The Motoons on the Hustings

A Motoon
The Danes are not like the rest of us. Picking adjectives to describe the Danish character is difficult; “brash” and “irreverent” don’t quite cover it.

So it’s no surprise that when Denmark holds an election, it’s an occasion for high theater. One of the parties fielding candidates in the current parliamentary election campaign is going to revive the Motoons as part of its advertising.

The Copenhagen Post has the story:

The Danish People’s Party plan to incorporate the infamous Mohammed cartoons in their election campaign adverts

The nationalist Danish People’s Party will use drawings from the Mohammed cartoon affair during the election campaign to highlight its support of free speech, reported Nyhedsavisen newspaper Thursday.

The cartoon drawings of Islam’s holiest figure, first published in September 2005 by Jyllands-Posten newspaper, caused intense furore throughout Muslim communities both in Denmark and in the Middle East.

Pia Kjærsgaard, the party’s leader, said she was not afraid to use the drawings to provoke a response in voters — positive or otherwise.

‘Why shouldn’t we do it?’ Kjærsgaard asked. ‘It was because of the Mohammed affair that we openly discussed the free speech rights we were beginning to lose. Censorship is evil.’

Kassem Ahmed, spokesperson for the Islamic Trossamfund, the national organisation representing Denmark’s Muslim population, was unmoved by Kjærsgaard’s comments.

‘Pia Kjærsgaard just wants to use the drawings to provoke us and attract attention,’ said Ahmed. ‘Our current policy is to ignore the Danish People’s Party and she’s not worth the trouble.’

It’s a sign of the effectiveness of the stalwart Danish response to the Motoon crisis that the Muslims are ignoring Dansk Folkeparti instead of plotting to behead its leaders. It shows that standing up to the Islamic bully is the right tactic — when you look him in the eye and tell him to f*** off, he slinks away, muttering, “Aah, who cares about dat little joik, anyways?”

But it’s not actually one of the twelve original Motoons that will be used in the campaign. The blasphemous drawing in question will be taken from a 17th-century illustration used in an early translation of the Koran into English.

Flemming Rose tells the story on his blog:
– – – – – – – –

Mohammed Cartoon on Election Posters

This week Denmark’s Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen called elections for November 13, and today Danish People’s party announced that they will place election posters around the country with a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

The newest MotoonThey do not hide that they are inspired by the cartoon crisis in 2006 that put Denmark in the headlines around the world. Demonstrations and violence in the Muslim world erupted.

The cartoon is drawn from a portrait of the prophet from a book about Islam by Alexander Ross published in 1683. Ross was behind the first translation of the Koran into English (1649). The poster reads “Free speech is Danish, censorship isn’t — we stand by our Danish values”.

In an interview with Nyhedsavisen party leader Pia Kjærsgaard explains the reasoning behind the decision to put Mohammed’s face on election posters.

“It’s part of our campaign for Danish values and we want to draw attention to those values. Among others they include equality between the sexes, solidarity and other things. This election add clearly has to do with the right to free speech.”

Why do you run this add after the violence during the cartoon crisis?

“Why shouldn’t we? Is it forbidden? On the contrary, we have had a very comprehensive debate, that was very good because we spoke about the values we were in the process of losing. We have to stick to those values. We would never have spoken about these matters if it hadn’t been for the cartoon crisis. Self censorship is a bad thing.”

Don’t you think that you are undermining the diplomatic effort by the Prime minister to calm down the situation during the crisis?

“No, I don’t think so. It would be self censorship if we were thinking that we shouldn’t do something like this.”

Did you consider the risk of provoking violence with this ad?

“No, that hasn’t been part of our deliberations about publication of the cartoon.”

Here’s what’s important about this: The threat of Muslim violence hasn’t been part of their deliberations about publication of the cartoon.

The threat of violence should never be a consideration when any group plans peaceful and lawful activities. When you modify your plans in anticipation of a violent reaction, you have ceded control to the Islamists as effectively as if you elected them to the parliament and allowed them to enact the country’s laws.

The The Grauniad has its own special take on the new Motoon affair, choosing the notorious terror apologist Asmaa Abdol-Hamid to represent the enlightened Islamic alternative to the “far-right” Dansk Folkeparti:

Danish-Muslim leader lampoons far-right over latest prophet cartoon

Asmaa Abdol-HamidA far-right Danish political party controversially depicted the prophet Muhammad on election material yesterday. Now a high-profile Danish-Muslim politician has hit back with a poster lampooning the move.

The ad by the Danish People’s Party, the country’s third largest political force, showed a hand-drawn picture of the Islamic prophet under the slogan “Freedom of expression is Danish, censorship is not”. The ad was condemned as a “provocation” by at least one Danish-Muslim group, as Islam forbids representation of its most important prophet.

Now Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, a Danish-Muslim politician who could become the first MP to wear the hijab in the Danish parliament if elected in next month’s poll, has hit back with a poster showing a hand-drawn picture of the DPP leader, Pia Kjærsgaard, under the slogan “Freedom of expression is Danish, stupidity is not”.

Ah, what wit! What subtlety! That’ll show those fascist bastards over at DPP, won’t it?

“It is ridiculous [of the DPP] to do that kind of thing,” Ms Abdol-Hamid told Guardian Unlimited. “It’s not clever, there is no point to it.”

“You have to think before using freedom of expression,” said the town councillor for Odense, and a member of the leftwing Red-Green Alliance.

We’ve often pointed out how tone-deaf most Muslims are about humor. When it comes to ridicule and satire, they simply don’t get it. Their possible responses — violent frenzy or self-righteous priggish indignation — display no comprehension of the motive force behind satire, or the reason why it is effective.

If one is the brunt of an effective satire, the best response is to laugh heartily along with everyone else, and then to compose an equally effective counter-satire, or to ignore the whole business entirely.

But Muslims in the West can’t seem to avoid the pitfall of responding to every amusing insult of their “honor” with prissy high-dudgeon, thereby making themselves look even more ridiculous.

As it happens, the Danes have already had a go at Ms. Abdol-Hamid:

Asmaa Abdol-Hamid
“A vote for Asmaa is a vote for Al Qaeda”

Every time a Muslim gets outraged by the tactics of the Danish People’s Party, the DPP potion of the vote will increase by a percentage point. Wait and see.

