Evil or Stupid?

Last week, in one of our Skype groups, a non-American participant said:

I’ve seen this quote: “The US has two parties: the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.” Is it any wonder the stupid party is losing a** over teacup over and over again?

I replied:

I understand the sentiment, but it’s worse than that. The Republicans are also evil, but pretend to be stupid. They don’t need to win elections to reach their goals; they just need the system that rewards and enriches them to remain in place and stable. They get just as rich when they’re the opposition.

They have to pretend that they hold conservative principles and want to win elections, but it’s all a charade. Any Republican who intends to move up in the hierarchy has to forget all that. In the end, it’s about money and power and perks and getting laid (whether hookers, rent boys, or little kids).

All the rest of it is pretense.

It’s very demoralizing to realize what’s going on. But once you start seeing this stuff, you can’t go back to not seeing it.

It took me a long time to reach this cynical position. I wanted to believe that the Republican Party presented a viable opposition, and for many years I resisted the nagging sense that the whole thing was a charade. Even after I came to loathe Republicans, I still clung to the forlorn hope that the party could somehow overcome its deficiencies and mount a real challenge to Democrat hegemony.

The presidential elections of 2016 and 2020 were the final nails in the coffin of that hope. I meant it when I responded to my liberal friends who referred to me as a Republican:

“I’m NOT a Republican — I HATE Republicans! The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat!”

But now I’m not even sure that the Democrats are worse. After all, they don’t try to hide their true nature. They no longer pretend not to be Marxists. They’re fully up-front about wanting to raise taxes and increase spending. They make no bones about their intention to control our lives in minutest detail. They proudly wave the banners of racial discrimination and sexual perversion. What you see is what you get.

Republicans, on the other hand, pretend that they are conservatives, when they are just as enmeshed with the globalists and the international financiers that are ushering in the New World Order. And they pretend they want to win elections, but ever since 2016 we’ve been able to see that they really don’t. Right now the Republican establishment is simply committed to making sure that Donald Trump does not win another election, no matter what it does to their party. As long as the current power-sharing system remains intact, and they keep their places at the trough, the party that holds power is irrelevant.

It’s plain that Donald Trump is seen as the greatest threat to the existing system, and must be stopped at all costs.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So how do the recent midterms fit into all this?

First of all, it’s completely clear that the voting systems are now fully rigged. The Democrats control the process in major urban centers, and have developed multiple interlocked strategies for generating the votes they need to put their candidates over the top in all races they deem significant.

Earnest Republican commentators are having a hard time with the results. They aren’t yet ready to see what is right in front of their eyes, so they take the midterm results at face value. This forces them to conclude that their fellow Americans are ignorant, uninformed, and unfathomably stupid. Which is depressing, so now they’re depressed (I’m thinking in particular of the gentlemen at Power Line). For some reason they aren’t able to grasp the fact that the system is rigged.

The exception to the rigging is, of course, Florida, which passed laws to protect the voting process from being manipulated the way it is everywhere else. As a result, Florida experienced the “red wave” that was supposed to sweep the entire country. Republicans did very well, with Ron DeSantis riding the crest of the wave.

There’s a reason for all that. Yes, I’m being cynical and paranoid, but hear me out.

Legislators at both the national and state levels are vulnerable to being made offers they can’t refuse, both the carrot and stick varieties. The globalist financiers, who are the real power brokers, can induce legislators to vote for measures they’re in favor of, and against those they oppose.

What else could explain the actions of all the states with Republican governors whose legislatures are controlled by Republicans? They didn’t pass the same kind of voting protection law that Florida did, so they got shellacked in the midterms.

And what made Florida different?

The answer is simple, but dispiriting for those who are pinning their hopes on Ron DeSantis: it’s become abundantly clear that Mr. DeSantis has been chosen by the Republican establishment (which means the full bipartisan establishment) to be the Republicans’ alternative to Donald Trump in the 2024 election. He used to be on the MAGA team, or so it seemed, but in recent months his PAC has taken in enormous amounts of money from major Wall Street donors, money which is obviously earmarked for a presidential run. He has the enthusiastic backing of Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and other never-Trump luminaries of the RINO establishment. All the machinery of the official Republican Party is revving up to promote him as the standard-bearer to defeat the Bad Orange Man in the primaries. And if Trump decides to form his own party, it’s no big deal for the Republicans, because they really don’t mind not winning. They just want to make sure that Trump loses. They want the existing system to keep chugging along, generating a continuous stream of wealth and privilege as it slides in the CBDC and digital ID and Build Back Better.

