty.

“Within its dominion” is Fiorina’s euphemism for “living under domination.” All non-Muslims, slaves and women were treated with contempt, unequal under law but economically necessary. Although specific enmity was directed against Jews and Christians, the severe “jizya” tax was imposed on “infidels” as humiliation and punishment for rejecting Mohammed. This tax and many other discriminatory laws extended through the centuries to Nestorians, Syrians, and Romans of newly conquered empires, and further to animists, Buddhists, Hindus, Mongols, Greeks, and Armenians (the Armenian Genocide), who suffered torture and death.

Jews held trades and occupations that Muslims judged inferior — including “this civilization’s commerce,” diplomacy, banking, brokerage, espionage, working in gold and silver, and cleaning cesspools. The inevitable deterioration of relations between Muslims and the outside world meant more restrictions and social segregation for non-Muslims (dhimmis), but the subservient and useful survived.

“… its military protection allowed a degree of peace and prosperity that had never been known.”

“Peace,” as the absence of discord, existed, depending on the beneficence of the ruling caliphate and internal/external changes, but from the twelfth to thirteenth centuries onward, tolerance decreased; intellectual, social and commercial life depreciated, and ever-increasing restrictions and deprivation for dhimmis were imposed.

“And this civilization was driven more than anything, by invention. Its architects designed buildings that defied gravity.”

The inventions and contributions were made by victims of the Muslim jihadists who invaded the “infidel” world over 1400 years, enslaving, slaughtering, and plundering. Islam is antithetical to creativity, but rather based on envious resentment of the accomplishments of others. Their greatest achievement was their ability to expropriate every creative, innovative groundbreaking device of Islam’s victims and to fraudulently claim each as their own.

Fiorina’s reference to “buildings that defied gravity,” as in “air-borne,” surely defies logic, but she doubtless refers to the arches, which were already in use in prehistoric times by ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks. With the help of concrete made from lime and volcanic sand, Roman arches could support huge weight, and were soon adopted by Byzantine and Romanesque architects, evolving into the groundbreaking inventions of the Gothic arch and flying buttress in northern (Christian) Europe. Meanwhile, the Muslims also adopted the Syrian styles, followed with Greek, Byzantine and Persian, and later Chinese and Indian, architecture, to develop pointed, scalloped and horseshoe arches for mosques and palaces. Even the vaulted and hemispherical (domed) ceilings were invented by the non-Muslim Romans.

“Its mathematicians created the algebra and algorithms that would enable the building of computers, and the creation of encryption.”

The first positional numerical system was developed in second millennium BCE Babylon, over 800 years before Islam; the first true “zero” was developed by mathematicians in the Indian Subcontinent. Persian and Arab mathematicians are believed to have adopted the Hindu-Arabic numerical system in India. The work of the Italian scholar Fibonacci was crucial in bringing them to Europe and the world. Francois Viete, a French lawyer, mathematician and privy councilor to Henry III and Henry IV, provided the step from “new algebra” to modern algebra.

Only an Islamist steeplechaser could leap from working with numbers to creating computers and encryption centuries later. The English polymath Charles Babbage, mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer conceived the first programmable computer (1830). Alan Turing laid the groundwork for computational science; Konrad Zuse is credited with the invention of “the first freely programmable computer.”

The earliest form of cryptography is on stone in Egypt (190 BCE), long before Islam. Ciphers were used by the Spartan military and in the 2000-year-old Kamasutra of India. It wasn’t until the 9th century that Arab mathematicians and polymath Al-Kindi worked with cryptography.

“Its doctors examined the human body and found new cures for diseases.”

Arabs had no scientific traditions; their scientists were largely Jews who were forcibly converted as a result of Islam’s rampaging throughout the Near East, Egypt, and Libya. As a typical example: Jews and Berbers, who lived together harmoniously in North Africa, were overcome by 60,000 Islamic troops in 694, and the descendants of those who survived the massacre became “Arab” philosophers and scientists.

A great physician, the Egyptian Jew Isaac Israel of Kairouan, immigrated to West Africa. His surviving works on logic, Aristotelian physics, and pharmacology became the standard for medical history, and it was from him that the greatest of “Arab” scientists, Avicenna (980-1037), drew inspiration. Known as the Aristotle of the East, Avicenna wrote in Arabic and became a vizier in Persia, but he was born near Bokhara, then heavily populated by Jews, and was probably of Jewish origin. Even so, physicians who attended lords and kings of Islam and Christendom were largely Jews.