Hat tips: CG and Steen.

Vlaams Belang: Freedom Fighters

Diana West has an essay on her blog concerning the recent controversy over Vlaams Belang. Here’s part of what she had to say:

Whenever a hero in a plot needs a villain, there always seems to be a Nazi lurking. Where German Nazis don’t work, there are South American Nazis. Where South American Nazis won’t do, there are South African Nazis. Where South African Nazis stretch our credulity there are Religious Right Nazis. From Tom Clancy to Indiana Jones, Nazis are forever.

And now, even as our liberties are no longer threatened by Communism and we face a new threat from Islam, we still seem to have Nazis on the brain. Our liberties are contracting every day in the face of expansionist Islam, but it is still the specter of Nazism that distracts us — some of us, anyway.

– – – – – – – –

I refer to the very upsetting and undeserved Internet attacks — mainly being lent credence by the blog Little Green Footballs — on Vlaams Belang, the Flemish secessionist party in Belgium. The attacks allege that Vlaams Belang has ties and allegiance to Nazi-type ideologies and organizations. I find these attacks both sloppy and unconvincing. Vlaams Belang is not only the most stalwart, resolutely anti-jihad party in Europe that I know of, but also — and, not at all incidentally — the most pro-Israel party in Europe that I know of. In other words, it is ridiculous to suggest that they are Nazis — neo-, South American, Religious Right, or Other.

Indeed, it is crucial to understand that Vlaams Belang’s political opponents in Europe are the Islamo-Socialist Left, which is where vicious anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism now finds its ideological home. Vlaams Belang is fighting, virtually alone, the Islamization of Europe. For that they deserve both our gratitude and our support.

Hat tip: Fjordman.

Oh Horrors! A Brilliant Republican

In her post on Bobby Jindal’s victory in Louisiana, Michelle Malkin takes aim at a common political phenomenon in this country:

Bobby Jindal There are few things that drive the Left crazier than minority conservatives. We’re race traitors, parrots, puppets, hypocrites, House Niggas, Aunt Tomasinas, whores, and sellouts.

Liberals only love American Dream stories when minority politicians turn out like Barack Obama.

American success stories like Bobby Jindal, however, are their worst nightmare. It’s a slap in the face of leftist identity politics for a minority conservative to succeed in politics on a platform of faith, self-reliance, free market advocacy, and individual responsibility. And to succeed in the South? Intolerable!

Ms. Malkin has a link to the subtle sneer The New York Times ran the week before he actually won. Since the outcome was never in doubt, the Slime had to leave a trail across his certain victory.

I’m not going to quote the whole tendentious thing. I’ll excerpt enough to fisk their all-too-obvious disappointment in the fact that Louisiana has a real conservative Republican governor:

An Oxford-educated son of immigrants from India is virtually certain to become the leading candidate for Louisiana’s next governor in Saturday’s primary election. It would be an unlikely choice for a state that usually picks its leaders from deep in the rural hinterlands and has not had a nonwhite chief executive since Reconstruction.

Bill Clinton was Oxford-educated, too. What is the point here – that Governor Jindal is out of touch with the country folks because of his education? That didn’t hurt Bill in Arkansas, but never mind. The NYT isn’t about fact, it’s about attitude.

This is a jab at Bobby because they know he’s too intelligent for them to be able to play the usual (and fallacious) “dumb Republican” theme they like to sing in harmony about dimwits like Ronald Reagan or George Bush
– – – – – – – –
One wishes they’d get new lyrics. Only the Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers believe that lie anymore. Come to think of it, though, I did have a (Democrat) lawyer ask me if our Congressional Representative, Virgil Goode, was really as stupid as people say. I looked at her levelly for a moment before reminding her that he was a Phi Beta Kappa and had graduated from the same law school she attended. Not only that, but during his time there he was selected for The Virginia Law Review (she wasn’t). My response terminated the course of that conversation, but I didn’t change her mind about Goode’s essential stupidity. In leftist circles it is accepted without question that anyone who chooses to be a Republican (Goode actually left the Democrat party and went to the other side of the aisle) is inherently dumb.

By the way, note the sneer about Louisiana’s long-standing racism. They may not have had a “nonwhite governor” for almost a hundred and forty years, but they sure have had their share of African American politicians in the state. Who can forget the lovable “like chocolate on New Orleans” Mayor Nagin?

Read these next excerpts carefully. They are cleverly wrought:

Louisiana Democrats are demoralized, caught between the perception of post-hurricane incompetence surrounding their standard bearer, Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, who is not running for re-election, and corruption allegations against senior elected officials like William J. Jefferson, the congressman from New Orleans.

See, Governor Blanco was not really incompetent, it’s merely a perception. In reality, Governor Blanco froze in the face of calamity and famously started crying because she didn’t know what to do.

Leading Democrats begged off the governor’s race, and Mr. Jindal’s opponents are from the second tier, trailing so badly in polls that Mr. Jindal has ignored most of the scheduled debates among candidates, leaving the challengers to take grumbling verbal shots at his empty chair.

In other words, the Big Guys let Jindal have the governor’s seat. They simply put their minor leaguers out to pitch against him, so of course he won. It has nothing to do with his smarts, his appeal, or people’s hopes that for once Louisiana could escape their incompetent, corrupt politicians.

And how about this for sour grapes?

The prize is not necessarily an enviable one: Louisiana is the nation’s poorest state, measured by per capita income; one of its unhealthiest; the worst in infant mortality; and the least educated. It is last in attracting new college-educated workers. Tens of thousands of people remain displaced by Hurricane Katrina, the police department in New Orleans still operates largely out of trailers, and neighborhoods are still trying to rebuild.

Louisiana is indeed all those things. It is also one of the most corrupt states in our union. Corruption breeds this kind of third world ineptitude. As Governor Jindal put it:

“The storms didn’t cause all of our problems – they revealed a lot of our problems…[I]t’s an incredible opportunity to change the state.”

Good luck, Governor. Just don’t bother reading the Slime if you want the real story about anything. The smartest initial move any American politician can make is to ignore The Old Grey Doxy. She ain’t what she used to be. Or maybe she never was.

I don’t suppose anyone has to warn you not to buy any NYT stock.