Thus, in order to help DeSantis reach the top of the polls, Florida needed to hold a real election. Somehow, magically, the protect-the-vote law got passed. What a coincidence!

I hated coming to this conclusion, because I like Ron DeSantis. But it has become clear that he is the tool chosen by the Evil Uniparty to stop Donald Trump once and for all.

The Republicans are evil, but they pretend to be stupid.

Next time, make sure to vote harder. You’ve got a clear choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

In arriving at the above conclusions, I was greatly assisted by the able journeywork of Sundance at Conservative Tree House. He is a superb researcher and analyst who has proven his acumen by making a number of predictions that were borne out by subsequent events. And, when he makes a prediction that turns out to be wrong (e.g. the war in Ukraine last winter), he acknowledges it prominently and tries to figure out where he went off track. Unlike most commentators, who simply forget their failed predictions and pretend they never made them.

After being wrong so many times, I’ve given up making predictions, because I’m tired of embarrassing myself.

I’ve also drawn on the work of various analysts and commentators linked at WRSA. They’re generally at least as cynical and paranoid as I am.

I no longer pay much attention to mainstream Republican or conservative commentary — what is often called “Conservatism Inc.” — and tend to prefer the fever swamps instead.

55 thoughts on “Evil or Stupid?

  1. Evil and stupid are siblings that produce similar results.
    Just finished the Died Suddenly video at Rumble and it is well worth the time.
    There is no political solution to global depopulation omnicide.
    All governments are at WAR with their native populations.
    Proceed accordingly.

    • The only way to stop them is to vomit them out; this means NOT voting per se but changing our behavior about EVERY politician. I am not a voter. I somehow concluded it was a scam in my 20s. I just watch people wreck themselves constantly with this voting crap. Vote with YOUR feet. And modify your BEHAVIOR toward governments. Think gov as slave and you are the mater. This is very helpful. Treat them like this at all times.

    • In 1865, the Radical GOP forced the 15th Amendment down everyone’s throats, replacing a Republic with a Democracy. The 19th Amendment added the largest voting block, American Woman, to the rolls.

      “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.” – Aristotle

  2. I found the WRSA independently before I found this site. My cynicism and paranoia definitely found a kinship there.

    I don’t think that it’s inaccurate to say that the majority of Americans are ignorant, uninformed, and unfathomably stupid. I long ago stopped calling myself a Republican, and the vast majority of those whom I know who claim to be have an extremely simplistic understanding of their positions and no coherent framework or consistency guiding their political views. Sometimes it’s downright embarrassing to hear such people try to espouse just why they think or vote the way they do.

    Fraud has definitely become a defining feature of “elections” and several cycles of elections where it was industrialized have resulted in the perpetrators becoming far more skilled at hiding it where they still need to, and far more brazen in daring anyone to do anything about it in areas where they don’t need to hide it. Whether one believes elections are on the up and up (along with whether they got the fake vaxx or not) is a pretty good litmus test for me in determining whether someone is worth investing further effort in casual conversation or is potentially a future ally.

    At this point in my humble opinion, there is no use wasting further effort on trying to make corrections to the direction this country and the rest of the West is headed through voating moar harder or any other nonviolent methods. That ship sailed decades ago and few can bring themselves to the logical extrapolation of what must be done when something is impossible to resolve through peaceful means.

    • Moon, I believe as you do, we ain’t voting ourselves out of this mess any longer, as you said, that ship has sailed. I just wonder where the tipping point comes into play? When they push for total or partial gun control? Or make the food, fuel and shipping crisis collapse?

      • My guess is the tipping point will be reached once food and fuel starts getting rationed, and banks start refusing to allow customers to withdraw funds.

        The normies will not be disturbed from their electronic and social media distractions until reality slaps them hard in the face, and its not productive for those who do pay attention to do anything about it until tyranny is finally out in the open. Once there are ration nazis, bankers refusing access to money, and public officials and law enforcement thugs enforcing these things then there are targets to go after. And a populace so enraged by such actions likely wouldn’t shed many tears or have much sympathy for enforcers and collaborators who died suddenly from lead inoculations.

