“These Are No Ordinary Times”

Yesterday, April 19th, 2014, was Patriots’ Day. It was the 239th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, which marked the beginning of the War of American Independence.

Below are excerpts from the Patriot’s Day speech given by Mike Vanderboegh yesterday in Bunkerville, Nevada on the occasion of awarding Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) the 2014 “Incitement to Civil War Trophy”:

“History is written not by the historians but by the people who lived it.”

So says William Hallahan, in his book The Day the American Revolution Began about the 19th of April, 1775. And as I stand here today in the Nevada desert, I see a whole host of historians who lived it — and wrote it.

Now what Hallahan says is true, but I would refine it further. History is written not by the historians BUT BY THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED IT AND WHO MADE IT HAPPEN.

This is nothing new. Throughout our own history, these self-made historians are most often just simple, ordinary people, people who are nothing special – not rich, not powerful in and of themselves, not influential, not even respected by those who claim to be their betters — but people who know who they are; people who know who God is; people who know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, tyranny and liberty and cannot be persuaded otherwise by all the seductive lies that others tell to hide their evil intentions behind.

In ordinary times it takes very bad behavior on the part of a government to provoke such people into action for they are first and foremost pragmatic realists. Knowing who they are, and how the world works, and of the chronic follies and corruptions of man, they don’t expect much from governments, content to live their lives, raise their families, enjoy life and love and friendship, to worship God, to work hard and make a living around and despite those follies and corruptions, because they understand that THAT is what makes life important and worth living.

When a father sees his kids at play, learning with breathless excitement the everyday miracles that make up God’s world — when he sees his wife’s love and care for them in a million ways despite all the aggravations and distractions of daily life — when at the end of a long day he sees her exhausted and distracted — no longer the young girl he married but with this inner core of steel wrapped in boundless love — when the light hits her mussed-up hair and her careworn face just right — well, a man will do anything to protect those moments, to shield those people he loves from the evil that he knows always lurks right outside the door. He will do anything — ANYTHING — to protect their future and the time-tested principles that secure that future.

And I tell you now — and I proclaim to the world — to all the would-be tyrants in this country who would victimize such honest, simple people with their evil corruptions, their follies, their schemes of power and their insatiable appetites for other people’s liberty, property and lives —


Yes, history is written by the people who lived it and made it happen, but it is also true that such people , at any time in our history, never have been more than a determined minority. In the war of independence that we celebrate here today, there were never more than three percent of the American colonists who actively
took the field against the forces of the King. Although this was long before opinion polls, they probably represented no more than a third of the total population. Another third supported the King of England and a further third blew with the wind and took what came. When I founded the modern Three Percent movement it was this determined minority that I had in mind.

Today’s Three Percent have drawn a line, just as you here drew a line, that we will not cross. We Three Percenters state very plainly to would-be tyrants that we will not disarm. They cannot convince us. They cannot intimidate us. They can kill us, if they think they can, but they should remember that we’ll shoot back. That is the calculation that you presented the federal government the other day. They came to force you with state-sponsored violence. They came to bend you to their will. But they discovered that you would not be bent. On that day, they didn’t like the odds. But the odds would have meant nothing without your determination. And you WERE determined.

As I said, in ordinary times it takes very bad behavior on the part of a government to provoke such people into action — BUT THESE ARE NO ORDINARY TIMES. You know that — in your head and in your gut — or you would not be here today. You would not have accomplished what many thought was flatly impossible a few days and weeks ago. You know why you came here and stood in the gap, interposing with your own bodies, at the risk of your lives, that dangerous ground between liberty and tyranny.

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The Feds Invade Las Vegas

It appears that agents of the federal government — BLM, FBI, DHS, and perhaps other letters of the alphabet soup — are swarming into Las Vegas, cramming the hotels and casinos and trying unsuccessfully to look like recreational gamblers. Whatever move they’re planning, they don’t seem overly concerned about operational security, since the patriots encamped to the northeast near Bunkerville are well aware of what’s happening eighty miles down Interstate 15 in the glittering city.

