News Roundup From Modern Multicultural Germany

K. from Germany has translated two articles about recent Islam-related news in Germany. One of them concerns the appalling fact that a Muslim woman at the Migration Board is in charge of deciding the asylum cases of Middle East Christians. The other — no less appalling — is about the jailing of a man who posted political satire on Facebook.

The first article is from Politically Incorrect:

Germany: Muslims decide protection status of persecuted Christians

by Sarah Goldmann

A Christian family from Iraq, who feel victimized by Muslim terrorists, asks for asylum in Germany. At the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), of all things they are facing a woman in an [Islamic] headscarf, who is to decide whether the threats by radical Muslims are grounds for asylum.

It is hardly surprising that the Mohammedan rejects the Christians’ asylum application. Because — while we would like to learn otherwise — out of not a single mosque have we ever heard anything about prayers of Muslims against the oppression of Christians by their radical brothers in faith.

If this is true, then it shows, that Muslims worldwide don’t care about the persecution of Christians by perverted IS butchers and other brutal Islamic groupings, and it is to be feared that they either don’t take it seriously, play it down, or clandestinely delight in it. Almost ten years ago, when it was still allowed, the Merkur wrote the following about the totally normal attitude of Muslims and their religious leaders towards Christians:

“Sheikh Mahmood, former director of Al Azhar University in Cairo, one of Islam’s highest religious authorities, goes even further: ‘Christians are like a malicious and infectious disease. Muslims have to treat them unjustly, despise them, boycott and treat them harshly to force them to adopt Islam.’ It cannot be made more clear, how much Islam shapes the Muslims’ way of thinking and acting in all areas of life.”

So, the fact that an adherent of this creed gets to decide the fate of Christians who are despised and hated by this creed, virtually against her own people, would be comparable with SS men who were required to rule about the departure of Jews from Nazi Germany.

Correspondingly, the employment of a member of this Islamic “religion” against potentially real refugees seeking protection can never produce neutral and unbiased decisions. This Muslim woman gets to decide the fate of Christians in a German federal office, today, tomorrow, every day. This is not criticised by anybody.

This is basically because Islam, against all better knowledge, is assumed to be “peaceful” and not the hateful ideology that has more than just one problem with other religions. This axiom of the peaceful Islam may no longer be doubted in the politically correct world. The only one who took the liberty to express gentle criticism, Wolfgang Bosbach [refers to the first article linked above in Die WELT], consequently does this very, very carefully:

“If these Christians ‘have to describe their victimization to a headscarf-wearing Muslima, then I can understand the applicants’ worrying that the decision about their application could possibly turn out not to be entirely objective and free of prejudice,’ says the interior expert.”

The man knows his limits in these times. Anyone who really wants to stand up for law and order, against arbitrariness on the part of authorities, against biased employees in the BAMF, and for real refugees, can do this strongly, but please in appropriate friendly tone via this address: [BAMF official contact info]

The second translated piece is from

For political satire: Facebook user jailed two years

by Michael Mross [not signed, assuming authorship by site owner]

Which expressions of opinion are still allowed in Germany — and which are not? Because he put false quotations in politicians’ mouths, a Facebook user has been arrested for incitement.

Satirical collages by Uwe Ostertag

“Burkini mandatory in Nürnberg’s public swimming pool …also for Germans”

“Heiko Maas, Federal Minister of Justice: The attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris taught us, that it’s better for sake of prevention to forbid all satire and criticism of Islamic institutions and leaders, instead of provoking the ghosts of terrorism. We have to heed the signs of the times and offer Islam a chance to integrate itself into Central Europe without bloodshed.”

More pictures here.

While German justice in some cases is conspicuously lax with criminal offenders, it treats others with implacable harshness. And the German press is jubilant about the enforcement: German Internet Hater Jailed.

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Report From the Dead Letter Office

Ever since the fundraiser started last week I’ve been beavering away on my thank-you notes. Two of those emails have been returned, unfortunately. The first was sent to a new donor in California, and the second went off to someone in Illinois who has given previously, but whose address has never bounced emails in the past.

