Salman Rushdie Will Give an Encore

It appears that Salman Rushdie is jealous of all the attention being lavished on Geert Wilders and Kurt Westergaard, and is longing to have the death fatwa against himself renewed.

Notice that German Muslims “regret” the plans of the theatre in Potsdam. When Muslims start regretting, then seething soon follows. After seething come Molotov cocktails and scimitars and Death to the Crusaders!

According to AFP:

Satanic Verses play upsets German Muslims

German Muslims have expressed “regret” that a theatre near Berlin plans to stage the world premiere of a play based on Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses.

“We regret that the religious sentiments of Muslims are being treated in a provocative manner,” the president of the German Islamic Council, Ali Kizilkaya said, after his organisation publicly complained about the performance.

Iran’s late revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa — or religious decree — in 1989 calling on Muslims to kill Mr Rushdie for perceived insults against Islam in his novel.

Mr Rushdie, an Indian-born Muslim who was educated in Britain, was forced into hiding for nearly a decade.

He was knighted by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in 2007, a move that sparked a new wave of protest across the Muslim world.

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The play, adapted from Mr Rushdie’s 1988 book, was reworked for the stage by the manager of the Hans Otto Theatre in the eastern city of Potsdam, Uwe Eric Laufenberg, and dramatist Marcus Mislin.

Amid heavy media coverage of the upcoming premiere, the general secretary of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, has urged followers of Islam to remain calm over the staging of the play and engage in a “critical and constructive dialogue” about the issues it raises.

But he also questions whether the play might go too far.

“Freedom of expression and of art is importance but offences against what is sacred in a religion is not something we value,” he said.

A police spokeswoman says authorities plan to step up security around the theatre during the performance.

The team in Potsdam say they had received permission from Mr Rushdie to adapt his novel and have invited him to the performance but they say it is unclear whether the author will attend.

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A Rosetta Stone for “Fitna”

Part One

Back in January we helped publicize the plight of the British blogger Lionheart by posting translations of his work in as many different languages as possible. Our correspondents and readers stepped forward to act as translators, and we were able to show solidarity with Lionheart in seventeen different languages in addition to English.

A Rosetta Stone for FitnaNow it’s time to do the same for Geert Wilders and Fitna. It’s especially important after LiveLeak took down the main source of the movie — we need to get the word out in as many ways as possible.

Once again, with the help of CVF, I have called up our corps of volunteer translators, and once again they have answered the call of duty. We’re aiming for as many languages as we can get — not all of them European — and I will post the results here in batches of three or four, as they come in.

Our hope is that eventually the video will appear with subtitles in all the different languages. As of this writing, subtitled versions have appeared in French, Czech, and Danish.

With that in mind, and with the help of three volunteer transcribers, we’ve made a transcript of the English version with a time stamp to mark the sections. The translations will be posted with the time stamp in the left-hand margin to aid would-be subtitlers. I realize it’s not up to industry standard — which would be a time stamp for every line of subtitled text — but we’re amateurs here, and it will have to do.

The first installment is below the jump: the English-language transcript, followed by Danish, German, and Swedish. There will be more tomorrow.
– – – – – – – –
English Version

Transcribed by Fausta, Aeneas, Bluetrout, Flyboy, and Baron Bodissey

0:03   Warning: This film contains very shocking images.
0:32   Quran Surah 8, verse 60

Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry ye are capable of gathering.

To strike terror

To strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies.

1:21   Hold on for one second please

— I’m going to die, right?

No no no no!

Yes, I’m going to die.

Ma’am, ma’am, say your prayers.

— I’m going to die.

You’ve got to think positive. Because you’ve got to help get you off that floor.

I’m going to die.

— Stay calm, stay calm.

Please, God.

— You’re doing good.

It’s so hot, I’m burning up.

1:45   Montse, I’m at Atocha station and a bomb went off on the train.

Help, help!

1:56   What makes Allah happy?

Allah is happy when non-Muslims get killed.

Annihilate the infidels and the polytheists.

Your (Allah’s) enemies and the enemies of the religion.

Allah, count them and kill them to the last one, and don’t leave even one.

2:50   Quran Surah 4, Verse 56

Those who have disbelieved our signs, we shall roast them in fire

Whenever their skins are cooked to a turn, we shall substitute new skins for them.

That they may feel the punishment: verily Allah is sublime and wise.

3:17   If Allah permits us, oh Nation of Mohammed,

Even the stone will say, “Oh Muslim,

A Jew is hiding behind me, come and cut off his head.

And we shall cut off his head!

By Allah, we shall cut it off! Oh, Jews!

Allahu Akbar! (Allah is great!)

Jihad for the sake of Allah!

Jihad for the sake of Allah!

Victory to Allah!

Allahu Akbar! (Allah is great!)

3:50   What is your name?

— Basmallah

Basmallah, how old are you?

— Three and a half.

Are you a Muslim?

— Yes

Basmallah, are you familiar with the Jews?

— Yes

Because they are what?

— They’re apes and pigs.

Because they are apes and pigs?

Who said they are so?

— Allah.

Where did he say this?

— In the Koran.

4:38   The Jews are Jews.

T hey are the ones who must be butchered and killed.

4:53   Poster: “Be prepared for the real HOLOCAUST”

Poster: “God bless Hitler”

5:09   Quran Surah 47 Verse 4

Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers,

Smite at their necks and when ye have caused a bloodbath among them

Bind a bond firmly on them

5:25   Don’t you think that someday there will be an idiot who wants to kill you?

— No, I can’t imagine that.

You believe in the goodness of man?

— No, not in the goodness of man, but in my own arrogance.

And has so much effect… that a bullet will not come for me.

5:45   Mohammed B.: If I had the opportunity to get out of prison.

And I had the opportunity to do it again, what I did on November 2nd,

Allah, I would have done exactly the same.

6:00   Take lesson of Theo van Gogh!

Sign: “Jihad against European Crusaders”

Take lessons from the examples that you can see!

For you will pay with your blood!

6:17   Newspaper headline: HIT LIST

Iqra TV Saudi Arabia

Houses and young men must be sacrificed.

Throats must be slit and skulls must be shattered.

This is the path to victory.

6:50   Quran Surah 4, Verse 89

They but wish that ye should reject faith

As they do, and thus be on the same footing as they,

So take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah

But if they turn renegades, seize them and kill them wherever ye find them

And take no friends or helpers from their ranks

7:19   Islam is a sacred religion. The best religion there is.

If someone converts to Christianity, he deserves the death penalty.

Islam is (more) superior than the Jews, than the Christians,

Than the Buddhists, than the Hindus.

Image on videotape: “Video obtained by — churches desecrated by Muslims”

The only (law) Allah accepts is Islam.

And whoever seeks any other (law) apart from Islam, will never be accepted.

7:43   Newspaper headlines:

Ex-Muslim Jami assaulted

Death to Rushdie

Death threats for Hirsi Ali too

7:56   Quran Surah 8, verse 39

Fight them until there is no dissension

And the religion is entirely Allah’s.

8:10   Islam is a religion that wants to rule the world.

It has done so before and eventually will rule it again.

On the videotape: “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President Iran”

The message of the (Islamic) Revolution is global,

And is not restricted to a specific place or time.

Have no doubt… Allah willing, Islam will conquer what?

It will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.

8:40   We have ruled the world before,

And by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again!

The day will come when we will rule America.

The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world!

8:52   Allah commanded us to spread this religion worldwide.

You will take over the USA! You will take over the UK!

You will take over Europe!

You will defeat them all! You will get victory!

You will take over Egypt! We trust in Allah!

9:09   Sign: “Islam will dominate the world”

Sign: “Freedom go to Hell”

Sign: “Islam will dominate the world”

Sign: “Freedom go to Hell”

9:33   The Netherlands under the spell of Islam

The mosque will be part of the system of the government of Holland

9:58   Cabinet: no ban on burqa

Number of muslims in Netherlands

Number of muslims in Europe 2007

10:37   If my mother or my sister have sex with someone else…

…then I will kill them too.

Then you will commit an honor killing?

— Absolutely.

10:49   In the Netherlands, for example, one is allowed to commit adultery or to be gay.

But I don’t feel called upon…

…to be a party to that, because Islam considers something like that a crime

11:08   Greetings from the Netherlands

(spoken in a Dutch mosque)

They should denounce political parties…

…and worldly concepts like liberalism, democracy…

…socialism and everything associated with it originating from the human brain

If the married man, Allah forbid, commits adultery…

…or the married woman commits adultery…

Then she will be stoned.

11:41   The Netherlands in the future?!




12:28   Islamists seek take-over

Laakwartier with Madrid in terror web

Sudanese demand execution of British “Miss Teddy Bear”

Threesome suspected of planning attack

Hell will break loose
What you need is a heavy bomb attack

We do not agree with freedom of speech
Because we denounce democracy

12:46   Islam is our alternative

Explosive increase in honor killings Amsterdam

School closes on Muslim holidays

Jihad-lessons in elementary school

Free trip to Mecca through Islamic school

Ankara wants Turkish in classrooms here

Foreign imams allowed in more quickly

Van Gogh’s murderer Mohammed B.:
”My successors are ready”

13:07   Van Gogh murdered after proclamation fatwa

Almost half of young Moroccans anti-Western

Mosques under the spell of radical Muslim group

Suicide commandos in the Netherlands

Hamas gathers in Rotterdam

Moroccans throw gay in water

Imams don’t like gays

”Imam legalizes violence against gays”

13:31   Throw gays from tall buildings

Mosque: turning the Netherlands into a Muslim state

Girls still genitally mutilated

”Muslims hinder doctors taking care of women”

Halal-fund: investment for Muslims

Al-Qaeda proclaims death penalty
Jihad against Wilders

Quran license to kill

14:10   The sound you heard was a page being removed from the phonebook

For it is not up to me, but Muslims themselves to tear out the hateful verses from the Quran.

Muslims want you to make way for Islam, but Islam does not make way for you.

The Government insists that you respect Islam, but Islam has no respect for you.

