Arrested in Slovakia for Burning a Koran in Finland

Dissent from Dymphna: Had it been up to me, I’d never have posted anything this graphic. It is enough to talk about it; at this point in our battle to save the West we only harm ourselves by exhibiting such video material. And as you can tell from the comments, such images send some of our more fragile readers over the edge.This is a piss-poor strategy for the long war facing us. I hope such material does not occur here again.

This is a peculiar and disturbing story about a young Slovakian woman who was lured home from Finland and arrested. Her crime was to urinate on a Koran and then burn it while she was in Finland. She may face up to six years in a Slovakian prison for her act.

I was surprised to hear about this, because I thought Slovakia was as “Islamophobic” as the Czech Republic. Such does not seem to be the case.

Vlad Tepes was working hard on this story while our Internet was out. Below is his report.

NOTE: one of the embedded videos contains shots of the young lady peeing on the Koran. It’s vulgar, but not really racy; however, some readers may wish to skip it (or have their children skip it), so it’s been placed below the fold.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad for the subtitling:

VIDEOS: Slovak government tricks model into returning, and arrests with “no-knock” SWAT team for burning a koran in Finland.

This is a story of the new totalitarian fascism sweeping Europe today, and may well be a prelude to life in the West, including in Canada soon if M103 becomes bill 103.

The first video shows a Slovakian model all of 24 years old, who made a video for Facebook, which while lacking in good taste, was definitely not illegal in Western democracies, and certainly did not deserve the treatment which followed.

In it, she urinated on and then burned a koran. On the snow, in Finland, and no one was harmed and no property was damaged except her own copy of the koran.

First, let’s look at the news footage of some of the arrest:

According to our source close to the family, she was contacted by the Slovak government shortly after she made the video.

She then left Finland, where she had been working as a model for five years, and rushed back to Slovakia to speak with authorities who had told her she had better come home to discuss this.

That night, a SWAT team broke into her family home and arrested her and took her to jail.

Since then, people across Slovakia and even the Czech Republic have been burning korans in sympathy with the young girl and have told the Slovak authorities they will not stop until she is released.

Below is an ex-Muslim woman who eloquently explains her reasons for supporting her koran burning from the Czech Republic.

It should be noted that the Czech Republic very recently held a trial of someone else charged with burning a koran, and the court found the accused not guilty, and that burning a koran in the Czech Republic is not a crime.

Here is a link to an article that contains a number of videos of people burning korans all across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, vowing to keep doing so until Adriana Melekova who goes by the name of “Sheila”, is released from custody.

Below, the video that seems to be at the source of this storm. Burning a koran and urinating on it in the snow.

This video IS in bad taste. But it contains no violence and extremely little nudity, most of which was painstakingly covered by the subtitler.

People close to the family have informed us that Sheila is a card-carrying member of a Nationalist party in Slovakia.

Many fear that her arrest is a test case, and her conviction will allow the authorities to go after actual sitting members of Parliament of the same party.

Transcript video #1:

00:04   Dozens of cops, a closed street.
00:08   In the video, she had no problem showing her face. Today she is carefully hiding it.
00:12   She even changed the colour of her hair.
00:16   The interrogation and decision-making regarding detention lasted roughly two hours.
00:20   During this time, the police had bought a suitcase into the building for the special criminal court
00:24   and even a specially trained dog.
00:28   Afterward, they lead her out in shackles.
00:32   ???
00:36   The judge decided to proceed with her prosecution
00:40   because he feared that she might continue in her illegal activity.
00:44   In response to this decision, the accused
00:48   lodged a complaint, similarly it was also made by prosecutor (???).
00:52   So, while her case is being investigated, she is indeed behind bars. The decision will be made
00:56   by the highest court. On the video, Sheila explains her views and the actions she had recorded.
01:00   Yet, in front of the judge, she wasn’t quite so talkative. She has been partially interrogated.
01:04   As so the reasons, however, those were strictly limited to (???)
01:09   today’s proceedings of the OSB. Here, I have the book, the Koran,
01:13   as you can plainly see. This is the video for which the police have arrested the young woman.
01:17   In it she speaks about Muslims, Islam and immigrants: for her, they are parasites.
01:21   Then she tears up the Koran, urinates on it and sets the pages on fire.
01:25   She posted the video on social media. A few days after it reached the media, the police came for her.
01:29   Routed also via mobile phones, (memory?) media.
01:33   And the flag of the Slovak Republic. She has been charged with the crime of creating extremist
01:37   materials, together with other criminal acts. She could face a prison term
01:41   of up to six years. From Banska Bystice, Martina Kasiaova, television Makyza.