Here’s the latest report from Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars:

Looking like nothing so much as the evil-eaten Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars saga, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised local media that “this isn’t over.” And, in truth, reports on the Internet of Fed cops of various agencies’ jack-booted thug teams flooding into Las Vegas hotels are certainly correct. They are there by the hundreds, taking over entire floors, playing the slot machines and trying to look inconspicuous, which is working out about as well as you might expect. This is known to just about everybody who’s paying attention to the situation in Bunkerville, including the local media who are not reporting it, for now. Just who this demonstration of stark naked so-called “operational security” and impotent puffery is supposed to impress is another matter. Harry Reid, perhaps.

Bob Wright has observed that Harry seems to believe he’s in a “biggest [manly equipment]” contest with Cliven Bundy. Like the juvenile high school hall monitor who can’t get the other kids to stop running, Harry is throwing a hissy fit. Personally, I’m happy for him. Every time Harry opens his mouth, we get another hundred thousand converts to our cause nationwide. Indeed, if the mumbling, bumbling Harry did not exist, we might have to invent him. Of course, your average high school hall monitor doesn’t have the power and might of the militarized federal police establishment at his beck and call. Still, what this is supposed to accomplish, beyond a ratcheting up of the attempted psy-war campaign against the Bundys and the volunteers who guard them, is a mystery to the analysts I talk to.

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Non-EU Doctors Can Be a Risk for Patient Safety, Research Says

Enza Ferreri’s latest report from LibertyGB concerns the manifest incompetence of immigrant doctors in the UK, and the resulting loss of public confidence in the National Health Service.

Non-EU Doctors Can Be a Risk for Patient Safety, Research Says

by Enza Ferreri

The recent news that doctors trained outside the EU perform remarkably worse than others on key exams and performance reviews has created fears and lack of trust in doctors.

This is the result of a study commissioned by the General Medical Council and carried out by the University College London and University of Cambridge, published in the British Medical Journal — the most rigorous study to date — and a research by Durham University also published in the BMJ.

Non-EU-trained doctors make up a quarter of the NHS medical workforce. We’ve repeatedly — in fact, whenever there is a debate on immigration — been told how immigration has been the saviour of the NHS, which couldn’t be run without foreign doctors. And now scientific studies show that these same doctors, in a high percentage of cases, represent a risk for patients’ safety.

According to the new research, more than 80 per cent of NHS doctors trained abroad do worse than the average British doctor in exams to join the professional bodies for GPs and hospital doctors, and half of them would fail the tests passed by British doctors.

More than 88,000 foreign-trained doctors are registered to work in Britain, including 22,758 from Europe. They account for approximately two thirds of those struck off each year. The country with the largest number of doctors removed or suspended from the medical register is India, followed by Nigeria and Egypt.

“We have no idea about the medical schools they come from and inevitably they’re going to be very varied,” said Professor Chris MacManus, who led the UCL study. He also commented: “There is no real mechanism for checking that doctors coming from outside Britain have been trained to the same level as British doctors.”

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The Emotions of Socialism

MC’s latest essay takes a look at the cultural destruction wrought by the Left as it implements its utopian socialist ideals.

The Emotions of Socialism
by MC

My cousin once told me that ‘socialism’ has to be right, or else life is not worth living. This has the irrationality of a religion, and it is this emotional view of politics that the socialist elite cynically exploits. But it is really all about the Garden of Eden, and whether mankind was corrupted or not. Is mankind intrinsically good, or thoroughly bad? Socialism appears to seek to rebuild Eden, at least for its elites, but to do this it must make its drones feel elitist and intrinsically ‘good’.

So whilst the elite enjoy their Eden, they must keep close watch on the gatehouse. They must at all costs keep the aspiration to the Edenic utopia going, but deny access to all but their own clique. So the foot soldiers of socialism labour for a utopia to which they are denied access by their own leaders.

This is the hoax at the heart of the problem.

There are prime weapons to keep the drones droning. For the middle-class college-educated there is the emotional appeal of striving for a better world. For the working classes there is the cradle-to-grave assurance of socialised medicine, unemployment benefits and pensions. And for those who don’t want to work, there are the welfare payouts.

But the cost is enormous, and this is where the careful propaganda comes in. Socialism within a democracy needs the worker to pay for the shirker. The real currency is not the dollar or the euro; it is the vote, and votes are won by targeted propaganda.

