Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund: An Appeal

This appeal was posted on April 7, and will stay on top until Tommy’s court date. Scroll down for more recent material.

Update: Progress reports on the appeal are being posted separately. Scroll down for more — looks good so far!

I never thought I would be using these “Free Tommy” graphics again, but here we are, five years after his first court case, appealing once again to our readers to help Tommy Robinson’s legal defense.

Tommy’s next court appearance is on April 14. Based on what happened to him the last time he was imprisoned, if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive.

I’m told it will cost more than £10,000 for him to engage competent legal counsel. He does not have that kind of money, so please help by clicking the graphic on the right, or this link.

We can’t possibly raise that amount through this site alone, so I ask you spread the word by email, on forums, or on your own website.

A few details on his case…

The last time Tommy was in prison, he was locked up with hardened Muslim criminals who wanted to kill him. He was repeatedly attacked and beaten up, and ended up in the prison hospital more than once.

On one occasion he was locked in a cell with several Muslim prisoners, one of whom (a Somali, if I remember correctly) was about throw boiling water in his face. Tommy acted pre-emptively, knocked the boiling water away, and beat up the man who tried to throw it on him.

It is this incident for which he is being charged.

The real issue behind all these arrests is that Tommy speaks the truth about the danger to the British people posed by Islam. But he is no longer being prosecuted for “hate speech” offenses — the state does not want the substance of what he says to aired in an open courtroom and discussed in the national media. Thus other types of infractions must be found and other charges brought. The current case against him is simply the latest example of the repressive tactics being employed by the totalitarian British state.

The Powers That Be were successful in “decapitating” the English Defence League — with the help of the Quilliam Foundation — and are now attempting to do the same thing to the recently established UK chapter of PEGIDA.

So here’s the plan: Lock up the most charismatic leader the British Counterjihad has. Put him in with his most dangerous enemies — Muslim criminals who have promised to kill him. Make sure that the guards are absent or looking the other way when the trouble starts. Then, as far as the shariah-compliant British state is concerned, the problem has been solved.

The UK, like all the other enlightened governments of Western Europe, has abolished the death penalty. But there’s more than one way to kill a political nuisance — you don’t have to march him up the steps to the gibbet, put the noose around his neck, and open the trapdoor under him.

What is happening to Tommy Robinson is capital punishment by alternative means.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Dymphna has this to say about what is being done to Tommy:

My biggest concern about a possible return to prison for Tommy — beyond the monstrous injustice of his having ever been charged at all — is the likelihood he will be deeply harmed or even killed while there. I believe that is the reason the powers that be want him back in prison.

What is equally troubling, should They decide merely to put him in solitary confinement “for his own safety”, is what that would do to his mental, emotional, and spiritual integrity. In his book Tommy wrote movingly of the deleterious effects those extraordinarily lengthy (and illegal) stretches in solitary had on his well-being. So now They know, and will no doubt use that knowledge of his fears. With impunity they can keep him in solitary as a further extra-judicial pressure in their ongoing attempt to break him by whatever means. If he commits suicide? So much the better as far as this brutal, criminal soviet is concerned.

If there is a way to have an organization like Amnesty International involved it would be at least some protection for him. The UK needs far more oversight regarding its treatment of political prisoners than it currently receives.

The prospect of additional prison time for Tommy is more dreadful than I can possibly explain.

The goal of this appeal is to keep that iron door from clanging shut behind Tommy Robinson again. Please give what you can afford to his defense fund and spread the word among your friends and colleagues.


201 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund: An Appeal

  1. Baron: It wasn’t just boiling water they’d set up to pour over him. It was boiling water with sugar in it which would have made his burns that much more serious. That mixture is called “napalm” by prisoners:

    No wonder Tommy is scared. A horrible way to die, an awful death to contemplate when you were almost a victim once and they want to send you back to the same environment.


  3. I’ve asked Liberty UK (formerly the NCCL; roughly equivalent to ACLU) to get involved. Will let you know…

  4. We have just contributed to his defense fund. What I don’t understand is there no top-notch pro bono lawyer left in the UK who would see it as an honour to defend such an outstanding brave man against this EVIL, TOTALITARIAN government that still dares to call itself a democracy?

      • Pro Bono in Australia is only gifted to those Socialists and Anarchists who are up on charges of attacking the likes of Tommy Robinson…

    • Tommy mentions in his book “Enemy of the State” that, when he was in [extended] isolation in prison, his family began contacting human rights lawyers.

      As Tommy says in his book: “They’d explain this prisoner’s circumstances, the lawyer would express outrage, and then they’d explain that it was the leader of the English Defence League – and the spineless [entirely appropriate explexitive deleted] would drop it like a red hot brick. Not one of them would touch my case. One said that most of their clients were Muslims and representing me would be bad for business. My family even went to the lawyer who represented Jon Venables, the lad who murdered the Liverpool toddler, Jamie Bulger. He could argue the case of someone who battered a two-year-old to death, but he wouldn’t touch me with a barge pole. It seems that human rights only apply to a select group of people.”

      To anyone who has not yet read Tommy’s book: it is an eye opener and well worth reading.

    • During Tommy’s previous incarceration amongst murderous moslems there was an attempt to find a human rights lawyer who’d act on his behalf. Not one would take his case on.

      • As far as I known Gavin Boby is a planning lawyer.

        Tommy is going to court on a criminal charge. He therefore needs a criminal lawyer.

        More than that, he needs a good barrister.

        From what I can gather, because the appeal has been successful, Tommy now has a QC.

        A QC (Queen’s Counsel) is not a solicitor. A QC is a barrister who has hit the senior ranks and has been made a QC.

        Think in terms of a senior barrister who is highly experienced in presenting criminal matters in court.

        • Thanks for the explanation. As I understand it, A QC is expensive and gets much more respect from the police, judges, and QP.

          From what I’ve read, getting to the QC ranks is *very* competitive. Rather like our top litigation and criminal defense lawyers here. They command immense fees but they produce results.

          Your explanations have been most helpful, Dev. Our thanks.

          • Indeed, you cannot simply employ a solicitor. As I have found out to my cost, there are solicitors, and there are solicitors. There are plenty people out there with law degrees who only deal in property transactions (easy money), and that isn’t what TR needs right now. Then there is someone like G. Boby, who has a functioning intellect and is using that for a useful purpose (to good effect, apparently). Again, that’s not what TR needs right now. No, employing a QC is the way to go here.

            Obviously, it is absolutely shameful that a working class fellow has to do that, with all the expense that entails, because he is being persecuted by the British state.

            Especially when one thinks back to what started all this: those Islamic fanatics turning up at a homecoming parade for British troops saying all sorts of unpleasant things about them, etc. Their speech is protected, apparently. But not that of TR, who like any morally sane person, was ‘offended’ by it.

            Mind you there always has been a two tier system in the so called ‘United’ Kingdom. That’s nothing new. At least in today’s world, with the interweb thingy, people can find out about it. How many others have, over the years, found themselves banged up at the behest of the state & had no help & were left to rot in silence and isolation?

            Makes you wonder eh …

          • The rank of QC is a ‘time served’ qualification and not a merit qualification.

            In UK, only the rich and the very very poor get legal representation, as usual ‘the law’ is a left of centre cartel and is part of the problem, a muslim who serially rapes children gets representation, but anybody despised by the left establishment is considered in need of gaol anyway so why represent them; bad for the reputation what.

            The legal profession and the judiciary in the UK is at the heart of the UK’s problems, they are no longer independent, but are bought servants of the same money that buys the politicians. Thus the need to crowdsource TR.

          • Yes, QC’s are expensive and there is an element of respect.

            As with most things: you get what you pay for. Given that Tommy’s liberty is on the line (and his life if he returns to prison) then he needs the best that he can get.

            The QC will be part of Tommy’s legal team.

            At a minimum Tommy will also have a solicitor. (Solicitors and barristers have different functions.)

            And, if things follow the usual course, then I would also expect him to have a junior barrister.

            The request for 10K sterling seems modest. I suspect that the money being raised is ‘in addition’ to others costs.

            (Am glad my explanations are making sense.)

            @MCin Sderot — QC is not purely a ‘time served’ qualification. (Where did you get that idea?)

    • How does one contribute to the fund ? Sadly there is no description of that anywhere. And I hope they take Bitcoins.

      • If it helps I checked my PayPal history and the account I sent my donation to is:
        Seller info: Elsa

        It might be wise to add a memo that this is for Tommy since this isn’t the original link to the donation emporium.

