Send In The Clowns

Another one from The Firewall:

Reporter and author Colin Flaherty has taken a cold, clear-eyed view of the statistics that don’t make the news because they are suppressed by the news. He reports, for example — again in 2010 — the National Crime Victimization Survey reported approximately 13,000 black-on-white rapes and 39,000 black-on-white robberies — both violent crimes. The statistics show that the number of white on black rapes and violent robberies were so small that they had to be rounded to the nearest whole number, and that whole number was ZERO.

Critics will say that I am using these statistics to justify the murder of Michael Brown. But I said at the beginning — if Michael Brown were shot in cold blood then the police officer needs to pay the price for murder. This has nothing to do with Michael Brown. This has EVERYTHING to do with the narrative that the President, the Attorney General, and all of these race hustlers are trying to create using Michael Brown.

There is, in fact, a racial war of violence and hatred in America. Open racism is simply not tolerated in white America today, but black racism is the toxic glue that holds the progressive coalition together. Tolerance of — in fact, as we see from the events in Ferguson, open encouragement of black rage at a narrative that not only does not exist but reverses the daily outrages that do exist, is what defines modern progressivism. It is the politics of envy, anger, entitlement, lawlessness, violence and bald-faced lies.

And of all the promises broken by this man, surely none is more heartbreaking than the one promise that got him elected in the first place: the promise of a post-racial future. He and his racist progressive cohorts can never surrender the weapon that has gotten them everything, not the least of which is personal political power and trillions of dollars of redistributed wealth. And this latest outrage in Ferguson is yet another example — as if another was needed among the economic wreckage, creeping totalitarianism, and foreign-policy disasters — that he and his leftist cohorts would rather rule over ruins than disappear into the dustbin of a healthy and healed nation.

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A few things to notice: First, this book by Colin Flaherty, whom Bill Whittle mentions, is self-published. That means he updates it as circumstances require:

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Our Nostrum

Late last year two boatloads of illegal immigrants capsized and sank in the Mediterranean Sea between North Africa and Italy, killing more than 350 would-be migrants. The two tragic incidents, coming in close succession, caused huge public relations problems for the Italian government. No one in Italy had requested that those desperate migrants pay extortionate sums to human traffickers and attempt the crossing in overcrowded rickety boats. The Italians never asked for them to come. Nevertheless, “world opinion” blamed the Italian government for its negligence when all those asylum-seekers died.

In response, the government launched Operation Mare Nostrum (“Our Sea” in Latin), whereby the Italian Navy was tasked with rescuing every single migrant who attempted to make it to Italian shores. Rescued refugees were brought to port, fed, clothed, and housed until their “asylum” applications were processed by the relevant EU agencies.

Not surprisingly, the new policy resulted in a huge surge of migrants attempting to make the crossing from Libya or Tunisia to Italy. According to the latest estimates, at least 113,000 refugees have landed in Italy since last October, which is a much higher rate of migration than any I have seen since I started monitoring the situation in the Med seven or eight years ago. In contrast, the “Camp of the Saints” crisis of 2011 — which was an unprecedented wave of migration at the time — amounted to just over 60,000 arrivals over the course of a year.

The Italian government has been complaining to the European Union and petitioning for help with Mare Nostrum ever since the operation began. The European Commission kept promising more financial help, but whatever eventually arrived never quite made up for Italy’s increased expenditures. At the same time the EC repeatedly reminded Italy, Spain, and Greece that the primary responsibility for dealing with migrants lay with the countries at the “point of entry” — that is, they were mostly on their own.

In its latest appeals, the Italian government pointed out that Mare Nostrum was costing the Italian Navy €9 million a month ($11.8 million), out of a total naval budget of €9.2 million. This level of expenditure is clearly unsustainable, and the Italians put the EU on notice that they were going to shut down Mare Nostrum unless Brussels did something.

The most recent Italian complaints (and threats) must have been convincing, because on Wednesday EU Interior Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström announced that Mare Nostrum would be folded into Frontex, the EU border agency, and become “Frontex Plus”. Whether this will be more than a cosmetic change, and actually free Italy from some of the burden of mass migration from Africa, remains to be seen.

