Return to Dachau

After seventy years, a camp has been opened again at Dachau.

But it’s not the kind of camp that was there in 1943. No, not at all.

Now the German staff wait on the Untermenschen who have been welcomed into Germany. They cater to their every need and never punish them, no matter the seriousness of the crime. Now the residents of the camp can spend their time watching TV, and may eat as many meals as they want. Now the guards at the camp are required to act as the servants of the “refugees”.

The account below describes the experience of a former Czech policeman who has a job at a asylum-seekers’ camp three miles from the old Dachau concentration camp. The article was posted on January 1 at Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation.

I am a guard in Dachau

We heard from a man from Pilsner, a former policeman, asking whether we would be interested in writing something about what it really looks like in Germany, with the migrants. Of course, we very gladly accepted his offer.

Michal is a considerable man, who has almost twenty years of policing behind him, and who, through an acquaintance, received an offer to go work in Germany, in a migrant camp at Dachau.

At first, he says, he considered it a bad joke, because everyone knows that this is where an infamous concentration camp had been during the war, and that nobody would think of building another one there. Then he found out that this really was a serious job offer from a Czech agency, and so he signed up. Michal went through a selection process, including a language test, and then he really could go to work in Germany.

Q:   Where do you work?
A:   I work near the former concentration camp Dachau, about three kilometers as the crow flies from Karlsfeld, in the administrative region of Dachau, in an inflatable hall which used to house tennis courts.
Q:   What kind of work is this, and how are the pay and working conditions?
A:   Well, the pay is better than that of a policeman in Czechia, but mainly, they accept us differently. In Czech a “sekuritak” [slang for security forces member] is a “povl” [derogatory term for police] and the people treat us accordingly: here, it is completely different.
Q:   How are the migrants housed, what is their [daily] program, what exactly do they do?
A:   The inflatable hall is divided into a sleeping part, which is then divided into 3×3 [meter] cubicles, each of which houses 6 people. They have bunk beds and their lockers there. The other part houses a cafeteria. Everything is brand new, purchased especially for them.

I saw that they are much more strict in guarding them then they are in Czechia, which is completely understandable, because first, they had broken the laws in order to enter the country and also a huge number of the people among them have a false identity, which poses a big risk to Europe.

The Germans are insane: they do not detain anyone; the migrants have free movement not just in the camp, but they can go into town, actually, all over Germany. It is not unusual for taxis to go off to somewhere or to be returning from places. How the German Secret Service deals with this and ensures that no terrorists are among them remains a mystery to me.

The daily routine is not in any way organized. 9-10:30 breakfast, 13:30-15:00 lunch, 17:30-19:00 dinner; in the times between these, there are usually German language classes or other free time activities. Charity officials, city officials and even [officials] from other institutions work there. They organize various sports or cultural events for them. Otherwise, they do absolutely whatever they wish, there is no [mandatory] wake-up call nor an evening curfew.

Q:   And what, exactly, do you do?
A:   We guard fire exists, so nobody opens them, because if a certain number of them were to be opened, the whole hall would collapse, which they cannot understand, and we also keep trying to teach them that there is no smoking inside. We also safeguard the safety of the officials working here.

The food handed out is a chapter in itself. Conflicts arise between them and assaults, plus they like to attack the catering staff.

Q:   They attack the employees?

A:   Regularly. You have to understand, they consider all of us as mere servants, who are there for them and must fulfil their wishes. They are permanently dissatisfied with something, the amount of food, the quality, with the provided services and they are constantly making demands for some other rights.
Q:   And how is their food?
A:   The breakfasts are cold: they get salami, cheese, pastries, corn flakes, chickpea products, yoghurt, milk, eggs, fruit and, of course, the menu varies.

Lunches are hot meals, all cooking is, of course, done without pork and they have a choice of two meals, always one with meat and one vegetarian. Dinners are like breakfasts, cold, and the selection is similar to breakfast.

For example, we watch to make sure that they only take one meal. I don’t mean they cannot go for seconds, that they can, but they like to take two meals, eat only what they like, and throw out the rest. The food wastage here is enormous. It is perfectly normal for someone to take a meal, sniff it, throw it out and go get another meal.

Q:   Is there any attempt by the German leadership to make changes, say with that food waste?
A:   To the contrary. One recent event: vans with winter clothing arrived and the migrants got, for free, shoes, trousers, jerseys and sweaters. Some of them turned around, took the freely provided and new clothing — usually good brands — and sold it somewhere only to come back and get kitted out again. We found out and refused to give out more. The migrants then called the German police on us, who arrived and ordered us to hand out clothing to them a second time.
Q:   Tell us something about the conflicts and fights.
A:   These are part of the daily events. Fights will start for the most minor things. In the camp, we have Nigerians, Pakistanis, blacks from the Ivory Coast, Senegalese, Afghanis and they will fight amongst each other over every tiny thing, like cutting in line. As a rule, Arabs and blacks cannot stand each other and there are always conflicts between them.

