A Tactical Retreat

Last weekend a small but well-armed and -armored federal task force under the Bureau of Land Management was forced to back off in the face of a group of unarmed (or lightly-armed) patriots on horseback and on foot in a gully near Bunkerville, Nevada. The courageous citizens who approached the federal barriers were told by bullhorn that they would be shot if they came any further, but they kept coming anyway.

This was a huge victory for those American patriots who want to re-establish the rule of law under the United States Constitution. For the past two days I’ve been browsing patriot networks, Second Amendment sites, and YouTube channels, and it’s clear that the libertarian resistance has been electrified by what happened at the Bundy Ranch. Ordinary citizens stood up to the federal government, and the feds backed down.

However, as most of us surmised on Saturday, this was merely a tactical retreat on the part of the BLM and the Obama administration. We are now in a “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” situation, which is untenable from the point of view of the federal government. In order to work their will upon the American people, the feds must be seen as invincible. But they aren’t — they’ve just proven that they don’t have the guts required to gun down patriotic citizens in cold blood. They have no broad-based support among the people — all they have is fiat money and the unlimited firepower that money can buy.

The invincibility of the federal behemoth must be re-established, and quickly, so expect a Round Two. According to the following report from a reader named Warren Smith, the BLM has backed off from the Bundy Ranch, but has not departed the area. They may well be planning further operations in that part of Nevada.

Dr. Smith has written the governor of Nevada with an urgent appeal to call out the Nevada National Guard to prevent illegal federal actions. He included the following note along with enclosed emails:

Please see the below as a strategy to prevent loss of life in the developing situation in Nevada (a situation which appears to be worsening, despite the supposed resolution yesterday — see the below), and to send a clear message to the Feds to back off. Please use whatever means you have to contact and pressure the Governor of Nevada to deploy the Nevada National Guard in protection of the Bundy family, their property, and the many heroic citizens who have flocked to their aid.


I urge you to consider contacting the Governor through all of these means, and to consider forwarding this (or similar) information to others who will contact the Governor. I also urge you to pray that this situation is resolved rapidly and without bloodshed.

Dr. Smith’s letter to the governor of Nevada is at the bottom of this post. Below are some of the emails he has received from eyewitnesses in Nevada, which prompted him to write the letter.

Received: 12:46 PM EDT, 04/13/2014
Subject: Update: IT’S NOT OVER IN NV

Hello all you Patriots of the 912,

[REDACTED] called me this morning to inform me that the BLM has been ordered to stand down but NOT to go away. [REDACTED] arrived early in the morning and started to set up camp. They also were asked by Ryan Bundy to run security while they rescue the calves who are dying because of the stress and lack of grazing from being kept off the range. They spotted night time activity in the hills surrounding the Bundy property. After catching about an hours sleep they awoke to see three snipers skulking in the bush surrounding the camps that people have set up. The people who have been there are not leaving and more are still coming in from all over the US. The airspace over the Bundy ranch has been shut down in a 3 mile, 30,000 feet perimeter so that no private helicopters or planes can fly over to take pictures or surveil what the feds are up to. If the National Guard, the Army, the Marines or any military faction becomes involved that means they will be declaring WAR on the citizens of the United States. We are perilously close to an all out military action. So far Federal Agents are still trolling the roads, surveilling the territory and the camps in big black SUVs with blacked out windows. We need more numbers out there. There’s a Federal Express outlet in St. George, Utah on South Airport Rd. If need be get ready to send supplies. If the government decides to shut the roads down to try to contain the numbers of people coming in to take a stand the supply lines could be compromised. I will have more intel by this afternoon. Anyone out there who is involved with the III%ers or the Oath Keepers please contact me at [REDACTED]. We need to get organized. If this turns to war we need to drop everything and go. The Government is NOT GOING TO GO AWAY. This is not cool and this is not funny this is for real!

Yours Truly,

Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 5:50 PM
Subject:A person my wife knows tried to get to the site in NV

Here’s her account. She’s an attorney in LA.

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Deconstructing the “Family of Abraham”

For decades the term “Red-Green Alliance” referred to the working partnership between Marxists/Progressives and environmentalists (a “watermelon” was an environmental activist who was Green on the outside and Red on the inside).

The first time I ever heard the phrased used in reference to Islam was in a post by Carl in Jerusalem. Since green is the color of the Saudi flag, and is prominent in many other Islamic flags and logos (including that of the Muslim Brotherhood), it makes sense to refer to the “Red-Green alliance” between the Left and Muslims. The “Left”, in this case, includes the excessively PC progressive-minded Christian denominations.

The latest newsletter from the The Tennessee Council for Political Justice discusses these matters as they pertain to Nashville and the state of Tennessee:

The Red-Green Alliance and the BDS Campaign

Groups interfaithing in Nashville under the Red-Green alliance include but are not limited to: the Muslim American Center for Outreach (ACO), the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), the Family of Abraham (FOA), Clergy for Tolerance (CFT), Temple Ohabai Sholom, West End United Methodist Church, Vine Street Church, Christ Church Cathedral, Woodmont Christian Church, First Presbyterian Church, Glendale Baptist Church, University School, and Lipscomb University.