“Its astronomers looked into the heavens, named the stars, and paved the way for space travel and exploration.”

Jewish savants were largely responsible for the invention and development of instruments and astronomical tables that facilitated world-girdling sea voyages. The Jerusalem Talmud (tractate Avodah Zarah, Ch.3, fol.,42c) strongly implies the spherical nature of the earth. The astrolabe, used by Islamic astronomers as a guide to the sky and to tell time by the position of heavenly bodies, was introduced into the Arab-speaking world by a “remarkable Jewish genius, Mashala of Mosul, the phoenix of his age.” Astronomical tables, compiled by the Jew Joseph ben Wallar at Toledo (1396), and in Aragon by Judaic specialists, including Emanuel ben Jacob (a.k.a. Bonfils de Tarascon), were used with the astrolabe.

The Jews were among the most notable cartographers, the most advanced being a Jew forcibly converted to Christianity. Christopher Columbus’s cartographers and other companions may have been conversos. The most reputable astronomer of the day, Abraham Zacuto (1452-1515), instructed Columbus on using the perfected astrolabe, also used by Vasco de Gama and Amerigo Vespucci.

In all these areas, Fiorina makes the absurd leap from recognizing Muslims as merely a people who used a product to being an innovative people who “paved the way” for the future. She made a similar leap of dissonance when she made corrupt trade agreements with Iran in violation of US trade sanctions, resulting in 30,000 workers laid off at Hewlett-Packard, and jobs shipped to China. We could remark in passing that, at the same time, her salary and perks also leaped — they more than tripled.

“When censors threatened to wipe out knowledge from past civilizations, this civilization kept the knowledge alive and passed it on to others.”

How much creativity, ingenuity and innovation might we have had from those 400 million people slaughtered by jihadists over 1400 years? What greatness is Islam passing on to civilization now, beyond a high illiteracy rate, great intolerance and aggression? Their history is one of perpetual massacre, encouraged in their Qur’an and taught from early childhood. Their culture is one of unrest, riots and wars; and women’s fears of female genital mutilation, forced marriages, rape, and death for male honor. Their homes are microcosms of the greater tyrannical regimes.

Had Muslims the knowledge to be kept alive, how might it have been done? Of the 1.4 billion Muslims, 800 million are illiterate (60 percent cannot read). In Christendom, the adult literacy rate stands at 78 percent. Of the ten most literate countries, not one is Islamic. Muslims are the world’s poorest, weakest and most lliterate. The combined annual GDP of 75 Muslim countries is under $2 trillion; America’s is worth $10.4 trillion. Muslims are 22 percent of the world population, yet produce less than five percent of global GDP, and diminishing all the time.

Over the past 105 years, 1.3 billion Muslims produced eight Nobel Laureates (only two won for physics and chemistry); compare this with a mere 14 million Jews (0.23% of the world population) who produced 170 Nobel Laureates.

Islam’s militaristic, supersessionist ideology that began 1400 years ago has remained unchanged. We know of no event that sparked the glory they claim, and no catastrophic event that might have forced a decline. Carly Fiorina is severely misinformed about the civilization that embraces our death and destruction, and she confuses politically-correct theories for hard facts — no point from which to hold the highest-ranking position in the United States of America.

15 thoughts on “A Mythical, Deceptive Tale by Carly Fiorina

  1. So there goes the only female in the GOP clown car? Or is there another I’m forgetting?

    Free market economics is known for weeding out the mediocre – how has this woman, given her career record, managed to stay afloat, much less look successful?

  2. How has Fiorina stayed afloat? It’s not really that complicated. Republicans want to win the 2016 presidential election. There are those who think that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee, and that she could ride to victory on a wave of “it’s a woman’s turn” sentiment. Despite her unlikeability, her well deserved reputation for not being honest and trustworthy.

    If Fiorina were the Republican nominee, that advantage for Hillary would go away. And that might be the margin. Now there’s all sorts of room here for other opinions, but it’s an opinion that has some facts that support it. It’s hardly astonishing that some few percent, but more than zero, of likely Republican primary voters are thinking along these lines.