Conflicts between us, meaning the members of the protective staff and the migrants, always arise because they think that we are their servants and must do their bidding. The Germans enforce this point of view; the norm simply is that if a migrant has a wish, it should be fulfilled.

We are forbidden to participate in any fights and we are forbidden to use force. The only thing we are permitted to do is to try to reason with them and if that does not work, to call the police.

They’ve already even stoned us; they love to do that. They are very afraid of physical contact, and are happy to step back a few meters, and then a whole horde will start throwing rocks. This is very easy here, because underneath the tent there is crushed rock and all around, there are many rocks about the size of a fist, absolutely ideal for throwing.

Q:   They stoned you? By God, why?
A:   They are not permitted to bring food into the bedrooms. A co-worker reminded one of them that he can’t go there with food, so the black guy threw the food at him. The co-worker lost it and reached for him. Right away, a huge brawl erupted. We stepped back, the police arrived again — something like our ‘keeping order’ [name of policing unit in the Czech Republic] — but, as always, they did nothing, just lined up and the cops from their anti-confrontation team started yakking at them. They just explained to them that we, in Europe, do not stone people, and of course, no repercussions ensued.

In the evening, that same co-worker was again attacked and stoned. We called the police again, and they only explained things to them again. No punishments were handed out.

Q:   What means and tools to you have for self defense?
A:   (Laughter.) Weapons in Germany? We are strictly forbidden from having any weapons, not even tear gas or batons, we have nothing.

The worst work is in the children’s camp, which is what youths between 16 and 20 are called. We knew a Somali, who threw his breakfast out in the morning — some hard cheese, chicken mortadella and fruit — because he said he would not eat this. The same way, he then threw out lunch — it was fish fillets and potatoes, saying he’s going to go eat in town. He returned completely drunk and demanded food. We showed him that dinner will be in three hours, but he penetrated into our guard room and started going through our things, saying we have to give him something. My co-worker took exception to this, so the Somali grabbed a broom and started breaking things. And we cannot, under any circumstances, interfere, because this is a child. But this particular one paid for this, because the police found out that this “child” is twenty-two years old and that they were dealing with a former member of a Somali paramilitary unit.

Q:   How many migrants do you have there? And can you estimate how many of them are truly fleeing war and how many are “economic” ones?
A:   Our camp has 300 migrants. I don’t think that any of them are truly war refugees, but they rather came for economic reasons, and 95% of them do not want to work.

Real facts support my opinion on this. Only about 15 migrants are engaged in camp’s self-government. The rest spend their days lounging around their rooms, watching TV or loitering in the area. It is insane that the Germans do not demand any engagement from them; they don’t even have to clean up after themselves. With my own eyes, I have seen them get into arguments and throw around metal garbage cans, then stomp the spilled trash into the ground. The only ones punished were the German cleaning crew, who had not cleaned this up fast enough.

Q:   Why do you think the Germans behave this way?
A:   I think this is a complex resulting from the war, that the Germans are trying to hysterically prove to all of Europe, but mainly to themselves, that now, they are completely different Germans.

Hat tip: VB.

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  1. Is this level of insanity possible? Surely it is a play by Durrenmatt? Muslims are NOT JEWS, who were the victims of Nazis! Would they treat Jewish refugees like this? NO! They are treating those who despise Jews and Christians (and all Westerners) like gods, so it is NOT guilt.

    Perhaps the German elites feel that the Muslims ARE like they WERE under Hitler – i.e. despicable human beings, and now they wish to honor despicable humans (like they were) in the present tense? Honor the savages. If anything, this is the biggest insult to Jews possible, short of another holocaust. Jews are leaving Europe in droves and who can blame them?

    This is not only shocking it is psychologically SICK!!!! It’s a self-humiliation by German elites using these atrocious people for political ends – a greater over-reach by government and destabilizing and destroying German national culture.

    The good Czech policeman may think the Germans feel guilty. but he is assuming they have compassionate hearts as he does. Real compassion does not condone abuse. Allowing the Muslims to abuse their ‘servants’ is an act of aggression by the government against its own people!

    • It’s neo-Marxism so how is this surprising? Marxism has a history of the state abusing its own people.

      Virtuousness in Marxism is all about supporting the proletarians against the enemy class bourgeoisie. In this case, the “refugees” are the proletarians and everyone else is the evil bourgeoisie, so obviously any abuse from the proletarian “refugees” is just because all of this is a Marxist class struggle.

      This all sounds totally absurd, but the neo-Marxist philosophy has worked its way into the underlying cultural assumptions in German society and most of Europe. So, all you need for this insanity to occur is for a bunch of bad actors to come along and play the role of proletarian without actually believing in neo-Marxism or having any reasonable demands that could ever be satisfied.

