Burka Don’t You Come Around Here Anymore

A couple of years ago a group of doughty Australians (who have more, ahem, manly generative equipment — the women included — than most other Westerners) donned burkas and did a walkabout on the streets of Sydney to make a point.

As you can see from the videos below, these ladies and gents faced “discrimination” whilst in their culturally enriched garb. But it wasn’t the standard kind of WAYCISM that the mainstream media would have you expect — it was the anger of “Australian” youths that these pale-skinned interlopers should be wearing garments reserved for their own chattel womenfolk.

Sydney banks made amends for such maltreatment by allowing the Burka Boys unfettered entry to their premises — which they most assuredly would not have allowed to anyone wearing a ski mask or a visored motorcycle helmet:

These Australian videos came to mind a couple of days ago when a freelance British journalist and producer emailed me about a documentary she intends to produce for the BBC in which young men put on burkas to test the reaction of passersby when they go out on the street.

As it turns out, Vlad Tepes also received a copy of the same email. Now, I hadn’t expected that BBC documentary would have the same “Islamophobic” intentions as those bag-headed Australians. However, I hadn’t thought out the full ramifications of the Beeb’s scam like Vlad has. Below is a cross-post of what he had to say.

The BBC plans to run another burka scam.
By Eeyore for Vlad

To be perfectly fair it is quite possible that Kate Mead, the freelance journalist who is doing this piece for the BBC, may well be sincere and may well not understand this the same way. Its also possible that she is not setting up her social experiment the way I suspect she is. But as pretty much all the other similar articles I have read are designed to deliver the same results I figure it is probably safe to at least speculate that this BBC repetition of it will likely be set up the same, will yield the same results and for the same reasons.

Below, the contents of an email forwarded to me by someone who received it directly from Ms. Mead.

Subject: Documentary

Dear Sir or Madam

I came across your blog while researching for information about a documentary I am developing for BBC Three and I wonder whether you can help. We are in the second stage of our development for this one-off programme which will look at the Burka and whether it should be banned in the UK.

We are currently looking for young men (18-35) to take part in this project who have strong views either in favour of a ban or opposing it. The idea is that they will journey around the country speaking to various women about their experiences – positive and negative – and work with a Muslim social worker who encourages men to experiment with the experience by wearing a Burka themselves for a few days. It is meant to be an accessible look at the issue of Burkas in the UK for a young audience and we hope that our contributors will go on a journey of discovery that might change or intensify their feelings.

As we are looking for potential contributors throughout the UK, we would be really keen to hear from anyone articulate, passionate about the subject and willing to explore the issue directly. I thought that one or several of your writers might be interested in this and would welcome hearing from them. Please do forward my details and invite them to get in touch. I would be most grateful for any help you can give.

We are currently doing screen tests to take back to the channel ahead of commission. This would take about half an hour and we can travel to where they live or pay expenses.

I hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Kate Mead
(Contact info redacted)

The first problem of course is that it is a setup for tyranny either way. The question is not whether or not to ban a style of clothing. One does not guarantee personal freedom by draconian laws on women’s fashion, even if this is more than just matter of women’s fashion. The solution to the burka problem is giving back people the freedom to discriminate for their own interests and for society to discriminate based on what is in the public interest.

This translates to private store owners having the right to refuse admission to people who are wearing a disguise whether that disguise is a Nixon mask, a pig’s head or a burka and in the public sector, to refuse admittance to people wearing a disguise in public transport, in public buildings and so on. This is more than reasonable, it is actually necessary. While this looks like a nudge nudge style banning of the burka it is not. If women want to wear fundamentalist islamic garb good. Then let them. That way we can know who they are, as the degree of threat they represent to liberal democracy is directly proportional to the degree of religiosity they display. But wearing a disguise in public should be illegal and in many cases already is, and exceptions are made for muslims. So once again, the real solution is not a new law, but to stop making exceptions for the existing ones. Just try and walk into a bank with a motorcycle helmet and a tinted visor and see how long you stay in line.

Now on to what I suspect is a public sympathy scam for the BBC:

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The Mark of the Totalitarian

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy has translated an opinion piece from the Austrian daily Die Presse about the use of the term “populism” to discredit and demonize certain political opinions:

Populism: Pure Hatred in Place of Factual Arguments

The time has come to dispose of the term populism; it is not suitable for serious political and social dialogue.

