Tommy Robinson: Assault Case May Be Reopened

None of us thought the totalitarian British state was done with Tommy Robinson yet, and now it’s been confirmed: The Crown Prosecution Service is considering retrying Tommy for the “assault” in prison.

One thing that should be noted about the article below: it wasn’t simple boiling water that was going to be thrown on Tommy; it was boiling water with sugar dissolved in it, which in prison argot is known as “napalm”. The sugar adheres to the skin, and makes the resulting burns much more severe and painful. That’s what his Muslim assailant intended to use on Tommy.

From The International Business Times:

Tommy Robinson: CPS Investigating Possible Retrial of Ex-EDL Leader for Assault Charge

Tommy Robinson could be dragged back to court to face a charge of assault after prosecutors said they may seek a retrial. The former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) had been accused of attacking a fellow inmate in 2015 while serving a sentence for mortgage fraud in Peterborough Prison.

Robinson, who now helps lead anti-Islam group Pegida UK, appeared in Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on 14 April for trial, having crowdfunded £24,000 for a legal defence from his supporters. The case against the 33-year-old, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, collapsed after Robinson’s QC successfully argued the trial could not continue because of failures in providing evidence.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) this week told IBTimes UK the case has now been passed to its appeals team, however, which is looking into whether the body “should seek a judicial review” of the judge’s ruling.

No decision has yet been made but a CPS spokesperson said should it decide to appeal the judge’s decision, there could be a retrial.

A spokesperson for the CPS added: “Following legal argument on the day of the trial on 14 April 2016, the case against Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who had been charged with assault, was stopped. We are now seeking advice concerning the hearing.”

Robinson had admitted to punching the inmate concerned but claimed it was self-defence. He said a fellow prisoner warned him he was going to be attacked with a cup of boiling water after a group of Muslim inmates allegedly offered a reward for anyone who assaulted him. Robinson’s alleged assault was caught on prison CCTV.

Robinson told IBTimes UK the CPS had provided only select footage of the fight for the trial, which he said left out a clip allegedly showing a prisoner arrive to warn Robinson he was in danger. He says his defence had been told the rest of the footage had now been deleted.

Robinson also complained prison records, which his defence said would show he had told prison staff he feared for his life, were also not provided by prosecutors.

Robinson described the charge against him as a “stitch up” and said the case was “state persecution” for his political activism.

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30 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: Assault Case May Be Reopened

  1. It’s not just the stickiness: it also raises the boiling point. You’re essentially moving from a boiling water burn (already extremely nasty) into something closer to a hot oil burn:

    The British state is unbelievable. Just imagine that outcry that we’d have if, say, a member of the Russian opposition was treated this way. Or a Palestinian in Israeli detention. Or even if the Americans did this. Or, or, or.

    But when the British do it, it’s somehow okay, I suppose.

    • That’s the point the public needs to understand: the lethality of a “napalm bath”…

      This is an attempt to cover the very red gluteus maximus of the inept prosecution’s work-over of a chav. They know the middle class doesn’t care what happens to a football hooligan.

      Well, with his QC in the mix let’s see the bewigged duke it out – so to speak. I am encouraged that this will go to a higher court where the silk brigade can move and countermove. I’m just sorry TR has to endure more stress at the hands of these government criminals.

      • I’m glad that there’s enough money left over to at least partially fund the next step.

        Obviously, we’ll all chip in again as much as we can if they have another go at him.

        • Right. We will show them whatever they do we go a step further. We need to be very consistent so they really know we are serious and will never back down because being the clever psychologists they are , (as they were in former USSR) they are betting we will do little.

          We must prove them wrong. Support Tommy in every way possible and march in our millions with Pegida, whatever it costs us to let them know we mean it,because the alternative eventually otherwise is terrifying.

  2. Horrible. Just horrible. Tommy Robinson strikes me as a decent, if possibly overly enthusiastic chap (as the British would say) but why all this persecution? What do they fear (the Gov I mean, what does the government fear from this man)?

    Oh, wait. It’s free speech. England no longer believes in it. That must be the problem. God, no wonder Europe is such a hell-hole these days — NO free speech or you will be sorry. It’s happening in Germany and England — I can’t keep track of them all but it sounds pretty sorry and frightening to me. Germany is going back to nazi thinking and England has apparently lost its collective mind.

