Tommy Robinson Lives to Fight Another Day

Paul Weston has a few words to say about his fellow PEGIDA UK leader, Tommy Robinson, who walked free from Peterborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday after the case against him was dismissed.

Tommy Robinson Lives to Fight Another Day
by Paul Weston

Tommy Robinson is a free man today, as opposed to sweating it out at her Majesty’s pleasure surrounded by dangerously violent men long of beard but short of human decency.

Tommy maintains the real reason the British state wants him banged up is not to “rehabilitate” him via left/liberal bleeding-heart probation officers, but rather to kill him, thereby removing a perennial thorn in the side of the establishment. As Mark Steyn says: “I’ve looked fairly closely at the British state’s curious obsession with Mr Robinson, and his conclusion seems to me entirely reasonable.”

I would agree with Mr Steyn here. A prison governor who places a man “guilty” of a white-collar crime (mortgage irregularity à la Peter Mandelson and many other British politicians) alongside Muslim murderers in a high security jail, is a governor operating under strict instruction from above, one can only surmise.

Had Tommy been murdered during his previous incarcerations, the prison governors would have been hauled over the coals via a public enquiry — not something in their best interests and not something they would willingly bring upon themselves. No doubt their excuses would have been “I was only following orders,” but who gave those orders? The awfully nice Mr Cameron? The fragrant Theresa May or the apparently benign Justice Minister Michael Gove?

Fortunately for Tommy, the musings above are pure conjecture, but I imagine the orders came from the very top, which does not bode well for a liberal and democratic Britain. Our politicians and police seem to have appraised the situation which consists of ever-growing Islamic demographics coupled with ever-growing Islamic fundamentalism, and made a conscious decision to appease the Muslim community whilst persecuting any native who publicly draws attention to the illiberal requirements institutionally inherent in Islamic doctrine.

As the years progress we will see more and more appeasement of Muslims from our traitor class in the political and media world, and more and more repression aimed at those who notice Islam seems not to be a religion of peace, but is instead a political ideology of blood, war, supremacism, misogyny, intolerance, imperialism, fanaticism, Jew-hatred, kuffar-hatred, homosexual-hatred, you-name-it-hatred and other such assorted wonders of 7th-century barbarianism so foolishly imported wholesale into 21st century liberal democracies.

Oh, dear! Call Inner Party member O’Brien’s Thought Police! There I go again, writing Hate Facts in the public sphere, contrary to the wishes of our political masters — and of course the charmless chubster Fiyaz Mughal of the corrupt and English/Christian hating organisation TellMama. I mention Mr Mughal, the well-known mendacious, grievance-mongering, tubby taqiyya artist only because I know he monitors these articles for any sign of “Islamophobia”, after which he can then scuttle off to the British government and press them to break out the rubber truncheons in order to deal with the intolerant. All in the name of tolerance, of course…

And this is not entirely in jest — apart from mocking the positively Falstaffian Fiyaz that is — because the British government is already formulating the ways and means of eliminating all incorrect thought amongst the stubbornly PC resistant dissident patriots, courtesy of Home Secretary Theresa May’s Counter Extremism Strategy.

In her blurb at the beginning of this Orwellian document, Ms May expounds thus: “But the threat posed by extremists is not limited to violence, nor to Islamist extremism. The rise of neo-Nazi groups, and the increase in antisemitic (sic) and anti-Muslim hatred is deeply concerning… This strategy therefore addresses the full spectrum of extremism: violent and non-violent, Islamist and neo-Nazi hate and fear in all their forms.”

Good old David (call me Dave) Cameron also weighs in with some typically asinine, witless and contradictory remarks: “Over generations, we in Britain have built something extraordinary: a successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy. Our country today is more vibrant, buoyant and diverse than ever before in our history…one of the greatest threats we face is the scourge of extremism from those who want to divide us. We see it in sickening displays of neo-Nazism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and, of course, Islamist extremism.”

I think we can all see where they are going with this. “Neo-Nazis” and “Islamophobes” must watch their backs, in other words. We had all better stop goose-stepping around in Storm Trooper uniforms blowing up mosques and raping young, vulnerable Muslim girls whilst proclaiming our Aryan superiority over the Untermenschen Muslims. Dave and Theresa might have a point if this were actually happening, if it were actually true, but Dave and Theresa are spouting what can only be realistically described as a load of absolute bollocks in terms of reality, facts and honesty. Seriously, this is the stuff of madness.

On page fourteen of their counter-extremism bill they quote some examples of what they presumably think is Neo-Nazism in action: “Videos by one extreme right group, viewed more than 59,000 times, argues that the only viable option on the table is to remove Islam from Britain.” Followed by: “Another video, viewed more than 9,000 times, shows a speaker at an anti-Muslim rally in Newcastle describing Islam as a disgusting, backward, savage, barbarian, supremacist ideology masquerading as a religion.”

