Karl Lagerfeld vs. the Evil Stepmother

The renowned German-French fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld brought a big brouhaha upon himself the other day for his remarks about Chancellor Merkel, Muslim migrants, and the Holocaust.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this clip from a French TV panel, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The TV show was in French, but the story rapidly spread in the German media, since it transgressed several major PC taboos in German popular culture. Its viral trajectory was accelerated by Mr. Lagerfeld’s status as a French celebrity who was born in Germany.

This article by Egri Nök about the Lagerfeld crisis was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form:

Karl Lagerfeld: “You can’t kill millions of Jews, and then later bring millions of their worst enemies into the country”

by Egri Nök

Paris — In an interview on French TV, Karl Lagerfeld said that

Even if there are decades in between — you can’t kill millions of Jews, and then later bring millions of their worst enemies into the country.

He suspected that Merkel probably wanted to improve her “image as a wicked stepmother” dating from the Greek government debt crisis.

The interviewer inquired whether Lagerfeld thought that Merkel wanted to excuse her actions in the Greek crisis by taking in so many refugees. And if she wanted to show that Germany, after what had happened in the Second World War, was now finally a welcoming country.

Lagerfeld replied:

Yes, but I will now say something terrible: You can’t, even if there are decades in between, kill millions of Jews, and then later bring millions of their worst enemies into the country.

He illustrated his assessment with a personal experience:

I know a German lady, who took in a young Syrian, who spoke a bit of English. After four days — do you know what he said to the lady? ‘The best invention that Germany ever made was the Holocaust!’ I can tell you that one moment later, he found himself out on the street. What a horror!

The interview was broadcast last Saturday, Nov. 11. The TV station has reportedly been showered with complaints since.

Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director of Chanel. A native of Hamburg, Germany, he went to Paris where he began working with fashion houses like Balmain and Chloé in the 1950s. Claudia Schiffer is his friend and muse. Some of his lesser-known accomplishments are that he is a renowned photographer, and that he created the perfume Chloé for Women.

Video transcript:

00:00   …who didn’t appreciate the colonization. They are taking in
00:04   not ten or twenty thousand; she, who already had millions and millions of them
00:08   who were well-integrated and who work, and it’s very good, because anyway
00:12   the demographics over there are a little… —Yes. —…declining; but she didn’t have to
00:16   add one more million on top of that to project a charming image of herself, after
00:20   the image of an evil stepmother that she acquired during the Greek crisis. —Yes.
00:24   It’s a little bit like that. All of a sudden the daughter
00:29   of a pastor is coming out. —Yes. Do you think she did it
00:33   in order to excuse her behavior during the Greek crisis, or to show
00:37   that Germany — in relation to what happened during World War Two —
00:41   or to show that Germany was, in fact, a welcoming country? —Well, yes, but
00:45   there I’m going to say a horrible thing: you cannot and — even if there are decades between —
00:49   kill millions of Jews and then invite millions of their worst enemies.
00:53   You know, they [the government] are asking the people to house “youths”.
00:57   I know someone in Germany who took in a young Syrian who spoke a little English,
01:01   and after about four days, do you know what he said to the lady? “You know, in the end,
01:05   the best German invention was the Holocaust.” … —Yes… —He was out the next minute,
01:09   I’m telling you. —Yes, yes. —What horror!…

19 thoughts on “Karl Lagerfeld vs. the Evil Stepmother

  1. Totally truth , thank You Karl for saying that , because citizens are afraid to do something to take that women from the power ..

  2. I always knew there was a reason I liked Chanel…

    Apparently, stating the empress is not wearing any clothes is a far more damaging act than to participate in maintaining the fraud she is stark naked.

      • Yes, Coco Chanel the person did show quite the astonishing lack of morals. But the brand Chanel is not identical with the person Coco Chanel.
        The brand has always been co-held, and from the 50s on completely held, by the Wertheimer family.
        “Chanel S.A. is a French, privately held company owned by Jennifer Pasca /Alain and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who was an early business partner of the couturière Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chanel)
        When Lagerfeld became creative director in the 80s, Coco the person was long dead.

  3. I often wondered at how Germany, who killed the Jews, is now friendly with the Jewish enemy and how this is supposed to absolve their former sins. “We’re sorry we killed you in the past but look! We are so kind and inclusive now! Yes, they are your current enemies but you shouldn’t be so islamophobic! We support them in squabbles over your land –the land we drove you to out of fear– but see? We’re not the anti-semites of the past. It is because we’re not anti-semite that we expect more of you. We are wonderful mult-culti now. We don’t crave your forgiveness, actually now that we get to it. But the rest of Europe is watching and we need to assert our moral authority to boss, er, guide the Union.”

    I love how he knew what he was going to say would be rattling a whole lot of cages…”there I am going to say a horrible thing”. The truth often is horrible.

    • http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/hitler-muslim-brotherhood.html


      and the truth is: Naziism and Islamism are both fascist ideologies, and are friends since ancient times, because they both have problem with reasonable free people. Not only Jews, but Christians as well: The reason for this is that both the Nazis and the Islamist are collective ideologies aimed against our Individual Souls, wanting to make us bees in ‘their’ hive.