      I don’t know what’s worse…. Neo-Marxism or Islam.

    • The cult of ‘racism’ does not distinguish between Jew and anybody else, and despite Jews being the original victims, they no longer qualify as victims.

      The holding up of Muslims as “the best of people” is not unique to Germany, it is as though it is a policy being dictated to the elites across Europe and is also strong in the US.

      I wrote this article almost 2 years ago, nothing much has changed:

      • Wasn’t it the Durban conference that worked towards making muslims victims number one in the world?

    • No, you’re right, it’s not “guilt”. It’s fetishistic orientalism, cultural implosion and self-hatred run amok. Apparently, letting muslims rape your daughter is the only politically correct way left to Germans to express [usual smear about Germans redacted]; what strange form of penance is this?

      • I went looking for this due to another commenter’s remarking on it. When I did a search for the offensive remark, there you were – another anon.

        I don’t mind anonymous comments. But I sure do disagree with and dislike your assertion. Buh bye.

    • To an outsider this appears to be a degenerative form of insane penitence! It looks as if brainwashed German (Western European) population(s) is/are performing generational penance/contrition to the progeny of the Grand Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini for their elders’ failures at fully exterminating the European Jewish population during their joint efforts in the last Great War.

      • It’s the German intellectual/elite that,like similar people in the US, think their country and it’s people ares simultaneously evil and incapable of acting in their own best interest. So The Government must do it for them, and also that the more primitive peoples are benevolent and peaceful compared to their own.

        Sometimes it’s true, but often not, this is a case of NOT!

    • What outsider NEVER really understood about Germany is that we aren´t brainwashed our whole lives INTO “Jew-Guilt”, but OUT OF nationalism.
      Which includes even the slightest slivers of patriotism.

      The so called conservatives in Germany are pretty much akin to US-Democrats, morphed now into a silly-putty version of Neo-Liberalism by Stasi-Merkel.
      It´s all down the left-side of the hill from there.

      I bet that in their little diseased brains all these politicians were already dreaming of a cushy seat in their coming beloved European Soviet-Union.

      • This Jew says: stop feeling guilty.

        It was evil, and don’t ever forget it, but for now, the best you can do is to help Israel survive, and to protect those Jews remaining in Germany.

        One way to do that is by having Germany NOT turn into an Islamic state.

        Jews, especially Israeli Jews, have largely moved on.
        It’s time for Germans to do the same and not turn their guilt into collective suicide!

          • Thank you Mike for an incisive post. I am only sorry that the West in general, and in particular, the Obama administration in the USA, have decided to throw Israel to the wolves in justifying their insane policies after the disastrous “Arab” spring.
            That Israel is the only truly democratic country in the Middle East region seems to be perversely abhorrent to them.

        • who used that term?? I’ve seen it bandied about on other places but not here. So please give me the post in which it was said, or the conmment.

          I am in the process of getting a video up about a courageous Israeli woman. So I don’t buy this “natural” stuff. Germany has way too much gravitas for such

        • Stop feeling guilty . . . but don’t ever forget it. Because Jews like Mike have moved on. And, of course, the most important thing for Germany is to help Israel and protect the <1% of the population that is Jewish . Keeping Germany safe for Germans isn't Mike's concern at all.

          [sarcastic insults redacted]

          • And why would he be concerned about germans?
            Since the war German people have been trying to prove to the world that they can be re-admitted to the human race. At the same time they didn’t get rid of anti-semitism. It was dormant until better days. They admitted those filthy, obnoxious moslems, understanding that they can finish the job, their fathers could not. They can’t forgive the jews the Holocaust. Even when germans talk about guilt, it always sounds like the jews guilty of that guilt. Having jews in Gemany, will always remind germans of their true nature. Having moslems, makes them feel superior and there is no price too high for it.

    • I can think of no other reason than mental illness to explain what the German politicians have done. YES, this is a level of insanity. Whatever they had to tell themselves to think they were being compassionate is clearly not effective. Now, the actual asylum seekers are being marginalized, their own people victims of crimes, thinking people in their country had no choice but to swing to a more extreme right and resources being flushed down the drain with a horrible plan for “help” – Who does not think it is a matter of when not if an attack of massive scale will happen that can be directly tied to their ludacris immigration policies.

  2. Wow the Germans really are insane.The only people with any sense in that camp would be the Czech who gave the interview and any of his compatriots working there

    • These are not “all Germans”, it´s what we call “der Gutmensch”.

      They are what we slowly awakening “actual” Germans have to deal with before the DAESH Blitzkrieg starts and all bets are off.

      I expect most of them to die off out of sheer brainwashed stupidity, either killed and raped by these Orks or “other” circumstances.