  3. Great article, I hate to say it but I’ve come to the same conclusion. Its like the the old saying its like watching a slow motion train wreak but worse, because were on the train.

  4. @ Baron

    Re: “I’m NOT a Republican — I HATE Republicans! The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat!”

    You’re not the only one who feels that way, my friend! No, not at all!

    The Democrats at least have the honesty to be who and what they are. For the most-part, they are perfectly willing to tell our side that they despise us and despise our ideas and opinions. And as you noted, now that they are consolidating their power, they are becoming more and more open in identifying themselves as communists. They may be our adversaries, but they are willing to march under their own flag and stand publicly for that in which they believe.

    Such naked honesty, even from a political and cultural enemy, is somehow refreshing. It’s always nice to know where you stand, and where the other side stands.

    The GOP, however, are craven cowards and fifth-columnists who – while pledging friendship and loyalty to the old America and its citizens – plot secretly to betray them and stab them in the back once they get the opportunity. In a word, most of them are traitors, turncoats and Quislings.

    It seems clear that the institutions of state of the United States of America are now little more than a rubber stamp for the oligarchs and globalists. Congress, which once billed itself as the “world’s greatest deliberative body” or some such, has been little more than a speed-bump to globalism, if that. About as much resistance as a wet paper bag.

    Meanwhile, the people are becoming less-and-less free all the time, but the illusion of liberty persists. Frank Zappa, of all people, once said…

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

  5. Great article, this has going on for quite awhile now. I remember back in 98 when John Ensign ran against Harry Reid for senator from Nevada. The election had been over for hours and it looked like Ensign had it in the bag, when low and behold , out of the blue, more ballots apparently had magically been discovered! Found on the Indian reservation no less! John Ensign lost the election by 400 votes! It was so obvious that the election was stolen!
    I’m not commenting on what needs to be done, we all know.

  6. I spent 19 years inside the WH protecting the dirt bags Baron which Baron makes reference, and I wholeheartedly concur with his assessment. Nothing beyond the documents in the national archives is worth keeping in DC, yet I have (forlorn?) hope in the convention of states movement permanently unplugging DC, would like to hear Baron’s comments on this topic.

    • That ain’t going to happen, the one worlders types won’t let it happen and there are too many true believers that will go violent to stop it. This ends only one way now, a Great Purge.


    …all the rest is folly, or a ticket to a dirt nap or worse.

    You have been warned.

  8. The aftermath of the 2012 Presidential elections showed the behavior of the GOP as quite stark. Before the election we were informed that Romney was the only candidate who could possibly win. Lots of conservative sounding noise was generated on behalf of the Republican candidates. After the loss the political powers said that their enunciated conservative principles were just irrelevant verbiage. It became clear that the establishment GOP does not care about its supposed principles, and detests its voting public.

  9. It’s hard to beat the communist dialectic when it’s protected by Free Speech and corporations made rich on cheap labor in China. The low-brow see advantage in re-distribution, too. The 1/6 crowd saw the Truth, with the Boss Tweed elections operations, so our legal system is turning them into dust. In contrast, much less punishment is meted out to a leftist tossing a Molotov cocktail. The worst aren’t the Jews whose great-grandparents suffered under Christian rule in East Europe and carry an antipathy towards Christianity that is ageless. It’s my fellow Catholics inside the Marxist Democratic Party who reach a level in The Party and invariably want everyone to kill their babies, even during birth. Of course, eradicating the Natural law comes with this schizophrenic change. Blinken puts protections of Sodomites on our foreign affairs agenda in his strange trip to Qatar. Certainly, Jefferson, Madison, Marshall, Schultz or even Kissinger wouldn’t be on such a demoralizing quest. In sum,, anyone can only be called a fool who denies the existence of Satan in our wheelhouse. Christian nationalism is the only option, certainly not the GOP.

  10. Two comments,

    Those that have read up on the collapse of republics have seen this movie before

    When one realizes Democrats and Republicans are old friends and business partners government policy makes dense

  11. Conservative Treehouse has excellent articles and the guy who runs it does good homework. I still go on their website every day.

    They have banned me because I don’t want a coronation.

