What I Did on my Winter Vacation

I’m calling it “winter” because the forecast calls for snow here tomorrow.

I arrived home earlier this evening (actually, it was yesterday evening, but I’ll refer to it as today, because I haven’t been to bed yet). Before I even talked to Vlad tonight, he had already been tipped to the RT video below, which shows the interruption of an event — which I attended — by a trio of social justice warriors. You can even see me in some of the footage because I was sitting in the front row, directly in front of the guy who started shouting at the congressman:

RT got the name of the event wrong, and included almost nothing of the real discussion (just a tiny bit from Tommy Robinson), so I’ll explain what it was: It was a panel discussion entitled “De-Platforming, A New Problem”, sponsored by the Middle East Forum and hosted by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington DC. Daniel Pipes was the moderator, and in addition to Rep. Gosar, the panelists were Tommy Robinson (by video link), Anne Marie Waters of For Britain, Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London, and Ezra Levant of Rebel Media.

In one of the bitter ironies of our time, a group of lefty activists attempted to de-platform the panel of a discussion on de-platforming. In his remarks during the event, Mr. Levant referred to that type of action as “3D de-platforming” — physical disruption, noise, threats, and even violent attacks to prevent people from speaking.

Tommy couldn’t be there in person because his visa didn’t come through in time. I must emphasize that he was not denied a visa; the process simply wasn’t completed in time. The fact that Monday was a federal holiday helped make sure of that. But he and the MEF assure everyone that he will get here eventually (if the Home Secretary allows him to leave, that is).

I’ll have a lot more to say about today’s event and its interruption as soon as I get the time to write it up.

I arrived home too late to do a news feed, so there will just have to be a really big news feed tomorrow (later today).

45 thoughts on “What I Did on my Winter Vacation

  1. This footage demonstrates one thing more than any other. That is, the left has nothing, nothing but a bunch of loud mouthed agitators babbling a load of semi-coherent marxist smears. They have done whatever cause they claim to espouse no good at all.

    • Puzzles me. The whole world hates Jews and they hate themselves. Can we take our cue from Moses, Jesus, King Solomon, or Aristotle to know wrong from right and how to behave in our (Jews and Christians) own interest and benefit.

      Look and see how muslims know how to butter their bread: Newly elected / selected congress muslim women carry Palestinian flags on their way to the House, shouting and applauding and no one dared say anything.

      I though it was Cairo but they explained that she had won the midterm election and ready to serve her original hellhole.

      Things are happening which are stranger than fiction.

      Now I believe in all myths and legends.

      • We don’t know for a fact that he’s Jewish, but let’s assume so.

        This here Jew is just as puzzled as you are by self-hating Jews. It’s common in the USA. Much rarer in Israel, where it’s known in Hebrew as “auto-antisemitism” and is a – very vocal – minority position. Also, as a general rule, the more religious Jews are, the less self-hating they are (with some totally ridiculous ultra-orthodox exceptions). Finding a (real) kippa-wearing Jew who is such an SJW is a bit rare, in my experience. Finding a “Reform” or secular Jew is almost a norm.

        My overall conclusion is that Jews are very similar to urban white Americans generally in being self-hating. Considering that Jews are largely urban, they’re not as different from their general surroundings as it might otherwise seem.

        But you’d think that, typically being the first victims of insanity, Jews wouldn’t be so self hating regardless. It is to my eternal puzzlement that this isn’t the case.

        • Jews are no better nor worsg than any other People faith. It is daft to blame everything on “Joos”. It is like saying every Briton is responsible for the bombing of Dresden. Jews are just ordinary folk. I refuse to curry favour or be anti-Semitic. Humans are as Humanity is -including Jews. All the ones I have met I have liked.

        • Yes rare already, and add to that that English Jews rarely wear a ‘Yarmulke’ (English/Yiddish) anywhere but in ‘holy’ places and occasions.

          For many years it has been unwise in UK to wear a Yamulke in public. So one carries it in a pocked and dons it as one enters.

          This behaviour strikes me as so strange it has to be staged in some way. The English accent, but very non-English behaviour.

          To my English/Jewish/Israeli background, somebody is trying to send a message that stinks of fraud

          This has FAKE stamped all over it. Maybe somebody was trying to cause yet another anti-semitic incident but misread his audience, there is a vast gulf between conservative right and Neo Nazi ‘far right’ …..

    • This is just rhetorical question: why does not he go to Israel and explains his point of view disturbing the army, while they take care of muslim third class citizens in gaza or some other occupied zone ? Of course Israel would not allow this scum to speak and at the same time nobody could talk of antisemitism in that case.

