Tommy Robinson on Trinity Channel: “The Biggest Problem I Face is the State”

Yesterday evening, after the court case against him was dismissed, Tommy Robinson was interviewed at length by Trinity Channel, an American Christian broadcaster. The topic was “The Islamization of the United Kingdom”.

Now that Tommy’s legal entanglements are over (for the moment), he is able to speak out freely about the persecution he has suffered at the hands of the British state. In this excerpt there are details about what happened to him that I hadn’t heard before. He also talks about the defense fund that was recently set up to pay for his legal representation — which you, the readers of Gates of Vienna (among others), helped make a reality with your generous donations. Thanks to your contributions, Tommy Robinson is a free man today.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Update: This is the direct YouTube link for the above video.

The full video is recommended viewing. In addition to Tommy’s segments, Nonie Darwish is interviewed about sharia and the Islamization of the West.

22 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson on Trinity Channel: “The Biggest Problem I Face is the State”

  1. It is thrilling to me to watch this video. For so many months I have been going downhill, worried what would happen to Tommy this time. My depression and anxiety were beyond my ability to change since I was helpless to change a whole state apparatus arrayed against an innocent man. I am so very, very glad to have left that dark place, to be walking in the light again. I feel buoyant!

    It would be wonderful for Tommy if he had a full listing of all the websites who put up posts about the fundraiser, and a full accounting of all the countries his donors live in. I know he was gob-smacked by what he learned, but I’d dearly love for someone to give him those lists so he’d have a clear idea of how wide-spread this support is for him.

    As a result of this first round of fund-raising, he is safe for the moment. It gives him breathing space to plan, for the first time, to fight back on a more level playing field against the state operatives who want to destroy him.

    Perhaps, as this funding grows and matures – because who can listen to Tommy’s story and wonder if it will ever be his or her turn to live a Kafka-esque life, cornered like a trapped animal at every turn – perhaps there will be a Tommy Robinson Foundation for England (or some such name). Its mission would be to help others who encounter an evil state apparatus in the event they are dragged into court on spurious charges.

    Tommy is the personification of St. George; we know who/what the dragon is.

    This could turn out to be a huge regret on the part of those state task masters who decided to use their power to destroy a man.

    We – all of us who publicized this funder and the thousands of us who happily donated to it – can envision a next step. Perhaps an organization to which they pledge whatever to keep things going.

    The next step will take a lot of thought on Tommy’s part, on the part of those who advise him, and on the part of whomever agrees to assume the difficult fiduciary responsibility for managing the funds. That last person has to be someone like, say the QC who represented him today, i.e., someone who “has no skin in the game” beyond making sure everything is done according to Hoyle.

    This has now become a lot bigger than one man, but it took one man to stand up and say “here I stand, I can do no other” … and we all know where that went.

    Tommy’s case is not just cutting edge, Tommy himself is both the blade cutting the Gordian knot and the person who wields that blade.

    One for the history books, no?

    • I actually watched that full Trinity Channel broadcast last night … the full hour and fifty-odd minutes … having seen Tommy refer to it as ‘upcoming’ on his Twitter feed. Glad I did (and there were some pretty clear signs he was exhausted … even if elated at the court victory.)

      I find it hard to fathom the grit and determination and fortitude of Tommy Robinson, who on the very evening of his (successful) court appearance still has the desire and stamina to do an almost 2 hour live YouTube Channel interview-via-Skype.

      (And if I followed the Twitter timelines correctly, didn’t Tommy mention that the police had just arrested him at Luton Airport, in front of his wife and children, on the day of his trial, to ensure his court appearance? Forget Clark Kent. Tommy is the ‘Man of Steel’.) [Apparently he’d been able to have a short holiday with his family, prior to going back to prison … or so he anticipated.]

      But let’s remember also that the total of donations (again, if I got it correct) was only about 24,000 pounds. Admirable, and sufficient for THIS round in the battle, but still a long ways from making Tommy legally ‘bullet-proof,’ and providing for his security needs, and providing for his family, etc.

      Compared with what he is up against, 24,000 is small change.

      Let’s KEEP donating, until the fund is at least quadruple its present sum.

    • It makes me absolutely shake to listen to him. How many of us could stand up to a sustained attack by Islamic terrorists and our own government, both bent on our total destruction? Robinson is the greatest British hero since WW2 at least.

    • Well put. “The State” is the first enemy of all of us in the West. The operating soft ware of Leftism is the method of the State. It will take a million “Tommys” for the knot to be cut.

  2. It is with heart felt thanks to all contributors, plus book buyers of Tommy “An enemy of the state”.

    Another way of on going support plus learning and a way to spread things about this “hidden war” is to purchase Tommy’s book;- to read about his experiences, with the murderous deviousness of the authorities.
    “Enemy of the State”.

