How Many Genders are Fluid?

Dr. Turley discusses where Trump is headed with queer theory. [Hint: to the trashcan where they keep busted ideologies]

This isn’t the first roll-back on the fluidity wave theory of genders; that happened in May. Back then, the website Buzzfeed ran with a scary headline, “The Trump Administration Just Rolled Back Rules That Protect Transgender Prisoners”. Here’s part of it:


The Bureau of Prisons now “will use biological sex” to make initial determinations in the type of housing transgender inmates are assigned, according to a notice posted Friday evening that modifies the previous policy.


The shift comes after four evangelical Christian women in a Texas prison sued in US District Court to challenge the Obama-era guidelines, and claimed sharing quarters with transgender women subjected them to dangerous conditions.

Their complaint alleged housing transgender women — whom it calls “men” — along with the general female population ”creates a situation that incessantly violates the privacy of female inmates; endangers the physical and mental health of the female Plaintiffs and others, including prison staff; [and] increases the potential for rape.”


Wel, duh. Only those who believe they’ll never go to prison would feel Obama’s policy was a good idea. The lemming Left can only ‘feel’, their ability to reason has long since atrophied.

The New York Times opinion piece (or was it labeled ‘news’ again?) only speaks about a “leaked memo”. It provides no text in the bumpf and no link to the original. That’s because they have an inside source who would be fired from the Permanent Bureaucracy for doing something illegal, and leaking memos to the press is illegal.

My opinion? To continue the metaphor, lock the two sexes into legal concrete and let the deeply frivolous go play with themselves. Especially the pitiable beta male who “married” another guy, the latter claiming his ‘gender’ is canine and has a whole schtick to go along with his delusion. Fido needs a psychiatrist – or a dad who tells him to grow up. So does his “husband”.

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  1. All you need to know is that you can get a graduate degree in ‘gender studies’ without ever taking even a basic human biology course in college. Unhinged is a kind word for it.

  2. Dymphna…bingo!!

    “My opinion? To continue the metaphor, lock the two sexes into legal concrete and let the deeply frivolous go play with themselves”

    And as for the doggie couple. How can anyone think they are serious?

    • They think they’re serious. At least the dog-half does. Not thinking, exactly…just a profound desire to lie on the couch and lick his junk (manly jewels they ain’t).

      • Will he visit the Vets to be neutered?
        Has he been inoculated against Distemper?
        Should he bite a child will he be put down?
        If the couple (god forbid) adopt could the
        Unfortunate child take the “dog daddy”
        To show and tell?
        Can he catch a Frisbee?
        Is he safe around cats?
        Does his partner take him walkies?
        Or are this pair simply Lunatics?

        • the last conjecture was correct. Publicity hounds, too – don’t forget that part.

          The video is on YouTube but I can’t find it now.

  3. What will happen to the 1% or so who are born hermaphrodite or have some other physical disorder? Most of these people are quite ill and are given neutral names such as “Dana” because often their external genitalia either do not exist or else they do not match their chromosomal sex. Transgenderism is a mental disorder, but there is a tiny, vulnerable population who need some flexibility since their gender isn’t apparent, even to doctors.

    • That is indeed a tiny minority, a tragic one percent.

      But such rare exceptions can’t be used to make population-wide decisions. And they certainly aren’t considered by the lemming leftists who chase rainbows and unicorns, looking for some la-la land that not only doesn’t exist but shouldn’t exist.

      Across cultures, about two percent of populations are born with brain disorders like schizophrenia. Something goes haywire in neural development. But we can’t make educational/social/cultural norms to fit those poor souls.

    • I would asume anyone preparing that kind of law is going to consider this medical practice and those people will still be given the chance to change their change or go through surgery to adjust their genitals one way or the other, but none of this has to be too much known by the public. I mean what’s between your legs is an extremely intimate topic and I imagine anyone undergoing sex reassignment wants to keep it that way, as opposed to every random person being able to tell this or that procedure was performed to make it look like either of the options. In other words shows with actual transgender people aren’t doing them a favour, because raising public awareness of the topic makes it harder for them to go through a sex change. But then again the whole SJW movement doesn’t care about people with any kind of issue, they care for exhibitionist snowflakes.
      And cutting the snowflakes short sounds like a good idea.
      Btw I think the West should adopt our procedure to achieve sex reasignment: transsexuals here have to go through psychiatrist and IQ tests before any therapy is started, that’s in order to ensure no other medical condition is making it look like transsexuality. After a year of hormone therapy a commission made of doctors of various kinds and lawyers decides whether or not the person in question is doing well. In other words they compare life before the therapy and now and if the person is actually doing better, aka feeling better and having more drive, and the family is perceiving it well, then they give it an ok and only then will surgeons be willing to perform any kind of genital surgery. Even though I’m told the commission thing is mostly just for show and almost everyone gets an ok, there’s still the notion that an array of experts tell you “the next step is irreversible, do you understand that?” as opposed to a snowflake going for it and then realizing they are actually a girl/guy after all. And fair enough there’s only one recorded case here where it wasn’t a success and that was due to the family already carying a heavy burder of various mental illnesses, where the son (a daughter after surgery) realized he wanted to go back to being a son, eventually killed himself and his father and brother ended up hanging themselves too. Aparently there are roughly 2000 people undergoing a sex change every year in my country and the procedure is legally avaiable since the 60’s or so. Given those numbers I’d say this setup is pretty bulletproof.
      Unfortunately we, too, have so liberal leftist politians who want to establish the “it only takes one signature at a government office to completely change your gender”, but as of now there are still more politians against it, so this law shouldn’t be passed, I think.