        BARON! Please repost the link, I can’t find it either.

    • How about a famous Lawyer from USA or Israel can help this man. He is speaking for all of us and our family members. He is fighting for Freedom something none of them will have if everyone ignores this.

  5. url posted on various sites . If anyone has not purchased Enemy of the State already, please do so. It is horrific. Also, Easy Meat. Describing just how low our lords and masters can get.

    • From reading Tommy’s book, it is clear that Pamela Geller provided generous help to him and his family. Yes, she is very wealthy, but all of us ordinary folk must step up, not just the rich. So Parfitt Fan, I suggest you make your own donation- thus joining in the work Pamela Geller did for Tommy. If you have not donated, then saying that PG should dos so is to trivialize an urgent, mortal matter.

      I cannot say strongly enough: if we do not all stand up with Tommy against the British soviet, lined in battle array against this one man, then WHEN will we stand?

      • There’s nothing on her website just now. So where’s her help now, when it matters?

        It would appear that she’ll help you out all right, until the minute you do or say anything that displeases her – then she’ll turn on you big time.

        As well you know.

        That’s not ‘trivialising’ anything. The point is that Tommy’s legal troubles really kicked into high gear after he sloped off the America to visit the Pamela. And no matter what she did for him in the past, where is she now, when the man really needs her help?

        He could certainly use a wealthy benefactor.


        She did the same to Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff btw. An imagined slight and she cut her off dead, right when she needed help.

        Mind you, when other CJ people go down the tubes that just leaves her and Spencer as ‘the big two’ so that’s all right then. A silver lining and all that, eh.

        • Okay, we get it! You detest the great crusader Pamela Geller, as is your prerogative, but the story we’re commenting on to-day, however, concerns the plucky but unlucky Tommy Robinson. How do you feel about him? Is he worth donating a few bucks to?. . .

          • Anon-

            I cannot speak for Parfitt Fan, but I share much of his or her sense of Pamela Geller. But in no way do I “hate” Pamela, I’d even say I greatly respect her for galvanizing the anti-jihad movement. That galvanization, however, has come at the price of a certain marginalization of the anti-jihad movement that I think could at least have been mitigated. I would make similar comments with respect to her “partner in crime”, Robert Spencer.

            Their singular achievements do not, however, preclude Parfitt or me from seeing their less than desirable qualities, and I think it is a false sense of decorum to pretend otherwise.

            I know you didn’t ask me, but I did contribute to Tommy’s situation, and I hope to contribute again. This response amplifies on a comment I made earlier (see below).

        • No need to speculate. He was safe, now he’s not.

          Once bitten, twice shy.

          “It has become painfully obvious that the enemies of freedom have broken Tommy Robinson. The British authorities’ harassment, the systematic persecution, the jailings, the solitary confinement, the threatening of his life, the threats to his family, his having to move several times, his children having to change schools, the constant false charges — he finally cracked. They broke him. He made a deal with the devil. He didn’t want to go back to jail, and this looks like his bid to stay out.”

          • After having read Sally’s link to Spencer’s account of events between Spencer/Geller and Tommy…umm, ouch. There are always two sides to a story but I have never known Spencer to be anything but honest. It really does look like they broke Tommy. Nonetheless he held up to many times more than I could withstand and it remains clear that his government is trying to execute him. He deserves our help.

          • The person behind the public figure can be quite a different person than the persona you see. If you trace Tommy’s dealings with people he has been above board. It’s just that they didn’t like what he did in his own country to survive – e.g., his short-lived association with Quilliam. He left the latter when he found it wasn’t workable. But it didn’t help.

            Tommy has not written his side of this and I doubt he ever will. I just base my opinion of people on my particular experience of that person…

            …we are persona non grata with the Spencer/Geller consortium. Not our doing, but life is bumpy sometimes as we and many others learned to our sorrow. We picked ourselves up and moved on, just as we did after the Charles Johnson imbroglio. As the Baron says, “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.

            …I have learned to avoid trying to make peace with divas, especially chronically offended divas. The trick is, as the old song says, to “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again”…

            A wise man once told me that betrayal is the most common human experience. He said we never learn to prepare ahead of time so we’re always blind-sided when it happens. Painful but true.

          • Maybe it’s okay to be broken. No one is perfect and politicians trying to be perfect fail. I respect the role Spencer and Geller play. They are awesome gatekeepers. If he manages to shrug off this “poor Tommy” [waste matter] maybe there’s someone to reckon with. That’s the worst kind of slime, in my experience.

        • Spencer and Geller had a falling out with Tommy a while back. That was a momentous event in the tectonics of the Counter-Jihad. The cosmos reverberated. Knick-knacks fell off the mantle. Have Spencer and Geller recovered? I haven’t seen Tommy Robinson’s name on Jihad Watch in ages….

      • Dympha-

        I also contributed, via another site.

        I would be surprised- and, frankly, impressed- if Pamela Geller so much as lifts a finger on Tommy’s behalf. Rather in the mold of her intellectual mentor, Pamela is easy to alienate, and Tommy, possibly with some justification, did exactly that with his move to Quilliam: Pamela reacted with a sense of betrayal.

        I hope I have misjudged Pamela, but she has put nothing on her very prominent web site about Tommy’s current situation. I haven’t checked her partner’s (Robert Spencer) web site but I rather suspect he is of the same mind. AFAIAC, they both have a rather unbecoming, even inappropriate, hard edge.

        • Interesting. What transpired with you guys? I see them as strategic gatekeepers and she plays bad cop and he plays good cop. Like with Zudhi Jasser, it’s evident. Anyway, I think they have a different tone … or rather, you have a different tone. Here is boundaries, within which creative in-the-process response is engaged. They are on the frontlines. Banned from the UK and demonized nationally. I like General Pamela, probably wouldn’t want to cross her, but I’d work for her given the chance. Perhaps even, it’s good to know these are our feelings here are acknowledged. I think she also has feelings, but she doesn’t show it. I heard she cried publicly when her ex was being exposed for dodgy stuff in his car dealership. All interesting in contrast perhaps to how Islam works. There there’s no possibility for being honest about things. It’s good to be vulnerable so we know each other and ourselves, but power is power. And you need a gatekeeper. I imagine her life has prepared her for that role. I certainly have no problem with her writing off “dear little Tommy” after he joined those lying Muslims. In fact, the best you can do is leave him to it. Harsh but true.

        • The impulse to criticize Tommy Robinson for his ostensible running to the warm embrace of the Wolves-in-Sheep’s-Clothing (Quilliam Foundation) was a sound impulse; however, after watching several videos of him before and after, I’m confident in tentatively concluding that it is highly unlikely someone like Tommy Robinson could be fooled by the slick, slimy Reformist snakes at Quilliam. Many others apparently can be fooled (Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Douglas Murray), but Tommy seems to have more sense than these more polished intellects…

      • Yeah I like that comment hence the saying safety in numbers again good luck for your trial Tommy lad an hope to see you in Rotherham were i will be accompanied by a few of my pals signed scouse…

  6. Tommy my prayers are with you and your family. May “I Am” place a protective shield of angels round about you and your loved ones.

  7. I bought his book and will tip in a bit from this grateful Aussie. He is fighting our battle with his body on the line.

  8. To Tommy scouse here you gave me that score for the taxi after the demo last week anyway I’ve put it back into the fund still can’t believe I took it am a tight [epithet] sometimes….
    Anyway goodluck with ya case hopefully see you on 28 may I won’t be on me own this time though good luck anyway…

  9. I think pay pal accepted my money. I hate dealing with them because I do not know for sure until I get the bill. I will say no more about this because my choice of words will be…ah…poor.

    • They always respond immediately to me. I simply look on the Accounts page that shows my latest actions and there it is.

  10. I have asked people on other sites to just give what they can. If it is a dollars or 5 or ten, just give it. He is the true reason Amnesty International started before it became famous people. I never thought I would be beggging for people to give money for a political prisoner in the UK. Tommy Robinson is that prisoner, persecuted by his own country. Shocking, yes. It is up to you tohelp him, a dollar, a pound at a time. The truth will always prevail.

    • Thank you for spreading the word. Yes, the fact that he’s a political prisoner is the most gut-wrenching part of the whole thing. After reading his book the truth of that was as plain as day.

      I wonder if AI will bang on the UK door? They do so in America for people who’ve actually committed felonies but are the socialists’ star children. Like the fellow who killed the policeman…

      • Asia Bibi, Mohamed Hegazy … Tommy Robinson.