Islam wants to rule, submit, and seeks to destroy our Western civilization.

In 1945, Nazism was defeated in Europe.
In 1989, communism was defeated in Europe.

Now, the Islamic ideology has to be defeated.

14:41   Stop Islamisation

Defend our freedom

Danish Version

Translated by Skjoldungen

0:03   Advarsel: Filmen indeholder billeder, som kan virke stødende.
0:32   Koran Sura 8, vers 60

Brug mod dem al den styrke og list I kan mønstre.

For at skabe frygt

For at skabe frygt i hjerterne hos Allah’s fjender og Jeres fjender,

1:21   Vent lige et øjeblik

— Jeg skal dø, ikke?

Nej nej nej nej!

Jo, jeg skal dø.

Frue, frue, bed dit Fadervor.

—Jeg dør.

Tænk positivt. Fordi du må hjælpe med at få dig væk fra den etage.

Jeg dør.

— Vær rolig, vær rolig.

Åh, min Gud.

—Du klarer dig fint.

Det er så varmt, Jeg brænder ihjel.

1:45   Montse, Jeg er på Atocha stationen og en bombe er sprængt i toget.

Hjælp, hjælp!

1:56   Hvad glæder Allah?

Allah glædes når ikke-muslimer dræbes.

Udryd de vantro og flerguds-tilbederne.

Dine (Allah’s) fjender og religionens fjender.

Allah, tæl dem op og dræb dem til sidste mand. Spar ingen.

2:50   Koran Sura 4, Vers 56

De som tvivler på vore tegn, vil vi riste i ilden.

Når deres hud er kogt til at flå af, vil vi forsyne dem med ny hud.

Så de kan føle straffen. I sandhed, Allah er is og klog.

3:17   Hvis Allah tillader, Oh Mohammed’s folk,

Selv stenen vil sige, “Oh muslim,

En jøde gemmer sig bag mig, kom og skær hans hoved af.

Og vi vil skære hans hoved af!

Ved Allah, vi vil skære det af! Oh, jøder!

Allahu Akbar! (Allah er stor!)

Jihad for Allah’s sag!

Jihad for Allah’s sag!

Sejr til Allah!

Allahu Akbar! (Allah er stor!)

3:50   Hvad hedder du?


Basmallah, hvor gammel er du?

— Tre et halvt

Er du muslim?

— Ja

Basmallah, kender du til jøder?

— Ja

Og hvad er de?

— De er svin og aber.

De er svin og aber?

Hvem siger det ?

— Allah.

Hvor siger han det?

— I Koranen..

4:38   Jøderne er jøder.

Det er dem som bør slagtes og dræbes.

4:53   Plakat: “Vær klar til den rigtige HOLOCAUST”

Plakat: “Gud velsigne Hitler”

5:09   Koran Sura 47 Vers 4

Derfor, når I møder de vantro,

Skær halsen over på dem når I har gjort et blodbad iblandt dem

Bind dem fast

5:25   Tror du ikke, at en skønne dag vil en eller anden idiot slå dig ihjel?

— Nej, det kan jeg ikke forestille mig.

Tror du på det gode i mennesket?

— Nej, ikke på det gode i mennesket, men på mig selv.

Så meget….. at en kugle ikke vil ramme mig.

5:45   Mohammed B: Hvis jeg kunne slippe ud af fængslet.

Og jeg fik chancen til at gentage, hvad jeg gjorde den 2. november,

Ved Allah, jeg ville gøre præcis det samme.

6:00   Se hvad der skete med Thoe van Gogh!

Skilt: “Jihad mod Europa’s Korsfarere”

Se, hvad der skete med dem
og lær!

For du skal betale med dit blod!

6:17   Avis-overskrift: “DØDSLISTE”

Saudi Arabisk TV Iqra

Huse og unge mænd må ofres.

Halsene må skæres over og kranier smadres.

Det er vejen til sejr.

6:50   Koran Sura 4, Vers 89

De ønsker kun, at I forlader troen

Som de selv gør, og således bliver som dem,

Så bliv ikke ven med nogen af dem før de kommer til Allah

Men hvis de blivere kættere, grib dem og dræb dem hvor end du finder dem

Og tag ingen til ven eller hjælper fra deres rækker.

7:19   Islam er en hellig religion. Den bedste religion, der findes.

Hvis nogen konverterer til Kristendom, fortjener han dødsstraf.

Islam er over jøder og kristne.

Over buddister, over hinduer.

Billdede på video: “Video fra — Kirker skændet af muslimer”

Den eneste lov for Allah er Islam.

Og den, som søger andre love end Islam, vil aldrig blive accepteret.

7:43   Avis-overskrifter:

Ex-muslim Jami overfaldet

Rushdie skal dø

Også dødstrusler mod Hirsi Ali

7:56   Koran Sura 8, Vers 39

Bekæmp dem til der ikke er flere

Og religionenen alene er Allah’s.

8:10   Islam er en religion som ønsker af beherske hele verden.
Det har den gjort før og det vil den gøre påny.

På videobåndet: “Hahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s Præsident”

Budskabet i den (islamiske) revolution er globalt,

Og er ikke begrænset til noget specielt sted eller tidspunkt.
Tvivl ikke… Med Allah’s hjælp vil islam eroblre hvad?

Den vil eroblre alle verdens bjergtinder.

8:40   Vi har regeret verden før,

Og ved Allah, der vil komme en dag hvor vi vil regere hele verden påny!

En skønne dag vil vi herske over Amerika.

En skønne dag vil vi herske over England og hele verden!

8:52   Allah har befalet os at udbrede denne religion over verden.

I vil tage magten i USA! I vil tage magten I England!

I vil tage magten over Europa!

I vil besejre dem alle! I vil sejre!

I vil tage magten i Ægypten! Vi stoler på Allah!

9:09   Skilt: “Islam vil beherske verden”

Skilt: “Frihed gå ad helvede til”

Skilt: “Islam vil beherske verden”

Skilt: “Frihed gå ad helvede til”

9:33   Holland under islams forbandelse

Moskeen vil være en del af den Hollandske regering

9:58   Regeringen: intet forbud mod burka

Antal muslimer i Holland

Antal muslimer i Europa 2007

10:37   Hvis min mor eller min søster havde sex med nogen…

…ville jeg også dræbe dem.

Du vil altså begå æresdrab?

— Helt sikkert.

10:49   I hollands, for eksempel, er det tilladt at være utro eller være bøsse.

Men det frister mig ikke….

…med den slags, for i islam er sådan noget en forbrydelse

11:08   Hilsen fra Holland

(tale i hollandsk moské)

De bør afskaffe politiske partier…

…og verdslige ideer som liberalisme og demokrati….

…socialisme og alt det som stammer fra den menneskelige hjerne

Hvis en gift mand, Allah forbyde det, begår hor…

… eller en gift kvinde begår hor…

Så skal hun stenes.

11:41   Holland’s fremtid?!




12:28   Islamister forsøger magtovertagelse

Laak — kvarteret i Madrid med i terror-netværk

Sudanesere forlanger britisk “Frk. Bamse” henrettet.

Tre personer mistænkt for terror angreb

Helvede er løs
Der er brug for et stort bombe-angreb

Vi anerkender ikke ytringsfrihed
fordi vi ikke anerkender demokrati

12:46   Islam er vores alternativ

Antallet af æresdrab i Amsterdam eksploderer

Skoler lukker på muslimske helligdage

Timer i Jihad i folkeskolen

Gratis tur til Mekka i islamiske skoler

Anakra ønsker tyrkisk-undervisning i vore skoler

Udenlandske imamer skal have hurtigere indrejse
Van Gogh’s morder, Mohammed B.: “Mine efterfølgere er klar”

13:07   Van Gogh myrdet efter idømmelse af fatwa

Næsten halvdelen af unge marokkanere er imod vestlige værdier
Moskéer under indflydelse af radikal muslims gruppe

Selvmords-kommandoer i Holland

Hamas samles i Rotterdam

Marokkanere smider bøsse i vandet

Imamer bryder sig ikke om bøsser

”Imam velsigner vold mod bøsser”

13:31   Kast bøsser ned fra højhuse

Moské: Holland skal blive en muslimsk stat.

Piger køns-lemlæstes stadig

”Muslimer forhindrer lægehjælp til kvinder”

Halal.fond: muslimske investeringer

Al-Qaeda idømmer Wilders Jiha-dødsstraf

Koran — License to Kill.

14:10   Den lyd der hørtes var en side som blev revet ud af telefonbogen

Det er nemlig ikke op til mig, men muslimerne selv, at rive de hadefulde vers ud af koranen.

Muslimer ønsker at du skal give plads til islam, men islam har ingen plads for dig.

Regeringen forlanger at du skal respektere islam, men islam respekterer ikke dig.

Islam vil beherske, undertrykke, og prøver at ødelægge vor vestlige civilisation.

I 1945 blev nazismen besejret i Europa.
I 1989 blev kommunismen besejret i Europa.

I Nu skal den islamiske ideologi besejres.

14:41   Stop islamiseringen

Forsvar vor frihed

German Version

Translated by the Transatlantic Conservative

0:03   Warnung: Dieser Film enthaelt sehr schockierende Szenen.
0:32   Koran, Sure 8, Vers 60

Stellt ein Heer und ein Reiterheer auf, so gross ihr koennt

Um Schrecken zu verbreiten

Und Schrecken in die Herzen der Feinde Allahs und Deiner Feinde zu tragen

1:21   Bleiben Sie einen Moment dran

— Ich werde sterben, oder?

Nein, nein, nein, nein

Ja, ich werde sterben

Ma’am, ma’am beten Sie

— ich werde sterben

denken Sie positiv. Sie muessen uns dabei helfen, Sie aus diesem Stockwerk zu bergen

ich werde sterben

— bleiben Sie ruhig, bleiben Sie ruhig

Bitte, Gott

— Alles wird gut

Es ist so heiss, ich verbrenne

1:45   Montse, ich bin im Atocha-Bahnhof und eine Bombe ging im Zug hoch

Hilfe, Hilfe

1:56   Was macht Allah gluecklich?