An Anarchist’s Confession

SIAD attackedI wrote on Thursday about the vicious attack by the autonomer (i.e. anarchists) on Anders Gravers and other members of the Danish anti-Islamization group SIAD.

Now Kimporatoriet, a Danish blogger, has discovered a post on an anarchist forum which is tantamount to an admission of being involved in the attack. Zonka has translated everything from the Danish, and has made a screen shot of the relevant post in case a forum administrator deletes it.

The crucial text is this:
– – – – – – – –

Lately there has been a tendency that people believe everything that they read on Nazi-pages, latest SIAD’s lie that knives were used against them last Sunday. Anders Gravers, his wife and their wannabe-bodyguards got their well deserved (and plentiful) beatings, but naturally knives weren’t used! Don’t believe everything that you read on the net, especially not when it is on Nazi-pages!!

You can read more about it at Zonka’s post.

In Sweden or the Netherlands, the autonomer would be virtually guaranteed immunity for deeds like this. Denmark, however, is different; it will be interesting to see the response of the Danish authorities.

Not Quite the Solution I Expected

Many readers will remember this photo, which I posted on September 11th, during the anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels:

Solve it!

Here’s what I said about it at the time.

It comes with its own caption: Solvit — Solving Your Problems.

Do you have a problem with dissent? Try the EU method!

Handcuffed. Gagged. Arrested.

Problem solved!

The image became — with good reason — one of the iconic photos of the fascist police response to the peaceful demonstrators in Schuman Square. Unfortunately, the caption at the Yahoo site where it originated did not name the gagged man, identifying him merely as an “unidentified demonstrator”.

Bart Debie and Luk Van NieuwenhuysenWhen I went to Flanders last week and met various members of Vlaams Belang, it was a golden opportunity to discovery the identity of the mysterious icon. I asked Bart Debie, a member of the Flemish Parliament and our liaison in Brussels: who was the Gagged Man of Schuman Square? He not only told me the answer, he introduced me to the fellow in Antwerp after the event at which Robert Spencer spoke.

So there he is, on the right in this photo, with Bart Debie standing next to him.

His name is Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen, and he is the Deputy Speaker of the Flemish Parliament. He’s a very engaging fellow who speaks English with a distinct cockney accent. And here’s his story:
– – – – – – – –
The account of the events surrounding Mr. Van Nieuwenhuysen’s arrest in Schuman square on September 11th is quite inspiring. Bart knew all the details, because he was one of those who were arrested, handcuffed, and put on the infamous police bus.

Bart used to be a policeman himself, and still has contacts among the Flemish police in Brussels. About a half an hour before the demonstration started, he was tipped by a contact that Mayor Freddy Thielemans had sent out the order to arrest specified prominent members of Vlaams Belang, together with Anders Gravers, the leader of the Danish group SIAD (as it turned out, Anders couldn’t get through the razor wire barricades around Schuman Square, and was never arrested).

So the members of Vlaams Belang knew what was likely to happen. One by one they were rounded up, handcuffed, roughed up a bit, and put on the bus.

Filip Dewinter, the leader of Vlaams Belang, decided to sabotage the police by stealing the keys of the bus and throwing them out onto the street. He successfully pulled the keys from the ignition, but in the process of getting his hand out through the closing doors he lost his grip on them, and was unable to throw them away. His empty hand was thrust through the closed doors and then beaten by a police baton in the famous video sequence.

After everybody was on the bus, Bart — drawing on his experience as a policeman — told the other passengers how to get out of the plastic handcuffs, and all the prisoners had their hands free within a few minutes.

As the bus rolled away from the square Bart, once again relying on his familiarity with police procedures, told everyone that they could easily open the emergency door at the back of the bus, and described how to do it. When the bus stopped at a traffic light, the prisoners at the back unlocked the emergency door. Before the guards could close the door again, three or four prisoners escaped, and ran off down the street to freedom.

Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen was one of the escapees. He made his way back to Schuman Square, rejoined the demonstration, and was not arrested again.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

This story is entertaining and inspiring, but is also a compelling allegory for what was happening in Brussels while we were there, and is now starting to happen all across Europe.

Ladies and gentlemen, the handcuffs labeling you as “racists”, “Nazis”, and “Islamophobes” are simple to remove and discard.

The door of the PC Multicultural bus unlocks easily, and invites you to jump off and escape.

The solution is simple. It’s right in front of us.

It’s just not quite the solution we expected.

The Witch Trials, Redux: History Repeated With a New Vocabulary

The following is an excerpt from Paul Belien’s post at Brussels Journal. His essay in its entirety is here.

The charges which Mr. Belien outlines below are being echoed in a number of venues; such charges are both deadly and highly questionable. Unfortunately for their targets, disproving a negative is a difficult, if not impossible, position. Should you be charged with such a “crime” how would you “prove” you were not a witch? Simply stating that the charges are not true wouldn’t work, would it? Once people have passed judgment on you, they cross over a line from which there is no retreat. Their minds snap shut and in their eyes you are what they have decided you are.

Goya’s “Lunatic” That is the function of a scapegoat: to carry the weight of ideas or transgressions which others fear. If they can assign them, embody them in particular individuals, then it gives them an “enemy” to destroy. And so they derive some precarious sense of security…until the need for a scapegoat arises again.

Accusations which attack a person’s character are serious and inevitably damaging. In moral theology class, my professor would offer the analogy of the person who opened a feather pillow and let its contents fly into the wind. How would one gather back all those scattered feathers? It can’t be done.

Justice is one of our primary needs. When it is denied by individuals or the state, people suffer and wither. Ask the black population in this country about that experience. After Reconstruction, the Democrat party worked mightily to rescind the practical effects of Lincoln’s Emancipation. They succeeded partially by setting up the fiction of “separate but equal” facilities for black people.

The scars from that sham still remain; the damage to the body politic of this country has never quite recovered. Such enormous injustice heals, but it does so in geological time: imperceptibly slowly. Even the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment by the Republicans did not – could not – undo the damage caused by centuries of projected hatred and scapegoating.

Yet look at what transpired in a generation: the Democrats took on the cause of civil rights in this country whole-heartedly, making it their own.