        What kind of country are we living in nowadays?

        Part of me is glad I’m more than halfway to the finishing line, and it is at least possible that I won’t see just how bad it is going to get.

        The other part of me is furious at the spineless, appeasing beings who caused this to happen, and who will in all likelihood never be held accountable.

        I can’t help remembering Chamberlain’s behaviour following the invasion of Poland.

        Britain had already declared war, and it was known that the Nazis were committing atrocities in Poland (NA: CAB/65/2/19).

        Yet Chamberlain could not bring himself to take appropriate action – he spent his time trying to decide what a ‘decisive’ set of circumstances would be – which would justify bombing the Ruhr – instead, he ordered the RAF to fly over Germany and drop leaflets!

        Why can’t our government, which is suppose to represent us and take whatever actions are appropriate in order to keep us safe and secure, listen to people like Tommy?

        What did our forefathers fight in the war for – so that a state could be established that would treat its citizens the way the Nazis treated Hans and Sophie Scholl?

        • World War 2 is one major reason explaining why our mainstream is so averse to looking the problem of Islam squarely in the face (which then, perforce, leads to the unpleasant prospect of actually having to do something about it that will impinge directly on Muslims).

          The West learned an ambiguous moral from WW2 — the first part was sound, the second has led to the disastrous, monstrous position the entire Western mainstream has spasmed into:

          1) “Never again” will we allow a Hitler to rise up again and cause this much terror & turmoil

          (the only hitch is that)

          2) The next Hitler that ever threatens to arise — and against which we must remain culturally, psychologically and politically forever vigilant (cf. #1) — will necessarily have to be a white right wing demagogue and his white right wing followers, one of whose hallmarks is their racism against Brown People.

          Add to this dynamic of the #1-2 combination a stubborn resistance to think outside the Box; then add the rise (or return) of a new ideology and its followers who are in fact the New Hitlers, who are in fact threatening us with destruction — but who are perceived by the mainstream to be Brown People (i.e., “ethnic”, non-white, non-Western).

          Shake all ingredients, put in a large bowl, sift in generous helpings of Judaeo-Christian compassion in its new and improved Wilsonian form, pre-heat walk-in oven to a temperature suitable for slow suicide, and look forward to the Wolves-in-Sheep’s-Clothing (the Reformist Muslims and all their “Muslims Who Don’t Know Their Own Islam”) having a feast of Western destruction.

  11. Sent a donation and ordered the book. Tried to send Tommy an e mail thru his contact form but mysteriously the verification numbers did not work 8 different times. Elsa and Valerie, thanks for spearheading this effort for Tommy & family. Do you two have your own website. ? Is threw a way we can get letters of support to Tommy and his family? Thanks!

    • Hi Emily,

      Thanks for caring. I feel like our campaign has woken the whole world up – the response has been overwhelming. We have raised enough money at this point for his lawyer. If you want to send a note to Tommy, please feel free to send it to me at: I will be sure to send it along. Elsa and Jamie and I – the TEAM TOMMY are overwhelmed at the response. Not to mention what it has done for Tommy’s spirits. Thanks again Emily.

    • Hi Emily,

      You can send an email to Tommy through my email: and I will be very happy to forward it on. Thank you so much for caring about Tommy. He is a hero and deserves our support – which has been overwhelming and is coming from all over the world! Best, Valerie

  12. One of the corporal works of mercy is to ransom the captives. So I donated to the fund for defence of Tommy Robinson.

    • Andrej, a Christian response, and thank you for reminding me they still exist.

      Tommy is that rarity in the dumbed-down PC remnant of Western civilization, itself the child of Christendom: a morally brave individual.

  13. Is there a way people can turn up at his court case? Or even journalists – say, for Breitbart or the Daily Mail?

    Anyway I’ve donated my little bit (the only remaining funds I had left on pay pal). Will spread the word as well…

    • The case should be heard in open court, which means that members of the public can attend.

      If anyone in the UK is able to attend then it might help send a message that ‘people are watching’.

      I suspect that the general public did not show an active interest in Tommy’s previous court cases because it swallowed / relied upon the main stream media narrative. That narrative is breaking down.

  14. You’ve forgot to mention that the charge Tommy is being tried for on the 14th is the same charge the DPP promised had been dropped.

    • Also, living in the UK, what a great pity I’ve had to come on an American website to contribute to Tommy’s legal fund.

        • One good thing Maryanne, is the authorities will dare not imprison him again as his case has attracted worldwide attention, except, of course in the UK.
          I’ve had to come on to an American website to contribute to his legal fund. All the English payment methods have been blocked. Mmm, can’t think why.

  15. I pledge 15 euros. Sorry it’s not more, I am unemployed. I’d rather not eat for a couple of days than fail to help in the most important fight of our lifetime and beloved country.

    Tommy is an absolute legend. I am so grateful to him and his family for the risks they take in standing up to Islam and what increasingly appears to be an evil state agenda.


    • You inspire me. I will try to double up on my contribution which, unfortunately, also is quite modest.

      It unsettles me that the anti-jihad movement has attracted very few extremely wealthy people. Shillman, who is no warren Buffet, is the only one I can think of. Why?

      • Perhaps it is, in part, because they are so embedded within ‘the system’ that they don’t want to unsettle things. Which speaks to what the system is and how it operates. And they have plenty to lose, unlike your typical working class person who never had FA to begin with.

        On the other hand, they could quietly sponsor the likes of Tommy, which would allow them to do something without actually raising their head above the parapet.

        If they had a conscience. Maybe one of the prerequisites for becoming outrageously wealthy is a lack of same … hence the silence.

        Oh well they’re not immune, maybe one day their wives or daughters, or they themselves, will encounter a rampant cultural enricher who will enrich them in accordance with different cultural values so suddenly and so radically that their head will be spinning … on the pavement.

        Don’t they realise this? Perhaps that’s one more aspect of this problem – their lives are insulated somewhat & they don’t realise that they too can and will become victims here, one way or another.

  16. Hello Baron, is there a sterling fund I can give to? By the time my sterling is converted to dollars and back again, there won’t be much left.

    • Sorry, I don’t know. This is the only effort I know of. I hadn’t heard anything until last week, when several people (some in the UK, some on this side of the Atlantic) became very worried that Tommy didn’t have adequate legal representation because he couldn’t afford it. So they hastily put together this initiative.

      I’m not sure why it wasn’t set up in sterling. It may be that they feared the British government could shut it down, for all I know. Repression is still a little more difficult to carry out over here.

      • You are right on the money there Baron. The British MSM are vile. To them Tommy is a non-person. They simply do not report on migrant sex attacks, either in the UK or overseas, nor the Pegida peace-marches. I never thought, approaching 60 years old, that I’d have to go hunting the internet from my news. There is not a single news outlet in the UK that I trust. The Daily Mail is playing a dirty game too. It pretends to be pro-Brexit, but suddenly includes an item designed to switch public opinion against Brexit. I think with the DM we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. By 23rd June it’s going to get very messy in the UK MSM.

    • Tommy’s own website has a donate button.

      It is not specifically for the legal fund, but to ‘support Tommy & his family’. However, it takes sterling, the money goes to Tommy, and it might be what you’re looking for.

      You’ll need to scroll down to find the donate button on the right hand side of the page.

  17. I have just written to Amnesty (UK) about this case. I also wrote to Theresa May, the UK Home secretary. I urge you to write to her also, at

    Here is a copy of my letter, please feel free to use/modify it:

    Rt Hon Theresa May MP
    Home Secretary
    2 Marsham Street
    SW1P 4DF

    Dear Mrs May,

    Tommy Robinson heads Pegida (UK), a peaceful demo organisation that opposes uncontrolled migration into Europe. It DOES NOT oppose legitimate asylum seekers seeking safe haven.

    Robinson has been treated appallingly by the British establishment. He has been hounded and harassed by the Home Office and MI5, and has been incarcerated for trivial offences, on one occasion for merely lending a family member money for a mortgage deposit. The family member went on to make a false statement on his mortgage application (without Robinson’s knowledge). This earned Tommy 18 months in a Category A prison, 22 weeks of which were spent in solitary confinement (not segregation) for his protection. This 22-week confinement was illegal.

    On another occasion, gaoled for 8 days, he was placed on the same wing as lifer terrorists who had earlier tried to, and were gaoled for, trying to assassinate him. After being warned by another prisoner that he was about to have a scalding water/sugar mix thrown into his face he pre-empted by punching the potential assailant.