Allah ist gluecklich, wenn Nicht-Moslems getoetet werden

Vernichtet die Unglaeubigen und die Goetzendiener

Deine (Allahs) Feinde und die Feinde der Religion

Allah, zaehle sie und toete sie bis zum Letzten. Lass keinen uebrig.

2:50   Koran, Sure 4, Vers 56

Diejenigen, die unseren Zeichen keinen Glauben geschenkt haben, wir werden sie im Feuer roesten

Wenn ihre Haut gar gebraten ist, werden wir ihnen eine neue Haut geben

So dass sie die Strafe wieder spueren: Allah ist erhaben und weise

3:17   Wenn Allah es erlaubt, oh Nation des Mohammed
Wird sogar der Stein sagen: “Oh Moslem,

Ein Jude versteckt sich hinter mir. Komm und schneide seinen Kopf ab

Und wir werden ihre Koepfe abschneiden

Bei Allah, wir werden sie abschneiden! Oh Juden!

Allahu Akbar! (Allah ist gross!)

Dschihad fuer die Sache Allahs

Dschihad fuer die Sache Allahs

Sieg fuer Allah

Allahu Akbar! (Allah ist gross!)

3:50   Wie heisst Du?

— Basmallah

Basmallah, wie alt bist Du?

— Dreieinhalb

Bist Du eine Muslima?

— Ja

Basmallah, kennst Du Dich mit den Juden aus?

— Ja

Was sind die?

— Sie sind Affen und Schweine

Sie sind Affen und Schweine?

Wer hat das gesagt?

— Allah

Wo hat er das gesagt?

— Im Koran

4:38   Die Juden sind Juden

Sie muessen geschlachtet und getoetet werden

4:53   Poster: Seid bereit fuer den wahren Holocaust

Poster: Gott segne Hitler

5:09   Koran, Sure 47, Vers 4

Und deshalb, wenn Ihr die Unglaeubigen trefft

Schlagt mit dem Schwert gegen ihren Hals und wenn Ihr ein Blutbad unter ihnen angerichtet habt,

Bindet sie

5:25   Glaubst Du nicht, dass eines Tages irgendein Idiot versuchen wird, Dich zu toeten?

— Nein, kann ich mir nicht vorstellen

Glaubst Du an das Gute im Menschen?

— Nein, nicht an das Gute im Menschen. Ich glaube an meine eigene Arroganz

die wirkt so gut, dass die Kugeln nicht zu mir durchdringen.

5:45   Mohammed B.: Wenn ich die Moeglichkeit haette, aus dem Gefaengnis zu kommen

Und die Moeglichkeit, es wieder zu tun, was ich am 2. November getan habe
Allah, ich wuerde genau das Gleiche wieder tun.

6:00   Nehmt Euch ein Beispiel an Theo Van Gogh

Schild: Dschihad gegen die europaeischen Kreuzritter
Lernt aus dem was Ihr sehen koennt

Ihr werdet mit Eurem Blut bezahlen!

6:17   Zeitungstitel: HIT LISTE

Iqra TV Saudi Arabien

Haeuser und junge Maenner muessen geopfert werden

Kehlen muessen durchschnitten und Schaedel zertruemmert werden

Dies ist der Pfad zum Sieg

6:50   Koran, Sure 4, Vers 89

Sie (die Unglaeubigen) wuenschten, Ihr wuerdet den Glauben ablehnen

So wie sie es tun und dann mit ihnen auf einer Ebene stehen

So nimm keinen zum Freund aus ihren Reihen, bis sie sich in den Glauben an Allah gefluechtet haben

Aber wenn sie wieder vom Glauben abfallen, ergreife sie und toete sie, wo immer Du sie findest

Und nimm keinen aus ihren Reihen zum Freund oder zum Helfer

7:19   Islam ist eine heilige Religion. Die beste Religion die es gibt

Wenn jemand zum Christentum konvertiert, verdient er die Todesstrafe

Islam steht ueber den Juden und den Christen

Ueber den Buddhisten, den Hindus

Bild auf Videoband: “Video von CNSNews — Kirchen von Moslems entweiht”

Das einzige, von Allah akzeptierte, Gesetz ist der Islam

Und wer auch immer ein anderes Gesetz sucht als den Islam, wird nie akzeptiert werden

7:43   Zeitungsueberschriften:

Ex-Moslem Jami angegriffen

Tod fuer Rushdie

Todesdrohungen fuer Hirsi Ali

7:56   Koran, Sure 8, Vers 39

Bekaempft sie bis es keinen Widerstand mehr gibt

Religion gehoert voll und ganz Allah

8:10   Islam ist eine Religion, die die Welt beherrschen will

Der Islam hat es frueher getan und wird es wieder tun

Auf dem Videoband: “Mahmud Ahmadinedschad, Praesident Iran”

Die Botschaft der islamischen Religion ist global

Sie bezieht sich nicht auf eine bestimmte Zeit oder einen bestimmten Ort

Habt keine Zweifel! Mit Allahs Hilfe wird der Islam was erobern?

Er wird alle Gipfel der Welt erobern.

8:40   Wir haben die Welt schon frueher beherrscht

Und bei Allah, der Tag wird wieder kommen, da wir die ganze Welt wieder beherrschen werden

Der Tag wird kommen, an dem wir Amerika beherrschen

Der Tag wird kommen, a dem wir Grossbritannien und die ganze Welt beherrschen

8:52   Allah hat uns befohlen, diese Religion auf der ganzen Welt zu verbreiten

Ihr werdet die USA erobern! Ihr werdet Grossbritannien erobern!

Ihr werdet Europa erobern!

Ihr werdet sie alle besiegen! Ihr werdet den Sieg erringen!

Ihr werdet Aegypten erobern! Wir vertrauen Allah!

9:09   Schild: Islam wird die Welt beherrschen.

Schild: Freiheit fahr zur Hoelle!

Schild: Islam wird die Welt beherrschen.

Schild: Freiheit fahr zur Hoelle!

9:33   Die Niederlande unter der Herrschaft des Islam

Die Moschee wird Teil des hoellaendischen Regierungssystems sein

9:58   Kabinett: Kein Burkaverbot

Anzahl der Moslems in den Niederlanden

Anzahl der Moslems in Europa in 2007

10:37   Wenn meine Mutter oder meine Schwester mit jemand Sex haben

…. werde ich sie auch umbringen

Dann begehst Du einen Ehrenmord?


10:49   In den Niederlanden ist es zum Beispiel erlaubt, Ehebruch zu begehen oder schwul zu sein

Aber ich fuehle mich nicht berufen,

Teil von etwas zu sein, das der Islam als Verbrechen ansieht

11:08   Gruesse aus den Niederlanden

(gesprochen in einer hollaendischen Moschee)

Ihr sollt politische Parteien ablehnen

Und weltliche Konzepte wie Liberalismus und Demokratie

Sozialismus und alles was dem menschlichen Hirn entstammt

Wenn der verheiratete Mann, Allah verhuete das, Ehebruch begeht,

…. oder die verheiratete Frau Ehebruch begeht …

Werden sie gesteinigt werden

11:41   Die Niederlande der Zukunft?!




12:28   Islamisten versuchen Umsturz

Laakwartier mit Madrid im Terrornetzwerk

Sudanesen verlangen Exekution der britischen: “Miss Teddybaer”

Drei unter Verdacht der Anschlagsplanung

Die Hoelle wird hereinbrechen. Was Du brauchst ist ein schweres Bombenattentat

Wir lehnen Meinungsfreiheit ab, weil wir Demokratie ablehnen

12:46   Islam ist unsere Alternative

Explosionsartiger Anstieg von Ehrenmorden in Amsterdam

Schule schliesst an moslemischem Feiertag

Dschihad-Lektionen in der Grundschule

Freie Reisen nach Mekka mit islamischer Schule

Ankara verlangt Tuerkisch in Klassenraeumen in unserem Land
Einreise fuer auslaendische Imame beschleunigt

Van Goghs Moerder Mohammed B.: “Meine Nachfolger sind bereit”!

13:07   Van Gogh nach Aussprechen einer Fatwa ermordet

Fast die Haelfte der jungen Marrokaner sind anti-westlich

Moscheen unter dem Einfluss radikaler moslemischer Gruppen

Selbstmordkommandos in den Niederlanden

Hamas trifft sich in Rotterdam

Marrokaner werfen Schwulen ins Wasser

Imame moegen keine Schwulen

”Imam legalisiert Gewalt gegen Schwule”

13:31   Werft Schwule von hohen Gebaeuden

Moschee: macht die Niederlande zu einem moslemischen Staat

Maedchen werden weiterhin genitalverstuemmelt

Mosleme hindern Aerzte daran, Frauen zu versorgen

Halal-Fonds: Investment fuer Moslems

Al Kaida spricht Todesurteil
Dschihad gegen Wilders

Koran Lizenz zum Toeten

14:10   Das Geraeusch das Sie hoerten war eine Seite, die aus dem Telefonbuch gerissen wurde.

Denn es ist nicht meine Aufgabe, sondern die Aufgabe der Moslems selbst, die hasserfuellten Verse aus dem Koran zu reissen.

Der Islam verlangt von Euch, fuer den Islam Platz zu machen aber der Islam hat keinen Platz fuer Euch

Die Regierung besteht darauf, dass Ihr Respekt fuer den Islam haben sollt aber der Islam hat keinen Respekt vor Euch

Der Islam will herrschen, unterwerfen und unsere Westliche Zivilisation zerstoeren.

1945 hat Europa den Nationalsozialismus besiegt.
1989 hat Europa den Kommunismus besiegt.

Jetzt muss die islamische Ideologie besiegt werden.

14:41   Stoppt die Islamisierung!

Verteidigt unsere Freiheit!

