End Game for Sweden

President Trump’s recent remarks on Sweden generated instant hysteria in the media. I didn’t pay much attention to the kerfuffle, because I knew that whatever it was that Mr. Trump was talking about, and no matter what he said about Sweden, the truth must actually be far worse. At the moment Sweden is in the process of careening over the precipice. It won’t take much longer, historically speaking, until Sweden is no more.

The following translations by FouseSquawk concern the Swedish cop who told the truth about migrant crime, and related issues.

Swedish Cop Gets Demonstration of Support

A few days ago, we reported on a Swedish cop who is under fire for speaking out on the problem with immigrant crime in Sweden. On Saturday, Peter Springare got support from a small demonstration in central Stockholm. I have translated the below two articles into English.

Demonstration of Support for Peter Springare in Stockholm

February 18, 2017
by Mattias Albinsson

Some 20 persons demonstrated Saturday at Myntorget in central Stockholm in support of Örebro police officer Peter Springare.

The demonstration was not organized but came together as a spontaneous initiative by members of a Facebook group, Stand up for Peter Springare

They began to gather around 11-12 o’clock, said a demonstrator who wished to be anonymous to Fria Tider.

“Several people will come, but it won’t be a gigantic demonstration,” he continued.

Local police know the demonstrators, but they are not known to the central (command of) police and do not have a license.

“No, there is nothing that we know,” said Sven-Erik Olsson of Stockholm police toFria Tider.

However, there were a couple of hundred people demonstrating at Sergels Torg in protest against the deportation of a so-called unaccompanied child refugee from Afghanistan. This demonstration had a license.

This afternoon there was even a demonstration at Stortorget in support of Peter Springare.

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Coincidentally, Springare’s statements received corroboration in the form of an armed robbery in the area that he serves.

Police in Örebro Hunt Five Men of “Foreign Origin” for Armed Robbery

by Mattias Albinsson
February 18, 2017

Police in Örebro are now hunting five robbers said to be of “foreign origin” for an armed (pistol) robbery during the evening in the outskirts of the residential area of Brickebacken.

Police received the report of the robbery just before nine in the evening. Two young males were robbed of their mobile phones and a wallet on Grankotte Way in Brickebacken, which lies on the outskirts of Örebro. The two young males said that they rode on the same bus as the culprits from the central parts of the town to the outskirts. When they stepped off the bus, the robbers struck.

“There have been people attacked on buses by a number of perpetrators”, said Örebro Police officer RLC-befell Per Bjurström to Fria Tider.

21 thoughts on “End Game for Sweden

  1. 20 brave souls demonstrated their support for the TRUTH. I would wager that for every one of those demonstrators there would be hundreds or even thousands more who silently supported them.

    But, regardless of the low numbers of demonstrators, nevertheless, we are witnessing an awakening.

  2. Sweden will have to sink or swim. Right now it looks like sinking. Sad. Nice little cou ntry they had, but apparently couldn’t keep it (due to congenital stupidity I think). It’s a pity because the Swedes are such a nice people from what I’ve always heard.

    My father spent years in Norway recovering from TB but they were not like tha (I mean like Sweden)t. Dad liked Norway, learned to ski, sleep in a room with open windows in the midst of winter (good for the lungs you know). He survived it all, including the TB and joined his family in America about 1955. We were happy to see him, of course, and Mother must have been most happy of all.

  3. Immigrants (apparently including such folks as Finns) are now about 30% of the population. Most countries tolerate small percentages of minorities and immigrants well, but when the percentage goes up the immigrants challenge the dominant culture and battles start. This is what will now happen in Sweden. Ironic that such a caring immigration policy generates war. The Swedes goofed!


    • The immigrants from Finland really shouldn’t be compared to the “other” immigrants. Immigration from Finland was during the 60’s and 70’s, when Swedish industry was booming. Often the case was, that Finns would travel to Sweden during the weekend, and already have jobs in the factories by monday or tuesday. Integration was easy and almost seamless. Hardly comparable to what the situation is today with the arabic and african immigrants…

    • The Swedes goofed! Name any western country that is not being goofed by Muslims and their shagged out liebarrels of bilge.

  4. As events in Sweden are now proving yet again, political-correctness kills. Its advocates support P.C. by saying that it is nothing more than good manners to others, but this is one-hundred eighty degrees from the truth. Far from being harmless, political correctness is both a potent form of brain washing and a form of censorship by another name. The regime of political correctness was designed to crush dissent and make opposition to the status quo difficult if not impossible; Swedes are literally dying out of fear of being accused of racism or being charged with a hate crime.

    Cultural Marxism, of which political-correctness is a subset, has also been used as a weapon to destroy the foundational bedrock of western civilization – traditional manhood, womanhood and the family. Manhood and its virtues – courage, fortitude, self-sacrifice and honor – have been destroyed as well, unmanning a civilization whose men once explored the globe and tamed continents. The descendants of the fierce Vikings now cower in fear as Muslim thugs rape-and-pillage their way across Sweden.
    How prescient C.S. Lewis proved to be!

    “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful…” – C.S. Lewis, “The Abolition of Man” (1943)

    Before placing too much blame upon ordinary Swedes – or Germans or Dutch or whomever – it is well to remember that the de facto Islamic invasion now taking place via the hegira – has been and is being facilitated at the highest levels of European society and governance.