Organizers include Remziya Suleyman, Avi Poster, Irwin Venick, Daoud Abudiab, Bernard Werthan, Mary Shelton, Tom Negri, Rev. Heidi Hudnut-Beumler and Rabbi Laurie Rice, among others listed on their invitations.

Did Family of Abraham organizers Avi Poster, Irwin Venick and Rabbi Rice know about ISNA’s Jew hatred but invited ISNA’s representative anyway? What about ISNA’s support for Hamas and Sayyid Syeed’s complicity? Why is Jewish Federation Director Mark Freedman silent? Why does Rabbi Mark Schiftan want such a close relationship with Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR/Hamas supporters?

Could it be that they agree with Secretary of State Kerry that Israel does not have to be recognized as the Jewish homeland? Are they aligned with J Street and therefore have to work with the Islamists and pro-BDSers?

Did Rev. Michael Williams at UMC and event promoter Rev. Kleinert at Vine Street Christian Church bother to google their speaker and his associations? Have any of these people read the Quran? If not, they are politically naïve (Islam is a political ideology as well as a religion), and useful to Islam as dhimmis and apologists who are ignorant of the fact that Allah cautions Muslims to not take Jews and Christians as friends. Is this Quranic quote compatible with the goals of interfaith dialogue?

Hopefully ignorance is their answer to these questions. Otherwise, it seems that the Family of Abraham wanted to legitimatize what ISNA, its ally the Muslim Brotherhood and Syeed represent.

Respectful but Dishonest Dialogue in Nashville

The August 2013, Family of Abraham meeting at The First Presbyterian Church in Nashville featured Lipscomb University president Randy Lowry. He said that while “be[ing] honest about their differences” interfaithers should “focus on their interests — the things they really care about — rather than the issues that divide them.” Does he mean differences like wife-beating, polygamy, slavery, jihad against non-Muslims, death for apostasy, theocratic government, much less the story that God saved Ishmael, not Isaac from Abraham’s sacrifice? Does Lowry mean those differences?

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The Most Despised People in the World

I mentioned last week that Bill Warner of Political Islam has launched a new initiative called Voices for the Voiceless. He points out that no significant publicity can be gained for the persecution of Christians by Islam unless Christian activists and Counterjihad-minded people use the only language that the left-wing media understand: that of victimhood.

The “Prayer March for Persecuted Christians” that will be held on May 17, 2014 in downtown Orlando is one of a series of events that will employ Dr. Warner’s selected methodology. Some events have already been held — Nashville is a notable example — and others are in the planning stages.

Last December Dr. Warner wrote the following essay elaborating on the plight of Christians in Muslim countries, and the willing complicity of mainstream Christian denominations in the West with the persecution of their brothers and sisters in the Third World (and Europe, for that matter). Using the ploy of “interfaith dialogue”, Muslim groups have successfully neutralized Christian criticism of Islam, resulting in the silence in major media outlets about the persecution of Christians.

His entire article is reproduced below.

The Most Despised People in the World
by Bill Warner

The most persecuted group in the world today is Christians. Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria and other nations are murdered, raped, kidnapped, enslaved and persecuted on a daily basis. The reason for the vast majority of all of this violence is that they are Christian among Muslims.

But their abuse does not stop with the violence. The perpetrators of violence are measured in the thousands, but the greatest abuse is at the hands of those who should demand that the violence stop. The silence in the face this persecution is denial and justification. The persecutors are few, but the deniers are in the billions.

Christians are enjoined to care for all persecuted people, but in particular, they are to care for their own brothers and sisters. They manage to ignore the persecution by doing good works, such as care for the poor. Christians have compassion but no courage to face the enemy who kills them. In Nashville, TN (the buckle on the Bible belt) the favorite indoor sport for those who should be dealing with the enemy, Islam, is going to Family of Abraham events and bridge building dialogues where they dance to the tune of Muslims. There is no problem of meeting with Islam, but the rules of engagement are that nothing will be said that offends Islam.

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, an injured man is on the side of the road. Two religious leaders pass him by on the other side of the road. They don’t harm the injured man, they just ignore him. This is the same thing that Christian leaders do at dialogues such as Family of Abraham. They meet with Muslims who adhere to a doctrine that includes killing Christians. But, the leaders will not bring up the Islamic persecution to them. The Christian leadership response to murder of their brothers and sisters is silence. They pass by on the other side of the road. Their silence is consent.

But Christians are not the only deniers. Normally, Jews are quick to step forward in the area of charity and support of victims, but not so with persecuted Christians. Some of this denial may be due to a dislike of Christianity, but Jews are no quicker to help their own.