The raw figures for Italian spending on Mare Nostrum are disturbingly high. €9 million per month over the last ten months comes to roughly €90 million ($118 million). That’s about €800 ($1050) per surviving refugee.

And those are just the costs to the Italian Navy. After the navy unloads the refugees from its landing craft, the culture-enrichers must be housed, fed, clothed, and provided with asylum lawyers, all at the taxpayers’ expense.

But there’s more. Take a close look at the photo at the top of this post, and the one below:

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Multiculturalism — The Final Solution

The following essay by Nick McAvelly was originally published at Partiot’s Corner in a slightly different form.

Multiculturalism — The Final Solution
by Nick McAvelly

“One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals — justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution.

“This ancient faith rests on the conviction that all the positive values in which men have believed must, in the end, be compatible, and perhaps even entail one another. ‘Nature binds truth, happiness and virtue together by an indissoluble chain’, said one of the best men who ever lived, and spoke in similar terms of liberty, equality and justice.

“But is this true? It is a commonplace that neither political equality nor efficient organisation nor social justice is compatible with more than a modicum of individual liberty, and certainly not with unrestricted laissez-faire; that justice and generosity, public and private loyalties, the demands of genius and the claims of society can conflict violently with each other. And it is no great way from that to the generalisation that not all good things are compatible, still less all the ideals of mankind . But somewhere, we shall be told, and in some way, it must be possible for all these values to live together, for unless this is so, the universe is not a cosmos, not a harmony; unless this is so, conflicts of values may be an intrinsic, irremovable element in human life. To admit that the fulfilment of some of our ideals may in principle make the fulfilment of others impossible is to say that the notion of total human fulfilment is a formal contradiction, a metaphysical chimera.”

— Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (pp. 237-238). Random House. Kindle Edition.

Finally, the mainstream media are beginning to acknowledge the poisonous fruits of multiculturalism. For years journalists have been afraid to speak the truth about what is happening in Britain, just as the council workers in Rotherham who were responsible for child welfare were afraid to speak the truth. And what is the truth they have been so afraid to give voice to? Multiculturalism is a failure, both as a political theory and as a matter of fact.

When the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany joined forces at the beginning of the war, Time magazine referred to the enemies of civilization as “Communazis”. Each had their final solution to the question of how human beings should live together on earth, and they were both willing to employ absolutely any means in order to achieve that end. We have seen the same mindset in government, both at a national level and in local councils up and down the land for many years now. Their final solution to the question of how we are to live is “multiculturalism”, and woe betide anyone who questioned that unproven, impossible theory.

The Soviets would as a matter of practice smear individuals who questioned the party line by declaring them to be Nazi sympathisers, and the Communazis who have been running rampant in the UK for years now have, as we all know, adopted the same policy. Anyone who questions them is immediately said to be a “Nazi”, “far right” (whatever that even means) and of course, a “racist”. The new Communazis of the UK will happily sacrifice the livelihoods and reputations of dissenting individuals in the name of their final solution.

As we have just seen, the new Communazis have been willing to sacrifice thousands of vulnerable young girls in the name of their final solution, too. In their minds, any price must be paid, if it means their final solution is to come to pass.

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Vienna is Different

JLH has translated an op-ed by Andreas Unterberger about the rapid demographic changes currently underway in Vienna. The translator includes this note:

We could paraphrase Mark Twain: “There are facts, awful facts and godawful statistics.”

How typical too, that cosmopolitan centers are the first to be corrupted, because this is where the con-men, power brokers and know-it-alls go to assert themselves, while the rest of the country tries to get on with business. I wonder how fast the rest of the country would be transformed if the administration should start taking large numbers of refugees and shipping them off to unsuspecting towns and provinces. (I did not say “Obama”)

The translated op-ed from the independent information portal is below.

Vienna Is Different

by Andreas Unterberger

Nothing shows it more clearly than the unvarnished demographic figures: In recent years, Vienna has become a completely different city — one that is in some parts purely Balkan-Turkish. And it will become even more so in coming years. Isn’t City Hall being really short-sighted when it applauds this development?

To be sure, the tourist crowds in “imperial Vienna,” — center city — are largely from the West. Even though it is possible more than ever this summer to see women covered head-to-toe and Arabic men with their not-exactly-European-deportment.