      But if he does the same in US things become different… He wears that symbol so he can put blame on jews (or take credit for depending if you are libtard or not). Lib[eral]s have a lot to gain in the old game scheme of antisemitism. Also because the new game of islamophobicism, did not work that great and has turned to be working against themselves.

      Sending a muslim disruptor or an antifa or some other kind of social warrior would have returned a boomerang result to the action. But with a jewish disturber things get different and they can foment the multireligious (or pagan) war bit further.

  2. Jews too are ordinary people as is shown by this ultra-left non-thinker right-hating SJW. He has no argument but ‘shame on you’ which silly quote refers to himself (three of hos five fingers pointed to his body). A typical demo-rat like many of his kind in the United States. A lot to tidy-up in brains like his’s.
    Compliment for the organizers of the event, though!

  3. The left has its fair share of Jews, regrettably, in Israel as well as in the US. Jews supply a lot of leftists just as the general population does. That is not out of the normal.

    Where Jews do seem to present above their proportion, happily, is within conservative thinkers and activists. Ezra Levant, Melanie Phillips, Bat Ye’or, I could go on and on.

    But the radicalized leftist brownshirt activist shouting down a peaceful colloquium pictured with a Kippah somehow doesn’t seem right.

    There is a fringe group of Ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta Jews with black Yarmulkes who oppose the State of Israel. They are often present in far-left anti Israel demonstrations. However, the performance artist who was trying to disrupt freedom of speech, does not belong to those. He is likely an imposter.

    Crocheted Yarmulkes tend to be donned by quite conservative minded Jews. I would not be surprised, if this querulant was actually a simulant. Like the colored guy recently caught faking racist graffiti attacks.

    Another unrelated question. Why would Tommy Robinson, as a UK citizen need a VISA into the US at all?

    Does the participation in a one night seminar qualify for a business activity requiring special VISAs? I doubt this.

    Very strange.

    • “Why would Tommy Robinson, as a UK citizen need a VISA into the US at all?”

      Because he has a number of criminal convictions. Such things are an impediment for anyone who wants to enter the US legally (apparently not such an impediment for those entering the US illegally).

      From the point at which the former leaders of the EDL took off their balaclavas (early 2010, I believe), the state could identify each of them and each of them was targeted and removed. One of them was half-black, half-Irish — after a brawl over football with other football fans, that young man was given a ten year ban preventing him from attending all political protests. Yes, in Fascist Britain that kind of political ban doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

      You might thinks that things are bad in the US, Canada, Holland, Sweden, France… but these places are nothing like as bad as the UK. Those countries have got democratic systems that allow people to vote in some change, the UK does not. Moreover the UK has got virtually no middle class people who will criticise Islam. I challenge anyone who doubts this to provide the names of ten British authors in the last ten years who have criticised Islam and said: Islam was founded by a man who assassinated poets, who besieged towns and beheaded all males with even a single pubic hair, took the women and children as slaves who he sold or raped.

      This is a country with 73,000 “professional” journalists, a country with 300,000 new university graduates each year, a country with over 150 universities. And yet the number of people with the courage and integrity to write accurate and relevant books on Islam could be counted on the fingers of two hands. Apart from someone like Tommy or Gerard Batten, I cannot think of another person interviewed on British TV in the last ten years who has spoken the truth about Islam as found in the Islamic texts.

      And that is why it has fallen to the likes of Tommy Robinson. The UK has only one future, and that is violence. Either the resistance to Islam will be violent, or our subjugation at the hands of Muslims and their Quisling allies will be violent. Because when the chattering classes could have discussed this problem and resolved it in the 1990s and beyond they were too cowardly to do so.

      • The fact that the United Kingdom refused to give asylum to Asia Bibi was a truly horrifying example of how powerful Islam has become in the U.K. How in God’s name could they refuse a woman who was held in squalid solitary confinement on death row for 8 years for merely drinking a cup of water from a communal well?
        Tragically, supporters of hers, including Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti and Punjab Governor, Salmaan Taseer, were both brutally executed for their advocacy efforts. Taseer was shot 27 times in the back by his own security detail. The British government has given Muslims a very loud and clear signal that they will kowtow to their demands and desires. Tragic, just bloody tragic.

        • Indeed, one cannot but conclude that those Pakistani politicians are more courageous than the ones forming the gov’t of the UK.

    • I also wonder how real this “Jew” is, considering the crocheted yarmulke.