If either of those descriptions fits you, please know how much we appreciate your gift, even if we were unable to get a message through. Also: be aware that the address that PayPal uses for you is no longer functional (at least not for me).

And then there’s the Mystery Donor, who always sends a little something to the P.O. Box in an envelope with no return address. Thank you once again — you know who you are, but I sure don’t!

Arrested in Slovakia for Burning a Koran in Finland

Dissent from Dymphna: Had it been up to me, I’d never have posted anything this graphic. It is enough to talk about it; at this point in our battle to save the West we only harm ourselves by exhibiting such video material. And as you can tell from the comments, such images send some of our more fragile readers over the edge.This is a piss-poor strategy for the long war facing us. I hope such material does not occur here again.

This is a peculiar and disturbing story about a young Slovakian woman who was lured home from Finland and arrested. Her crime was to urinate on a Koran and then burn it while she was in Finland. She may face up to six years in a Slovakian prison for her act.

I was surprised to hear about this, because I thought Slovakia was as “Islamophobic” as the Czech Republic. Such does not seem to be the case.

Vlad Tepes was working hard on this story while our Internet was out. Below is his report.

NOTE: one of the embedded videos contains shots of the young lady peeing on the Koran. It’s vulgar, but not really racy; however, some readers may wish to skip it (or have their children skip it), so it’s been placed below the fold.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad for the subtitling:

VIDEOS: Slovak government tricks model into returning, and arrests with “no-knock” SWAT team for burning a koran in Finland.

This is a story of the new totalitarian fascism sweeping Europe today, and may well be a prelude to life in the West, including in Canada soon if M103 becomes bill 103.

The first video shows a Slovakian model all of 24 years old, who made a video for Facebook, which while lacking in good taste, was definitely not illegal in Western democracies, and certainly did not deserve the treatment which followed.

In it, she urinated on and then burned a koran. On the snow, in Finland, and no one was harmed and no property was damaged except her own copy of the koran.

First, let’s look at the news footage of some of the arrest:

According to our source close to the family, she was contacted by the Slovak government shortly after she made the video.

She then left Finland, where she had been working as a model for five years, and rushed back to Slovakia to speak with authorities who had told her she had better come home to discuss this.

That night, a SWAT team broke into her family home and arrested her and took her to jail.

Since then, people across Slovakia and even the Czech Republic have been burning korans in sympathy with the young girl and have told the Slovak authorities they will not stop until she is released.

Below is an ex-Muslim woman who eloquently explains her reasons for supporting her koran burning from the Czech Republic.

It should be noted that the Czech Republic very recently held a trial of someone else charged with burning a koran, and the court found the accused not guilty, and that burning a koran in the Czech Republic is not a crime.

Here is a link to an article that contains a number of videos of people burning korans all across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, vowing to keep doing so until Adriana Melekova who goes by the name of “Sheila”, is released from custody.

Below, the video that seems to be at the source of this storm. Burning a koran and urinating on it in the snow.

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About Our Beta Mode Connectivity [UPDATED]

Update February 23, 11:30am: Just to let you know the status on our communication problem:

For the moment all is well. Yesterday, our connection kept flipping in and out, along with our phone line. Sometimes they will fail separately, sometimes together. But this problem has persisted for days now, and affects both phone and computer connections. Not good.

Normally, with a disconnect that goes on and on, flipping in and out, each new green light means a new IP address and with each, the B has to do fiddly things with the modem and/or router. Things I refuse to internalize since I’m saving any remaining space on my neuronal hard drive for important things, like remembering the tricks for a good hollandaise.

The line was down again last night when we went to bed. So first thing this morning we checked our status and it was both systems “Go”. Same IP address as last night and holding steady. So maybe it’s fixed. If not, the B, being a systems analyst and an observant fellow, may have found the problem a mile or so down the road. He’s hoping the phone company has also found it and done the repairs. But if our line goes down again today, he’ll “attempt to find someone at the phone company who speaks English well and is in possession of more than three brain cells.”

