Going Mobile

I’m taking a little road trip. I’ll be gone overnight, and will be back sometime late tomorrow.

There will be no news feed tonight, but there will probably be one tomorrow night, if I get back early enough.

The weather is ugly — cold and rainy. But the car heater works well, and I have plenty of tunes for the road.

Beep beep… Over 50…

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      • No. I grew up in a warmer climate. I married here. So for 26 years I have not got used to it. A happy personal life and a cheerful Schnauzer brighten up this unbearable winter and light day in a few hours. Now we bought a second Schnauzer. It will be even more fun.

  1. High in the Colorado Rockies, we’ve had at least two weeks of frequent daily now, and building quantities of zero, subzero, and on Vail Pass couple nights ago, -13 F.

    Plus Loveland ski area proclaimed at its opening, a week ago, never in it’s 81 year history has there been such a great total of snow, about 80″, at that time. Also, they opened with more area than usual.

    It appears likely to be a polar vortex kind of winter from the Rockies to the right coast. That means a good portion of time the jet stream will dip unusually low in the American country, as already is so around the Alps, (with ski areas opening a MONTH early) and Spain. Some Colorado ski areas are opening only days early, since they have issues having been suckered into believing in “global warming”, not cooling, and have had to rush staffing up, flatfooted, partly abetted by scarce affordable rental quarters. (At worst there is no change in climate, but at best, according to many INDEPENDENT (of government paid globalists-NWO types) global top scientists, and incontrovertible climate records, and sunspot records, we are in for at least a 50 year or so cooling period, like the Maunder minimum, et al.

    And for completeness, last year at about a week ago, Colorado had 68% of 30 year average snow, now, this year-season, a week ago, Colorado is at just shy of 200% of 30 year average snow. That is measured state drainages of river basins, snow depth.

    And if you want the tons of meteorological graphs, and the true story and links, go here https://www.iceagenow.info/ for example this item–“Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist” He uses published sources copiously from around the globe so no one can doubt the printed fact (And factually, presence of sunspots notably increase the quantity of energy output by the sun, and lack of such diminishes energy and temperatures on earth, no matter what!!!!)

    November 12, 2018 And if you want to see the way the media and “scientists” from decades past and recent and current lie deceive and commit fraud, go here: for INCONTRIBLE facts also, from Robert go here: https://realclimatescience.com/
    Try this sample on for size, (each of the two sites has different style and emphasis, so see this https://realclimatescience.com/2018/11/frozen-from-mexico-to-india/

    Robert uses copious newspaper clippings, and charts, and really shows for the public the stupidity of the majority of so-called scientists, and especially the stupidity of politicians through time. Especially the ones now, especially the cali; style ones, who use every trick of Alinsky to get their power and filthy lucre which lines there pockets and houses.

    By the way, neither of these two top sources, are amateurs, but rather many years practiced experts, and at least iceagenow is a book author. Their links list alone is worth a visit.

    Sorry, got carried away, it is one of several major passions and expertise’s, of mine.

    • Sorry, got carried away, it is one of several major passions and expertises, of mine.

      Your comment brought to mind the theory proposed by Wired magazine re the California fires:


      California gets much of Colorado’s snow melt so your blizzards will be welcome in CA, come Spring. Meanwhile, if you’re dressed for it, what you describe is truly a fun adventure. Deadly for those not prepared, though.

      I insisted the B put on his London Fog trench coat with the thermal lining – just in case.

      • Wind patterns do not explain why the fires went out of control.
        The real reason is the mis-management of the Californian forests.
        Californians over the decades adopted the “laissez-faire” policy of not cleaning up their forests leaving huge amounts of dead combustible material on the forest floor. Once that begins to burn there is no stopping it no matter what the wind patterns.
        The only ones that could offer some help at this stage are the Russians. They are the only ones in the world having a large fleet of state of the art high capacity waterbombers plus qualified staff.
        Maybe the time has come for California to give Putin a call and yell “heeeelp” before the entire state burns to a crisp.

        As for our esteemed Baron I hope you send him on his way with more than a trench coat.
        Like an emergency heater, blankets and high calorie food.
        I remember these winter precautions from my winters in Alberta, Can. long time ago.

        • Did you read the report linked to in “Wired”? It makes empirical sense.

          Once that begins to burn there is no stopping it no matter what the wind patterns.

          Yes, of course, the leftist agenda of letting the forests grow have made these fires much, much worse. But it pays to look at meta-causes also. Thus, when the jet streams are sending 60+ mile an hour winds, there is no way of keeping up with the damage.

          Fortunately, we don’t live in Alberta; and the weather forecast for the next few days is good. Besides his travels take him through the urban slurb where there is food, light, and warmth. When the deep cold comes I make up a bag with those lightweight blankets, extra socks, thermal underwear, food, matches, etc. We find the only necessity for a cell phone is in such cases. So if anyone knows of a dumb phone (prepaid) please let us know. Smartphones are wasted on us.

          • Yes I read the article. What we are having here is the classical fire triangle; combustibles-temperature-oxygen.
            You can’t control the oxygen (wind)
            You can’t control the temperature (climate)
            But you can (or they could have) control the huge amount of combustibles left behind in the forests after logging.

          • Basic mobile phones .
            Nokia,having been knocked-out of the mobile/cell-phone market,have re-introduced their older iconic models.There is the basic Nokia 3310 ( 3G) and the Nokia 8110 (4G),known as the Banana phone,with a sliding cover.
            Doro also produce clam phones/flip phones popular with older people.
            These are widely available (SIM card free) in Britain:and, presumably,in the USA.

        • Yes, forest mismanagement is a prime culprit.

          This was described in a book written by Grey Owl (Archie Belaney) and Englishman who lived as an Indian in the Northern forests of Canada.

          The Men of the Last Frontier: 1932

          Between 1906 and the 1930’s he noticed that forest fires became more common and were of greater severity when the logging companies moved into the forests and the government failed to enforce proper standards.

          The underbrush grows much more extensively in old growth forests when the trees are removed. This undergrowth must be controlled or it becomes fuel for the fires.

          • Another culprit is the debris left after a section has been logged. It should be burned off in a controlled fashion but it rarely is.

    • Adapt2030 on Youtube is another one… While Iceagenow covers mostly cold weather, Adapt2030 makes quite a convincing case that we are in for a famine, caused by cooling sun and wild jetstream.

      Almost all harvests in the world are significantly smaller this year, and if it continues to go down it won’t be so much fun anymore.

      • Adapt2030 makes quite a convincing case that we are in for a famine, caused by cooling sun and wild jetstream.

        We excel at producing excess grain. Just stop making that ruinous ethanol from corn and everyone eats…we are floating in excess grains and such predictions of dire starvation have been going on through history. The agricultural industry changed that.

        This is alarmism.

  2. Baron,
    Have a safe trip. Oh, and, have you ever heard of Greg Funfgeld of the Bethlehem Bach Choir and Orchestra? I saw them again today for one of their Bach at Noon programs. Greg (the choir director) played the French Suite No.4 in E-flat Major. (He’s a harpsichordist in addition to being the director of this group.) Really wonderful on a blustery day. I thought of you because I know you love your Bach.

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