American Betrayal Redux

The following article by Diana West was originally published yesterday on her website.

American Betrayal Redux
by Diana West

Not one but several of the lowpoints of what Vladimir Bukovsky & Pavel Stroilov have called a “Soviet-style propaganda campaign” against American Betrayal, what Jed Babbin tagged a “disinformation campaign,” and what M. Stanton Evans has described as my “mugging” were logged by The American Thinker website edited by Thomas Lifson.

There was the (1) unsubstantiated parroting of the lies, distortions and fabrications (all debunked here) in an otherwise positive review (which, not incidentally, included the reviewer’s declaration that he was now persuaded that Harry Hopkins was an agent of Soviet influence inside the Roosevelt White House); there was the (2) rapid enforcement action by Rado publicly whacking the positive reviewer (and, of course, my book again in one of a blizzard of Rado-Horo attack pieces); there was (3,4) not one but two other attacks posted at American Thinker by writers who actually admitted in print not to have read my book at all; and (5) lowest of all, there was Thomas Lifson himself, who actually refused to run the rebuttal I wrote in response to false and unsubstantiated attacks on my scholarship contained in (1).

An ugly chapter of an ugly saga, to be sure. It would be compounded when several other writers subsequently and separately told me that their defenses of American Betrayal — or simply arguing for fair and honest dialogue about American Betrayal — were turned down at American Thinker, The party line was and is clear and inviolate. Congratulations to all concerned.

Today on Twitter someone responded to a brief blog Lifson wrote about the Sovietsky posters hanging in the home of Jay Carney and Claire Shipman by urging people to read American Betrayal to understand the phenomenon. (Thank you, @southsalem.)

I don’t know or care whether Lifson ever read or ever reads American Betrayal, but it is certainly the case that Western elites’ zest for Communist iconography is discussed in American Betrayal as a manifestation of the callous indifference to genocidal Communist crime that marks our society, a subject deeply analyzed and weighed throughout the book. There is some measure of irony to AT’s glib treatment of the topic, after everything, that somehow bears noting.

So noted. Here, then, for weekend reading, is a short excerpt from the book where the concept is introduced. The excerpt picks up after a discussion of the wrath of the Truman administration toward Whittaker Chambers for revealing the truth about Alger Hiss when, of course, Chambers deserved a medal. If an act of national-security-saving patriotism can be sundered from plaudits, it follows that multiple acts of mass murder can be sundered from condemnation. It’s all connected….

From American Betrayal, p. 63:

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Fjordman: Sweden’s Totalitarian Face

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published at FrontPage Mag. Some excerpts are below:

On April 4 2014, in Malmö District Court in Sweden, the provocative artist Dan Park was sentenced to three months in jail for hate speech (“hets mot folkgrupp”) for his works of art. The prosecutor even wanted the artist examined for mental illness, similar to the way Communist dictatorships have treated dissidents. The court did not support this suggestion, however. Park and his defense lawyer have indicated that they will appeal the verdict.

Ingrid Carlqvist, the editor of the newspaper Dispatch International, commented that the verdict essentially amounts to a ban on satire in Sweden, at least if the satire involves ideologically protected immigrant groups.

At the same time, and with a heavy heart, Carlqvist announced her own decision to leave her native Sweden. The repressive and totalitarian atmosphere in the country has simply become intolerable, especially if you happen to be a critic of Islamization, Multiculturalism or mass immigration. You then run a real risk of physical attacks. The level of political violence as well as street crime is only rivaled by the level of ideological censorship and repression. In combination, this has created a society plagued by levels of tension that are growing increasingly dangerous.

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city. It is set to become the first Scandinavian town with a Muslim majority population. In recent years, it has achieved a certain notoriety for its crime problems.

The wave of robberies the city has witnessed is part of a “ war against Swedes.” This was the explanation given by young robbers with immigrant background for why they are robbing native Swedes. The sociologist Petra Åkesson interviewed boys between 15 and 17 years old, both individually and in groups. “When we are in the city and robbing, we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes.” This argument was repeated several times. “Power for me means that Swedes shall look at me, lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.” The boys explained, laughingly, that “We rob every single day, as much as we want to, whenever we want to.”

