Swebb TV is Back on the Air

As I reported on Monday, the Swedish dissident YouTube channel Swebb TV was abruptly and without warning pulled by YouTube. The channel was very popular, rivaling the state broadcaster in its number of viewers, so its removal caused a commotion.

Today YouTube restored Swebb TV, once again without any notice. YouTube never explains; it doesn’t have to explain, because it is part of Google the Almighty. So we don’t know whether the public outrage over Swebb TV’s deletion caused YouTube to change its mind.

Our Swedish correspondent LN sends this translation of an announcement posted on Facebook:

Dear Swebb TV viewers,

Today we are pleased to note that YouTube has decided to reactivate our account and that the channel has now restarted!

We believe that this is a consequence of your and all alternative channels’ commitment not to allow this form of abuse.

Therefore, we would like to thank you again for the support and the consideration we have received during these past few days.

The break has shown how vulnerable we are, and how important it is to explore alternative solutions, where we are not in the hands of different interests. Therefore the work to find alternatives will continue.

A positive aspect in this context is that we have received so much evidence of how important this work is, and our goal now is to scale it up further.

Thanks again for your support!


Mikael and the Swebb TV team

We Were Socialists Once… and Young

The Deplorable Wing of the Internet — which is where I usually hang out — has been convulsing itself with mirth for the past couple of days over the shenanigans at the Democratic Socialists of America convention that was held last weekend in Atlanta.

If you watch enough footage from the event, it becomes clear that there is only one commandment in the Socialist catechism: “Thou shalt not trigger a comrade.” All other policies are simply elaborations on, extensions of, and footnotes to this woke mantra. Social justice stuff is what doesn’t trigger them, so that’s what they do. Anything that runs counter to it triggers the comrades to varying degrees, making them hightail it to their safe spaces to recover their composure.

It’s not surprising that the non-canonical use of gendered pronouns was a central preoccupation of the convention. See this Fox News report for more on this important topic.

Below are three videos with highlights and commentary on last weekend’s events in Atlanta. The first includes a selection of brief excerpts that provide an overview of what the policy wonks at the DSA consider really, really important:

The second clip contains an exhortation by a moderator about triggering, and how not to do it. Notice that just before the end he inadvertently uses the word “trump”, and then realizes the gravity of his error. That must have been a Category 5 triggering event for his audience:

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A Vigil for the Murdered Boy in Frankfurt

As I reported a week ago, an Eritrean culture-enricher pushed a mother and her 8-year-old son in front of a train at the central station in Frankfurt, killing the little boy.

A couple of days ago the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) held a vigil for the victim in front of the station. Flowers and candles were out in force, but there was also a protest about the violent crime imported into the country along with all those hundreds of thousands of migrants. And, needless to say, the presence of the AfD attracted a counter-demonstration by open-borders leftists.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Saarlouis: The Wild West of Modern Multicultural Germany

The city of Saarlouis is in southwestern Germany, close to the border with France, as its name would suggest. The mayor of the city has taken the unusual step of publicly admitting that his police force is all but helpless against the marauding gangs of migrant “youths”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

And here’s a brief clip of Chancellor Angela Merkel reminding Mayor Demmer that he just has to accept what’s happening in his city:

Video transcript:

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A Swede Keeps Silent — Or Gets Silenced

Earlier this month a popular Swedish YouTube channel called Swebb TV was abruptly and without warning shut down by YouTube.

Swebb TV was not a wild-eyed, wacko place — it featured sober discussion and well-reasoned arguments. However, it was critical of mass immigration as well as the “climate change” lunacy exemplified by Greta Thunberg, and that was enough to attract the scowls of the Powers That Be.

The Swedish government has been putting pressure on Google and other tech giants to suppress “hate” on their sites. As far as anyone can determine, “hate” means any commentary that is critical of the government, and especially of its immigration policies.

Swebb TV had recently become very popular, with a viewership that rivaled that of state TV programs. From the government’s point of view, the situation had become intolerable: Swebb TV had to go. So apparently it gave another sharp nudge to YouTube, and the video heresies of Swebb TV were duly yanked from the web.

