Conspiracy Theories? We Have Them A-Plenty

Ever since J. Christian Adams, a career Department of Justice attorney, resigned in 2010 (during Obama’s first term) due to his own unwillingness to turn a blind eye to Eric Holder’s highly charged racialist program within the DOJ, I’ve been wondering when the corruption would be called to account. But it never happened. It never happens in the Democrat Deep State…unless, like Sidney Powell, you know where to look.

No, I didn’t know of her either, but I sure plan to follow what she has to say as this plotting is unloaded on a sickened American electorate. Can They manage to kill off the first capable president we’ve had in more than a generation??

This is a woman after Diana West’s own heart. Mine, too. She not only knows American jurisprudence, but she knows where (some of) the bodies are buried.

From her book page on Amazon from 2014 [five years in, and it’s still selling]:

Sidney Powell was an Assistant United States Attorney in three judicial districts under nine United States Attorneys from both political parties. She represented the United States in 350 criminal appeals and represented private parties in another 150, all resulting in more than 180 published decisions. She was the youngest Assistant U.S. Attorney when she began practicing. She is an elected member of the American Law Institute and the past president of the Bar Association for the Fifth Federal Circuit and the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers.

Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice is a book she prayed she would never have to write. It’s written in the style of a legal thriller to be enjoyable and understandable to non-lawyers, but it is the true, behind-the-scenes insider perspective on major litigation during the last decade. If you think you know the truth about what happened to Arthur Andersen, Merrill Lynch, Enron, and former United States Senator Ted Stevens, think again. You won’t know the truth until you read LICENSED TO LIE. It tells a very human story that every informed citizen, lawyer, and judge should know. The foreword to the book is written by Judge Alex Kozinski, one of the most brilliant legal minds in the country. He is the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but he wrote the foreword in his personal capacity.

She also writes for the New York Observer…and her opinion pieces have received over 16,000 facebook posts, countless tweets, and other methods of “sharing.” […] They include 1. All the President’s Muses 2. Holder Protects Corrupt Prosecutors 3. War on Wall Street 4. Meet Emmet Sullivan (the IRS Judge who scheduled a hearing for July 10); 5. One Two Punch (IRS faces Two Federal Judges), and others. Her news articles and opinion pieces may be found here. These outstanding stories have been picked up multiple times by the Drudge Report, Investors Business Daily, Breitbart, Fox News, Greta Van Susternen, and countless other blogs and reporters. She is the only published authority on federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, former White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, and now Mueller team special prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, and others.

She has been featured on Fox News, the CATO INSTITUTE (broadcast on C-Span), NewsMax TV, and countless radio shows. She has spoken on the topic of prosecutorial misconduct for two federal judicial conferences and numerous bar associations. Her website is here.

This book has over nine hundred customer reviews, overwhelmingly five-star, and they have continued to accrue over the five years since the book came out.

[NOTE: This post has been moldering in my Drafts since the video was brand-new. I’m sorry it’s no longer au courant, but my health (or lack thereof) interfered. While not breaking news, the main elements in this story will continue to drag their sadsack selves through the purgatory of American national politics. If I find any further Sidney Powell commentary, I’ll post it for you.]

8 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories? We Have Them A-Plenty

  1. That was excellent. Thank you for posting. Trump supporters are aware of much of this. Many Democrat supporters are not as the media chooses not to focus on Democrat corruption. Powell is very impressive.

  2. She was interviewed on Mark Levin’s Fox News program “Life, Liberty and Levin” several weeks ago, and it was a barn-burner of an interview. May still be available either on Fox News’s website or at Levin’s.

    I didn’t know of her before that, but the interview convinced me I have to get her book. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I have her interview with Levin saved in my DVR file. It is from January 27, 2019. I have watched it 3 times. If you care about America, you will outraged when you listen to it

  3. In addition to this excellent video, you should watch her long-term interview with Mark Levin on his Fox News show, Life, Liberty, and Levin. You should be able to find it on YouTube, unless, you know, lib censorship.

  4. Funny, the previous post by Newfoundland didn’t appear. Well, that makes two for her interview with Levin.

  5. As of June 11, 2019 at about 1:30 p.m. EST, the Levin interview with Powell on Fox News is still available on YouTube at

    Running time is 41:18
    and it was ‘published’ to YT Jan. 27, 20191

    Seems to be on a smaller YouTube ‘channel,’ and the interview has just 7,269 views (and only 19 comments !)

    It also seems to be a clear, sharp copy, with good resolution, and includes commercial breaks … which thankfully on Levin’s show are quite brief.)

    Grab a copy while you can (i.e. download it to YOUR computer. No good just marking it as a ‘Favourite,’ or ‘Watch Later.’ If YouTube scrubs it, it’ll be gone in those places too.)

    One commenter (3 months ago) said : “I’m glad this is back, the link was removed.”

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