The middle class must have their egos stroked. They must be convinced that they are ‘good’ and ‘kind’, and that their ‘superior’ intellect puts them above the masses. The working class must be constantly kept in a state of fear, fear that they will lose everything. The scroungers need to have ever more desirable carrots dangled in front of them.

In the last twenty or so years, the elites have created a new group, the ‘itinerants’: foreign immigrants who are attracted by higher wages or welfare payments to settle the country but to also proselytize culture, to muscle out their own cultural lebensraum at the expense of the local indigenous culture.

The socialist elite always intended this to happen, it is a pre-planned part of the process. The whole concept of multiculturalism was pre-designed to accommodate this wave of hostile immigration.

What we need to understand is: Why?

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“Domestic Terrorists” Gather in Nevada

A man named Harry Reid represents the state of Nevada in the United States Senate. As Senate Majority Leader, he also holds one of the most powerful political offices in Washington. His former top aide heads the Bureau of Land Management, which mounted an offensive operation against the Bundy ranch earlier this month using armed agents, armored vehicles, and snipers. His son Rory represents the Chinese energy company that plans to build a huge solar panel plant on public land in the Nevada desert, as soon as the last of those annoying cattle ranchers can be evicted from real estate controlled by the federal government. The only thing standing between the Reid dynasty and the realization of its lucrative dream is a single cattle ranch near the town of Bunkerville, plus an undetermined number of dedicated and well-armed patriots who have gathered to guard it for the past several weeks.

Senator Reid is understandably frustrated with the situation in Bunkerville. Several times over past week he has referred to Oath Keepers and other patriotic groups as “domestic terrorists”, and their actions as “domestic terrorism”.

The following graphic, borrowed from Sipsey Street Irregulars, highlights the capricious nomenclature employed the federal government when it talks about “terrorism”:

See Western Rifle Shooters for more graphics, articles, and links.

Mr. Reid’s repeated use of the term “domestic terrorism” is deliberate, and has a specific purpose. As a member of the Legislative branch, he is prepping the battlespace for the Executive by describing the events in his state using those words. What we may expect next is that the Executive will also invoke “domestic terrorism” concerning ongoing events in Nevada. When that occurs, it will activate provisions of the Patriot Act that permit the suspension of certain constitutional rights for those citizens so designated.

Which is what those patriots gathered in the Nevada desert this weekend predicted when the Patriot Act was first passed — by a Republican administration, mind you, with overwhelming support from a Republican Congress. Osama Bin Laden and the Great Jihad were incidental to the purpose of the Act, which was to ensure that the federal government could crack down on armed domestic dissent whenever it became necessary.

The liberty-minded people who have gathered near Bunkerville to guard the Bundy ranch do not believe the current stalemate will end well. The federal government is unlikely to slink away from the scene, never to return. Its invincible power must be seen to be irresistible, pour encourager les autres.

Yet this will not be another Waco. Spend a half an hour browsing the patriot websites, beginning with Western Rifle Shooters, and you’ll see what I mean. Not only is the Resistance present in large numbers in Nevada, it is well-armed, well-equipped, and assisted by former members of the military who have experience with the army surplus equipment that is likely to be used against them.

In addition, events as they unfold will be reported, recorded, and live-streamed from the scene. Even shutting down the cell towers and the internet will not suffice to staunch the flow of information about whatever eventually transpires near Bunkerville. This revolution will be televised.

No, this won’t be another Waco.

In the meantime, the patriots gathered yesterday to take refreshment and listen to music on the banks of the Virgin River in Nevada — guarded by armed members of the militia. According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal:

BUNKERVILLE — Wearing a cowboy hat and with a copy of the U.S. Constitution poking from his shirt pocket, controversial rancher Cliven Bundy on Friday asked dozens of supporters of his cattle-grazing feud with federal land managers what they thought of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid calling them “domestic terrorists.”

“Are you guys domestic terrorists?” he asked the crowd gathered around a stage near the north bank of the Virgin River.

The supporters, many wearing name tags that said “domestic terrorist,” erupted with cheers and applause.

“That’s what I thought. I thought Harry was right,” said the 67-year-old Bundy, who was accompanied by armed escorts.