Swedish Version

Translated by HL

0:03   Varning: Denna film innehåller chockerande bilder.
0:32   Koranen Sura 8, vers 60

Bered all den styrka ni kan uppbåda emot dem, och all den utrustning ni kan mobilisera,

För att sprida skräck

så att ni må skrämma GUDs fiender, era fiender.

1:21   Snälla dröj kvar ett ögonblick.

— Jag kommer dö, va?

Nej nej nej nej!

Jo, jag kommer dö.

Frun, frun, be dina böner.

— Jag kommer dö.

Du måste tänka positivt. Du måste hjälpa, du måste komma ner från våningen.

Jag kommer dö.

— Håll dig lugn, håll dig lugn.

Käre, Gud.

— Du gör bra ifrån dig.

Det är så hett, jag håller på att brinna upp.


1:45   Montse, jag befinner mig på Atochastationen och en bomb har smällt på tåget.

Hjälp, hjälp!

1:56   Vad gör Allah lycklig?

Allah är lycklig när icke-muslimer dödas.

Utrota dom otrogna och månggudadyrkarna.

Dina (Allahs) fiender och fienderna till religionen.

Allah, räkna dom och döda dom till sista man, och skona inte ens en enda.

2:50   Koranen Sura 4, vers 56

Vi kommer utan tvivel att fördöma de som inte tror på våra uppenbarelser till helveteselden.

När deras hud förbränts, kommer vi att ge dem nya hudar.

Följaktligen kommer de att lida kontinuerligt. GUD är Allsmäktig, Visast.

3:17   Om Allah tillåter oss, åh Muhammads Nation,

Kommer varje sten säga, “Åh muslim,

en jude gömmer sig bakom mig, kom och hugg huvudet av honom.

Och vi skall hugga av hans huvud!

Vid Allah, vi skall hugga av det! Åh, judar!

Allahu Akbar! (Allah är störst!)

Jihad för Allahs skull!

Jihad för Allahs skull!

Seger till Allah!

Allahu Akbar! (Allah är störst!)

3:50   Vad heter du?

— Basmallah

Basmallah, hur gammal är du?

— Tre och ett halvt.

Är du muslim?

— Ja.

Basmallah, känner du till judarna?

— Ja.

Därför att dom är vad?

— Dom är apor och grisar.

Därför att dom är apor och grisar?

Vem har sagt det?

— Allah.

Var sa han det?

— I koranen.

4:38   Judar är judar.

Det är dom som måste slaktas och dödas.

4:53   Poster: “Förbered er på den riktiga UTROTNINGEN”

Poster: “Gud välsigne Hitler”

5:09   Koranen Sura 47, Vers 4

När I möten dem, som är otrogna,

så halshuggen dem, tills I anställt ett blodbad bland dem!

Slån dem då i bojor!

5:25   Tror du inte att det en dag kommer finnas någon idiot som vill döda dig?

— Nej, det kan jag inte tro.

Du tror på människans godhet?

— Nej, inte på människans godhet, utan på min egen arrogans.

Och är så effektiv… att ingen kula kommer komma min väg.

5:45   Mohammed B: Om jag fick chansen att lämna fängelset.

Och jag fick möjligheten att göra om det, det jag gjorde den 2:a november,

Allah, då skulle jag gjort precis likadant.

6:00   Ta lärdom från Theo van Gogh!

Skylt: “Jihad Mot Europeiska Korsfarare”

Ta lärdom av exemplen ni ser!

För ni kommer få betala med ert blod!

6:17   Tidningsrubrik: DÖDSLISTA

Iqra TV Saudiarabien

Hus och unga män måste offras.

Halsar måste skäras av och skallar krossas.

Detta är vägen till seger.

6:50   Koranen Sura 4, vers 89

De vill att ni inte ska tro,

precis som de inte har trott, då blir ni jämlika.

Ni ska inte betrakta dem som vänner, såvida de inte mobiliserar sig med er för GUDs sak.

Vänder de sig emot er ska ni bekämpa dem, och ni får döda dem vart ni än möter dem.

Ni ska inte acceptera dem som vänner eller som allierade.

7:19   Islam är en helig religion. Den bästa religionen som finns.

Om någon konverterar till kristendomen förtjänar han dödsstraff.

Islam är (mer) överlägsen judarna, de kristna,

buddhisterna, hinduerna.

Bild på video: “Video fått tag på — kyrkor skändade av muslimer”

Den enda (lagen) Allah accepterar är Islam.

Och den som söker någon annan (lag) än Islam, kommer aldrig accepteras.

7:43   Tidningsrubriker:

Ex-muslimen Jami överfallen

Död till Rushdie

Dödshot även mot Hirsi Ali

7:56   Koranen Sura 8, vers 39

Bekämpa dem tills det inte längre råder meningsskiljaktighet

Och religionen enbart är Allahs.

8:10   Islam är en religion som vill härska över världen.

Den har gjort så tidigare och kommer i slutändan göra det igen.

På videoinspelning: “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Irans president.”

(Islamiska) revolutionens budskap omfattar hela jorden,

och är inte begränsad till en specifik plats eller tid.

Ha inget tvivel… Med Allahs godkännande ska Islam besegra vad?

Den kommer besegra världens alla bergstoppar.

8:40   Vi har styrt över världen förr,

och vid Allah, ska dagen komma då vi kontrollerar hela världen igen!

Det kommer en dag då vi ska härska över Amerika.

Det kommer en dag då vi ska härska över Storbritanninen och hela världen!

8:52   Allah befallde oss att sprida denna religionen världen över.

Ni ska ta över USA! Ni ska ta över Storbritannien!

Ni ska ta över Europa!

Ni kommer besegra dom alla! Ni kommer segra!

Ni kommer ta över Egypten! Vi litar på Allah!

9:09   Skylt: “Islam kommer dominera världen”

Skylt: “Frihet dra åt helvete”

Skylt: “Islam kommer dominera världen”

Skylt: “Frihet dra åt helvete”

9:33   Nederländerna under Islams förhäxning

Moskéen kommer vara del av Hollands statsskick

9:58   Statsrådet: Inget förbud mot burka

Antalet muslimer i Nederländerna

Antalet muslimer i Europa 2007

10:37   Om min mamma eller syster hade sex med någon annan….

…så skulle jag döda dom också.

Då begår du ett hedersmord?

— Absolut.


10:49   I Nederländerna är man tillåten att till exempel vara otrogen eller homosexuell.

Men jag känner mig inte kallad…

…att vara en del av det, eftersom Islam betraktar det som ett brott.

11:08   Hälsningar från Nederländerna

(sagt i en holländsk moské)

Dom borde fördöma politiska partier…

…och världsliga koncept som liberalism, demokrati…

…socialism och allting annat som har med det att göra som människohjärnan kommit på.

Om den gifte mannen, må Allah förbjuda, begår otrohet…

…eller den gifta kvinnan begår äktenskapsbrott…

Då ska hon stenas

11:41   Nederländerna i framtiden?!




12:28   Islamisterna arbetar på att ta över

Laakwartier med Madrid i terrornät

Sudaneser kräver att brittiska “Miss Teddy Bear” avrättas

Tre misstänka för att ha planlagt attack

Helvetet kommer bryta löst
Vad som behövs är en stor bombattack

Vi stödjer inte yttrandefriheten
eftersom vi fördömer demokrati

12:46   Islam är vårt alternativ

Explosionsartad ökning på hedersmord i Amsterdam

Skola stänger på muslimska högtidsdagar

Jihad-lektioner i grundskola

Gratis resa till Mecka genom Islamisk skola

Ankara vill ha turkiska i klassrummen här

Utländska imamer släpps in allt snabbare

Van Goghs mördare Mohammed B: “Mina efterträdare är redo”

13:07   Van Gogh mördad efter fatwautlåtande

Nästan hälften av alla unga marockaner anti väst

Moskéer förhäxade av radikala muslimska grupper

Självmordskommandon i Nederländerna

Hamas samlar sig i Rotterdam

Marockaner kastar gay i vattnet

Imamer ogillar homosexuella

”Imam legaliserar våld mot homosexuella”

13:31   Kasta homosexuella från höga byggnader

Moské: Att förvandla Nederländerna till en muslimsk stat

Flickor fortfarande könsstympade

”Muslimer hindrar doktorer från att ta hand om kvinnor”

Halalfond: investering för muslimer

Al-Qaeda förkunnar dödsstraffsjihad mot Wilders

Koranen en licens för att döda

14:10   Ljudet du hörde var en sida som revs ut från en telefonkatalog.

För det är inte upp till mig, utan istället muslimer själva att riva ut de hatfyllda verserna ur koranen.

Muslimer vill att du skall bereda väg för Islam, men Islam bereder ingen väg för dig.

Regeringen insisterar att du respekterar Islam, men Islam har ingen respekt för dig.

Islam vill härska, underkuva och krossa den västerländska civilisationen.

1945 besegrades nazismen i Europa.
1989 var kommunismen besegrad i Europa.

Nu är det dags att besegra den Islamiska ideologin.

14:41   Stoppa islamiseringen

Försvara vår frihet

YouTube and Google Video Versions of “Fitna”

Stefan at Politically Incorrect has supplied us with a lot of additional links to Fitna download sites, and I’m providing a new list below the jump.
– – – – – – – –
I haven’t had time to check all the new links (marked with “PI”), so caveat emptor:

LiveLeak Removes “Fitna”

I have just learned that LiveLeak was forced to remove Fitna from its servers. As far as I know, this is unprecedented.

This makes the virally-spread alternative sites that much more important. I mentioned a number of them in my previous post; to that list can be added a version with Danish subtitles on the Pirate Bay.

The LiveLeak version of the movie has been replaced with the following statement:

The Removal of “Fitna”
Official LiveLeak statement

Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed comments from certain members of the British media that could directly affect the safety of some staff members, Liveleak has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers.

This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else. We would like to thank the thousands of people from all backgrounds and religions, who gave us their support. They realised is a vehicle for many opinions and not just for the support of one.

Perhaps there is still hope that this situation may produce a discussion that could benefit and educate all of us as to how we can accept one another’s culture.