Stay tuned…

Mea culpa to those commenters who think their prose is being held hostage or (in some cases) dropped down a mine shaft so deep we can’t hear them land…

Not so. It is our hot-wired-tin-cans internet connection that is to blame. No Drudge, no Bad Blue, no you. I had even almost finished a thank-you note, an extravagant note, but the mail train just whizzes on by, missing our hook… for those of you who remember movies about mail trains, that will make sense.

They promised to have this sucker fixed by tonight. And it has been fixed numerous times since they promised; it just won’t stay fixed. So by tonight, the B will have to call in another trouble ticket but this time he demands the supervisor. Does that help? Who knows? It’s the satisfying feeling one gets in demanding the next level up from the peon…

Our electric company is trying to interest some money people in helping finance connectivity through the electric line as a competitor to this one, which comes via our phone. Competition being what it is, that would send the phone company scuttling to improve whatever they’re using now to provide service. For sure, the phone company’s competition with the satellite offering was a big improvement for us, and a whole lot cheaper, too.

I read where Amazon is going to start some kind of service to Africa. They said the developed world is already well-connected so they won’t be competing here. Too bad. In some areas of our county, it does look rather third-worldish, but with greenery.

The Catholics among you can offer this deprivation up for the suffering souls in Purgatory; they’ll be grateful. I don’t know what to suggest for the Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, or atheists, though. My narrow little childhood ghetto didn’t extend that far.

Hmm… so who’s the patron saint of telephony, pray tell?

Down the Rabbit Hole With the AfD

AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) is the only Islam-critical and anti-EU party in Germany whose members have been elected at the state level (the federal level is coming later this year). Björn Höcke is one of AfD’s most popular leaders, and his charismatic speaking style is evident even to those of us who don’t understand German.

In case you’ve been wondering why Mr. Höcke dropped out of sight last year, the following annotated compilation by JLH will throw a little light on what happened.

Down the Rabbit Hole With the AfD

by JLH

I am going to tell you a story. It’s a little long, and a little complicated, but I will try to make as few mistakes as possible. It is also more than a little sad, and in one way reminds me of an uncle of mine who knew — as he grew older — that there were certain foods he should no longer eat, because they gave him indigestion, discomfort, burps. Still, sometimes he couldn’t resist, and when he suffered the consequences, he would say that those foods were “repeating” on him. One of the sad things about history is that it, too, “repeats” on us at times, and that will happen in this story too.

It all begins, in a way, on May 8, 1985, when the president of the German Federal Republic, Richard von Weizsäcker, was tasked with commemorating the fortieth anniversary of victory over the Nazi regime. This, in itself, is unusual, when you think about it. The French do not celebrate Waterloo; Rome did not have a festival to commemorate the destruction of three legions by Arminius in the Teutoburg Forest. But unlike the French and Romans in those situations, there was some argument that the Germans, too, had been liberated from the Nazi regime.

President von Weizsäcker — a distinguished member of the CDU (Christian Democrats) and a historian — withdrew for a time to consider and craft his speech. He took as a reference point the biblical axiom that forty years represents the duration of the memory of a generation, and spoke of the necessity for Germans not to allow the greatest crimes of the Nazi regime to fade from their memories. His speech addressed the great harm done to the Jewish people, and the great harm done to the psyche of the German people. One American son of Holocaust survivors I know of — who was in Germany at the time and heard the speech as it was given in, and broadcast from, the Bundestag — was deeply affected by it. It became a touchstone in the struggle of German intellectuals to deal with the heritage of Nazism and the Holocaust.

Four years later, in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet empire began to crumble. It appeared that the other great tyranny of the 20th century was in its death throes. In 1990 — against a background of mixed approval and apprehension, both foreign and domestic — East Germany was essentially absorbed into the Federal Republic of Germany, and two new words were added to the German lexicon: “Wessi” and “Ossi” for the theoretically equal citizens from the old “West” and “East” Germany.