He made the statement before a “Patriot Party” that started at 5 p.m. with music by Madison Rising and Ron Keel, who sang with Black Sabbath briefly in 1984. A party atmosphere among a few hundred people grew as more supporters trickled in around 5 p.m. Some people were cooling off in the river while dozens of armed militia members wearing camouflaged fatigues patrolled in and around the area.


At Friday’s news conference, Bundy said, “We’re not asking the county sheriff to disarm the citizens of the United States. We’re asking the United States to take the government-issued guns away from these people, and when they have uniforms on they shouldn’t be packing a gun.”

Asked what he’d do if he was served with a warrant for violating federal laws, Bundy answered, “What I said is, I’d yield to the sheriff but I wouldn’t yield to the feds.”

If the sheriff served the warrant he said he’d surrender. “Well, I’d have to.”

He said he has a right to graze his cattle on public land, not just a privilege.

“They’re rights. And I own those rights,” he said.

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Holy Pascha in Jerusalem

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah of Voice of the Copts reports on the political and doctrinal ramifications of the traditional annual Easter pilgrimage to Jerusalem by Coptic Christians.

Holy Pascha visits to Jerusalem cause Copts to lose Holy Sacrament
by Ashraf Ramelah

While Jews around the world celebrate Passover, Christians from Egypt visit the Holy Land for their week of Holy Pascha (the Passion of Christ). For this pilgrimage, Egyptian Christians (Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelic) leave Cairo by the thousands on daily flights to Jerusalem. Egypt’s airlines have increased departures to twelve flights per week from the normal four, delivering triple the visitors to Israel for the occasion — an expected annual spike in travelers. In spite of the regularity of this normal event, rumors vilifying Israel propagate throughout the Egyptian press.

On Sunday, April 13, one Arab news website, Elaph, alluded to an Israeli government ploy by reporting sources in Egypt’s travel industry worried that Israeli visas issued for Easter travel are really intended for another “mass” immigration of Copts to Israel. These fears stem from earlier waves of Christian emigration which increased during the Morsi era. However, now their cause for concern is based upon an approximate total of 10,000 Christian travelers — hardly a number to alarm the Islamic establishment.

It is doubtful that Egypt’s ruling class views as disagreeable a potential exodus of Copts. It is more likely to be encouraged, if not fostered, as in the evacuation of Jews from Egypt during the Nasser era. Currently, focusing on such “news” creates an opportunity to criticize and condemn imaginary offenses by Jews and the Israeli government.

Meanwhile, Orthodox Copts will deal with negative consequences upon return from Jerusalem. The Church hierarchy is irritated by the pilgrimages to Israel and stresses that Orthodox Christians are in violation of a 1978 edict issued by the late Pope Shenuda III forbidding visits to the Holy Land until Jerusalem is “liberated.”

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A Brand New Islam Law for Austria

One of the last acts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before it disintegrated in the aftermath of the Great War was to pass the “Islam Law” of 1912, which codified the religious rights of Muslims. The law was deemed necessary because of the participation of Muslim soldiers in the imperial army after the annexation of Bosnia in 1908.

Modern Austria has inherited the Islam Law, but Islam-critics have long contended that the state has failed to enforce the crucial provision that Islamic practices must not violate the laws of Austria. After years of contention, a revision of the Islam Law is in the works, and — not surprisingly — has stirred new controversy, since Austria’s increasingly powerful Islamic community has had a say in the detailed provisions of the revised law.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has commissioned translations of an introduction to the public controversy about the law, followed by an article about these unfolding events.

For readers who are interested in the text of the original law, see the Islam Law of 1912 in German, French, and English.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this comprehensive introduction by Christian Zeitz:

The completely unrestrained expansion of Islamic influence has long been a thorn in the flesh of Islam critics in Austria. More and more aspects of everyday life are subsumed by the ritual demands of believing Muslims and — frequently in a bizarre fashion — make a beneficial exchange between native Austrians and Muslim immigrants impossible. The left and like-minded political elite are working diligently on a glorification of alleged Islamic cultural achievements, in order to legitimize their claim of “enrichment” of a multicultural society with foreign influences. Economic and political ties between Austria and influential Islamic countries — especially Turkey and the Arab oil-producing countries — are being unremittingly intensified, and this increases their influence on Islamic institutions in Austria. The out-of-control proliferation of so-called Islamic “cultural organizations,” i.e., the multiplicity of oriental convenience stores and video stores run by “backyard mosques” provides a comfortable insulation for the creeping propagation of sharia. And in Austria, all that may no longer be criticized and opposed — even with qualifications — because Islam is a “legally recognized religious community” under the protection of the criminal religious “hate speech paragraphs” in the law and the anti-discrimination legislation.