If you go to thereligionofpeace.com you will find an amazing data base of jihad attacks since 9/11. The current number of attacks is in excess of 22,000 attacks. It is very instructive to parse the data and see what are the top four nations of jihad attacks. When you put the data on a per capita basis, you get the following countries: Israel, Thailand, Philippines and India. Or by religion: Jews, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus. So Jews are the victims of violence by Islam, but the Jews of America love to go to Family of Abraham events and be as silent as the Christians.

But what about the most sensitive victim group — the black American? Victim-ology is the dogma of a myriad black “civil rights” groups with their high priests of race hustles such as Al Sharpton. The most persecuted Christians are in Africa. But the civil rights hustlers of America just love to hang with Muslims as their brothers. All of those dead Africans? Not a problem for African Americans.

It is surprising how many Buddhists are being killed in jihad, but is it a surprise that Buddhists never talk about it? And aside from a few Hindu activists, never a word is heard from the Hindu community about their deaths by jihad.

The deaths in the Philippines are Catholics and what does Pope Francis say about Islam? He says,

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Multiculturalism: “Cult of Ignorance”

Mark Steyn is always funny. But behind the wit is a dark truth: on the slippery slope where multiculturalists live and move and have their being, your facts are merely opinions. Their opinions — the multiculturalists’ ruling dogmas — are incontrovertible facts, they are the credos which every thinking sensitive, feeling person accepts as gospel truths and can recite by heart. They include the enthronement of worthy victims and the promulgation of chronic aggrievement as a constitutional right.

The Counterjihad is a subset within the larger pushback against the damage multiculturalism inflicts on the West in particular, though the damage proceeds apace in Third World primitive societies that buy into the ruling dogma for their own benefit. Especially do the despots who rule these places buy the benefits. Their unfree citizens? Not so much.

Thus we will continue to report on the depredations inflicted by the politically correct, multicultural fallacies that wreak such harm. These restrictions through which the Political Class attempts to eradicate our “ancient liberties” are impoverishing us all.

Let me amend that: our liberties aren’t ancient so much as they are inherent in the human condition, but all too often honored in the breach rather than the reality. The damage to the West’s cultural fabric by the Marxist/Islamic juggernaut has been grievous and unjust; no surer proof of that destruction is the ongoing disappearance of the middle class. Watch this amazing graphic to see the middle class vanish over decades in just one city (Chicago), which is now deeply in debt and floundering on the path to Detroit’s fate. Is it happening in Europe, too? I don’t know, but in America the pace of the ruination is increasing; that destruction is aided and abetted by Islam’s weapons of discord, divisiveness, and the push for an aggrieved victim class.

In the video, Mr. Steyn points out what one “tiny, miserable grey island in the North Atlantic” managed to accomplish. The great horror is the ways in which that hard-won knowledge is being buried beneath the strew and slander of the deliberate ignorance of those who want only its subjugation under a theocratic supremacy. Those currently in power chant a mantra about the ways “poverty breeds ignorance”, etc., while their own educated ignorance reduces all facts to mere opinion.

The latest strong-arming of those who dissent from their gospel? Numerous pronouncements are being issued by multiculturalists in the Anglosphere that climate “dissenters/deniers” should be jailed or otherwise silenced for their refusal to bow to the politically correct Truths proving that it is the dastardly behavior of human beings which is surely causing the earth to heat up to irrevocably dangerous levels.

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Reality is Blond!

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on a recent culturally enriched event in a Dutch village that highlighted the reality that Geert Wilders has so often been excoriated for describing.

Reality is blond!
by H Numan

A few days ago I reported about what happened after the local elections in The Netherlands. A big stick was found to beat Wilders with, to divert attention from the massive losses suffered, most of all by the socialist party.

That circus is still going on. Not really a circus, more like church expressing an act of faith: mayors and aldermen walk solemnly in ceremonial procession to a police office so each can personally file an official complaint against Geert Wilders. Very much like publicly confessing sins by sacrificing a white bird (seagull) on the altar of politically correctness.

However, things are not going the way they hoped. Wilders doesn’t have to do a thing. Reality does it for him. The poor oppressed victimized Moroccans do everything they possibly can to show Wilders’ remarks were quiet, restrained, even polite, and above all 100% spot on. Read what even the staunchest multicultural believer cannot sweep under the rug.

Saturday a jewelry shop in the small village of Deurne was robbed at gunpoint by three suspects. Only it went wrong. The wife of the owner shot two robbers dead; the third one got away.

On Sunday the DA came to the conclusion this was a case (exceptionally rare in The Netherlands) of justified self-defense. The wife was, of course, still a suspect, but she is free until this case goes to court. In court she will not be the accused, but the victim. The gun she used was possibly an illegal weapon, so she will have to explain that to the court. But the act of using that gun itself was not, in his opinion, reason to keep her in custody.

As soon as I read the news about the robbery I noticed no clues whatsoever were given to the identity of the suspects. By law the family name of suspects cannot be printed, only the initials. Usually suspects are named by their first name followed by the initial. Volkert v.d. G, for example. To protect their privacy.