While these external political and geopolitical events were taking place, the focus of international Marxism had shifted. Some years before, encouragement of the anticipated up-from-the-bottom “workers’ revolution” had been replaced by the strategy of a “march through the institutions” which would instead create a top-down cultural transformation, guided by the academic, intellectual and political upper echelons. For every person who received Weizsäcker’s speech as a re-commitment to civilized values, there was another who saw it as one of many weapons to attack any deviation from the new norms.

Whether it was because of public-spirited citizens like Weizsäcker or devious disciples of the Frankfurt School, the guilt has not disappeared. It is still useful to pull out the “Nazi club” as a final, unanswerable argument.

A full 65 years after the end of the Nazi regime — at the beginning of what would become an uncontrolled torrent of officially sanctioned immigration — a CDU member of the Berlin legislature named René Stadtkewitz, fighting a losing battle against the establishment of a mosque in his district (his home was burned out once while he and his family were on a trip), found that his superior in the party would not sanction a planned public seminar to discuss Islam. Only when he threatened to resign from the party did he get permission. But he was alien in that environment, and soon did leave the party.

In 2010, Stadtkewitz with his CDU colleague Marc Doll and Aaron Koenig, who was serving as a member of the steering committee of the Pirate Party, formed a new, Islam-critical party, Die Freiheit (Freedom), named in imitation of Geert Wilders’ Party For Freedom in the Netherlands. The party expanded swiftly to areas beyond Berlin, but almost immediately encountered resistance — especially from the leftist, so-called Antifa — in the form of personal intimidation, rioting protesters and tactics such as boycotts to prevent their access to venues for meetings and conventions. In the 2011 election they failed to make it into the Berlin Landtag. Shortly thereafter, a disagreement over the party’s direction led to the departure of many “moderates” who disapproved of what they saw as a sharp turn to the (Islam-critical) right and, by 2012, it had ceased to exist as a viable national party. A remnant of the party was maintained in Munich by Michael Stürzenberger until this year. Because of his determined resistance to the mega-mosque in Munich, he was personally targeted by both Islamists and Antifa leftists, to such an extent that even his own Stammlokal was closed to him. He has just recently been exonerated in a lengthy trial for Islam-critical “hate-speech.”

And this brings us to AfD — Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany). Founded in 2013 by the economist Bernd Lucke, whose central concern was the abolition of the euro, the party attracted proportionally more votes in the “new states” (i.e., the states of the former GDR). When a young and charismatic Thuringian member of the party named Björn Höcke proposed bluntly that the party — founded as an anti-euro party — should become much more Islam-critical, he was instantly rebuked by an older Wessi member of the party, whose stern lecture was not too far from “Children should be seen and not heard.” The spark was struck, but Lucke was an economist, not a political infighter, so he procrastinated, hoped to make peace, but eventually — in 2015 — he left the party with a number of followers, mostly Wessis, to form a new and truly insignificant party of his own.

One of those standing behind Lucke when he founded AfD was Frauke Petry, who eventually became his major opponent in the power struggle that changed the party. Frauke Petry — labeled by some the most popular politician in Germany — is an attractive woman in her early forties, the mother of four children by her first husband, pastor Sven Petry. She recently announced her divorce, and then her marriage to Marcus Pretzell — father of her expected child. No doubt by virtue of her previous standing in the party and her leadership of the revolt against Lucke, she is one of two co-leaders, with Jörg Meuthen, an economist on leave from his position as professor of finance and economics. Interestingly, the AfD has just voted not to have a one-person leadership — something that Petry clearly wanted.

What about Björn Höcke? What has become of him since he instigated the split that set AfD on its new path? “Well,” as the suspect says when being interviewed by the authorities halfway through the TV detective show, “it’s complicated.” This is what you might call the evidentiary phase, which works out pretty well as a play in three parts.

You might think that Höcke has not been a wallflower, and you would be right. He is given to stem-winding, barn-burning speeches, with popular appeal. And that is where the play begins. Freely adapted from Aristotle’s consideration of Greek tragedy.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Act I, scene 1: Hamartia — The hero commits a tragic error, possibly transgressing against some sacred law.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/22/2017

This news feed was put together while our #$!@&$?!&# Internet connection was down. If it pops up belatedly and asynchronously among GoV posts, that’s the reason why.