    Tommy Robinson is due to appear in court in a couple of weeks for this assault, on a battery charge. He asked to be charged with assault so that he could elect for trial by jury. This was denied. He faces 6 months inside.

    There is a VERY REAL threat to Tommy’s life should he be placed in the same environment that he was in last time. He and his family (in Luton) have received numerous death threats and live under constant vigilance against Islamic extremist attack.

    Tommy Robinson has been called a hooligan, and a racist bigot. He is neither of these.

    He freely admits that in his youth he was a football hooligan and wild. But Tommy is now in his 30s, married with young children. He leads a respectable family life and works hard. He has many many friends within the immigrant community, from all races and cultures. He abhors racism in any form, and is widely on record as saying so.

    He resigned as leader of the EDL in protest at the right-wing extremism that he observed and felt unable to control. Pegida is a peaceful organisation.

    Many on the left oppose Tommy Robinson because of his views on Islam. I agree with his views, and I believe he is honest, without a racist bone in his body.

    For his views Tommy is being persecuted by the establishment, and by extreme elements within the Muslim community.

    It appears, to me, that both sides want Tommy Robinson dead. If Tommy goes back to prison and is incarcerated alongside the Muslim population it is probable that he will be murdered. He has already undergone many serious physical attacks in prison, another could well be the end of him.

    I urge that you, Home Secretary, reassure Tommy Robinson and his family that he will NOT face incarceration in a maximum security prison, should he be convicted, and that he will be segregated for any Muslim community within prison.

    ( Yours sincerely etc)

    Yep, I just spotted my typo in the last line (for, instead of from) – drat.


    Donated also.

  18. BTW, in my letter I referred to “a couple of weeks” because I actually sent those emails over a week ago. I also wrote to Paul Weston and Anne Marie Waters, asking why they appear to be so silent about this. In their position I’d be screaming about this from the rooftops. I’ve yet to receive a reply to any of my emails.

    • Not sure what’s going on in the Pegida UK leadership. Paul Weston wasn’t at the last stroll. The Pegida UK website has also been very quiet for several weeks.

      • Yes Diotima, if you go on YouTube and search for Paul there are very few hits. Something is going on, and I suspect it is not good. That’s why it’s vital we keep the chatter going. We have to try to be as vocal as those want to silence us.

        • Tyro: Paul has been active in North America though. It’s just his Pegida UK connection that I’ve been wondering about. I do hope that he’s still part of the leadership team. I can understand why Tommy would be too busy to keep the Pegida UK website active, but he’s not the only leader. After the last stroll many people complained that there’d been no advance publicity.

    • Consider the possibility that it might be in Tommy’s best interests if certain people remain silent at this time.

  19. I received my email PayPal confirmation. It gives the name of the recipient, whom I have Googled, and appears to be a legit campaigner. Is it possible for you to keep us updated on the progress of donations, and whether or not you have secured representation for Tommy?

    • I’ll do my best. I’m doing this a favor for the organizers — that is, I’m not the person co-ordinating it. But I’ll see what I can find out.

      I know that the response has been overwhelming so far. Based on his Twitter responses, Tommy is gratified and heartened.

  20. P.S.
    I am totally dumbfounded that the formerly “Great” Britain has turned into such a semi-totalitarion state. Or is to completely totalitarion, thanks no doubt to all those cultural enrichers and their enablers.

  21. Tommy’s book is only available as the kindle version on Amazon in the US. However if you go to Amazon in the UK you can get the print version for 15 British pounds, which is about $21. In addition to making a donation directly, I’m sure it would be a help to buy his book. I’m about 100 pages into it right now.

    • I throw away so many begging letters it’s crazy. And unfortunately if you give money to one group, they sell your name and it goes on a sucker list.

      I gave some money to Christian Action Network, they sold my name. I could tell by the form of my name the next rash of solicitations came addressed to. Gave to Geert Wilders PVV. Give a bit to the NRA. I’ve sent some to Pamela for specific causes over the years. I’ve shut down on making contributions since I’m now unemployed but I couldn’t not pitch in for Tommy.

    • If you’re running Windows, open the Start menu and search for ‘Snipping Tool’.

      Alternatively, if you click on the PrintScreen button that will take a screen capture and save it to a buffer. Open up Paint, then click on Paste. It’ll appear right before your eyes! Save as jpeg and away you go.

  22. Thanks Baron and Dymphna for the news about Tommy’s legal fund. I just purchased Tommy’s book and made a Paypal donation to the fund. I wrote on the “Note to Seller” portion that I found out about the campaign from here, GOV. I’ll echo Tyro above, it would be nice to be updated on the progress of the donations.

  23. This is similar to the post-op transvestite with silicone breasts that some prison authority locked into a prison cell with sex starved prisoners.

    I believe the guards got prison sentences.

    Now locking a white nationalist in a cell with Muslim criminals, that is a crime

    Imagine the uproar if someone were to put a Muslim activist in a cell with Nazis, Hell’s Angels and the like?

  24. Hi Jeanne, you should not need to do a screen shot. You can use your PC mouse to left click and highlight my text, then right click and then select Copy. You can then right click and then Paste into any site or document. Thanks for taking the time to write. I think that until recently we were all guilty of apathy, but times are changing, and I hope we can get a good result for Tommy. Even if they send him to prison he won’t be sent to a hell-hole, I hope. If people like us can get only 2 other people onboard then we can flood the internet. The way I see it Jeanne is that we are writing evidence online before the act. If anything happens to Tommy we have evidence, and that [canine on the distaff side] Theresa May will be called to account, someday.

  25. I just donated now. It wasn’t much but if it helps a bit…I live in Western Canada and got a small GST/PST refund cheque the other day so I can share a bit of that and still have some left over for a couple bags of groceries !
    Nothing boring in this world these days. Brad Wall (Trudeau’s nemesis) was re-elected as Saskatchewan premier a few days ago,which was the third defeat for the socialist New Democrat Party. It’s never happened to them before and they’re reeling . Manitoba has their election later this month and the Conservatives are ahead in the polls. I’ll be watching what happens in the UK in June.That debate that Levant and Farage did in Toronto really opened some eyes. And then what is happening in the US …I am grateful for sites like Gates of Vienna and the information they provide from all over the world. Keep up the fine work Baron and Dymphna !

    • No, my mistake : Not Ezra Levant. It was Mark Steyn that was in the debate with Nigel Farage . I’ve got too much on my mind these days and got my Canadians mixed up . Sorry.

  26. People who return from so called jihad where heads are cut off and people are thrown from tall building are welcome on their return to Britain with no charge or punishments. This looks to me like jihadists are waging a war against Tommy Robinson

  27. I just put in $150. Money which I don’t have, and which came out of my line of credit, but here’s my reasoning:

    1) This man is likely to get murdered if he is convicted. And make no mistake, he’ll be murdered by the State, who delegate their dirty business.

    2) There’s a lot of intellectual-type people talking about this. There are preciously few loud voices coming from the working class, and that’s why the system hates him so much. That’s the class that generally doesn’t have all that much money for legal defence.

    3) He’s a political prisoner, and nobody else will help him but us.

    4) Finally, let’s be selfish. If he goes down, so do we all, eventually. Along with the rest of society, the society that has been living on borrowed capital for years. He’s not the only one who matters, but 10 or so cases like his, and it’s all over. That’s why I decided to also help to defend him out of “borrowed capital”.

    Hopefully we can an update on how the fundraising is doing. If things go nowhere, I can probably manage to squeeze another $50 out of the LoC.

    • It brings me to tears to read this. Imagine an Irishman like Tommy trying to salvage English culture only to be savaged by his “betters”. If he were middle class they wouldn’t be doing this.

  28. Yes. Parents of homeschoolers allow their older children to come here to further their education, and they have requested that we maintain a PG-13 environment. It’s possible to comment, even argue, without resorting to foul language or explicit descriptions. If one cannot make one’s point without using profanity, obscenity, or scatology, then the comment should not be posted here.

    • No, he left Quilliam quite a while ago. I believe he discusses what happened in his book.

      • Yes, Tommy does discuss it in his book. He struggled to make the connection work but he simply couldn’t do it. IIRC, he didn’t think he was dealing with an honest broker.

        I don’t blame him for trying. Having to give up the EDL was a blow, for all sorts of reasons. Tommy is a natural leader, a good strategist.

  29. For those who were following the latest exchanges between a commenter named “Tyro” and myself: I have deleted all those comments, including my replies.

