Polish Interview With Tommy Robinson, Questions Subtitled in English

Last week we posted this excellent Polish interview with Tommy Robinson, which I now know was recorded in London on May 6, 2017. As I pointed, the questions are in Polish, and the answers are in English.

Nick, a native Polish-speaker, kindly volunteered to translate the questions into English, and Vlad Tepes turned them into subtitles:

Video transcript (questions only):

0:01   Tommy Robinson, Public Enemy, Piotr Ślusarczyk — EuroIslam.pl,
0:04   speaks with the British journalist and activist.
0:12   The first interview for the Polish public with one of the most recognizable activists on the
0:15   British political scene. Politicians and journalists are afraid of him;
0:18   he fights against the state, and has received many death threats.
0:22   Good morning. We are in a small English town. Next to me is Tommy Robinson. Somewhat known
0:26   in Poland, but also somewhat unknown; it’s very important to me to give Tommy an opportunity
0:30   to say what he really thinks in a way that’s free from political correctness. Of course,
0:34   I am convinced that you can either agree or disagree with Tommy’s views,
0:39   but they are worth knowing, and I am sure
0:44   that what Tommy does is the result of his concept of freedom.
0:53   It’s very nice to see you, thank you for finding time for me.
0:58   Good morning.
1:01   What can you say on the subject of Polish history?
1:04   Do you know about the 303 Squadron or someone like Jan III Sobieski?
3:04   Looking at your activities, it’s easy to get lost. You founded the English Defence League,
3:10   from which you later withdrew, you cooperated with liberal Muslims, with Maajid Nawaz,
3:15   then with Pegida. Most recently in Poland, one could read in the press about
3:20   your heated discussion with a bookseller in Birmingham. Who is Tommy Robinson today?
6:17   What’s your attitude towards nationalists, right-wing extremists and anti-Semites?
6:56   What values do you defend?
7:23   What methods would you use to fight for what you believe? What methods would you use to achieve it?
8:04   I wanted to ask you about the issue of trouble with the law; several times you’ve acknowledged
8:08   standing before the court and admitting to the charges against you. What was the issue?
9:33   On the other hand you call yourself a political prisoner. At one point you even carried out a
9:37   hunger strike in prison. Why? What happened in prison, while you were
9:42   under arrest, that led you to take such a desperate step?
11:23   You wrote about and also publicized a certain matter: u said that you were beaten in prison.
11:29   How did it come to this, and how did the prison authorities react to it?
13:43   What do you think — who is your greatest enemy, British political correctness,
13:48   the police, or maybe conservative, political Muslims?
16:13   What does your day-to-day life look like? What price have you paid to do what you do?
17:40   Are you wearing a bulletproof vest right now or not?
18:15   What will you say to those who openly call for your death online?
20:15   Many people in Great Britain say that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.
20:20   How do you reply to such an opinion? Can one agree with it or not?
25:33   How big of a problem is this, regarding issues of extremism and terrorism in Great Britain?
28:52   OK, we agree that a problem exists, whereas now we have to ask about solutions. What
28:56   solutions do you see to this problem? What can we do?
32:32   And at the end an important question: Do we have a chance to win, to defend our freedom?
35:16   We also have Tommy Robinson’s book here, ‘Enemy of the State’, an important book
35:21   that has now been translated into Polish, so Polish readers will have the opportunity to
35:26   familiarize themselves with its contents, which I think is worth doing,
35:31   and it is worth knowing Tommy Robinson’s voice. By the way,
35:36   my friend asked me to get an autograph, if you’d like to.
36:01   Two days later, at 4am, Tommy Robinson was arrested. The direct reason for the arrest
36:06   was for filming a report at the trial of a gang of Pakistani rapists.