An agent of the Dutch Secret Service has been suspended from his duties in Geert Wilder’s security detail on suspicion of leaking secret information to a “criminal organization”. The agent, who is reportedly of Moroccan ethnicity, is not a member of Mr. Wilders’ personal bodyguard, but was tasked with clearing locations for the PVV leader’s speaking engagements.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to Fjordman, JD, Reader from Chicago, Srdja Trifkovic, Upananda Brahmachari, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Everything’s Hunky-Dory in the People’s Home

Folkhemmet — “The People’s Home” — was the term for the cradle-to-grave Swedish welfare state coined in the early days of the Social Democrat Party. The events of recent days seem to have made the People’s Home put its blanket over its head and scream, “Stop looking at me!”

The unraveling of the “Trump is lying about Sweden” meme makes you wonder how bright those dim bulbs in the MSM really are. Did they really think that drawing attention to the consequences of Multiculturalism in Sweden was a good idea? Did they have no idea that their Trump-mocking would be rapidly eclipsed by the grim reality of the Swedish banlieues? Were they totally unfamiliar with the continual and routine violence that has accompanied the cultural enrichment of Swedish cities?

Are they clueless, or what?

Matt Bracken sends his own meme on Modern Multicultural Sweden:

A Ruckus in Rinkeby

Contrary to what the Swedish government and media would have the rest of the world believe, there is an epidemic of culture-enriching violence in Sweden, and numerous no-go zones that police will not enter except in large numbers with plenty of weaponry and armor.

On Monday night, as if to emphasize that Donald Trump was right, a violent riot led by “youths” broke out in Rinkeby.

FouseSquawk, who translated a report on what happened in Rinkeby, includes this introductory note:

Below is a translated copy of Svenska Dagbladet’s report on Monday night’s riots in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby. The area is overwhelmingly immigrant and mostly Muslim. It is considered one of Sweden’s no-go zones.

The translated article:

Rinkeby Residents Tired of the Violence
“Their families should be expelled”

Violent riots, cars on fire, stone-throwing and looting. After the unrest in Rinkeby on Monday night, demands by residents, SvD speaks with police, tougher penalties and deportation.

“I fled from my homeland once. I will not run away again,” says a man who has lived in Rinkeby more than twenty years.

[Photo caption (not shown): Shattered windowpanes at the Rinkeby square]

Discontent ferments among the residents in Rinkeby. People meet in the square to talk about what happened Monday night. Meanwhile, burned-out cars are removed from the parking lot, and broken glass is swept away. Reporters stand in line to interview the man whose pizzeria was smashed. He has to answer the same questions over and over again. “What happened?” “How does it feel?”

According to the police, it was around 8 o’clock on Monday night when a patrol was attacked by a masked crowd in Rinkeby. Police say the incident occurred in connection with ban intervention.

Police fired for effect. They shot simply for show

The situation was seen as so threatening they didn’t see another way out, said Nicolas Andersson, the local area manager, at a Tuesday press conference.

Two hours later the nighttime unrest flared up. Several cars were set on fire and shops in the area were looted. According to TT, a shop’s proprietor was beaten and a DN photographer who went to Rinkeby to monitor the events was attacked and beaten by several people. According to police there were up to eighty young people involved in the riot.

“I have lived here 27 years and the last ten have been a catastrophe. I don’t know what is needed to stop this. I am not a politician, but I know that something is missing here,” says a woman in the city center, who, as well as the others SvD spoke to, wants to remain anonymous. She is not afraid. She and her family have never suffered anything in Rinkeby. “But on the other hand, I have daughters and no sons,” she says.