      …and then the hard question: who won WWII? we all know that Germany lost, but who won? I tend to argue that the real winners were the VolksWagen and BMW and Mercedes.

      • Yes, I’m aware of their shared connection and history but the narrative out there is Hitler was a Christian and Germany is now past all that Nazi stuff. The Muslim connection is ignored and concealed. But even without knowing the muslim/Hitler connection, the optics of how things stand now are crazy enough. Trying to erase the sins of the past by blindly supporting their victims’ current enemies. Yeah. When you know about the connection the current actions actually make a modicum of sense. They’re just doing what they’ve always wanted to do. Hitler just thought too small for them.

        What a joke. Right now though, it seems Europe holds some weird conflagration of fascism, islamo-fascism and good, old-fashioned Stasi tactics making some murky authoritarian stew. And we all have to be grateful and slurp it down with our state-given lump of bread.

        I’m more shocked that people aren’t willing to do even this most basic of research. I mean, this sort of information is–as of yet–not hard to find. You don’t even have to go to the likes of Alex Jones.

        • I believe it is easy to understand when you take the ‘captains of industry’ viewpoint. The captains, in this case, being ardent nazis, and so they are in the process of swinging the pendulum of public discourse into its opposite side, and in order to do it, they first had to swing it all the way in the opposite direction: Multiculturalism is a failed concept, it has been proven in WWII, but nevertheless they did go for it… Why? Because they are patient and plan on War. And for war, you need some ‘sides’ that will fight each other…

          Or in other words: It is clear as day that what George Soros is doing: He is bringing in wood for the campfire/war.

          Because that is the plan: A War. And it is not easy to start one! It takes a lot of deception, a lot of failed goals, and a lot of misery to start a war, and that is – in my view – what they are trying to accomplish. And Islam is organized for war; it is the wartime religion, it is a perfect base.

          PS: Some 80 years ago, Czechoslovakia experienced some significant ethnic cleansing between the Czechs and Germans and vice versa: The dividing line was our language because otherwise we are identical people. Yet – what is gonna happen between let’s say – the Arabs and Europeans, who are distinguishably different?

          • I hate being manipulated and I have accepted all this strife is manufactured. I plan on remaining civil and fight back any rage I feel. I aim to continue to think for myself. They want me to hate others so I will not. I can hate everything they stand for but I will not them. My mind is not for the taking. Sounds lofty, and I could not do it on my own. That is where my belief in Jesus comes in. I believe in a power higher than them. It is where I disagree with 1984’s ultimate conclusion. There is hope.

            And the powers can have fun with the muslums and their higher power if they do manage to get rid of us. They will reapwhat they have sown.

          • “Identical people”, Barn Swallow? Not that I have much truck with racial (as opposed to cultural) politics, but the Czechs (notwithstanding their language) are mainly Slavs, and the Germans aren’t, or am I missing something?

          • @Mark H – I think this sharp distinction would be rather recent, from the time when the modern nation-states formed. The fascinating history of Prague and Bohemia comes to mind.

    • their wrath won’ t reach him.Karl is rich and from a moneyed family background. He couldn’ t care less about what others think of him.

  4. Do the social engineers who have brought this catastrophe upon all of us truly feel they will not be brought to account?

    Do they?

    Their behaviour suggests not.

  5. Worst enemies of Jews are Muslims. Not ‘radical’ Muslims, not ‘less educated’ Muslims, but Muslims. Period. I have used an experiment that has always succeeded 100%. Talk to an ‘enlightened’ Muslim doctor, college professor, professional etc. and bring the subject around to ‘those Jews who run everything’ and I GUARANTEE without fail you will hear an earful of Nazi Jew hatred that you would not believe. This has NEVER failed to work.

  6. I am friends with a Jew in Germany, his family got their villa back from the German govt. after the war. Anyway, he is an AFD activist and a member of the IB ( Generation Identity Movement). During the German election period recently when he was helping out at a booth, some leftie he was bickering with, called him a crazy “Jewish Nazi!”

  7. If it was possible to sum up the migrant situation in Germany in one sentence, Karl Lagerfeld has done it. There’s really nothing more to say.

  8. Mr. Lagerfeld has worked with many fashion labels, per Wikipedia:

    I doubt he needs to worry about money. Personally, I respect a person that has been so successful in their field, even if I am not thrilled about their personal proclivities.

    Predictably, the useful idiots at Salon have published a screed about how it’s, ‘time to walk away from the designer,’ for his, ‘Islamophobic rant.’

    These sorts of useful idiots are the exact people that Bezmenov was referring to in his talks as the first to be liquidated. On some level, one has to wonder if they desire their own extinction. They act as if they want to be the first to be stoned to death, chucked off a building, beheaded on GoPro, or worse….

    • I just went over to “Salon” and read it, cause I wanted to have a laugh. They in all seriousness demand “to censor or punish him”.

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