Yet suggesting that the ongoing rise in violent crime might have something to do with mass immigration of alien and aggressive cultures is quite literally banned by law. In March 2007 during a rally supported by SSU (the Social Democratic Youth League) a man carried a sign reading, “While Swedish girls are being gang raped by immigrant gangs the SSU is fighting racism.” He was promptly arrested and later sentenced to a fine. His crime? He had “expressed disrespect for a group of people with reference to their national or ethnic background.” The local court rejected the man’s free speech argument because even free speech has its limits, and he had clearly acted in too provocative a manner.

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The Most Despised People in the World

I mentioned last week that Bill Warner of Political Islam has launched a new initiative called Voices for the Voiceless. He points out that no significant publicity can be gained for the persecution of Christians by Islam unless Christian activists and Counterjihad-minded people use the only language that the left-wing media understand: that of victimhood.

The “Prayer March for Persecuted Christians” that will be held on May 17, 2014 in downtown Orlando is one of a series of events that will employ Dr. Warner’s selected methodology. Some events have already been held — Nashville is a notable example — and others are in the planning stages.

Last December Dr. Warner wrote the following essay elaborating on the plight of Christians in Muslim countries, and the willing complicity of mainstream Christian denominations in the West with the persecution of their brothers and sisters in the Third World (and Europe, for that matter). Using the ploy of “interfaith dialogue”, Muslim groups have successfully neutralized Christian criticism of Islam, resulting in the silence in major media outlets about the persecution of Christians.

His entire article is reproduced below.

The Most Despised People in the World
by Bill Warner

The most persecuted group in the world today is Christians. Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria and other nations are murdered, raped, kidnapped, enslaved and persecuted on a daily basis. The reason for the vast majority of all of this violence is that they are Christian among Muslims.

But their abuse does not stop with the violence. The perpetrators of violence are measured in the thousands, but the greatest abuse is at the hands of those who should demand that the violence stop. The silence in the face this persecution is denial and justification. The persecutors are few, but the deniers are in the billions.

Christians are enjoined to care for all persecuted people, but in particular, they are to care for their own brothers and sisters. They manage to ignore the persecution by doing good works, such as care for the poor. Christians have compassion but no courage to face the enemy who kills them. In Nashville, TN (the buckle on the Bible belt) the favorite indoor sport for those who should be dealing with the enemy, Islam, is going to Family of Abraham events and bridge building dialogues where they dance to the tune of Muslims. There is no problem of meeting with Islam, but the rules of engagement are that nothing will be said that offends Islam.

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, an injured man is on the side of the road. Two religious leaders pass him by on the other side of the road. They don’t harm the injured man, they just ignore him. This is the same thing that Christian leaders do at dialogues such as Family of Abraham. They meet with Muslims who adhere to a doctrine that includes killing Christians. But, the leaders will not bring up the Islamic persecution to them. The Christian leadership response to murder of their brothers and sisters is silence. They pass by on the other side of the road. Their silence is consent.

But Christians are not the only deniers. Normally, Jews are quick to step forward in the area of charity and support of victims, but not so with persecuted Christians. Some of this denial may be due to a dislike of Christianity, but Jews are no quicker to help their own.

If you go to you will find an amazing data base of jihad attacks since 9/11. The current number of attacks is in excess of 22,000 attacks. It is very instructive to parse the data and see what are the top four nations of jihad attacks. When you put the data on a per capita basis, you get the following countries: Israel, Thailand, Philippines and India. Or by religion: Jews, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus. So Jews are the victims of violence by Islam, but the Jews of America love to go to Family of Abraham events and be as silent as the Christians.

But what about the most sensitive victim group — the black American? Victim-ology is the dogma of a myriad black “civil rights” groups with their high priests of race hustles such as Al Sharpton. The most persecuted Christians are in Africa. But the civil rights hustlers of America just love to hang with Muslims as their brothers. All of those dead Africans? Not a problem for African Americans.

It is surprising how many Buddhists are being killed in jihad, but is it a surprise that Buddhists never talk about it? And aside from a few Hindu activists, never a word is heard from the Hindu community about their deaths by jihad.

The deaths in the Philippines are Catholics and what does Pope Francis say about Islam? He says,

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The Toleration Tango

Our German translator JLH has discovered a fragment of a play by William Shakespeare from the “Lost Folio”, which was written after the Bard emigrated to the newly-established colony of Virginia. (For a similar passage, see The Merchant of Venice, Act IV, Scene I.)