Several Rinkeby residents SvD spoke to are tired of the violence in the suburb. But they do not want to move from Rinkeby. “I have fled from my homeland once. I will not flee again”, said one of the men. Dejan Stankovic, head of Rinkeby Kistas Prevention Unit, says that the district responded directly to what happened. Youth leaders went out Monday night to try and calm [the situation]. On Tuesday, they were out in the schools and talking the youths.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/21/2017

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France and currently the front-runner in the presidential race, canceled a scheduled meeting with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon. Ms. Le Pen backed out of the meeting with Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian after she learned that she would be required to wear a headscarf, saying that she refused to cover up.

In other news, at least 87 would-be migrants drowned off the coast of Libya on their way to Italy.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to Fjordman, Insubria, JD, MC, Reader from Chicago, Seneca III, SS, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Sweden: From ABBA to Allah

If you appreciate this essay by Fjordman, please consider making a donation to him, using the button at the bottom of this post.

Sweden: From ABBA to Allah
by Fjordman

In the 1970s Sweden was a stable and wealthy country that was admired by many outsiders. It had international pop artists such as ABBA, sports stars like Björn Borg and Ingemar Stenmark as well as Volvo cars. Some outsiders still maintain this rosy image. In 2016, Sweden was still ranked as the world’s “ goodest “ country.[1]

Unfortunately, being “good” in the Western world today seems to mean being suicidal.

In just two generations, Sweden has become an increasingly dysfunctional and crime-ridden country. The main cause of this negative transformation is non-European mass immigration.

I have been chronicling Sweden’s decline for many years. My reports were falsely dismissed as fantasies made by an alleged “right-wing extremist.” This denial is no longer possible.

Many alternative media and independent websites are now describing these issues. Major media in Britain, Germany, the USA and even in Russia have also finally discovered Sweden’s Multicultural problems. This is causing huge embarrassment to the ruling elites in Sweden. They are used to being admired. They are not accustomed to international ridicule, or being viewed as an example of what not to do.

Events reached a peak when U.S. President Donald Trump publicly made negative remarks about the problems in Sweden. The Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has repeatedly rejected suggestions that the authorities have lost control. On February 20, 2017, the former Prime Minister Carl Bildt accused President Trump of “ engaging in misinformation and slander” against Sweden.[2] That very same night, violent riots once again erupted in one of the no-go zones near Stockholm that allegedly do not exist.[3]

All former Swedish governments since the 1970s, including those led by Mr. Bildt and Mr. Löfven, have directly contributed to the massive problems Sweden is currently facing.

Carl Bildt served as Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994. He was in charge of a center-right coalition government by Swedish standards. Bildt served as Minister for Foreign Affairs between 2006 and 2014 in the center-right coalition of PM Fredrik Reinfeldt. These governments also continued mass immigration, just as the Socialist Prime Ministers Olof Palme, Ingvar Carlsson, Göran Persson and Stefan Löfven did.

The Swedish author Astrid Lindgren published the first stories about Pippi Longstocking in the 1940s. If they were updated for today, perhaps Pippi would have to flee from the suburbs of a Swedish city after having been gang raped by immigrant boys. Alternatively, she might have been a radical Feminist who donned the Islamic veil in order to express her solidarity with the Muslims who are colonizing her country.

The Swedish mass media and political elites are very careful not to suggest any connection between rapes and mass immigration from Third World countries. Yet there is every reason to suspect that such a connection exists. We know from other Western European countries that immigrants from certain regions and cultures, particularly from the Islamic world and Africa, are disproportionately represented as perpetrators in rape cases.

In 2005, the ethnologist Maria Bäckman in her study “Whiteness and gender” followed a group of ethnic Swedish girls in the suburb of Rinkeby near Stockholm. Here, natives are now a minority of the inhabitants due to mass immigration. Several natural blondes stated that they had dyed their hair to avoid unwanted attention and sexual harassment. Being called “whore” is so common for white girls in certain schools that teachers no longer react to this.[4] The problem certainly hasn’t become smaller in the years that have passed since then.

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Rape and Mass Murder — That’s the Life For Me!

The following Austrian news clip describes a mujahid for the Islamic State who was captured by security forces in Iraq. By his own admission he indulged in a frenzy of serial rapes and mass murders.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from, also translated by Nash:

This ISIS killer raped 200 women

The 21-year-old reveals the brutal machinations of the terror militia. Omar Hussein (21) explains that he now reads the Koran every day in order to become a better person.