The channel says that it has copies of the video files for all its programming, and will re-establish them on a different platform.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has collected and translated material about the suppression of Swebb TV. The following article was written by Ingrid Carlqvist for “Ingrid and Maria”:

Swebb TV shut down by YouTube

A few hours ago, YouTube users discovered that the popular alternative channel Swebb TV had disappeared from YouTube.

“We haven’t received a single warning. I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot with this,” says Mikael Willgert, who runs Swebb TV.

Mikael Willgert spent all of Friday at Stockholm District Court where he watched the trial of A$AP Rocky and his two co-defendants. When it was over, he discovered several messages on his phone that his incredibly popular YouTube channel had been deleted.

When Ingrid and Maria reach Willgert, he is in good spirits. He has not yet reached home and therefore has not read the emails that may have come from YouTube, but says firmly that he never received any warnings about “offensive” content.

“Not a single one! But the channel has become increasingly popular lately. We have received over a million views and 200,000 viewing hours a month. In total, we have had 340,000 unique viewers in the last 90 days,” says Willgert.

“I am pretty sure that the real problem is not that we have committed a ‘hate crime’, but that we criticize the international interests that have a great impact on our politicians. We have reached out to a large audience, and it is probably this that got someone to respond. We have obviously put our finger on some sore points.”

Has a certificate of release

Swebb TV has a proof of publication and therefore has constitutional protection in accordance with the Freedom of Pressure Regulation and the Statement of Freedom of Expression. But since YouTube is an American company, they can disregard Swedish law. And the chance that the Swedish government would protest against this violation of our constitution can be said to be minimal.

Mikael Willgert says that all Swebb TV’s videos are stored on different hard drives so that if they are not entered on YouTube again, the videos will be uploaded elsewhere.

“I think YouTube is making a big mistake here. This opens it up for their competitors and creates new opportunities for them. Sure, it will be extra work for us to upload all our programs on another channel, but of course we will.”

The second article was published by Fria Tider:

YouTube personality: “We live in a dictatorship”

We now live in a dictatorship. This is according to YouTube personality Lennart Matikainen after the independent TV channel Swebb TV was shut down by YouTube.

It was yesterday that Google-owned YouTube shut down the major alternative TV channel Swebb TV due to alleged “hate speech”.

This is as a result of push last year by the Bonnier Group and Stefan Löfven’s government for the online giants to start censoring so-called “hatred”, which has in practice turned out to be criticism of the establishment’s mass immigration and climate alarmism.

Swebb TV did not publish incitement against ethnic groups or other illegalities, but rather skilled and academic criticism of immigration and climate hysteria. The channel is one of the most important media projects in Sweden and had hundreds of thousands of views of its videos.

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Get Ready to Receive the Bulldozer!

I’m a great admirer of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. Regardless of my opinion on gypsies (which I prefer not to elaborate on at the moment), Mr. Salvini is utterly refreshing in his absolute refusal to be politically correct. He voices an opinion that every ordinary Italian — and virtually every European who has had personal experience with gypsies — agrees with, but dares not speak aloud in public, because he knows the rules about WAYCISM. But Mr. Salvini goes ahead and says it.

He is responding to a remark by a gypsy (or Roma) woman in Italy, an inhabitant of an illegal gypsy camp, who said that Matteo Salvini deserved a bullet.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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We Have a Burka Ban — Not

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this exposition on the recently-enacted burka ban and related matters in The Netherlands.

We have a burka ban — not

by H. Numan

The Dutch government passed a law banning burkas and niqabs in the public space. No, that is not correct. In some public spaces. Not in all. As you can expect, the progressive left and mohammedans are up in arms. The latter for the moment in arms attached to your body. Don’t worry, a burka ban is worthy of a suicide attack. Mohammedans aren’t that broad-minded. Anything that conflicts with the dawah must be eradicated. With blood, preferably.