The Toleration Tango
by the Bard of Washington-upon-Potomack

The equality of multiculture is most strange.
It drifteth like a turgid fog
Across both high and low. It is twice potent;
Empowering him that gives and blinding him that takes.
It is most arrogant in the most elite; it suits
The self-styled leaders even better than self-love;
Their invective shows the strength of personal attack,
An aspect of that narcissism,
Which causes dread and fear of character assassination,
Like an attribute of Hope and Change itself.
And their social power then is like a plague,
When spite doth poison politics. Therefore, Racist,
Bigot, Misogynist and Homophobe,
Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
That in the course of that justice, none of us
Would see wealth distribution. We do but pray for special treatment;
And that same prayer should teach you all to accept
The deeds of Political Correctness. I have spoken this much
To mitigate the so-called justice of thy plea:
Which, if thou follow, the strict court of popular opinion
Might just decide against the truly entitled.

The Tyranny of the Vuvuzela and the Fire Alarm

Janice Fiamengo is a Professor of English at Ottawa University. On March 28 she attempted to give a lecture on the double standards of feminism and the discourse of “rape culture”.

The lecture was shut down before it started by a group of Communist provocateurs who were determined not to allow any discussion of ideas contrary to ‘The Narrative’. Eventually, they pulled the fire alarm.

No arrests have been made so far. None are expected.

Many thanks to Victor Laszlo for the original footage from the event, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading the video:

Multiculturalism: “Cult of Ignorance”

Mark Steyn is always funny. But behind the wit is a dark truth: on the slippery slope where multiculturalists live and move and have their being, your facts are merely opinions. Their opinions — the multiculturalists’ ruling dogmas — are incontrovertible facts, they are the credos which every thinking sensitive, feeling person accepts as gospel truths and can recite by heart. They include the enthronement of worthy victims and the promulgation of chronic aggrievement as a constitutional right.

The Counterjihad is a subset within the larger pushback against the damage multiculturalism inflicts on the West in particular, though the damage proceeds apace in Third World primitive societies that buy into the ruling dogma for their own benefit. Especially do the despots who rule these places buy the benefits. Their unfree citizens? Not so much.

Thus we will continue to report on the depredations inflicted by the politically correct, multicultural fallacies that wreak such harm. These restrictions through which the Political Class attempts to eradicate our “ancient liberties” are impoverishing us all.

Let me amend that: our liberties aren’t ancient so much as they are inherent in the human condition, but all too often honored in the breach rather than the reality. The damage to the West’s cultural fabric by the Marxist/Islamic juggernaut has been grievous and unjust; no surer proof of that destruction is the ongoing disappearance of the middle class. Watch this amazing graphic to see the middle class vanish over decades in just one city (Chicago), which is now deeply in debt and floundering on the path to Detroit’s fate. Is it happening in Europe, too? I don’t know, but in America the pace of the ruination is increasing; that destruction is aided and abetted by Islam’s weapons of discord, divisiveness, and the push for an aggrieved victim class.

In the video, Mr. Steyn points out what one “tiny, miserable grey island in the North Atlantic” managed to accomplish. The great horror is the ways in which that hard-won knowledge is being buried beneath the strew and slander of the deliberate ignorance of those who want only its subjugation under a theocratic supremacy. Those currently in power chant a mantra about the ways “poverty breeds ignorance”, etc., while their own educated ignorance reduces all facts to mere opinion.

The latest strong-arming of those who dissent from their gospel? Numerous pronouncements are being issued by multiculturalists in the Anglosphere that climate “dissenters/deniers” should be jailed or otherwise silenced for their refusal to bow to the politically correct Truths proving that it is the dastardly behavior of human beings which is surely causing the earth to heat up to irrevocably dangerous levels.

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Some Sage Advice

A couple of days ago a reader left the following complaint as a lengthy comment. It was off-topic and inappropriate for the post where it was submitted, so I never approved it.

Despite its abrasive and antagonistic tone, this comment raises issues that are worth discussing:

  • Are liberals and progressives justified in feeling excluded by the overwhelmingly conservative bias on display at most Counterjihad websites?
  • Should we do more to welcome left-wingers who want to resist the spread of Islam?
  • Should we avoid discussing political and social hot-button issues such as abortion, gay marriage, the redistribution of income, global warming, the public expression of Christianity, etc., so as not to offend left-socialists who disagree with us on most topics but oppose shariah?

