Fountain of Youth

So many conspiracy theories have become facts over the past three years that I no longer rule anything out. My inner skeptic remains active, but I’m at least willing to mull over some of the more outrageous tinfoil-hat ideas that cross my desk.

The following report is about as fringe as they come, straight from QAnon Central. Nevertheless, I won’t rule it out. Everybody should read it, follow the links, research contextual material on the topic, and make up their own minds.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Uncut News:

Ex-drug dealer makes shocking statements about adrenochrome on French TV

The former drug dealer Gérard Fauré was invited onto the French TV show “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” on channel C8 to talk about drugs. On the show, the essayist made a shocking statement: He claimed that celebrities use adrenochrome to stay young.

Fauré supplied prominent French people, including celebrities and politicians, with drugs. In 2016 he began publishing controversial books about the secrets of the people who bought his drugs. These include sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia, child abuse, child trafficking and murder.

A lunar moment yesterday in TPMP, when Gérard Fauré, former celebrity dealer, mentions that Celine Dion would sacrifice children by drinking their blood. He was quickly interrupted when he wanted to make revelations about Emmanuel Macron.

He also said several celebrities regularly use adrenochrome, citing Celine Dion as an example. Fauré claimed that her mysterious illness was due to excessive consumption of adrenochrome.

One of the guests asked him where the children used to make adrenochrome come from. Fauré replied that in France 58,000 children are kidnapped every year and only two-thirds of them are recovered.

He added that he testified in a case involving a woman who wanted to sell her daughter to an adrenochrome laboratory in Dijon. He called Yves Saint Laurent and others in the fashion world “pedo criminals”.

When Fauré started talking about French President Macron, he was cut off. After the show, he was attacked in the media. The French media regulator Arcom launched an investigation. Several government officials also spoke out in favor of not renewing the license of the television channel C8.

The broadcaster distanced itself from Fauré’s statements.

Afterword from the translator:

Personally I have no idea if any of these attributes of adrenochrome is real, but I’ve heard people talk about it for decades, and each and every person who tried to look into it was massively attacked by the media and eventually silenced, in more ways than one — in some cases through “accidents” or simple acts of “sudden and unexpected” disappearances.

Also nothing, absolutely nothing surprises me any longer when it comes to these people, and the more the media screams conspiracy theory, the more I begin to doubt my own doubts about this drug, imagined or otherwise. We all have seen and experienced this ourselves for not believing or complying with the “Covid” narrative. They even managed to turn our own families against us, although we are proven right each and every day.

And I cannot fathom, especially with all that mass surveillance going on all over the place, how so many children can be abducted each year and only a fraction are ever found again? But if you use the wrong pronoun on some of the new Frankenstein’s monsters, the police can track you down in minutes and arrest you. Think about that weird bit of “coincidence”.

8 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth

  1. I read about this on Vigilant Citizen few weeks back:

    The Bible says that “life is in the blood”, that’s why consumption of blood is forbidden by the ELohim(s) – even the consumption of animal blood. I don’t know anything about it but it’s interesting how some of the “ELite” go after the blood of children and virgins and whatever throughout the ages, causing all the “Vampire” stories, etc.

    ELisabeth Bathory was not the only one who was sacrificing children and reportedly bathing in the blood of young virgins to retain her youth – she is just maybe the most famous, but there were other noble men and women reported for doing the same stuff…

    On another note – I find Celene Dion quite ugly for a 55 year old – maybe drinking children’s blood doesn’t work as well after all?

    • She is in bad shape, although I thought it was a vax injury. She is not naturally pretty, so age will take its toll.

  2. I am reminded of the Jimmy Saville witch hunts and the so called ‘investigations’ which were only concerned with history and now dead or dying perps.

    Or perhaps that Belgian case several decades ago when the investigation was called of once royalty became involved.

    Then there was Dunblaine and 16 dead 5 year olds. New legislation encapsulated the results of the investigation for 100 years – how convenient…..

    We are long overdue a full and proper investigation, maybe the ICC should stop investigating the world’s political scapegoats a do something useful for once.

  3. I think that the real powerful people would look into everything possible to prolong their lives.
    They have the funds and nor moral scruples to research everything or hire “scientists” without souls to do their research.
    And of course they would cleanse their helpers (no loose ends=killing them) without one tear shed.

    Just look at real facts. Research Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army.
    They got off scot free for turning over their “research data” to the Allies.

    So, I wouldnt be surprised even one little bit.

  4. Could explain how the lizard people the Soros , and many of the old Devos crowd seem to be still alive above ground many at or above the age of 90 .Why Americas borders(and western Europe)are wide open to the importations of many young children with no regulation ,got to keep providing fresh meat for the ruling elite !

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