    In other words, old Europe is not committing suicide; rather, the crime being committed is that of murder. Europe’s elites are watching and doing nothing as their own civilization and peoples are being killed before their very eyes. Knowing the brutal and violent nature of Muslims, politicians like Angela Merkel admitted them into the midst of ordinary Europeans anyway. Every nation now drowning under the flood of violent immigrants has its own version of Frau Merkel, one may rest assured.

    The betrayal of ordinary Europeans by their so-called leaders begs the question: who is really worse – the murderer himself, or the traitor who unlocked the gates guarding the city when no one was looking, and let him in?

    P.C. has done terrible damage to the psyche of Europe, without question – but there are undoubtedly some of the “silent majority” who retain some fighting spirit and some of the old ways. Northern Europeans can be a quiet, reticent lot – slow to anger or take offense – but pushed far enough, they have their limits. The Nazis pushed too hard in the Second World War and eventually even the Norwegians and Danes had enough and began to resist. The Swedes were not so tested in that conflict, but for the sake of their nation and people, they’d best hope a little bit of the Viking is still to be found in the veins of ordinary Swedes. One suspects they will need all of the courage and fighting spirit they can muster, if they are to survive as a nation and a people.

    If, on the other hand, the Swedes cannot find it within themselves to resist, they will soon feel the Islamic boot upon their neck.

    • It is not just PC. Yes, you make good points, but then you tend to blame the ideology when you should be blaming the collective and individual cowardice that the ideology enhances and makes righteous to the point that stupidity becomes the norm and anyone who speaks out against it is demonized for daring to make the cowards and the stupid think introspectively.

      Certainly, that is one of the problems, but it is not just PC that has brought Sweden undone as an homogenous nation, it is Marxist infiltration into all of Sweden’s institutions that could have only come about through the assistance of Swedish traitors.

      And it is those who have done this that you should be concentrating on.

  5. The only hope Sweden lies in two possible paths. The first being in the establishment of tribunals to try any and all arrested immigrants for crimes against civilization. The punishment being either life in prison somewhere high above the Arctic circle or immediate expulsion to whatever crap hole they came from. If they get caught returning then they are subject to the aforementioned imprisonment. I hear there are some islands at the north end of the Gulf of Bothnia that might be available. I’d give them a year before they would be begging to go home.

    The other possibility is that the ancient Viking blood will arise and the Swedish people will start taking justice and vengeance into their own hands and it won’t be pretty.

    • First and foremost, it is the politicians and their lapdogs in the media that deserve punishment.

  6. georgiaboy61

    That was an excellent comment and I thank you. I just wish more people would wake up and smell the rotten coffee already.

    Being decidedly NOT PC, I think we in the west should start penning those muslims back into their own corner of the world, but that is not a popular idea these days. I don’t what it will take but if I live long enough, I will find out.

    The original Gates of Vienna referred to when the Europeans made a stand and turned the muslim hordes back. That was in 1683 I believe. Time to do it again.

  7. People of very different cultures cannot live in close proximity without major conflict. The subhuman Africans and Muslims cannot assimilate into a western culture. Ship them all back. Neither race has contributed to anything positive in the history of the world. The invasion of Europe and America is a communist orchestrated genocide of White people.

    • “Subhuman”? This is genetically incorrect so far as black Africans are concerned; they’re the original homo sapiens from whom we’re all descended, but our migratory ancestors interbred with neanderthals and others.

      Anyway, the problem is not with some people’s hardware, but the software, ie the cultural indoctrination.

      • Er, not quite. every group of people, except the black Aficans mated with Neanderthals, and Oriental peoples also mated with Denisovans. The Africans back-mated to a more primitive group of hominids (see a paper by Michael Hammer from the University of Arizona). It would seem that the Neanderthal and Denisovan genes admixture proved advantagous for Eurasians and Orientals, where the mating with sub-human species that the Africans engaged in, gave rise to a group, that in modern speak is…”Modern World-challenged”

        • Hadn’t heard about that, Ellie. Is there evidence that the Neanderthals improved Homo Sapiens, while the African hominids had the opposite effect?

          I suspect that there are several factors involved. I remember hearing years ago that black Africans are more genetically diverse than the rest of humanity, which might suggest that they enjoyed a relatively benign environment and were less subject to evolutionary selection.

          On the other hand, the advances in many European and Asian cultures were only possible because the availability of plants and animals suitable for domestication led to agriculture and husbandry, so not everyone was fully occupied in seeking sustenance.

    • Wish I had the means to get your message to more people.You did a great job in this video.Keep up the good work.By the way,a co-worker recently called me a bigot and racist for voicing a similar opinion about illegal immigrants coming into the USA. We have a lot of snowflakes in Georgia but very little snow.

  8. Countries do not die quietly. There will be civil unrest when the end is in sight and the Marxist think they have won. European Marxist are using draconian laws against free speech to suppress the reporting of criminal behavior. There will come a time when no amount of suppression can hide the insanity. That is when a country convulses.

    Prepare for civil unrest.

  9. The downfall of Sweden
    The Hutchinson News | Feb 6, 2017

    A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a beautiful land filled with beautiful people. These people shone like the Sun and were at peace with mankind. From the midst of this magnificent people a sinister group who called themselves “Progressives” rose to power.

    With lies that were twisted to sound like the truth, these Progressives opened the gates to the peaceful kingdom so that predators could roam freely among the lambs.

    Women and children could no longer walk hand-in-hand down once-safe streets, and darkness fell over a place that had been full of the Sun. This once-peaceful land, which was betrayed by the Progressives, is called Sweden, and thanks to them, it is now the rape capital of Europe. — Gregory H. Bontrager

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