    I want Trump and DeSantis to debate everything and get it all out in the open. Trump has many flaws and hired a lot of stupid people that he has not apologized for or explained. What is to say he won’t hire more useless idiots. The list is too long but we know who they are. Earn my vote, Donald.

    I disagree on DeSantis. He is not a RINO. He has run Florida as an independent seeker of truth and honest government. He is getting money from people who realize Trump is not the answer and will lose the next election. Some of the donors and supporters are moderates and Trump haters. So what. DeSantis has a chance. He appeals to lot more people than Trump does. Trump will not win the 2024 election. He has zero chance unfortunately. I don’t believe DeSantis is bought and paid for one bit. Prove it.

    My biggest worry: The readers of Conservative Treehouse almost to a person say something like this: “I will only vote for Trump. If the Republicans nominate anyone else I will not vote at all or I will vote Democrat. One responded to me that he would prefer Fetterman over DeSantis. They are cult crazy over there. My fear is that there are millions of people like that in the US would rather be run by Communists than vote for DeSantis.

    There is your STUPID Party right there.

    • I think you’re mistaking me for a Trump fan. I voted for Trump, but I’m not a fan, and never have been. And I like DeSantis.

      Nevertheless, I think that Sundance is right when he says the Establishment (including both parties and Big Money) have decided that Trump must be stopped at all costs. There must be a reason for such a monomaniacal zeal to get rid of him, but I don’t know what it is.

      In any case, elections are now rigged. DeSantis can’t win unless the same cabal that put Biden and Fetterman in want him to win. That’s the sad truth of it.

      • There is no reason to keep going after Trump. He did not get most of the stuff done. He threatens no one. As far as I can tell, he’s a traitor to those who supported him in more ways than one. Tired of hearing how poor Trump is soo bad at picking the right people…

        I think it’s all silly drama, and a way to create more animosities as in ‘divide and rule.’ The Spectacle must go on.

        • “Tired of hearing how poor Trump is soo bad at picking the right people…”

          It’s precisely why he doesn’t get my vote next time in the primaries. It isn’t that he didn’t pick the right people. He picked the wrong people so many, many times and learned absolutely nothing from it.

          Let me give you an example. Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX
          and Alameda fame just committed industrial scale fraud. In addition his choice of charities were all Communist Fronts. The man is evil and clever. The list of people and venture capital firms who gave to him are people and entities I would not want anything to do with. The news outlets from Fortune magazine to the Washington Post that write glowingly about him are things I will not read.

          Therefore, I learned something from that.

          If Trump is the nominee I will vote for him because I detest America’s Communist Party – the Democrats.

          The point of what I wrote is that CTH is wrong when it comes to Trump and DeSantis in my opinion and that the readers of CTH are crazy to insist they will not vote for anyone but Trump knowing that the Democrats want them dead. In 1933 a Jew in in Germany could say I won’t vote for Hitler but I won’t vote for the others either.

          Not a wise choice in hindsight was it?

        • Looking back I think it can be said now that Trump never fought for his position regarding the stolen 2020 election no matter what he says otherwise today. And all that mumbo jumbo about Devolution and the “Military is coming to save the Republic” and “Q” is real… etc etc etc is plain to see right now that was all bunk & BS. Anyway he hasn’t earned my vote and if he doesn’t screw it Ill just stay home and throw our Washington state mail in ballots in the trash can where they belong. They got rid of polling locations quite a few years ago in order to have mail in elections ONLY. So those cheating D’s have stolen every election here where a DemocRAT won, especially so because Republicans don’t win important elections in this state any longer since they “fixed” the elections that weren’t then broken in typical DemocRATic fashion – by rigging them in their favor!!!

  12. Excellent article! Quite sobering, frankly.

    I stumbled onto this article. How can I subscribe to future GatesOfVienna posts?

    • The only thing I have is the RSS feed, at the top of the sidebar. I don’t know much about it, but I think it works.

    • It’s a very simple thing to BOOKMARK the website, and simply visit daily.

      Independently of the major posts, the Daily News Feed is one of the best news digests you can find for domestic and international news.

  13. ” He appeals to lot more people than Trump does.” A statement such as that, certainly requests some ‘backup’. Just how did you arrive at this ‘conclusion’? It sounds more than a bit as though you are no different than what you accuse the ‘cult’ over at The Treehouse of being.