Since most criminals for whatever reason appear to be Muslim, and most often of Moroccan origin, that was changed by all media into vague terms. Yusuf H., Mohammed B., or Hassan Y. are too obvious. Almost invariably no clues are given at all. They are described as “citizens of”, “locals from”, “boys of”; that sort of vague terminology. Which is a dead giveaway that Muslims and most likely of Muslims Moroccan extraction are involved.

All the more so because the media assume people are really stupid. When a real Dutchman commits a crime they do write his first name plus initial. So, if you read “a robber from …” it’s almost certainly a Moroccan. If you read “the suspect Jan B. …” it’s a Dutchman. Easy.

On Sunday too many people inquired if the suspects were something else than Dutch Reformed juveniles skipping Sunday school. The DA gave away the identity of the first dead robber: he was Dutch Moroccan. On Tuesday the second one was identified: a real Moroccan. Illegally in the country. Both with a record of violent crimes. The third one is not yet identified and police are searching for him. Let’s guess. This chap is probably from Nunavut.

If the police can spare the time, because the above mentioned politically correct exorcism ceremonies do take up a lot of it. Time they could much better be issuing speeding tickets or fining pedestrians walking through red lights. Real important matters, in other words.

On Sunday evening they had to act on an illegal demonstration in Deurne, which supported…

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LIVE: Benghazi Again. CIA Testifying

“Talking Points”…who drew them up, and who decided what they would be.

Live stream right now. We will find the archive later but at this moment the live exchanges are here:

The Benghazi Talking Points and Michael J. Morell’s Role in Shaping the Administration’s Narrative

And Mr.Morell, the Acting Director of the CIA during Benghazi, appears to be running away from this radioactive material…

NOTE: I hope to put up a larger background post on Benghazi and the American mis-management of the lead-up to the massacre and the even more egregious mishandling of the aftermath.

There are many Americans, in and out of the government, who are concerned about this debacle and determined not to let this one disappear, not to allow SecState Clinton’s “what does it matter” meme to decide the process of what we will be permitted to know.

Many career personnel are now concerned for their own safety in the face of hazardous duties on the rise and this administration’s proven disregard for their safety.

Too many “I don’t recalls” are starting now…


The hearing has ended now. So we back up to the already-recorded morning investigation of Mr. Morelli. This is twelve-minute video so it must be a digest:

Mr. Morelli testifies before the House Select Committee on Intelligence, 12 minutes long.

Here is more than an hour, though it’s not clear if this is the whole enchilada…the website for the Committee assumes the watcher is more familiar with their procedures than is reasonable:

Recorded Live, the Hour-Long Testimony of Michael Morelli

Especially listen to the beginning introduction by the head of this committee, but then, you can safely skip the following ~ twenty-one minutes of bumpf.]

Commenters are welcome to reflect on the testimony of Mr. Morelli and/or the Congressmen’s questions.

NB: The head of this committee, Mike Rogers, has announced his retirement from Congress. He will be leaving to begin his own radio program, based in Washington. The grapevine talk is that he’s positioning himself as a potential candidate for the presidential primary campaign – that perennial race which never really stops anymore.

Rapes in Sweden, Redux

If you appreciate this essay by Fjordman, please consider making a donation to him, using the button at the bottom of this post.

Rapes in Sweden, Redux
by Fjordman

In early 2014, journalist Simen Sætre in the weekly Morgenbladet in Norway published an essay about rapes in Sweden. Curiously, he seemed to be more concerned about the fact that “xenophobic” and “Islam-hating” people like me write about this subject than he was about the actual problem. Sætre has previously claimed, with absolutely zero facts to back up his case, that my essays were never meant seriously. Ironically, the same man who makes claims without any basis in facts has suggested that my texts and views are not fact-based.

Let us look into this matter more closely.

In 2013, 5900 rapes were officially reported to the police in Sweden, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet — Brå). This figure was slightly lower than in 2012, but the reported number has been close to or above 6000 for several years. We’ll stick to a medium number of 6000 reported annual rapes for the last couple of years.

We know with certainty that there are numerous victims who don’t report rape to the police. Many criminologists assume that the official numbers only reveal a minority of such cases. This assumption is backed up by a number of studies.

[Header] Residence permits granted during the year — The number of reported rapes in the years 1980-2008 (Source Migration Board, BRÅ)

[Footer] (grey) Granted residence during the year — (red) Number of reported rapes during the year

The crucial question is: How much higher is the real number of rapes? Twice as large as the official numbers? Four times as big? Ten times?

In late 2013, I published an essay about this very subject in which I suggested two different estimates for how many rapes there truly are in Sweden. The lowest estimate was that one in four rapes committed are actually reported to the police and listed in official statistics. On average for the last couple of years, more than 6000 rapes have been reported in the country annually. If this merely represents one in four rapes actually committed, the real number is 24,000 rapes annually.