The money-grubbing Tourist Office is ecstatic and sees no problems. Likewise our leftist ideologues. The rest of the Viennese are beset by powerful worries. An influx is always good for the ventilation of a society, to be sure, but if an influx is too rapid and intense, it leads from control over everyday customs, to the economy, to a complete tipping over and then to the collapse of the society.

Presently, Vienna differs more than ever from the rest of Austria. For instance, if more than half of the students in Vienna’s schools already speak some language other than German at home, then Viennese children — even with the addition of Germans, Swiss, Liechtensteiners (and presumably also Luxembourgers) and South Tyroleans — are no longer the majority there.

Religious Statistics in Vienna

Religious statistics are similar. In one generation, the percentage of Catholics has been halved — and that is despite the influx of almost totally Catholic Poles, Croats and Slovaks. Simultaneously, the number of people of no religious affiliation has risen sharply (even among immigrants). And, indeed, the third largest group is the Muslims, who have been multiplying exponentially since 1971. Trending rapidly, they are already 11% of the population, while the average across Europe is 6%, even though many of those countries — unlike Austria — have a colonialist past. Members of the Orthodox Church, too — mostly from Serbia — have increased more than seven-fold.

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The Love Jihad in India

In India, the common Muslim practice is to kidnap young Hindu women, forcibly convert them to Islam, and then marry them (or turn them into sexual slaves). The process is known as the “Love Jihad”, and it bears a strong resemblance to the “grooming and pimping” epidemic in the UK.

An Indian commenter named Yog left some useful information about the Love Jihad in the comments on Tuesday’s news feed. The post below is adapted from his comment.

There are many many good reports on this phenomenon, but nearly all in Hindi (and many are documentary shows running one to two hours long, but all of those are in Hindi). The problem is that English language media in India is controlled by a small number of powerful groups, and ALL of them are left-secular leaning. In India that means whitewashing any crime done by Islam (be it historical, or more current). You could say that is one of the top planks on which the left-secular movement stands. So they simply deny or play down any instances of “Love Jihad” — this being the name given to it by Hindu organizations.

Here is a website with links, not very good (go to parent of this URL for more links).

Here are statistics confirmed by police investigations. In the states of Kerala (Muslim population 30%) and Karnataka, over 3000 Hindu and Christian girls have gone missing over the past three years. Some are never found again. Some resurface as Muslims.

Usually the girl goes missing. A few months later, her parents receive a letter (with picture of her) saying, “I have converted to Islam. Don’t look for me anymore.” In many cases, the girls are used in the terrorism pipeline, as couriers etc. Some end up as sexual slaves for Jihadi warriors.

Some Hindu organizations have done video documentation of cases where the girl actually tried to run away etc. For example, one is here. All the material is in Hindi, though…

I myself have worked with an organization that helps Hindu girls in this situation, and so know ground details. The numbers and the methods of “disappearance” are really quite staggering. In the region of Marathwada (in state Maharashtra) alone, each year 300 Hindu girls go missing in this way. Police will not act because of political pressure to deny this phenomenon. Parents cry and cry till the tears dry away. They run pillar to post for someone to help find and bring back their daughter. All they have is a letter saying “I have converted.”

Rape is a part of this process.

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Closing the Urban-Rural Divide

In his book “UnCivilization: Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos” (see sidebar for the link), Sir Gregory Copley maintains that if urban areas are going to survive, they will have to make friends with the rural areas close by. But this essay in The Federalist explores an alternative, i.e., bringing the country to the city:

We are used to a “country versus city” dichotomy. It’s not just typical to American society—the polarity has created a lot of class, cultural, and political differences throughout the world. There are a variety of disparate mores usually cultivated in the two separate communities: one is usually more liberal, the other more conservative, one more focused on the individual and careerism, the other more focused on the family. Urban folk and agrarians are often at odds with each other, representing different camps in larger political and ideological debates.

But what happens when people bring the country to the city?

Urban entrepreneurs are introducing vertical, rooftop, and indoor farming, as well as “urban homesteading,” to American cities. Each of these ideas, in its own unique way, builds agriculture within a city and turns barren concrete landscapes into something productive and beautiful. But on a more abstract, philosophical level, urban farming could have conservative implications and outworkings—and we should encourage these endeavors as much as possible, in our efforts to bring traditional principles back to urban environments.

