Christians Advocate for Israel while Jews in Nashville Support its Enemies

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #195 — Christians Advocate for Israel while Jews in Nashville Support its Enemies

PJTN (Proclaiming Justice to the Nations), CUFI (Christians United for Israel) and Tennessee’s state legislators such as Judd Matheny and Sheila Butt pass strong pro-Israel resolutions.

Meanwhile, political leftists seem to dominate the organized Jewish community in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite over 100 knife attacks on Jews in Israel, no matter how many calls for another intifada, no matter how many Jewish children are murdered while sleeping in their beds, politically left American Jews and their leadership stand with the jihadist murderers.

Fogel children murdered by jihadists: 11 year old Yoav, 4 year old Elad and a three month old infant girl, Hadas

The rabbis in Nashville even have a slogan that justifies this resolve — “We may be opponents, we need not be enemies.” Even local Islamists whose group members emulate the language and values of HAMAS can get this rabbinical absolution. The leftist leadership extends the same olive branch to the anti-Israel, pro-BDS Nashville start-up chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a group that puts politics before support for the Jewish biblical homeland.

JVP is an anti-Zionist Jewish hate group that collaborates with and stands in solidarity with other anti-Israel hate groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Not surprisingly, JVP and SJP spewed from the same UC Berkley campus.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, JVP pushes ending U.S. aid to Israel, agitates both on and off college campuses using the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign, the goal of which is to end Israel as a Jewish state. BDS embeds its objectives in language about social justice and human rights in order to deceive people who have a conscience.

Temple member and Alinsky disciple Pat Halper is helping JVP to grow a Nashville chapter. Halper, a member of The Temple (Congregation Ohabai Shalom led by Islamist fictionalist rabbi Mark Schiftan), is an extreme political leftist drawn to neo-Marxist organizations like Saul Alinsky’s first Nashville project called “Tying Nashville Together (TNT)” where she served as a board member. Once TNT flopped, many of its members moved on to NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope). Halper joined NOAH’s Executive Committee. She also chaired the social justice committee at The Temple.

Halper’s alignment with Israel’s enemies began long before Nashville’s JVP start-up. On July 13, 2011, the first Nashville “Family of Abraham” (FoA) event was held at the University School of Nashville. Predictably, Halper was part of a large host committee joining her fellow Temple congregant, Bernard Werthan, who is credited with getting the Nashville FoA started.

TCPJ has written extensively about the red-green alliance, the Nashville FoA group and its connection to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. Werthan is heavily invested in FoA, which could explain why he also donated to the New Israel Fund (NIF), which finances several groups that push the BDS campaign against Israel.

The reality is that Family of Abraham events feature Muslim speakers and others who counsel attendees about how everyone should want to get closer to Muslims in their communities because they are only different branches of the same family tree. The subtext of the meetings is Muslim victimhood and, by analogy, the same for their Middle Eastern brethren, the Arab Muslim Palestinians.

Supporting JVP lets Halper claim that, unlike other Jews, she doesn’t automatically side with Israel. Progressive social justice Jews can look at the conflict and draw moral equivalences between Israeli civilians and Arab terrorists. JVP is also an antidote for Alinskyites such as Halper whose white privilege lets her live in an expensive Green Hills neighborhood and send her kids to expensive private schools.

Or, maybe Halper is just trying to follow the example of her rabbi — every progressive interfaither should be able to say “one of my best friends is Muslim.”

9 thoughts on “Christians Advocate for Israel while Jews in Nashville Support its Enemies

  1. ADL is awful itself. It’s not my moral standard. It advocates one thing in Israel, another in US and Europe. In Israel they advocate taller walls. If Europe builds them, that reminds ADL of Holocaust.

    • Europe does not escape her Holocaust, the poison of socialism gushes from those crematoria, socialism which rides on the back of supposedly non-racism has always been flexible in its doctrines, for the ends justify the means and lies are of no consequence to a secularist.

      Those elites in modern Europe are the same clique who slaughtered the millions in Poland and in the Russias, and they will squeeze every last vestige of benefit out of their brain child, by perpetually using it as an accusation against their enemies.

      Jews get brainwashed as well as everybody else, and all the while that mass murder is merchandised as a solely ‘nationalist’ commodity not a socialist one, then the distortions will happen.