    It was a very unfortunate situation. Tyro used a casual vulgarity in one comment, which I redacted, as is my wont. He responded angrily, and used some obscenities. I redacted those, too.

    In later portions of the exchange, he denied ever having used those words, insisted that I modified the original notification email (which I had pasted, with his IP address and email address left out, to demonstrate what I was describing). He then called me a liar.

    I should never have let this nasty situation go so far, and for that I apologize. But I was dumbfounded at first — it was hard to credit that he really believed he hadn’t used those obscenities. Yet that seems to be the case.

    I’m forced to conclude that there are two possibilities: (1) He is suffering from some sort of mental ailment, and really doesn’t remember using obscenities in the comments; or (2) He is a troll (paid or a hobbyist, it’s hard to tell) attempting to wreak havoc on the thread.

    In any case, I won’t be allowing any more of his comments. Which is unfortunate, because some of his earlier ones (which I have left intact) were good and useful.

    Oh, yes — there is a third possibility: I may be the one who is insane. Considering the week I’ve been through, that can’t be discounted at this point.

    • You forgot one possibility: it’s very late over there and he could be quite drunk in his cups. I remember being embroiled in a similar situation many years ago with an Aussie. He told me the next day he’d been rip-roaring drunk and if he hadn’t been able to read it, he’d never have believed he could have written such things. Of course, he didn’t say “things”.

      I am always surprised when newcomers to this website have such trouble understanding the concept of civil discourse. If it weren’t for the many emails I get thanking us for keeping it courteous I’d think we were wrong. But I have only to go to almost any other website (Daniel Greenfield’s and Israel Matzav’s being exceptions) and watch the foaming spittle bombs being bounced off one another…As me Irish mother said, “you’ll keep a civil tongue in your head or you’ll not talk at my table”.

      • Dymphna: ‘Tyro’ posted an excellent letter to Home Sec Theresa May and I’m glad it’s still here. I think your suspicion is correct – that was my sense. It was late here and the situation we find ourselves in, in what we once thought was a free country (the mother of all free countries), is enough to drive anyone to drink. I hope ‘Tyro’ is able to make his peace with you and come back.

    • Hold the bus! You can get paid for being a troll?!!

      I’ve been tempted to use [*%$#!@] profanity myself on this site, but I can hear Dymphna coming to edit before my fingers hit the keys, so I usually edit myself to save her the trouble. Back to the pay situation. Who will spring me a few buckazoids for going on Huff Po with some pro gun rhetoric?

      Oh, and full disclosure I’ve also posted comments while extremely durnk. Drnuk. Dunrk. Aww [something you can’t do with your pants completely one] it.

      That, BTW, was not the third possibility that Arlo predicted.

      And WOOT! for the guy who went into debt to give Tommy $150. I wasn’t that generous but I may dig a little deeper. His troubles are worse than any I’ve ever suffered. The title, Enemy of the State is so apt, I can’t imagine anything like my own country trying to kill me for being a true patriot. A nightmare one can’t wake from.

  30. I don’t put it beyond the British government to arrange a prison murder of a political prisoner. They have done it numerous times in the historical past. The murdered were mostly threats to the throne. I recall Richard II, Edward II, those two unfortunate young boys who were competitors to Richard III’s kingship. And I know there are others. They all died in confinement under mysterious circumstances.

    • If you read his book you’ll find out about the “napalm” the Muslim prisoners had prepared and were going to throw on him when they were stopped by the guards.

      Napalm is boiling water mixed with sugar. The latter melts and adheres to the skin (as any cook can tell you). When it comes off, a great deal of your skin does too. Fiendishly painful and slow to heal.

      • The sugar would also (slightly) raise the boiling point, making the burn worse even without the sticking.

        Truly nasty stuff.

    • Indeed. And may angels guard him. I’m so scared for him that I’ve regressed to this. Nonetheless, I shall ask TR on Twitter this question: I know he has no use for religion (what good has it done him, after all?) but does he not now believe in the miracle of human connection? i.e., that so many people from all over answered his need. His cup will run over with not only enough to pay for a QC but to help support his family while he’s inside – always the thing that tortures him most when they put him away.

  31. Just made my donation. Glad to help. It’s good to see that the fundraising is going well. What does it say for the state of justice in the UK (or anywhere) when money is needed to ensure a fair trial? Let’s hope that the powers-that-be take note of the success of this funding drive. Tommy Robinson does not stand alone.

  32. just chipped in a few quid for tommys defence, God bless and good luck to him i hope the angels watching over him prevail over the evil scum who wish him harm for no other reason that telling the Truth.

    • That’s the thing about prophets – they don’t choose their role, they get chosen by Fate to fill a role that had heretofore gone empty. When TR started up with the EDL, there was no way he could have known the lightning rod he would become. Like many who have walked that path before him, he must have moments of sheer terror at what forces beyond his control have pushed him into…

      …Fjordman shares a similar fate.

      Prophets are often without honor in their own country. And English history is full of those that the powerful were determined to put down.

      • I can’t believe the [manly equipment] on the guy. It can only be hoped that the fact that he is known, and what the British state is doing to him is known, via the internet, will raise Tommy to the status of someone who can’t be ‘whacked’ by the gang of thugs running this outrageous bloody circus, because it would create more problems than it would solve. This is wishful thinking on my part, I know.

  33. I just want to thank all the North Americans who have donated so generously to help this British hero. Thank you for getting involved in an issue so far away geographically. You are truly good people.

  34. Just donated.Good luck Tommy,you are a real hero.Here’s wishing you success ,from Australia.

  35. For the moderator and all, I wish to put this issue to bed because it is disingenuous to Tommy to have a squabble. If used a profanity, I apologise because it was not intentional, and possibly it was a colloquialism that I injected whilst writing at full flow.

    My outrage sensors are at max sensitivity because one seems to be censored at every point on the internet nowadays. Moderator I apologise if I was over the top in my reaction.

    After a good night’s sleep I re-read, and I think I was wrong.

    This is a good cause, and I do not want to sully it by bickering. Sorry all.

  36. Just donated but got to the end and saw I’d donated in US dollars not GB pounds. So I actually donated less than I’d planned to. Others may not notice this so may be worth changing if possible or at least putting a notice up so people are aware.

    I’ll chuck a few more dollars in later!

    • Someone left a link to Tommy’s site. There you can donate in GB money. I’ll find it and add it here when I do.

      Note: Here is Tommy Robinson’s website:

      You can donate in pounds there.

      [Don’t know who designed his site but it’s a good job. “Nice skin”, as they say.]

  37. For the Baron, I finally twigged what I wrote that warranted deletion. I think perhaps I could have referred to Mrs May in even stronger terms, however I respect the line that you took. Point taken.

    • Mrs. May is a treasonous politician intent on harming her own country. That she is still in office is testament to the Orwellian state of British politics, media, and the royals. The UK is increasingly a soviet state, repressing its own citizens and effectively banning free speech that doesn’t align with the King-in-waiting’s decision to change his designation to “Defender of Faith(s)“.

      England is a ruin of its former self. I don’t doubt that Scotland will continue to push for sovereignty; I think it’s just waiting to see how the Brexit vote turns out.

      Things aren’t good here, either. Obama and his state dept are continuing their push for more immigrants even though our economy is stagnant. As a cultural historian here recently pointed out, in reality American wages for the middle class have been flat since 1975. FORTY YEARS!*** Far too many of our children are graduating from uni with useless “degrees” and can’t find work. Yet some areas are begging for workers – but these aren’t areas in which our overpaid academicians have any knowledge or expertise. Everytime I see another kid with a “sociology” degree and a level of college loan debt it will take him most of his working years to pay back, I could cry. Another kid who will end up living with mom and dad and hating himself and his life…

      ***here’s Fred Siegel’s explanation for what’s gone wrong:

      • I SO agree with every word you say. My two youngest girls live in the UK, the oldest in Manhatten. The oldest is married to old money and works in fashion, so she is set. My two babes live (they rent) in a predominantly Muslim area of London. They could not buy houses where they wanted (afford) because they are the wrong religion. White ethnic folk just get rejected when they view a house in a Muslim street. Money is not the issue. The ROP is buying up London; Saudi and Qatar own the City of London, including Harrods.

        My kids had private education because their mum and me were as working class as you can get, and we knew we were cheated, from birth, by the system. We sacrificed, but it was worth every penny.