    • Fortunately it is a long way before the national conventions – I look forward to HRC imploding then it will be a lot easier for the GOP to say “adios” to Carly.

  3. Fiorina’s current views on Islam will need to be teased out, though they’ll likely to be circumspect. If she repeats what is reported here regarding her prior statements about Islam, then there’s no way I could consider supporting her. A realistic understanding of the threat of Islam and how fundamentally incompatible it is with a free society is an absolute must.

    Unfortunately, the farthest that any politician can go right now is to qualify the threat as “radical Islamic terrorism.” This is as close to the truth as they’ll be able to utter without being tarred and feathered by the lying press, even if they do know the truth (and I suspect some truly do). Nonetheless, this is a vast improvement over the current administration’s rhetoric (and sympathies!).

  4. Actually I’d like to hear all the GOP candidates on Islam, but anything that doesn’t perfectly mirror BHO’s take will provide ammunition for those weasels in the press to go after and eliminate the best. Which makes me wonder what has the Donald said about Islam that has got our pantywaisted press so upset?

  5. With her now documented ability to manufacture such bountiful fiction about the ‘grandeur’ of historic Islam, Ms. Fiorina would do well as a complement spokeswoman about Middle Eastern affairs in the current State Department–next to Marie Harf.

  6. Carly nearly destroyed H-P, but she never had a hair out of place and her ego ensured she was not aware that she was the plague, not just a carrier of it.
    Should the Republicans make her their candidate then they deserve all they get. If by some mischance she became President then I have no doubt tat she would enthusiastically carry on with BHO’s destruction of the USA until it is just another fallen empire overrun by barbarians. And if you ask her, the answer is that nobody could have stopped the decline and fall if she could not.

    • What??…tough times called for tough action. In order to save a company , tough choices have yo be made. She actually did a good job at HP.

  7. To Madame Fiorina,

    This above all — to thine ownself be true;
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.

  8. Someone please send this fine essay by Tabitha Korol to Ms. Fiorina (not that it will do much good…).

    By the way, this is only the umpteenth example I have seen over the years demonstrating that, unless one pulls out the No True Scotsman fallacy, the Problem of the Problem (namely, the problem of the West’s persistent myopia to the problem of Islam) is not merely — or even mainly — a “Leftist” phenomenon.

    Apropos of that, I found this choice nugget in the oeuvre of Daniel Pipes, circa 2005:

    The Auster view of premodern Islam (“the glories of medieval Islam are largely a myth. It was a parasite civilization whose achievements were mainly the work of its subject peoples such as Byzantines, Jews, and Indians, and it declined when it eventually killed off its host”) is a superficial projection backwards of today’s problems. Indeed, its very premise (“a parasite civilization”) is oxymoronic. There was a true and vital civilization of Islam and (to take a convenient date) in 1005 it represented the best that humans had attained at that time in terms of learning, governance, and general advancement. I suggest that Auster ground himself more in this civilization before dismissing it.

  9. There is a problem called political correctness. Much of the evils confronting us today have their origins in our coyness to call a spade a spade. Ms. Fiorina is a prime example.

  10. I do not believe that many people are familiar with this. I was. One reason I really do not care for her. She is impressive debating, but so can a good car salesman.

  11. September 2001 was not the only time Fiorina spoke of resplendent Islam.
    Carly Fiorina, “Gaslighting”, Islam, Her Relationship To Clinton Global Initiative, and Progressive Agenda…

    “Please read the entire speech and pay close attention to the closing paragraphs. What you will note is an almost eerie similarity to current Secretary of State John Kerry vis-a-vis the “Jobs for Jihad” program he, and his globalist co-horts, have been advocating for the past three years.

    Read everything written by Fiorina and then reference/remember the words used by State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf – they are almost identical.

    Next example – look at the following reception by Professor Al-Hassani, the Chairman of FSTC, at the conference “La Deuda Olvidada de Occidente he is responding to the speech of Carly Fiorina and the intended audience in the Mid-East
    Professor Al-Hassani was rejoicing that Carly Fiorina was asserting without Islam there would be no U.S.A., no America, no exceptionalism. This is the exact approach of the U.S. State Department, Charles Rivkin Project, we originally exposed in 2012.

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