Greta Thunberg: The Avatar of the Totalitarian New World Order

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated more material about the long-awaited climate messiah Greta Thunberg, and also includes his own introduction and afterword.

Introduction by LN

ZERO emission activist Greta Thunberg with her entourage is back in Europe. However, ZERO is not always ZERO. How will we achieve ZERO greenhouse gas emissions in the future?

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has calculated the matter and concluded that we in Sweden… will not be able to reach the long-term environmental goal of ZERO net greenhouse gas emissions until 2050.

ZERO net emissions, however, do not necessarily mean that no emissions are allowed. Up to one third of the emissions may still be present in 40 years.

While preparations continue toward reaching the ZERO emission target, more and more perceptive people are seeing through the Greta Thunberg & Coworker-led activism.

Here follows an essay from the Swedish dissident website Svegot Media:

Greta without a mask — the climate was a smokescreen

By Magnus Söderman
3 December 2019

Svegot Media

Many people saw early on what was behind the mask of this hectic “climate movement” attributed to Greta Thunberg and her school strike. But even more people understood nothing at all, and threw themselves into the new movement where they could signal their goodness. Unfortunately, it all turns out to be nothing but the same old left-wing extremism.

It may seem that you are good and stupid when you do not understand what it all was about. When the left-liberal media, left-wing politicians, a “philanthropist” like George Soros and the violent left (which forms the core of the Extinction Rebellion) gather around a common cause, then it’s about another united front — a classic modus operandi by the Reds. Choose one thing that many can agree on (get scared by), whip up the mood using your own old media and ensure that financing is handled with the help of capitalists and/or with tax assets. And over and over again it is the same thing that happens.

Climate change fit like a hand in a glove. Who wants to be the one who is “against” the climate? The question itself is also so big and cumbersome that one can refer to “science” and “ researchers” and entirely renounce one’s own responsibility. “The researchers say…” And so it was with that thing. It doesn’t matter if the “researcher” turns out to do “research” about gender or critical whiteness.

There must also be a sense of acute desperation when the matter is presented. Previously it was nuclear arms, or the arms race, or to rescue all children fleeing across the Mediterranean. This time the destruction of the Earth within 10, 15, 20, 50 years.

For those who are able to be guided by “opinion” and want to fit in (most people do), it is self-evident to be moved in one way or another. Maybe there is a certain amount of doubt, but it is still “for a good thing”. It’s also a great way to kick-start lazy youngsters. Although technology has made many young persons passive in real life, there is still in the young the will to riot. This is natural because part of the process of becoming an adult involves “revolting” and breaking away from mom and dad and learning to stand on one’s own two legs. This is something the Reds always have been good at cynically exploiting.

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Pushback Against Gender-Segregated Swimming in Frankfurt

The article below provides a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the Muslim entrepreneur who wants to build a gender-segregated swimming facility in Frankfurt. The FDP (Freie Democratische Partei, Free Democratic Party) has come out strongly against the idea.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this piece from the Frankfurter Neue Presse:

First swimming pool for Muslims in Frankfurt: FDP opposes promotion

by Thomas J. Schmidt
December 4, 2019

The first “Muslims Only” swimming pool is to be built in Frankfurt. The FDP criticises it.

Concerning the planned swimming pool for Muslims, the FDP in Frankfurt is against financial support or public promotion. “Such a sports facility does not serve integration and coexistence, but leads to more separation via separation of the sexes,” explained the FDP local advisory board member in the local advisory board 2 (Bockenheim, Kuhwald, Westend), Maria-Christina Nimmerfroh, who is also deputy district chairman.

The FDP faction in the Frankfurt’s local advisory board had submitted a motion to the following effect: “Irrespective of the fact that private initiatives are free to construct sports facilities and operate them according to their own rules, the state should not promote gender-separated sports facilities,” Nimmerfroh said. The plans of the swimming pool for Muslims in Frankfurt would also include making it possible for children from very religious families to have sex-separated swimming lessons. “Swimming lessons are an integral part of school lessons, and girls and boys should and can do sport together there,” Nimmerfroh said. “If parents keep their daughters away from swimming lessons, we have to work on the acceptance of joint lessons and must not react with gender segregation.”