        BUT, now the two in London, both with good degrees from ivy-league UK unis, work all hours for peanuts, in management jobs that 10 years ago would be paying 100,000 USD plus. Yet they are getting 25,000 GBP, and living in London. They know that if they leave some Romanian or Czech, with perfect English, will gladly fill their shoes.

        I work in the Gulf, doing a silly easy teaching job, earning more tax-free than both of my girls get gross, combined. In fact, 30% more.

        What a sad indictment it is that I paid for my youngest to get her teeth fixed because she hit 18 and the NHS terminated her free entitlement. The only way my middle girl and her fiance could get a house (tiny house) was me and the other Bank-of-Dad…..between us we also kitted them out with furniture. My daughter’s fiance is a city trader. He also earns a rubbish salary – the Wolf of Wall Street days are gone – the City will gladly take a Lithuanian over an English person.

        I’m not asking for a slap on the back. But had my 2 girls gone to Social Security, pretended to be asylum seekers (they are of ethnic appearance), they would have got free housing, dental and eye care, plus free medicine prescriptions. As it is, in the UK I now have to work til age 66 to get my pension… used to be 65 for men and 60 for ladies. Thanks to equality ladies are 66 too……it WILL be going to 70 for the kids today.

        Luckily I have my silly non-job teaching local students here in the Gulf. Some day some of my students will be successful in business, buying department stores and houses in the west, and sponsoring places of worship.

        Ironically I am in one of the safest places on this planet. If anyone even tries to be extreme here they do serious jail time, or they eat lead, they very next day after conviction.

      • Useless degrees – Thank You Dymphna!

        My mom’s caregiver is about to send her daughter to college and I coached her not to let her daughter study a liberal art or anything with ‘studies’ in the title. It is a real success story and our family has helped quite a bit. The caregiver never finished high school and her daughter lives at my mom’s house five nights a week in order to go to a REALLY great high school. It’s basically a college prep, when I graduated in ’79 three quarters of my class went on to four year universities. I explained to this great mom how universities have become centers of leftwing indoctrination and the only way to get a useful education is to avoid taking a subjective course of study. My advice, stay with Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Something where the right answer is the right answer, period. The caregiver is very respectful of the fact the my mom raised and engineer and a doctor (if that’s what you consider a psychologist) and she listens and takes to heart.

        • It’s strange that you would say that because I started off as an engineer, and lately I have been reading books on engineering mathematics and finding them relaxing, as you say the right answer is the right answer & there’s something profoundly satisfying about that (as opposed to having to listen to the irrational narrative we’re subjected to daily by the MSM, politicians, work, etc etc.)

  38. I have donated to Tommy’s fund, but I must admit I am getting more and more reluctant to engage in such financial activities. I have no doubts that Central Committee at Bruxelles can obtain list of donators quite easily – using PayPal and associated credit card is easy to track. If they are not monitoring Tommy’s finances right now as I write this, chances are they will start monitoring it sometimes in the future. I am a citizen of an EU country and, if the times get tougher, they can round me up without any difficulties – I left an unmistakable trail. UK residents must be even more worried about such a scenario.

    And why are we taking such risks? Why are we leaving our addresses with the Central Committee, when we have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are still impossible to trace? I am reading Tommy’s website now, front page “Enemy of the State”, a little bit further “Support Tommy & his Family” via PayPal. If the times get tougher, Central Committee WILL obtain this data and use it against us. We need to get more serious about that, the technology is available and if we don’t begin using it soon, we are just lazy and reckless.

    • I think it’s best to be upfront and not try to be surreptitious. The powers to be will get you on the fraud part. They always do. I think it would be easier for them to prosecute fraud than political activity.

      • I see Vortac’s point – look at it this way: nothing *extra* is gained in this case by being up-front.

        Indeed, if anything, operating through an alias gives the impression of EXTRA support, i.e., the person here on the web site AND the person giving the money.

        It’s not that hard to set up a bogus PayPal account connected to an anonymous “gift” card and then either give the money that’s on the gift card or transfer money into it and give it from there (which isn’t anonymous, but they’re unlikely to snoop “second level” stuff like that).

        This being said, I’d bet that we’re all on “subversive” lists already.

        Amusingly, crossing into the U.S. post 9/11, I ended up on “terrorist track” questioning. I’m not sure exactly why, though I have to say, at least I do look the part: I have a vaguely Middle Eastern appearance (half-Jewish) and a beard… an extra half-inch and some funny clothes, and I’d probably blend in quite easily as a Muslim Brotherhood type, actually.

    • Hi Vortac – I love your handle, because I teach how VORTAC works (in aviation). I think that your question answers itself my friend. If we go underground and hide, surely we let the establishment win? It’s what they want, a population that is scared of it’s own shadow. I’m fortunate because I’m of an age that has not got much to lose – although, interestingly, if the UK system wanted to, they could screw me big time by stopping my military pension, on some pretext or other.

      I agree with you that we need to start being careful in private communications because without a doubt all posters on sites such as this will be subject to scrutiny. There again, I post openly and I’m honest in my daily life. I don’t fear “them”.

      • Tyro, you got the meaning of my nickname right. I am always glad to meet a colleague from the aviation industry. But regarding Bitcoins, they are legal in almost every country in the world, so there is nothing “underground” in using them.

        William, same is true if you look at Bitcoins as “fraud”. There is nothing fraudulent about Bitcoins, except maybe if you live in North Korea. It’s completely legal to sell or buy Bitcoins in the UK and if you own them, you can send them to whomever you wish and it’s impossible to trace them, because Bitcoin addresses are almost completely anonymous, unlike PayPal. And anonymity is obviously of some value to us, because it’s clear we are not using our full names here. Makes little sense to be anonymous here and then make an open donation to the Enemy of the State using your name, surname, postal address and all other data your bank has stored on you.

    • TThey are already monitoring websites such as this.

      Unless you have covered your track, they already have your IP.

      • Yes, this website is definitely monitored. Some of the observers don’t even bother to mask their IPs and their locations.

        • Well, if GoV is monitored, we can be sure Tommy is monitored far more closely, especially if we consider the fact that he was already sentenced for alleged financial wrongdoings. That alone is probably enough to monitor his finances 24/7, even without the EDL association.

          I am aware my IP address is probably being recorded here, but there is a big difference in obtaining a list of 100 000 IP addresses through GoV and a list of 1000 full identities through PayPal – needless to say, the latter is much more useful for any intelligence service. Also, if the times get tougher, it would probably be much easier to criminalize financial support to Tommy (“aiding and abetting a known extremist”) than to prosecute a few written words here, if you are careful what you write.

    • if the times get tougher, they can round me up without any difficulties – I left an unmistakable trail. UK residents must be even more worried about such a scenario.
      I am a UK resident and I am worried. Have been for a long time.

      Alas, I ought to disabuse you of the untraceability of Bitcoin. Everywhere that bit of money has been is held in its Blockchain for ever. The recent problem that Bitcoin had with its blockchain was a lack of space to store everything, and it has to be made bigger. I am not a cryptanalyst, but it seems to me that once the State has confiscated enough Bitcoin, and can match it up with our communications traffic analysis, then they will find it trivially easy to break.

      At that point one must ask who we are trying to please. Man cannot serve two masters. The choice is getting plainer by the month.

      • Well, under close enough surveillance, nothing is completely untraceable. But Bitcon is currently vastly more untraceable than PayPal, that’s for sure. Even if Bitcoin is outlawed or decrypted completely, there are now plenty of other cryptocurrencies which offer even stronger encryption and better anonymity.

  39. I dare the British Government to imprison all of the haters of Islam ! A revolt is on it’s way,beware cause you’ll swing from the trees soon……….

  40. Is there any way, on the 13th, that we can flood the internet with “Good Luck Tommy” messages? I understand that his court date is the 14th. Maybe even Pegida Germany/NL etc can help out? I’m not tech savvie at all, but I’m sure a lot of you are bright young things.

    • You could try to launch an ad campaign through Google Adwords. Of course, it would be very expensive and probably quickly terminated, maybe not even approved to begin with.

  41. Just donated and glad to do so.

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Tommy is being prosecuted/persecuted may be more like it, for throwing scalding water on this guy. Are they saying that Tommy (1) boiled it to throw at this fellow or another, or (2) that he happened to see this fellows kettle of water boiling and Tommy picked it up and threw it at him as if he was the perpetrator? I know how much the government wants to shut him down, all anyone had to do was follow Paul Weston trying to read a Churchill speech (which kinda makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time), and be arrested for that to know this gov’t has lurched so far from decency.
    I wish Orwell was around.
    Last night I happened to be watching a bit of a debate with Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage on one side………… question is where the heck is Nigel Farage and UKIP? Are they hiding out? Or has this just happened so there was no time for a response? I hope you guys can keep us informed on that…….since you aren’t doing much anyway (just a little Brooklyn humor here).