From the 1st of August women can no longer practice their freedom of religion in public in The Netherlands. They are discriminated against by the evil Dutch. The law has been changed, so that the wearing of burkas and niqabs in (a few) public places is forbidden. The fine is €350 for virtuous women who cover their modesty. From now on, women are expected to dress like harlots as Dutch women ordinarily do. This, of course, is not my viewpoint, rather the mohammedan one. And that of the progressive left.

It’s a silly law. Why? First of all, not that many women dress in tents. According to different sources, about 300-1200 in total. Second and far more important: nobody is going to enforce it. Comrade Femke Halsema, who heads as burkamaster the People’s Republic of Amsterdam, said it will under no circumstances be enforced in her city. For those of you who don’t know: Amsterdam is now effectively a communist commune. During the last elections Green Left (successors of the communist party) took control of the city.

Green Left is what we call in Thailand a watermelon. Dark green on the outside, bright red on the inside. I’ve checked: the only things they changed were the wordings, images and the logo. The party structure itself would be approved by Joseph Stalin himself. That did not change. They fight then and now for a classless society in which the proletariat rules. Class struggle is out, fighting for the environment is in. You can fight your class struggle just as well by pretending to protect the environment.

Comrade Femke is a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ type of leader. She had a hobby: old-timers. She proudly owned and drove an old Mercedes 200 D. I’d be hard pressed to say which pollutes more: a Trabant from East Germany or comrade Femke’s old rust barrel. Given its age, I assume the latter. Nothing wrong with old-timers, but if you are the chairwomen of the party that wants to be environmentally correct, not a good choice. It’s like the chairman of the WWF being an avid hunter. Oops. That was exactly what Prince Bernard von Lippe-Biesterfeld (husband of queen Juliana) did.

Comrade Femke also has children. Two, a boy and a girl. They were send to a ‘black’ school. We don’t have black schools, but for us a black school is a school where the majority of children have an ethnic background. They are also very bad schools. Not the best teachers, huge classes, lots of absentees, etc. So, as soon as the media were finished with the photo ops showing dear comrade mum bringing her kids to the politically correct school, Femke hurried to change them to a 100% ‘white’ school. That’s a school with a high price tag to keep the undesirables out. Lots of ‘blacks’ in those schools: the son of the ambassador for Nigeria, for example. Again, very hypocritical. But then, so is socialism in general. Comrade Femke puts a lot of effort getting ‘white’ children forcibly assigned to ‘black’ schools. “For community cohesion.”

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Update on the Murderous Swordsman of Stuttgart

Note: I’m not posting any photos related to the atrocity in Stuttgart, because they are either useless for conveying information (taken from far away, or with the car blocking the view) or so gruesome that they’re not appropriate for this site. Plenty of them are available on the Internet — apparently so many people took cell phone videos and photos that the German authorities were unable to prevent their spread on social media. They’ve appeared on Twitter, for example, although I’m sure they were quickly taken down. I’ll bet Vlad has some — he doesn’t shrink from posting the truth, even when it’s gruesome.

MissPiggy sends this summary:

Apparently the German-Kazakh roommate Senanu A. (39) [also known as Wilhelm L.] saw through the identity of the “Syrian” and passed it on to the BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) in Berlin. This of course makes the scandal even bigger, as a direct connection can be drawn between this bestial murder and the uncontrolled immigration allowed by the Merkel government, and the blood of the victim is directly on the hands of the responsible politicians and their supporters in the media.

Below is MissPiggy’s translation of an excerpt from an article in the Swiss daily Blick:

According to the police, the focus of the insane crime is a personal motive. Mohammed has now confessed to the murder, and that he was actually Jordanian, during an interrogation.

But the 28-year-old is said to have entered Germany in February 2015 under a false identity, according to the Bild. He pretended to be a Syrian. As a Jordanian he would not have received asylum.

Apparently Wilhelm L. saw through the web of lies. During the act Mohammed yelled at his victim: “What did you send to Berlin?” The 36-year-old knew too much.