That is why the FDP is against the promotion, support or cooperation of the city with this swimming pool project. This also applies to sponsoring associations or other institutions and also to other levels of government such as the state or federal government.

A swimming pool for Muslims should not receive any support, according to the will of the FDP.

The Austrian Cassandra

Last month Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s book The Truth Is No Defense was published by the New English Review Press. It is reviewed below by Matt Bracken.

Matt is a former Navy Seal, an essayist, and the author of Enemies Foreign And Domestic.

The Truth is No Defense by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Reviewed by Matt Bracken

Cassandra was reputed to be a daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She was admired by the god Apollo, who sought to win her with the gift to see the future. She promised him her favors, but after receiving the gift, she went back on her word and refused the god. The enraged Apollo could not revoke a divine power, so he added to it the curse that though she would see the future, nobody would believe her prophecies. (Paraphrased from Wikipedia)

To understand how the fates conspired to turn Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff into an Austrian Cassandra for our age, you need to explore her incredible background. ESW was born in Switzerland as a self-described diplomatic brat, spending her early formative years in Vienna, New York, Iran, Iraq and finally Chicago, where her father was the Austrian Consul General. As a young adult she was working at the Austrian embassy in Kuwait during the 1990 invasion by Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army, where she was held hostage for a month along with most of the diplomatic community. A decade later she was serving at the Austrian embassy in Tripoli Libya during the 9-11-2001 terror attacks.

Throughout her life she was subjected to the entire range of religious and cultural experiences to be found in both the Shah’s and the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Kuwait before, during and after the Iraqi invasion, and Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya. Due to the constant international travel required by her unique upbringing, Elisabeth was serially exposed to varying degrees of Western freedom and Islamic oppression. For example, as a child she watched Iranian women transformed by the Islamic revolution from westernized and independent free spirits into Shariah-bound walking ghosts hidden under black tchadors (black full-body veil). Later, while serving in Libya with a diplomatic passport, she was able to freely drive back and forth between Gaddafi’s dictatorship and the more open and tolerant Muslim nation of Tunisia.

Upon departing these Islamic nations for Austria or America, she was struck by their populations’ lack of concern for what she perceived to be the slow-motion Islamization of the West via the Trojan horse of uncontrolled mass migration.

Traumatized and fully awakened by her experiences living in the Middle East and North Africa, ESW sought ways to inform her countrymen about the risks of creeping sharia that she perceived as invading Austria by stealth. In her own words:

In early 2008, I was asked by the Austrian Freedom Party to hold a series of fully sourced seminars in Vienna on Islam, explaining to interested parties what the Qur’an and the hadith actually teach, along with the basic tenets of Islamic law. At the time, the Freedom Party was considered a right-wing extremist party. Truth be told, though, the Freedom Party was the only political party exhibiting interest in listening and learning about this challenging topic. I would gladly have held my seminars for all other political parties in Austria, including the Social Democrats and the Greens. Alas, no one was willing to listen. As I like to say: “You may choose to ignore Islam, but Islam does not ignore you.” To this day, as far as I am aware, no other party has offered seminars on Islam. The other parties merely have devout Muslims advising them, to their and their voters’ detriment. For the next year and a half, the interest in my seminars grew and attendance increased. It should not have come as a surprise that the success of my lectures drew the interest of Austrian Leftists, who are as determined as Leftists in other Western countries to discredit and destroy the work of those they view as “racists,” “fascists,” and “Islamophobes.” Unbeknownst to me, the left-wing weekly magazine NEWS sent a reporter to one of my seminars in October 2009 to make a surreptitious recording of it.

The reporter’s article quickly led to ESW being charged under Austrian law with (1) Inciting hatred (hate speech), and (2) Denigrating a legally recognized religion. Thus began her decade-long march through the Austrian and finally the European Council’s (not to be confused with the European Union, which has its own, separate court) justice systems. In February of 2011 a (female) Austrian judge found Elisabeth not guilty on the count of hate speech, but guilty on the charge of denigration of the religious teachings of a legally recognized religion. (Tapes of her secretly recorded seminars were played in court, and it was obvious to all that ESW was always calm and professorial, relying entirely upon the Koran, Hadith and other Islamic texts to make her case against allowing the expansion of Islam and Shariah law in the West, so she was fortunately acquitted on the hate speech charge.)