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  1. just got banned by Facebook [ again !] for 30 days for daring to say in the comments section of an article in the British press about an 72 old lady that got arrested for waving a placard with the word “SHIT” on it during an animal rights protest! Saying that the British police can arrest an old lady but when a muslim man holds a placard up during a protest saying “those that say Islam is violent will get beheaded ” no arrest are made at all ! An old lady of 72 is an easy target .A mob of screaming Muslims isn`t . Then I actually uploaded a picture of the placard as a comment . I get banned for 30 days for speaking the truth ! WTF !

    • I don’t understand why FaceAche remains an attraction to anyone. It’s a main feature in the grand cabal to destroy our civilization. While we do use Twitter, the first time that place censored us, we’d not return.

      I pray you make your suspension permanent.

      • The issue is that most peoples’ friends are on FB, and these days, often the main method of communication is via FB. There are friends whose phone numbers I don’t know – we just always communicated via FB.

        Getting kicked off there can hence make things a bit tricky…

        Imo pressure should be put to better regulate the way FB operates. I guess they’re not allowed to kick someone off just because they’re black… so why should they be allowed to do the same, if they have a different opinion?

        Agreed there may be cases where thats necessary (support for terror, violence, or harassment of individuals, or even, where it’s beyond doubt, “racism” )… but surely stretching such definitions creates an avenue to censor peoples’ opinions by other, unspecified criteria, using such specified reasons as an excuse, and hence, in a democratic, pluralist state can be used to significantly manipulate public opinion?

        And such a manipulative influence on the general public will remain, regardless of whether or not Sam Green remains an FB user.

      • I have dabbled with one or two political comments or cartoons on my Facebook page, but mainly avoid potential problems. The reason is that I have indeed made contacts through Facebook I would not otherwise have been able to make. I have tracked down a few long-lost friends of mine and my sisters.

        So, I think Facebook has its uses, but one should realize its limitations. If you’re going to make your social network revolve around Facebook, avoid politics on it. It’s simply a matter of choosing your battles.

        Twitter is an entirely different story. What’s valuable to me on Twitter is not the very short comments so much (thought they have doubled the allowable length), but the references to some really, really useful information pieces. The DeepState twitter account is a prime example. I also took out a gab account, and will support any website, such as Vdare, that has to shift operations to gab.ai.

        YouTube is another problematic site. I have seen some extremely useful videos there: the information I got could simply not be gotten elsewhere in as rich a form. Stefan Molyneux is an example. But, I am a paying supporter of Ramzpaul on Patreon, because he was de-commercialized by YouTube although wildly successful as a creator of viewed videos.

        I like to think of alternative media, websites and real journalists as guerrillas, taking advantage of weaknesses in the defenses of the establishment swamp, and moving on to alternative pathways rather than emulate the hidebound establishment swamp.

  2. There does not appear to be in this video a part I saw last week where a small white dog is seen walking from right to left in the background. So I looked up the previous version of this clip on GoV, here:

    But when I try to play that earlier video, a message comes on the screen saying, “This video cannot be played here, but you can still watch it on YouTube. Watch on YouTube”. What’s the story there? Is this related to YouTube revenue?

    More surprising, when I go to YouTube to play this earlier video, the screen says, “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”, followed by a click-box saying I UNDERSTAND AND WISH TO PROCEED .

    How solicitous of the sensibilities of the YouTube audience! But what is this “YouTube community”? How many members does it have? Can I join? How do they make their decisions? By majority vote? How many YouTube communitarians viewed this video, and what was their vote on how to present it? Has voting already ended? This YouTube community seems a little prudish and prissy, and maybe even kufrophobic.

    • Yeah. I also watched the original video. I appreciate Nick’s work on translating the questions. For me, Robinson was clear enough and forceful enough, I felt I understood fully what he was saying. Robinson in an earlier, more self-confident Britain, would be one of the stellar statesmen or soldiers who overcame the class rigidity to rise to great achievements through intelligence, perseverance, and character.

      YouTube was bought by google, and seems to be falling into the rathole of pursuing political correctness even at the cost of profits. But, YouTube is still very useful. If they make themselves totally irrelevant, as the NFL is doing to itself with respect to entertainment, at least there will be time to pursue alternative providers.

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