NOTE: I object to the tone of the following remarks, but I am reproducing the text here as-is so that the writer’s concerns may be brought to the attention of our readers. I expect any responses in the comments to adhere to a better standard of civility and decorum. One may discuss the pros and cons of these issues without resorting to this level of invective:

Did you ever consider that the reason why the Counter-Jihad is floundering so badly is because of CONSERVATIVES like you?

I’m a (mostly) LIBERAL Counter-Jihadist and I get to see this ugly (and stupid) right wing crap every day while I read through the stories linked to TROP. I get to see a valid story about creeping islam followed by the most ridiculous tripe right from the butts of the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch on sites like Front Page and American Thinker.

If I didn’t know the true nature of islam I would look at the articles on sites like those and immediately assume that the truth is the OPPOSITE of whatever they say. For a long time, if I didn’t know which way to vote on an issue I would just look up Machelle [sic] Bachman’s [sic] position and then vote the EXACT opposite. When I realized that she was also a Counter-Jihadist my head almost exploded. I spent a couple months reading the quran, sirah, and hadith just to MAKE SURE what I believed about islam is true (it is).

It’s also pretty obvious that the Counter-Jihad is being funded and pushed by a few front organizations that are rabidly pro Israel and pro Christian. Even though EVERYTHING they say about islam is 100% true, a lot of people who don’t care about Israel, and actively HATE Christians, are turned off by those links and agendas.

How many times have I read about the evils of islam from Raymond Ibrahim only to click the next article about the evils of abortion? Does he ever consider that some of us are ABSOLUTELY PRO CHOICE? It never even registers to Ibrahim that taking away a woman’s CHOICE makes her EXACTLY like a muslim woman.

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Rapes in Sweden, Redux

If you appreciate this essay by Fjordman, please consider making a donation to him, using the button at the bottom of this post.

Rapes in Sweden, Redux
by Fjordman

In early 2014, journalist Simen Sætre in the weekly Morgenbladet in Norway published an essay about rapes in Sweden. Curiously, he seemed to be more concerned about the fact that “xenophobic” and “Islam-hating” people like me write about this subject than he was about the actual problem. Sætre has previously claimed, with absolutely zero facts to back up his case, that my essays were never meant seriously. Ironically, the same man who makes claims without any basis in facts has suggested that my texts and views are not fact-based.

Let us look into this matter more closely.

In 2013, 5900 rapes were officially reported to the police in Sweden, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet — Brå). This figure was slightly lower than in 2012, but the reported number has been close to or above 6000 for several years. We’ll stick to a medium number of 6000 reported annual rapes for the last couple of years.

We know with certainty that there are numerous victims who don’t report rape to the police. Many criminologists assume that the official numbers only reveal a minority of such cases. This assumption is backed up by a number of studies.

[Header] Residence permits granted during the year — The number of reported rapes in the years 1980-2008 (Source Migration Board, BRÅ)

[Footer] (grey) Granted residence during the year — (red) Number of reported rapes during the year

The crucial question is: How much higher is the real number of rapes? Twice as large as the official numbers? Four times as big? Ten times?

In late 2013, I published an essay about this very subject in which I suggested two different estimates for how many rapes there truly are in Sweden. The lowest estimate was that one in four rapes committed are actually reported to the police and listed in official statistics. On average for the last couple of years, more than 6000 rapes have been reported in the country annually. If this merely represents one in four rapes actually committed, the real number is 24,000 rapes annually.

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Beating the Mohammed Meme

I wince every time I hear Barack Obama say “The Holy Qur(*gulp*)an”. If he’s a Christian, as he claims to be, the book is not at all holy to him. It’s unseemly and embarrassing to hear a president talk this way.

The BBC has caught the same disease. I’ve read BBC news articles about alleged desecrators of “The Holy Qur’an” and accounts of newspapers that publish blasphemous cartoons of the “Prophet Mohammed”. The Beeb doesn’t refer to “Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” in any of its publications, does it? What does this tell you about the official institutional religion at the British Broadcasting Corporation?

The following essay by Sonia Bailey about the Western “Prophet Mohammed” compulsion was originally published at the American Thinker on March 25.