Transcript video #2:

00:00   Freedom for Adriana Melekova (Sheila). Speaker Marta Albahri, an ex-Muslim from the Czech Republic.
00:04   Hi everyone! My name is Marta Albahri, and I am an ex-Muslim
00:08   from the Czech Republic. Here, in my hand, I am holding the book
00:12   because of which Adriana is jailed today — illegally.
00:16   Just because the cover of the book says “The Holy Koran” — that does not make it holy.
00:20   In this book, we can find over 349 verses
00:24   against non-Muslims, that incite open
00:28   hatred and the killing of the opponents of Islam.
00:32   If the government puts this above the rights of us, the citizens,
00:36   who live in this country. We live in the Czech and Slovak Republic — or are we
00:40   living in an Islamic country? Thus, I am calling on politicians
00:44   to release Adriana, because they are illegally imprisoning a person
00:48   who was just burning the hate in this book. In the Koran,
00:52   it is written — and I will now quote:
00:56   “And kill them wherever you catch up to them, and drive them from the places
01:00   from which they had driven us, as seducing us away from our faith is worse than killing.
01:04   If, however,
01:08   they attack you, kill them. That is the reward for the unbelievers.
01:12   We can continue.
01:17   I was a Muslima for ten years. I know that Adriana speaks the truth in everything,
01:21   in everything she is putting forth. Basically, this is just as if they were protecting
01:25   pedophiles, and the person who says “Pedophiles are dangerous”,
01:29   that person would be jailed, he would be the one put on trial,
01:33   and he would be punished. Islam, in
01:37   its essence, is hateful towards all of us. Gradually,
01:41   in a slithering way, it is conquering our bureaucracy,
01:45   prosecution, the government… And today, we can see it in Adriana’s case.
01:49   If Muslims have the right to set synagogues on fire, if they have the right to
01:53   openly threaten us, and our courts and police take their side
01:57   instead of ours, the ordinary citizens, then our governmental
02:01   agents ought not be surprised when we, the citizens proclaim
02:05   disobedience to our government.
02:09   Today, I’ve ventured here
02:13   into Kras Moravia, in order to support a young woman,
02:17   a young mother, who is illegally jailed
02:22   for burning filth, filth which, I don’t understand,
02:26   can even be printed in Czech and Slovak languages.
02:30   In Slovakia, Islam is not even recognized as a religion. How can a young
02:34   woman, young woman be jailed for
02:38   For… for…
02:42   having devalued, disrespected the Koran? You know what?
02:46   I’ll tell you about it. I, as a former Muslim,
02:50   who knows what is written in the Koran,
02:55   knows what individual pages mean and what they will turn your life into.
02:59   I, too, will burn that Koran. I stand with Adriana
03:03   Adriana Melekova, and her release.
03:07   This is what will happen to all the Korans in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
03:11   If you do not release Adriana.
03:15   The Koran, 349 verses of hate
03:19   180 verses of violence and brutality.
03:23   Those who oppose Islam are to be killed! …they came and brought war and fear…
03:27   Marta Albahri (on Islam)

Transcript video #3:

00:00   I will just show you the book “The Koran” — take a close look.
00:04   Here is something sort of like gasoline, it can be called something like that.
00:08   (?)
00:12   This may get a little unsuitable, so if there are any
00:16   minors, I’d appreciate it if they avoid watching, or they will take it down right away.
00:20   So, I’ll break it up a bit into chunks,
00:24   so it will work it out here
00:28   the way I want, and what I want to do, that’s one thing.
00:32   I’m trying to work fast,
00:36   because close to the house there is a police station, and I do not want to risk
00:40   that they might catch me right (?swearing?)
00:44   Each will in turn be (?)
00:48   exactly, so it is well visible.
00:52   That’s the Koran, so…
00:56   I promised that I will do one thing: that I will first wipe my a**.
01:00   And the second thing (mumbling).
01:04   Let’s see, let’s give it a try. We’re trying.
01:08   Will something come? I hope so…
01:13   I don’t know. I’m trying, just like I promised,
01:17   but I can’t p***. If only I could help it somehow…
01:21   But, it’s not coming, well.
01:25   Wait — here it comes.
01:33   Yes, so.
01:37   So, just like I promised.
01:41   I’m very shy, embarrassed by this, but that’s all right.
01:45   Now just — how to open this?
01:53   I don’t know if all of it will
01:57   burn (mumble)
02:01   that!
02:05   It doesn’t want to work.
02:13   Now it’s working.
02:22   I hope that the gasoline will make it catch fire at
02:26   on the part I peed on, but,
02:30   as I said, I’m not just going to take it.
02:34   Everything has its limits. And because the Muslims have made a criminal complaint against me
02:38   that I am terrorizing and insulting them, but what should I make of
02:42   that they have cut me up. That I have seven
02:46   criminal charges, or the police who stand by the Muslims
02:50   for bodily harm — I have had enough of that, too. And I will not
02:54   suffer it any more.
02:58   Let’s try and see if it’ll catch fire
03:02   (swear) and now the lighter won’t work.
03:51   (?) am aware that
03:55   surely, some people will block me because of this video,
03:59   but I hope
04:03   that (?) block me.
04:07   And I said, nobody can stop me. I stand behind my view. And I will continue
04:11   to express my point of view the way I am expressing it.
04:15   And I will not be stopped either by criminal charges,
04:19   nor will Muslims stop me. And I will do everything
04:23   to continue to fight for my own opinion and my
04:27   freedom of speech… will not stop me. Because this
04:31   is no longer freedom of speech, and what is happening here
04:35   we are becoming, in our own country, mere servants
04:42   and dogs. And I will not suffer this, and I’m not going to just watch.
04:50   Yeah, that’s pretty.
04:58   Come on, come on, come on.
05:06   (?) because I don’t want, even accidentally,
05:10   we are on ice, that my garbage would be left behind.
05:14   So…
05:18   You can see I’m putting this in my bag
05:22   And thus…