“Well, blow me down with a feather!” I thought when I read those quotes. They rang a bell with me, as well they should, considering they were taken from two speeches I made a couple of years ago. I suppose I now await the Quasi-Stasi banging on my front door at some ungodly hour in the near future. I briefly wondered who drew the British government’s attention to these examples of appalling Islamophobia, and yet another bell immediately chimed. It can only have been the mendacious Mughal of TellMama infamy. The fraudulent Fiyaz! The portly propagandist himself! As it duly turned out to be.

Which is rather odd. Disturbingly odd, in fact. Mr Mughal’s “evidence” in this 2015 government document is used as an apparently reliable source of information (footnote, page thirteen) despite his funding being withdrawn in 2013 for making up figures pertaining to imaginary or grossly exaggerated attacks on Muslims by nasty horrible white people. It would seem the British government is so desperate to find examples — real or otherwise — of Neo-Naziesque Islamophobia, they will even take the word of discredited fraudsters such as Mr Mughal which they then utilise in official documents.

And they are doing this only to crack down on the native English, the Tommy Robinsons who speak out. We are deemed “extremists” because of our words whereas Muslims are (usually) only deemed extremist because of their violent actions. Having said that, there is actually one example of Islamic extremist speech in the document on page twelve: “Videos by one Islamist extremist have been viewed more than 5,000 times on YouTube, including his claim that unbelievers (or ‘Kufaar’) are not worth anything, less than an ant, less than an insect, less than a dog. A dog has more honour than a Kafir and at least the dog he’s loyal to you.”

Her Majesty’s government displays a profound ignorance of the Koran here. Does not verse 8:55 explicitly state much the same viewpoint? “The worst of beasts in Allah’s sight are the ungrateful who will not believe.” If the government views a statement similar to this as an example of just the sort of extremism they are trying to stamp out, should they not simply ban the Koran and have done with it? Silly question, I know…

No, the British establishment, as Tommy Robinson is only too aware, will crack down on those designated by establishment decree as Islamophobic racists. They will crack down on genuine Muslim terrorists as well, but they will pretty much ignore the non-violent actions of those who share the same vision of a global caliphate but who utilise peaceful(ish) means in order to bring it about.

I have no doubt the state sanctioned persecution of Tommy was partly carried out purely to appease vocal British Muslims (such as the erstwhile epicurean Fiyaz Mughal) who don’t want the stark and unpalatable truth about Islam drawn to the general public’s attention. Which is of course a direct form of submission to Islam by Dave and Theresa — not that they’re bright enough to even realise it.

Tommy Robinson has had to endure both the unimaginable horror of Muslims who made his life and his family’s life a living hell with death and rape threats AND he has had to endure the disgusting and quite possibly illegal persecution carried out by his own people, the British establishment itself, which I truly believe wants him dead.

It is a shame human rights groups such as Shami Chakrabarti’s Liberty made no attempt to help him, despite clear contraventions of his human rights, but I suppose Tommy is the wrong race, wrong colour and wrong religion. Shami’s Liberty is nothing more than a sham in actual fact. A human rights sham. This is their motto: “To protect civil liberties and promote human rights for everyone.” Sounds lovely, Shami darling, but it’s just not quite true, is it?

No doubt Ms Chakrabarti considers Tommy’s persecution as perfectly valid simply because he cleaves to a different political outlook than her own. But here’s the thing, Shami: politics shouldn’t come into the equation at all. Human rights are human rights, period. Or at least they used to be before the race and religion hucksters of the liberal/left politicised an industry that should be oblivious to politics if it is to remain worthy of its name. So congratulations, Ms Chakrabarti: you have destroyed something invaluable in terms of human decency. You have no respect for genuine human rights, just you own political agenda. You are a charlatan and a disgrace to your supposed profession.

But ending on a positive note: the generous contributions toward Tommy’s defence fund gained him a professional legal defence for the first time and quite possibly saved his life. So kudos to all of you who contributed. Tommy lives to fight another day, and I’m sure would like to see as many of you as possible when Pegida UK holds its next rally in Rotherham on the 28th May. It should be a great day out, and could even draw the likes of Fiyaz Mughal there as well, if only to spy upon us. We were thinking of having a hog roast, which is both delicious and a form of inter-faith cultural and community engagement to be celebrated by all, even if it might cause something of a gastronomic/moral quandary for the fat fraudster Mr Fiyaz Mughal.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK, and is also the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

22 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Lives to Fight Another Day

  1. Speaking of her Majesty’s pleasure… This is somewhat off topic, but I’m not sure where else to ask. Could someone explain why this:

    Why was this being brought up in 1999?