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Beating the Mohammed Meme

I wince every time I hear Barack Obama say “The Holy Qur(*gulp*)an”. If he’s a Christian, as he claims to be, the book is not at all holy to him. It’s unseemly and embarrassing to hear a president talk this way.

The BBC has caught the same disease. I’ve read BBC news articles about alleged desecrators of “The Holy Qur’an” and accounts of newspapers that publish blasphemous cartoons of the “Prophet Mohammed”. The Beeb doesn’t refer to “Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” in any of its publications, does it? What does this tell you about the official institutional religion at the British Broadcasting Corporation?

The following essay by Sonia Bailey about the Western “Prophet Mohammed” compulsion was originally published at the American Thinker on March 25.

Beating the Mohammed Meme

by Sonia Bailey

North American news outlets are unwittingly caving to Islam. They have fallen into the trap of referring to Islam’s founder Mohammed as The Prophet Mohammed, implying that his “prophethood” is universally accepted. These media outlets, like their European counterparts, are unknowingly extending the influence of Islam to their viewers, thereby doing the proselytistic work of Muslim propagandists who are relentlessly bullying their host society into sharia-compliance. It is precisely this indifference and ignorance that Islam is counting on in order to help subjugate Western civilization to sharia law.

Casually repeating the phrase The Prophet Mohammed, instead of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, on television to millions upon millions of viewers, cements this phrase into their consciousness until eventually the phrase metamorphoses into a mantra or meme, a term coined by zoologist and atheist Richard Dawkins. A meme is a catchy phrase that spreads quickly like a virus from person to person until the imitated phrase finally gets ingrained into the culture. Grooming gangs, a polite term used by Western media when referring to Muslim rape gangs (the definitive report on this problem in Britain is available here) is another example of a meme.

People are accepting the meme of The Prophet Mohammed as a given, or as a basic fact, in much the same way that a lie told often enough becomes the truth. Eventually, more and more people will come to falsely believe that Mohammed was one of the world’s most righteous prophets, when in reality he was a prophet specific only to Islam, a prophet who showed fanatical hatred for and intolerable discrimination against non-Muslims, women, gays and Western values. He brutally forced other religions to accept his faith with the goal of replacing Western civilization with an Islamic one, all the while enslaving, massacring or taxing those who refused to submit.

Considered in Islam to be the perfect model for humanity, Mohammed the warlord must be emulated. His followers are religiously obligated to copy his banditry practices and violent actions that are all divinely sanctioned in Islamic doctrine. This explains why brutal sharia-compliant acts, such as beheadings, stonings, hangings, limb amputations, child-bride marriages, and female genital mutilation continue to dominate the modern Muslim world.

These barbaric acts that show no regard for human life are rearing their ugly heads in the West as well. Street-killings of non-Muslims, honor-killings, and raping and pimping of underage non-Muslim girls are occurring with regularity. Even worse, acceptance of these atrocities is becoming the new social norm in the West, where they are rarely publicized.

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Voices for the Voiceless

Everyone who labors in the “Islamophobia” business has to contend with the same issue: a lack of effectiveness in the wider world. As has often been pointed out, this website and others like it constitute for the most part an echo chamber. We are addressing an audience that is already familiar with the issues surrounding Islamization and largely agrees with what we say.

There are intramural battles, to be sure — some of them quite fierce. Does the “moderate” Muslim exist? Can the advance of Islam be stopped without first addressing the issue of globalist socialism? Does the welfare state have to collapse before the cultural enrichment of the West can be turned back? The intensity of the arguments over these questions masks the fact that most of the people engaged in the debate already agree with most of what the Counterjihad stands for.

How do we force the same issues into the attention span of the average uninformed low-information voter? This is the essential problem.

My approach is to pursue multiple tracks, mostly Europe-related, since that’s where the center of gravity for this blog may be found. The Brussels Process is one such track. The involvement of the International Civil Liberties Alliance in fighting creeping shariah through the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is another.

Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam has developed his own ingenious approach to the same problem. He employs the methods of the Left — simplified emotion-based arguments targeting the ill-informed — to shame previously uninvolved people into paying attention to the worldwide persecution of religious minorities by Islam. He uses the same “lefty-speak” as his opponents to occupy the moral high ground in the discussion.

In the following video Dr. Warner provides some specific advice and examples of his approach:

A couple of days ago we mentioned the Religious Communicators Council (RCC) meeting in Nashville later this week. Bill Warner and other activists from Voices for the Voiceless are planning a silent demonstration at the event:

RCC is Training Writers to Deny the Persecution of Christians

We will hold a silent demonstration on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 11:15 am to protest the Religious Communicators Council (RCC) meeting in Nashville. It will be silent to demonstrate their lack of reporting persecution of Christians. We will invite the media and issue a press release.

The protest will be held rain or shine. Further details about how to park, signs, etc. are posted at voices4voiceless.org

Why We Are Demonstrating

On April 3-5 the RCC will hold a national convention at The Inn at Opryland, 2401 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

There is not ONE RCC speaker who will deal with the persecution of Christians. They support the oppressors, and deny the victims.