      Sadly for now they are still quite a few of them around, probably about half of the population. Mind you this is DOWN form a big majority, thanks to the NYE Rape-Kristall-Nacht.

      • Yes, I hear many Germans (and even 13,000 in Dusseldorf) are joining vigilante units? So must be an awakening happening of some sort…

        Mind you, on New Year’s day of this year I was informed by a German (an “Ossi”) that the “Syrians” coming over are highly-educated, and that it’s hoped that they’ll rescue the economy.

        He asked how multi-kulti was in England, and was surprised when I told him about its less nice aspects, including the cover-up of mass grooming of young girls.

        I’m not expecting miracles, but I hope that the events of the night before, after their cover-up failed, made him think, just a little.

        • At the recent pro-invader die-in in London, protesters were claiming that the reports of moslems being involved in attacks in Cologne and elsewhere were false.
          The student types that populate these events must live in a very selective bubble to not be able to verify facts for themselves.

          • This German wasn’t a student – but a recent graduate… not far off!

            Then again, another German I know posts on Facebook updates from a “German-Syrian friendship group” – recently one said that the recent incidents in Cologne could have equally done by Germans, and have nothing to do with the migrants’ origin!

            Hopefully though, this bubble of self-righteous “tolerant” idealism has reached its limits and is about to burst.

          • Oh believe me, nothing short of finding their loved ones strangled and bleeding from [graphic anatomical details] will change the minds of the Gutmensch.
            Their hardened self-righteousness is that impenetrable to reality.

            Even showing them an actual Taharrush video (WARNING!) only led to vile Nazi name-calling.

            I wasn´t joking when I expect most of them to perish in Mr. Bracken´s aptly named TET 2 offensive, what I call DAESH-Blitzkrieg.
            As I´m pretty sure these people will join the Enemy in the coming civil war.
            It´s going to be a close one.

      • I only hope that they are going to stay awake, the sirens are already crooning their Merkel-lie, luring them back to their deaths…..

      • Ausgezeichnet (“Excellent,” for non-German readers): “NYE Rape-Kristall-Nacht.”

        A perfect description, and I am pleased to hear that it awakened some Germans to the real danger they are in thanks to their “leaders.”

        Danke schoen. (“Thank you.”)

  3. I know this website caters, even panders to Europe. But this is a harbinger of what is coming to the US, unless we stop it. I know we (in the US) have more Muslims than we want or need but if Obama has his way the coming influx will be largely more of these barbarians. How to stop it?

    • We don’t pander. If you think our collection of EU-critical posts is “pandering” you need to re-read The Iliad or Shakespeare’s “Troilus and Cressida” and take a look at Pandarus. Ain’t us.

      We have been saying “Wake Up, America” for our whole existence, long before Trump grabbed it. So I’m just going to leave your insult lie right where it is so that people can comprehend the depth of your remark.

      • For whatever it is worth, I really appreciate your website and all the work you do. I rarely comment but have been on here quite a bit since I discovered in the fall. I am an ordinary citizen of the US and your articles have been very changing for me on how I see the world. I appreciate the many, many hours you put into this to help the truth come out.

          • The relevance of Europe and reason to take note of what is happening here is that hopefully at least one Western nation can keep the lights of freedom, democracy, rule of law and equality burning and avoid the almost inevitable fate of Europe.

    • You know very well how cops treat Criminals in the US, shoot first, sort it out later…. can you imagine these barbarians getting their way here?… Obama would never put his loving Muslims in such harms way..

    • It’s way better in the US, even if the Muslim percentage was the same, because most American Muslims are much more integrated.

      Why is a good question. I think that it has something to do with which ones came in the first place, the host culture, and the relative lack of social benefits.

      If Muslim integration in Germany were as good as it is in the US, the problem would be much less serious even at the higher percentage. Not that there wouldn’t be a problem, but it would be much less extreme.

      Germany looks like it’s probably heading to civil war in a generation.

      • Um…Mike? Where do you live (approximately)? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (S.F. Bay Area). There have been THREE attacks by young Muslim men in California and Oregon over the past three or so months:

        –knife-stabbing attack at U.C. Merced (assailant ended up dead)
        –terror attack by a single assailant at Umpqua Community College in Oregon (assailant ended up dead)
        –2 December 2015 terror attack, 14 dead not counting assailants Syed Farouq and his dear wife Tashfeen Malik (each of whom had a history of posting pro-jihad views online)
        –no violence yet, but federal agents arrested Aws Mohammed Younis al-Jayab in Sacramento a few days ago on terrorism and support of terrorism charges ( The arrestee had posted online “I want to see lots of blood” AND had lied about having been to Syria in 2013-14. Yuck. What a nice guy. Not.

        Only the horrific San Bernardino massacre was nationally identified as Muslim-influenced; the others were just “psychological aberrations.” Al-Jayab evidently has ties to other states, according to the linked story.