By Andreas Kirschhofer-Bozenhardt

(Die Presse Print Edition, 1 July 2014)

The results of an Imas poll taken twelve years ago, in June of 2002, showed that 42 percent of Austrians were unable to explain the meaning of the term populism. 36 percent had a vague idea about it and only 16 percent were able to make something of the word. The population has likely learned their lesson by now: populism is that which does not suit the self-righteous champions of political correctness when a reasonable counterargument fails them.

Political ideologues have long been inventive in verbal battle against their adversaries. Above all leftist demagogues have developed a rich fantasy for it. Revolutionary enforcers originally spoke of class enemies or bourgeois exploiters. In more recent times new inflammatory words have come into vogue and it is with these that the religious warriors to the left of centre brand everyone who lingers to the right of it.

Small-calibre word projectiles presently in use are: “neo-feudal”, “economic liberal”, “neo-liberal”, “capitalistic” and “conservative”. Included with the larger ammunition are among other things, “nationalistic”, or word coinages such as “flat-earther” [ewig Gestrige, lit.: one who is eternally of yesterday]. The superlative form which leads to complete political damnation begins with the verdict ‘populism’, mostly used in combination with ‘right-wing radical’ or ‘extreme right’. In the application of this pivotal word, it is only very seldom that the eye drifts from right to left.

The Appeal to Public Opinion

The term populism is used above all against people with a sense of attachment to their homeland, or against those who disapprove of equating homosexual partnerships with traditional marriage, against sceptics of a motley multicultural society, against defenders of their own culture and traditions, against proponents of a rigorous stance against criminals, against defenders of Christian faith; and not least, against critics of the maldevelopments in the EU. However, EU-supporters who oppose the transfer of wealth from northern Europe to southern Europe and the rehabilitation of the indebted countries at the expense of their own wealth must also expect to be classified among the populists.

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There Is No Fun In Leftism

Ayatollah Khomeini famously remarked, “There is no fun in Islam.” The same might be said of German Progressives in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, who self-righteously forbade any World Cup celebrations involving — yuck! — German national symbols.

JLH has translated an article about the phenomenon, and includes this note:

The author’s attitude toward people who play down nationalism reminds me of what is happening here in the USA, but most forcibly of Tommy Robinson, whose great crime was organizing a group defamed as “soccer hooligans” into an instrument of national pride and the drive for freedom — and had to be punished for it.

The translated article from B.Z.:

Celebrating Soccer is Forbidden in Kreuzberg

The national colors and anthems are forbidden in a bar. Typical for the leftist feeling of superiority, thinks Gunnar Schupelius.

July 14, 2014
by Gunnar Schupelius

Excuse the lack of definition — I took this photo on the way by, with my iPhone [Photo of the blackboard mentioned in the next sentence].

I was standing in front of a bar in Kreuzberg and looking at the board that normally displayed the specialties of the day. Instead of names of dishes, I read the following advice for the guests who were expected to come and watch soccer. It said: “And, as always, no anthems, no banners, no horn-tooting, no silly hats.”

I asked the waiter what that meant. Answer: “We watch soccer because we are interested in the sport and not some stupid nationalist feelings!” Aha, now I got it. I asked if the customers saw it that way too. “Naturally,” he said, “but the board is a reminder, in case anyone forgets.”

I would have loved to ask about the consequences of the instructions on the board. Am I allowed to celebrate German triumphs in this bar, or must I compensate by also cheering goals for the other team? Does the waiter keep watch, to make sure I don’t cheer too much for German goals? Will I be ejected if I forget myself before the game and hum the national anthem?

I try to imagine how the politically correct people in this bar celebrated the World Cup: objectively, judicially, quietly. And they felt good about it — on top of the world. They felt that they were something better — above all the other Berlin soccer fans. Because, right here in Kreuzberg, they had overcome nationalism.

The pride and arrogance that cry out from the soccer rules of that bar remind me of the stickers leftist activists put on the cars of soccer fans. They tear up the black-red-gold banners on the cars and replace them with: “It does no matter what motivated you to use this banner — it always produces nationalism.”

Waving the national flag or singing the national anthem are treated like a crime on the Left.

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Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

The following essay from Cherson and Molschky has been cross-posted here at the recommendation of our British correspondent JP.

Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

by Y.K. Cherson

How do former empires get colonized by their own colonies? It defies all logic, yet somehow, this is what has come to be in Europe. In the midst of a full-blown conquista, after what began as a simple plan to bring over some cheap labor to do the work the natives couldn’t be bothered with, Europe is aiding and abetting in its own demise. Muslim immigration has become a Muslim takeover.

A few years ago, Victor Volsky compared the situation to that of the mammoth wasp and its prey. Why such an analogy? Well, a mammoth wasp ensures the survival of its children using a rhinoceros beetle like canned meat. The wasp finds the larva of the beetle that will act as a storehouse for it. With one strike in the nerve center, the mammoth wasp paralyzes the beetle and lays one egg in its outer skin.

Immediately after getting out of the egg, the wasp’s larva starts to use its sharp jaws, eating through the first layer of the beetle’s outer skin before getting to the inner organs and devouring them until the entire stock of food is eaten.

The consumption of the helpless host goes in a strict sequence: first the baby wasp eats the least important organs, like muscles, blood, fat… and only then does the nervous system follow. It means that the paralyzed victim stays alive until the last moment. In this blood-chilling way the growing larva of the mammoth wasp has fresh food during the entire period of its growth.

Europe is certainly feeding its own parasite, first by inviting the parasite to begin with, along with all its friends and relatives. Then by allowing it to thrive in its own community with its own set of rules, never monitored, and even given a stack of beetles in the form of welfare benefits, it has actually become a protected species with political correctness at the helm, directing all critics to the land “hate speech” where “racists” and “fascists” go- to the land of ruined careers and destroyed reputations. Thus, the natives who complain about getting devoured are penalized, while the parasite lives happily on.

The parasite has rights after all. The right to set up shop in our world, feed on us, hate us and consume us, and anyone who doesn’t like it is a parasite-phobe. This is where political correctness has taken us.

Muslims claim more and more privileges, hysterically demanding “to defend” them from “Islamophobia”, “racism” and “discrimination”, operating these terrible words like a thief uses a lock-pick. And yet, in most cases when Islamophobia is reported, it was a crime perpetrated by a Muslim himself or a few insults thrown around on social media. If that is a “hate crime”, Muslims are far more versed in that type of crime than anyone else.

In fact, their own hate crimes go far deeper. After perpetrating a horrific terrorist attack, for example, in the 7/7 London bombings, injuring hundreds and killing 52, shortly before the anniversary this year, they urinated on and defaced the memorial with graffiti. And to show how incredibly “assimilated” they are, they are falling all over themselves to become jihadists in Syria, hoping to return to Europe to demonstrate what they’ve learned amongst their peers.

But no one is allowed to utter a word of discontent. Political correctness again.

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Stephen Coughlin Talks to Michael Coren About the Vatican

Major Stephen Coughlin appeared on Michael Coren’s SUN TV program the other night to talk about the little-noticed Islamic prayer recited in the Vatican. As reported here extensively, on June 8, 2015 — Pentecost Sunday — a Sunni imam was among the honored guests invited to offer prayers in the Vatican garden as part of a special ecumenical ceremony promoting peace. The imam went off-script, however, and included in his peroration a verse from the Koran calling on Allah to grant victory over the infidels.

Maj. Coughlin discussed that dismaying event, as well as related issues about the differences between Pope Francis and his predecessor, and the various ways that the Muslim Brotherhood is slowly but surely subverting Western governments, religious bodies, and cultural institutions:

Previous posts about Imamgate — The Arabic prayer at the Vatican, June 8 2014:

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Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Getting to Know Your Inner Racist

JLH has translated an article about a particularly pernicious form of “diversity training” being practiced in Germany. Interestingly enough, the sessions shown in the ZDF TV documentary can be traced back to an American model from the 1960s.

The translated article from Junge Freiheit:

Getting to Know Your Inner Racist

by Ronald Glaser

The new racist mania is called “anti-racism”. On Thursday, ZDF-neo viewers can discover what bizarre fruits are produced by the fixation of do-gooders on questions of racism. At that time, the “something-to-do-with-social” theoreticians Juliane Degner and Mark Schrödter, with moderator Amiaz Habtu, intend to drag the “racist in us” into the light of day. The central figure of the TV documentary is Jürgen Schlicher, an unsympatico “diversity management trainer.” His credo is, “Thank heavens it is no longer the case that everyone with a good job in Germany has a German name.”

