4 thoughts on “Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood!

  1. They Muslim hate train with all the snakes of Islam onboard is really picking up speed of every kind more and more freely available. “Westward Ho!”

  2. Good depiction of what has transpired here. Where is the MSM? I guess they think we are fools.

  3. We all figure that what happened on Rotherham has to be continuing today in the UK, but does anyone have any concrete facts about it?

  4. Many of you know this already, but like our good hosts here at GoV, Matthew Bracken is a(n) (inter)national treasure. Buy his Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy, and if you don’t have a few bucks for it, he puts it up for free about once a year. I was already *very* skeptical about a ConCon before ever reading these books. Now, I am more than skeptical. Bracken would seem to have the Gift of Prophecy in the vein of Orwell, Rand and Raspail.

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