    Also, the invasion of Iraq seems to be what stimulated the release of this list of royal prerogatives:

    I’m not really sure how to research what was going on here but it seems like an attempt by the Queen to assert some power. Perhaps she wasn’t on board with the invasion of Iraq? Makes me wonder what she thinks of the invasion of the U.K. But as people have noted she seems a bit restricted in what she can say so it might be tough to tell. Anyway, seems like maybe someone will attempt to assert some power in some cases, but I still can’t tell what’s going on here.

    • I’d say it was an attempt to transfer the power to authorise military action from the Government/Executive to the Parliament. The Queen acts on the advice of her ministers. Consequently, if the PM and cabinet (the Government) decide on the course of action, HM takes their advice. The purpose of the bill was to require a Parliamentary vote before such things could happen. Regardless of what HM thinks of the invasion of the Realm, she takes the advice of her ministers as to what to do about it. That’s not to say that the PM isn’t occasionally the recipient of a firmly expressed royal opinion.

      • Sounds reasonable, but it’s hard for us Americans to understand this part of the British political system. I wish we understood it better because I really have to wonder what sort of Game of Thrones type stuff is going on with our Supreme Court right now. Not quite the same thing…. Probably much much worse.

      • Salome,
        Your description of the UK’s constitutional arrangements represents the current orthodox position post Dicey, but it is not correct. The Sovereign is required by the common law to comply with her Coronation Oath at all times even if the Prime Ministers advice is to the contrary.

  2. I’m so glad Tommy is free. He’s a brave man.

    It seems to me that we are now, across Europe, seeing a race between, on the one hand, Germany, its EU puppet national leaders, and the Globalists, who are now rushing to flood Europe with Muslims on a scale few can even conceive of yet, in the hope that this can head off the very real possibility of nationalist parties accession to power leading to the collapse of the EU; and on the other hand in this race, very rapidly-rising nationalist / anti-EU sentiment in many EU countries, which ironically has been greatly boosted by the German / EU muslim flooding operation currently being accelerated as fast as they can manage.

    I am sceptical about the motives of some of the politicians backing the Brexit campaign – and whether, even if we get a brexit vote, whether that will actually lead to Britain regaining its independence.

    However, if we get a brexit vote, I think there is a big chance of something even more deadly for the EU crooks taking place – and that is that other EU countries’ peoples, having seen one country escape the EU, will irresistibly demand the same referendums in their own countries.

    Galbraith observed that empires which collapse invariably do so from just the smallest pressure applied to the gate, as it were – as for example was the case with the collapse of the USSR. I suspect that if we get a brexit vote, then regardless of the intended further treachery of most of our political class in that event, a chain of events will have been started which will, within quite a short time, lead to the collapse of the EU.

    Of course, neither a brexit vote nor the collapse of the EU is going to stop the Islamification of Britain and Europe. But it would most certainly deal a body blow to the Globalists, who are the prime movers in seeking to saturate Europe with muslims, to destroy national identity across the continent – which is the only obstacle to their objective of achieving a single European state under their control.

  3. There is a High Court Application in India to ban a book.
    The writ was not worded by Paul Weston, nor by PEGIDA.
    “a book which incites violence, disturbs public tranquility, promotes, on grounds of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred, and ill-will between different religious communities and insults other religions…”
    MATTER NO. 227 OF 1985


    “He [the Special Rapporteur] wishes to underscore once again that international human rights law protects individuals and not abstract concepts such as religion, belief systems or institutions …

    Moreover, the right to freedom of religion or belief, as enshrined in relevant international legal standards, does not include the right to have a religion or belief that is free from criticism or ridicule …

    Indeed, the right to freedom of expression includes the right to scrutinize, debate openly, make statements that offend, shock and disturb, and criticize belief systems, opinions and institutions, including religious ones …”

    The agents of the British state involved in this are going directly against settled human rights law, in that they are protecting religious beliefs and persecuting a human being (who is critical of certain religious beliefs.)

    It’s worth checking out that report (quoted in the article) by the UN Special Rapporteur, and having those quotes ready to use against anyone who starts crying whenever the so-called religion of peace is subjected to rational analysis and justifiably criticized.

    You can get the link to the Special Rapporteur’s report here:

  5. Very good article thankyou.
    One small suggestion: I would use Khazi-Stasi rather than Quasi Stasi.
    For me it encapsulates the smell of something nasty which so many of us recognise.