Moderator Habtu leaves no doubt about where this is headed. At the very beginning, he cites a study to the effect that one-quarter of Germans are xenophobic. “Racism in everyday life is quite subtle, and yet apparent,” And does not support this absurd theory with a single fact.

“Anti-racism training” like this is based on the ideas of the American teacher, feminist and lesbian activist, Jane Eliot. In the 1960s, she developed this experiment, which has since then become a classic of diversity education and conditioned ensuing generations of American children in political correctness.

The Politically Correct Dogmas of a Pseudo-Scientist

Schlicher was Eliot’s student. For his “workshop,” ZDF hired 39 participants, screened by eye color — blue-eyed over here; brown-eyed over there. The blue-eyed are bullied; the brown-eyed are favored. This is supposed to uncover the so-called mechanisms of discrimination. That is, drive out racism with racism.

The participants do not understand the psycho-terror and react with irritation. Apparently because all of them are thinking of the fee they are being paid, none of them stands up against Schlicher’s harsh comments. This, of course, is instantaneous proof for the two social consultants that witnesses do not turn against discrimination because of group dynamics.

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Partnering for Islam in Tennessee

The following post is combined from the three most recent newsletters (#128-#130) of the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #128 — Partnering For Islam in Tennessee

TN Senate Candidate Mwafaq Aljabbary (aka Mwafaq Mohammed) Wants Islamic Charter School

If elected, TN Senate District 21 candidate Mwafaq Aljabbary/Mohammed would fit right in with the Republican goal of more publicly funded charter schools. In fact, he tried to help start one himself.

Left to right: Joshua Rawlings, Mwafaq Aljabbary or Mohammed, TN Governor Bill Haslam

In 2013, the Nolensville Academy for Math and Science had their application denied by Metro Nashville schools for the fourth time. Ismail Fidan is the lead applicant; Aljabbary/Mohammed is listed as a board member.

The Nolensville Academy’s “Letter of Intent” states that the majority of the students it planned to serve are from “minority-immigrant groups living in and around the Nolensville area.” It seems counter-intuitive to segregate “minority-immigrant” groups from the opportunity to integrate and assimilate in the more inclusive Metro Nashville school population. (read more about the proposed school here and here.)

Community agitators from Aljabbary/Mohammed’s mosque like Remziya Suleyman and AMAC members, (American Muslim Advisory Council), go to great lengths to keep Muslim youth separated from the mainstream American student experience. Muslim-centric “alternative proms,” high school Muslim Student Associations and Muslim scholastic competitions, are just what Muhammed prescribed:

“The Holy Qur’an declares that a believer should never prefer a non-Muslim over a Muslim. If a person did so, then they would put themselves in danger of rejecting their Imam. The Blessed Prophet once remarked that, “Whoever spends forty days with a people becomes like them.” Therefore we must realize that it is better to be with those who believe as we do.”

(p.365, “What Islam Is All About” — textbook used in Knoxville’s Annoor Academy private Islamic school).

Suleyman describes this self-imposed separation as “otherness” and insists that it is a result of discrimination by racists and Islamophobes rather than a reflection of Quranic doctrine.

Aljabbary/Mohammed supports a publicly-funded Islamic school. Is this how we should spend our tax dollars?

Newsletter #129 — Partnering for Islam

Why Nashville Kurds and Turks Find Common Ground

One would imagine that for Nolensville Academy’s Kurdish Muslim board members, Mohammed Kokoy, Ahmad Brifkani and Mwafaq Mohammed (aka, Aljabbary/Mohammed), the alliance with Gulen followers is acceptable and reflective of what is happening in their homeland.

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The Noble Lords and Their Incredibly Important Points

We reported yesterday on Richard Rashleigh Folliott Scott, Baron Scott of Foscote, known jocularly by his old public school chums as “Richie ‘Pay the Jizya and Willingly Submit’ Scott”.

OK, so I made that last part up. But still…

Lord Scott caught the attention of certain xenophobic media outlets when he rose in the House of Lords and suggested that the problem of Islamophobia might be successfully addressed if more people were encouraged to enter into “interfaith marriages” with Muslims, as his own children had done. “Interfaith”, in the case of the Scott family, meant “converting to Islam before marrying”. However, no one in the Lords was so indelicate as to point out that his familial examples could hardly be characterized as “interfaith” marriages.