From Brussels Journal – please read it carefully…

As the British conservative philosopher and author Roger Scruton said in a speech in Antwerp last year, the charge of racism and xenophobia in the EU countries “has become the equivalent of a charge of heresy in medieval Europe, of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts, or of ‘deviationism” in the Stalinist state.” However, as Mr. Scruton pointed out, “we have a duty to brave the charge of ‘racism and xenophobia’, and to discuss every aspect of immigration.”

– – – – – – – –

Mr. Scruton made his remarks in a speech to the Vlaams Belang party – a party which has been accused of racism and xenophobia by the Belgian authorities. “There are many people in this country,” Mr. Scruton added, “who believe that I should not talk to you at all, and that by doing so I become tainted with the very charge that has been leveled at you: the charge of racism and xenophobia. By talking about this charge, I hope to deflect it. I am neither racist nor xenophobic; I am in the habit of assuming that the same is true of others, until they have shown evidence to the contrary; and I am glad that a Party exists that is willing to brave this charge, in order to discuss the problem that is in the minds of all ordinary Europeans today.”

When the EP Resolution of January 25, 2005, came before the European Parliament it was almost unanimously approved with 617 votes to 0 with 10 abstentions. Among the ten abstentions were the three Vlaams Belang members of the EP. One of the latter, Frank Vanhecke, the VB chairman, said he feared that the resolution would be used against parties who “fight for European values and European peoples.” Mr. Vanhecke was right. Today we see how this resolution exploits the Holocaust in order to introduce support for legislation silencing the peoples of Europe and submitting them to radical Islamist ideologies that are paving the way for new Holocaust.

The Egyptian-born Jewish author Bat Ye’or (a pseudonym meaning “daughter of the Nile”) and her family were expelled from Egypt in the 1950s because they were Jewish. She, too, is worried about the trivialization of the Holocaust by the left and the far-left for the advancement of its own political aims. When recently she expressed her worries at a public meeting she was insulted and called… a racist. A lawyer who was present says that though Bat Ye’or was treated most disgracefully “few people reacted. People are not ready to fight the new anti-Semitism.” The Europeans did not fight the previous anti-Semitism in the 1930s, and they are not fighting the present one. Europe did not prevent the previous holocaust. It does not seem able to prevent the coming holocaust either. And maybe, paradoxically, feelings of guilt for the horrors of the past are preventing some people from doing so.

As Roger Scruton says it needs courage to brave the charges of racism, xenophobia or neo-Nazism in order to speak out. This courage is what Europe lacks.

It is a courage Americans have lacked in the past, too. None of us is without sin – if that word is permitted any more in our politically correct world where the only sinners are those who fail to express their true belief in whatever form the multi-cultic gospel takes on in its mission to suppress speech and thought.

For another perspective on this conflict, see KGS’ post on Tundra Tabloid.

Robert Spencer’s Speech at the Counterjihad Summit

Steen has posted the video of Robert Spencer’s after-dinner speech at the Flemish Parliament during Counterjihad Brussels 2007. I heard him speak twice while I was in Flanders, and he is compelling.

“We are the revolutionaries of this age.”

Coincidentally, I post this just after having received the good news that Jihad Watch has finally been effectively unblocked by SonicWall, having been recategorized as “political/advocacy” rather than “violence/hate/racism”.
– – – – – – – –
There were about seventy-five attendees at the dinner that night, and they received Robert enthusiastically, just as the audience in Antwerp had two nights before.

Steen was the photographer and videographer for the whole conference, and he deserves our thanks for having done such a great job. Pretend you can read Danish or Swedish — go over to Snaphanen and look around.

Surprise his site meter, just for fun.

Another Letter To My People

A couple of weeks ago a British reader who calls himself Seneca III asked us to post “A Letter to my People”. Today he has sent this follow-up.

A personal note: I was in Britain on Tuesday, the day the news story he refers to came out, and I read the story in the print version of The Times. It’s not an isolated event: almost every day the papers report similar atrocities of “justice” coming out of Britain’s judicial system.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Another Letter To My People

Consider this extract from a report in The Times (London, 23/10/07):

Hansel and GretelPeter Voisey, 35, was convicted…of the abduction and rape of a six year old girl whom he had snatched from the bath at her home in Willington Quay on Tyneside.

He then drove around the area and repeatedly sexually abused her. She was later dumped naked and screaming in an alleyway.

Voisey was jailed for life last December and told that he must serve a minimum of ten years before being considered for release.

He was already on the sex offenders register having been convicted of an earlier assault on a child. [My italics]

Surely we should ask ourselves, “Why is this thing actually still alive, and why may he be free to re-offend, again, in as little as ten years time; are we suffering from some form of reality dysfunction?”

I submit that when any culture has reached such a moral nadir that it permits the serial predation of its children, it is unlikely to be willing or able to prevent itself becoming prey. Simply put, it is looking over the precipice of extinction.

I further submit that this grotesque parody of an ethos, this righteous self-delusion in the name of postmodernity, has not come about by accident. It is the result of a sustained, considered campaign of reverse social engineering perpetrated by a coalition of determined ideological aggressors. Their name is ‘The Deconstructionists’, and their Movement is ‘Deconstructionism’.

Postmodernity is a word derived from the neologism Postmodern, and is applied to the non-artistic, predominantly political aspects of that nihilist philosophy. Its bastard child is Deconstructionism, the function of which is to destabilise the existing State by slowly eroding and eventually curetting its core concepts. It can destroy a civilisation within a very short period of time.

This is how it works:

Deconstructionism attacks the socio-economic matrix of a Nation State in a variety of subtle ways. It does not use frontal attacks where banners are raised and bugles sound, but inflicts a prolonged series of small, deep incisions that are carefully camouflaged and artfully inflicted in order to wound below the recipient’s perceptual horizon. Death by a thousand cuts.

The Deconstructionists first penetrated the protective outer fabric of our society through a myriad of seemingly insignificant little wormholes. They engineered localised paradigm shifts in established wisdom by appealing to the reflexive liberal angst with which our chattering classes are infected.