By the way — we now know the incident in Stuttgart has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

The Power of Newspeak and the Nascence of its Illegitimate Spawn Islamophobia

The Power of Newspeak and the Nascence of its Illegitimate Spawn Islamophobia

by Seneca III

The word ‘Islamophobia’ is a neologism (‘Newspeak’ according to Orwell), a new word introduced into the ‘Politically Correct’ dictionary, that dictionary itself being an instrument of the Marxist-Socialist-Islamofascist mind control strategy* designed to stifle thoughts or actions inconsistent with its ultimate objective.

The primary purpose of the project is the abrogation of free speech and of the right to hold an opinion contrary to heir established totalitarian doctrines.

Islamophobia thus serves as an example of a word or part thereof that obfuscates truth and promotes lies. The definition of ‘phobia’ is ‘an irrational fear’; it is obvious to anyone who sees or experiences Islam first-hand that it is in fact a violent, brutal, retrogressive theocratic control system founded on and sustained by human slavery. No one brought up in a civilised Western country this past half century is being irrational when their understanding and public exposition of Islam is the result of personal observation and experience. Nausea and anger, yes — irrationality, no.

Political correctness didn’t just happen; it has been carefully constructed over decades. It is designed to prevent us from seeing the truth until it completes its evolution to full-on totalitarianism by eradicating any contrary thought and speech. Politicians, academics, advertisers, plutocrats, inimical foreign entities, so-called charities and virtue signaling profit centers, supported by an equally corrupted and motivated mainstream media, promote the indoctrination of children, mass shaming, suppression, the ruining of livelihoods and the shouting down of dissent while playing on our cultural apathy to firmly root political correctness in the mass psyche.

It is not just the demonising of contrary speech that is so troubling about PC, its practitioners and its mindless acolytes; it also seeks to eliminate the very ability to think widely and at all deeply, and thus express contrary thoughts. Consequently, words and phrases that reflect non-PC concepts are ostracised, and then either disappeared or replaced with meaningless words and phrases.

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Amadeu Antonio and the Dead Boy from Frankfurt Central Station

Before I read the op-ed below, I was quite familiar with Anetta Kahane and her privatized Stasi organization, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, but I had no idea where its name came from. An extra layer of irony has now been added to the quasi-governmental body charged with enforcing goodthink among citizens of the Federal Republic.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this piece from Henryk Broder’s website Die Achse des Guten:

Amadeu Antonio and the Dead Boy From Frankfurt Central Station

by Chaim Noll

Amadeu Antonio, a guest worker from Angola, was beaten to death in November 1990 by a group of young Germans in Eberswalde, Brandenburg. I remember the impression that this brutal and senseless act made on us. It seemed symbolic of the emergence of right-wing extremist moods in East Germany. In 2002, the former Stasi employee Anetta Kahane and the interest groups behind her founded the Amadeu Antonio Foundation — today nothing more than a poorly-veiled, state-subsidized institution for monitoring undesirable attitudes and thoughts.

The name Amadeu Antonio was thus not only used for dubious purposes, but also — and this is the positive aspect — saved from oblivion. And with it the atrocity that led to the death of the young African. It has entered the collective memory of Germany: Amadeu Antonio has a Wikipedia entry, documenting his death with newspaper articles and radio broadcasts, his case is mentioned in schoolbooks and contemporary historical works, a good dozen full-time employees of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation live off him, off the memory of him. This is what his name is all about. A name can become a symbol. But what happens if the victim remains anonymous?

The name of the “eight-year-old boy” whom another African bumped in front of a train arriving at Frankfurt main station on track seven on 29 July 2019 — i.e. deliberately murdered — hasn’t been disclosed. (I avoid using the sensitive word “push”, which Dirk Maxeiner pointed out was misused in a murder case a few days ago.) The German authorities — and with them the media loyal to the state — conceal the victim’s identity. There may be plausible reasons for this: Respect for the family, especially for the mother, who barely saved her own life, and whom one understandably wants to spare public attention. This argument is so serious that no reasonably considerate person will criticise the measure. However, there’s a hidden aspect. A clandestine side effect, which I assume will be well known to those responsible.

