Ted Cruz Apologizes to Thin-Skinned New Yawkahs

Y’all know we don’t follow politics much. Time for that closer to the election. And some of you know I found Ted Cruz’ call out to evangelical Christians a mite theocratic.

But I’ll give the man his due. Though pilloried for denigrating “New York values” everyone knew what he meant. He was talking ’bout them Big ‘L’ leftists, those big city slickers and their flim-flam ways. They’ll getcha every time. Just wait till the next time it snows and see whose street gets plowed first.

Well, you can imagine the huffery, the Cruz beat-down. Finally all those professional New Yorkers like former N.Y. Senator Hillary “ChillBill” Clinton and the other Bill, Communist mayor of New York City de Blasio – they all just piled on Cruz. Not to mention the dynastic Governor Cuomo. Y’all remember his daddy, Mario, right?

[Yep, we seem to have dynasties popping up everywhere. Baby Doc Trudeau’s daddy cut quite a figure in his day, even if he was cuckolded. And that current governor of California followed in his father’s footsteps, too…though he really ought to have stuck it out in the seminary and prayed for his state instead of running for office. Not for nothing is Jerry Brown known as “Moonbeam”: he recently banned the use of the word “alien” in his state. Nor will the nickname “Redskins” be allowed. Can’t say it, even though native Americans keep telling us they don’t care…and as if it mattered, given California’s actually serious problems with aliens. Maybe even UFOs.]

So Ted Cruz did the manly thing: he offered a +two-minute, full-throated apology to New Yorkers, sans note cards or teleprompters.

After Obama, it will be difficult to imagine presidents who simply get up and talk. Let me repeat those magic words…”after Obama”. Or even “post Obama”. There oughta be a song. Or even a whole musical…

Hat tip: Louder with Crowder. He’s a conservative comedian. No, that’s not an oxymoron.

24 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Apologizes to Thin-Skinned New Yawkahs

  1. I hope I have the opportunity to vote for Ted. The Donald has damn near outlived his usefulness in this race.

    • BHO can’t wait to get to his Hawaii mansion, all $35 mln of it, complete with golf course…though if told to do so, they may stick around D.C. claiming “school” interests of the children.

      BHO has the lazy gene – and no, that’ s not racist code-speak. It’s politician code-speak. Bill Clinton was another.

      • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

        Dog Eater (yes, he did eat dog in Indonesia. It’s in his book) will go on to be the next Sec Gen of the UN. There has been a lot of talk about that for about two-three years now and just recently that talk has increased.

        So, he can be lazy and head up the most anti-US-Isreal body on the planet. Plus, the doorway to graft and corruption will be wide open.

        All in all, a great carreer move.

      • Since you brought it up, here is my prediction.

        I would expect Obama to spend very little time in the US after he leaves office, especially of Hillary wins the Presidency.

        Hillary is mean, petty, and vindictive. She has plenty of reason to hold grudges against Obama. Obama would be dependent on the Secret Service for security in the US and that would be controlled by Hillary.

        Most likely, if Hillary gets elected, Obama will spend all his time in a resort in Qatar or some such place, with mostly private security paid for by Qatar. Bill C thinks he will attempt to serve as Secretary General of the UN, which is quite possible, although I would expect Hillary to try to covertly put a roadblock there. In any case, he would spend little or no time on US territory.

        If Trump is elected, things would be a lot safer for Obama to be in the US. Trump is likely to make the Secret Service more efficient, and is not likely to let private grudges get in the way of his performances. This brings up the paradox that if it comes to a contest between Trump and Hillary, it is very much in the personal interest of Obama that Trump wins the election.

  2. Not gonna matter, Ted Cruz never had a chance in NY anyway.
    I trust polls and statistics about as far as I can throw Panama, and I believe the polls for Cruz are highly flattering.

    Re: Native Americans – Many love to wear Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Florida State Seminoles and similar sports apparel and fully realize that no one in their right mind would name their very own sports team after something they did not like or respect.
    Only PC lefties don’t get that.

  3. As for me, I’ll vote for whichever Republican gets the nomination, since any Republican is bound to be better than [H]illary or any other Demo[c]rat.

    Part of me feels sorry for the average German, who is being beaten to near-death by Merkel, but the other part thinks that perhaps this is the punishment the Germans are craving for their role in WWII.

    And then the last part wonders just how much today’s Germans actually know about their own history. and at last, I wonder if/when Merkel will be impeached but then I wonder that about Obama, too.

    • I swan. No matter how often I ask, people persist in name-calling:

      As for me, I’ll vote for whichever Republican gets the nomination, since any Republican is bound to be better than [H]illary or any other Demonrat.