Then through these holes our victim culture was drip-fed a hallucinogenic broth of disinformation. This, together with the constant pornogrification of our history and our way of life, brought about a state of collective cognitive dissonance where every outrageous oxymoron and category error was and is absorbed without being subjected to rational analysis. We became morally obese, the fatted calf.
– – – – – – – –
By effecting this sedition through innocuous pinpricks over a period of decades the Deconstructionists induced a terminal osteoporosis of that conceptual skeleton to which the sinews of a strong, functional society must be anchored. Thus it is inevitable that our weakened condition will only become fully apparent when something breaks, and by then both the will and the means to resist will have been sapped, and the complacent masses will find themselves unarmed and unorganised, naked in the face of the Jihadi or whatever other draconian ideology confronts them.

It is also worth noting that whilst the strategy of Deconstruction is (internationally) unitary its tactical mechanisms are legion, and although whilst in these letters I speak specifically of Britain, parallels sustain throughout the Western world. Hence those of you reading the following demonology from beyond these shores may well need to adapt it according to your particular circumstance…

…J’Accuse! The pseudo-science of Sociology; acquisitive Reparationists; the retro-Darwinists of the ‘Health & Safety’ industry; revisionist Race Warriors; Quangonistas1; the “Ban Everything That I Don’t Like” Brigade; Thought Police; most of the Media, particularly that ‘Voice of Islamomarxism’, the BBC; Class Warriors and, ad infinitum, vote-hungry ‘Politicals’ of every persuasion.

With their heads deep in the public trough (when they can find space alongside the Gadarene swine of the Legal Profession, that is) they cannot see that they are but Drones on a mating flight that they will not survive irrespective of the structure of the society that this turbulent conflict will give birth to.

Tacitus said: “The more corrupt the state, the more laws.” and in the Mother of Parliaments this truism is being demonstrated for all to see. There we see also the Deconstructionist Movement gathering momentum and confidence as it approaches its apogee in the shape of that already decaying construct known as the European Union. (How Orwell would have loved it; Animal Farm and 1984 combined — obscurantism elevated to the status of an art form!)

By commission and by omission our political classes are polluting both the national psyche and the demographic. When the biomass of parasites and predators, and their appeasers, exceeds that of the net contributors the latter will become the victims of a system of governance that has no other recourse than to bleed them dry. It is under such a burden that the wealth of nations — fiscal, moral, and cultural — haemorrhages away, and chaos precedes the descent into tyranny.

In the final analysis, as many of the respondents to my original letter observed, stating the problem and crying out for a resolution is not a solution in itself. I agree, but all manifestations and ramifications of a threat have to be examined in order to identify the real enemy and determine the strengths and weaknesses of both his and ones own forces.

“Know your enemy” is a well-understood military adage and it is then, and only then, that the resources for a counterattack can be mustered, the points of application identified, and the enemy engaged.

That said, and The Baron and Dymphna permitting, in the course of two final letters I will presume to propose a strategy and the tactics that may bring about ‘Reconstruction’. Sadly, I say ‘may’ because the road ahead is long and rocky and because I suspect that, if we even exist at all, we ‘Reconstructionists’ remain a collection of disparate minorities despite our common purpose.

Never the less I am impelled to try — in this the winter of my years I look out across this once green and pleasant land and I am taken by a consummate anger.

Seneca III

1 QUANGO: Quasi-Autonomous National Government Organisation(s)”. Hence “Quangonista” – a member thereof.

Party Time in Slotervaart

A couple of days ago Dymphna wrote about the Muslim riots in the Slotervaart district of Amsterdam. H. Numan, our Dutch expatriate correspondent, found an interesting follow-up article in Telegraaf, and sent us a translation:

Amsterdam – Mothers from the Amsterdam area of Overtoomse Veld, part of the Slotervaart area, will hold a celebrative march this coming Saturday. The reason for the celebrative march is the recent unrest in the neighborhood. It’s time to give a positive signal, the organizing mothers said on Wednesday.

“These are our children, we want an end to the unrest in the neighborhood so we can build together on a better future for these kids” was written in a call for the demonstration. The march will begin on 14:00 on the August Allebeplein. On that square (plein = square), in the police station there last week a female officer shot the 22 year old Bilal Bajaka dead, when he had seriously wounded her and her colleague with a knife. Since that event unrest has ruled in the area of Amsterdam-West.

The manifestation, with the motto ‘We want rest, we want to play’ will end in the volunteer unit in the Esprit-school on the Piet Mondriaan street. The mothers who organize this manifestation call upon children to bring their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, guardians, neighbors and friends to the manifestation.

H. Numan adds this commentary:
– – – – – – – –

The media have given up reporting on the ongoing burnings of cars, apparently. One or two cars burned every night are hardly newsworthy. The fact that no arrests have been made obviously doesn’t warrant any attention either. Two days ago, a handicapped car was torched in the Slotervaart area. (I don’t know if this is a regular car parked in a handicapped parking place, or a 45 km/hr two-seater for the handicapped.) The police are investigating whether this torching is related to the other burnings. Of course they should: it is always possible little green men from Mars have invaded us and announce their presence by burning a handicapped car in a riot area. Another good possibility might be that this handicapped car was torched by the CIA or the Mossad, to put the blame on innocent Muslim youths.

Please note the standard left wing phrases used in the manifesto. The Esprit school is a ‘black’ school, a group of schools dedicated to the ‘multicultural’ society. Have a look at their website.

What the newspaper forgot to mention is that children under the age of 12 are not the problem. The problems begin when male Muslim children pass the age of 12, and begin to act independently of their parents. Normal children of 12 are in their first year of secondary education. However, given the fact that most of the unruly juveniles are barely literate, they probably have to do several more years of primary education at that age.

Something else the newspaper carefully forgot to mention: Muslim mothers do not organize anything at all. Their husbands and male guardians would never allow it. The vast majority of — if not practically all — Muslim mothers are not conversant in Dutch language in any meaningful way. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that Muslim mothers would be able to write a manifesto in proper Dutch, let alone in the politically correct style.

One can therefore very safely assume that this ‘spontaneous’ call from Muslim mothers really comes from progressive activists, probably teachers in the Esprit school group.

SIAD Attacked by the Autonomer

SIAD attackedThe Danish counterjihad organization SIAD planned a demonstration in Copenhagen last Sunday and announced it in advance. As a result, several of its members were waylaid and viciously attacked, in what may have been attempted murder. Here’s an excerpt from the report at the SIOE blog (WARNING: the photos accompanying the story show bloody injuries, and may be disturbing):

Anders [Gravers, the leader of SIAD] was driving and followed the security car down in a parking cellar to park so the cars would be in a secure place before the demo.