Why This is so Important

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Fighting for Independence from an Anti-Democratic Oligarchy

The elections for the European Parliament are coming up in a few short weeks, and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is currently surging in the opinion polls. Our British correspondent JP sends a couple of samples of commentary on UKIP and the EU, and includes this note:

Here’s evidence of the UKIP surge in action — see the following best-placed comment for depth of passion, particularly the closing paragraph.

From the comments on Charles Moore: “I’ve been a Eurosceptic for 30 years but my vote will be up for grabs” in The Daily Telegraph, Commentator Dogzzz on 28 March 2014:

So you asking if you want to give away what is left of our sovereignty, our independence, our Birthright to be a confident, self ruling nation, trading confidently and prosperously with the 4.5 billion consumers outside the EU as well as much more competitively with the 0.5 billion in the EU in order to hide, supine and cowardly in the most anti-democratic institution, having unelected foreigners change our laws to benefit other nations, and plunder our wealth to pay for it?

Or do we want to be the confident, friendly, prosperous independent self-governing global traders and friends to all, choosing and implementing our own laws, for the good of our own people, democratic, free and self reliant?

I cannot abide giving away our birthright to a profoundly anti-democratic entity which has just refused to recognise 3 popular referendums in the last three weeks alone. An entity which can now over-rule OUR elected representatives in OUR national Parliament and does so without regard for the needs, or concerns of the British people, at all.

I am unashamedly, proudly and patriotically going to fight FOR our nation, FOR our people and FOR our birthright. A birthright our forefathers fought in two world wars to defend. Democracy, prosperity, the English rule of law, common sense human rights, from the English bill of rights onwards, which we exported all over the world, for the Commonwealth and our historical global trading links with the whole world.

I support UKIP and I support OUR independence from anti-democratic oligarchy.

See also Janet Daley’s article:

The people feel ignored — and they are angry

Not one leader of a major party has a true connection with ordinary folk. This is dangerous

There will really be only two contestants in the next general election: the political class and the people. And by the “political class”, I mean the entire operation that runs, manipulates and communicates the activities of government. That conglomeration of politicians and their special interest lobbies, media followers and professional handlers is now more self-referring, inbred and profoundly detached from the reality of most people’s lives than at any time in a generation.

This fact was brought home very sharply by the grotesquely embarrassing fault line that appeared in the brief lapse of time between the ending of the Farage-Clegg debate — during which a vast army of esteemed press commentators declared Nick Clegg the winner — and the release of the YouGov poll, showing that a large majority of the ordinary public believed Nigel Farage had won. Most alarmingly, there was a remarkable media consensus: it was not just wishful-thinking Europhiles who thought Clegg had walked it.

In the mortifying aftermath, which saw pundits scrambling to amend — or explain away — the bizarre discrepancy between their initial judgment and that of the wider world, an awful truth began to emerge. It was, indeed, as if the Westminster media and actual voters in the country had been listening to an entirely different event — as, for all intents and purposes, they were. And strangely enough, the preconceptions of the two camps were almost exactly the opposite of what might be expected.

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Erasing JIM from the Picture

Anyone who reads alternative media on a regular basis knows that the mainstream media routinely airbrush Islam out of any news story where Muslims do bad things. It’s a given. And if a violent perpetrator has an obviously Muslim name, news outlets will withhold it for as long as possible (or never release it at all, which is generally what happens in Scandinavia).

But who is responsible for this sanitizing of the news? In many cases it’s the media outlets themselves, who understand the new rules implicitly and apply them voluntarily, without being told. They know very well you don’t mess around with JIM.

However, the following story about an attempted “honor killing” in Newfoundland was originally broadcast by NTV with the Islamic angle front and center, totally uncensored. Then, within two days, all mention of JIM was systematically scrubbed from text versions of the story, and the original news video disappeared down the memory hole.

Vlad Tepes was alert and noticed the changes. The CTV report that came out later had dropped all references to religious belief, but Vlad had screen shots of the original, plus the original video from NTV (an affiliate of CTV). He made this before-and-after video to demonstrate the sudden and dramatic change in the account of Khalaf Alshaek’s attempt to kill his daughter for marrying a non-Muslim:

Who ordered the changes in the story, and why?

Vlad had this to say when he first discovered the bowdlerized account:

Saudi man ordered to leave Canada after choking, threatening daughter

(This is very important. The video in this story is, as the expression goes, ‘The damnedest of lies’, meaning of course a lie with just enough truth in it to be effective, and hence pernicious. The original story we posted here some days ago, had the father stating clearly that his daughter was involved with a non-muslim and therefore he needed to attack her and possibly kill her for it. Now they have massaged the islamic angle totally out of the story, slipping in some details of the truth while interjecting aspects of it that anyone might think is motive for anger. “cultural differences, honour changes to husband” and other total bits of informational sleight of hand to take the islam, the real motive for all of this, out of the story. Both the video and the article here have been sanitized. Here is the link to the article from Monday this week. It appears that link has been sanitized as well)

He expanded on it further earlier today:
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Ukraine as Quantum Decoherence, Part 1

Note: This feature essay was originally published on Saturday March 22, and was “sticky” for several days. Scroll down for more recent posts, including last night’s news feed, “Competing to Re-Islamize Turkey”, “A Million Dragon’s Teeth”, and the latest from Pat Condell.