In 1912 Islam was recognized as a legally equal religious community through a special law called the “Islam Law.” The step was considered necessary, because of urging by Bosnian soldiers belonging to the imperial-and-royal army of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary at that time. Of course, the Islam Law provides the qualification in §6/2 that protection of Islam applies only insofar as its beliefs, rituals and practice do not contradict the laws and customs of Austria. In 1988, by means of an ordinance considered by experts to be illegal, the legal basis was created for the IGGiÖ (Islamic Religious Community in Austria), which gives Islam exclusive claim to representation. The IGGiÖ has established itself as a powerful and politically influential lobby, which pursues Islamic interests in all areas, exploits naïve representatives of the political establishment and ensures a centrally coordinated religious instruction in public schools. Its advocates belong to a radical — albeit set up as “dialogue” — type of Sunni Islam, and see themselves as a toehold for Turkish and Wahhabi positions.

For more than100 years, politically responsible individuals in the Austrian republic have not succeeded in implementing the provisions of the Islam law or enforcing its spirit. For that reason, critics have long demanded a reformulation of the law, restricting the leeway of interpretation, emphasizing the interests of Austria, preventing an extra-legal status for Islam and creeping sharia — as it is or should be in a nation of laws for all churches and faith groups.

Unfortunately, the IGGiÖ has realized that the implementation of such a legal project would mean the end of its time of doing as it pleases in Austria. So — in complete secrecy, behind the backs of the public, enlisting the responsible foreign minister, Sebastian Kurz and several policymakers — it has taken the opportunity to finagle an outline of a new Islam Law that would even enhance its position, increase the influence of Islam on both culture and society, and could mobilize public money for Islamic projects like special cemeteries and ministry to soldiers.

So for several weeks now, critics and juridical experts have been trying too prevent an unnoticed rubber-stamping of this proposal in the Austrian national Assembly. They are letting those in power know that such a legal construction would clearly discriminate against the other religious communities in comparison to Islam and its radical representation, and would diminish surveillance of extremist groups and projects. It should be the intent of a constructive Islam Law to preserve the interests of Austrians and establish religious peace in the land. The following central elements must be considered:

  • Publication of the fundamentals of the Islamic faith and obligatory restriction of carrying out the tenets of the faith to the published content. That includes filing a certified translation of the Koran and those Hadiths deemed relevant.
  • Restriction of financing of the Islamic religious community and/or yet to be founded or recognized Islamic communities to domestic finance sources.
  • Restriction of possible membership in the Islamic religious community to natural persons, to preclude lobbying for cultic and religious practices through the membership of shadowy organizations of doubtful background.

Austria will soon have to decide whether it wants to establish in orderly fashion the primacy of the secular state versus the aspirations for an Islamic divine state, or intends to allow a further embedding of radical variants of Islam.

Mag. Christian Zeitz
Academic Director
Institute for Applied Political Economics

Below is a article from EurActiv.de (also translated by JLH) with a different perspective on the revision of the Islam Law of 1912:

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Sderot, Last Enclave of Civilisation

Our Israeli correspondent MC, who spent Passover under the shadow of the qassam missiles in Gaza, has some thoughts on the current situation in Israel and elsewhere.

Sderot, Last Enclave of Civilisation
by MC

Yesterday was Passover, and we, the Anglophone community of Sderot gathered at the Paratrooper Monument picnic site on a mound overlooking Gaza where we barbecued lamb and talked of all sorts of things.

There was a mixed group, predominantly North Americans, but also people from UK, Holland, Russia, Argentina and Brazil as well as Israeli-born English speakers brought together by the common ties of the Feasts of Jehovah.