He drove very slowly down because apperently there was very little space in the hight for the van. The driveway is very steep and is divided by concrete pillars. Because of the delaying, the driver of the security car got out of his car to open the metalgate again because it was closing after 30 sek. so we could enter the cellar. He directed the van forwards close along the pillars and directly in front of a big concrete pillar supporting the cellar roof.

2-5 sek. after there was a loud bang and the frontwindow was damaged. About two autonomous looking types were in the front and two on ecah sites smashing the site windows shouting Get him out get him out! and started hitting Anders and the SIAD passenger in the other site with ironbars. The SIAD member in the middle (foto) was hit of a thrown filled soda bottle in her backhead.

Anders succeded after a while to kick one of the autonomous hard in the face as he leaned in to unlock the door. Anders mananged to get out with a fire extinguisher from the van and hit another one hard on the shoulder. It remained later that they attemted to stab him down when there was found cut holes in the shirt, jacket and vest. Anders was wearing his securityvest which saved his life.

– – – – – – – –

Suddenly they disappeared and Anders got around the van and saw a SIAD member (foto top) lying on the floor while he was beaten in the head of 4-5 persons with ironbars. Apperently they also tried to stab him down, but again he also wore his security vest which saved his life.

Suddenly someone screamed RUN RUN and they disappeared up the steep driveway. The elderly woman was lying on the floor completely still. She had been in the security car and got out immediately when the driver shouted OUT OUT. She didn’t know what to do and started running. She was hunted down by two persons and banged down with an ironbar. She lay completely still in the hope she wouldn’t get anymore. She felt they stood a moment watching her if she would move. Then they presumably ran to the other SIAD member on the floor and joined the attack on him.

AntifaI’ve met Anders Gravers, and I can picture him laying into the anarchist thug. Good for Anders!

The attackers, referred to here as “autonomous”, are presumably from the Danish affiliate of Antifa, “Antifascist Action”, the international alliance of anarchist organizations which is active throughout Europe.

This incident highlights one of the risks of planning such a demonstration — you need and want publicity so that people who support you will turn out, but this also tells your enemies exactly when and where they can find you.

Read the rest of the story at the SIOE blog.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of SIAD who were attacked, and with their families.

Vlaams Belang on the Holocaust

Below is an article that was posted on the Flemish Parliament website in 2005 by Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang. Rolf Krake, a Dane who lives in Brussels and speaks Flemish, has kindly translated it for us.

Go here for the complete European Parliament Resolution, and here for the Council Framework.

Vlaams Belang approves Holocaust resolution in Flemish parliament

Vlaams Belang disapproves the political abuse of the ‘Green Party’ concerning the holocaust resolution

Filip Dewinter sent an open letter to the Jewish community

In the general policy of the Flemish parliament’s Commission came today the proposal of the Green Party’s resolution! And the Flemish majority parties discussed the commemoration of the holocaust, the concerns about anti-Semitism and racism and approved the bill. The Vlaams Belang adopted the proposal.

Vlaams Belang notes that the text from the Flemish resolution deviates on several points from the resolution voted in the European Parliament in which the Vlaams Belang was targeted directly. In this text an amalgam was made between the tragedy of Auschwitz and the rise of contemporary European parties which are stigmatized as “racist”. Vlaams Belang remembered the incident in the European Parliament.

The Flemish resolution does not make this link, however, and deals only with the Flemish government and each incident of intolerance and incitement to racial hatred, as well as the fact that each action of intimidation and racist violence would continue to be condemned, as well as all forms of anti-Semitism and violent actions motivated by religion — or racial hatred.

Vlaams Belang regrets, however, that the initiative came from the Green Party! Party political games such as this one pretend to be based on showing ‘respect’ for the human suffering of so many millions victims of the Holocaust. Green Party leader Jos Stassen some weeks ago suffered the consequence regarding an interview with the newspaper De Morgen (2 Feb. 2005) stating that its intentions of submitting this resolution the Vlaams Belang would confess its true colors. Vlaams Belang regrets that some find it necessary to make a shameless abuse of the Holocaust tragedy ‘anno 2005’ smearing a number of successful political opponents and attempting to demonize them.

Of course Vlaams Belang bows in deep respect for the suffering of all the victims of the Holocaust. The genocide against the Jewish people committed by the Nazi regime can never be forgotten. The 60th the anniversary of the end of the camp at Auschwitz is an excellent occasion to honor the victims and stands as a warning memory to all the victims of every form of anti-Semitism and racism.

– – – – – – – –

Vlaams Belang, by approving this resolution, strongly indicate that it will not be equated in absolutely any circumstances with Holocaust advocates and holocaust deniers of all kinds.

Filip Dewinter, President of the Vlaams Belang.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Filip Dewinter’s Open Letter To The Jewish Community

Brussels, Monday 28 January 2005

Dear Citizens,

As a result of the unfortunate and untrue reports in the media concerning the attitude of Vlaams Belang in the European Parliament regarding a resolution “concerning the commemoration of the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and racism” I would be more than glad to put right what I for one and others would like to clarify.

Naturally Vlaams Belang bows down in deep respect for the suffering of all the victims of the Holocaust. The genocide against the Jewish people committed by the Nazi regime no one can never forget. The 60th anniversary of the release of the prisoners from the camp at Auschwitz is an excellent occasion to honor the victims and stands as a warning memory to the victims of every form of anti-Semitism and racism. I can refer to the MEP elected and party President Frank Vanhecke, who has also put this explicitly in his speech in the European Parliament with the following words: “Vlaams Belang bows down in deep respect for the Jews and for all the other victims of the criminal National Socialistic regime” [Nazi regime].

Unfortunately, some find it necessary to demonize a number of people from a successful and growing opposition with the use of a shameless abuse of the holocaust tragedy in the year 2006.

The resolution voted in the European Parliament is a perfect example. In that resolution we can read that “the European Parliament has provided us claiming concerns with the rise of right-extremism and xenophobic parties and the growing acceptance of their political conception by the public opinion, and with the appeals to the institutions of the European Union, the Member States and all European democratic parties too have understood the manner of the resolution’s underlying message and without reservation proceed with the condemnation of: All forms of racial, ethnic and religious intolerance, inciting to hatred, harassment and violence including all forms of traditional or new anti-Semitism, including denying the holocaust….”