        I’ve listed these so that people outside my immediate region can gauge for themselves the density of these incidents. We may not YET be at Germany’s level, but the threat level is very high, and of course no one ever knows where…ah…”stuff” 😉 will happen.

        I suspect that many readers (and possibly the owners) of this site will disagree with me re. the usefulness of federal taxes, but I think that the money was well spent that tracked down Al-Jayab.

        • There definitely SHOULD be a system of taxes. Just need to make and keep it simple. That’s the rub.

          And, yes, our national security – right down to the local level – should be maintained.

      • Mike;
        Please wake up and realize that Muslims in the US aren’t integrated at all. They are just (more) afraid to act up in the US because if they did we would “aggressively” challenge them. And I think you know what I mean about “aggressively”. […] Realize at any time a Muslim can turn on you like a rabid animal because they are taught (from childhood) to do so.

        • Once there are sufficient numbers to create their own enclaves you will see a difference in how they interact.

      • Integrated, or not

        Countering Muslim stereotypes
        How integrated are you when you are following US dress code and starting a TV network in New York?

        “NEW YORK (CNN) — The founder of an upstate New York TV station aimed at countering Muslim stereotypes has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, who was beheaded, authorities said.”
        “Muzzammil Hassan was charged with second-degree murder after police found the decapitated body of his wife, Aasiya Hassan, at the Bridges TV station in the Buffalo suburb of Orchard Park, said Andrew Benz, Orchard Park’s police chief.”

        The wife had filed for divorce.

    • Dymphna beat me to it (I’ve been in bed, quite ill, for four days), but GoV is the *only* place I can find out at ALL what the heck is going on in Europe–I mean, of course, what is REALLY going on.

      I read the news online and in a newspaper (yes, really; random items show up that never show up online unless I *already* know to dig for them). I have YET to see any coverage of the mass attacks in so many European cities, not only on New Year’s Eve, but since then.

      Nope. Only here, on GoV.

      Gut gemacht, sehr geehrte Baron und beliebte Dymphna (Well done, Most Honored Baron and Dear Dymphna).

  4. It is no better in Sweden. Probably a lot worse. And with millions more to come, the servant industry in our country will get a great upswing.

    • America, Sweden and of course not to forget the UK, France and all the othered Scandinavian countries. The Islamic cool is being taken in large gulps all over. Shoot up or shut up is in.

    • I was about to mention that. There are countries in Europe behaving in the same self-defeating ways without our war crime history for an explanation. It must be something else, but I can’t figure it out yet.

      • Most, but not all Jews have ‘forgiven’ Germany and Germans, but it is much harder for the orthodox ‘left’ to fogive their evil brothers the ‘Nazi’ left. The Nazis beat the ‘Left’ hands down, out playing them at their own game of lies and propaganda, and this is not forgotten. In the modern power game it is necessary to beat the drum of evil Nazi Germany/’Far Right’/PEGIDA to try and cut off these most dangerous forms of opposition before it becomes a threat. The state does not want the German people to forget, Nazism is a rod that the left will be able to use time and time again until word gets out that Nazis were a SOCIALIST party of the left, not a ‘racist’ party of the Right.

        In other European countries the left has to play the ‘race’ card for the Islamic ‘religion’ to achieve the same effect, it is just easier in Germany to shout ‘Nazi’ at any challenge whereas in the rest of Europe it is ‘racist/fascist/bigot’.

    • so how does the normal Swede (assuming you are one) explain himself (or herself) why the Swedish Government is going this ?

      As a German I can always say to myself that the politicians do hate their own country/people for WWII and what Nazi Germany did to the world in the 12 years of dictatorship, which was obviously despicable (or whatever word you want to use for it). But I think it is unclear why the current generation (I am yob 1972, my Little son is only three years old) are to be blamed for it. As a German living today I cannot understand what happened back in those years. Germany is totally unmilitary today, when I see a documentation about WWI and the German army advancing, that looks like a report from another planet to me. Anyway the political elites hate their own country / People and want to dissolve both by opening the borders, (dis-)integrating politically into Europe and Launch this mass Immigration projection. In that respect I think they are willing to accept all immigrants, and the Muslims are those who want to come in masses. Our elites in politics and media now very Little about Islam and they have simply no clue about the huge and imminent danger of this muslim mass Immigration taking place. They just think they can integrate every foreign culture into our German / Eurpean culture even though they have failed bitterly in the past, e.g. with the Gastarbeiter from Turkey, etc., which is really insane.

      So what is the Swedish Explanation for this insanity ???

        • Sweden’s hubristic chickens are coming home to roost. Can’t claim to be the nicest people in the world without having to pay the price for suppressing normal, hard-wired assertion.