At our request, Takuan Seiyo has undertaken an analysis of recent events in Ukraine. The following detailed account is the first part of a comprehensive two-part report on Ukrainian “democracy”.

Ukraine 2014

“Ukraine” 1750

“Ukraine” 1600

Ukraine as Quantum Decoherence
by Takuan Seiyo

Some basics

The maps above show present-day Ukraine on top, its terrain in 1750 in the middle, and in 1600 at the bottom. There would be no country called Ukraine — there had been several ukraines i.e. “borderlands” in Eastern Europe — until 1917 for Eastern Ukraine only, on and off as the Ukrainian People’s Republic. It’s a hint of how convoluted the history of the region is that just in 1918-1920, Kiev’s territory was under the governance of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, German-sponsored Cossack Hetmanate, again UPR, the Bolsheviks, the Russian anti-Bolshevik army of Gen. Anton Denykhin, again UPR, Poland, and finally, as of July 1920, the Bolsheviks who incorporated it formally as Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, in 1922. Throughout these changes and particularly in 1919 there were recurring waves of pogroms that resulted in the murder of over 100,000 Jews. And ten years after Soviet Ukraine was born, the Soviets murdered at least 5 million Ukrainians in an engineered famine.

If the above slice of chaotic multi-pronged aggression weren’t enough, in 1918 Western Ukrainian nationalists proclaimed the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic in a territory that had gone back to Poland after its century-long seizure by Austria. The Ukrainian campaign of terror against the Poles resulted in the crushing of the nascent entity by the Polish Army in 1919. Then the eastern Ukrainian People’s Republic was attacked by the Soviets, and its head — Ukraine’s one genuine great leader, Symon Petliura — sought relief in an alliance with Poland. The Soviets nonetheless crushed the Ukrainian state, continued in a bloody campaign into Polish Ukraine and on to Warsaw, and were defeated — but returned in 1939, to complete the job.

Rivers of blood have washed over Ukraine’s territory; had for 1000 years. Much of it was and is to this day one kind of Ukraine-dwelling Slav against another, and two great powers — Russia to the east, Germany to the west — that tussled repeatedly over land, resources and influence.

To greatly simplify, and omitting earlier history when Ukraine’s territory had been annexed by Lithuania and later amalgamated into Poland, it’s useful to perceive that as of the 17th century the territory on the right bank of the Dniepr river — see it bisecting Ukraine in the top map — has defined itself as the anti-Polish, Orthodox Ukraine, affiliated with Russia as of 1654 (Treaty of Pereyaslav) and with the Soviet Union as of 1920.

The territory on the left bank of the Dniepr, mostly Greek Catholic, had been for centuries and would remain Polish until 1939, with some of its eastern provinces eventually dominated by Russia. Kiev in the 1600 map is shown well inside Poland; in the 1750 map it sits on the Cossack/Russian side of the Polish border. But what is now Lviv (then Lwow), the capital of Western Ukraine — and of Ukrainian Nazism and pro-EU sentiment — was up to 1939 and had been for over 500 years Poland’s third most important city. It is 460 kilometers west of Kiev, and, if it were marked on the 1600 map, would show so far in the west of Poland that it would be in the upper left corner.

In 1939, Lviv’s population was 50.9% Polish Roman Catholic, 31.4% Jewish, 15.9% (mostly Greek-Catholic) Ukrainian, and the remaining 1.8% various minorities[1]. In 1939-41 the Soviets would greatly “reduce” — i.e. murder and exile to USSR’s far east — the top tier of the Polish population. In 1941-44 the Germans, with Ukrainian OUN/ UPA help, would further “reduce” the Polish population and wipe out the Jewish one so that from 169,900 Jews in 1939, 1,300 would remain by 1944. In 1945, the Soviets kicked out almost all the remaining Poles, and amalgamated this territory into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

In the 1750 map, Ukrainian Cossacks (two dark-color zones) are shown holding the buffer zones east of Kiev into Russia. Their main political expressions, the Hetmanate and the Zaporozhnian Sich, would eventually be disbanded by Russia’s Catherine the Great in the 1760s-70s, but the Cossacks continued as Russia’s trusted military proxy, and are Russia-leaning to this day.

In the same period of Russia’s greatness, as a result of Russia’s victory over Turkey in the 5th [sic!] Russian-Turkish War, the two warring powers signed a treaty in 1774 that transferred what is now Southeastern Ukraine, with Odessa at its center, from Turkey to Russia, giving Russia for the first time access to the Black Sea. Turkey also ceded its protectorate of the Crimean Khanate and control of Crimean ports to Russia.