    Here it is on kindle for US$8.67 (no postage)
    with 39 reviews for kindle

    or paper back for 15 pound £15.00 (plus p/p)
    with 226 reviews

    or maybe he makes a bit more through his own blog with Paypal?
    344 pages
    £15.00 (plus p/p)

    A hero, who has put himself and his family on the line, for what is right; who needs our ongoing support.
    I appreciate your supportive post on Tommy Robinson. May the QC rip a new one into those authorities in follow up issues.
    Tommy is a man of principle, forced to sell his family home to pay the police authorities etc 125ooo pounds, when he could have capitulated to their terms, i.e. keeping his mouth shut
    Then it is still many long hard arduous battles ahead, as Tommy relates well to every one, with truth, holding the torch high for freedom, liberty. Though Irish, still a real true British Bull Dog.

    I wonder if the ones with a book could add a page, by printing out or typing out a version of this court case, the resultant fund raising, and the judge’s verdict.
    Plus perhaps some websites like Utube, with Tommy, or to some articles.

    I did enjoy Mark Steyn’s riposte in the Munk debate, that some felt shifted the audience by 22 % the turning point Mark Steyn vs Simon Schama and Louise Arbour as these 2 were exposed for exactly what they are.
    only 6 minutes 43 seconds,
    Then that page could be clipped, stapled or glued in, making it very relevant.

    If the book is shared with others, and being constantly loaned out to friends, neighbours family;- ok do keep track of your book like a library, as it all part of getting the word out there, to be debated.

    On another blog, through a comment, a few others did order the book, and so the knowledge will take a life of its own and spread.

    Yes a lot more than just a dusty old history book, though all should be looked at, as “history sort of repeats”.
    Do not forget that there a number of books on gatesofvienna side bar, so do not let them get dusty, plus it is great to update by adding some more pages, even if just by a paper clip.
    A great way of supporting these at the fore front, and spreading the word.

    It can only get bigger than one man, so long as all of us seek ways to support Tommy and the many others in words and deeds.

    All Thanks to Baron and Dymphna for your motivations, knowledge, time and sacrifice through the years.

    • Thank you for the Munk Debate Simpleton. A well spend 6 minute 43 so far!

      Long live Tommy!

  3. I was working for Tommy behind the scenes for months, before I finally met him, and introduced myself. He knew of my self-driven (and novel) activities, so knew who I was. He looked embarrassed when a middle-aged man told him “You’re the first hero I’ve had my entire life”.

    From 2010 until now, I’ve had phone calls or meetings with Tommy on an almost monthly basis. There’s not one detail in that video he hasn’t told me personally in the immediate aftermath of it happening. So, I’ve no doubt of the veracity of these reports. Anyone who was fabulating would embellish the details. The details are always the same. He’s suffered more state persecution that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden combined, but they’re the media darlings, not Tommy Robinson.

    A couple of years ago, I told him: “You must write your autobiography before it’s too late; if you don’t, they will write you out of history.” Since leaving EDL, the two most important things he’s done are 1) write that book, 2) and this:

    If Tommy Robinson did not exist, god would find it necessary to create him.

  4. This is indeed required viewing, and it would nice if it could be linked directly for passing on to others (the full vid is too long). At the moment it is embedded in the GoV page–a standalone link to a vid of six minutes is much easier to spread around.

    Apart from all the other awful truths for any Briton that this video contains, I am ashamed and disgusted that the majority of his support funding seems to have come from North America, not England.

    • The YouTube link is available by right-clicking the embedded video. However, I’ve added a link in the text just below the embed, to make sure everyone can find it.

  5. I must be useless using google, yahoo, bing, news sections as only found via bing about breitbart announcing that “Tommy Robinson Walks Free From Court, Judge Slams Police Persecution” and that is 24 hours after.

    Noticeably no other media announces this and particularly when it should be a real juicy story, with a back ground of “violence” “blood” “threats” “police” “money” “corruption” “judicary” “authorities” “prison” “scandal”, that would more than rival any “royal” “celebrity” story.

    One would think an official D-notice had been issued from on high.

    those editors and producers who supinely collude in the withholding of information from the public even when national security is clearly not threatened. As Ernest Bevin once said in a Cabinet debate on media censorship, “Why bother to muzzle sheep?”

    It seems that like many things regarding this hijrah into Europe are being kept secret, with blessings and pressure from authorities, recognizing that they are now Dar al-Islam, so now becoming sharia compliant.

    I am sure there was more than enough general interest about Tommy’s case in Britain, and world wide to have been worth even a small mention, some where.

    That video is very moving, and a pity that could not be shown on the full msm news or as a documentary a few times on a different channels.

    The Magnanimity of Tommy, is not only doing this exposure and pressure on islam for the future of his family, and risks them all; but for all of us, and so we should also give an undertaking to do what we can to recognize ourselves and so better able to safeguard our western civilization.

    He needs all our support, any way we can, for his health, family, security, so that this tenacious British bull dog can more than bite butt, and expose the fallacies that are leading the western civilization to its dark downfall, and capitulation to a cruel age.

    And we can record and spread and upwelling, who and what actions we supported for the history books too, for a bright generation ahead.