          • I think it’s as simple as calling it extreme communism. No one is allowed to have more than the person next to them.
            I’ve known parents who’ve taken away some of their child’s toys to give to other children after deciding that it wasn’t fair their child had more.
            It’s forced redistribution of wealth, at least amongst the masses because the elites certainly don’t give their wealth advantage away.
            So what do you do when you see that your country consistently rates at the top of best countries to live in? How do you deal with the fact that endless money trains to certain other countries achieves nothing to bring them up to your level?
            You bring them to your country, demand integration as a solution to bring these people to your level. Only by them living amongst you will they better themselves – just ignore the inherent racism/ethno-centrism of that way of thinking and plough on.
            Demand that integration is the only way to save the world from itself, your way is best but you can’t impose it outside the country as that would be imperialistic so you’re left with the “multi-cultural” solution.
            Ignore too the part where by the time your scheme has played out that your own culture is now changed to the point where it can no longer function as some guiding light of reason. It’s become so weighed down by the culture of the people who it was originally envisaged to save that it has been rendered useless and irrelevant, even to the survivors of the native population.
            One of the worst concepts I ever heard was Mother Theresa’s “Give, but give until it hurts”.
            A rotten philosophy, one that ensures that the benefactor ends up in dire straits themselves. Charity should be from the heart, not an obligation to start with and certainly not something you demand from others. You should only give what you can afford not to lose, and no act of charity should disadvantage the giver. Charity should also only be given to those prepared to help themselves.
            That of course is for a sane world, we live in one where officials have no problem classifying bearded men as children and then placing them in schools alongside young girls.

          • Daniel K –
            Agree with most of what you write. But as for “You should only give what you can afford not to lose, and no act of charity should disadvantage the giver.” – that’s not the Christian message, from the New Testament. Jesus valued more those who gave every last penny of wealth away, than those who gave a lot more, but whose donations were only a tiny donation of their wealth.

            However does Christianity advocate allowing one’s country to beomce invaded, or does it necessitate giving potentially dangerous hostile newcomers asylum? Some would say that Mary and Joseph were also refugees, however they went to the first stable which accepted them. Then they escaped to Egypt – the first safe place they could get to. Would Joseph have left Mary and Jesus on their own to face King Herod, while fleeing in a cargo boat to Rome, so that he could live off Romans’ benefit money? I think not – but it seems that this is the modern day type of “asylum-seeking”…

            As for Sweden, it seems that Swedes are trained to think a certain way – and never to venture “outside the box”. Up to a point, perhaps that attitude meant that Swedes were more likely to keep their discipline, and less liable to suffer corruption – hence they became immensely wealthy. However in the modern era, with the media and education system actively blocking information about how a large proportion of hostile 3rd worlders will do anything to get to Europe, while encouraging guilt and self-loathing, such a conformist attitude is downright dangerous.

            Hence could this be the reason why it’s the two countries with the most conformist populations in the EU, Germany and Sweden, who are the ones bearing most of the brunt of the current Influx?

    • Can you share with us more about the events in Sweden, I am assuming you live there. We are having a hard time getting coverage of this from citizens. Thank you

      • You could start by looking at
        Swedish google-translates very well, and you can grab all the week’s headlines in a minute or so. There are at least three other alternative newssites of this size and caliber telling the truth about Sweden.

    • Sweden is done for in approximately 10 years, is my prediction.

      What you’ll see happening is an exile of native Swedes on the next economic downturn. It’ll start with the young: new graduates who don’t find a job, start to look abroad, never come back.

      Then it’ll snowball, because there will be fewer productive people to pay taxes, which will increase, etc. Eventually the “refugees” will also start to leave, which is probably when EU mobility will start to break down, if significant numbers of them have become citizens by then.

  5. The staff at this institution are being compelled to act as Dhimmis. Indeed the whole German state appears to have descended rapidly into dhimmitude.

  6. I knew someone who was a guard at an Australian illegal migrant detention centre in the 1990s. She especially mentioned the food waste and treating staff like skivvies as well. And that was the women as well as the men.

    • In a detention camp, it might be a form of anger/protest.

      These are not detention camps. People are free to leave.

  7. B-b-b-b-b-but the leftist media told me they would be our servants and fill the coffers of our retirement schemes with all the taxes they were going to pay!

    The mind boggles. Basic math, a subject I’d always believed the Germans and Swedes were excellent with, tells us that these trends are simply unsustainable.

    • Strangely enough, it’s the “intelligencia” who are the quietest in protesting about what’s happening. Where I work as an engineer, not a word is said about these events. Even though all the people there are highly intelligent and scientific, many with PhDs.

      But as you say, one doesn’t need to be an Einstein to see what’s happening. Although one needs to not be blinkered. Perhaps that’s the problem – that our “educated elites”, especially in Germany and Sweden, are all blinkered and trained to think in a certan “correct” way?

      • Green Infidel-

        I also work as an engineer, but in my workplace there is at least some discussion of the problems occurring in Europe.