We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too high.

Geert Wilders is to blame for the danger to the staff at LiveLeak, right?

Hat tip: PoliGazette, via Fausta.

[Nothing follows]

Spreading Virally

FitnaIt doesn’t matter how the Dutch court rules today: Fitna is out, and is spreading virally.

People have been sending me links to the alternate sites since yesterday afternoon. The movie is available to download as well as to view, and has been subtitled in French and Czech.

Here’s my current list of sites:

– – – – – – – –
If you know of additional download sites, feel free to leave them in the comments.

The reaction to the movie is predictable — all across Europe the major politicians and public figures are falling all over themselves to denounce Geert Wilders and condemn the “divisive” nature of the film. The only public support from a major political party (besides the PVV) that I know of has come from Dansk Folkeparti, the Danish People’s Party. Everyone else is ready to throw Wilders to the ravening Islamic wolves, and thereby stave off the burning and looting in the Islamic ghettoes of major European cities. Fat chance.

In a peculiar twist, Kurt Westergaard, the creator of the “turban bomb” Motoon, says that Mr. Wilders has violated the copyright on his cartoon, and that he plans a lawsuit.

Muslim reaction has been relatively muted so far. The usual cries of “Islamophobia” are being heard, and a group of Jordanian media officials known as the “Messengers of God” says it will initiate legal action against Fitna. Overall, however, one senses that this is the calm before the storm. Wait until after everyone finishes praying and hears the sermon this evening.

Pandora’s box has been opened. The movie is out, and nothing short of shutting down the internet could stuff it back in the can.

Geert Wilders will likely be prosecuted and fined into penury by the judicial system of his own country because of this movie. He’s also a tempting target for the zealous mujahideen, and the bounty on his head will probably rise to astronomical levels.

This man has put his fortune and his life on the line to make a movie and publicize it as widely as possible. There’s no guarantee that he or his party will benefit from this gig, or even that he will survive.

It’s an important to remember that.

I’m too rushed to find all the links for the news stories referred to above. Go to Google News and search on “Fitna”; you’ll find everything there.

Many thanks to VH, LN, insubria, TB, Henrik, Steen, François, Czech Infidel, and anyone else that I have forgotten for links and tips.

Why “Fitna”?

Why did Geert Wilders choose the word fitna as the title of his movie?

FitnaRecent news reports about the movie translate fitna as “strife”, “discord”, or “contention”. But, as with many Arabic words, the meaning is more nuanced than that, and defies literal translation into English.

I located a monograph on the word fitna (pdf format) at the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Bergen. It’s by Humphrey J. Fisher, and is entitled “Text-Centred Research: Fitna as a Case Study and a Way Forward for Guests in the House of African Historiography”.

Dr. Fisher lists “temptation, trial; charm charmingness, attractiveness; enchantment captivation, fascination, enticement, temptation; infatuation; intrigue; sedition, riot, discord, dissension, civil strife” as some of the cited meanings of the word, but the most interesting part of his analysis is this conclusion: “…in whatever particular context fitna may be perceived, it is almost always a context within the Muslim community, setting believer against believer.”

In other words, fitna means “the instigation of the kind of trouble that sets Muslims at one another’s throats”.

So Mr. Wilders’ may have chosen an apt title, depending on how the responses to his movie unfold over the next weeks and months.

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Fisher’s article (pp. 7-13). The original has footnotes and citations, but I left them out to make the text more readable:


As a single example of the technical Islamic terms imbedded — alas, not always very accessibly — in the documents of After the Jihad, let us examine fitna, translated in Cowan and Wehr’s great dictionary as ‘temptation, trial; charm charmingness, attractiveness; enchantment captivation, fascination, enticement, temptation; infatuation; intrigue; sedition, riot, discord, dissension, civil strife’. It is but one of a considerable number of such terms in After the Jihad, but it is an especially good instance, not only being an essential element in this specific body of evidence, closely interwoven into the material which Hanson and Robinson have marshalled for us here, but also raising subtle and difficult questions, and, I believe, casting a new and clearer light over the whole vista of Muslim development in black Africa. We may tackle fitna from various angles: what is its meaning, in the Quran, in its early Muslim development, and in some of its later contexts? How is it used in the Umarian documents, both those gathered by Hanson and Robinson, and other such documents? And what are some instances of other, non-Umarian, West African usage? And what general conclusions may be drawn?

The meaning of fitna in the Quran

The term is prominent in the Quran, appearing specifically as fitna 34 times, and 26 times in a variety of verbal forms drawn from the same root, f.t.n. The overwhelming majority of these passages have the sense of a ‘trial’ or ‘temptation’, of ‘testing’ someone. L. Gardet in the Encyclopaedia of Islam (2) article on fitna speaks of many Quranic occurrences ‘with the sense of temptation or trial of faith’;12 Gardet refers here to R. Blachere’s French translation, tentation d’abjurer, being tempted to apostatise, to forswear or to abandon the faith. This French rendering, as we shall see, has been taken up with enthusiasm by two of al- hajj ‘Umar’s other major editors, Mahibou and Triaud, and made a lynchpin — not altogether persuasively, in my view — of their interpretation of ‘Umar’s theology.

But what of discord within the Muslim community, which is more than hinted at by Cowan and Wehr, and which is clearly of paramount importance in West Africa? Particularly among the verbal forms, it is difficult to find any in the Quran which lend themselves easily to the idea of such internal dissonance. When we turn to the noun fitna, however, we see a handful of passages which do in some measure point in such a direction. In one passage, those — and it seems that they must be Muslims, albeit errant Muslims — who misinterpret certain Quranic verses are condemned for seeking fitna, discord (3: 7). In two other passages, fitna is associated with the hypocrites, who are, almost by definition, either within the Muslim community, or claiming to be so. The first of these two passages discusses the possibility that the hypocrites might succeed in sowing dissension, fitna, amongst the committed Muslims (9: 47-8). The second passage linking hypocrites with fitna is 33:14.

– – – – – – – –

In a fourth passage the reference is to people who, while not going so far as to declare themselves Muslims, had indeed made friendly overtures to the Muslim community, but who later showed hostility, fitna, against it (4: 91). These people, though not Muslims, not even errant or hypocritical Muslims, were nevertheless in some kind of special relationship with the Muslims: they were in a Muslim context.

There is also a trio of instances (2: 191-3 and 217, 8: 39) in which persecution — by implication persecution of Muslims by non-Muslims — has become a popular modern rendering. But it has not always been so,16 and there seems just a chance that internal strife, within the Muslim community, might be hinted at.

Early development of the term

Somewhat suprisingly, it is this idea, so very subordinate in the Quran, of internal dissension within the Muslim community, which has come to dominate the subsequent theological use of the term. The events beginning with the murder of ‘Uthman, a third of the four rightly-guided caliphs, and culminating in the seizure of power by Mufiawiya, founder of the Umayyad dynasty, all within a few years of the Prophet Muhammad’s death, came to be known as the first or great fitna, the fitna par excellence. Perhaps recalling how rapidly fitna had thus convulsed the early Muslim community, Usuman dan Fodio, al-hajj ‘Umar’s great precursor and model, in Hausaland about 1800, wrote that only the life of the Prophet amongst the umma, or nation, of Islam, preserved it from al-fitan (a plural form of fitna) — ‘discord’ is the equivalent chosen by Usuman’s Nigerian translator here. Fitna became a basic concept, of great symbolic value in the preoccupation of the early Muslim community with questions of continuity and survival — fitna, disintegration, representing of course failure to preserve the harmony of the community. Just such questions were of critical urgency in western Africa, a remote frontier of the Muslim world, and one exposed to many temptations and dangers. Gardet citing a considerable range of historical illustrations of fitna, defines it in these cases as ‘disturbances or even civil war involving the adoption of doctrinal attitudes which endanger the purity of the Muslim faith’.

Various contexts

The phenomenon of fitna may emerge in a very wide variety of different contexts. Wansbrough, speaking of the very early days of the development of Islam, says that the term symbolicalliy enshrined ‘hostility, or at least … tension, between secular authority and the ethical demands of a pious minority’. Or, to move into a very different area, fitna may describe the destabilising effect of women upon society.

A very unusual, interesting, and apposite example of fitna as internal discord of a religious kind comes from the historical novel, City of Wrong: a Friday in Jerusalem, written by a Muslim about the events immediately leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. In the story, the prosecutor calls upon the Jewish assembly to ‘cut off this disruptive evil’, referring to Jesus, and the word used in the Arabic original is fitna. The prosecutor speaks also of heresies, which threaten to undermine the Jewish people and faith from within. This is exactly right as an illustration of the common Muslim understanding of fitna; and I imagine that it may also be a fairly shrewd assessment of Jewish reactions at the time of Jesus’ trial.

However, in whatever particular context fitna may be perceived, it is almost always a context within the Muslim community, setting believer against believer. Fitna seems not to occur between the Muslim community on the one hand, and independent non-Muslims on the other; though, as will become clear a little further along in the argument, and as we delve into the data supplied by Hanson and Robinson, I suggest that fitna may indeed occur between Muslim and dependent non-Muslims, whose status is fundamentally defined (at least in Muslim eyes by their position as dhimmis (protected, albeit second-class, persons) within an overall Muslim hierarchy.

The monograph has more on the topic. Download the pdf here.

Defaming Islam, Act 2

I’ve written previously about the UN’s mischief concerning the “defaming of religions”. That time it was the General Assembly; this time it’s UNHRC.

Yesterday the UN Human Rights Council rushed out a resolution to protect Islam from all those nasty writers and artists, just in time for the release of Geert Wilders’ movie. According to Iranian Press TV:

UN HRC condemns Islam’s defamation

The UN Human Rights Council has passed a resolution expressing concern about the defamation of religions and urging states to prohibit it.

The UN Human Rights Council adopted Thursday the resolution — proposed by Islamic countries — on a 21-10 vote over the opposition of Europe and Canada.