But ESW was not to be fully exonerated. In Leftist, multi-cultural and pro-immigration Austrian politics, she had to be punished and made an example as a right-wing hater, and so she was found guilty for denigrating Islam, which brings us to the most amazing element of her improbable story.

Living for many years in Islamic countries, both as a young girl and an adult woman, and being exposed to Islamic texts, Elisabeth had been shocked to discover that Mohammed not only had dozens of wives and concubines, but that at the age of 54, he had “married” his favorite “wife” Aisha, when she was only six years old! They “consummated” their “marriage” when little Aisha was but nine.

In one of her secretly recorded private seminars, after relating this sick and demented biographical fact about the founder of Islam, ESW made an offhanded remark that Mohammed “had a thing for little girls.” She never said that Mohammed was a pedophile, but nonetheless she was charged with denigrating a recognized religion because, according to the female judge who convicted her, “Pedophilia is factually incorrect, since pedophilia is a sexual preference which solely or mainly is directed towards children. This does not apply to Mohammad. He was still married to Aisha when she was 18.”

Again in Elisabeth’s own words:

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The Wayward Bus

The following video was posted by Filip Dewinter, a leader of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang, on his Twitter account. In his tweet Mr. Dewinter highlights the fact that a Muslim bus driver was praying on his bus, contrary to laws and regulations. The Vlaams Belang leader called for people to make their opinion known in replies to his post.

According to some reports, the majority of people who responded to the tweeted video thought it was perfectly OK for a Muslim bus driver to pray on the bus.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Martin Hess: “Germany Has Mutated Into a Security Policy Madhouse”

Martin Hess is a former chief superintendent in the German police and a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

In the following video, Mr. Hess speaks in the Bundestag about the increasing insecurity in Germany as a result of mass migration into the country.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Durance Not-So-Vile in the Farmville Detention Center

Farmville is a small city (population ca. 8,000) here in Central Virginia. It’s not really in my area; it’s in Southside, whereas I’m in the Piedmont. Still, it’s not all that far away, and I know it pretty well.

I remember when the immigrant detention center in Farmville was first approved and built, sometime during the Obama administration, maybe eight or ten years ago. It was designed to handle what was then considered to be the inevitable future of America: mass immigration across the southern border. A private contractor runs it on behalf of ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

The quotes below are excerpted from an article by Alexa Massey in The Farmville Herald. One of the things I like about truly local newspapers is that their news stories tend to be straightforward and factual, without editorial intrusions or skewing for the sake of the Narrative. This article fits the bill admirably, even if Ms. Massey did write “communicative diseases” when she meant “communicable diseases”. That’s a minor glitch in an otherwise informative article about the detention center.

The chosen excerpts are interleaved with my notes and commentary:

Detention Center: an inside look

by Alexa Massey

On Nov. 12 The Herald was invited on a tour of the Immigration Centers of America (ICA) Farmville Detention Center. The tour served as an inside look of the day-to-day operations of the facility.

On its website, the detention center states that its mission is to “provide a safe, humane and appropriately secure civil detention environment that offers an appealing alternative to the standard method of detention for federal immigrants while they navigate the immigration process.”

The facility, according to Farmville Detention Center Director Jeff Crawford, contains enough beds to house up to 736 detainees, although the number fluctuates from day to day. 576 individuals were being housed at the facility on Nov. 12, falling from a headcount of 650 the week prior. Detainees are all male and range in age with an average age of mid-30s. A typical day shift includes 28 officers on duty, and a night shift sees an average of 25 officers. The detention center as a whole has approximately 180 employees.

Based on the figures given above, we might expect an average of about 600 detainees to be housed in the detention center at any given point. There are 180 staff members, and we’ll estimate that they’re being paid an average of $40,000 a year. That may be low-balling it, but they’re private employees rather than government workers, so their pay is going to be lower than that of their counterparts in the federal workforce. Throw in the employer’s share of FICA and some benefits, and say the total expense to the contractor is about $50,000 per head. That would be a total $9 million per annum for the entire staff.