    When you live in a society where the firefighters are the heroes, little kids want to be firefighters. When you live in a society where athletes and movie stars are the heroes, little kids want to be athletes and movie stars.
    In Palestinian society, the heroes are those who murder Jews. We can’t let this continue. We can’t let this happen any longer.
    You cannot achieve peace if terrorists are treated as martyrs. Glorifying terrorists is a tremendous barrier to peace. It is a horrible, horrible way to think. It’s a barrier that can’t be broken. That will end and it’ll end soon, believe me.

    Tommy is one of those heroes that kids will look up to, and us too for taking a supporting active stand.
    And do take a bow Baron and Dymphna, thank you.

  6. Dymphna – as much as I appreciate the sentiment behind providing such a list for Tommy, my initial gut response is to avoid revealing a full accounting in any list as it is just as likely to become a gift to the very same state operatives (shariah enforcers) who want to destroy Tommy and any potential global enterprise set up to defeat their efforts.

    In this video interview, Tommy indicated the court was exposed to his six year history of persecution by the state, resulting in this case being dismissed. Hooray, yes!

    However, after such validation by the court, it appears there is NO indication the court is so much as considering to address how this state level persecution existed and, dare I suggest, continues to exist and to pose a continued threat to Tommy and those like him? Was there any comment made by the judge to suggest this needed to be addressed?

    As for this QC who “has no skin in the game”…this individual is to be paid by the prosecuting party for this recent court date. The case presented by this QC should provide a basis to – in the very least – investigate and charge ALL those involved during the six years of illegal persecution of Tommy Robinson. Unfamiliar with legal maneuverings in the UK courts, shouldn’t/couldn’t this be pushed further by this case/QC?

    Based on your comment and Tommy’s reaction, my immediate concern as well revolves around this court’s validation through dismissal of THIS case simply because it only provides temporary relief — given by all appearances, this court is ready to drop the ball – yet again!

  7. I’ve donated this time and I’d would support Tommy any time if he’s in trouble with the Cameron regime.
    It’s a shame that a allegedly democratic government uses fascist methods to bully citizens. Maybe a solicitor could put up a permanent fund for the legal defense of Tommy and political dissidents?

  8. I agree with the previous commenter that no such list should ever be compiled, for obvious reasons. Likewise, it is disappointing to see that the amount said to be raised by this effort has also been mentioned online.

    We are not chatting amongst ourselves here, we’re online, and there is no reason to give the enemy easy access to such information. TR has had enough troubles in his short life at the hands of the state regarding his finances. It really would not be good if people who were only trying to help TR ended up giving the enemy access to information which the enemy could then use against him. So let’s all calm down here, and keep such details to ourselves.

    Having said that, this may be an opportunity to do something beyond what we are individually able to do, each of us with an individual’s finite resources. What that might be will require some careful thought, and TR would, I suggest, need to take some advice on that matter from qualified people such as the QC who defended him, and who is aware of at least some of the details of TR’s life (and who has demonstrated a willingness to fight on his behalf & to stand up for the actual principles on which this country is based.)

    • Y’all have mistaken my intent. That list I referred to would be compiled by whomever is in charge of taking in and disbursing funds. It would never be for public consumption, and those NOT in the know would definitely be the moderators of this blog.

      We’ve been doing quarterly fundraisers since forever and as the recipients of our readers’ generosity it makes a big difference to me to know the length and breadth from which they come – in our case, from India to California to the Caribbean and Australia. Of course, all of North America. At the end of each day of that octave of fund-raising, we list the places our donors dwell. And on the final day there is a summing-up. That “diversity” (my heavens, even Berkeley!) is such a psychological boost. It’s one I hope Tommy gets the chance to experience. For example…a donation from,say, the Cotswolds – just to pull out a random spot.

      IN NO WAY DO I WISH THIS TO BE PUBLIC. Ours isn’t, beyond what we publish. It is useful for Tommy, the recipient.

    • see my reply to the other anon. Y’all must think I’m nuts. Disappointing, but then again, I didn’t make myself “absolutely clear” as Obama (and before him, Nixon) is fond of saying.

      I will repeat: any stats gathered are for Tommy and advisors only, and only written down on paper, with pen. Samizdat, anyone??

  9. I’ve quietly been picking up criticism of the State over the last few years, based on Rothbard and other free market philosophers, thinking that it was sort of an off-topic, weird private habit. What happens here shows that we have an acute problem on this account.

    It really pisses me off. I’ve grown up in Denmark, being used to an honest (though expensive) state system. What I’m seeing in Britain, Germany, Brussels (the European Union has quietly and purposefully assumed statehood), Denmark and elsewhere has me severely worried. I didn’t expect that speaking up against a few obvious wrongs would make straight, decent people be thrown to the wolves like this, even over and over.

    Vladimir Bukovsky famously said: “I’ve lived in your future, and it doesn’t work”. This is worse, for here an entire continent is being robbed of its history, dignity, wealth and liberty. We’re heading for quite a mess!

  10. Tommy doing the work that the church leaders should be doing,God bless you Tommy..Meanwhile the reprobate pope has now invited 12 muslim refugees on his plane back to the vatican.Jesus had the 12 apostles,antipope has 12 apostates.

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