Beating the Mohammed Meme

by Sonia Bailey

North American news outlets are unwittingly caving to Islam. They have fallen into the trap of referring to Islam’s founder Mohammed as The Prophet Mohammed, implying that his “prophethood” is universally accepted. These media outlets, like their European counterparts, are unknowingly extending the influence of Islam to their viewers, thereby doing the proselytistic work of Muslim propagandists who are relentlessly bullying their host society into sharia-compliance. It is precisely this indifference and ignorance that Islam is counting on in order to help subjugate Western civilization to sharia law.

Casually repeating the phrase The Prophet Mohammed, instead of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, on television to millions upon millions of viewers, cements this phrase into their consciousness until eventually the phrase metamorphoses into a mantra or meme, a term coined by zoologist and atheist Richard Dawkins. A meme is a catchy phrase that spreads quickly like a virus from person to person until the imitated phrase finally gets ingrained into the culture. Grooming gangs, a polite term used by Western media when referring to Muslim rape gangs (the definitive report on this problem in Britain is available here) is another example of a meme.

People are accepting the meme of The Prophet Mohammed as a given, or as a basic fact, in much the same way that a lie told often enough becomes the truth. Eventually, more and more people will come to falsely believe that Mohammed was one of the world’s most righteous prophets, when in reality he was a prophet specific only to Islam, a prophet who showed fanatical hatred for and intolerable discrimination against non-Muslims, women, gays and Western values. He brutally forced other religions to accept his faith with the goal of replacing Western civilization with an Islamic one, all the while enslaving, massacring or taxing those who refused to submit.

Considered in Islam to be the perfect model for humanity, Mohammed the warlord must be emulated. His followers are religiously obligated to copy his banditry practices and violent actions that are all divinely sanctioned in Islamic doctrine. This explains why brutal sharia-compliant acts, such as beheadings, stonings, hangings, limb amputations, child-bride marriages, and female genital mutilation continue to dominate the modern Muslim world.

These barbaric acts that show no regard for human life are rearing their ugly heads in the West as well. Street-killings of non-Muslims, honor-killings, and raping and pimping of underage non-Muslim girls are occurring with regularity. Even worse, acceptance of these atrocities is becoming the new social norm in the West, where they are rarely publicized.

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Voices for the Voiceless

Everyone who labors in the “Islamophobia” business has to contend with the same issue: a lack of effectiveness in the wider world. As has often been pointed out, this website and others like it constitute for the most part an echo chamber. We are addressing an audience that is already familiar with the issues surrounding Islamization and largely agrees with what we say.

There are intramural battles, to be sure — some of them quite fierce. Does the “moderate” Muslim exist? Can the advance of Islam be stopped without first addressing the issue of globalist socialism? Does the welfare state have to collapse before the cultural enrichment of the West can be turned back? The intensity of the arguments over these questions masks the fact that most of the people engaged in the debate already agree with most of what the Counterjihad stands for.

How do we force the same issues into the attention span of the average uninformed low-information voter? This is the essential problem.

My approach is to pursue multiple tracks, mostly Europe-related, since that’s where the center of gravity for this blog may be found. The Brussels Process is one such track. The involvement of the International Civil Liberties Alliance in fighting creeping shariah through the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is another.

Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam has developed his own ingenious approach to the same problem. He employs the methods of the Left — simplified emotion-based arguments targeting the ill-informed — to shame previously uninvolved people into paying attention to the worldwide persecution of religious minorities by Islam. He uses the same “lefty-speak” as his opponents to occupy the moral high ground in the discussion.

In the following video Dr. Warner provides some specific advice and examples of his approach:

A couple of days ago we mentioned the Religious Communicators Council (RCC) meeting in Nashville later this week. Bill Warner and other activists from Voices for the Voiceless are planning a silent demonstration at the event:

RCC is Training Writers to Deny the Persecution of Christians

We will hold a silent demonstration on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 11:15 am to protest the Religious Communicators Council (RCC) meeting in Nashville. It will be silent to demonstrate their lack of reporting persecution of Christians. We will invite the media and issue a press release.

The protest will be held rain or shine. Further details about how to park, signs, etc. are posted at

Why We Are Demonstrating

On April 3-5 the RCC will hold a national convention at The Inn at Opryland, 2401 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

There is not ONE RCC speaker who will deal with the persecution of Christians. They support the oppressors, and deny the victims.

Why This is so Important

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What Elephant? What Room?