Urban Farming Opportunities

First, urban farming presents an interesting opportunity for innovation and creativity amongst American entrepreneurs. Some aspiring urban farmers have built vertical farms and are using methods like hydroponics or aeroponics to cultivate produce with marked efficiency. Rooftop farms are also becoming very successful, and can yield as much as 20 times the produce of a traditional farm. Gotham Greens, a rooftop farm in Brooklyn, uses a computer control system—with sensors, lights, fans, shade curtains, heat blankets, and irrigation pumps—to grow vegetables year-round. Some may find these things strange and foreign, unseemly compared to more traditional forms of farming. But as long as they’re meant to supplement and not replace traditional modes of agrarianism, such efforts present opportunities for people to learn more about food production, and to harness new knowledge in an effort that benefits communities and fosters ingenuity.

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What’s the Real Story in Ukraine?

Ivan Winters returns with a guest-essay that takes a look behind the curtain of media hype at the crisis in Ukraine.

What’s the Real Story in Ukraine?
by Ivan Winters

I am writing this article to help interested persons make head or tail of the ongoing shambles that is the situation in Ukraine and to give some (hopefully accurate) information about the main players in the situation. One of the things that has driven me to contacting the team to offer to write this article has been the disgraceful, shallow, ill-informed coverage in much of the UK Press. The coverage on the two main TV News providers, BBC and ITN has been pathetic and has been propagandising an EU version of events (I will give some examples of this in the article).

Most of the print media has been nearly as bad. In fairness, during the past few weeks, since mid-February, the Daily Mail has started to take the situation seriously and provided much more accurate coverage, particularly in some of the op-eds. The best TV news coverage has been from Al-Jazeera (AJ). I suppose AJ is giving unbiased coverage for the simple reason that as an Islamic-funded broadcaster they have no particular brief for any of the parties in the region. There is also a channel for non-EU-tainted coverage on Russia Today (RT). RT is as you would expect: pro-Russian, putting the official ‘Moscow spin’ on all its reporting. It is also on occasions hilariously technically incompetent and some of its presenters speak very strongly accented English (some of the other staff are, however, Western European).

The first thing to get straight about the situation is the claim that the document that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign was a ‘EU Trade Pact’ (or similar names). This was in fact an innocuous and misleading wrapper put around a preliminary agreement for Ukraine to begin accession procedures with the EU, a process that can take decades (for example, Turkey!). Why was this misleading name used?

In the discussion that follows please note the difference between ‘Europe’ and the ‘EU’. Some reporters use the two names interchangeably. They are not the same. Europe is a geographical entity, a continent, consisting of over 40 countries. The EU is a group of 28 countries within Europe that have decided democratically (!) to form a supranational bloc. Reasons for the use of the misleading name for the rejected treaty are numerous and include:

a.   Attempting to hide the real nature of the EU attempt to expand its bloc up to the Russian border. The EU were perfectly aware that if Russia realised what was happening, Putin had two ‘weapons’ at his disposal. The first is that much of the population in Southern and Eastern Ukraine is pro-Russian (Russian-speaking and often Russian Orthodox). These peoples would much prefer Ukraine to increase its links with Russia rather than the EU, and Putin could easily motivate then into vociferously objecting to the proposed treaty.

The other weapon is that Russia supplies Ukraine with its oil and gas, and Ukraine regularly owes Russia for unpaid deliveries. For example, as of 1st March the unpaid balance was approx $1.59 billion (approx £980 million). Russia can (and has in the past) cut off Ukrainian fuel deliveries in mid-winter using the unpaid balance as an excuse. A collateral result of this is that some other EU countries lose some of their oil/gas deliveries as they use the pipelines running through Ukraine.

