Rape and Mass Murder — That’s the Life For Me!

The following Austrian news clip describes a mujahid for the Islamic State who was captured by security forces in Iraq. By his own admission he indulged in a frenzy of serial rapes and mass murders.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from OE24.at, also translated by Nash:

This ISIS killer raped 200 women

The 21-year-old reveals the brutal machinations of the terror militia. Omar Hussein (21) explains that he now reads the Koran every day in order to become a better person.

Hussein tells that he received a green light from his superiors within the terror militia to rape as many women as he wanted. “Young men need that,” he says to defend himself. Therefore in multiple cities he would go from house to house to rape the women inside. The security forces who apprehended Hussein reported that they have proof that Hussein killed civilians and raped women, but that they had no idea how many people he victimized.

Hussein, with ISIS since 2013, claims that he has killed 500 civilians and has raped 200 women: “We shot and beheaded whoever we wanted to.” His first kill was hard, he says, but then it got easier from day to day. The terrorist also reports of mass executions: “Seven, eight, or ten times a day. 30 to 40 people. We brought them into the desert and killed them.”

The apprehended terrorist sees himself as a victim. He grew up in a poverty. “I had no money. Nobody told me what is right and what is wrong. No work,” Hussein laments.

Video transcript:

0:00   A detained ISIS terrorist reveals gruesome details
0:03   about the terror militia.
0:06   Omar Hussein is 21 years old, and he explains
0:09   that he now reads the Koran every day to become a better person.
0:12   Hussein reports that he received a green light by his superiors
0:15   to rape as many women as he wanted.
0:18   He moved from house to house in multiple Iraqi cities
0:21   and raped the women inside.
0:24   He was apprehended by security forces.
0:27   They also report of proof concerning the deaths of civilians,
0:30   but they don’t know exactly how many murders
0:33   and rapes he committed.
0:36   Hussein has been with ISIS since 2013; he himself
0:39   claims to have murdered 500 civilians and raped 200 women.
0:42   The first murder was hard for him, he says,
0:45   but it became easier day by day.
0:48   The terrorist also reports of mass executions of 30 to 40 people at once,
0:51   the apprehended terrorist sees himself as a victim.
0:54   His pathetic excuse is that
0:57   he grew up in an impoverished home.

13 thoughts on “Rape and Mass Murder — That’s the Life For Me!

  1. Yeah, so did I. But it didn’t make me a criminal nor a murderer. What a load of stinking baloney this is.

  2. The article doesn’t elaborate on whether all the victims were non-muslims. I am going to guess that this thug was an equal-opportunity rapist and murderer, and did not discriminate.

    From the time I spent over there, I learned that there are really no innocents in that part of the world; if the shoe was on the other foot, those being persecuted and killed today would be doing the raping and killing tomorrow.

  3. I demand accelerated consideration for this persecuted individual’s asylum status as a refugee fleeing Islamophobia.

    There, that completes the Vetting Process.

  4. He must never be allowed to walk free in civilized society again. He, and I’m sure, many others. Some of these demons are returning to their European homes. Want to live next to one of them?

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