    Tommy, come to America — some parts, especially the wide open prairies, still believe in free speech. I’ll buy you a nice and tasty Kansas steak.

    • Mariadee – It is his very enthusiasm for English cultural values which makes Tommy a natural leader among a large group of men who don’t easily “follow” anyone. Just the fact that he exists at all, enthusiasm and patriotism undimmed, is a wonder.

  3. The Brit “elites” have always eaten their citizens alive. The men were too malnourished to fight in either world war as the Asquiths, Rothchilds, “Windsors” and Churchills ate cake. At least they haven’t drawn and quartered Tommy…yet.

    • A part of the problem, I think, is that the elite in England has lived by “divide and conquer” for a long, LONG time, consequently view the working classes almost as an enemy to be manipulated and they’ll continue with these techniques even to the point that it will lead to their own destruction.

      Being on an island might help in developing this kind of attitude, also. They lost it by the end of WWII, but it seems that it came back quickly enough.

    • You’ve made some serious errors of history there.

      Of the “Windsors”, King Edward VIII was a Guards officer who served on the frontline in 1914, and was yanked back to a Staff job when it was realised what a blood bath the trenches were. This didn’t stop him going back to the line on a regular basis to make sure his men were being looked after.

      His brother, King George VI, was a RN officer during WWI and served at the largest naval battle in history.

      The current Duke of York, Prince Andrew, flew a helicopter during the Falklands War and used that helicopter to decoy anti-shipping missiles away from ships.

      Princes William and Henry (Wills and Harry) have both served in active combat in Afghanistan, and Prince William currently works as a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

      Winston Spencer Churchill started his military career by fighting against the Mahdi’s forces in the Sudan in 1888, and during WWI, after being dumped from the War Cabinet, reactivated his commission and went and served as a Company commanding officer in the Trenches in 1915 and 1916.

      Those “elites” put it on the line, in uniform for a couple of centuries, and many of them are still doing it. The problem is the new “elites”, the left wing “intelligentsia” who are selling out fellow subjects.

      • Also in WW2 George VI and his Queen continued living in Buckingham Palace, against government advice, to show solidarity with their people.

    • I definitely don’t share your pessimism nor do I think it’s warranted. People with more money and smarts than I think this can be beaten.

      • I just love that Americanism “smarts”. As in Roxy Hart about her husband : ” Lord knows he ain’t got the smarts”.

        Seriously though, Tommy has upset “them” = the Establishment. He has pushed back against the established narrative that submits to Islam. Cameron cannot be the absolute fool he seems so I rather think it is a case of Knave ? Or Fool ? Personally, I go for Knave.

        Wonder if the media will be interested this time around ?

    • I think that there’s a very serious chance that he’ll “win” in that his movement will become too big to be ignored. Then the elites will start “spouting” the same statements, but not really meaning it, but having to at least pretend to do something, which may turn into actually doing something, a bit. That would be a win, of sorts.

      There is a very real possibility that he will succeed in this way.

      That’s why they’re so scared of him.

      • That is the real reason they are going for him! If he had left EDL and done nothing more they would have left him alone by now (with legal procidings in abayance just in case) …. But he did not do that! He left Quilliam and joined Pegida, which is potentialy a bigger threat then EDL now is. Thankfully the defence has botched it up by losing evidence and TR will stand a good chance of aquittal! This is par for the course of most working class disputes that turn serious …. look at what happened at the miners strike (Oregreve in particular) and how people like Ricky Tomlinson! Persecuted! For some it is truly a life and death struggle!

        • Aye look at the lives ruined by Hillsborough, and the time it has taken to get some kind of justice. Multiple lifetimes spent in the pursuit of justice, facing down the establishment machine and its lackeys in the media who peddle the machine’s lies.

          • I just happened on this awful story the other day. It took me quite a while to make sense of it because it presumed the reader had prior knowledge of what happened in 19-freaking-89!! My heavens, a huge death toll and yet they dragged this on for decades??!