Hussein tells that he received a green light from his superiors within the terror militia to rape as many women as he wanted. “Young men need that,” he says to defend himself. Therefore in multiple cities he would go from house to house to rape the women inside. The security forces who apprehended Hussein reported that they have proof that Hussein killed civilians and raped women, but that they had no idea how many people he victimized.

Hussein, with ISIS since 2013, claims that he has killed 500 civilians and has raped 200 women: “We shot and beheaded whoever we wanted to.” His first kill was hard, he says, but then it got easier from day to day. The terrorist also reports of mass executions: “Seven, eight, or ten times a day. 30 to 40 people. We brought them into the desert and killed them.”

The apprehended terrorist sees himself as a victim. He grew up in a poverty. “I had no money. Nobody told me what is right and what is wrong. No work,” Hussein laments.

Video transcript:

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End Game for Sweden

President Trump’s recent remarks on Sweden generated instant hysteria in the media. I didn’t pay much attention to the kerfuffle, because I knew that whatever it was that Mr. Trump was talking about, and no matter what he said about Sweden, the truth must actually be far worse. At the moment Sweden is in the process of careening over the precipice. It won’t take much longer, historically speaking, until Sweden is no more.

The following translations by FouseSquawk concern the Swedish cop who told the truth about migrant crime, and related issues.

Swedish Cop Gets Demonstration of Support

A few days ago, we reported on a Swedish cop who is under fire for speaking out on the problem with immigrant crime in Sweden. On Saturday, Peter Springare got support from a small demonstration in central Stockholm. I have translated the below two articles into English.

Demonstration of Support for Peter Springare in Stockholm

February 18, 2017
by Mattias Albinsson

Some 20 persons demonstrated Saturday at Myntorget in central Stockholm in support of Örebro police officer Peter Springare.

The demonstration was not organized but came together as a spontaneous initiative by members of a Facebook group, Stand up for Peter Springare

They began to gather around 11-12 o’clock, said a demonstrator who wished to be anonymous to Fria Tider.

“Several people will come, but it won’t be a gigantic demonstration,” he continued.

Local police know the demonstrators, but they are not known to the central (command of) police and do not have a license.

“No, there is nothing that we know,” said Sven-Erik Olsson of Stockholm police toFria Tider.

However, there were a couple of hundred people demonstrating at Sergels Torg in protest against the deportation of a so-called unaccompanied child refugee from Afghanistan. This demonstration had a license.

This afternoon there was even a demonstration at Stortorget in support of Peter Springare.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Coincidentally, Springare’s statements received corroboration in the form of an armed robbery in the area that he serves.

Police in Örebro Hunt Five Men of “Foreign Origin” for Armed Robbery

by Mattias Albinsson
February 18, 2017

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Trouble With a Capital “T”…

…Which in this case stands for “Telephony”.

I thought our phone/internet problems had been fixed, but they haven’t. Last night the line went dead again for a while (twice), and then this morning when I woke up it was out. I’m grabbing this opportunity to let y’all know why we may appear to have stalled here today. If your comments don’t get approved for long periods, you’ll know why (Dymphna is catching up with them as I write this).

I’ve filed a “trouble ticket” with the phone company (Slogan borrowed from SNL circa 1977: “We don’t care. We don’t HAVE to care. We’re the phone company.”) and they’ve promised us that the problem will be resolved no later than tomorrow evening (February 22). So we’ll see…

Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/20/2017

Peter Springare, the police officer in the Swedish city of Örebro who broke the taboo and talked about migrant crime, has had all charges against him dropped by prosecutors. Meanwhile, Swedish authorities have approved the marriage of a 14-year-old girl to her culture-enriching husband, for — what else? — cultural reasons.

In other news, a Danish newspaper has revealed that a number of “Danes” fighting for the Islamic State in Syria are receiving sickness and disability benefits from the Danish government.

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