        Ten plus years ago I used to laugh when conservative commentators described American universities as, “liberal indoctrination centers.”

        Now, I have watched Yuri Beznemov’s interview, and I look around the world and I no longer laugh at that description.

        • Rapsailwasright,

          Some of my colleagues also make passing comments about the crisis – but they’re mostly Indians, Polish or (more rarely) Italian or French… Native Brits, especially in the 20s-30s age group, hardly say a word – unless it comes out accidentally. Eg when one of my colleagues was discussing going by car to/from France, he said he’d “avoid Calais”. Apart from that – not a murmur… I guess that foremost on their mind is the possible consequences of the dreaded “R”-word? (especially now that there’s redundancies coming up in my company)

  8. Frau Merkel should mandate every citizen to volunteer at a shelter each month, starting with Berliners.

  9. Looks like this time around in Dachau, the roles have swapped. The Untermenschen are the guards, while the “master race” are the “refugees” doing what they like, and attacking guards when they like…

    I wonder what this Czech will now think, about the possibility of his country, and hometown, being asked to accept some “refugees”?

  10. Dymphna, Thank you for your immediate reply to Rick and Rick, Gates of Vienna does not cater, let alone pander, to Europe. As you, yourself, point out, what is happening in Europe is a harbinger of what is to come in America. We need to hear and understand what the Europeans have been experiencing and plan how we will deal with the weak politicians and bureaucrats who foment these outrages. Lord help them if they try what the European bureaucracy had done, in the United States. In many places the citizens are ready and able to take things in hand and settle them!

    • Sometimes I wonder……really!
      “Lord help them if they try what the European bureaucracy has done, in the USA”.
      Many American bureaucrats are indeed appeasing furiously, spurred on by C.A.I.R. and always aided by the occupant of the White Mosque who infamously said he would “side with the muslims when the political winds blow rough”, and boy, has he done that!
      And far from being impeached, he is nearing the end of his 2nd term! Shame!

  11. The west is brainwashed.They think you cant say anything about an foreigne r because its racist,you are only allowed to say they are better(Like an SPÖ Politician in Austria).

    The funny thing is even the leftwing punk scene have nothing to do with muslims-i know a lot of them.Its nearly 100% white german youth…sometimes muslims attack them for fun because they are scum for them.

    • There’s a huge segment of the population in the USA that is *not* brainwashed – much bigger than in most other Western countries.

  12. Probably a very important observation:

    (Q. 8, Answer, Paragraph 4)

    “They are very afraid of physical contact,”

  13. Brilliant work GoV and translator Xanthippa, putting you ahead of the entire English-language MSM yet again .. but can you give the direct URL for the source? I cannot find the original on the Pilsen crime site you point us to.

  14. Somalis for example understand force. Theirs is aculture of thievery. When caught they are usually beateh, and get the message. They came to canada and cotinued their thefts. A few beatings and they gt the message and it eventually stopped. The way this is being handled is wromg. crimes need to be punished, violence needs to be stepped on not ignored. No rule of law, and the Cuulture enrichers will destroy the social fabric of your country.

    • It’s a culture of “What can I get away with?”

      Gentle persuasion doesn’t do it. Vicious responses will have them behaving like pleasant civilised people rather rapidly, I assure you. So much so that one will shortly wonder what the problem was.

      It’s just that they *must* know who is boss, and that it’s not them.

      That will require some brutality. It’s unfortunate, but there’s no way around it.

  15. bring them to US shores and Cops will focus on busting heads and shooting malcontents before shipping them back.. Americans would NEVER stand for this sort of contempt

    • I’m saddened to say it, but some US cop head-busting attitude is *exactly* what is needed in these circumstances.

      I’m certain that, for all their faults, the Ferguson PD would have “fixed” the Cologne rape scene, and it wouldn’t happen again.

      The Ferguson PD’s methods are obviously overkill when they’re enforcing traffic laws, and that *is* a problem, but when you’re dealing with a mass rape, that *is* the thing to do. There *should* be broken bones by the time it’s over. It’s not a normal crime scene: it’s a civil war.

  16. a) The ME community in the US is TINY compared to Europe, and if any of them would act this way here, the Mexicans would kill them.
    b) Dachau is also a kind of suburb of Munich. People live there. Just sayin’.
    c)’Kinetic’ enough yet ?

  17. This behaviour is not a German guilt trip. You see exactly the same behaviour in Sweden.
    Bending over backwards and catering to every whim.
    It’s just a left-wing thing.

    • It’s too early for that “next thing”…dhimmitude has to have a much firmer grasp than it has currently.