      But to answer your question, Tommy Robinson is probably not eligible for the US Visa-Waiver program on account of his previous convictions. So he’d need to apply for a visa in advance.

  4. It is a sad fact that Jews and Jewish-run organizations have been very much in the forefront of the systematic deconstruction of Western culture and civilization. Many of them seem to harbor a frankly unhinged hatred of Christianity and everything Christianity has built. Very sad.

    • Yes and many of the Leftists “of Christian background” also appear to hate Christianity and everything that Christianity built. When Stanford students march–years ago–and chanted something like “Hey ho, Western Civilization has got to go,” apparently they weren’t joking.

        • Regurgitated or not, adopted from one source or another source, this anti-Christian animus is common among Leftists of all stripes.

          It’s even reflected in the push to ban the formerly common “Merry Christmas” greeting and in what Bill O’Reilly called “the war against Christmas.”

          There is, however, one religion that Leftists seem to love: Islam.

    • Soros. Zuckerberg. Democrat
      Party. Now I see Bill Kristol is reviving push for amnesty, but fortunately he has no influence. On a related subject, Blacks who again voted 90 percent Democrat, according to the ABC exit poll, are so stupid in their cult of victimization in light of the studies showing mass third world immigration harms their wages and costs them jobs. When the US Commission on Civil Rights produced such a study about ten years ago the Congressional Black Caucus refused a briefing. They’d rather keep crying how racist whites are. A similar bipartisan study chaired by then black Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Jordan reached the same conclusion in the 1990s. Now they have the imbecile demagogues Maxine Waters and pro-communist Barbara Jackson Lee.

  5. Baron, If Tommy gets to the U.S. could you find and post an address where a donation could be mailed to him via “snail mail” (US Postal Service), not online? Thank you for all you do (and are)!

  6. This is the next phase in the Orwellian raising of the stakes that will no doubt manifest mightily in the US House of Representatives.. The Democrat control of that institution will see along with their blubbering consort the American media crass uncontrolled bias and partisanship without bounds. Congressional police will appear and disappear with an unpredictability and serendipity that will resemble a ballot recount in Broward County Florida. Congressional committee hearings will mirror Orwell’s Ministry of Truth with exhausted leftists pontificating on racism, classism, misogamy, and Trump Trump Trump.

  7. I continue to be amazed by the lack of security planning and security presence at conservative events. If it is a lack of funding, request volunteers well prior to the event. Attempt some sort of pre-event screening of attendees. Require the presentation of a valid photo I.D that is scanned and recorded by event staff prior to admittance into the venue. We all know the times that we live in, plan accordingly.

    I am glad that the confrontation you had to endure was only vocal and unpleasant. A far more violent confrontation is very possible in these unhappy days. Harden up.

    • The MEF was relying on the building’s security, which is run by the Capitol Police and is basically the same as screening at the airport. I always try to remove all metal from my pockets and leave it in the car, to avoid the big hassle at the scanner.

      So it would have been VERY difficult for violent protesters to get their weapons into the building, which is what they would have done if the venue had been in, say, a hotel. The antifas would have stormed it. Anything involving Tommy Robinson induces that response.

      However, that left the possibility of infiltration, which is what I expected, but the organizers evidently did not. There were no bouncers, nor had they asked the building security (which I assume is the Capitol Police) to stay close by. Someone had to go downstairs and fetch the cop.

      I was expecting a second tranche of protesters, who would only activate themselves after the first batch got hauled away. But that never happened, for some reason.

      Years ago, when I was still helping plan and stage Counterjihad events periodically in Europe, I often had to be in charge of security. We were (and are) an all-volunteer bunch, so we were always running on a shoestring budget, and could never afford professional security. So I had to learn on the job.

      We never announced our meetings publicly in advance. People were invited personally, and screened in advance. But we still had to watch for infiltrators, in case word had leaked out. As far as I know, we only got infiltrated on one occasion by a lefty journalist, who was only in the room for a short time and did us no significant harm. So we got off pretty lightly.

      • Baron,the fact is, no one there had [manly generative equipment].
        Weak weak no energy like Trump have said.
        Practically you should have just stand and quickly get rid of him by actually invading his personal space
        This is why the Muslims take over, they have aggressive monkey genes that are raw and unfiltered.
        We are too sleek , where is the hair on the chest I wonder

        • Oh, there were several men there would have relished taking hold of the fellow and heaving him out. I thought about it myself.


          Anybody who laid a hand on him would have a reasonable expectation of being hit with a charge of felony assault. And, since we were in a U.S. government building, it might well have been a federal charge the “assailant” would face.

