Tommy Robinson: Un Exemple Pour Encourager Les Autres, Part 1

What follows is a brief excerpt from Tommy Robinson’s book, Enemy of the State. Just a few pages, since I have to type them out by hand. No cut-and-paste here, unfortunately.

In this post I’d planned to cover the whole of his solitary confinement during one of the imprisonments…which sometimes turned into moveable feasts as they booted him from one prison to another (one time sending him on to the next nick in a taxi. This dangerous Category A prisoner in a cab, for heaven’s sake?!).

However — just as I do — Tommy has many tangential things to say, so he takes the long way home. It must be an Irish thing. Ya think?

Thus this becomes instead a preface to his time in solitary.

As my health permits, I will be transcribing and posting further excerpts. When I heard they’d charged him yet again, with a court date on February 3rd, I tried to think of something, anything, I could do to motivate his fellow countrymen to take action against this horrific travesty.

Since we have neither money nor influence, this is my way of coping with my own anguish over the systematic torture and injustice this man has endured. I keep thinking of his mum…

What is being done to Tommy by the deeply evil legal system under whose boot he is being crushed ought to make the stones cry out for justice.

The section below is from Chapter 15, page 209 ff [with my italicized remarks in brackets].

You are only supposed to do a maximum of 72 hours in solitary confinement, when you are imprisoned in the British penal system, before your case is referred to the Home Secretary for consideration.

I described earlier how I did that first stretch in Bedford prison as a young man, saying that I reckoned I could handle it. You find a group of blokes you can relate to, talk to, hang with. There are basic comforts, exercise, activities, a television to watch, a reasonable representation of a social life. I suppose you could say.

Solitary confinement, being what they call ‘down the block’ is very different indeed. When that case for illegally entering the USA arose, and because of the threats against me, I was usually asked if I wanted to ‘go on the numbers’, which meant did I want protection? That in turn meant did I want to be sectioned with all the various perverts and paedophiles, kept away from the general population?

No, I did not, thank you very much. If it meant risking my life in and amongst Islamic terrorists, so be it. I wasn’t choosing to get myself locked away with all those weirdos. I’d rather take my chances. It was an old-fashioned Luton-pride thing, I suppose. [NOTE: and a smart thing, too. The ‘justice’ system would have forever stamped his file “PERVERT” and told all the media. Any protestations to the contrary would never have made it into the pages of those same media.]

Down the block, you are caged in a room pretty much like a police cell, which is meant by definition to be for temporary confinement. A concrete ‘bed’ with a thin plastic mattress on it. A toilet. And that, my friends, is that. Once a day you can go out for a shower, make a phone call, then walk around a square metal box with no daylight whatsoever for half an hour, because solitary tends to be underground. [NOTE: Whenever I pictured Tommy in prison in my mind, he was underground in a lone cell. I didn’t find out until much later that this was literally true, rather than my mind’s ‘metaphor’ for what they were doing to him.]

It’s a punishment for someone who has not shown themselves fit to be treated like a normal prisoner. Is it designed to drive a man mad? It sure is. And if not, it’s meant to take him as close to the limit without resorting to torture. That’s why there are strict rules about isolating people until they start trying to claw and eat their way through the walls — or top themselves. You’re supposed to be limited to a 28-day stretch in solitary. [my emphasis]

The blokes who effectively ‘live’ in solitary confinement, because of being a danger to themselves to anyone and everyone including themselves are not human beings in the way most civilized people would recognize the term…


I’ve tried to be as honest as I can here, so far as memory serves, with the mistakes I’ve made, with the downright bloody stupid things I’ve done but which seemed like a good idea at the time. I often knew it was going to end in tears, like the stunt on top of the Fifa building in Zurich. They’re not exactly going to give you a limousine ride to the airport and upgrade you to first class after an escapade like that, are they?

But sometimes making the point, fighting for the principle, has to be worth the minor inconvenience of a few hundred quid fine and a couple of days in a police cell.

I’m not trying to paint myself as some kind of martyr, because that’s not how I see things. I’m just an ordinary bloke who got sick and tired of being a second class citizen in his own town and in his own country.

I simply decided that someone had to stand up and ask the question — what are we doing? Are we happy what we’re allowing to happen to a country that our forefathers fought and died to preserve for their children and grandchildren? Do we know what we’re risking by totally ignoring the issues that were slapping me in the face on a daily basis? Do we even know we’re doing it?

…[…] Whether it was taking apart my working life going back to the Year Dot [NOTE: they took two years trawling through his business paperwork and could never find a farthing out of place so they lied about it, making a mash of expenses and income as ALL income], or whether it was prison governors and screws physically throwing me to the lions by putting me on an open wing amongst violent Muslim extremists, I’ve had the lot thrown at me.