Divide that total by 600, and you get $15,000 per inmate per year. And that’s just for personnel costs. Add to that the cost of food, medical supplies, equipment, CCTV, infrastructure maintenance, plant depreciation, etc., and the total expense per inmate might be $30,000 every year. Bump the figure up a little more to assure the contractor a healthy profit margin, and you’re talking about a hefty annual bill for Uncle Sam, paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. Or, strictly speaking, paid for by having the Fed print yet more pretend money, but that’s an argument for another day.

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The Huddled Masses Yearn to Cross the Border Fence Into Hungary

Hungary is currently experiencing a surge of migrants against its southern borders, the largest it has seen since the Great Migration Crisis of 2015. Its border with Serbia is now completely defended by a razor-wire fence, but recent arrivals have been digging tunnels under it and putting ladders up against it in their zeal to cross the border.

The video below was released by the Hungarian government. It shows numerous attempts, some of them successful, by people who want to cross into Hungary.

No one who wanted to enter the country honestly and legally would attempt to dig under the fence or scale it with a ladder. That means these new arrivals are invaders, rather than migrants. Hungarian border guards would be completely justified in shooting the invaders as soon as they put up their ladders or emerged from the tunnel under the fence. And they would only have to shoot a few of them; after that the traffickers would return to using the longer route through Croatia. But the Hungarians dare not do it.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video (hat tip László):

The following excerpts are from an ABC News article about the discovery of the tunnels under the fence:

Hungarian police find 2 tunnels used by migrants on border

Hungarian police say they have discovered two tunnels used by migrants to enter the country from Serbia

Hungarian police said Friday that they discovered two tunnels used by migrants to enter the country from Serbia.

Police said that a tunnel 34 meters (37 yards) long was discovered near the southern village of Asotthalom, where they also detained 44 migrants who had used the precarious passageway.

Police Col. Jeno Szilassi-Horvath said a Serbian citizen suspected of human trafficking had been detained along with the migrants.

The tunnel near Asotthalom was about 50 centimeters (20 inches) wide, 60 centimeters (2 feet) high, and had been dug as deep as about 6 meters (20 feet) below the surface without any support beams or other elements to prevent its collapse.

Szilassi-Horvath said the dig, which likely lasted a few weeks and was done without any machines, had gone undetected thanks to the thick underbrush in the area and because the soil dug out was dumped in a nearby canal.

He added that security officials were using drones and scanners to search for any more tunnels.

The other tunnel, in the village of Csikeria, was 21.7 meters (71 feet) long, but no successful migrant crossings took place there. Police said they discovered both tunnels not long after their construction was completed, and filled both of them up again.

See also Vlad’s report on the same topic.

Below are four more articles about the migration (invasion) surge at the borders of Hungary:

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A Twilight Struggle in France

At long last, and not until after the percentage of Muslims in the population passed the point of no return, the French government has decided to do something about “radicalization”. The initiative seems the very essence of futility, since Islam is firmly established in dozens or hundreds of banlieues, from which it can never be dislodged without the use of massive and lethal violence.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Le Journal du Dimanche:

Fight against Islamism: The plan extended to the entire country

November 27, 2019
by Stéphane Joahny

After targeting fifteen districts particularly affected by the phenomenon of radicalisation, the fight against Islamism and community withdrawal is spreading throughout the country. Prefects are meeting Thursday at the Ministry of Interior to discuss it.

Prefects are meeting Thursday morning at Place Beauvau for an exceptional seminar on the theme of “the fight against Islamism and community withdrawal”. No fewer than four ministers — Nicole Belloubet for Justice, Jean-Michel Blanquer for National Education, Julien Denormandie for Cities and Housing, and Marlène Schiappa, in charge of Equality between Women and Men — will be present alongside Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. “This working meeting is in line with the plan to combat radicalisation presented in February 2018,” the ministry is told.

Fifteen “republican reconquest districts”, those most affected by the phenomenon of radicalisation (community withdrawals, departures for Syria, etc.), such as Trappes in the Yvelines, had been targeted. The action of the State — both administrative and judicial authorities — has resulted in the closure of twelve mosques, four schools and one hundred and thirty drinking establishments close to the radical Islamist movement.