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Björn Höcke: “The AfD is the Future”

Björn Höcke is the regional spokesman for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Thuringia. The clip below seems to be a campaign video for Mr. Höcke, but it’s not clear what he’s running for. He’s not a member of the Bundestag, so he can’t become chancellor. Is he running for president of the Federal Republic? Maybe our German readers can tell us.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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A Troika of Videos From Modern Multicultural Germany

Below are three unrelated videos from Germany that have accumulated over the past few days, all with subtitling by Vlad Tepes.

Video #1: A blast from the past. This brief clip shows remarks made by Chancellor Angela Merkel back in 2015 about her vision of what eventually became the Great Migration Crisis.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

Video #2: In a refreshing change of pace, this video op-ed begs politicians to impose punitive taxes to discourage consumers from, well, consuming.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Video #3: Angry Germans who have had enough of cultural enrichment. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Video transcript #1:

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Update on the Railway Station Murder in Frankfurt

As reported here on Monday, a culture-enricher from Eritrea pushed two people in front of a train in Frankfurt, killing one of them — an 8-year-old boy. The news report below provides a follow-up to the atrocity, including the official response by (ir)responsible officials.

Notice one of the solutions suggested: more Merkel Legos on the platforms at railway stations! Yep, that’ll do the trick, for sure.

Eventually every native German will live in a blockhouse made out of those concrete Koran Blocks, to make sure he or she is safe. Actually, they’ll have to be fitted with wheels so that people can safely travel to and from their jobs, because every non-enriched German will have to work 23.5 hours per day to pay for all the welfare benefits handed out to the “New Germans”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Reality Turns Right

As Dr. Gottfried Curio mentioned in his press conference a couple of days ago, a fortified moat is being constructed around the Bundestag in Berlin to protect it from… Well, I don’t know what they’re protecting it from, but it couldn’t possibly be from all those wonderful “New Germans” who are doing so much to enrich the culture of the Federal Republic.

The ever-popular Hans Heckel addresses this development and related matters in his latest op-ed. Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:


Why the Reichstag needs a “Western Wall,” why reality is too far to the right, and what is still absolutely necessary

Satiric week in review
by Hans Heckel
July 27, 2019

They must be scared out of their socks. What are they so afraid of? As you can read on our front page, the Reichstag wants a sort of “Western Wall” to shield them from the Platz der Republik, a fortified trench of the type that was constructed earlier using heavy machinery against attempts to breach the area. Is there the threat of a tank attack from the Berlin Zoo against the German parliament building?

Probably not. Maybe the commission for the council of elders has an inkling of a development which is spreading out across the land.

As we read, hordes of young men from warmer regions have temporarily transformed the city of Saarlouis in Saarland into a civil war zone. Police special units were powerless and, according to Mayor Peter Demmer, had to make “an orderly retreat.” It sounds as if the city authorities took to the hills and left the citizens alone in an oriental orgy of violence. No one says that, of course, because everyone knows that there are no law-free zones in Germany.

In an urgent letter to Klaus Bouillon, the state’s CDU Interior Minister, the Social Democrat Demmer described the wretched situation in his city of 35,000. What’s really bad is that the escalation took place at the worst possible time. Barely three weeks before, the capital, Saarbrücken, had, with the agreement of all political parties, except for — well, you know who — declared itself to be a “safe haven,” happy to take in even more foreigners. How is that going to look now? Luckily, the nationwide media largely ignored the events in Saarlouis.

At least Demmer was tactful enough to just beg for more police. So he stopped at treating the symptoms. What would it have been like if he had mentioned the unmentionable, and demanded less immigration, secure borders and more deportations?

Holy smoke! That would have soured the mood that has just begun to brighten and in places even seems to be flipping back to the euphoria of 2015. Rostock’s departing Mayor Roland Methling announces: “We can take in 1,000, 2,000, 10,000 or 20,000 refugees anytime.” And that would be true “for every German city.”

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