As one of my sons pointed out, civilisation stopped just 400 yards west and south of us. Sderot is the ‘Rivendell’ of Western society, the last homely house before Hell. We retreated from Sinai; we gave the land back to barbarism. We retreated from Gaza; we gave it over to the orcs and wargs, trusting in their promise of peace, ‘guaranteed’ by American liberals and liars.

There, at the picnic site, in plain view there is a fence, and behind that fence are the most dangerous predators in the world, predators who would take us and our children and butcher us and eat our hearts.

The fence is patrolled by soldiers who are heavily armed. They use the picnic area as a rest/turnaround area. They are friendly, and we happily share our picnic with them. They play with the children; they are civilised humans defending us against wild animals.

Sderot should be a burning scar on the conscience of civilisation. Here on the border of the barbaric, our much vaunted “Western Civilisation” suffers a dangerous crisis of self-confidence: we allow the ruthless bullying of a peaceful society by a barbaric horde because we cannot decide whose value system we most abhor. It’s only Jooos; they don’t matter.

The Jewish State of Israel has of necessity secure borders and a strong identity. To arrive in Israel is to leave the pretence of anti-terrorist groping and get real. Why are you coming here? What are you going to do here?

At Ben Gurion airport you will not be molested, but you will be scrutinised and ethnically profiled. If you travelled El Al, this process will have started before you even checked in at the departure desk. You will have been questioned by a seemingly 15-year-old child, politely asking tailored questions cunningly designed to cross-check ticket and passport information. And you will arrive here safely.

Many people come to Israel to ‘do’ Jerusalem. It is the centre for the ‘god’ religions, and the Via Dolorosa is many people’s experience of the country. Jerusalem was of no importance to Islam until it became important to Islam’s selected enemies. Now it is a handle with which one can manipulate the West; one can cynically use Judeo-Christian values against the very Jews and Christians who uniquely hold those values dear. And we fall for it every time.

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Did the Muslim Brotherhood Instigate the Clash in Upper Egypt?

Ashraf Ramelah of Voice of the Copts returns with a report about recent tribal violence in Upper Egypt.

Twenty-eight killed in Aswan, Upper Egypt
by Ashraf Ramelah

In the world’s cradle of civilization in Upper Egypt, the region of the temples, 750 miles south of Egypt’s capitol, a deadly racial clash took place between two Muslim tribes this past week. According to reports by Egypt’s news agencies, on April 2 fighting broke out between the Arab-Muslim Alhalaya tribe and the Egyptian non-Arab-Muslim Nubian tribe.

After a visit to Aswan by presidential candidate El Sisi, Arab-Muslim students from the Alhalaya tribe provoked a fight with supporters of El Sisi. Within a few hours of El Sisi’s departure from speaking with tribe leaders, graffiti was found on a public school wall insulting the retired General. Twenty-eight people died in the resulting clash (rocks and bottles thrown escalated into Molotov cocktails and gunfire).

About Egyptian Nubian tribes

The Egyptian Nubian tribes are descendants of populations dating back to the 4th century — inhabitants of Egypt centuries before the Arab-Muslim invasion. The first Nubians arrived from Ethiopia and settled on Egypt’s southern border with Sudan. In the 20th century, Nubians underwent a massive displacement into Arab-Muslim tribal territories during the Nasser era when their homes were flooded by the lake formed by Egypt’s High Dam.

The meaning behind the April 2 Aswan conflict

Writing on his Facebook page, General Ahmed Ali, spokesman for the Egyptian military, alluded to the real potential that Muslim Brotherhood terrorists could be behind the lethal skirmish. If this suggestion is true, the incident must be viewed in terms of a clash of ideologies manifested in political animosities. Based upon political differences represented in tribal allegiance, it pitted Muslim (Nubian, non-Arab, anti-supremacist) against Muslim (Alhalaya, Arab, supremacist).

This divide is ancient. Egypt’s darkest moments today emanate from original resentment of and discontentment with the centuries-old invasion by Arab-Muslim intruders (religious imperialists) of native Egyptians (Copts and Nubians ruled by Romans/Byzantines). It is today’s need for individual freedom, not supremacy, which unites Christians and Muslims wishing to modernize the state and duplicate Western ideals. Right now, El Sisi represents these ideals, and he is seen as the terminator of such Aswan-style clashes in his zeal to root out terrorism.