Even those pundits who cite tame excuses for Russia’s current pretenses to Crimea usually don’t mention that what the Russian Commies gifted to the Ukrainian Commies in 1954, Russia had formally incorporated into its territory already in 1783. Moreover, that act contributed greatly to throttling the Mussulmans’ pillaging and slave harvesting in what is now Ukraine (then Poland) that had led to multiple wars between Poland and the Tatar-Turk alliance for over two centuries, ending only in 1699. If it weren’t for the ultimate battlefield victories of Russia and Poland after centuries of bloody fighting, the entire Black Sea basin would still be red-orange, as it shows in the 1600 map.

“Allegory of Catherine’s Victory over the Turks,”
Stefano Torelli, 1772

And so we end up in 2014 with a Ukraine where originally anti-Polish and eventually pro-Nazi fascism rules in the west, Russophile Ukrainians, Cossacks and ethnic Russians concentrate in the east and in Crimea, and everyone has lost someone either to the Soviets or the Germans. Crimean Tatars — with a Waffen-SS heritage just as rich as Svoboda Party’s — feel affinity for the Svoboda government in Kiev rather than for their Russophile Crimean neighbors, and Germany and its NATO/US party pull on one side and Russia on the other.

The colors on the map below may as well symbolize the political sentiments, too.

The question is: Why we are dragged into such a morass by ignorant politicians and their pabulum spewing glad-handing MSM footmen. The pervasive willful ignorance of even the foregoing rough and sketchy background of Ukraine perverts the West’s perceptions and actions relative to that country, and the bias of Reality-averse messianic ideology — i.e. Democracy Inc. — spins the whole thing further out into orbits of cartoon craziness.

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From Rochdale to Sioux Falls

The following news story from South Dakota — which has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100% — will be depressingly familiar to regular Gates of Vienna readers and anyone else who’s been following the “grooming and pimping trials” in Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford, and elsewhere in the UK.

The pattern is almost identical: vulnerable young girls — in this case, as young as 14 — are lured with drugs and gifts into a life of sexual slavery. This particular form of vile criminal behavior is very, very rare except among Muslim males who live in non-Muslim cultures. Yet there the mainstream media have lowered a cone of silence over the JIM aspects of these sex-slavery gangs.

The good news is that this despicable creature will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Below are excerpts from the report in The Argus Leader. Some of the more lurid and disturbing details have been redacted:

Iraqi refugee called monster gets life for sex trafficking

An Iraqi refugee who sold several women and girls for sex at his Sioux Falls apartment will spend the rest of his life in prison after U.S. District Court Judge Karen Schreier agreed with victims who called him a “monster.”

A jury convicted Mohammed Alaboudi in December on four counts of sex trafficking. His lawyer asked for the same 30-year sentence given last April to a co-conspirator, Emannuel Nyoun. But the judge noted that Nyoun had victimized just one young woman, while Alaboudi had hurt many, many more.

“I don’t think the two of you are comparable,” Schreier said. “You have been described by the victims as someone who is a monster. I do not think that is an unjustified characterization, based on how you treated the young women who came through your home.”

Four victims, identified only by their initials, recounted during Monday’s hearing the physical and sexual abuse against them at the hands of the 45-year-old Alaboudi. Earlier at trial, many of them had testified how he had given them drugs and shelter to lure them into dependency and prostitution, using his one-bedroom apartment in central Sioux Falls as headquarters for what U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson has called “a house of horrors.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Koliner noted Alaboudi’s status as a refugee who was welcomed into the country and community, only to take advantage of that hospitality.

Alaboudi preyed on the vulnerability of his victims, many of them homeless with drug addictions and, in some case, mental health issues, Koliner said. The women, two of them underage, were kept high on drugs and alcohol while forced to engage in sex acts with strangers.


“The defendant, who purposely drugged the girls and raped them repeatedly, then allowed his cohorts to come in” and do the exact same thing, Koliner said.

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Bilal Philips in Finland

Jussi Halla-aho is a Finnish writer and an MP for the True Finns party who has been publicly demonized, tried, and convicted of “hate speech” for his opposition to mass immigration into Finland.

Bilal Philips is a Jamaican-Canadian convert to Islam who has earned an international reputation as a radical preacher, and been banned from several Western countries. Mr. Philips was recently invited to visit Finland by a group of “Finnish” Muslims in Helsinki, and the True Finns demanded that he be refused entry.

Last Friday Jussi Halla-aho appeared on Finnish state TV to debate a Muslim guest on the issue of Bilal Philips’ visit to Finland. In the clip below, you’ll notice the mild responses given by Mr. Halla-aho to provocative and leading questions. He obviously feels himself constrained, and is presumably loath to endure another trial and pay another fine. Watch his calm refusal to be baited.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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