EU countries, including France, Germany and Britain, voted against because they wanted to stop what thay [sic] called using religious anti-defamation laws to limited free speech.

But the Saudi delegation told the council ‘ it is regrettable that there are false translations and interpretations of the freedom of expression.’

Ah yes, false translations. Getting the Declaration of Independence into Arabic and Farsi must be a chore, since “freedom” and “liberty” have no exact translations in those languages. “Not yet stoned to death”, perhaps? “Still at large from the muttawa”?

The story continues:
– – – – – – – –

The European Union said the text was one-sided because it primarily focused on Islam as the only religion specified as being attacked.

It certainly is one-sided. Have you heard any rabbis calling for a law against defaming Judaism? Try getting that one past the UNHRC.

And has the Pope called for laws against defaming Christians? Has the Dalai Lama been heard from?

However, Saudi Arabi [sic] said “maybe Islam is one of the most obvious victims of aggressions under the pretext of freedom of expression.”

Theo van Gogh lying dead on the street with a knife in his chest. Ayaan Hirsi Ali hounded into exile. Kurt Westergaard living under the constant threat of death. A death fatwa on Salman Rushdie.

All for simply making movies, speaking their minds, drawing cartoons, and writing books.

And “Islam is one of the most obvious victims of aggressions”?

What’s the Arabic word for “chutzpah”?

The resolution “notes with deep concern the intensification of the campaign of defamation of religions and the ethnic and religious profiling of Muslim minorities in the aftermath of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.”

This author notes with deep concern the slaughter of three thousand innocent people in the name of Allah on Sept. 11, 2001.

It expresses “grave concern at the serious recent instances of deliberate stereotyping of religions, their adherents and sacred persons in the media,’’ referring to insulting caricatures Of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) published in a Danish magazine and The film Fitna made by Dutch MP Geert Wilders — critical of the Koran — which is posted on the internet.

Remember: the above paragraph was written and the resolution was passed before anyone had even seen the movie.

The resolution also “urges states to take actions to prohibit the dissemination … of racist and xenophobic ideas’’ and material that would incite to religious hatred.

This UN drivel seems like nonsense. But I think it’s the wave of the future.

People like B. Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton — not to mention certain Supreme Court justices — want to hand over the decisions of American jurisprudence to the tender mercies of the UN, so that the deliberations of international law may be taken into consideration.

Well, folks, the output from the UNHRC is “international law” at its finest.

Oh, yes, it’s international enough — every member of the OIC is on board.

But “law” — that’s another matter entirely.

Hat tips: Paul Green and Steen.

The Face of Moderate Islam in Britain

This is the latest in a series of guest essays by the British author Paul Weston.

The Face of Moderate Islam in Britain
by Paul Weston

St. George in the EastThe Muslim beating handed out to Canon Michael Ainsworth, priest at the St George-in-the-East church of Shadwell, East London earlier this month and last week’s conviction of a Muslim for the rape of a 27 year old woman in nearby Whitechapel during 2005 share a surprisingly common link in the attitudes and associates of The Muslim Council of Britain.

In the wake of the faith-hate attack, Inayat Bunglawalah, media secretary for The Muslim Council of Britain, wrote a quite extraordinary article in the Guardian entitled: “Jihad or Alcohol” where he claimed: “An alcohol fuelled attack on a Christian priest in East London has stirred up more Islamophobia.”

The amusingly named Bunglawalah was distinctly unfunny in his article, where he attempted to suggest the attack — and subsequent media reporting of it — had nothing to do with Islam’s anti-Christian ideology and everything to do with the British media’s (with the honourable exception of the BBC and Guardian) ongoing Islamophobic agenda.

Quite how he can turn such a cowardly attack on a priest into an attack on the Islamophobic British is positively surreal, and quite how the Guardian allowed him the platform to deliver it even more so. Bunglawalah relied on half-truths, evasion and a refusal to name the perpetrators as Muslims as he distorted their actions as alcohol fuelled high jinks — which is understandable, I suppose. To recount the actual facts of the event would presumably have made even Bunglawalah an Islamophobe.

Bunglawalah’s article also carried a press release from the East London Mosque, which decried the attack by “Asian” youths on Canon Ainsworth. Bunglawalah presumably thinks that citing a religious organisation of such undoubted munificence would add credibility to his dissembling, but the mosque in question should really carry no moral authority — more of which later.

He finishes his article by criticising Melanie Phillip’s article in the Spectator (in which she accused the attackers of being Jihadists rather than common or garden drunks) with his piece de resistance: “Alcohol fuelled anti-social incidents are worrying and reprehensible enough without being hijacked by those with a not so subtle anti-Muslim agenda of their own.”

What the discombobulating Bunglawalah omitted to mention in his Guardian puff piece was that this was not an “anti-social” incident at all, having already been classified by the police as a faith-hate crime. A curious aberration considering the time and trouble the Muslim Council of Britain has gone to in order to get just such legislation passed in the first place.

Bunglawalah also failed to mention the insults hurled at this harmless 57 year old man of God prior to his attack by the three plucky Muslims, which were reportedly: “You f***ing priest” and “this should not be a church, it should be a Mosque.” Nor did he mention the previous attacks on the church which left its elderly congregation cowering in fear as bricks smashed through its ancient stained glass windows, nor the repeated vandalism of gravestones in nearby St Dustan’s church.

The bungling Bunglawalah was remiss again in his failure to mention that half of all London’s clergy have been the victims of faith based attacks over the last twelve months, and as this happens rarely in the leafy avenues of Chelsea and Richmond it is possible that ALL of East London vicars face violence on a regular basis, as articulated by the Bishop of London, the Rt Reverend Richard Chartres, who said: ”over the years we’ve had murders, we’ve had assaults on the Clergy….but of course if you go out onto the streets, if you belong to the community, if you’re part of it, then you’re vulnerable.”

This incredibly depressing statement is backed up by ex-policeman Nick Tolson of Churchwatch, who notes that whilst the Police and Crown Prosecution Service are overly eager to classify attacks on mosques or Muslims as hate crimes, they are equally reluctant to classify attacks on churches and vicars as such.
– – – – – – – –
Dr Anthony McRoy, a Christian expert on Islam, also stated on the Churchwatch web site that attacks on churches in Bradford, Burnley and Oldham were a routine occurrence, and questioned why a firebombing had failed to become mainstream media news. The answer to this, of course, is that the supposedly Islamophobic British media go out of their way to ignore such stories, not that they get much in the way of thanks from their Islamic masters.

It is unfortunate that Canon Ainsworth’s wife inadvertently helped Bunglawalah’s perverse disassociation with Islamic reality when she stated:

“Clearly the Muslim community is very shocked. These individuals were clearly under the influence and this was a random act… normally community relations here are very good. We have had very strong messages of support from the East London Mosque and Tower Hamlets Mosque with whom we have good relations.”

I hesitate to suggest that Mrs Ainsworth is exhibiting classic signs of Dhimmitude, but firstly, this was not a random act, as she knows only too well, and secondly she should be careful in her acceptance of support from the Tower Hamlets Mosque which has been pressurising Muslim dominated Tower Hamlets Council to dig up the 350,000 dead Christians in a local graveyard in order to provide space for dead Muslims, and she should be even more circumspect with regard to the East London Mosque for the following reason.

East London MosqueThe East London Mosque is partly funded by Wahhabist Saudi money, in addition to European Development Fund money. In 2004 it opened a new study centre where the guest of honour was Sheikh Abdur-Rahman-al-Sudais, an imam at the Grand Al Haraam Mosque in Mecca, the heart of Islam. Although Sheikh Sudais was granted a visa to enter Britain, he has been refused one for Canada because of his repeated calls for the annihilation of the Jews, along with solicitations of violence against Christians, Hindus, and British and American soldiers. The BBC choose to ignore such trivial details, describe him only as a “controversial” figure, and promote him as a Muslim leader working to achieve “community cohesion” despite Sudais’s following inflammatory rhetoric:

“Read history and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil fathers of Jews of today, who are all evil offspring, infidels, distorters of words, the scum of the human race whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs…these are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil and corruption.”

Well, gosh, what can you say to that? Quite frankly such an outburst by the East London Mosque’s guest of honour would have left even Adolf Hitler at lost for words! Awestruck, admittedly, but lost for words nonetheless and not a little envious of the Sheikh’s command of anti-Semitic vituperation.

But this is not why I draw attention to said mosque; I do so for the part in played in the rape of a 27 year old woman in Whitechapel.

Abdul Makim Khalisadar, an East London Mosque-goer was convicted last week of raping the unnamed woman who, pregnant with twins, had a knife held to her throat and was punched repeatedly in the face until she said “I love you daddy” whilst Khalisadar violated her.

Khalisadar was not originally arrested in relation to the rape. He was already under police surveillance over his alleged involvement with a Kazi Nurur Rahman, a fellow Muslim sentenced to nine years imprisonment after pleading guilty to attempting to procure explosives with which to carry out a terrorist attack. Khalisadar’s computer disc was searched for evidence associating him with Rahman, where the police found downloaded images of child abuse. They DNA tested him for possible paedophile offences and subsequently linked him to the Whitechapel rape.

When he was arrested he claimed he could not possibly have carried out the rape, because at the precise time it happened he was attending a 3:00 AM sleepover at The East London Mosque, as one does, and produced seven other East London Mosque-going alibis who swore under oath that they were all with Khalisadar, dressed in pyjamas and partaking of milk and cookies as they discussed the meaning of life.

Well, they all lied. Khalisadar’s DNA was his undoing. He was sentenced to ten years in jail and his seven honourable friends were sentenced to twelve months for perverting the course of justice. Burqa-clad women in the court gallery screamed abuse at the judge, and accused the violated woman of being a prostitute. In light of a media blackout regarding the race of the woman, and the reaction of Muslim women to her, I am assuming she is English until proven otherwise.