The goal? To grind me down. To shut me up. That’s all I can fathom. To make the point that the state can beat down anyone who thinks they can mess with it. If you can think of a better explanation for some of the tales I’m about to tell you, I’d love to hear it.

Sure, I’ve asked for trouble. And some. But to the extent of prison warders locking me in a room with three violent Muslim prisoners who kicked me into an unrecognizable mess? That doesn’t happen in a civilized country, within a system like the United Kingdom, does it?
Yeah right. Don’t make me laugh. Not that I was doing much of that through broken teeth with my head slashed to the skull and my eyes swollen shut.

Just as I’ve tried to describe the journey of the EDL as an organization, so I’ll try to illustrate how, alongside it, the British state got to work trying to cut the head off it. [NOTE: Don’t forget the death and attempted decapitation of soldier Lee Rigby in May 2013. That metaphor would come to be used by authorities to describe what they wanted to do to the EDL.]

The police came looking for me right after the first UPL demo [NOTE: That must have been in 2009 since the United Peoples of Luton formed as a reaction to the Muslims’ organized spitting and catcalling against the march through Luton of returning troops of the Royal Anglian Regiment who’d survived the Afghan War] and it didn’t stop to the day I walked out of Petersborough nick on Friday July 24th 2015.

Not even then actually.

[NOTE: So with this new stupid charge, that makes it close to seven long years that they’ve been trying to break him, to silence him, to trip him up, to tempt him to become a turncoat, to push him from pillar to post in their lust to destroy one man. So what if his family is caught in the crossfire?

Any Briton who doesn’t speak out against this, be warned: you cannot crawl low enough to be ignored by the police if they decide to come for you, too. Your silence in the face of this horror simply means you get to keep your own head attached to your body a little longer than would be the case if you were to speak out. The system is showing you what they can do and will do if you step out of line. They rely on you being scared enough to STFU as they continue to persecute and to torture Tommy.]

To Be Continued… where I hope to cover his TEN WEEKS in solitary confinement. In Britain. Soviet Britain. No wonder the alcoholism and suicide rate is growing.

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  1. Thank you. Working my way through the paperback now. Though unavailable on amazon it can be bought direct from

  2. No wonder indeed – and all over the West, with the almost complete bankruptcy of moral guidance, our young are showing their contempt by cutting themselves, taking drugs, obsessing over their gender-confused Facebook identities and finally, ending their own lives.

    It is not only Muslims trashing our civilization but the over-regulating government gluttonous with power, the criminal cartels, protected by politicians, and the ‘in-your-face’ superficial consumerism happiness pretense, which have eroded all Grace from life.

    Beneath the frenetic veneer, people are trying to distract themselves, so they don’t have to face the reality of what is happening. Our culture is in a state of post-traumatic shock. No longer does anyone have to take personal responsibility for their moral choices – or rather, their lack of them. Individual responsibility has been outsourced to the State and thus, we have made ourselves into trivial slaves without minds or souls worthy of the name.

    Only a few dare to stand up and Tommy is one of the first. Of course, by his example. the political elites are disgraced and so their retribution is full of their own self-hatred and guilt. They think that if they can exterminate his conscience, they can give themselves peace, but they will find they are mistaken.

    Tommy is at the head of a swelling army of us who have said – Enough is enough! We are willing to fight for decency, honor and moral strength and will not give up until the political and financial elites and their new demographic Entitlement power base – the barbaric Islamic swine – are consigned to DUST!

    • It is not just elites who hate Tommy. It’s all the brain-washed who fervently believe he is a right wing extremist, an anti-Semite.

      • I think we need that old time religion to lead us home!

        God bless you Tommy and your wonderful family.

        • I think we need a spiritual faith for the times. We’d find some interesting stories in the early Christian “church” – the remnants of which are even now being destroyed in MENA.

          There are no new spiritual truths, but there are better ways to say them…I was looking for a book on the early Celts on our bookshelves and instead walked back to my bed with this one:

          A Monk’s Alphabet: Moments of Stillness in a Turning World

          Just right for me. An abecedarian of brief essays – not particularly brilliant, doesn’t say much that is new, but monks are supposed to aim for the quintessentially ordinary. The professionals dismiss his little book but it fits in my hand – can’t lift heavy books anymore – and some of his ideas, e.g., the little gypsy thief he sees brought down and understands why she needs to “land on her butt” for stealing but feels some compassion anyway – if nothing else than for her sealed fate.

          She is ordinary evil. And we are surrounded by it but we need to “look to the hills” anyway.