Below is the video of the exchange in the House of Lords on July 8, 2014. The discussion is led by Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi, the Senior Minister of State, Department for Communities and Local Government and Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Notice that during all the incredibly important points made by the noble lords and noble ladies and noble friends and right reverend comrades, not a single murmur of dissent is raised against the prevailing orthodoxy. No one questions the wisdom of Multiculturalism or the mass immigration of Muslims into Britain. No one points out that the goal of “integration” is a laughable chimera, given the violent crime-ridden, “sharia zones” that have been established in all major British cities and towns. Not one of these esteemed, honored, incredibly important noble souls is willing to break ranks and describe the condition of the country as it really is, much less propose any possible remedies for the degraded situation of Her Majesty’s 21st-century realm.

God help Britain — because only divine intervention could have any hope of success at this point.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

See yesterday’s post for more details and a transcript of the exchanges in the video.

Extortion in the Asylum

The “occupation” of the Gerhart-Hauptmann School in Berlin-Kreuzberg is more a story of German leftist madness, rather than cultural enrichment as such. The cosseted mascots of the piece are the “refugees” who staged a sit-in on the roof and threatened suicide, but the real political drama is the one being staged by (and within) the Green party in Berlin.

Now that the planned forced evacuation of the building has been aborted, the crisis is in abeyance — for now. Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy has written an overview of what happened, with translated quotes from German press accounts and a subtitled video.

The translator includes this note:

This was a tough one since the situation kept changing, and information gets dated. But at least there was a resolution of sorts on Thursday, which also helps round off the project itself.

Madness is the stable ingredient which unifies the story.

Extortion in the Asylum
by Rembrandt Clancy

In Berlin, a bizarre story unfolds of a municipality lingering in a twilight zone between law and order and Green anarchy, with the momentum more in favour of the latter than the former.

“Refugees” have been illegally occupying a school in Berlin-Kreuzberg for about a year and a half. They demand permanent residence status and threaten to commit suicide by jumping off the building if the police attempt to evict them.


The Gerhart-Hauptmann School is on the Ohlauer Straße in Berlin-Kreuzberg, a borough of Berlin governed by the Greens, with a Green mayor, Monika Herrmann. According to the Berliner Morgenpost (6 October 2013), the plan was

… to make out of the school a project house for refugees. Instead those responsible for it have admitted that they have no idea who lives in the house.

Today the Gerhart-Hauptman School represents

anxiety above all. Drug dealing, assaults and rapes belong to the behaviours of this lawless house. The police have had to respond 24 times since 8 December! (Berliner Zeitung, 16 November 2013)

One police officer said:

“Many here booze, booze and booze, because they are desperate and then they become aggressive.” (Der Tagespiegel, 14 November 2013)

On 16 November 2012 the Berliner Zeitung describes the school’s occupants and their effect on the neighbourhood:

Approximately 200 people presently live in the building, no longer only refugees. Also Roma families, homeless people and junkies have arrived there. […] The local residents feel abandoned. At night there is constant brawling. “I no longer feel safe,” one neighbour said.

Among the most serious crimes connected with the illegal occupation of the school are the knifings. Focus reported a serious case on 25 April 2014:

[A] 29 year old man from Morocco was stabbed … in the shower of an outbuilding in front of the school. […] The victim died in the ambulance. […] In the preceding months police had been called to deal with brawls and knifings. Drugs were also seized, said the paper.

The Current Situation

BILD describes a threatening scene of Friday, 27 June where the occupiers appear to be equipped with ordnance:

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Happy 4th!

Takuan Seiyo sends his own take on a topic I mentioned briefly at the end of my previous post.

Happy 4th!
by Takuan Seiyo

And a reminder.

Here is “Bono Speech at Georgetown – Keeping Faith with the Idea of America.”

Bono giving a speech at Georgetown? That’s a half-literate Irish rocker speaking to an academic forum at a premier Jesuit-run American university. It was November 2012, but the theme is as pertinent as ever.

And what does Mr. Bono say from behind his trademark dark shades? Rousing words — he does have that Irish thing — and tickling the patriotic fancy of “conservatives.”

America, see, is an idea. The greatest idea since before the flushing toilet and sliced bread. The idea is that we are created equal and that life is meant to be enjoyed. And we are, all of us now, he asserts, a little American. In Mogadishu and Fallujah too, no doubt, as per widely-accepted Neocon wisdom.