The East London Mosque would appear to be a slightly unedifying religious institution, home as it is to purveyors of paedophilia, rapists, lying friends of rapists, friends of terrorists and Jew haters extraordinaire. To those with more than a casual knowledge of Islam, none of this is remarkable in itself, but what is remarkable is the fact that the Chairman of the East London Mosque is a certain Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, better known as the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain.


The MCB is held up by as the true face of moderate Islam by the British government, which has rewarded Dr Bari with an OBE for his efforts in the promotion of community cohesion, following on from the knighthood awarded to his predecessor, Sir Iqbal Sacrani.

But the MCB is no such thing. On top of the troublesome connections outlined in this article, they have also stated that Britain would benefit from Sharia law, they are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood — which seeks a global Islamic rule — via their affiliation with its spiritual leader, Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi, and are outraged he has been refused a visa to visit Britain, apparently having no problem whatsoever with a man who condones suicide bombing against Israelis, the murder of homosexuals, the beating of women, and a man who boasts that Islam will conquer Britain and the West.

In these strange totalitarian times we live in, it is no longer possible to suggest that the Muslim Council of Britain and the East London Mosque are representative not of moderate Islam, but of imperialist Islam, of genocidal Islam, of violent, oppressive, raping, gay-murdering, honour killing, forced marrying, girl-mutilating, Christian-hating, Jew-hating, suicide-bombing Islam — so I will refrain from doing so. I will let readers draw their own conclusions and would suggest they also read — if they have not already done so — Adrian Morgan’s meticulously researched article on the MCB and Fjordman’s Jihad Watch article on Muslim expansion in the West.

What I would say though, is that the last few weeks reveal a great deal about the state of Britain.

Canon Ainsworth’s wife fears that publicity over her husband’s beating will lead to racial tension in the area, by which she means she is terrified that the Muslim majority in the Shadwell enclave will exact revenge for the temerity of drawing the medias attention to their initial violence.

Bunglawalah’s disgraceful attempt on behalf of the MCB to turn the faith/hate attack into an issue of Islamophobia reveals him to be a devious man whose true intentions, along with those of Dr Bari, are not community cohesion but Islamic expansionism. The refusal of the British government to denounce the MCB, coupled with the Guardian’s promotion of Bunglawalah in the full knowledge he was being economical with the truth are symptomatic of more than just shoddy government or shoddy journalism. They are evidence of a complicit alliance with Islam in their war against Britain and the West. The quisling politicians and journalists would, in different times, be thrown from their offices for aiding and abetting an enemy, an offence of which they are most categorically guilty.

If one replaced The Muslim Council of Britain, Dr Bari, Mr Bunglawalah, the attack on a priest within church grounds and the rape of an English girl by a Muslim man — with the British National Party, Nick Griffin, Phil Edwards, the attack on an imam within mosque grounds and the rape of a Muslim girl by an Englishman, there would be, quite correctly, a national outcry led by the British government, the BBC and the Guardian. An outcry followed not only by the Islamic community, but also by the vast majority of the British people themselves, who, unlike their Muslim counterparts, really are moderate.

This is not of course the case here. After all we are merely white Christians living in our homeland bequeathed to us by the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers. There is no outcry, no rioting, no pressure to disband the MCB and its sinister leaders or to close down the virulently racist East London Mosque, and no heads to roll from political or media organisations.

But in the instance of this disgusting Muslim attack on a Christian priest, the sordid behaviour and lies of the inhabitants of Dr Bari’s mosque, and the perverse machinations that ensued, certain people and certain organisations have been seen to take very definite sides, and in so doing have made their position abundantly clear to the majority population of this country.

I’m not sure how much longer the British people will put up with all of this. A tipping point must surely be in the offing, and to judge from comments in the online MSM (including the BBC and Guardian) in relation to the incidents mentioned above, the British people are becoming increasingly — but not yet uncontrollably — angry. Not just with Islam, but with their elected representatives who appease the violent alien population and ignore and criminalise the peaceful indigenous one.

Britain is being dictated to by a violent but tiny minority of the population. Its politicians and main media outlets have taken the side of a quasi-political movement masquerading as a religion whose history is one of unremitting violence and imperialism, and a political movement at the furthest extreme from Western Civilisation as is humanly possible.

The result of this is a country exhibiting clear signs of defeat and Dhimmitude. Our clergy and armed forces are advised to discard their dog collars and their uniforms when they enter the public domain in order to avoid being attacked. This should be an impossible, unthinkable situation, but it is the sad reality of a country ruled by an elite who seek its destruction.

But, to finish on a less depressing note, the leftist enablers of the slow motion Islamic colonisation of Britain number only in their thousands, and the colonisers themselves a mere 3% of the population today. If we wanted to, we could put a stop to this tomorrow were the knowledge and the will to hand. The will is there amongst those aware of the true nature of Islam, although the numbers are currently too low — but with every passing day the numbers grow and will continue to do so until they become unstoppable.

Islam has gone too early. Various Islamic leaders openly boast they will subsume the West through demographic growth and mass immigration, which they could have done if they had lain low rather than self-detonating and engaging in open sedition. But they are out in the open now. 9/11 and 7/7, the Madrid train bombing, these were our wake-up calls and should have been Islam’s too, but they are not endowed with massive intellect. Do they really think they can carry on as they are whilst a massive majority quietly accept their fate? They appear to think we will, just as our equally ignorant leftist rulers think we will, but it ain’t ever going to happen.

There are already hints of impending revolution, the heady aroma of which hangs heavy in the air. If things continue as they are for another five years, the possibility of revolutionary change will cease to be a mere possibility and become a certified probability. And that day cannot arrive soon enough.

©2008 Paul Weston

“Fitna” Confirmed

There seems to be an official website for Fitna, and it’s not the one hosted by Network Solutions that was taken down.

VH has confirmation of the authenticity of the LiveLeak version of the movie via the Dutch media:

Geert Wilders published his film this evening. Because of the massive interest, the film might take a long time to load.

Fitna seems to be a compilation of the violence that “Muslims caused recent years.” Elsevier magazine writes, “the murder of Theo van Gogh, the attack in New York. London and Madrid. […] A variety of Suras [Verses] that call for Muslims to hate Christians, Jews, and others, introduce the terrible attacks. The film also comments on the future of Dutch society.”

“At the end of the film, it looks like a page is torn. ‘What you just heard is a page from a phone-book,’ a text reads. ‘It is not up to me, but to Muslims themselves to tear out these hate-verses form the Koran.’“

LiveLeak states it does not support the content of the film, but says everybody has the right to leave his opinion on the site.

(YouTube: eat your coward-heart out!)

[nothing follows]

“Fitna” Released?

A purported excerpt from Fitna is up on LiveLeak, in English and Dutch.

First the Dutch version:

And the English:

If anyone has any authenticating information, please send it and I will include it in an update.

Hat tip: VH.

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Another Prophet-Insulting Dutch Movie

While all the focus is on Geert Wilders, another Dutch politician is making his own movie guaranteed to win him death threats and send Muslims into the streets burning and looting from Hamtramck to Mindanao.

Ehsan JamiI’ve mentioned Ehsan Jami previously, and VH wrote about him in a post earlier today. Jami founded an organization for ex-Muslims after being kicked out of the Labour party in the Netherlands for his apostasy from Islam. He has been physically assaulted and injured, and lives constantly under the threat of death.

But that hasn’t stopped him from making an animated cartoon about the pedophile prophet. Here’s a brief summary from Radio Netherlands:

Dutch ex-Muslim producing The Life of Muhammad

The Hague — Former Dutch Labour Party politician Ehsan Jami, the founder of the Committee of ex-Muslims, has announced that he is producing an anti-Islamic cartoon called The Life of Muhammad which will be released on the 20th of April. The film will show a sexually aroused Prophet Muhammad with his nine-year-old wife Aisha.

Members of the Muslims and government contact organisation, CMO, who have viewed a section of the film, say they will go to court in an attempt to have The Life of Muhammad banned. The organisation has described the The Life of Muhammad as totally unacceptable and extremely offensive.

– – – – – – – –

Mr Jami announced last year that he was planning to make a movie. He said the film would be shocking and even more controversial than the Danish Muhammad cartoons.

The last few months have demonstrated that insults and ridicule are definitely the most potent weapons in the counterjihad arsenal. From the Motoons through the Modoggies to Fitna and now Jami’s movie: ridiculing Muslims and exposing the absurdities of their beliefs sends them into paroxysms. It ties them up in indignant knots and draws away energy that might otherwise be expended on jihad.

Think how many AK-47s they could have bought for the price of those ads in Danish newspapers.

However, it’s a dangerous and expensive undertaking to ridicule Islam. Prominent practitioners have to live with bodyguards and pay massive legal bills to fight the lawfare mounted against them in reprisal.

All in all, though, it’s probably the safest and cheapest alternative.

Hat tip: Sugiero.

The Biggest Mistake Ever Made in Dutch History

Our Flemish correspondent VH wrote us this morning with a roundup of the latest Jihad-related news from the Dutch political scene:

Today in a national newspaper, it was revealed that the Dutch Islamic Federation (NIF, offline at the moment; see: not only demands apologies of Wilders, but money as well.

The NIF, Hollanda Islam Federasyonu is a Turkish Nationalist immigrant organization, connected to Milli Görüş, and is suspected of having ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. Some accuse Milli Görüş of pretending to be “liberal” when the doors are open, but extremist when the doors are closed, saying: “War upon all those who ignore the haram, the religious prohibitions of Allah!”. The usual kitman.

Geert Wilders“Not even a second of Wilders’ film is out yet,” the newspaper writes, “and a Turkish organization already demands an apology from Geert Wilders or otherwise that he should be convicted and have to pay heavy fines.” The Turkish organization NIF not only requires that Wilders be silenced and a ban imposed on his anti-Koran film Fitna, but also a public apology from the PVV leader to the Muslim population: “To avoid a penalty payment of €50,000 per day, Wilders should publish a ‘rectification’ on the front page of two national newspapers, in which he is to declare that his remarks about Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed are “inappropriate and an unnecessary offense’. The ‘rectification’ should end with an expression of regret.”