29 thoughts on “Arrested in Slovakia for Burning a Koran in Finland

  1. The destruction of Koranic thought is needed to save the world from war. It little matters how it is done.

  2. ” was definitely not illegal in Western democracies,” Apparently in Denmark it is ‘blasphemy’. Any Western democracy that has blasphemy laws will see them used against islam critics. Any Western democracy that doesn’t have blasphemy laws will invent ‘hate crime’ laws to use against islam critics.

  3. [redacted, big time]

    [and again]

    Just who organised the arrest of this innocent young hero???

    It will have been some slimy cockroach so-called prosecutor,

    Soon the millions of mobs will hunt down these phony traitors who are terrorising the masses with this pc marxist terror.

    I advise all czechs to burn all korans they can find


    This woman is true hero!
    We must get her released, and then arrest and imprison the coward traitors who perpetrated this crime against all us european peoples.

    There must be muslims who have infiltrated the czech beauracracy, and or been paid off to do this.

    Death to islam!

    • I’m with you.
      That’s the kind of woman I can fight for.
      Shame there are few white women left in this world.
      Let’s not omit the fact that traitor law enforcement did this to her.

  4. She has more (male gonads) than any several dozens of European “males”. Maybe there can be a “Urinate on and Burn the Koran Day” organized by other Czech patriots in solidarity? Otherwise, the power of the state will be used to crush her and make an example of her.

    One knows who rules us by who we are not allowed to mock. Seems the hour is already very late in the Czech Republic.

    • NOT the Czech Republic — Slovakia.

      A judge in Czechia just ruled that burning a Koran breaks no law.

      • That is good; I thought the Czech Republic was against islamization and taking in invaders, and I am glad I only misread the article.

        I think it is a good thing the video was posted; her persecutors thrive in secrecy. The more people who see it and copy it by making videos of their own, the more absurd her persecution becomes. There is strength in numbers.

      • The ‘judge’ in Czechia is a putrid dhimmi and a black robed [derrière chapeau]!
        Someone needs to fling a plastic bag of used cat litter in his face for

        islam and its enablers and appeasers can [die]!

        [intemperate suggestion concerning child abuse]

        Think I’ll go burn a koran, hadiths and sira too!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and its enablers and supporters MUST be [dealt with]!

        NorthGunner III

        • As pointed out previously the Czech republic is NOT the Slovak Republic. The judge in the Czech Republic ruled burning a Koran is not an illegal act.

          Why are people on this comment thread writing about a place called ‘Czechia’. There’s no such place.

          • Czechia was officially adopted last year as an alternate name for the Czech Republic:

            “In 2013, Czech president Miloš Zeman recommended the wider official use of Czechia,[32] and on 14 April 2016, the country’s political leadership agreed to make Czechia the official short name. The new name was approved by the Czech cabinet on 2 May 2016[33] and was published in the United Nations UNTERM and UNGEGN country name databases on 5 July 2016.[34] On 23 September 2016, the Permanent Committee on Geographical Names began advising Britons to use the name Czechia.[35] On 26 September 2016, the International Organization for Standardization included the short name Czechia in the official ISO 3166 country codes list.[36] [37] Google replaced the Czech Republic with Czechia on Google Maps on 18 January 2017.”

  5. Won’t this stir up the perpetually offended Muslims! I can’t wait for the backlash and whatever the backlash gets back in way of reprisal. Bring it on!

