Fade Away and Radiate

Ever since early 2020 the dominant theme in popular culture has been: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

For the last few months we’ve been inundated with propaganda about nuclear war.

After the Corona craze had run its course, we had a brief interlude of monkeypox hysteria, but that never seemed to develop the momentum necessary for a full-blown panic. So now we’ve moved on to the Ukraine crisis, and the evil Vladimir Putin, as a source of doom-and-gloom media histrionics.

The nuclear war theme emerged fairly soon after Russia invaded Ukraine. There was a big push to paint Mr. Putin as threatening to use nukes, even though he never did any such thing. At the same time we started to see “what to do in the event of a nuclear attack” PSAs in various major American cities. And the mainstream media kept up their fear-mongering with various nuclear-themed reports — retrospectives on the Cuban Missile Crisis and other incidents of nuclear alarms during the Cold War, analyses of what a nuclear blast would do to this or that major city, how to deal with radiation poisoning, etc.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that a nuclear war is very unlikely, although I expect a “radiation incident” fairly soon, possibly even before the midterm elections.

The reason I say this is that the globalists of the New World Order, as exemplified by the World Economic Forum, are obviously not anticipating any nuclear attacks. They are ramping up their push for digital central bank currencies, social credit scores, 5G technology, the Internet of Things (and Bodies) and other long-term projects that involve intensive electronic infrastructure. That’s how we know they’re not planning for the grid to go down. They must have mapped out a way to keep enough juice flowing to at least keep the cell towers functioning, even during the horrific energy shortages that lie directly ahead.

Since the globalists, the media, and the top levels of the Western political apparatus are all in league with each other, we may assume that the nuclear war scare is in fact a feint.

I have a theory about the reason for it.

First they make sure the populace is terrified of a nuclear attack.

Then a “radiation incident” of some sort is arranged. Probably in Ukraine, via the false-flag use of a tactical nuke, perhaps, or an “accident” at one of the nuclear power plants, most likely the one in Zaporizhzhia.

As a result everybody in the West, especially in Europe, becomes frantic about radiation poisoning.

Then guess what happens?

Surprise! Pfizer and other pharmaceutical giants devise injections that mitigate the effects of radiation disease!

Rolled out at warp speed in just a few weeks. Administered by medical workers fitted out in radiation suits. Everybody is urged to show up at designated injection sites and get their “protective shots”.

They get everybody trembling in fear over the radiation, and then they provide the magical solution: yet more injections.

Compliance with the “booster” regime has fallen off to less than 25% in most countries, so something else is needed. A radiation incident is just the thing.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The push for more injections has been intense and obvious since late 2020. The big question is: WHY?

The flu shot was never pushed anywhere near as hard as the series of mRNA jabs. I’ve never in my lifetime seen anything like the propaganda blitz that we’ve been subjected to on behalf of the experimental “vaccine”. Somebody really, really wants to see more needles in arms.

The evidence for the harmful effects of the mRNA treatments is now undeniable. They are especially contra-indicated for small children, and now the CDC has just given its imprimatur to a new regime that will, in effect, force parents to have their kids vaxed in order for them to attend public schools.

Somebody wants needles in arms VERY badly.

I think we can rule out the possibility that top-level health authorities are motivated by the medical well-being of their citizens. It’s fairly clear now that they’re pushing these injections despite the fact that they have been proven harmful.

After browsing various paranoid postings in the deplorable alternative media, I see three possible explanations for this demonic campaign:

1.   Profit. The large trans-national pharmaceutical companies are making unimaginably huge amounts of money peddling these jabs. And they are now basically in control of all the health bureaucracies in the West. Having captured the regulatory apparatus in various countries and the United Nations, they are now in a position to command adherence to an injection process that will keep them in gravy for the foreseeable future.
2.   Population reduction. The injections cause premature death in a significant portion of the people to whom they are administered. Not enough to completely overwhelm medical systems, and not enough to prevent the media from fobbing us off with anything-but-the-vax explanations, but enough to increase death rates and reduce birth rates, due to vax-induced infertility and miscarriages.
3.   Nanotechnology. They want to get those tiny 5G-activated chips into everyone’s bloodstream so that we all become part of the Internet of Bodies. Public opinion polls show that not enough people want to get chipped, despite the aggressive propaganda pushing it. So citizens are being induced to take injections that secretly include the components that will turn everyone’s anatomy into a node on the Internet.

A combination of some or all of the above reasons is possible, even likely.

So the good news is that no one need fear the imminent appearance of a mushroom cloud on the horizon.

The bad news is that we can expect something that is far worse for us, in the long run.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The sad thing about the Internet of Bodies is that an awful lot of people, maybe a majority, will eventually choose to participate voluntarily. The propaganda is very effective. Embedding those chips is so convenient, and all your friends are doing it, so why not?

The big test will be when or whether it becomes mandatory.

It’s like the use of cell phones for everything. I don’t own a cell phone. But how long until owning a cell phone becomes mandatory? It will be made more difficult not to own one after cash is abolished and you have to have a phone to buy necessities. And if you somehow manage to get around all that, will there be a law which says you have to possess and carry a cell phone, or risk being arrested?