An organization known as the Religious Communicators Council will be meeting next week in Nashville. Based on their agenda, they represent the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the usual suspects from dhimmi mainstream Christian and Jewish groups providing the necessary veneer of “interfaith dialogue”.

There’s a discussion of this important event in latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice:

What the Religious Communicators Council WON’T Talk About in April

The Religious Communicators Council (RCC) will hold their annual convention in Nashville on April 3-5. According to their speakers schedule, they won’t be talking about:

  • the recent Pew Study findings of Christian oppression in the Muslim majority countries of Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Pakistan, Iran and Yemen
  • the BDS campaign against Israel being waged by U.S. based Hamas supporters, college campus Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Students Associations groups

Introductory speaker Remziya Suleyman will likely tell her same old embellished story of how she organized all the Muslims in Tennessee to beat back alleged anti-sharia legislation. She likes to portray herself as having “defeated the bill” when in fact the key provisions are now in state law. Bet she won’t bother to tell her audience that it was actually an anti-terrorism/material support bill based on the jihad murder perpetrated by Muslim convert Carlos Bledsoe. Bet she also won’t bother to explain to her audience that she is the one who equated anti-terrorism and material support with sharia!

For sure she won’t disclose to her audience that before she started her pro-sharia campaign, she admitted that “she never knew the concept of sharia…” In fact, she continues to remind us how little she knows about her own doctrine as she continues to promote the idea that anything violent or negative associated with Muslims and Islam is simply “culture” because it is not taught in the Quran. So how about those verses in the Quran that make wife beating sacred?

Daoud Abudiab is also a scheduled speaker. He is a Palestinian now living in Spring Hill, Tennessee who serves as the President of the Columbia Islamic Center. He will use the left’s double standard to tell the story about how an Islamophobe burned down his mosque like what every other Islamophobe out there would try to do. He’ll paint anyone who questions whether the U.S. should follow the U.K.’s example of allowing a parallel sharia system to thrive as an Islamophobe.. But when a Muslim like Bin Laden or Nidhal Hassan commits murder he characterizes it as a hijacking of the religion.

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Family Law and the Genocide Against Fathers

Mårten Gantelius continues with the topic of his most recent post, the systematic (and systemic) discrimination against fathers under Swedish family law.

Family Law and the Genocide Against Fathers
by Mårten Gantelius

Same job — same salary. Same crime — same punishment. Does this make me a femaleophobe and an Islamophobe? Young men have just as much reason to fear women as we all have to fear Islam.

Millions of fathers have died in the gutter, crying in grief over their lost children. I could easily have been one of them. The mothers and the entire society couldn’t care less. And the mentally injured and alienated children don’t even go to their funerals.

During fifteen intense years, my profession was producing and performing puppet theatre for children in an extremely women-dominated world. I could write a 3000-page book about brutal female violence against children — especially small children. In this period, I had many tough conflicts with women. At the performances, I was in charge, and I wouldn’t let anyone of them destroy the performances and the children’s experiences.

From my own story in Scania in the southern part of Sweden:

In June 1992, I had planned to spend two weeks at my beloved summer cottage in Kuggeboda in the archipelago of Blekinge together with my three children. My 15-month-old daughter had had some minor problems with her ears — nothing serious at all.

A few days before departure, my daughter’s mother called me from Copenhagen. She told me that two small tubes had been surgically inserted into each of my daughter’s ears, and that she couldn’t join us in Kuggeboda. “No way,”, I said, “I’ll pick her up, according to the court decision.”

All kidnapping mothers follow exactly the same compulsory — and thus predictable! — pattern of actions. And the children suffer. For example, you always need to be accompanied by a strong, articulate witness in every personal contact with them. My Danish friend Lasse from Copenhagen accompanied me.

To my surprise, the mother handed over our daughter to me. Before leaving Kävlinge, I took my daughter to the local medical center. I wanted a doctor to look at her ears and tell me if there were any restrictions in for example bathing. My oldest son stayed in the theatre bus reading magazines. His interest in his little sister was limited. My three-year-younger son joined us. He had grieved in the depth of his heart when his little sister had been taken away from him.

The female doctor examined the ears, and then she burst out at me: “How could you initiate such an idiotic surgery? And just before a summer with sun and bathing? Your daughter will probably have plenty of problems for many years — maybe for the rest of her lifetime.”