This civil case, which is planned for tomorrow (Friday), has been transferred from The Hague to a heavily protected courtroom in Rotterdam for security reasons. That courtroom in Rotterdam was set up especially for court cases against extremely dangerous criminals and terrorists like the murderer of Theo Van Gogh.

Wilders yesterday called upon his supporters to aid him financially.

According to Wilders on his weblog, his party is encountering “enormous costs” because of the film and its aftermath. Already many court cases are being filed and prepared to silence Wilders one way or the other and the lawyers’ bills must be piling up in his office. The Dutch government yesterday made it clear they decided not to go to court to ask for a ban on Fitna. They don’t need to, because they already set Islamists and appeasers in motion, like the NIF, who are eager enough to do the dirty job for them.

Ehsan JamiIn addition to Wilders, Ehsan Jami, the Dutch immigrant apostate who got kicked out of the Socialist Party (PvdA) for becoming an apostate (many Socialist party voters are Muslims) and for founding a Committee for Ex-Muslims, and under 24/7 protection because of death threats, announced that he will release a film on April 20th. His film will be a cartoon called The Life of Mohammed. The story will depict Mohammed walking to a mosque, accompanied by his nine-year-old child bride Aïsha, to deflower her there. Muslim representatives of the Muslim-advisory Board to the government (CMO) immediately announced that they will take him to court for it.

– – – – – – – –

There is a good chance that all traitors, appeasers, and Muslim thickheads in the Netherlands have had their two seconds of “fame” now, but one was afraid of being forgotten: Hans van den Broek, the Christian Democrat, former EU official, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and now Minister of State in the Queen’s advisory board. This van den Broek was one of the instigators of the boycott of EU member Austria in 2000, when the conservative Joerg Haider of FPÖ was elected to parliament and joined government.

Hans van den BroekVan den Broek then showed himself to be nothing but a anti-democratic creepy little fascist dictator pur sang, and jumped up again in the same role yesterday to ask for a ban on Fitna… As if there are not enough bans by now. Van den Broek called Wilders’ struggle “political pyromania”, and that is reminiscent an earlier statement from him in which he accused anti-Islamists of wanting to light a match in a powder-depot (thus without realizing it comparing Islam to a powder keg).

Maybe this Hans van den Broek offered an interesting idea. It is time to light matches:

Yesterday history researchers made public studies showing that more than half of the population in the Netherlands is of the opinion that the Islam is a threat to Dutch identity, and also does not agree with Princess Maxima (the Argentinean wife of Crown Prince Alexander) who last year stated that Dutch identity does not exist.

But the most interesting finding of the research is that 57% of the Dutch consider the importation of huge numbers of (Muslim) immigrants in recent decades to be the biggest mistake ever made in Dutch history.

Sietze Fritsma, the immigration specialist for Geert Wilders’ PVV, asked the government if they agree with that, and called for a parliamentary hearing: “Do you realize only the Dutch ‘elite’ embraces this horrible Multiculturalism, and that the ordinary citizen is sick of the daily trouble, street terror, crime, and deterioration that many immigrants bring with them?”

The Prophet of Mercy

Our Danish correspondent TB reported in last night with this message:


Prophet of MercyToday a campaign by an organization called “The Prophet of Mercy” has been launched in the Danish media.

They have advertised in major newspapers, arguing with the rhetorical question: “Freedom of speech at any price?”

Referring to “fire in the streets” and “murder plans” and then “condemming any act that weakens the security of society”.

Now Danish politicians have started to comment on these veiled threats. Conservatives calls this announcement “Mafia-methods” and a “an attempt to threaten Danish authorities, who will never bow to such threats”.

I have translated the message that was announced in the ads, and have scanned the advertisement itself and attached it. This particular ad was from Jyllands-Posten, but it also appeared, in identical form, in Politiken and other large newspapers. They certainly have used some money on this one.

The language was a little odd, though. The “Danish” imam Abdul “Stoning” Wahid Petersen helped these people write this message.

ATTENTION: Freedom of speech is now invented by the Muslims… :o)

— TB

Below is TB’s translation of the advertisement:

Freedom of speech at any price?

Addressing the Danish people

Freedom of speech and the right to have your own opinion is guaranteed within Islam and is one of Islam’s most important contributions to the world from more than 1400 years ago. Actually, all heavenly revealed religions, faiths and laws guarantees man the right to think and express himself freely as long as these expressions do not lead to mocking or discrimination against others or encourage religious or racial hatred. One of the worst kind of religious discrimination is to ridicule the prophets or the messengers.

In furtherance of our continued struggle to mitigate the consequences of the Danish caricatures we have visited Denmark several times. We have experienced the Danes as a peace-loving people who value coexistence between different cultures, civilizations, and religions, and we are therefore convinced that the reprinting of the insulting caricatures is not typical of the Danish people [Guess we have to disappoint them on that one —translator].

From the point of view of Muslims, all prophets, including Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, peace be upon them all, are in a special category which should protect them against mocking and ridiculing. They should be respected by all human beings instead of being exposed to false accusations.

– – – – – – – –

We were very surprised by the connection which was drawn between the charges against some individuals who wanted to take revenge on one of the artists and a deliberate mocking of every Muslim nation deep in their innermost religious heart by reprinting the drawings. We would here like to emphasize that Islam condemns any act that weakens the security of society, especially killings and arson. As a matter of fact, Muslims still lack a formal disavowal of the reprinting of the drawings from relevant authorities. We are convinced that such a dissociation would help to prevent a repeat of such unhappy reactions.

Finally, we would like to encourage all sensible and peace-loving people as well as economic and cultural organizations to do their best to secure good cultural and economic relations between people from Denmark and the Muslim world.

The Global Program to make the Merciful Prophet known

The Ecumenical Patriarchate

Theodore G. Karakostas is a Greek-American who has written previously about the crisis in the Balkans and the situation facing the Orthodox Church. He returns today with an essay on a similar theme.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Ecumenical Patriarchate
by Theodore G. Karakostas

The fall of ConstantinopleIt is very rare when contemporary realities serve as a near repetition of events that took place five and a half centuries ago. In the years preceding the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks, the Greeks undertook a variety of diplomatic measures to gain support from the West in order to forestall the impending tragedy.

While the Christian Empire fell, and its last Emperor Constantine Palaeologos died resisting the conquest, one Byzantine office survived and continues to barely survive up to the present. The Ecumenical Patriarchate today is the “First Among Equals” among the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and his holiness Bartholomaios I has “Primacy of honor” among the various Patriarchs and Archbishops of the autocephalous Orthodox Churches. Today, the Ecumenical Patriarch seeks relief from the West in order to forestall a tragedy that appears increasingly inevitable as was the case with the last Christian Emperors.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate is in a state of crisis. The Patriarch’s flock is nearly extinct as a result of the genocidal policies of the Turkish government. During the First World War, the Young Turks began their policies of exterminating the Greek Orthodox, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians of Asia Minor.

The destruction of SmyrnaIn the aftermath of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Greece was briefly permitted to liberate the Christian City of Smyrna and other portions of Asia Minor in order to protect the surviving Greek Orthodox. In September 1922, the Turks under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal conquered the liberated City of Smyrna, and slaughtered the Greek and Armenian Christians. Among the casualties was the Greek Archbishop Chrysostom who was slaughtered by Muslim fanatics on the orders of a Muslim General named Noureddin Pasha.

The new Turkish leadership presided over the extermination and mass ethnic cleansing of Greek Orthodox in Eastern Thrace and other regions such as Pontus and Cappadocia. Further ethnic cleansing against the Greek Orthodox population of Constantinople followed which reduced the number of Greeks living in the Patriarchal City from nearly half a million to just over 100,000. Under the Turkish Republic, the Ecumenical Patriarchate has endured endless harassment and persecution.

The suffering of the flock of this institution that Greeks reverentially refer to as “the Great Church of Christ” included extreme taxation and subsequent deportations to forced labor camps in Anatolia. A subsequent campaign of terror on September 6, 1955 in which the entire Greek population was set upon by fanatical mobs of criminals and resulted in a pogrom which has burned itself into the collective memories of all Greeks was the beginning of the end for the Christians of Constantinople.
– – – – – – – –
The fall of ConstantinopleMany Greeks compare the events of September 1955 with the atrocities that accompanied the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. The primary difference is that the horrors of the later period — in which Greek Churches and their sacred chalices and Icons were profaned in unspeakable ways, and priests and Bishops were set on fire and beaten to death — occurred in a country that was a member of the NATO alliance and the recipient of American economic and military assistance.

Most of the surviving remnants of the Patriarch’s faithful were forcibly driven from Turkey in 1964, and by 1971 the Patriarchal School of Theology was forcibly closed on the orders of the Turkish government.

Between 1993 and 2004, the Ecumenical Patriarchate was bombed or attacked by arsonists on at least five occasions, with the murder of his holiness Bartholomaios I being the primary aim. In July 2007, it was revealed by Turkish news reports that retired Turkish military officers planned the assassinations of the Ecumenical Patriarch, and that of the Armenian Patriarch.

All this is of extreme importance to the United States because Washington claims to be waging a “war on terror”. A campaign of terror against a defenseless minority continues in Turkey as can be seen by the discriminatory laws against Greeks, and the continued seizure of property. In the past three months, a Greek Orthodox Monastery in Turkey was demolished, and a Greek newspaper editor was beaten.

This tragedy that continues to play out does not bode well for democracy in Turkey. Nor does it bode well for the United States and its image. The message that Turkish nationalists and Islamic fundamentalists have heard loud and clear is that American administrations will tolerate any amount of violations of human rights, religious freedom, and terror in the name of appeasing Turkey.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate is honored by Greeks with the title “The Great Church” which is also used to honor the empty Church of Hagia Sophia, which itself was named for Christ (meaning literally the Holy Wisdom of Christ). The displacement of one of the great institutions of Christendom from what was once the supreme Christian City is a defeat for democratic values, and a major victory for the intolerant fanaticism that the West claims to be fighting against.