          I’m sure the SJWs are well aware of this fact, and may even have hoped for such an outcome. There are legions of lefty litigation lawyers out there who are eager to hustle such cases into a federal courtroom. That’s not something I’m willing to face — talk about being de-platformed! So let him scream.

          “But Baron,” you say, “you should be willing to make the sacrifice for the sake of the cause!”

          Very well. If you think that level of sacrifice is so crucial, I invite you to share the load: drop a couple of hundred grand into our tip cup to help me pay for the high-powered legal team I’d be obliged to hire if I wanted to keep my aspidistra out of the slammer.

          • “Anybody who laid a hand on him would have a reasonable expectation of being hit with a charge of felony assault.”

            A Jewish woman I know went along to an anti-Israel meeting. Some years before this she had already been visited by the cops and told “people are planning to kill you”. The cops told her they could do nothing to protect herself, and she’d better not take any steps personally (such as arming herself with a knife). The only thing she thought she could do to defend herself was to buy some invisible spray that is used to mark criminals so they can be identified in UV light.

            At the meeting an ex-Muslim who was with her got attacked by the Leftist Jew haters. The Leftists were handling him roughly so the small Jewish woman rushed to his defence. She was then man-handled herself and pulled out the spray paint to mark the attackers so they could not later deny it.

            She ended up with a criminal conviction for assault. On hearing of her conviction I told her that she must appeal the sentence (something the barrister who lost the case for her had failed to suggest she do). She appealed and won. But by then she’d already served out her sentence. The attackers got away with no charges. She had six months of her life disrupted by coming to the defence of someone else under attack.

          • Baron- you do ENOUGH for the Noble Cause! It’s always the same thing with these people- remember the children’s story called “Belling the Cat?”

            Me thinks you have belled enough cats in your day.

            We are lucky to have you doing the work that you do. Discretion is always the better part of valor.

          • Thank you, but there is an even more important reason for self-restraint: pitching out these fellows by main force would not serve our cause well. It would give the enemy a golden opportunity to do us damage through lawfare and negative publicity.

            The rules are different for us than they are for leftists. We just have to accept that fact and act accordingly.

            Mind you, being physically attacked would be an entirely different matter. Vigorous use of force in self-defense would be necessary and right. Fortunately, I live in the USA, where one can use force in self-defense against force without automatically being prosecuted for it, as was shown by the example from the UK.

  8. My train was late due to engine problems so I arrived after this unpleasant kerfuffle. It was referred to in the discussion but I was unsure of what had actually happened so thanks for the vid, now I know. The guy in the skull cap had an English accent and someone mentioned the UK group Stand Against Racism as a possible culprit. So it seems someone may have shoved a ticket in his hand and a kippah on his head and said ‘go forth’. Welcome to 3D de-platforming.

  9. I’m looking forward to the video of the full event and also to reading your report, Baron.

    One thing that is always impressive—in a disturbing way— to observe: the absolute certainty of the protesters that they are in the right. Their minds have been snapped shut: no room for questioning, no consideration for facts, no analysis of context and surrounding events—just rote regurgitation of pre-determined labels and judgements based on their black-and-white view of the world.

    I wonder if Ezra Levant had Natan Sharansky’s idea of the 3-D test for anti-Semitism in mind when he spoke of the 3 Ds of de-platforming. I’m sure he did, and they seem to fit here as well: demonization, double standards, and delegitimization, although Ezra might have used different “D” words. We could add disruption, distortion, denigration, and denouncement, and probably many more. Who knew that “D” was such a useful letter?

    • Hmm…how about damned? I’d apply that just because of the irrational screaming to which these folks seem to be addicted. It seems to be their default mode.

  10. Well Baron…listen to your nose….you can smell the snow from distance…at least I can… so…prognosis is just theoretical expectation…

    • This is why the Fascist Leftist are determined to drive bitchute out of business. That way the Left have a monopoly on the truth – the evidence that exposes the Left gets deleted, dropped down The Memory Hole. I had considered archiving this very video last night, but it was not one that I thought the Left would get banned so I did not bother.

      Just at the point that I was banned from Twitter I had written a bot to which select people could tweet a YouTube URL and the bot would automatically download and save the video. This seemed to me to be the most efficient way to ensure that people could preserve this evidence for the future.

      I had been waiting for Gab to produce an API so that I could do the same thing on Gab. They have recently announced this API and so I will get round to creating this bot anew. Indeed, I’m even looking at creating a video distribution app that is zero cost to run and therefore cannot be driven out of business by the Fascist Left.

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