            We read a lot about England and the rest of the UK, but we don’t follow sports so maybe that’s why we missed it? It makes me think that if I wasn’t aware of this tragedy, then the majority of Americans wouldn’t be either. The original incident was awful enough; the subsequent stonewalling by the South Yorkshire Police is repulsive. Here’s a snip of just one present-day aspect of the story from the Beeb:


            Perhaps Brits can give us some URLs on the original story…

    • There’s a saying among US police: “you can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.”

      If Tommy beat the first rap, at a cool L24,000 ($35,000 US) a second go will probably be the same. Even if Robinson wins, it will clearly communicate that an average prole had better not buck the system, if he knows what’s good for him, unless he has $70,000 US lying around.

      England is openly devolving into a barely-concealed totalitarianism. I think Obama and the leftist Democrats admire that type of control. There is a news article that leftists are colluding with state and region attorneys general to criminalize criticism of the climate change meme.

  4. One thing I’ll say about the CPS is this:


    • They were widely reviled on the Police Inspector Blog (run by “Inspector Gadget”) as “Couldn’t Prosecute Satan”. But it’s the blog that has gone (or rather it has been “sanitised”) not the incompetence of the CPS. For a bit more on the CPS from time to time see the Magistrate’s Blog (The Law West of Ealing Broadway).

  5. Tommy’s bank accounts have been frozen again. (He posted this to his twitter account about 11 hours ago.)

    ibtimes has posted another article about this, along with a short piece of view.

    • Correction: ibtimes has posted another article about the possible review of the judge’s decision, along with a short video.

    • Based on information gleaned from previous threads discussing the plight of Crown persecution of Tommy Robinson it appears the funds raised for his defense are held in trust. Whether those funds can be frozen is not clear. It would be a severe breech of trust if those funds were frozen…preventing him from financially securing QC defense representation.
      In a GatesofVienna 4/8 update on the funds raised for Tommy to acquire QC representation in court …

      I am breathing a deep sigh of relief that those in charge of the funds will make sure his family is cared for if he goes inside. Though as I understand it, having a QC raises his chances of beating these trumped-up “crimes” to begin with so he can continue once more to get on with his life.

      And on 4/18 update “Case Dismissed”…

      Any monies left over in the legal fund will be held in trust to help Tommy’s family, and to defray future legal expenses — he is an Enemy of the State, and I don’t think the State is done with him just yet.”

      • As I understand it, none of the money collected for Tommy has ever been in his hands. Expenditures — the QC being the main one — were paid on his behalf, directly to the person or firm they were owed to. The remainder is held in trust by reliable people.

        That doesn’t mean that Her Majesty’s minions can’t freeze it if they want to. But to do so, they would have to abandon the last tattered fragment of legality and the rule of law. At the moment all this is still “legal” — there are statutes on the books that permit the government to do what it is doing.

        As for any money that’s being held in trust outside the UK — that’s even harder to interfere with.

      • I’m not convinced that this is about monies raised for Tommy’s legal representation.

        If Tommy’s bank accounts have been frozen then I assume that they have been frozen as a result of a court order. A court order cannot be obtained on a whim. That is: someone (CPS?) has approached the court with a legal argument, and the court has accepted the argument and made an order freezing the accounts.

        The only thing that I can think of is proceeds of crime legislation.

        I wonder whether someone is trying to argue that Tommy is profiting from crime by writing a book about his past. (Possibly better understood in the US as ‘Son of Sam law’ being any law which tries to prevent a criminal from profiting from publicity of their crimes.)

        I’m not saying that this is what Tommy is facing, because I do not know for sure what is happening. However, it is a question that runs through my head.

  6. Get him over here. Most people are good but courage is rare. We need Pegida here. He can join with Geller and West.

  7. The CPS was humiliated in court and they don’t like it. But finding a legal reason to overturn the magistrate’s decision may be difficult for them.

  8. Trump should let him in as a refugee who can not return to his native country due to certain persecution.

  9. Cameron and the Brits who are persecuting this good and noble man are beyond pathetic.
    They are ludicrous and risable. I have no time for them and wish them nothing but
    defeat in all areas pertaining to the pretended government of what was once a great country. Woe to them and their ilk – both in Britain and in the European Union.
    They have no idea what is coming their way – none whatsoever. And they will deserve it.
    Let them fall by their own counsels!

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