When I asked her “Can I have that in writing?”, the silence was thick. The doctor had realized that the mother was responsible, and not me. Of course I didn’t get anything in writing. It would have cost the doctor — with a slight foreign accent — her job, and she would have been blacklisted throughout the entire country. Breaking the Code of Women’s Solidarity is not for free. That’s one of the reasons why you never saw any women in court witnessing to the disadvantage of a kidnapping mother.

And the doctor was right. During my daughter’s entire childhood, her ears were repeatedly inflamed and caused her great pains. Fortunately, her problems ended when she went to college.

As soon as I had found a place to stay in Copenhagen in the late 1992, I wrote to Köbenhavns Overpräsidium, which is the authority that decides father’s access rights to their children. Not only had the mother caused my daughter physical injuries, now she was on her way to causing her Parental Alienation Syndrome that ruins people’s lives mentally. After tough negotiations, I was given the right to have my daughter one Saturday from 10am to 6pm and the same two weeks later “as a test”. If it “worked out well”, I could have her every second Saturday 10 am to Sunday 6 pm. The psychologist knew that I had taken the daily care of my children for more than ten years, and that my daughter was born in Sweden and had been kidnapped to Denmark by her mother. The vital point is that she knew that I knew that she knew. This is the conscious, ultimate humiliation/violation as one of the tools of the True Merchandise, which is breaking down fathers mentally. Without this understanding, you don’t have a shadow of a chance to survive.

I saved my daughter from Parental Alienation Syndrome, but it is inevitable that her hard drive had been filled with bytes, describing the low value of a loving father — not only by her mother, but by the entire society.

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England’s Requiem: “Dark Albion”

This book has sat like a shadow on my desk, waiting for the time I could face the daunting task of writing about England’s dystopian present and its even sadder future.

But sad as it is, the work cannot be postponed any longer. In the lead-up to the elections in some of the former countries of Europe now gathered into vassal satellites of a forced “union”, the walls are so obviously and unrelentingly closing in on people like this author. All the native peoples of Europe, people whose biggest sin is an abiding love of their homeland, will be consigned to a future they didn’t want, just because Brussels has the dictatorial powers to make it so. And the Political Class in charge of each former country wants this to happen so that they can continue to enjoy their status as the new nomenklatura. What “the citizens” want has ceased to be part of the equation.

Dark Albion is a commoner’s book. This is a series of essays for people who don’t often get to see their plight written about with sympathy, sans snark or condescension. It is written by one of their own, a pensioner from London’s East End who decided to get it all down before the story was obliterated entirely under the mass of foreign feet trampling everyone in their path.

The chattering classes will sneer or – more likely – they will pretend he and his fellows don’t exist except as occasional punching bags. It is as though a member of Tommy Robinson’s family, or a quiet voice among his band of brothers (or uncles), has stood up to have his say. His words will be tossed into the same oubliette where those in charge threw Tommy.

An amended precis from the author:

In this series of stand-alone essays, a Cockney pensioner (whose lifetime coincides exactly with the arrival of vast numbers of settlers) depicts mass immigration in general, and aggressive Islam in particular, as a catastrophe. He begins his “Requiem” with a brief summary of the coming of the English in 449 A.D., and concludes with a portrait of England in 2066, during the reign of King William the Conquered.

The book captures the rage and anger of the Displaced and Despised toward their politicians and those who do nothing, say nothing to stop this destruction. In fact, they profit from the selling off of England to those who neither value nor cherish her traditions and culture.

In those regions of the West which were considered to be the victors in World War II, this radical transformation of countries like England was not supposed to happen. Wasn’t this what Englishmen and Frenchmen and Free Poles, etc., wasn’t this what they’d fought and died to avoid – i.e., the subjugation of their descendants by foreign tyrants?

“William the Conquered” is the last chapter of Albion. We have stored a condensed version of that piece here at Gates of Vienna so that it can be read again after this post has past. Please feel free to link to it or use it as you wish. The book will also be available on the sidebar.

Here is a video enactment of that chapter on Poor William:

This is a synchronous moment where the coming elections in the member states of he EU are generating essays on the internet about the turbulent electoral situation in Europe. To say that Brussels is nervous would be an understatement.

Below is one such reflection, entitled appropriately enough, “European Elections Turn Nasty”.

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