Tommy Robinson: The Polish Interview

Before he left England for last weekend’s National Independence Day march in Poland, Tommy Robinson was interviewed by the Polish Counterjihad site Euro Islam. The video below is a little peculiar, since the questions are asked in Polish, and then answered by Tommy in English. He was obviously getting a translation during the out-takes, but we don’t — there are no subtitles, and as far as I can tell, no CC. So the non-Polish viewer is left guessing about what the questions were.

It’s an excellent interview, covering a wide range of topics from the founding of the English Defence League through Tommy’s imprisonment all the way to current events in the UK and Europe.

What comes through most strongly is Tommy’s struggle to accept the likelihood that he will be killed for doing what he does. He reminds us that if we aren’t willing to die for what we consider important — especially our children’s future — then our lives are all but pointless.

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  1. This guy is a hero to me, not afraid to tell what is really going on in Europe, More people like this pls. Like He said this generations are cowards , that’s why it will be worse, Europe is at war , but nobody wants the hear it ..

    • how is he a “patriot”, if he praises Germans and Poles, works for a Canadian, and supports Israel.

      Tommy himself can say he is “patriot”, but in reality he is just normal sane Westerner.
      normal, in a sense that he stands for global anti-Islamic modernization.
      more courageous than others, no questions about that.

      • It’s perfectly okay for patriots to praise allies.

        One of the great weaknesses of the Crusades was that they were prone to squabble with each other. Islam could then easily exploit the divide-and-conquer strategem.

        As Ben Franklin once said, we need to hang together, or else we’ll all surely hang separately.

        God bless Tommy Robinson, and all of the counterjihad, whereever it may be found.

    • I really have to disagree. The main problem is that the government and the press will stomp all over you if you try to do anything to address the problem. Corruption of a society within itself, and loss of unity of purpose is the worst thing that is happening today, and will eventually make any solution unbelievably messy because delaying the solution only makes it a lot worse.

      During the Battle of Britain you had all facets of society, the press, the military, and the government acting in cohesion. It was that collective will power to address the problem that is missing, and will continue to be missing because of this bizarre idea that “diversity is our strength”. Unity of purpose is a societies strength.

  2. Help Tommy – Buy both his books, before the evil British Deep State along with their Islamic religious friends burn them.

    Mohammed’s Koran – just out

    Enemy of The State – now available on amazon in paperback – the Bezos echo chamber clowns somehow decided their boycott wasn’t working

  3. (18:20) “The best thing to come out of Donald Trump’s election is the term ‘fake news’.”
    (23:00) Children taught to say “Peace Be Upon Him” in UK schools.

    • Enlightening truths! Try posting anything negative about the Koran or Islam on the U.K. Daily Mail. They will Thank You and state your post will appear soon. But it never does! And your user name gets tagged & blocked! CNN and Yahoo are doing the same things. Fox News and AmericanThinker still allow honest debate and criticism of Islam!

  4. He sees it and says it. All the liberal Muslims he met and work with he discovered to be apostates who were to afraid to drop the Muslim label. Tommy says this unequivocally as though he had never known an exception. True, true, true.

  5. This was good, but I really wish the Pole’s words could have been translated for us, as we missed 50% of the interview

    • What about Martin Sellner in Austria, he’s working really hard against ” The Great Replacement” too!

  6. “…there are no subtitles, and as far as I can tell, no CC…”
    Incorrect, there are subtitles for the Polish interviewer. Just click the subtitles button at the bottom of the Youtube video player.

    “…Before he left England for last weekend’s National Independence Day march in Poland, Tommy Robinson was interviewed by the Polish Counterjihad…”
    Yes, the interview was before he left for Poland, but is not recent. Tommy mentions things in the video, describing them as ‘recent’, but these things happened many months ago.

    • I tried clicking CC several times, and nothing came up. Maybe I use the wrong browser (it was Chrome, I think).

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