During the discussion of the resolution’s content a certain socialist MEP claimed that Vlaams Belang was explicitly targeted and was named.

The political embrace of the Holocaust leads to a banalization of the facts.

The shameless political abuse of the eradication of millions of victims awakens fellow Jewish citizens to what they can only disapprove of and blame.

It is also a striking point that every reference to it has kept out and steered clear of the Islamic and Arab anti-Semitism in the resolution.

It is clear from the above-outlined the circumstances that it was impossible for Vlaams Belang to stand by, in its very nature and disheartened facts to approve the resolution [leaving out Islamic and Arab anti-Semitism].

If one only paid attention to the core message of the resolution — as it happens, commemorating the victims of the Holocaust — an issue which could carry our approval, Vlaams Belang in the European Parliament have not voted against the resolution but would have marked its standpoint.

I regret that party-political games have gained the upper hand, instead of showing respect for the human suffering of so many millions victims of the Holocaust.

The mainstream [tendentious] announcements in some papers give a dishonest impression that the Vlaams Belang, by abstaining concerning this resolution, wants to scale down the Holocaust or even deny it. Can I draw your attention to the fact that the Vlaams Belang approved previously the anti-revisionism law in the parliament — despite the large doubts about the possible violation. The Vlaams Belang wanted and wants hereby give the signal that it does not want to be at any moment aligned with the Holocaust – deniers and negationists of all kinds.

In recent years I had the pleasure to learn to know several venerable and leading members of the Antwerp Jewish Community. Their battle for the maintenance of the Jewish identity and cultural uniqueness and their persisting efforts to preserve Israel as the outpost of the free Western made a big impression on me.

Obviously the enemies of the state of Israel, who are politically rather on the left than on the right side, will apply all resources to compromise and knock down all the allies of Israel who warn of the danger of Islam and Arabic radicalism. I’m convinced of the fact that the Jewish community will quickly expose the transparent attempts to knock down the Vlaams Belang

Kind Regards,

Filip Dewinter
Faction Leader, Vlaams Belang

A Safe Return From the Belly of the Beast

Counterjihad Brussels 2007

I just got back from Europe in the wee hours of this morning. After my time in Antwerp and Brussels I spent a few days visiting my old haunts in the West Riding of Yorkshire, so I was later than everyone else getting home.

Counterjihad Brussels 2007 was an enormous success, much more than we could ever have hoped for. Planning for it started almost five months ago, and we worked intensively on it from the beginning of July onward.

But until I sat down on the dais in the European Parliament last Thursday and started introducing the speakers, I didn’t quite believe that it was really going to happen.

There are too many people who deserve thanks for me to be able to list them all here, but I want to make a special mention of Christine at CVF, who worked tirelessly night and day for four months to make it happen. She deserves our deep gratitude.

To hear Bat Ye’or speak about Eurabia from the Belly of the Beast in the European Parliament was a rare moment to savor.

And now the debate on Vlaams Belang has been joined, as I knew it would. I will be covering the issue as much as possible in the coming days, within the limits that my job allows.

Before anybody weighs in on the “neo-Nazi” tendencies of Vlaams Belang, I ask you to source your assertions. Check out the information on Vlaams Belang, and see if you can find any substantive factual references to their anti-Semitism or other Nazi tendencies — besides, of course, the assertions and epithets hurled by their political opponents.
– – – – – – – –
I just spent four days in close company with members of Vlaams Belang in Antwerp and Brussels, in their offices and in their parliamentary space, riding in vehicles with them, and eating meals with them. They must be excellent dissemblers, because I saw nothing to indicate that they are anything other than Flemish nationalists and patriotic promoters of independence for their native land.

If they’re anti-Semitic, they’re very good at hiding it. I’ll have more to say on this topic later.

In the meantime, Pamela has written extensively on the issue, and there are a couple of posts about it on the CVF blog. Also, see Christine’s post on the related issue of Sverigedemokraterna.

I have 800 or so emails awaiting me. If you don’t get a prompt response, you’ll know why.

"A Farewell To Arms" by Private S. Beauchamp

The Walter Winchell of our age has gotten access to some documents about the fake-but-accurate stories of The New Republic war-time “diarist”, Scott Thomas (Beauchamp).

The Next HemingwayThe DRUDGE REPORT has obtained internal documents from the investigation of THE NEW REPUBLIC’S “Baghdad Diarist”…


The documents appear to expose that once the veracity of Beauchamp’s diaries were called into question, and an Army investigation ensued, THE NEW REPUBLIC has failed to publicly account for publishing slanderous falsehoods about the U.S. military in a time of war.

I thought only Republicans stonewalled. The New Republic? Heaven forefend. These people are Al Gore’s champions. Like Al Gore, they would never lie. Never.

Meanwhile, Drudge has some gory details for us, and it turns out that what everyone suspected was right all along:

Document 1: Beauchamp Refuses to Stand by Story (Beauchamp Transcript Part 1)

THE NEW REPUBLIC has been standing behind the stories from their Baghdad Diarist, Scott Thomas Beauchamp…. On August 10, the editors at TNR accused the Army of “stonewalling” their investigation into the stories by preventing them from speaking with Beauchamp.

The DRUDGE REPORT has since obtained the transcript of a September 7 call between TNR editor Frank Foer, TNR executive editor Peter Scoblic, and Private Beauchamp.[my emphasis] During the call, Beauchamp declines to stand by his stories, telling his editors that “I just want it to end. I’m not going to talk to anyone about anything really.”

Document 2: Beauchamp Admits to “Gross Exaggerations and Inaccurate Allegations” (Beauchamp Transcript Part 2)

– – – – – – – –

…a signed “Memorandum for Record” in which Beauchamp recants his stories and concedes the facts of the Army’s investigation — that his stories contained “gross exaggerations and inaccurate allegations of misconduct” by his fellow soldiers.

Document 3: Army Investigation: Tales “Completely Fabricated,” Beauchamp Wanted to be Hemingway

The Army concluded that Beauchamp had “completely fabricated” the story of mocking a disfigured woman, that his description of a “Saddam-era dumping ground” was false, and that claims that he and his men had deliberately targeted dogs with their armored vehicles was “completely unfounded.” Further the report stated “that Private Beauchamp desired to use his experiences to enhance his writing and provide legitimacy to his work possibly becoming the next Hemingway.”