          • I love finding well-written and small books. They fill my library. Thank you so much for posting.

          • I’m not sure that it’s “well-written” – you should see the professionals and their hatchets. But one small essay an evening is just right…

          • I had to look up MENA – Middle East and North Africa. Thanks.

            I’m sure there will always be a spectrum of responses to our present political crisis, but as you suggest, the most fundamental must be based on moral values and the greatest the world has yet produced are those spoken by the Jewish Christ, founded on love of God and therefore of God’s creation.

            One can’t divorce moral values from belief in the Logos of the universe, or those ethical standards will soon collapse from lack of deep roots – like the seeds that fall upon stony ground.

            Many modern cosmologists now believe in God so the old antipathy of science and religion is obsolete – yet still remains in the minds of the sheep as a fact.

            Perhaps ours is the first revolutionary movement which is not Jacobin, in that we don’t wish to destroy the State, but to restore the State to its proper role as a limited government democracy which does not see itself as the instrument of endless utopian social engineering.

            The Jacobins of today who wish to destroy the State are the Muslims and the Marxists, both of whom are SUPPORTED BY the State! Surely this conundrum is unprecedented in history!

  3. So glad this is published. People need to know that the UK locks up innocent protesters with violent Muslim criminals

    • I agree Matt. This man is still alive. Just incredible. I just bought the book from the link above. I have been buying Folio of London classics for years so am used to getting books from the UK. By the way, Folio of London was quite generous after an entire shipment of books I received was completely ruined after being stabbed by screwdrivers or another type of implement by the US Customs Service or the US Postal Service. They did not even require me to return the damaged books and simply sent me new books.

      I remember learning that “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” by D.H Lawrence was banned from sale in the US. It is still stunning to know that such a book would be prohibited. I read that book on the advice of a fellow SM while stationed at Massweiler, Germany, outside of Pirmesens.

      Of course the new banning is how websites are banned and how posts or comments or links are deleted by those that think they know the best way for everyone else to live their life.

  4. The US lost a hero last year, Erwin Schiff died shackled to a hospital bed. Why? He was in prison for writing a book that questioned the validity of the IRS. Martin Armstrong was imprisoned on contempt charges for almost 12 years. It was beyond sickening how Armstrong was treated by the US judicial system. If you have not seen the movie, “The Forecaster” I cannot recommend it enough. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  5. I just bought my copy directly from Tommy’s website. I cannot believe how much he has been through, and thank you GoV for publicising his story.
    We may all be banned from social media but until that day, I will fight until the end of my life to restore decency and freedom to our nation.

      • I’m seventy, can’t walk too long or far so, not much use for too much really. Certainly won’t be attending the demo on the 6th.
        I’m not up to much really. Am I not?
        I’ve studied Islam and the Qur’an intensely so much so, I consider myself to be something of an expert, in fact I probably know more than the average Muslim. I then use this to arm myself and inform anyone who will listen about the dangers with proof.
        I also invite Muslims who I ‘meet’ on here or other websites to have a chat, via e-mail, but as soon as they realise just how much I know, they disappear. Don’t know why.

        • Hi. I have been slowly trying to learn more about the Qur’an over the last few years, or more precisely about Islam. I am sure I will never claim to learn as much as you do, but I have learned what Islam ‘really’ is. What it is not, is a ‘religion’ in the way that the other two Abrahamic religions are.

          It masquerades as a religion, and manages to fool the vast majority of non-Muslims quite well, including our political classes and media. What it actually is, the Qur’an and the Hadiths, is a comprehensive set of instructions and commandments for world dominion.

          To achieve this it uses taquiya (deceit) and hijra (migration) along with an unfettered birthrate. I have tried explaining some of this to friends, and they think I am crazy or at work an ‘Islamophobe’.

          Sooner or later our children, and their children, will begin to see this truth. Sadly, by then it will be too late to avoid the inevitable civil wars that will make the last two World Wars seem like a minor disturbance.

  6. Can we identify the three screws who left him to be assaulted.
    It is very important that these people be identified so that they can be dealt too.
    Things do change and turn about and when they do, then the screws need to feel the full force of retribution. But if they aren’t identified right away and publicly, they can hide in the background. After all what is a free press for anyway??
    Mike NZ

      • Wrong.

        Those “screws” (so delicately put) are PRECISELY the correct targets of ire AND action.
        After all, who is it that sheds the blood? Who actually runs the “show”. Don’t bother me with the (unreachable) higher-ups. No, the reply “I vuss just folovink orders” is no excuse in the post-Nuremburg era–not anymore.
        And please–no actual bloodshed. It makes for ‘bad visuals’. I’m thinking more the course of sprung knees, and bilateral torn rotator-cup dislocations: hip dislocation, too. All these will end a person’s career in screw-dom–or whatever it’s called these days.
        Other sorts of electronic harassment comes to mind–for the technically creative.

