Rumblings by Thor?

Since the horrific earthquake in Turkey and Syria earlier this month, there has been much discussion in the fever swamps of the Internet about the possibility that the temblor was artificially induced as a weapon directed at Turkey (or Syria).

The following brief article presents some of the visual evidence supposedly supporting that theory. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from Uncut News:

A blue flash was seen in the sky before the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Social media users have posted images and videos of a blue flash that is said to have appeared in the sky near the Turkish-Syrian border on Monday night before the earthquake struck.

The images showed a blue glow as the ground shook. The phenomenon was observed for example by residents of the Syrian city of Latakia.

Hala Hassan of Damascus University’s Higher Institute of Seismic Research told radio station Sham FM that there is no explanation for the blue light, but that changes in the electric and magnetic fields in the atmosphere occur before an earthquake.


New severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have resulted in deaths and injuries. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook the already hard-hit Hatay province. According to reports, buildings and bridges again collapsed in several cities.

After the severe earthquake of February 6, there were many thousands of aftershocks. Numerous aftershocks were also felt after Monday’s earthquake.

Afterword from the translator:

Personally I really don’t know if this was a “man-made” earthquake or just Mother Nature. But what I do know is that the German government and the EU have been sending billions in AID to Turkey, and when, roughly 18 months ago, the Ahrtal flood happened and thousands of people lost their homes, a couple of hundred even their lives, they didn’t give a damn except with meaningless lip service. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that now even more culture-enrichers will be allowed into Europe in the guise of “earthquake” victims.

Here are a couple of articles about that quake:

And then there’s this little snippet:

Syria: White Helmets Expose Own Earthquake Barrel Bomb Lies

As expected, the White Helmets are hanging onto the current severe earthquakes in Syria and nearby Turkey. In a video on Twitter, they talk about the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It’s just stupid that before the Syrian war, this troupe repeatedly announced that “barrel bombs” would trigger earthquakes of this magnitude in Syria, fifty times a day.

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  1. If you go to and research their map of seismic faults you will notice that the entire mini-continent that includes Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia is ringed by a continuous series of earthquake faults. The fault which is in the Mediterranean Sea branches into the area of Southern Turkey where the earthquakes occurred. Of particular concern is the fault that runs along the Zagros Mountains in Iran which is near Iran’s two nuclear reactors. As for the damages and loss of life, we have irresponsible building contractors to thank for that. You can, and I did, imagine what the scope and extent of the damage from the Northridge earthquake would have been had California’s and Los Angeles’ building codes had not been rigidly enforced.

  2. Supposedly Nikolai Tesla developed such a machine that used resonance to accomplish similar feats. Having seen firsthand the destructive power of resonance in basic training when the drill sergeant didn’t put us in route-step as we crossed a bridge, I believe such a weapon is theoretically possible.

    The increased likelihood of the existence of such a weapon would be if similar occurrences took place in short order in other erstwhile western countries opposed to the escalation of the war in the Ukraine.

  3. When I watched the filmed footage from the Earthquake, I came to the conclusion that it was – indeed – a man made earthquake, created by the use of secret technology very few even believe it exists, but it does 🙂

    When you see buildings collapsing, yet the people on the ground are standing, running and walking and not falling down – then you know that that building has been hit by some kind of resonnant high frequency vibration, and not by a natural earthquake.

    Good vibration can disintegrate concrete.

    The question I have is why would anyone attack Turkey in this way? But – it might be something about Turkey wanting to join Russia, who knows?