Therefore, Bono asserts (full speech is here), that the United States must “prevent” budget cuts that provide for “life-saving” international aid. As the Georgetown University synopsis relays (ibid.), Herr Rock’n Professor clinches his thesis with the invincible argument that “Without U.S. aid to struggling countries, the power shift sparked by Arab Spring might not have been possible.”

Indeed, it would not have been possible. Great shifts in power have been enabled by American taxpayers’ money dispensed by the insane from Georgetown’s immediate neighborhood. Power to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Al Qaeda in Libya, Al Qaeda in Mali (with a looted Libyan arsenal, enabled by Washington nincompoops), Boko Haram in Nigeria (arsenal provenance partly like in Mali), ISIS in Iraq, barbarian Muslim lunatics in Syria, Taliban in Afghanistan, and cells of the above in Mexico or already inside the United States, sucked in with the perfect wave of “dreamers.”

Of course, the United States is as much an idea as you or I or my cat. It’s a nation: an organic entity created by and composed of a specific, unicultural people, and rooted in a specific territory. John Jay wrote in Federalist #2:

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Importing Addicts, Exporting Slaves

Our longtime reader and commenter Egghead examines the possibility that the United States may be importing massive numbers of underage glue addicts among all those Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) that are currently pouring across our southern border. She also offers some informed speculation about the possible commercial interests of those who would urge immigration “reform” upon us.

Importing Addicts, Exporting Slaves
By Egghead

Satan loves glue. Satan hates Saint Paul.

In 1994, Children’s Rights Advocate Bonnie Hayskar wrote,

”In Latin America, where two-fifths of the earth’s 100 million street children live, inhalant abuse, particularly glue-sniffing, is pandemic; and it is a legal and profitable business for corporations like St. Paul, Minnesota-based H. B. Fuller and the German company Henkel.”

“Most Latin American street children, ranging in age from four to 18, have parents who cannot afford to send them to school. So they work on the streets for income — washing car windows, shining shoes, selling food. At night, these children ‘en la calle’ go home to their families. Those with families and homes represent about 60 percent of Latin America’s estimated 40 million street children. For the other 40 percent, or 16 million children, their home is the street. These children have been orphaned or abandoned; some were sent to the city to earn money, others have fled violent or sexually exploitative situations.” [1]

It is now twenty years later — and the worldwide incidence of glue-sniffing is higher than ever.

The huffin’ glue website explains, “Fifteen years ago this [glue] was primarily a Latin American problem among homeless street kids, but in the ensuing decade and a half, the practice of ‘huffin’ has spread around the world….UNICEF and other U.N. agencies estimate there are 150 million homeless street kids in the world today and nearly 90% are abusing inhalants [glue].” [2]

Importing Zombies

Glue is arguably the most popular drug used by children and teens in South America — children and teens who were likely born to glue-addicted mothers — and children and teens who mainly fund their lifelong drug habit via street crime and prostitution. It is these often-orphaned, drug-addled, brain-damaged, health-compromised children and teens that the Obama administration has now enticed and aided to immigrate en masse — without adult guardians — to the USA.

The Organization of American States which “brings together all 35 independent states of the Americas and constitutes the main political, juridical, and social governmental forum in the Hemisphere” reveals via an article entitled, Inhalant abuse looms as a major threat for South American youth:

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Love For All, Death For Apostates, And No Women Allowed

The 38th annual Jalsa Salana hosted by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of Canada was held recently at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party, was the guest of honor for the occasion.

The motto of the three-day event was “Love for All, Hatred for None”. Yet the man who reads from the Koran in the following video is delivering a somewhat different message. Just prior to Mr. Trudeau’s speech, he quotes a verse that describes just how really, really bad apostates from Islam are. This particular verse doesn’t say explicitly that apostates must be killed, but an alert listener will get the drift.

Also, pay attention to Justin Trudeau’s introductory words and see if you notice the same thing I did.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Those who are interested in hearing more may watch the full 4 hour and 41 minute video on the MTA Canada YouTube channel.

What about those women and children mentioned by Mr. Trudeau?

The article by Laura Armstrong in The Star (the same article that appeared in other online news outlets; it appears to be the standard account of the event) includes this description:

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The War That Never Ended

One hundred years ago today a Bosnian Serb named Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie. The grand duke — the heir to the Austrian throne — was shot while traveling in what would today be called a motorcade. He was paying an official visit to Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which was then a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Princip’s action was the trigger for a four-year catastrophe that eventually became known as the Great War or the World War. Later events forced a renaming, and it became the First World War or World War One.