Objective: mobilize all government services throughout the country Public authorities have also made adjustments of several million euros through the CAF [Caisse d’allocations familiales/Family Allowance Fund] and the Urssaf [Unions de Recouvrement des cotisations de Sécurité Sociale et d’Allocations Familiales/Social Security and Family Allowance Contribution Collection Offices].

Instruction will be given on Thursday to the prefects to mobilise all the services of the State to apply this plan to the whole country, in line with to local circumstances. Locally, prefects already coordinate departmental assessment groups (GEDs), responsible in particular for monitoring radicalised individuals at risk of violence.

Tractors Converge on Berlin

Last week farmers from all over Germany drove their tractors to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to protest the country’s latest agricultural policies, especially those mandated by the European Union.

The first two videos below are news reports on the arrival of the farmers in Berlin. The third one shows what happened when Svenja Schulze, the Minister of the Environment, tried to speak to the assembled farmers.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

Video transcript #1:

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We Had to Destroy Free Speech in Order to Save It

In a recent speech in the Bundestag, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out in favor of freedom of expression, but said that there must be limits to it, such as when it might “injure the dignity of others”.

I’m an American living in the USA, so the idea that free speech could be curtailed if someone’s dignity is offended seems nonsensical. However, Europe is a different sort of place, with different rules. Most Western European countries have hedged in freedom of speech with a lot of exceptions and restrictions.

Can you imagine the process by which the State would determine whether any particular instance of speech might be injurious to someone’s dignity? The legislature would have to order the formation of a Dignity Assessment Board, with members chosen by the head of government according to rules that guarantee the preservation of “diversity” in the body. The board would be granted a large budget so that it could examine each instance of possibly offensive speech at whatever length the circumstances required.

I’m certain that anyone who said “Islam is inherently violent” would be judged to have injured the dignity of others. However, if someone said “Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs,” he would probably be let off the hook…

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Lost City of Londonistan

Earlier today a terrorist attacked pedestrians with a knife on London Bridge, wounding several people before being shot to death by police (see the Breitbart report on the incident). The attack prompted our English correspondent Seneca III to send the following essay.

The Lost City of Londonistan

by Seneca III

Before the perfectly naturally angry and precisely directed response to today’s atrocity on and about London Bridge is officially designated ‘wrongthink’ and generates the inevitable screams of ‘Islamophobia!’ from the collective entity ultimately responsible, perhaps a little dose of facts and history may help level the playing field.

The noun ‘Islamophobia’ is a compound oxymoron concocted to obfuscate historic reality, and it is the reverse of the same propaganda coin the obverse of which reads ‘Religion of Peace’. Consider: how could such a long, fully documented record of fourteen centuries of relentless Islamic aggression during which Muslims launched jihad after jihad spreading death and atrocity far and wide across the globe now be ignored in order to enforce a revisionist dialogue totally contrary to recorded facts?

Europe itself was assaulted on every quarter from Iceland to Ireland to Scotland and England to Scandinavia and the Low Countries; from Spain to France to the Balkans and Austria. The devastation caused by this incessant slaughter and the after-effects of Islam’s scorched-earth policy was immense, and rendered vast swathes of Europe uninhabitable. According to some sources it was during these periods that approximately 15 million Europeans, close to 20% of a population of roughly 78 million, were either killed outright, starved to death, died of diseases spread through displacement or were taken and sold into predominantly sexual slavery in the souks of Arabia and the Barbary Coast.

The Italian scholar Franco Cardini wrote: “If we ask ourselves how and when the modern notion of Europe and the European identity was born, we realise the extent to which Islam was a factor (albeit a negative one) in its creation. Repeated Muslim aggression against Europe between the seventh to eighth centuries, then between the fourteenth and the eighteenth centuries was the ‘violent midwife’ to Europe.”

That we Europeans became less involved in internecine conflicts and more militantly oriented beyond our borders is not an indictable action but a natural product of the will to survive and a growing awareness that offence is the best form of defence. It was not a case of the West being the aggressor and Islam the victim, as the cultural relativism narrative would have us believe; if anyone has a grievance to air it is the West, not the demented slaves of Allah in the occupied territories now established from Londonistan to Glasgow and blighting the whole face of Europe like a human pox.