And to track your social credit, you’ll have to be on Facebook or Twitter or something.

I’m not on any social media. Will it become mandatory to have a social media account of some sort? All so that you can have your social credit score updated regularly based on what you post or like or buy.

Well, anyway… That’s how we know the elites are not expecting the grid to go down. They have plans for us that include the absolute necessity of a continuously functioning electric grid.

12 thoughts on “Fade Away and Radiate

  1. A very plausible scenario — a globalist think tank would have paid for it a lot of money!

    On another note, I have come to the conclusion that the globalist plans are extremely COMPLEX and long-term. Therefore it is difficult to decode them in real time (just like the Matrix ‘was’ difficult to decode real time).

    For example the potential functions of the Great Jabbing Operation have included technical ones (the “vax pass” system), social ones (to push the society towards Communism in the name of “the greater good”), tactical ones (shingles from the covid jabs to generate the ‘monkeypox’, and cancer caused by the covid jabs will be ‘cured’ by other mrna jabs to come), psychological ones (to train individuals to become complient and thus give up their very individuality). And so on.

    And all of these functions are interdependent and get interwoven into the society, with the aim of establishing the New Normal, while some operations are as much tactical as strategical. They are just steps towards distant, hidden goals — which makes them difficult to assess in themselves.

    The great fascist reset is as complex as a software. Therefore we the people should also set up serious think tanks in order to decipher the globalist plans and operations. Their strategies seem to be much more complicated than a modern car — and how would one person be able to fully understand the engine of a car if one saw one for the first time?…

    Another special aspect of the ongoing globalist onslaught that comes to my mind is that they are using salami tactics as a divide-and-conquer approach and for gradual takeover. That makes it much harder to resist, let alone detect.

    For instance now they are killing off the middle-class and the restaurants and hotels are on the death-row in Europe for the moment. What can individuals do against it? Especially when it will come to globalists and muslims buying up these real estates for very little money, after they go bankrupt. Another story: one Hungarian city is planning to “respond” to the high energy prices with lockdowns (!)… again. That is they want to switch off public lighting after 10 pm, and therefore impose a curfew in the evening ‘because the darkness is dangerous’ for public safety. ‘Nudging’ again… It is a carefully planned takeover. It is sneaky.

    But then again, it is an extremely finely elaborated SYSTEM what they are using to attack us with — and we should approach it as such. Because this feature of complexity is the strength and weakness of their plans at the same time, as their systems are so interdependent that it makes them vulnerable when they get imposed on our systems.

    And just the way they have overplayed their hands with their poison pokes because they could not prepare for and control all the hostile reactions of the society properly, other significant disruptions that sabotage their complex plans may cause those plans to fail, at least partially, and derail whole chains of expensive enemy operations.

  2. Russia is taking out Starlink satellites which is touted as another reason Musk wants the US govt to take it over in Ukraine. Russia could easily take out all satellites and then no banking and how does anyone get money and will they honour your bank balance when the system is up and running again??? I don’t think so.
    Vaccine for children in US – only answer is to home school.
    Nuclear issue – buy iodine tablets, build yourself a bunker or line the walls of your basement. Best to do things yourself than trust the govt solutions.
    Musk has started corresponding with Medvedev, possibly to get out of the twitter purchase as he will be a Russian asset and govt won’t let him own twitter. China owns TikTok, but that’s OK cause they love America.

  3. If it is necessary to have a continuously functioning grid in order for their schemes to work then that becomes an Achilles Heel of epic proportions. It is far easier for an insurgency to destroy the energy grid and kill those necessary to keep it running than keep the grid running. And with continuous attacks on the grid there are no cell phones, internet, social credit systems, and social media to keep the populace pacified and the fedboys snooped up.

  4. @ Baron

    A trenchant analysis, thank you for the effort and the worthwhile result.

    Re: “I’ve recently come to the conclusion that a nuclear war is very unlikely, although I expect a “radiation incident” fairly soon, possibly even before the midterm elections.

    The reason I say this is that the globalists of the New World Order, as exemplified by the World Economic Forum, are obviously not anticipating any nuclear attacks. They are ramping up their push for digital central bank currencies, social credit scores, 5G technology, the Internet of Things (and Bodies) and other long-term projects that involve intensive electronic infrastructure.”

    Your interpretation may be correct, but it is not the only possibility. The globalist elites are just fanatical-enough and committed-enough to pull a “Samson Option” on everyone. Meaning that while they are forging ahead with their ambitious agenda and goals to transform the world and everyone in it, they have also built for themselves what amounts to a “dead man’s switch.”

    Suicide bombers in Iraq used them against coalition forces. If op-for takes out the jihadist driving the truck or car ladened with explosives, he has a suicide switch in his hand, a button which when released, triggers the detonation.

    In other words, if they go down, everyone is going to be dragged down with them, just as Samson pulled down the walls of the temple upon himself, but his captors and enemies also.