        Fight! Hit those who fight us on the ‘cutting edge’–they might have trouble restocking their bin of screws in a while.

  7. Thanks for the excerpt Dymphna. I find this whole discussion frustrating. I ordered the book from Amazon before Christmas and, as the providers did not deliver to South East Asia, they sent it to my London address where it remains awaiting forwarding.

  8. You can also buy Enemy of the State from Amazon UK as I did. So far, I cannot find any book reviews in the UK MSM. The only reviews are in blogs and one on Amazon. Tommy’s book is so obviously honest, so obviously the truth, that the MSM would have a hard time heaping contumely on the book. Simplest strategy would be for the MSM to ignore the book as if it were never published. And that is what they are most likely to do.

    For heaven’s sake, all you who follow the GoV, if you buy no other book this year, buy Enemy of the State. Read it and tell the world about it.

    Let us not allow the political left and the islamophilic quislings to silence Tommy. I
    intend to prod every one I know to buy a copy. I hope all those who follow the GoV will do the same! And all you bloggers who follow GoV, let all your readers know about Enemy of the State! Vaya con dios.

  9. Looks like an interesting read. But what I would really like to know is what was going on at the time Tommy left the EDL. Who can forget the bizarre press conference in someone’s flat where Tommy flanks by two muslim friends of the Quilliam foundation, announces his leaving the EDL and labeling the organization as having been taken over by neo-nazis. The whole vibes at that interview was a trapped man, probably saying stuff he didn’t believe. What made him do it? He could have resigned quietly, no one would have blamed him, everyone knew the threats to his family were real. It was the putting in the boot to the EDL as he left that hurt many who had faithfully followed him. They were not nazis, but the label stuck.Other Counter Jihadists like Spencer believed the lie and put the boot into the EDL at every opportunity. The Quilliam guy claimed Tommy had been meeting with him for months.That Tommy had had a sort of “Damascus Road” revelation that most muslims were good blokes. And that he would now help Quilliam in its fight against extremism. Presumably Tommy the consultant on “right wing extremists”. This same Quilliam guy rather spoiled it when he couldn’t contain his glee and announced Quilliam had “cut the head of the EDL”. Rather an unfortunate metaphor as events only a couple of year later would prove.

  10. I got the physical book from what appeared to be a uk site aligned with Robinson via PayPal.

  11. Ol’ Winston is turning over at his resting place. Maybe starting a protest there with some choice quotes would create more awareness of what was unthinkable 50 years ago has happened in ol Winstons backyard. The cats at hi old house are safe.

  12. The time is coming when dissidents like Tommy Robinson will be locked up in ‘psychiatric hospitals’ where they will be ‘re-educated’ before being released into the community – if they’re lucky.

  13. I hate to say it, but ignoring the obvious (lack of moral courage?) isn’t confined to “Soviet” Britain. I experienced an example of it myself a week and a half ago. I went to another woman’s house (she is Orthodox; I am “almost” Orthodox) for some music work.

    After the music work, somehow things got to where I said that the New Year’s attacks in Europe were horrifying. She said, “I don’t want to hear about it.” She insisted. Then she said, “I have a book you may be interested in. I don’t like having it in my house.”

    Friends: this woman, a fellow member of my church, GAVE ME the hardback edition (spine not cracked) of “The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims,” ed. Andrew G. Bostom, MD, Foreword by Ibn Warraq, written in 1991 (rev. 2005, published by Prometheus Books). The dust cover image (according to the flaps) is entitled “The Prophet, Ali, and the Companions at the Massacre of the prisoners of the Jewish Tribe of Beni Kuraizah.” Also known as the Quraish.

    Where will I find a woman of moral courage, if not in Russian Orthodoxy? 🙁

    • That book is where Andy Bostom wrote about the Janissaries, I think. And it may also be in the book that has a painting depicting the taking of the boys.

    • That book is where Andy Bostom wrote about the Janissaries, I think. And it may also be in the book that has a painting depicting the taking of the boys.

      There are pictures in the wiki on the concept of devşirme:

      Devşirme[a] (literally “collecting” in Turkish), also known as the blood tax or tribute in blood, was chiefly the annual practice by which the Ottoman Empire sent military to abduct boys, ages eight to eighteen,[2] sons of their Christian subjects in the villages of the Balkans and Anatolia.[3] They were then converted to Islam[4] with the primary objective of selecting and training the ablest children for the military or civil service of the Empire, notably into the Janissaries.[5]

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