Well, there’s one dead daydream for you. What will they call his collection of mendacious tales? “For Whom the Bell Tolls” has a certain ring to it. Certainly the Pink Ladies would buy it.

But now Beauchamp will have to re-invent himself. Perhaps a new career that doesn’t require integrity or the need to stay in touch with reality. Slap a wig on him and have him practice his French. We could use a new Marie Antoinette in the recession everyone says is coming. Certainly this Private has a certain je ne said quoi required for the rôle of Public Distracter.

Drudge ends his revelations this way:

The report concludes that “Private Beauchamp takes small bits of truth and twists and exaggerates them into fictional accounts that he puts forth as the whole truth for public consumption.”


In other words, he has more information up his sleeve.

Wish I could swear on this blog. Maybe I’ll go over to The Neighborhood of God and call Beauchamp a few names. Never did promise the homeschoolers to keep that blog PG 13.

Ht tip: Captain’s Quarters

CQ has an update:

Michelle Malkin has great screen grabs of the transcript of the call between Franklin Foer and Peter Scoblic of TNR and Beauchamp. In one, it becomes obvious that it was TNR that was responsible for Beauchamp’s silence, and not the Army…

On second thought, maybe Beauchamp could take Dan Rather’s place. We need someone capable of filling Dan’s shoes. I hope he can speak Southren…

The Lady Has Quit Learning Anything New

I have several gripes with the current administration.

The war is not one of them: Lincoln’s Lessons with his incompetent generals taught us that it takes a long time to get each new kind of war right. And each war is different from the last one. The problem with the one in the Middle East is that the peace wing of the Democrats – who were also out in force during the Civil War – are too impatient to allow for a learning curve.

And Bush has vetoed some creepy legislation sent to him from the Imperial Congress. For that I am grateful, though he has unfortunately turned out to be a Bloated Government Republican.

However, my deepest concern is how he allows himself to be perceived vis-à-vis the immoderate Muslims in this country, and the alignments he makes with Saudi-funded propagandists.

In this vein, his Secretary of State is right on the same page with him, and they are both so wrong that it boggles the mind. Here’s Mr. Fitzgerald’s view from Dhimmi Watch:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice does not understand Islam. At this point she apparently still must watch football games (we are always told that she is a fan of football — it’s designed to soften, to popularize, her image, one presumes), or practice the piano, or do those other things that the “multi-talented” “scholar of Russia” who “knows Russian” does. In fact, her Russian is halting, as her one disastrous attempt to conduct an interview in Russian proved to Russian television viewers. Her specialty was not “Russia” but the Russian military. That made her, just like Paul Wolfowitz, someone untrained in, and unaware of, the influence of history, of culture, of their own particular culture and history, on people who, strange to say, do not all want to become little Americans and wouldn’t know how to do so if one presented them with the possibility.

She has been foolish on Iraq, suggesting that the Sunnis and Shi’a will just have to “get over it” because —

– – – – – – – –

— well, because that is the only way the Bush Administration’s grand plans for Iraq could ever conceivably be successful. But Sunnis and Shi’a will not “get over it.” And what’s more, the Muslim Arabs will not “get over it” when it comes to their absolute refusal to consider Israel as a permanent presence. An Infidel nation-state in the middle of Dar al-Islam? Impossible. If there is a chance to destroy Israel militarily, it will be acted on. And the likelihood of the Muslim Arabs thinking that such a chance will arise again will be much greater if that so-called “Palestinian” state comes into being, with all the control over invasion routes and West Bank aquifers. Why not just cause a famine in Israel by polluting or destroying or diverting those aquifers?


…In reality, the “best deal” for Israel is never again to be suckered into, pressured into, any conceivable “deal” with Muslims who are firmly fixed on the basic principle of Muslim treaty-making with Infidel states, the principle that such treaties are to be broken, and such breaking of them is not merely allowed but encouraged by the example of Muhammad in the first Muslim “peace treaty” — that of 628 A.D., which he made with the Meccans at Al-Hudaibiyyah. That treaty stands for all time as the model of Muslim treaty-making with Infidels, including those who now live and attempt to stay alive in the Infidel nation-state of Israel.

Does Rice know this? Of course not. She has never read, and not a single person who advises her has read, the texts of Islam on such treaty-making.

But she doesn’t have time. And besides, it would raise so many disturbing questions. It would imply that all that effort, over so many years, by assorted dennis-rosses and richard-haasses and henry-kissingers and bill-clintons and william-rogers and tutti quanti, to use shuttle diplomacy, and negotiations, and handshakes on the g-ddam lawn, and smiles for the photographers, has been fruitless. And it has. All of it has ended, always, with some kind of further Israeli concession, and a further legitimizing, before the world’s public, of the Arab Muslim Jihad.


She’s not able to learn beyond what she learned long ago. She seems intelligent by comparison with her boss. She’s elegantly turned out. She’s self-assured, because people defer to her, and those who don’t defer to her are usually unwilling to demonstrate that they find her pretensions ridiculous. However, the nuclear-arms expert, David Kay, who had many dealings with her, described her as the “worst national security adviser” in the history of the country. And given that among the rivals for that crown are Brzezinski and Scowcroft, that is saying something.

As always, the comments section at Dhimmi Watch is worth reading. Especially in this post. One person calls her a pretty, empty suit.

It is sad to lose confidence in someone you once admired. In this case, I realize I was sold a bill of goods. Sometimes one has to wait and see how a person lives up to – or fails to – their press releases. In this case, the gap between the rhetoric and the reality is a huge chasm.

Whatever transpires in the next presidential election, at least we will be free of Secretary Rice’s huge failure to understand the diplomatic necessities for fighting the war that has been declared and waged on us. In any other century, she would have been accused of conspiring with the enemy.

Mr. Fitzgerald nails her fatal flaw: “She’s not able to learn beyond what she learned long ago.”

When you realize she spent her career in academia and government, how could she have turned out any differently. They live in bubble, those people. And it is an indestructible force field around them…

I can’t believe it’s come to this point but I am actually wishing Colin Powell were back in the cat bird seat.