Ex-President Morsi giving orders from his prison cell

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A Tactical Retreat

Last weekend a small but well-armed and -armored federal task force under the Bureau of Land Management was forced to back off in the face of a group of unarmed (or lightly-armed) patriots on horseback and on foot in a gully near Bunkerville, Nevada. The courageous citizens who approached the federal barriers were told by bullhorn that they would be shot if they came any further, but they kept coming anyway.

This was a huge victory for those American patriots who want to re-establish the rule of law under the United States Constitution. For the past two days I’ve been browsing patriot networks, Second Amendment sites, and YouTube channels, and it’s clear that the libertarian resistance has been electrified by what happened at the Bundy Ranch. Ordinary citizens stood up to the federal government, and the feds backed down.

However, as most of us surmised on Saturday, this was merely a tactical retreat on the part of the BLM and the Obama administration. We are now in a “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” situation, which is untenable from the point of view of the federal government. In order to work their will upon the American people, the feds must be seen as invincible. But they aren’t — they’ve just proven that they don’t have the guts required to gun down patriotic citizens in cold blood. They have no broad-based support among the people — all they have is fiat money and the unlimited firepower that money can buy.

The invincibility of the federal behemoth must be re-established, and quickly, so expect a Round Two. According to the following report from a reader named Warren Smith, the BLM has backed off from the Bundy Ranch, but has not departed the area. They may well be planning further operations in that part of Nevada.

Dr. Smith has written the governor of Nevada with an urgent appeal to call out the Nevada National Guard to prevent illegal federal actions. He included the following note along with enclosed emails:

Please see the below as a strategy to prevent loss of life in the developing situation in Nevada (a situation which appears to be worsening, despite the supposed resolution yesterday — see the below), and to send a clear message to the Feds to back off. Please use whatever means you have to contact and pressure the Governor of Nevada to deploy the Nevada National Guard in protection of the Bundy family, their property, and the many heroic citizens who have flocked to their aid.


I urge you to consider contacting the Governor through all of these means, and to consider forwarding this (or similar) information to others who will contact the Governor. I also urge you to pray that this situation is resolved rapidly and without bloodshed.

Dr. Smith’s letter to the governor of Nevada is at the bottom of this post. Below are some of the emails he has received from eyewitnesses in Nevada, which prompted him to write the letter.

Received: 12:46 PM EDT, 04/13/2014
Subject: Update: IT’S NOT OVER IN NV

Hello all you Patriots of the 912,

[REDACTED] called me this morning to inform me that the BLM has been ordered to stand down but NOT to go away. [REDACTED] arrived early in the morning and started to set up camp. They also were asked by Ryan Bundy to run security while they rescue the calves who are dying because of the stress and lack of grazing from being kept off the range. They spotted night time activity in the hills surrounding the Bundy property. After catching about an hours sleep they awoke to see three snipers skulking in the bush surrounding the camps that people have set up. The people who have been there are not leaving and more are still coming in from all over the US. The airspace over the Bundy ranch has been shut down in a 3 mile, 30,000 feet perimeter so that no private helicopters or planes can fly over to take pictures or surveil what the feds are up to. If the National Guard, the Army, the Marines or any military faction becomes involved that means they will be declaring WAR on the citizens of the United States. We are perilously close to an all out military action. So far Federal Agents are still trolling the roads, surveilling the territory and the camps in big black SUVs with blacked out windows. We need more numbers out there. There’s a Federal Express outlet in St. George, Utah on South Airport Rd. If need be get ready to send supplies. If the government decides to shut the roads down to try to contain the numbers of people coming in to take a stand the supply lines could be compromised. I will have more intel by this afternoon. Anyone out there who is involved with the III%ers or the Oath Keepers please contact me at [REDACTED]. We need to get organized. If this turns to war we need to drop everything and go. The Government is NOT GOING TO GO AWAY. This is not cool and this is not funny this is for real!

Yours Truly,

Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 5:50 PM
Subject:A person my wife knows tried to get to the site in NV

Here’s her account. She’s an attorney in LA.