    Question: If it is proven these charges are a) false, or b) false and malicious is there such a think in GB as some sort of counter suit for malicious prosecution?

    Anyway G-d Bless Tommy. I can’t believe those _______ are murdering their own country.

    Mike From Brooklyn

    • It’s a reply from myself. I just listened to the interview with Tommy so I now know that he took preemptive action. Don’t blame him at all. You don’t need a weatherman, etc.

      • Mike, I love Brooklyn (NYC blows me away). I think that Nigel Farage is playing the career politician and avoiding contamination from Tommy. I’m sure he supports and follows Tommy, but if he admits it he is already a Nazi. I’ll vote for Nigel because he’s a patriot, except he’s not allowed to say so, because that’s racist. [redacted]. Night Baron.

      • If you read his book (which I see is available from his website, as well as from Amazon) you will see that Tommy did not throw boiling water at anyone. He heard that the other guy had been hired to throw boiling sugared water at him, so he picked a scrap with the other guy before he could boil up the water, which saved Tommy’s life by getting Tommy sent to solitary, which he had wanted all along, for his own safety, but previously been denied.

        I believe it is possible to sue for malicious prosecution, but I can’t see that that would fly in this case, because I don’t think Tommy denies that he hit the guy. The question is whether he did it in reasonable self defence, and I guess the prosecution can always say that that is quite properly a matter for a court to determine.

        What stinks is firstly that they did not sent Tommy to solitary straight away even though he begged for it, thus leaving him in a position where he was forced to take pre-emptive action for which he is now being prosecuted, and secondly that rather than prosecuting him straight away, they left it hanging over him for months or more, no doubt to try to ensure his “good behaviour”. If he’d not got involved with Pegida UK, no doubt he would not now be being prosecuted. But you’d never be able to prove that in court.

  42. Maybe one of you who are Bitcoin savvy can create a tutorial for those of us who aren’t? Or point us to something useful in that regard?

    • I buy Bitcoins on I pay for my Bitcoins through national bank transfer, so you don’t even need a credit card. Once you obtain them, you can send them to any Bitcoin address, also through (basically, you get your own Bitcoin address there when you sign up).

      It’s really simple, much simpler than PayPal for sure. You must have a credit card with PayPal and it must be verified. They also verify your e-mail address and postal address and to sign-up on PayPal nowadays you also need to provide your ID number and phone number. Make your own conclusions.

  43. Donated. Good luck, Tommy! Even the Czechoslovak communists didn’t treat President Havel like they have been treating you in the UK.

  44. I want to donate money but that link looks a little dodgy. Does he have a give a little page?

    • Pardon me? Are you saying you think we’d put up a “dodgy” link for a donation to anyone? Our reputation is on the line here, ma’am. The payment part of our appeal was arranged by people who have put up large sums of money themselves for Tommy Robinson.

      He does have a page where you can donate in GB pounds. I’ll find it and get back to you as soon as the toes you stepped on have recovered.

  45. I don’t think so. They are all terrified. The Muslims have absolute power in jails in the UK. That’s the point of this campaign. To protect Tommy, to ensure he does not get thrown in with the lions. If anything happens to him there will be a [waste material] storm heading to Theresa May, our home Secretary.

    Please write to her, now – object to how he is being persecuted. We need US support.

  46. Do we know which court, whether morning or afternoon, and what the case number is? Then we could have a few supporters in court, even if only in the public gallery.

  47. This is a most intriguing thread. First off I’m reminded of the controversy between Pamela Geller and Tommy from 2013 which was so disappointing, they being both so heroic and courageous in so many peoples eyes.

    When people like them gain notoriety the general public naturally become suspect of how and why they’re motivated to such a peculiar cause. “Freedom”! Not the nonsense kind of freedom causes, like more “free food” or “free housing”, “free to rip your clothes off in public”; or free use of the “gender preferred ” toilet facility. What sets them apart from us, is their willingness to take a bullet for the cause and us.

    Tommy’s lot in life is similar to the biblical story of the women who is about to be stoned for adultery. Up and until the religious zealots call out to Jesus. ” She was caught in the act, what do you say”. Not much, I can protest but I can say nothing to Tommy or Pamela, they’re in the lions den. My heart aches that I can’t do more for I simply neither possess the courage or fortitude they have for the cause. I can go on bended knee and scrawl my opinion into sand about the faults of the heroic few. Maybe it’s better to just go with the Lord’s admonition “go and sin no more”, as concerning either of their character.

    The photo of Tommy’s bumps and bruises do not make him Christ like……but the bruises are ours. Pray for Tommy and donate.

    • Realize that Pamela grew up privileged. And that in her past she was tangled up with racketeering and murder. In her previous life she was a magazine editor, but today she barely seems literate. So she is a hero of the CJ. Not the commitment Tommy has made. There may be a fatwa on her head but she has still turned this into a lucrative industry and never come close to experiencing what Tommy has.

      And she had dumped him. Just like she did Ned. Diva indeed. I’m sure David Horowitz is seeing to it that she has enough income to pay for all that security that Tommy lacks.

        • I’m sure you know better than I. However Debbie Schlussel has reported that Horowitz pay Geller a $500k salary. Of course Debbie despises just about everyone who isn’t Debbie. Another example of the circular firing squad that conservatives form.

  48. I am a Texan, and I just contributed through PayPal and bought Tommy’s book in Kindle format. I will do what I can for him going forward.

  49. Have just contributed. Can someone froward these details to his friends . They should also be able to assist. Discourse Institute Studying Conscience & Risk

    ” Discourse is the only charitable organization in Europe extending assistance to our continent’s 21st century dissidents. Based in London and operating throughout the EU, our institute’s unique study of conscience and risk examines how expressing an opinion, can now imperil the life and livelihood of a person speaking their mind, and that of their family. “

  50. I donated to Mr. Robinsons defense fund, I haven’t read his book yet, but I noticed in the posts that someone said he was the head of the EDL. It really says a lot about the “state” of Great Britain when the head of the English Defense League, Tommy Robinson, is an Irish Celt.

  51. I have just donated to Tommy’s defence fund. I will sleep better tonight.
    He needs our help, and this is the only way I can realistically help this heroic man.

    • Tyro, *do* look around a bit on our website. That video you’ve linked to was put up as soon as he made it.Since Hel Gower is the go-to person for All Things TR, that’s where you’ll find the things he personally authorizes…

      The B has been in close touch with the part of the team that is running this whole thing so he’s told when anything happens that needs publicizing. From there, it hits Twitter and RSS feeds.

      IIRC, Vlad Tepes put it up at the same time so the Canadians would know, also.

      It’s a good idea to subscribe to Hel Gower’s You Tube channel. She runs all the Tommy news that’s fit to print** Just go over to Y.T., do a search on her name and look at what she has available. If you subscribe you’ll get a notice whenever she puts up anything new.

      **(sorry – that’s an American joke re the hated New York Times. Their motto is “all the news that’s fit to print”. A real howler given all the news they ignore. Like the Beeb or the UK Sunday Times, maybe.)

      • All the news that’s fit to print.

        Hmm…NYT=fish wrap. Or lining a bird cage.

        I knew of one fish restaurant that actually printed their wrap to look like newsprint.

      • Cheers,

        I missed the link on this site – sorry, but I often get “link overload” – I wasn’t trying to point-score, I genuinely thought it was fresh info that people might want to see.

        Thanks for pointing me towards Hel Gower – a superb channel, and I subscribed.

        Fingers crossed for Tommy for tomorrow – lets’ hope he “gets a result” (an English expression meaning we hope it goes well for him).

        FWIW today I got an email from Amnesty (UK) acknowledging my letter (which was more or less a cut-and-paste of my email to Theresa May). The Amnesty person gave me their name and contact details, apologised for the time delay in replying to me, and said my letter would be passed up the chain.

        If anything comes of it I will post on here.

    • Look again, Sam. The link to donate is on the top of the page at which you’re commenting. At the almost top of this post, you’ll see a small square image of Tommy to the right of two small paragraphs, the first of which begins “Tommy’s next court appearance…”

      That small square image is clickable and leads you to the place you can donate to his fund. I know it doesn’t look like a donate button (for instance, it’s not round – which they usually are) but it is clickable. Hover over the image and you’ll see the little symbol to tell you it’s a hyperlink.