      • Even then, it would seem that all those experts sometimes get it wrong, and it is only later realised that the patient’s real problem was, for example, childhood abuse, the trauma of which should have been treated by something other than a knife.

        • The former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins agrees with you:

          Former Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Paul R. McHugh blasted the Left’s transgender movement, saying that those who enable the mental illness of transgenderism are “collaborating with madness.” McHugh warns against sex-reassignment surgery in particular.


          after Dr. McHugh – psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital 1975-2001 — and his colleagues studied the issue further, they concluded ‘that Hopkins was fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness.’” The hospital eventually stopped providing the surgery.

          “We psychiatrists, I thought, would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia,” said McHugh.

          The doctor explained that trans people, those who don’t identify as their biological sex, exude behaviors of “sexual misdirection,” called “autogynephilia.” Such behaviors do not cease post-op:

          For the post-surgery transgender men, data collected by one of McHugh’s colleagues showed that most of the patients did not regret the genitalia change “[b]ut in every other respect, they were little changed in their psychological condition,” said Dr. McHugh. “They had the same problems with relationships, work, and emotions as before.”

          Here’s his book, The Mind Has Mountains: Reflections on Society and Psychiatry


          Here’s the Paul McHugh M.D. Author’s page:


          [That Daily Wire story from 2016 mistakenly labels McHugh, a psychiatrist, as a Ph.D. – he might be, but usually, those with a medical degree are identified as such.]

    • It surprises me you say 1% are born hermaphodrite. That’s one in a hundred, which isn’t “rare”. Are you sure it’s not “one in a thousand”?

  4. Gosh this guy has such a good topics but I just can’t stand his voice and demeanor for some reason, I’m paining myself through each of his video until he becomes too obnoxious to continue, what a shame!

  5. Humans are animals. Does the progressive Left think other animals are fluid gender-wise? If so, which ones? If not, why only humans?

  6. Sex is male and female (even folk with chromosomal abnormalities in that department manage to slot into one or the other category). Gender is masculine, feminine and neuter. Only one belongs to living beings.

  7. I suppose one could try to use genetic and chromosomal determinants to assign sex unambiguiously. Eg. anyone with the gene SRY is a male. The problem is deeper than this however. People can be mosaics such that different cells have different genomes and different X’s and Y’s. I.e. some cells can be male and some female. All females are quasi-mosaics too, because there is random inactivation of one of the X chromosomes in each cell. See Barr bodies. Our brains can have different sex chromosomes in different parts too. And the hormones can alter gender impulses from the genes….and these can be environmentally affected.

    You soon realize that biology is too simple an approach to assign gender unequivocally.

    You can have fun reading about mosaicism and calico cats in the Wiki.

    • A link to the wiki please?

      By the way, we had a calico cat hastily renamed “George” after his first visit to the vet. “A sport” was what the vet called him, and George agreed that he was indeed, a real sportin’ kind of guy.

    • Biology and gender have nothing to do with each other. Biology determines sex. ‘Gender’ is either a grammatical term or a cultural construct. There are people who are genotypically male, people who are genotypically female, and people who have something more or less wrong with them so far as their sex chromosomes go. Like all people who have something wrong with them biologically, they deserve compassion and respect. But they don’t deserve the whole world to be turned upside down to accommodate them, as would appear to be happening now. The sooner we stop talking about ‘gender’ in relation to biological attributes, the sooner the conversation can become a little more realistic.

  8. How did we get to the point where we feel that we have to entertain the whimsy of every freak that shows up?

    • You don’t have to. To address your question I would offer:

      1. I would suspect that it is years of the weak appearing strong and making people feel as if their livelihood and social life/status is threatened if they speak up.

      2. People keep repeating the same things over and over and attempt to influence the emotions of you and people around you. They are unyielding. If there was a form of sjw porn I would say it is a mob chanting at an individual, the correct individual to chant at.

      3. That mentality is pervasive. I even hear people on “the right”, Breitbart radio for example, say now are we supposed to…why do we have to…instead of saying I reject that it is wrong or incorrect. When I hear it, it sounds like there is some weakness there.

      • Could #3 also be versions of “all we have to do is” – and choose your remedy, e.g., throw “them” all out, send “them” back where they came from, etc.

        Imagine all the remedies for the massive immigration mess coming our way.

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