      Looks like you were name-calling on Hillary too? Please keep it civil. Now I have to go back and clean up that one, too.

      As for the strategy of voting “for whichever Republican” – sadly not a good idea. And the reason so many people are deciding to sit this one out is their recognition that establishment GOP, also known as the GOPe (the elite, or the establishment) will cozy up to the leftists every time. Just look at the recently passed budget.

      I know a number of people who are so disgusted by the elites’ fear of the growing populism in this country that they’re not going to vote at all. These are young people, some of them veterans.

      • There is no way to avoid voting. Sitting home and think one didn’t vote is a delusion. By not voting republican, one is effectively votes for democrat. There is no third party and so, no escape.

  4. I’ll take the nationalist Trump over the globalist Cruz. I want to live in the United States, not the North American Union. Trump is the only reason the others were forced to discuss immigration.

    • The guy who has an international business empire is not a globalist? Trump’s main allegiance is to his own status (and to the “beautiful young [object of sexual desire];” he dumped the mother of his children for). Being president is the next step up in making Donald Trump even more awesome.

      Trump read the public mood and chose the issues that would win a fan base (which he would, however, never have gotten without his TV celebrity). He has chosen to campaign as something different from what he claimed to be naturally as a New Yorker not long ago.

      Cruz’s remark, obviously, was meant as a reference to Trump’s shape-shifting quality — a quality resolutely ignored by the fans who insist that he’ll be more unwaveringly principled than any other candidate.

      OTOH, what Cruz meant matters less than how his comment can be interpreted. I think it’s unwise for a presidential candidate to suggest that any part of America is intrinsically alien to him.

      • Cruz is a Cuban born in Canada who has a seat in Texas and he’s married to his second wife who is a Goldman Sachs board member. That’s about as Noo-Yawky as it gets.

        Trump isn’t the shape shifter here. Trump has always lived in public. The shape shifters hate Trump.

  5. I go with Trump, he’s the only one who had enough guts to propose a moratorium on Muslims coming into the U.S. all the others want a welcome mat including Cruz. Less than two years ago Cruz was down in Texas with Glenn Beck giving away toys to illegal aliens coming across the border. With guys like Cruz who needs Hillary or Bernie.

    Immigration wouldn’t even be a topic if it wasn’t for Trump, the others had to be dragged kicking and screaming to talk about it. Not to mention the destructive effects of bad free trade deals that sent 10 million jobs over seas.

    In the end, if we elect anyone who is a open borders advocate – which is almost all of the GOPers and all of the Democrats. The country is dead, really, we’ll see a flood of 3rd worlders that will make what’s happening now look like a joke.

    There won’t be any do overs after 2016.

  6. Trump is a big government Democrat. This will be obvious should he get elected. He makes all the right noises today, but it is all [falsehoods]. He is an egotistical maniac just like Obama. I don’t trust him at all.

    • That’s the problem. After George Washington, who sincerely didn’t want the job, everyone sitting in the presidential chair is automatically not suited to lead us well.

      It’s one of those paradoxes like humility: if you think you have what it takes, then you don’t.

      • His silly.

        Washington was thwarted by the British army who refused him a commission.

        After that Washington built up a real estate empire that covered the Ohio valley and waited to see what the radicals in Boston might do against the crown. When the Pats and Crown clashed Washington “reluctantly” took command of the army.

        Admittedly Washington didn’t bother to hold power for more than 8 years, but he sought it out for decades.

    • No. Trump has completely avoided the political system.

      He’s carefully maintained a distance from the machinery of state.

    • “Trump is a big government Democrat.”

      Perhaps and perhaps not. He’s not a libertarian or objectivist.

      However, the reasonable assumption we can make about Trump is that he’s going to stop and reverse the flow of illegal aliens. He’s also not going to systematically suppress any mention of Muslim or Islam in connection with terror.

      This leaves a lot to be desired. Trump is not against legal immigration. But, illegal aliens almost uniformly support big government, unlimited benefits, and Democratic candidates. So, at least with Trump, the playing field will remain more or less even, instead of tipping incessantly to a Democratic electorate through massive legal and illegal immigration from third-world countries.

      In politics, you take what you can get. What are your alternatives?

      • Your question encapsulates exactly why many people will be voting for Trump…

        unless some man wearing a mask and riding a white horse rides out of the West and begins slaying the dragons.

        IOW, it has a certain inevitability about it. Read a report yesterday in some non-Trump site which quoted a poll among those who’ve never bothered to vote before bec it seemed useless. And they’ve signed up for Trump, young and old.

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