  6. And we thought that the Second World War would sort things out in Europe!
    Actually, it really gave birth to a Hydra of wicked proportions which, over the following decades, has consumed every shred of decency and national pride and instigated a philosophy and agenda of pure evil. Certain names head the Open Borders List. They are known to all for their pernicious spreading of anarchy and remorseless masterminding of the Rape of Europe! Certain other names feature as those who will dedicate their lives to fighting for the right to a European cultural heritage. Tommy Robinson and Paul Weston are two such names, along with Geert Wilders! Viktor Orban and the Polish Prime Minister also deserve very honourable mention. The list of traitors is endless – but they will be exposed and dealt with in the fullness of time. Frau Merkel, Francois Hollande and David Cameron vie for top positions here. And don’t get me started on North America and Canada! I’ll leave that exposition for other commenters!

  7. I have this horrible feeling that the Brexit vote has already been rigged. Cameron and his cronies want to remain in the EU and keep receiving their generous stipends.

    If the vote for exit is close, the EU is not above making us vote again just to ensure it is decisive – when really they want to put another fix in.

    I think those who want to leave the EU will have to do a lot more than just put a cross on a ballot paper. We may have to get out on the streets to ensure our will is carried out.

  8. I am so impressed with the courage of Paul Weston, as well as his skill as a wordsmith and speaker. Mr. O’Brien’s Thought Police must be burning the midnight oil down at the Ministry of Truth plotting ways to destroy both Weston and Robinson, without leaving their fingerprints on the crime. No doubt this recent outcry is the only reason Robinson was not jailed and then murdered in jail. If I ever make it back to Blighty, the first round of pints is on me, gentlemen!

  9. Cameron: “Our country today is more vibrant, buoyant and diverse than ever before in our history…”

    To say that the country has been made better by mass immigration is to say that immigrants are superior to the indigenous – which is racist isn’t it?

    • Camoron revels in the vibrancy, buoyancy and diversity of multicultural Britain so much so that he lives in…The Cotswolds.

      For the benefit of non-Britons reading this – that delightful rural enclave of England is about as mono-cultural as it gets.

      As Pat Condell observed: “Journalists, like politicians, love immigrants so much they can’t stand to live anywhere near them.”

      • A sardonic friend of mine in the 1980’s, a stylistically conservative man, used to occasionally wear a lapel badge (horror of horrors: for him) that stated : “Take my advice, I’m not using it”!

  10. Beautiful. British people! Help Britain rise up and don’t let courageous people like Tommy stand alone again.

  11. Let me indulge a fancy, not actually knowing anything of the British judicial system.

    Tommy said the QC cost arount 12,000 lb, which is about $16,000 US dollars, for one day’s appearance in the magistrate court (plus preparation).

    My feeling is that the British elite planned to keep the structure of British justice pretty much as is: if you can afford a QC (the elites can) you get justice. If you can’t (the working and nationalist British) you get no justice; you get railroaded by a public defender in on the fix.

    The prosecution used what was plainly a run-of-the-mill prosecutor of no particular competence to press the case. In most circumstances, it would have been sufficient. In this case, the prosecutor was facing a competent defense. But, for the majority of cases brought to intimidate working class protesters, the formula works like a charm.

    The elites want a legal system which functions for the wealthy as a protection for themselves. No one is more likely to chop off the head of an aristocrat than another aristocrat. If the government can fix any case it wishes, it puts the elites who are out of favor at the moment at risk. So, a decision by the government to make a final clamp on judicial independence would likely risk a revolt by the elites, who would feel themselves as vulnerable to a bad-faith government (dictator) as the plebes.

    • It would be fairly rare for a QC to make an appearance at a lower court hearing. I almost feel sorry for the Police prosecutor,she probably knew her case was weak to start with and having it sliced to pieces by her professional superior was probably humbling.

      • Indeed, your Police Prosecutor (all of them, not your average one, none of whom have completed law school) would be overawed and hugely outgunned by facing a QC at any lower court hearing. It is simply a matter of skill and experience. Do feel sorry for her as a human being. Do not feel sorry for her as an unwitting agent of a persecutory establishment – it wants this uppity prole, Tommy Robinson, murdered in prison,

  12. “But here’s the thing, Shami: politics shouldn’t come into the equation at all. Human rights are human rights, period. Or at least they used to be before the race and religion hucksters of the liberal/left politicised an industry that should be oblivious to politics if it is to remain worthy of its name. So congratulations, Ms Chakrabarti: you have destroyed something invaluable in terms of human decency. You have no respect for genuine human rights, just you own political agenda. You are a charlatan and a disgrace to your supposed profession.”

    That’s it folks. The readers of GoV should be grateful that they are the recipients of the words of insight and wisdom from Mr Paul Weston.

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