Four and a half years after that summer day, Bosnia, Austria-Hungary, and the entire traditional political order of Central and Eastern Europe had ceased to exist. The German, Austrian, and Ottoman Empires were no more. Austria and Hungary were no longer politically conjoined. The Russian Empire had been ejected from Central Europe, and its tsar had been replaced by a cabal of Communist revolutionaries whose murderous brutality would have made even the most bloodthirsty of the tsars blanch. Independent states sprang up where for centuries none had existed. Yet the variegated statelets of the Balkans were cobbled together into a single artificial entity called Yugoslavia whose weakness and instability suited the interests of the victorious Western Allies who created it. In contrast, the remains of the Ottoman Empire were carved up into political entities with arbitrary boundaries drawn by the same Allies, once again according to their own state interests.

And so the world that we know today was created out of the ashes of the one that preceded it. The arrangements made by the victors after the Great War maintained and exacerbated earlier tensions while removing the inhibitions imposed by the now-discarded imperial structures. The result guaranteed an eventual reprise of the Great War. Armies and paramilitaries and revolutionaries and partisans rampaged across Europe in one direction or another, over and over again, until the entire continent had been soaked in blood, all except Sweden and Switzerland — which served as arms factory and banker, respectively, for the belligerents.

Gavrilo Princip’s gunshots opened the door to the charnel house known as the 20th century. The Great War was billed as the “war to end all wars”, but instead it ushered in a never-ending war. Cold, lukewarm, or hot: that war is still with us today, a hundred years later.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

We’ve written before about the assassination of Grand Duke Franz Ferdinand and the fateful events of the summer of 1914, so I won’t be covering them in detail here. They began with Gavrilo Princip’s pistol shots and ended with the guns of August. The inexorable chain of events leading from the one to the other included (in chronological order):

  • Austrian ultimatum to Serbia
  • Evasive reply by the Serbs
  • Bilateral conferences and consultations between different pairs of countries, with no meaningful result
  • Mobilization of Austria against Serbia
  • Mobilization of Serbia against Austria
  • Austrian declaration of war on Serbia, followed by the bombardment of Belgrade
  • General mobilization by Russia
  • German ultimatum to Russia
  • General mobilization by Austria
  • General mobilization by France
  • General mobilization by Germany
  • German declaration of war on Russia
  • German declaration of war on France, followed by the invasion of France through Belgium
  • British declaration of war on Germany
  • Austrian declaration of war on Russia
  • French declaration of war on Austria
  • British declaration of war on Austria

By August 12, all the major dominoes had fallen, and the Great War was underway. In the memorable words of British Foreign Minister Sir Edward Grey: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.”

The unprecedented mechanized slaughter on the Western Front became the deepest single trauma experienced by the collective psyche of the Western world since the days of the Black Death. It began with the stalemate on the Marne in the fall of 1914 and continued for four interminable bloody years until the entry of the United States into the war and the attrition of German resources made an Allied victory possible.

The catastrophe of 1914-18 was not anticipated by any of the Great Powers, but it should have been. The Crimean war of 1853-56, and especially the American Civil War of 1861-65, provided a foretaste of what lay ahead at Verdun and Passchendaele. Yet the general staffs of Germany, Russia, France, and Britain had planned for a conflict that bore a closer resemblance to the Napoleonic Wars — the proverbial “last war”. Technological innovations — including long-range artillery, rifled muskets, the machine gun, and the tank — transformed the Great War into hellish indiscriminate slaughter. Yet no tactics had been devised to break the resulting horrific stalemate.

Mass conscription of cannon fodder for the front made certain that every city, town, and village gained a direct, immediate understanding of what modern warfare had become. A large proportion of fit young European men were killed, maimed, or “shell-shocked”. Virtually every family felt the effects.

It was through this universally experienced trauma that the Great War created the modern world. Later catastrophic effects extended and enhanced the trauma of 1914-18, infecting an entire culture with post-traumatic stress disorder.

So many small decisions, so many enormous consequences. What would have happened if the German general staff had not decided to ship Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, a.k.a. Lenin, in a sealed train from Switzerland to the Finland Station in St. Petersburg in April 1917? What if Alexander Kerensky had remained as the head of the Provisional Government, keeping Russia in the war and forcing an earlier armistice?

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