    Whatever else they may be, the top globalists are not stupid. They must know that a certain large percentage of people do not want what they are offering, and will not accept having this ‘new future’ imposed upon them. Therefore, some sort of contingency plan was/is needed.

    The globalists are incentivizing the new world order/”Build Back Better” as hard as they can, but at the same time, they are also systematically destroying/sabotaging the first-world economies of the West, deliberately causing them to regress backwards into the 19th century. A classic carrot-and-stick approach. Universal basic income is part-and-parcel of this as well, like bait in a trap set for an animal in the woods.

    Re: “That’s how we know they’re not planning for the grid to go down. They must have mapped out a way to keep enough juice flowing to at least keep the cell towers functioning, even during the horrific energy shortages that lie directly ahead.”

    Well, at least not inside the new fun-house they are constructing, right? Once the lines are more-clearly delineated and “us-against-them” is more obvious, I’d expect them to start denying 21st century tech to their opposition, whenever possible.

    As far as the threat of nuclear war is concerned, undoubtedly you are correct in that the powers-that-be are using fear as a club with which to batter people into submission. Over the last two and a half years, one crisis after another has taken place, almost as if they were planned in sequence…. and as time goes on, it looks more and more like that is precisely what has happened.

    Another thread of evidence is that we know in psychological warfare operations, one means of wearing down resistance is to install as much fear and uncertainty in the subject target’s mind as possible, and in the population as a whole. At the same time, sowing mistrust and division keeps people atomized and isolated, and thus more-vulnerable psychologically to external manipulation and exploitation.

    There is a caveat to the risk of nuclear war, however. The present situation internationally and in terms of geopolitics, bears a great deal in common with the run-up to the Great War (World War One). That war was one almost no one actually wanted, but which ended up occurring anyway due to a cascade of errors, false assumptions, and other mistakes on the part of European leaders.

    We may be headed down a similar path today, only now there are thousands of nuclear weapons in the hands of people and regimes (sad to say including our own) which should not be trusted with with a water pistol, let alone the most-dangerous and powerful weapons ever designed.

    Last, your thinking about a false-flag or some sort of staged “crisis” seems plausible to me. The ruling class elites love to use false-flags to move their agenda – whatever it happens to be at the time – forward. Most people on the street have little idea of just how often such events have been used successfully in the past and are still in use today, including by our own government.

    To name one historical example, the Second World War was started in Europe in part based upon such an incident, namely, the so-called “Gleiwitz Incident”- which was a series of false-flag attacks carried out on the Polish-German frontier against German radio stations by SS-Gestapo operatives under the command of SS Sturmbannführer (Major) Alfred Naujocks. The entire operation was disclosed when the German leader testified at the Nuremberg Tribunals in 1945-1946.

    A similar operation took place in China, where the Japanese Army staged an attack at the so-called Marco Polo Bridge incident and then blamed it on Chinese forces, which led to the widening of the Sino-Japanese War in 1937.

    Western intelligence operatives (probably via private military contractors or local mercenaries employed by the alliance) were almost certainly involved in a false flag operation during the Maiden Square uprising in Kiev in 2014 which preceded the toppling of the Yanukovych government.

    Snipers were stationed in various vantage points overlooking the square where then-peaceful pro- and anti-government demonstrations were being held, with instructions to fire shots into both sides of the demonstration once the order was given. Why both sides? In order to turn the demonstrations violent and more chaotic, to up the ante.

    If that op followed the classic pattern of a false flag act of terror, the actual snipers were probably quietly taken to a remote area and themselves liquidated. Dead men tell no tales…. the big boys don’t like loose ends like that left laying around.

    • I would imagine that the elites aren’t monolithic in their designs or that more than a handful know where all of this is headed.

      Some probably think it’s just about more money and power, or are only in it for those reasons. Likely there are several groups of true believers but with ends that are at odds. I am certain at least one of those groups is determined to implement a mass depopulation of the planet for ecological reasons, while another wishes to depopulate the planet for easier consolidation of control.

      I think the hubris of all of these competing factions is unbelievably high. Russia and China are both threatened with such irrationality bellicose behavior precisely because they are not singing from the same hymn book. What good is it if the elites manage to blow up the food, energy, and financial systems of the entire western world if the far east decides to not play along? I think this increases the chances significantly of a nuclear exchange or a biological warfare event since the plans are so far advanced that they cannot be stopped at this point, yet Russia and China will inherit the world if they manage to keep from being dragged into the suicide of the West. And that cannot be allowed to happen by the elites, regardless of whatever faction they happen to belong to.

    • Good analysis, but for one thing, the Generals of Europe have their own plans that don’t include the elite.

  5. I think I counted over thirty critical things that can implode the current world order, mostly brought about by people. A string of fire crackers going off on the 4th of July comes to mind. A big string. Since our opposition are a bunch of sadists, I expect we should take them at their word/lie.

  6. Notice how the Generals of Europe are all keeping quiet about this whole mess? When the defense ministers and NATO speaks, there isn’t anyone in uniform nearby, interesting no?

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