Report From the Dead Letter Office

Ever since the fundraiser started last week I’ve been beavering away on my thank-you notes. Two of those emails have been returned, unfortunately. The first was sent to a new donor in California, and the second went off to someone in Illinois who has given previously, but whose address has never bounced emails in the past.

If either of those descriptions fits you, please know how much we appreciate your gift, even if we were unable to get a message through. Also: be aware that the address that PayPal uses for you is no longer functional (at least not for me).

And then there’s the Mystery Donor, who always sends a little something to the P.O. Box in an envelope with no return address. Thank you once again — you know who you are, but I sure don’t!

2 thoughts on “Report From the Dead Letter Office

  1. My husband, who works for the Feds, always says I should give anonymously via snail mail. He thinks the future is one of “enemies lists”. I see his point, but I want to be in the open about my support, and my dissent. Being open might give courage to those who fear to be open. And at this point in time, I don’t feel I have much to fear, although that could change in the future depending on who is in control. Right now, I’m good.

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