b.   The EU were well-aware that many Ukrainians, while perfectly happy to see Ukraine increase its links with Western Europe, would not be keen to see accession to the EU. After all, having got out of one supranational bloc in 1992, why would anyone want to join another such bloc? The image many East Europeans have of the EU is that of another expansionist supranational bloc led by a bureaucracy that comes up with the same incompetent decision-making as occurred in the Soviet bloc (see discussion and comment programs on RT to see this stereotype regularly repeated). A further image problem for the EU is that many people around the world see it as a putative ‘Fourth Reich’ dominated by Germany! Accurate or not, most Ukrainians have bad memories of their last involvement with Germany.
c.   Many of the EU’s social and cultural standards expected of accession nations are inimical to the Ukrainian people. As one example out of many, countries acceding to the EU are expected to legitimize same-sex marriage. This has already caused a problem with the latest accessing nation, Croatia, a proudly Catholic country, where a national referendum has rejected same-sex marriage. The Ukrainians are also proudly religious and the majority object to same-sex marriage. In fact most Ukrainians didn’t realise involvement with the EU included support for same-sex marriage until an advertising campaign in the local press — the campaign was paid for by a oligarch who is a friend of Vladimir Putin.

Having disposed of the narrative that the Ukrainian President was signing up to a trade pact, there is of course one simple fact that has to be recognised: President Yanukovych was a democratically elected president. If a democratically elected president wishes to change his mind before signing up to a treaty, that is his prerogative in a democracy and that is no reason for his overthrow. To give an obvious example: you are perfectly entitled to walk away from a potential house purchase provided you have not ‘exchanged’ contracts. The worse that can happen is you might have to pay some fees for solicitors/valuer etc.

Who was behind the rioting mob in Kiev that used the non-signature of the Trade Treaty as an excuse for a coup? Two answers actually: the US and the EU. The US has for the past two decades pursued a policy of trying to detach the former Soviet Republics from the Russian economic sphere and move them into the Western sphere, including such little sweeteners as ‘candidate member of NATO’ status. One of the most famous examples of this was Georgia. The Georgian government expected that in the event of a border dispute with Russia, NATO would intervene, all guns blazing. Instead, during the South Ossetia crisis they got French President Sarkozy to negotiate a ceasefire!

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It’s Allah’s Kind of Town, Chicago

The video below is not new, but it’s a real eye-opener. It’s a ten-minute “Chicago Police Department Documentary about Islam and understanding Muslim beliefs and practices”. It provides a combination of da’wa and subtle intimidation of the infidel, courtesy of the Chicago city government.

Creeping Sharia, which posted the video today, had this to say about it:

Stumbled across this video posted in 2009 that should alarm Americans.

The Chicago police department is pimping for Islam in a documentary that shows an unindicted co-conspirator to the 1991 World Trade Center bombing and another Muslim who “officially resigned from the Obama campaign following inquiries from the Wall Street Journal about his ties to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.”

It’s a full-fledged ad for Islam and seemingly seeks to force Chicago police officers to submit to Islamic customs sharia law when dealing with Muslim immigrants.

The Illinois State Police learned their lesson after hiring a Hamas-linked Imam to a Chaplain Post, but as recently as 2012 the Chicago Police Dept. Superintendent speaks at Hamas front CAIR-Chicago’s annual fundraiser.

My favorite line in this grotesque puff-piece: “Islam was basically the first women’s liberation movement.”

Rev. Dean, a chaplain for the Chicago Police Department, informs us that there are 400,000 Muslims in the Chicago area. The city of Chicago is home to 2.7 million people, but the Chicago metropolitan area has a population of about 9.7 million, which means that Muslims comprise just 4.1% of the population. If this is the kind of official publicity they can get now — funded by the taxpayer, I might add — what will the government-issued propaganda for Islam look like when they reach 15%? Or 30%?

I suppose we could look at London or Birmingham to get a rough idea.

Since the “documentary” was paid for by the government, don’t the producers have some sort of obligation to do due diligence? To research the background and history of Islam? To discover its violent ideology, as sanctioned by its scripture? To explain its traditional practices of conquest and destruction?

Apparently not.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

The Jihad Boys Bring it All Back Home

Ann Corcoran does exemplary work.

Today we were sent a link to her latest post on Austria’s PC/MC dhimmified decision to accept Muslim asylum seekers. Actions have consequences: the dhimmis, having grasped this nettle, are now stamping their feet about the pain while Counterjihadists roll their eyes and reply, “Well, duh…what did you think those battles for Vienna were about, anyway?”

