Afghans Gone Wild

There was an Afghan riot a week ago in Paris, but the mainstream media did their best not to report on what was happening.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fdesouche:

Paris (11th arrondissement). Demonstration by Afghan migrants degenerates on Rue Charonne; Media coverage of events almost non-existent

April 22, 2024

Leaders from the right, Rassemblement Nationale, and Reconquête stepped up to denounce the scenes of violence that took place on April 20 in the capital during a demonstration. Some of them bemoaned the almost non-existent media coverage of the events.

Clashes during a demonstration in honor of the victims of a fire on Rue de Charonne

The demonstration that degenerated was, according to the police prefecture of Paris, a mobilization in honor of the victims of the fire on 7 April on Rue de Charonne. In this incident, Le Parisien reported recently, the occupant of the apartment set on fire is suspected of having shot two of his guests to death, one of whom an Afghan co-national, before setting fire to the scene to get rid of the traces of his crime. Three persons were killed during the tragedy, for which a criminal motive is assumed.

Journal du Dimanche

Tweet from police prefecture:

On Saturday, 20 April 20, a demonstration, called to honor the victims of the fire on April 20, 2024, on Rue de Charonne, was held from the Charonne Metro to 154 (Rue de Charonne). Upon dispersal of the 200 participants on Rue de Charonne around 5:30pm, some of the demonstrators who had remained at the scene took off in a wild procession and were quickly blocked by police.

The police proceeded with the arrests of four individual perpetrators, specifically for damage to outdoor furniture at the corner of Rue de Charonne and Boulevard Voltaire.

The situation returned to normal some 20 minutes later; the gathering of demonstrators was dispersed by the FDO, who utilized intermediate means of defense (3 tear gas canisters) to carry it out.

Tweet from Officiers et Commissaires de Police:

On Saturday, a demonstration in honor of the victims of the fire of April 7, 2024 on Rue de Charonne degenerated at the time of dispersion, Rue de Charonne in Paris. Police intervened to restore order and arrested for perpetrators for destruction of property.

5 thoughts on “Afghans Gone Wild

  1. If those enrichers kill each other – no opposition from me.
    I only complain that their efficiency in this regard is much too low.

  2. If these Afghans like to fight so much, perhaps the French government ought to oblige them by sending in the French Foreign Legion instead of the local police. If you don’t want to win stupid prizes, don’t play stupid games…

    Of course, who am I kidding? Macron will instead twiddle his thumbs while apologizing to the immigrants for the fact that France is still French!

    • Even the Legion has problems with muslims in their ranks as with the rest of the French armed forces, they are a problem everywhere they go.

    • I don’t know what’s gone wrong. I’ve been getting emails from other people. I’ll send you an alternate address to use.

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