  14. Raising taxes and increasing spending may be “socialist” (ie still democratic), but it’s hardly Marxist (ie totalitarian). I’d place myself slightly left of centre, definitely in favour of socialised medical care and some degree of redistribution of wealth through taxes, but giving capitalists sufficient freedom to generate the surpluses to make this possible.

    Problem is, in these increasingly polarised times, that some on the hard right (that would be you, “G”, among others here), and others on the far left, to whom all their opponents are “fascists”, seem unable to distinguish between their democratic and totalitarian opponents.

    “Vox Populi, Vox Crap”, said the American poet Ezra Pound. Only he was a fascist sympathiser…

    • Hmm, hope you don’t consider me to be “hard right”.

      Pragmatist perhaps; also racial and cultural realist in the sense that I don’t believe forcing different racial and ethnic groups into close proximity was ever a recipe for a peaceful or stable society.

      Can’t say I’d go so far as to be in favor of socialized medicine but honest enough to admit that having seen first-hand the remnants of the Soviet model it isn’t as bad as its detractors in the West make it out to be, and the capitalist Western model certainly isn’t the utopian paradise its wealthy and powerful owners claim it is.

      Also realistic enough to realize that a political solution is not possible at this point for the systemic problems behind the downfall of the West, nor the capture of every single institution by multinational hyperwealthy elites, and thus the only way out other than submission and slavery is an orgy of violence on a biblical scale or perhaps a firebombing-of-Dresden scale x 1000 across the face of the entire planet to purge these evil men and their impossible to reprogram followers.

      • No, I hadn’t thought so.

        I do hope you’re wrong in your pessimism; your solution would inevitably result in many innocent deaths.

        • Mark ole boy, it is your voting and the millions like you who got us where we are today, nationalism now is the only option to put an end to this madness since the people(sheep) were lulled into this madness by more free stuff, the opening of borders to the low IQ 3rd world to the ruination of the rest of us and letting these elitist one world types to live to bring us to where we are today. The fact the bloody useless Brits even voted for a 3rd worlder to rule you just takes the bloody cake and shows just how much you have become sheep, instead of the lions to used to be, thus why I now believe the wrong side won the wars, for we would not be in this sh&&show where we are today instead of the new Balkans waiting for somone to light the match.

          Bye the way ole boy, there are no innocents in war, there are only Victors and vanquished.

  15. I wrote a similar piece on GoV in 2008 that deals with the issue of lust for political power and the mechanisms that are at play.


    IMO most politicians are there for the gravy train, and their number one objective is to remain on it for as long as possible. I think it’s basic human nature; power-hungry people will always seek out power and enrich themselves to the fullest extent. And in that regard, I don’t think things have changed all that much since we (humans) first began walking on two feet, and I don’t think they will change that much in the future either.

    • As The_Observer put it:

      “The_Observer on November 23, 2022 at 3:30 pm said:
      I wrote a similar piece on GoV in 2008 that deals with the issue of lust for political power and the mechanisms that are at play.”

      And Baron Bodissey put it:

      “Posted on November 22, 2022 by
      …They don’t need to win elections to reach their goals; they just need the system that rewards and enriches them to remain in place and stable. They get just as rich when they’re the opposition. They have to pretend that they hold conservative principles and want to win elections, but it’s all a charade. Any Republican who intends to move up in the hierarchy has to forget all that. In the end, it’s about money and power and perks…
      All the rest of it is pretense. It’s very demoralizing to realize what’s going on. But once you start seeing this stuff, you can’t go back to not seeing it. It took me a long time to reach this cynical position. I wanted to believe that the Republican Party presented a viable opposition, and for many years I resisted the nagging sense that the whole thing was a charade. Even after I came to loathe Republicans, I still clung to the forlorn hope that the party could somehow overcome its deficiencies and mount a real challenge to Democrat hegemony.“

      Ye both are seeing things more or less evident to others long ago e.g.(by the likes of Madison, Jefferson, and ~contemporarily Rose Wilder Lane, E. Debbs amongst others).

      An aid to others seeing sooner that may be of help to some are the following concepts:

      * Political parties are most importantly symptoms of excessive government power and involvement in the lives of humanity.