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American Betrayal Redux

The following article by Diana West was originally published yesterday on her website.

American Betrayal Redux
by Diana West

Not one but several of the lowpoints of what Vladimir Bukovsky & Pavel Stroilov have called a “Soviet-style propaganda campaign” against American Betrayal, what Jed Babbin tagged a “disinformation campaign,” and what M. Stanton Evans has described as my “mugging” were logged by The American Thinker website edited by Thomas Lifson.

There was the (1) unsubstantiated parroting of the lies, distortions and fabrications (all debunked here) in an otherwise positive review (which, not incidentally, included the reviewer’s declaration that he was now persuaded that Harry Hopkins was an agent of Soviet influence inside the Roosevelt White House); there was the (2) rapid enforcement action by Rado publicly whacking the positive reviewer (and, of course, my book again in one of a blizzard of Rado-Horo attack pieces); there was (3,4) not one but two other attacks posted at American Thinker by writers who actually admitted in print not to have read my book at all; and (5) lowest of all, there was Thomas Lifson himself, who actually refused to run the rebuttal I wrote in response to false and unsubstantiated attacks on my scholarship contained in (1).

An ugly chapter of an ugly saga, to be sure. It would be compounded when several other writers subsequently and separately told me that their defenses of American Betrayal — or simply arguing for fair and honest dialogue about American Betrayal — were turned down at American Thinker, The party line was and is clear and inviolate. Congratulations to all concerned.

Today on Twitter someone responded to a brief blog Lifson wrote about the Sovietsky posters hanging in the home of Jay Carney and Claire Shipman by urging people to read American Betrayal to understand the phenomenon. (Thank you, @southsalem.)

I don’t know or care whether Lifson ever read or ever reads American Betrayal, but it is certainly the case that Western elites’ zest for Communist iconography is discussed in American Betrayal as a manifestation of the callous indifference to genocidal Communist crime that marks our society, a subject deeply analyzed and weighed throughout the book. There is some measure of irony to AT’s glib treatment of the topic, after everything, that somehow bears noting.

So noted. Here, then, for weekend reading, is a short excerpt from the book where the concept is introduced. The excerpt picks up after a discussion of the wrath of the Truman administration toward Whittaker Chambers for revealing the truth about Alger Hiss when, of course, Chambers deserved a medal. If an act of national-security-saving patriotism can be sundered from plaudits, it follows that multiple acts of mass murder can be sundered from condemnation. It’s all connected….

From American Betrayal, p. 63:

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Eyeball to Eyeball — And the Feds Blinked


Why did the federal government back down and return Cliven Bundy’s cattle without firing a single shot?

Was it because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was about to be exposed in a corrupt deal with the Chinese to use federal land in Nevada for a huge solar power farm?

I don’t know the answers. But as far as I can recall, this is the first time in my lifetime the federal government has ever retreated in the face of domestic dissent by white people.

For those who have not been following the story: the Bureau of Land Management sent armored vehicles and snipers to Bunkerville, Nevada when they started to round up cattle owned by a rancher named Cliven Bundy, who is said to owe more than a million dollars in back grazing fees for pasturing his cattle on land claimed by the federal government. Mr. Bundy did not acknowledge the jurisdiction of the feds — only that of the state of Nevada and Clark County — and resisted the encroachment. Hundreds of supporters poured into Bunkerville from all over the country, many of them armed, and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Bundy Family against the federal government. Today the BLM backed down. It announced that in the name of public safety, it had agreed to return Mr. Bundy’s cattle and pull out.

Whatever the reason for the retreat, the feds have lost their mojo in this one, big time. Cliven Bundy and his supporters faced down federal snipers and armored vehicles without flinching. All the mojo has passed to them.

I don’t see how the federal government can allow this to stand. Expect a second act.

Make sure to read what Sipsey Street Irregulars have to say about what happened in Bunkerville.

Links to various news stories about the standoff at the Bundy ranch (yes, I know some of them are Infowars, but Infowars has been reliable on this story so far):

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Gavin Boby on the Glazov Gang

Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation joined Jamie Glazov yesterday on “The Glazov Gang” to discuss his legal efforts to stop new mosques, and also the Islamic sexual slavery of underage white girls in the UK:

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.