Misogyny on 34th Street

Tabitha Korol sends this essay on the recent sharia-compliance of Macy’s department stores in the matter of female apparel.

Misogyny on 34th Street

by Tabitha Korol

I can still remember the many happy occasions I spent shopping at Macy’s on 34th, as a child, my pockets filled with hot chestnuts; later, as a new fashion designer fresh out of the Fashion Institute of Technology, either killing time between job interviews or checking out the new styles; and then as a newlywed, shopping for our first apartment. It is very difficult to fathom how this company, which produces the world-renowned Macy’s Parade; the magnificent Christmas windows, with incomparable set designs and moving figures that mesmerized crowds of eager spectators, would one day turn on its customers — when Macy’s owners, its board of directors and staff would consent to introduce a line of oppressive clothing to their female clientele. Known as the veil or hijab and forcibly imposed in tyrannical, misogynistic Islamic regimes, these alone were selected by Macy’s from the world’s many kinds of fashion.

Macy’s headquarters have fallen for the leftist line: that it is prudent to strive for multiculturalism in a country that has long been a thriving melting pot that elicited the envy of the world. America’s past success has clearly been due to the immigrants’ fervor to live and let live, whereas Islam, by stark contrast, is mandated by its Koran to dominate and subdue all other cultures by any means necessary. Multiculturalism is repulsive to Islam.

In addition to the denigration of Western religions, the rewriting of our history, the destruction of our statuary, and the attack on gender identity, the public is now being conditioned to accept the appearance of these oppressed, shrouded forms on city streets.

Introducing Islamic styles to the American public is yet another way of attacking America’s culture and femininity, as the full niqab, burqa and abaya are a means of dehumanizing women, enforcing the devalued female to cede control to the male in the Islamic shame-honor society, and denying her any societal interactions. The garment serves as an isolation chamber, causing sensory deprivation problems and disrupting bonding with her infant, even if she removes the shroud at home. There is also a high physical price to pay, for the wearer is deprived of the absorption of Vitamin D in northern climes, thereby causing pelvic fractures during childbirth, and triggering iron deficiencies and hypocalcaemic seizures in the child.

The cost of naïvely introducing these sheaths into American society will eventually destroy the thriving fashion industry as we know it, eliminate the entertainment industry, and affect all other related businesses, in creativity and in employment, until our country is transformed into another backward Islamic country. Conquest is achieved not only through war, but also through stealth, slowly, through government, business, schools, and now the shopping sector. But there will be blood on the hands of those who acquiesce — their own and the blood of their loved ones.

Could it be that Macy’s was visited by CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) and made compliant, or that they never considered that “multi” would mean the influx of many whose intent it is to destroy the host culture, or that the concept of jihad may apply to race and religion, but never to culture? Was Macy’s coerced into accepting “diversity and inclusivity” to accommodate an oppressive ideology that itself rejects both diversity and inclusivity? How long before the Macy’s parade, which began in 1924, with its colorful, imaginative merriment, costumes, music, and introduction to a heartwarming holiday season, will be considered an offense to Islam and halted?

We must learn from history, particularly from the history that is playing out now in real time, in much of Europe, that once a substantial number of Muslim women begins to wear these coverings, those who do not accept the veil become fair game, the quarry, for the terrorist, including kidnapping for sexual slavery, and mass rape on the streets (taharrush), an horrific assault when as many as twenty men will rape one young victim repeatedly. Sweden’s acceptance of multiculturalism has led to the title “Rape Capital of Europe”. Rape is the method by which Islamic terrorists, jihadis, force the women to discard Western clothing for the “safety” provided by the confining veils, and the native men to acquiesce politically. Rape is also indirectly abetted by our socialist school system’s introduction of techniques that are emasculating our boys, diminishing their importance in studies and for courtship, and eliminating men’s instinctive protectiveness toward family and property.

As with academia, Macy’s personnel have elected to speak of diversity and inclusivity out of a mistaken sense of morality, while choosing to endanger their own fellow-Americans, themselves, their families. The seventh-century ideology of Islam is patient and persistent, and this misplaced tolerance will be a stepping stone to further surrender, one store at a time, one city at a time. Is this how the company functions, without thought for the consequences of its decisions?

While the West speaks inanely of reforming Islam, the clerics emphatically insist that it was perfect from its inception and can never be changed. In light of this, consider that Islamic intolerance has resulted in 690+ million people killed worldwide over 1400 years (600 million Hindus), that the centuries-long Islamic invasions into India left mountains of skulls. Most virulent of all is the undying hatred and persecution of Jews long before Israel’s statehood in 1948, and the constant barrage of rockets and fire bombs into Israel since that date. The wanton destruction and sexual crimes in Sweden, Berlin and Paris are a mere prelude to total control, and once Islam has been established, no country has ever returned to freedom. Even Spain, conquered by the Muslims in 711 and reconquered by the Spanish in 1492, is once again succumbing to Islamic oppression.

The Muslim Brotherhood has announced its goal: “to get in and impose sharia law to establish an Islamic state.” Yusuf al-Qaradawi promises conquest, but assures it can be done peacefully — to get all the women to wear the veil and all the men to wear the beard. If not by war, “it will do so through predication (pronouncement) and ideology.” Is Macy’s listening?

Macy’s is deceived, and its accommodation of Islam’s lifestyle is foolhardy, for with Islam, there can be only one lifestyle, and it will consume all others. We ask Macy’s to reconsider their actions and return to being American.

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7 thoughts on “Misogyny on 34th Street

  1. Hello, Tabitha Korol.
    Thank you for your essay, which is critical of a department store in New York City (or a chain of department stores?), but what specifically are you complaining about? The nearest I can figure out is “its [Macy’s] board of directors and staff would [is planning to? did?] consent to introduce a line of oppressive clothing to their female clientele,” but you avoid saying that the introduction of such a line of clothing actually took place. Did it? What specifically happened? Names, dates, details please! Your complaint may be justified, but it would help to know what exactly you are complaining about, and what you want Macy’s to do.

    • Thank you for your question, but yes, of course, it took place, or I would not know about it. By “would” I meant “dared to,” and I apologize if that wasn’t clear enough. I have no dates, but I did see photos of their windows; otherwise, I would have no knowledge of future plans. I don’t work at Macy’s!
      Here ar two links I found (although they’re not of the photos I saw a while back:

  2. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Macy’s removed the Trump line of clothing from its display, and I canceled my account, telling them I was canceling not because I disagreed with their opinion, but because they actively tried to financially damage Trump.

    I don’t really expect that much from Macy’s, or most other commercial establishments, as long as the National Organization of Women is silent on FGM and the pressure on women in Muslim areas to wear hijabs. And as long as the Union for Reform Judaism (and the HIAS, formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) continue to support Muslim immigration which threatens Jews on the street.

  3. They’re not “striving” for anything but making money. They don’t care about islam one way or another. They’re just following unfortunate demographic trends IMO.

  4. In case you didn’t know, the many wives of the gulf sheikhs and other zillionaire Muslims shop all the top fashion houses in Paris etc. and spend a fortune on sexy dresses, jewels etc. and then going out covered head to toe visit with one another in their palaces like over made up Barbie dolls and gossip and show off. Likewise for their husbands. These infantilized doll-women make Stepford Wives look like free spirits.

    • Middle Eastern culture has always been rooted in materialism. The West, on the other hand, is rooted now in scientism/materialism.

      There is little acknowledgement of the varieties of transcendent experience in either.

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