Remember, nothing in Islam changes. In the final analysis we would be mad to accept the claim that we Westerners are in any way responsible for the current state of affairs, other than that in our sublime stupidity and fear of being labelled ‘Racist!’ we have allowed our corrupted academic and political classes to physically impose this pre-medieval abomination upon us without much more than a fearful murmur of disapproval.

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Matt Bracken and ESW on InfoWars

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff appeared recently on InfoWars via skype when Matt Bracken was sitting in as host.

She talked about her just-released book, The Truth Is No Defense, which concerns her experiences being prosecuted and convicted in Austria for “denigration of a legally recognized religion”.

She and Matt also discussed the state of free speech in Western Europe (short version: there is none) and the current assault on the First Amendment here in the USA:

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

Moldova Comes to Ter Apel

The following video reports on the arrival of a substantial number of Moldovan asylum seekers in the small town of Ter Apel in the Netherlands. I should say “Moldovans”, however, because like the thousands of “Romanians” dispersed all over Western Europe, these Moldovans are actually gypsies, as pointed out by Romanian visitors at Vlad’s place. Natives of that particular corner of Europe can easily tell the difference.

Also worth noting is the special migrant-transport bus that is featured in the middle section of this clip. It is staffed by special guards (or bouncers) in addition to the driver because so many would-be riders become violently enraged when they learn they are expected to pay a fare to ride the bus.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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How to Lose the Battle at the Gates of Vienna: Eliminate the Winner

As mentioned here in the news feed a few days ago, officials in Vienna have decided not to erect a previously commissioned statue of Polish King Jan III Sobieski, the savior of Vienna in 1683. The hero was to have been commemorated with the statue shown at the top of this post, which would have stood on the Kahlenberg, the mountain next to Vienna from which he launched his charge against the Turks to relieve the siege of Vienna.

The statue, which was created by a Polish sculptor, has now been returned to Poland and is on display in Kraków. It was said to be too “controversial”, and it probably is, because it reminds the Turks — who have now entered and occupied the city without a fight — that they lost the battle at the Gates of Vienna 334 years ago.

JLH, who translated the article below, says:

Maybe if he identified as a Muslim, they could appoint a new committee, to report back for the next centennial.

The translated article from Kronen Zeitung:

He Saved Vienna: City Halts Monument to Sobieski

This week marks the 335th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, September 12, 1683, which ended in a crushing defeat of the besieging Turkish army. Since 2013 it has been planned to erect a monument to the leader of the relieving army, King Jan III Sobieski of Poland. Now the project has been halted. The first “draft” was rejected by the monument committee, and its foundation [on the Kahlenberg heights] remains empty.[1]

The groundbreaking ceremony for the monument to the courageous and canny leader of his own troops took place in 2013, and the foundation has been ready on the Kahlenberg for months. Jan III Sobieski (1629-1696) was to be honored for his immense contribution to the rescue of Vienna from storming by the Turkish army under Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa. Sobieski mobilized 27,000 men, and with his hussars led a decisive cavalry charge on the elite troops of the Grand Vizier. The Turks, who had killed thousands of people in the burning Vienna suburbs alone, fled.

Now everything has changed. As Polish media report, the City of Vienna has rejected the design, and a new statue is to be designed. The spokesperson for the mayor of Vienna confirms.

“The Advisory Council for monuments and memorials has commented on the design. The City of Vienna is still committed to the monument.” The first design is to be revised and installed on the existing foundation on the coming anniversary.

Johann Gudenus of the FPÖ [Austrian Freedom Party] says: “If this delaying tactic to show consideration for Turkish voters succeeds, it would be a scandal… The Poles are just as in the dark about this as we are: why the City of Vienna has put the brakes on this project.”

The mayor’s office “guarantees that there will be a new draft for the statue” and this monument will be erected “of course on the Kahlenberg.”[2]


1.   This article has pictures of the finished monument, now installed in Kraków.
2.   Right next to the new statue of Erdogan beheading an infidel?