      Click that, and here is where it will take you:

      That is Elsa’s page and she has given her permission for her PayPal portal to be used for the purposes of donating to Tommy. AFAIK, two people -one in Canada, one in London – are in charge of collecting the proceeds and distributing them at Tommy’s direction.

      Giving to Tommy directly will put him at risk for the police seizing his assets again. Thus, this work around of using Elsa’s page and having someone else in charge of the proceeds permits funds to be collected and then disbursed to the QC and ancillary legal expenses. My understanding is that the cost of the initial contracting with a QC of this caliber is 10,000 GB pounds. I would imagine it goes up if things drag on…but if every one gives a bit, then the British systematic injustice toward Tommy will be thwarted.

      Be sure to see his thank you video, too:

      Hope my explanation is clear. I found the button confusing, too, when I used it. And I had to ask the Baron what that page was. But after I understood, I was able to click through and donate with no trouble.

      • Shoot! That 10,000 GB pounds is around $14,000.

        That is a fistful of cash. I know lots of people walk away from a cause after helping a bit. It’s kind of like people who attend a funeral and then forget the one grieving. Tommy looks like he’s in a much better position now but it’s also important that people who support him not forget that he’ll need help down the road. His family too.

        Considering what I drop at the liquor store on a somewhat regular basis, I can sure do more. What’s a little privation, or a little less ice clinking? Second donation coming up in 3…2…1…

  52. Its a shame how the establishment [micturates] on those who stand up for their country. Establishments all over europe [micturate] on all our heroes who… fought for freedom and evolution. Now for some decades establishment do what they can to [mess] it all up.

    We free-minded people must get to the streets, make revolt. Stop thinking there’s a diplomatic and political way. Cause it’s not a chit-chat way out. It’s making the streets “burn” in thousands of free-minded individuals willing to stand the right from wrong that will change the future for our kids. Our aftermath [is] not [?] written by the narrow self-centered well-paid in the establishment.

    There’s a time for diplomacy and there’s a time for revolt.

    We the Christians [in] Europe have nothing to be ashamed of but the opposite. Let’s make sure that our kids and grandkids don’t have to blame us more than they should. Let’s fight for the future, and stop answering…about [what has] passed.

    • Hi Per,

      I feel your anger and frustration, millions of others do too. BUT (IMHO) street revolt is precisely what the Western establishments want. They want confrontation between us and “our guests”. Next, martial law is easy to introduce, new draconian “anti-terrorism” measures, then we get to get micro-chipped, etc… etc.. then full-on “1984”.

      We’ll never beat these people (politicos) at that game – no way Jose.

      The only way WE THE PEOPLE can win the long game is to play the short game first. We MUST vote for the Trumps, Farages, Wilders, Le Pens, regardless of their suitability long-term. We can always vote them out later. But first we need our countries back, with us the people.

      Once we re-establish our national sovereignties and close our borders, we assess who we want to keep, or expel. Thereafter we get selective on immigration – Australia style.

      I’m convinced that Obama, Cameron, Merkel etc are provoking us towards armed confrontation on the streets. We have to get those clowns out ASAP, and avoid direct confrontation on the streets, at all costs.

      We need “radical” leadership initially, then we go about dismantling the NWO that is taking shape.

      If you are reading this, and are British, it starts with an OUT vote on June 23rd.

  53. My name is Sean and im from Sydney Australia,there is also a growing movement of Pegida here,although we do not face the problems that the native Europeans are facing now,We are very concerned about Tommy and what the Authorities are trying to do to him,It is the 14th of April this day,do I still have time to donate,and if so how,god bless Tommy,he has balls made of Kevlar,if someone could get back ASAP please.

    • Go to the top of the page, where the post is. Look to the right, where you’ll see a square picture of Tommy. Hover over that and you’ll see that it is clickable. Click onto it, and you’ll end up on a page of Elsa’s. She offered to let donors for Tommy use her PayPal portal to give to him. If you give directly to him, the money could be frozen by the police – they’ve done that before.

      That little square image doesn’t look like a “donate” button but it is. If we ever need to do a fundraiser for T., that will be changed to LOOK LIKE a donate button instead of appearing to be a stamp…hmmm…a stamp w/ TR’s mug on it…the government could raise a lot of money that way. But I won’t hold my breath.

      The donations are then sent to/collected by the team formed to raise money for Tommy, who place it in trust for the purpose of keeping Tommy safe and out of prison. The QC was paid his huge fee from these funds. Anything left over will stay in trust for further legal battles and for security for him and his family…the state isn’t done harassing him yet, nor are the Muslims in Luton.

  54. I know this is a red herring,but their is a video on youtube called,”NOUMAN ALI KHAN EXPOSED ISLAMOPHOBIA,”in this video can someone tell me at 903 minutes of the 13 minute video,this is not Medhi Hasan preaching that non muslims live like animals,if its not it must be his twin.More importantly We are so relieved that Tommy received very good legal representation,and as if we understand correctly,has this charge been thrown out,all our support from Australia,their are thousands of normal working class,men and women following this very closely.

    • My goodness Sean, you’re spot on. It is he, or a clone. I live in a Gulf state and I watch his particular news station. I’ve always had a bad feeling about him. But there again, THAT book encourages followers to lie, and to show two faces to the non-believers. Thanks for sharing the this. There is a lot of relief over in the UK too, and I and others hope that he screws the CPS and the prison service into the ground, and at least gets his stolen money back from the police. By rights (IMO) he ought to get at least a million pounds compo on top for pain and distress, as well as illegal solitary confinement, and state-sponsored harassment. The way the UK is now I don’t hold up much hope of that.

      • I also hope Tommy gets some fitting recompense for the on-going persecution he suffered. The lengthy (and, as you note, illegal) stretches he did in solitary confinement used to worry me. I’d think of him isolated in some cell where Muslim felons were permitted to walk by and spit on him, and wonder how on earth he was keeping it together. He says in his book that the solitary confinement went on so long it was damaging.

        At the very least, government ought to be required to give him private health care so some of the damage – particularly the aftermath of severe brain trauma – so he can really begin to heal. He has been under siege, actively at war with Islam’s worst and the slimy prison system, for six long years.

        That war has left its scars on Tommy and on his family. Just as people all over the world banded together to donate to adequate legal representation for him, I hope his QC can make a case for one of the government agencies taxed with harassing him – to death, if they could – being made to pick up the tab for first class post-POW medical care. It’s the least they can do for his “pain and distress”, which was all too real.

        I remember one Christmas when he was in prison and I was torn with images of him being underground in solitary while up in the real world, all the toffs who were permitted to speak against Islam no doubt made their rounds of holiday parties…I asked someone who knew the situation if my view of Tommy being held in solitary in some kind of basement was accurate. I was told it was…

        …and don’t forget all the encouraging mail people sent to him in prison, most of which never arrived. After the first attempt to contact him in gaol, I knew it was futile.

        Perhaps your idea that he get his money back plus interest compounded for pain and suffering is, in fact, realistic. This QC he has now seems to have murmured something to that effect. My ‘hopes’ are more atavistic than that: I want the people who so callously abused him to have to suffer the consequences for their brutally applied injustice. My mother’s heart wants revenge. Not very civilized, I know, but on this subject I don’t feel in the least civilized.

  55. How the hell do you lot in England think we can keep supporting you if you go voting these cockroach muslims into parliament for gods sake.They say he is a right little extremist too.Apparently he has renounced everything extreme,but they have a little clause in their book of satan called AL TAQIYYA,which basically means that you can lie to the unbeliever under any circumstances.You will have a new tax soon called the jizzya tax,where I believe you receive a little slap across the face whilst paying it,just to know your place.England along with Sweden will be an islamic country in 20 years.I believe Germany will fight.Goodbye mother country,just keep it away from us here in Australia.The mayor of London for [goodness’] sake.Imagine how many mosques will be popping up now.Great win for the regressive left

  56. Sharing support from the USA. It’s not only the UK where these issues are rising to the surface, it’s all over the “free” world. I salute your bravery Tommy, you’re a better man than I. My heart goes out to you and your family. On that note, I’m sure you already know that the state can take your children if they so decide. Please bear this in mind during your endeavors. I’m sure you have your own connections but if you need to travel to the US anytime in the future, you have support from me. A sponsor, a place to stay however I can help, I’m willing to do so.

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