  6. Any “god” that “says” it is OK to rape and murder all those who won’t follow “his” religion is one I have no time for and no belief of. And whether it says that in the koran is true or not, it sure seems that millions of Muslims say it does. Who am I do try to correct the followers of the butcher Mohammed?

  7. Well let’s not forget that from the Visegrad Four, only Hungary and Poland has a right wing Conservative government. Why the socialists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia cooperates with the other two? Because they know their population would drop them in a heartbeat! As for the girl stunt, I had only one issue about the order of events: for fire safety reasons I would have preferred the burn first, pee later order. Everything else was done properly.

  8. Sweetheart! Bring your sweet (redacted) rear-end to America! I’ll sponsor you. You can burn all the korans you want, right here in my back yard, and I will make sure it is posted on social media. You will never spend time in jail for it.

    Make it be known; I’m not into the p***ing on things, it is counter-productive to creating fire. (Pee is not normally flammable)(I wouldn’t p*** on a burning Koran)

    I am also not one to burn books, because words should not be destroyed, no matter the evil they contain.

    Herein lies a conundrum; I have a Koran, and after reading it, I know it is nothing less than evil in every word written on every page, but I have yet to use it for a fire to cook my baby-back ribs. I know every word is directly from Satan, and yet, I know it is his right to spread his word to everyone who wishes to read it.

    If we burn, or erase, every word written by anyone who opposes what we believe, are we better than them, or are we just more powerful than them at the time we burn their words?

    Burning, or p***ing on the words of others will not make the words which they write not be words.

    We must convince those who read all words that the words which we write are better than the words that they do.

    • Ordinarily I am against book-burning; I make an exception for the Koran because it is a political document from a barbaric cult masquerading as a religion. As such, urinating on a koran before burning it was a political statement rather than wanton destruction of a work of literature. I put her display in the same category as destroying a copy of Mein Kampf. That muslims would murder her for her actions eloquently demonstrates the falsehood that islam is a religion.

      • Are you a book burner?

        Mein Kampf is vital to the understanding of history. Moreover, those who read it have an antidote to the mendacious emotional-engineering hate propaganda inflicted on all of us. Anyone who has not read it cannot be regarded as an expert or authority on the relevant issues. Anyone who attempts to prevent others reading it should be viewed with suspicion. Are we meant only to have access to the ‘official’ version of history? We all have access to information that would allow us to determine the validity of its contents. It is not actually difficult to read for any impartial person. The stables of official history need to be cleaned.

        • Quite true. I’ve read a large chunk of it myself. It’s just horribly boring, badly written, and tiresome to slog through. At least in the English translation.

          But anyone who reads it will be left in no doubt about EXACTLY what Hitler intended for the Jews (and the Russians, for that matter).

  9. She gave the book more respect than it deserved. Throwing in the trash, not the recycle barrel, would have been sufficient.

  10. How very intolerant.

    Evil Hitler presented his moslem soldiers with miniature copies of the Koran. It’s actually true (but confusing).

  11. I saw first from France, and then from Ireland, videos showing women getting between their “men” and the maniacs…and their “men” let them do it….in a way they hid behind them…the women acted alike they were hysterically trying to stop the fight, but really, they were protecting their weazesls from he invaders….

    Interesting, just maybe…. the vaginas of the white women, rather than hasten the destruction of Europe and its peoples (as Kadaffi had boasted and laughed about), will actually be their salvation…..if nothing else maybe the women will finally shame their men into acting like men. Wow…men acting like men….what a concept in the year 2017 eh?

  12. I just don’t get it??? Slovakia was imho the most muslim-unfriendly of the Visegrad 4, with PM Fico rejecting the very idea of taking in even a single muslim?

  13. The reaction of the Slovak government shows that the terrorists are winning. This little country is now terrified of being targeted for attacks. See? Terror works.

  14. Mindless Humanoids in the Slovakian government. The right to express one’s opinion is a natural human right { barring activities such as shouting ” Fire ” in a crowded theatre or some such similar action}. Censorship of speech means that the parties who control the forces of oppression { police…military..judicial } will overwhelm all differing ,and possibly valid dissent. The fact that from a historical perspective ; Islam has been ” and is “a blight on civilization since it’s inception in the early 600’s { move to an Islamic country if you do not agree with this statement}. Merkel..Hollande and their ilk are simple tools of harmful elites who seek to destroy the majority of humankind and usher in a world in which they envision themselves as mortal Gods. The Imams they encourage have another plan for these people too.

  15. Wait, she got it to burn after she urinated on it? Instead of arresting her, they should be giving her a physics award because clearly she is some kind of wizard.

    Seriously though, their treatment of her is abominable, but not surprising considering the poor handling in general of this whole invasion. Cowards.

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