      • Exactly. The E.U. elites say that the E.U. solves the terrible problem of nationalism (the U.N.’s immigration fanatic Peter Sutherland articulates the point <a href="; here) but it was instead total government power and government stupidity that brought misery and destruction to Europe from 1914 onward. The issue of nationalism or Sutherland’s lie about a racism endemic to ALL of Europe is just a red (sic) herring. These people are swine.

        One can take any benign thing and distort it to monstrous proportions. One glass of wine a day is harmless; a gallon a day is not. The underlying issue in political maneuvering and posturing is power. The rest is just propaganda and transparent distortion.

        As the leftists say, the issue is never the issue. The issue is the revolution.

  2. The Jewish Reform Movement is the same here in Australia. Some Rabbis insist we are at fault for not finding the right dialogue with them.????!!!!

  3. Yes. The Reform Jews (which is my background) are crazy. The Union for Reform Judaism in the US is hard-left, which you can see on their website:

    Most egregiously, they oppose any limitations on Muslim immigration. They”re totally blind to the experiences of Jews in Sweden, Malmo in particular, and France. They are totally unconcerned with the problems that unlimited immigration, especially of Muslims, will cause for the people of the United States. Their hard-left ideology overwhelms all sense they might have. They voted for Obama almost as strongly as blacks did.

  4. Evangelical Christians in the USA are Israel’s best friend, bar NONE.

    Many Israelis don’t fully realise this.

    I’m Jewish and I say this.

  5. Time to remind everybody that the reform -and conservative jews are almost nonexistent in Israel , where a great majority of religious jews belong to the Orthodox movements. This casts a different light on the evolving conflict between the ever more politically correct american jews and the ever more tough-minded israeli citizens. The bridge between the two worlds is shaking, and will not last for long when secular israelis realize that the ‘progressive camp’ is cooperating actively with Israel’s worst enemies.

  6. If we read this blog,, we can see a very consistent phenomena, the elite in Europe and to some degree elsewhere, is supporting the enemy (i.e. Islam) and control the propaganda machine so well, that nowhere in the old Western Europe, you could get more than 25% to 35% of the populace to support our views. We are talking in this blog and elsewhere about existential problems, but most of the population prefer to live in bliss and believe their leaders rather than think for themselves and face reality. Worse, there is, in all of those countries, a substantial element of people who actually support the enemy (see Antifa groups and similar.)
    Knowing the Jewish community pretty well, I can tell you that it is not different than the aforementioned European societies. There are, in my estimate, 25% to 35% percent who understand the issue and would support movements like Pegida without any problem. The rest are either in bliss or, like the people who’ve been mentioned in the article (and I hope are the minority), would lend their voice to the enemy.
    The ADL is only one such a group, and in my opinion, is a group of ‘useful’ idiots more than real evil.
    It is incumbent on all of us to forget the stereotypes of this group or that group and unite focusing on the real enemy and its collaborators. The collaborators should be defined not as the whole group but only the guilty. For example, it is not the people of The Netherlands who are the collaborators, rather it is parties like D66 and PvdA. Same would go for the (almost lost case of) Sweden, it is not people of Sweden who are the collaborators, but people like Stefan Löfven and Fredrik Reinfeldt (of Sweden does not belong to the Swedes infamy). If we apply same standards to the Jewish people, than people who’ve been mentioned in this article and other places are indeed collaborators, but the rest of the Jewish people are not!
    All of this leads me to another subject. There is no dobt in my mind that there would be a actual war as the Islamic world gains more power and stabilize itself under one menacing leadership (be it the Caliphate or Iran or somebody else) or a coalition of such menace. The West, as usual and because of the activities of the collaborators would be unprepared and in disadvantage. There is no guarantee that the good ones will win that war as there was no such a guarantee in the dark years of 1938 through 1942. The result was that the West had to sign a deal with the Commis in order to defeat the larger evil, that could have been defeated and eliminated almost effortlessly in 1935.
    In order to win, the West had to put together a rather strange coalition which carried with it the seeds of the next disasters. However, one of the things that this coalition did was to plan the future. We should be even more preemptive and begin to plan for a possible future, before the actual war even starts. We should try to plan scenarios of how to win the support of our respective people, how to fight the war and what should the world look like if and when we win. The Commies, the Socialists, and others have international organizations for such discussions and planning. We should too!


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