      * Militarization, endless war, and ever expanding corporatization, centralization and monopoly protections associated with federalization, e.g.(in agriculture, banking, civil defense, health and almost any imaginable aspect of life), and state mimicry of the same at state levels— have transformed the US into a modern “Imperial Rome” with wholly controlled internal vassal states and lesser controlled external entities.

      * Excessive government laws and protection and “over professionalization” of privileged rulers, justice, legal, military / police and carceral system managers and enforcers have lead to almost complete disregard for victims / restitution of harms properly handled by responsive jury based justice. Unfortunately such are but a smidgen of myriad systems each typically riddled with perverse incentive feedback systems (associated with excessively powerful government).

      Such maladies may be peacefully unwound & set in better directions but only if sufficient numbers of individuals of some moral human values are sufficiently interested in actual individual liberty, honest work, and the justice of free trade to promote the public making of decisions to live in peace amongst others each and every day.

  16. Excellent post. The DNC and RNC are private corporations, acting in the interests of their “shareholders” (major donors), and carefully groomed “leadership” (political actors). There is nothing “democratic” about the DNC and nothing “republican” about the RNC.

  17. A freedom revolution is underway in Brazil, and America is not far behind. When a people hit bottom, they fight back with whatever they have. Political parties are taken over from within and that is happening now. The democrat party is no longer American and the Republican Party is moving to the right. Yes, there are a lot of RINOs in positions of power and they won’t go quietly into the night, but they will go. Realistically, we have no choice but to fight or be enslaved – and slavery may be comfortable for the weak but the strong fight to the death.

    • “LOL You are dead wrong. The gopys will nominate Mike Pence and guarantee a loss.”

      You drink too much or overdo drugs because Mike Pence won’t win much over 5% of the vote if both Trump and DeSantis are running in the same primary.

      • It doesn’t matter who they nominate or who will vote for whom by what percentage. Votes will be manufactured and elections will rigged to give the elites the results they want.

  18. All of the Party, Globalist, and Corporatist / Fascist / Oligarcic / Totalitarian interests are united against Trump because he declared and supported an American-based economic vision, and to the extent he could, given his internal, external, and structural enemies and restrictions, he accomplished more of the goals and objectives than I ever expected.
    I have told former friends that I do not follow Trump, he follow me. Not as an ego-boo, but in that major parts of the “America First” economic agenda are things that I had come to desire independently, and never expected to see a candidate for National office actually support. Things like American manufacturing, border control, exclusion of illegal invaders, promotion of American ideals and Westetn Civilization generally, constraining the bureaucracy / “Deep State”, and a reduction of the Fascism inherent in the phrase “public / private partnership”.
    The “elections” since Obama I have proven that the voters do not matter, only the ballots do. Trump was elected because the Democrats believed their polls, and didn’t steal enough votes in the right States. The RINOs don’t challenge the illegal procedures because they use then as well, to control who survives the Primaries, whenever they can.
    As mentioned above, the RNC and McConnell ran and sabotaged the midterms to secure McConnells place as Minority Leader, and to screw the citizens who will suffer from those decisions.

  19. Ah but a whole lot of those Donations to Desantis campaign were ordinary citizens and businesses in Florida. He kept businesses open and citizens free during the Covid Coup. And Desantis has made no mention of the desire to be President of the sinking ship called the US Titanic.

  20. This is reminiscent of the Occupy Wallstreet movement, where all of a sudden out of nowhere Sarah Palin becomes the leadership face of Occupy Wallstreet and the beginning of walking the threat down. Occupy Wallstreet had gotten to the point where the powers that be were truly scared and this was their countermeasure. It worked for them, the movement disintegrated. Here we go again!

  21. “Republicans, on the other hand, pretend that they are conservatives, when they are just as enmeshed with the globalists and the international financiers .”
    Let’s not forget that Donald Trump promised, during his Presidential campaign, to balance the budget. And then he made a big show about putting a portrait of Andrew Jackson(who did indeed balance 8 budgets and left the U.S. with $0.00 national debt. And he then signed off on – did not once veto- 4 consecutive $trillion+ deficit budgets. And pretty much gave whatever the banks and MIC wanted to them.
    About time they offered a champion with proven conservative values- that is, someone not liberal with other people’s money. A Ron Paul, for example.

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