Robert Spencer’s Speech at the Counterjihad Summit

Steen has posted the video of Robert Spencer’s after-dinner speech at the Flemish Parliament during Counterjihad Brussels 2007. I heard him speak twice while I was in Flanders, and he is compelling.

“We are the revolutionaries of this age.”

Coincidentally, I post this just after having received the good news that Jihad Watch has finally been effectively unblocked by SonicWall, having been recategorized as “political/advocacy” rather than “violence/hate/racism”.
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There were about seventy-five attendees at the dinner that night, and they received Robert enthusiastically, just as the audience in Antwerp had two nights before.

Steen was the photographer and videographer for the whole conference, and he deserves our thanks for having done such a great job. Pretend you can read Danish or Swedish — go over to Snaphanen and look around.

Surprise his site meter, just for fun.