      Don’t forget Eastern Europe’s unhappy memories of the Ottoman Empire’s many cruelties. I have often wondered if the undercurrent of anti-semitism in that part of the world is/was due to collective memories about the Islamic practice of taking fit young boys (ages ~ six or so) away from their families and training them to be Janissaries while excluding Jewish boys since they were sub-human. The resentment against Jewish families who were thus “safe” must have been quite high.

      • Excellent point. Those Janissaries were the crack troops of the Ottoman Empire, being forbidden to marry and thus condemned (?) to the life of professional soldiers. I’m not sure what livelihood was available to one who was invalided out.

        Although I usually consider myself an aware reader of history, this simple aspect of child kidnapping had escaped me.

        • Those who crippled their boys in an attempt to save them from being “drafted” were killed or the boys themselves would be killed. I believe Jung’s theories about the collective unconscious are being borne out by the latest neuroscientific research. Epigenetic changes in brain structure can be passed down from generation to generation…

  18. If you were a jihadist refugee and you had a few thousand contacts with your cell phone and social media, and a few weapons, what would you do?

    You would swarm toward the centers of police and government power in a docile or confused country and take over. You would seize other weapons and force neutrals–and engineers and scientists and arms makers–to join your movement. You could actually take over a state, relatively rapidly, in one convulsive effort. Then you consolidate, start killing, and pretty soon you are rulers of a unified new region in your caliphate. And, if you do this within Pakistan, e.g. you will gain a nuclear prize that will leverage your power to world class status– all in an instant like a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat.

    This could all take only months and the world would transform into a horror before we knew it.

    The parts of Europe that are still sensate had better beef up their armies and special forces and intelligence services stat. Al-Baghdadi is thinking ‘this is going to be so easy’.

    • Or you could be a smooth-talking “exotic” ethnic with left-wing sympathies, who may even pretend not to be Muslim, and who builds up his powerbase and takes power through the ballot box. Then once you’re in power, you nominate other, less-smooth characters to be the heads of police, defence, home office, education etc to do the dirty work for you, and open up your borders to accept more “needy refugees, all while you’re Mr Squeaky Clean up there at the top – perhaps even signing a few gay marriage, pro-choice and healthcare bills in the process. Sound familiar?

      • That must surely be a small print paragraph of the MB’s world domination plan? That’s exactly what happens here in the UK.

        Mr (and Mrs) Squeaky have used positive discrimination to load local politics and business. If anyone resists giving our nation away they are treated as an enemy of the state.

        • Just wait until Sadiq Khan becomes mayor of London. If that happens, fireworks will fly… just like they did when Ali Dizaei became head of the Met police.

          • (alternatively, Sadiq may try to keep his squeaky clean image, before using his mayoral position as a springboard to become Labour leader, and then, utilising the wonders of postal voting, attempting to become Prime Minister… And then, fireworks really will fly).

      • I keep saying (and saying) that it DOES NOT MATTER whether Obama is Muslim or not. He *favors* that culture; one can hear it in his voice and see it in his animated body language when he casts back to his boyhood in Indonesia.

        The actual identification of Mr. Obama’s personal religion is irrelevant to the effects of his inane “10,000 Syrian refugees now and they’re not gonna be Christians” policy. (But ya know: I haven’t heard a lot about this since a month or so ago.)


        • I agree. His personal beliefs are irrelevant. It’s what he does that counts. The treaty with Iran, the destruction of MENA, the deliberate sharpening of the conflict between blacks and whites in the US…he’s a horror.

          • Agreed that one’s religious beliefs don’t need to come into it. Just look at Angela Merkel, and her legacy. (I’m assuming she’s not a closet Muslim).

            Then again, religious beliefs CAN have an effect… why was I, and many others, not at all surprised to see the fruits of Obama’s efforts?

  19. Re-writing history

    Falsifying history in order to pretend holocaust never happened? “Dachau” was a refugee camp for muslims”…? “Welcome, refugees!”

  20. Many posts are talking about brainwashing as it explains everything. Mostly it used as an excuse for those “poor” individuals, who might be demonized by being labeled as bigots. My heart bleeds for them. I have a news for those, who think, that brainwashing explains everything. It doesn’t.
    The place where brainwashing was put at the highest level of sophistication, geographically and historically was USSR. I lived there, studied, work and even served as an army officer. I went from North to South and West to East, meeting people with different levels of education, social status, age, ethnicity, language and gender. Of all those people I can remember maybe half a dozen brainwashed ones.
    And that in the country, where brainwashing was the most important work of powerful government agencies with huge budgets. The country, where punishment for nonconfomity wasn’t a name calling, or just losing a job.
    If you still think that brainwashing is important, ask yourself why it didn’t work in totalitarian USSR and works so well in the free West.

    • A very interesting comment, but perhaps westerners are not so much brainwashed as just uninformed.

      Much truth in Mark Twain’s comment:
      “If you don’t read newspapers you are uninformed; if you do read them you are misinformed.” (brainwashing!)

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