Below is today’s post from Refugee Resettlement Watch. Her links to her previous posts about this issue may be found at her URL.

Like Gates of Vienna, Ann keeps a subject archive; it’s linked on the post I’ve mirrored (though I have omitted her links in this mirroring, but you can find them there).

(Reuters) – Authorities suspect around 130 people resident in Austria – most of them foreign nationals – have allied themselves with Islamist militants fighting abroad, officials in Vienna said on Friday, raising their estimate by nearly a third.

Public safety director Konrad Kogler told a news conference the 130 figure included “people actively participating in combat as well as ones who have returned to Austria, because both groups of people are relevant for us”. He thought around two-thirds of them had come back to Austria and one-third were in battle or on the way there. Officials were tracking the target group’s foreign travel and monitoring their activities when they return given the security risk they might pose, he said.

He said 40 of the 130 were Austrian citizens. The others were primarily from Russia, the Balkans and Turkey.


Kogler did not confirm reports that the nine suspects – one aged just 17 – were Chechens, but said many were Russian citizens.

The suspects had mostly come to Austria as young people and got political asylum that could be revoked should they be convicted of joining a terrorist organization, officials said.

To which Ms. Corcoran adds this exasperated note:

“Big deal! I am sure those budding Jihadists are concerned about the revocation of their political refugee status!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I looked for some of our reports on the subject of Austrian jihadists and came up with this series from early 2013, focusing on “The Votive Church” and the harm leftists have done to the Catholic Church and to the citizens of Austria with their naïve calculations and disruptions:

Just in case you think our American Left is any smarter, read this sad tale:

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Islam Rising — In Poland?

The Islamization of Poland seems to be proceeding much faster than I ever expected — and probably to the surprise of most Poles.

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends the following translated report on the latest official oppression of “Islamophobia” in Poland. He includes this introductory note:

It seems that in Poland, Western-style “hate-speech” laws are being rapidly enforced — perhaps helped by a Communist-style mentality still present in much of the police and prosecutors’ offices.

Here’s one victim — the owner of a Jihad Watch-style portal, reposting news articles about the “Islamisation of Europe”, mostly from Western media.

The police promptly took away his computer and laptop for examination, he was questioned about his “attitudes towards believers of Islam”, and even donors to his website received visits from the police!

One wonders whether the commenters, and over 150,000 Facebook users who “liked” his page will also receive visits?

The translated article:

On the 23rd of July [2014], the police carried out a search of my apartment and secured a PC, as well as my mobile phone with its SIM-card. However, this is not the first time when I’ve been the target of political correctness and pseudo-intellectual elites.

My legal problems commenced at the start of September 2013 — when I received a letter from the same prosecutors’ office, which is currently leading the investigation against me. At that time, I was accused of inciting hatred during 2012-2013, and insulting a group due to its faith. This is an charge from article 256§1 of the Polish penal code, and 257§ in relation to article 11§2 of the Polish legal code.

The prosecutors’ justification was as follows: “Damian Kowalski, inciting through the internet to hatred of the followers of Islam, requested donations to support his actions to the bank account number: …”. After a few days, I was forced to present myself at the prosecutors’ office and submit a statement in the presence of my lawyer, I was questioned about everything to do with the functioning of the website [].

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As Nice As ISIS Is…

…it’s not as nice as the beach or the golf course.

The Islamic State has thrown Western heads of state off their game. Their political game, that is — not their other games. It’s August, after all, and those fun-in-the-sun games are proceeding very nicely at Martha’s Vineyard and Polzeath, thank you very much.

First it was Barack Obama, fist-bumping with his buddies on the links. Now it’s David Cameron, showing off his trim prime ministerial physique in the surf on a Cornish beach. Below is the cover from today’s Daily Mirror:

Our British correspondent JP notes:

Islamic surf’s up, however, it alludes to the Sun headline of 11 Jan 1979 when Jim Callaghan denied that there was ‘mounting chaos’ during Britain’s ‘Winter of Discontent’.

In other ISIS news, JP sends more about what the meaning of “IS” is. The twelfth item down in today’s Telegraph headlines— if made all-caps with the punctuation removed — reads:

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