    As a Bible believer I expect Russia and Turkey to unite all Islamic nations and go for a nuclear war with Israel, a war which is known under the name “Armageddon”. Are we seeing first opening salvos of that WWIII? God knows 🙂

    • The bloody Russians are Orthodox Christians and the bloody turks are islamic savages who hate each other with a passion and they never forgive nor forget, so there goes that theory. The Russians really want the North side of the Bosporus Straight. As for the islamic deaths by earthquake? Those are rookie numbers. lol

  4. Seeing an electric discharge occurring naturally in connection with such a strong earthquake is not entirely implausible. The exact mechanisms are difficult to study because the occasions are rare and nobody sits waiting in eager expectation of such damage and chaos. But e.g. a presence of iron in the ground which has magnetic properties (and is nearly everywhere, whether in exploitable concentrations or not), and just basic knowledge of how induction works and the Earth’s electromagnetic field, lend the idea that it should be possible.

    The mysticism around Tesla’s inventions has gone way overboard, like with many things. He was a genius in his time, no question. Afaik the conspiracy theories are based on reports that most of his papers got seized and never saw daylight again, but trying to even find the details of that story is like wading through a swamp. However, even if it was true that he made inventions which were taken out of public eyes for their potential to be weaponized, any and all of these things would have been able to be reproduced by others in the meantime. The field of electrodynamics was still young then, it is much more thoroughly understood now. Anything Tesla could do is firmly in the public domain today, secret only to those unable or unwilling to study. Whenever I read HAARP and associated keywords, I usually just skip even seeing that website. It’s a waste of time.

    The possibility to wreak havoc by exploiting resonances is well known, but targeting that precisely on an object or place in the real world is exceedingly difficult because you need to know the detailed physical composition of the entire system to be able to calculate anything. In some instances it may be possible to derive what you need from observation of previous events, but then you could only target that same thing again. If we had that down, we could reliably predict earthquakes and more. Some approaches to tackle this exist, but we’re a far cry from mastering it — as far as we’re aware of, that is. A whiff of doubt always remains, knowing that military forces around the world do explore quite some esoteric things they will not share with the public.

    • if you put two quartz-silica stones together and hit them with a third stone repeatedly, they will stick together like two magnets, and they make some lightning effects when you try to pull them apart. Therefore – a movement of earth on a scale of a large earthquake is bound to make some lightning effects, I am not at all surprised by it, I think it’s natural.

      As to the Earthquake machine, that’s a real question. For example: How good is a deep ground penetrating radar? To get a correct 3D map of the underground in order to move it… The other question is how to affect that deep underground with – ehm – radiowaves? One could always cook the water underground to a boiling point and boom – but… it’s a long way down to project a radiowave…

      But as I wrote above, what I find intriquing about the Turkey earthquake are the buildings collapsing but people running and not falling down on the ground. That rings “something is not right” to me. Are we sure it was an earthquake at all? What if someone could make some kind of waves to destroy the buildings on the surface? It could even be acoustics.

      But, I can’t say I know, as far as I am concerned, it could as well be natural, or man made, I don’t know…

  5. These light phenomena are sometimes seen just before powerful earthquakes. I believe there are reports of such from the 1906 SF quake and the North Ridge quake also.

  6. I believe that as the fault line relieves the built up stress, the fracturing rocks can generate a piezoelectric charge. How much, I have no idea.

    Likewise, a man-made system capable of tuning enough power to local harmonic resonances would be capable of very controlled destruction. Such a system would so devalue existing strategic and tactical deterrents that unleashing them on the responsible party would be a strong possibility.

  7. I suppose ome might research more before even using just the word “earthquake.” They occur at different deoths, last different amounts of time, and the vibrariions interact with the soil. See “earthquake liquefaction.” So, Yes. If the soil fails (like stirring a muddy stew), buildings will fall and people may not be as affected.

    It’s a logarithmic scale. descibes a 7.7 and the 1971 LA (“Sylmar”) one was a 6.6 . A hospital and a freeway overpass (at or near the epicenter, as I recall) fell. From my view, it’s all about construction and not having the bad luck of being near the epicenter and staying away from fault lines and knowing enough to map them. Earthquakes are normal enough that no one has to consider causing one.

    Here is a discussion about the possibility of certain tectonic plate intersections being susceptible to heavy rains.

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